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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 26, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, we're following breaking news as a rally shifted several times. and a resounding pushback against the rally as people pack counterprotests across san francisco. and a deadly storm in texas. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. live breaking news. >> a lot of innocent people were going to get hurt. >> to come together and agree to be respectful to one another. >> reporter: the so-collared patriot prayer call off their rally but still got their message out. at the same time thousands of people rallied in protests across san francisco.
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organizers of the patriot prayer rally arrived at crissy field, the spot it was supposed to be in before it got canceled. abc 7 news reporter, tiffany wilson is live with more. and things were tense, tiffany. >> reporter: they certainly were. it was very intense here. however, now if you take a look around me, a very different story. just in the past couple of minutes the crowd mainly disbanded. you can see just a few stragglers here and there but the counterprotesters and the people with patriot prayer all seem to have walked off and left crissy field within the past 10 minutes. earlier this hour the police presence increased with officers in riot gear standing by. there were heated conon foritations between a couple of individuals on either side. the leader of patriot prayer,
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joey gibson called off the official rally saying he felt it could lead to conflicts between the two groups. he ended up having a news conference in pacifica this afternoon and mad unannounced vizzed to crissy field. he spoke to people here for about an hour and left as tensions began to rise. >> we have so much hatred in this country right now. it's done on purpose and we cannot go forward. there's no president, there's no leader that can fix our problem at a grass roots level. it has to be amongst us. >> gibson says that the message he wants to promote is one of moderates coming together and he says he feelts his message has been hijacked and he does not believe in white supremacy or neo-naziism, that he really is just trying to promote peace and unity. live in san francisco.
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tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a large crowd rallied against hate in the castro district today. joining a large counterrally that was already there. abc 7 news reporter is live outside city hall. lisa. >> reporter: this event is just about wrapped up. it ran from 12:00 to 5:00 today. but we were briefed by san francisco's mayor and the police chief and they had had only positive things to say so far today. the mayor also said their goal for the city was to keep san francisco safe and that was accomplished. there were no injuries and only one arrest for public intoxication. meanwhile, no real problems, though there was a very heavy and armed police presence. in the plaza and on neighboring streets. overall the mayor expressed pride for the city today. >> all of our diverse aspects of
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the entire city loudly and proudly said we're going to reject hate. >> and you saw an appropriate response from the police department as the mayor stated. we still have time and the rest of the day and we're going to continue to respond to whatever events that pop up. >> reporter: this was the location of the main counterprotest at around 3:00, thousands more arrived from alamo square, the mission and other parts of the city. they were met with music and dancing as they came up poke street. meantime as i mentioned, this event has officially wrapped up. there are only a few dozen people that are here and as the police chief mentioned officers will stay in place and be deployed throughout the night as necessary. abc 7 news. >> thanks, lisa. sky 7 was above 24th and mission this afternoon where
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protesters took over the street. they burned an effigy of president trump. the crowd dispersed peacefully a few hours later. organizers canceled their plans for crissy field. the city said not a chance. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us today. >> reporter: very busy day here and police are still on alert just off the square here and as you can see streets are still closed here at steiner and haze. counterdemonstrators have gone. police closed it out of concern for public safety. >> reporter: hundreds of antihate counterdemonstrators rallied in the street. many in the crowd were ready to confront right wing organizers of patriot prayer which promised to hold a news conference in the
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square but then a surprise move by the city. the park was closed. chain link fencing went up all around. police turned people away. patriot prayer never showed. >> today the white supremacists got the message. where are they? they hid. >> reporter: many declared victory. >> i think this is a victory not only for the grass roots people of san francisco but for all of san francisco for the entire nation. >> reporter: streets around the square were closed and barricades went up to keep crowds away but this woman was detained by pleesz. soon more crowds broke through. police in riot gear prevented the crowd from going west on hayward street. an hour later they marched towards the mission district. >> we have more about the rally and the counterprotests ahead,
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including a a look at what to expect forberkeley. enable push alerts for immediate updates on breaking news. it's hard to tell by this look but it was actually hot out there today and for more, let's head over to meteorologist, drew tooma. >> as you move away from the coast t was down right hot. we're sitting that century mark in santa rosa. 102 in concord and san ramon. and fremont very toasty, 90 degrees. future weather as we go hour by hour, it's going to be warm overnight. the fog is very limited and watch how quickly temperatures warm. by 11:00 sunday morning we already have areas into the 80s and 90s. so that will create the launching pad for another hot afternoon. the majority of the region either nad heat advisory in the
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color orange or an excessive heat warning. we'll get a much closer look at how hot we'll get and how long the heat will last coming up in a few minutes. >> it has now been nearly 24 hours since hurricane harvey hit the texas coast. a look at the damage and the problems ahead. and introducing an icon to a new generation. a group of bay area girls
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in texas today harvey has been down graded from a category 4 hurricane to a tropical storm but the damage has been done. drone footage shows the damage that has been done in rockport, texas. here's reporter. >> reporter: more than 22 inches of rain is forecasts to flood parts of texas as hanchy weakens in strength but in no hurry to move on as it stalls over the loan star state. houston remains a huge concern after that city typically floods after two or three inches of rain.
