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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 28, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 67 news. happening now in houston, rescues around the clock as the city struggles to keep its head above water from the devastating flooding of hurricane harvey. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. thor to is turning to the thousands of evac cue sees. >> houston's mayor says more than 3,000 people have been
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rescued by police alone. more than a dozen rescued with a front loader tonight. >> the number of confirmed fatalities is still six. president trump is set to arrive tomorrow to tour the flood ravaged area. tonight people are seeking refuge in shelters. others being flown north to shelters in dallas on a military airplane. lana zak is in houston with some of the evacuees. >> reporter: good evening. so much generosity here but the need is so great. here in houston and elsewhere, officials and the red cross are calling for additional assistance. they ask for volunteers particularly anybody with medical training. >> houston's george r. brown convention center is beyond capacity. originally planned to host 5,000 can haves that number was quickly exceeded but the red cross doesn't want to turn anyone away. >> this is what katrina was like. >> reporter: thousands arrived by bus load and dump truck. for many the only possessions
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the damp clothes on their bodies. everything else is gone. >> please proceed into the shelter. >> reporter: lorena campos was lifted from rising waters with her four children. >> i'm trying to hold it together for them. >> reporter: she doesn't know how long they will be here. >> have not gotten a cot. >> reporter: jenn ross ritity dwarfed by the need. >> bedon't have anything. it's just really unfortunate reporter. the water and air rescues continue. >> anybody reporter: as million gallons of water are released from area reservoirs. officials hope to prevent a catastrophic dam failure. >> there's a reality we have to come to grips with. that is, we are just beginning the process of responding to the storm. >> reporter: 12,000 members of the national guard have been deployed to help the disaster
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affecting millions over thousands of square mice. so often the rescuers is just a person who decided to help. >> 911 won't help you. i'm here to help you. >> reporter: a new band of heavy rains are pounding the area tonight. and with it comes new flood warnings. in addition, louisiana and new orleans in particular are concerned about the possibility of flash floods. reporting from houston, lana zak, abc7 news. >> rescuers are getting to people trapped any way they can. u.s. customs and border patrol posted this video of a black hawk crew rescues someone from the rooftop of a home. the patrol is helping the texas national guard and coast guard with all of those rescues. help is on the way from the bay area. abc7 news was at moffett field today where national guard members packed aircraft with search and rescue supplies and then took off. the 129th rescue wing helped out after previous hurricanes
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including rita, ike and gustaf. >> people across the bay area are pulling together to help those affected by this catastrophic flooding. news reporter melanie woodrow shows you ho people with texas roots are reaching out. >> he says his heart is in houston. >> we're going to help each other. >> reporter: ortega owns four houston restaurants and recently partnered with a michael mina test kitchen while his hewes houston family and restaurants are okay, he says he's eager to get back as quickly as possible. >> this is a situation you have to go through and endure and be part of it in every way. >> reporter: monica burke has been texting and talking with her family nonstop. >> it's hard ter not knowing what they're going through. >>. >> reporter: they're all okay, but she can't an forget the images of those suffering. chris hunt wants to transform that sense of helplesness he's
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also feeling. > it hits hard. >> reporter: he's president of the university of texas san francisco chapter. >> right now we're in the process of figuring out where to focus our attention. it's heart breaking. >> reporter: houston has no shortage of support from those here in the bay area. this thursday, chronicle books on second street will be transformed into a bake shop from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. >> since 2010, we've been throwing bake sales to raise money for natural disasters. >> reporter: based on past sales, employees expect to raise up to $2,000 which chronicle books will then match dollar for dollar. >> it's part of our culture here at chronicle books to try and reach out and help those in need. >> reporter: especially when so people here in the bay area have friends and family in houston. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. both of houston's airports are closed to all commercial traffic with only special rescue flights allowed because many if not most of the runways are still flooded. the indefinite closure could
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cause delays nationwide whether you're flying to texas or not. some flights in the bay area, los angeles, seattle and miami and dulles have seen cancellati cancellations. roughly 5,000 flights have been canceled through tomorrow in anticipation of the bad weather. most major american airlines are allowing flyers to change their flights to airports in the storm's path without paying a fee. and while some people around the country are bracing for higher gas prices because of harvey, experts say california will not see a cost jump at the pump because we use a cleaner burning gasoline here that is not tied to the refineries in texas or the rest of the country, in fact. >> and usually that's bad news because we have higher prices and get in trouble when california refineries go offline. but in this case, it's good news because we are less likely to be affected by the outands in the texas refineries.