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130 mile-per-hour winds uprooted trees, tore houses apart and collapsed entire buildings, leaving streets littered with debris. wide-spread devastation is being reported by rockport. who said to write their social numbers and names on their forearms. governor greg abbott said saturday they're focusing on evacuees. >> we have focussed on reporting evacuees. still the most important thing that all texans can do is to put your life and the protection of your life first and foremost. >> reporter: people are being urged to stay off the roads and seek shelter before the flooding becomes critical. president trump had issued a major disaster declaration and plans on traveling to texas next week to assess the damage.
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abc 7 news. it is heating up here in the bay area. how hot is it going to get? meteorologist drew tooma is up nexwit the forecast. san jose state is trying to pull off a surprise in its season opener
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sonoma county haz its first case of the west nile virus this year. they found an american crow that had died from the disease near annadel state park. that brings the number of cases to 15. there have also been cases in wildlife in san mateo and santa cruz counties. they took 100 teen age girls on a special field trip. abc news was in richmond. where they led a tour of the rosy the riveter museum. >> the rosies back in world war ii were building 700 vessels
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right here and getting paid precisely the same amount of money that the men who had left to go to war -- >> it motivates you to strive to do the best that you can. >> they also met some of the rosies that actually worked in richmond during the war. a crowd gathered at civic park to make the words end hate. they wanted to speak out against hatred. 700 people took part in the event. two kids in san francisco are cooking up peace and understanding. they have signs saying make lemonade, not war and don't hate, hydrate. their mother said they raised 10$10 $102. >> i wanted to do something different, given the security concerns today. >> the money will go to support the southern poverty law center a nonprofit that specializes in
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civil rights. music, games food and carnival rides greeted people at the facebook county fair. the social media giant hosted the fair at its headquarterers. that's google. squin accuweather starting warm to hot for most of us. and tomorrow numbers are going to be hotter than they are today. if you want that fog, it's going to be limited in. spots just right along the immediate coastline and even there it's not all that dense. to santa cruz we go. live look showing you folks there beating the heat. the ocean water temperature still rather chilly in the upper 50s to lower 60s. i think this is going to be a popular spot with that heat underway once again. take a look at this. it's a wide range but where it is hot, we're baking like
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livermore. 102 in concord. in jose, we've backed off to 88 at this hour. still 99 novado. we're down to 59 degrees. overnight here's the call. we're going to hang on to a
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coolest part of the day. outside hydrate with water. check on your seniors and pets. and do not leave anything inside of your cars within a half hour inside that car it can reach anywhere from 140 to 190 degrees. to the gulf we go. just want to give you an update
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of what is tropical storm harvey. winds 60 miles per hour. it is not moving all that fast. it is just calling at 2 miles per hour. and it's going to sit over much of texas. look at the additional rainfall through wednesday. locally there could be areas outside of houston that could receive over two feet of rain. that's more rain than some cities here in the bay area see in an entire year. so flooding is a huge concern the next couple of days. back here at home it's hot tomorrow. the heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect. i want to call the pick of the week wednesday and the heat repeats into next weekend and one week from today we're down right hot once again. dennis ecersly bobblehead day, the a's clobbered the rangers, 8-3. the hall of famer threw out the
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first pitch. the ball didn't reach the plate. he takes coal hamels deep to center field. that cut the lead in half. then in the third, gets to hamels again. ties the contest at two. hamels would lose for just the second time this season. oakland took the lead in the fourth. the sharp grounder, it goes off the glove and rolls into no man's land. gets the green light and scores all the way from first. the a's beat the rangers 8-3. they'll go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. madison bumgarner on the mound tonight. we pick it up in the first. the long fly ball to center and it is out of here. made it 1-0. taiwan walker was pitching a perfect game until the fourth. parker ends it with this solo shot. now arizona leads 2-1.
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at the little league world series, texas took on north carolina to decide who would represent the u.s. texas gets a break. he make as bad throw to third and a run will score. the lead was down to one. then in the sixth inning. texas on top with a two-run homer to left field. texas advances to the final with a 6-5 victory over north carolina. in the international final, japan jumped out to a big lead in the first. drives in two with this base hit. that made it 2-0. then later that same inning, jorge garcia uncorks another wild pitch. so tomorrow it's going to be japan verses texas for the little league world championship. you ready for college football. san jose state kicked off its season at home. this was also the first game for new spartan's head coach,
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brennan. san jose dominated early on. josh love to justin holmes he'll get down the 14-yard line. love finds bailee and he is in for the score. make it 10-0 spartans. the defense and special teams also played well in the first quarter. blocks the punt. san jose takes over at the sixth. it's going to be love to gather for his second touchdown of the game but south florida has rallied for 21 straight points and now leads 21-16 with about five minutes left in the second quarter. ocolorado state opened its brand new football stadium by hosting oregon state. a wide open timmy hernandez for the first touchdown of the season. he threw a pair of td's and intercepted three times. tray thomas brings this back 34 yards. the rams dominate the second
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half and crush oregon state 58-27. and in just a few moments stanford will kick off its season in sidsny, australia. >> you got to win both halves of the game. >> you do. there were tense moments as organizers
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. we're staying on top of breaking news involving a series of protests and confrontations. that group eventually went to crissy field where a small group of counterprotesters met with them. civic plaza when marchers arrived for the peace, love and understanding rally and in berkeley, an interfaith group prayed for peace at the site of an antimarxist rally planned for tomorrow. we'll have more on 9:00 on kofy
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and abc 7 news at 11:00 and that is it for a fully packed abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great evening.
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