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>> the california based person states petroleum association is helping will colleagues in the lone star state war refineries are closed. the victims of harvey need your help. the red cross tells us cash donations are the best way to do that. one easy way to donate is text harvey to 90999, that will add a $10 donation on your cell phone bill. call the red cross to donate, that's 1-800-help now. >> this harvey has been as fascinating as well as terrifying. drew tuma has tracked closely and here with more on harvey and the heat here. >> both of those things are connected. we'll talk how in one second. live doppler 7 not showing encouraging news at the moment. the pops of yellow and orange and the red is just intense heavy rainfall. and the loop over the past 30 minutes, that rainfall coming off the gulf and pushing into houston. you see these lines of showers extending well off into the gulf of mexico. those are fielder bands.
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essentially they're fueling more mariucci and pushing it flow houston. the latest track on harvey, it's slow moving and stays a tropical storm through at least wednesday morning before pushing off to the north towards tennessee by thursday evening into friday night. additional rainfall with harvey. still looking at several inches. the bull's eye of the heaviest rain is going to be pushing away from houston in the coming days. live doppler 7 along with satellite, part of the reason harvey is so slow to move our heat wave. it's a strong musclemaker. it's not moving anytime soon. that brought the heat today that pushed the jet stream well north. that can't pull harvey away till that heat weakens. it will do so by thursday and friday. back here at home, the fog more widespread tomorrow. waet get a brief relief from this intense heat we had today. we'll talk how hot we get tomorrow, the all-important labor day holiday coming up in a few minutes.
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>> thank you. lonni rivera was out in the heat all day. and she has this to report from walnut creek. >> there you go. stay in that lane. >> reporter: a steady flow of cars and trucks cruise through the car wash. finding a shady spot while the staff handless by. >> today is monday. i didn't prepare at all. >> reporter: she admits she didn't wear sunscreen. she works outside while her co-worker is inside. >> it's nice to be inside. thank god for the air-conditioner. >> reporter: they work in rotation but the guy who's clean the cars, they are the real troopers around here. >> i give them props. i don't know how they do it. i don't personally do well with the heat. but they work their buns off. >> they've been working so hard. i want to give them a bigger tip. it's nice. >> some say the heat is more bearable under a shady tree. >> the breeze out here is so nice. it makes it kind of livable. whereas it's mot just like
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baking heat. so i find it to be quite nice. >> reporter: the heat and low humidity have raised the wildfire danger in several east bay communities. >> we encourage people to be very careful with smoking materials, if you're going to do weed abatement which you should have done, please make sure you do it before 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: working before the hottest time of the day is smart as well as drinking a ton of water. we're just a couple yards away from the walnut creek library where i saw a lot of people inside there enjoying the air-conditioner. today, firefighters say we are in the heart of wildfire season and they are working two active fires in the area. lonni rivera, abc7 news. well, developing news now. we're tracking a shooting inside a public library in new mexico. >> the latest on the casualties and what the shooter did before opening fire. plus, both criticisms and congratulations after thousands of people marked rallied and yelled against planned pro conservative events in san francisco and berkeley.
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>> and pest control companies swamped tonight by a
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developing news now. nations around the world are condemning north korea. >> the pentagon confirms it just fired a ballistic missile over
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japan early tuesday morning their time. prompting government warnings for people to take cover before it landed without harp in the ocean. >> abc news reporter eppley rou is tracking the latest from washington. >> reporter: sirens blaring in the streets minutes after the launch warning people in the northern parts of the country to take cover near strong structures. prime minister shinzo abe saying the country is now analyzing the situation. the ballistic miff launched near pyongyang flying east passing over japan before landing in the ocean. >> this is something that has to stop. we all feel that very strongly. >> reporter: earlier this month, president trump reiterating a strong message to north korea's leader, promising fire and fury like the world has mecir seen if north korea doesn't stop its launches. the pentagon saying we are now in the process of assessing this launch. >> japan has been doing civil defense drills in recent weeks
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but broadcasting alerts like this is new and it's the highest state of alert we've seen with the recent escalations. emily raw, abc news, washington. two people are dead and four injured after a shooting inside a public library in new mexico. it happened this afternoon in clovis, about 200 miles east of albuquerque near the texas state line. video shows law enforcement leading away the suspect in handcuffs. the witness says a man started shooting into the air. police took this man into custody without a fight. back here in the bay area, activist groups who mandatoried in berkeley yesterday called news conferences today to criticize the media for showing video of skirmishes and to criticize the berkeley police department. leslie brinkley has the story. >> reporter: when the berkeley police department mobilizes more resources to prevent people from engaging in anti-fascist community self-defense than it
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does to deter groups known to incite fatal acts of violence in the name of racial pride, that is white supremacy. >> which is absurd. i mean, you don't fight bullies by being a bully. what we saw yesterday was the black block were the ones, an antifa were the ones being violent. >> reporter: these are the booking photos of 11 of the 13 people arrested at sunday's protest. only three are from berkeley, the rest from out of town or out of state. there may be more arrests to come as police study video. police imposed new rules this time including searching people for weapons before they could enter the park, having physical separation between both sides and arresting people who covered their faces. it is unconstitutional. we have never arrested people for wearing a mask and not committing other crimes. >> reporter: but berkeley's mayor credits the new tactics as helping police keep things
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relatively safe. two six injured. two of them hospitalized. it did not turn into another charlottesville as feared by some. >> we're here to claim a victory against forces of white supremacy, alt-right, neo-nazis. >> reporter: the mayor says the winner was really the city. >> i think it's important to focus on the 3,000 protests are that were up on oxford which included a holocaust survivor, clergy members, students, seniors, i mean it reflected the diversity of our city. >> reporter: another wave of protests is expected in september in berkeley, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. annan like berkeley, san francisco saw no violence or destruction of property when people marched in response to plans for a conservative rally that never actually happened on saturday. >> lyanne melendez showed you what worked and takes a look at the cost of keeping san francisco safe. >> i'm prepared to send a bill to the national parks service.
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you know. >> reporter: that promise made by mayor ed lee is getting the support from many san francisco residents. from day one of the announced patriot prayer rally on federal land, the mayor was upset that san francisco would be stuck footing the bill to keep the city safe. the total bill for police overtime putting up fences and other logistical moves has jet to be calculated. the supervisor told us within the police budget, there is money set aside for these kinds you have events. >> it's a small amount each year. >> reporter: he suggested perhaps the city would apply for a public safety grant from the feds. we reached out to both the national park service and nancy pelosi but got no response. >> it will be a tough slog. we're going to pursue it. it's the right thing to do. there's no reason san francisco residents should be out of taxpayer dollars because of this event. no way. >> reporter: the police department and the mayor's office began preparing two weeks prior to the rally. >> in law enforcement, you never know where those contingencies
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will pop up. we always have to be prepared for them. >> reporter: perhaps the most crucial move made by the mayor was his outreach to community organizations, churches and activists, getting their commitment to not respond to the event. >> to suggest to them that maybe we ought to consider not dignifying this event by going to crissy field, maybe we can have our own. >> reporter: many peaceful demonstrations were held on friday and saturday with the mayor saying much was accomplished. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. time now to turn to our weather which is quite warm. >> and getting warmer. drew has the forecast. >> the good news, or excessive heat warning and advisory of today have been allowed to expire and tomorrow, we're going to get some easing of that heat especially inland. that relief is not going to last all that long. live doppler 7 along with satellite, what we have tonight is a quiet picture but a different picture than yesterday. that fog is getting thicker by
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the hour. east bay hills capra, a live look. if you look closely on the horizon, the lights of the city are getting obscured by the fog. you can see the fog is more expansive tonight than it has been in previous nights. that helps to alleviate the heat. 60 in oakland right now. still holding 0 on to 89 in brentwood. 64 in gilroy. earlier today 103 degrees. 59 in san francisco. novato currently at 63. overnight tonight a lot of cloud cover along the coast. patchy fog in and around the bay helps to cool off a lot of the locations. mid 50s to mid 60s your starting temperatures out the door on your tuesday. highs on our tuesday, starting in the south bay, no heat advisories or excessive heat warnings are in effect for the south bay. good news. we're cooling off. 86 tomorrow in san jose compared to the 90s today. 85 in santa clara. 81 for menlo park. 83 for mountain view.
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62 in pacifica. 63 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 66. about 72 for south city. 63 and cloudy in ideally city. north bay, novato 85. san rafael 90. calistoga 95. into the east bay, 72 for berkeley. 78 san leandro. 79 for castro valley and inland backing off from the triple digit heat going back into the 90s. so we're making il provements in terms of getting rid of the heat. 94 in walnut creek. 93 in livermore. midweek around here on wednesday, we contine an brief break from the heat. it's not too bad in terms of august numbers by wednesday afternoon. but everything is going to turn around once again. by thursday afternoon. we're going to see the numbers rise. look at this once again. well into the triple digits once again inland. 80s and 90s predominantly around
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the bayshore line. even warmer than that on friday. we're calling it widespread heat on friday. even on the coast, it's going to be warm in the 80s. a lot of 90s around bay. you see widespread triple digit heat. next week, doesn't look like too much relief. much of the western u.s. expected to have well above normal temperatures for this time of year. the accuweather seven-day forecast, those temperatures will going to moderate tomorrow. going to feel nice compared to today. we'll continue that on wednesday. and then our next heat wave will begin on thursday. this looks to be pretty extensive by friday afternoon and continuing into the holiday through monday of labor day next week. already labor day. >> geez. crazy. >> i know. >> thanks, drew. >> this is refreshing. a lake tahoe ski resort is tapping a new market for skiers that would bring them from
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we're just two weeks away from seeing what apple has to offer. the "san jose mercury news" reports they have scheduled a launch event for september 12th. the event is expected to include the iphone as well as two other models and a new watch and a 4k apple tv. it is scheduled a week after samsung begins selling the new gal loex note 8. >> a lake tahoe ski resort has set its site on a new market, china. they want to draw in more visiting skiers. the partnership is with one of the biggest outdoor retailers in china that else is shoes, tents, backpacks among many other things. now it will start to promote squaw valley as a skiing
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destination. the number of skiers in china went from 200,000 to more than 12 million in just 15 years. >> wow. >> our continuing conch o coverage of hurricane harry continues with a dire prediction. why this megastorm could be a warning of worse ones to come. >> a familiar problem to people who live in texas. the bugs that even the floodwaters couldn't wipe out. >> and you might be hearing that noise more often because rodent infestations are on the rice. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. good evening once again. the city of houston is paralyzed tonight with the aftermath of flooding from hurricane harvey. >> nearly 7 million people's homes were not flooded are being
9:31 pm
told to stay inside and stay off the roads as thousands of rescues are taking place. >> news anchor tom llamas is in houston where it could be days before the sun shines again. >> reporter: tonight new evacuations and fears the death toll will rise across america's fourth largest city. there's a rate that we have to come to grips with. and that is we are just beginning the process of responding to the storm. >> reporter: what started with a direct impact on the tiny coastal town of rockport on friday night has turned into a weather disaster affecting thousands of square mys and millions of people. more than 39 inches of rain already in spots and more on the way. officials releasing millions of gallons from the attics and reservoirs hoping to prevent a catastrophic dam failure but the water unindating nabts forcing thousands of residents from
9:32 pm
their homes. >> we had to leave some people behind which is tough. they can't sit in these homes anymore. >> reporter: thousands rescued by boat. more than 300 by helicopter. aisha nelson stranded with her children on her roof. >> we have nowhere to go. i have all my children. have i nothing but the clothes on my back. please help us. i'm scared. >> reporter: hours later, finally rescued. >> to give you an idea how paralyzed houston is right now, the public transportation frozen. this is a line of city buses that stretches as far as the eye can see behind me and all the way in front of us. >> reporter: the texas governor now activating all 12,000 members of the national guard. emergency responder frequencies overwhelmed. >> two adolescent boys that are missing that cannot swim along with a family of three stuck in high water. >> reporter: houston's citizens are stepping in to help save each other. >> help us out here. around the corner. >> reporter: along the highway, we met a driver who took us to a
9:33 pm
flooded out neighborhood where a woman was stuck in her home. the ceiling starting to buckle. her family asking for help on social media. we find the home and the part of the roof starting to cave in. the woman displace bid hurricane katrina now deeing with harvey. >> i don't know. i've been through so much. i don't know. i'm a war veteran. this is a bad joke for me right now. >> reporter: but she refuses to go to the shelter and doesn't want to leave her pets behind. in another part of houston, two brothers are working around the clock to save their neighbors. >> can't see if it's a foot or ten feet. >> reporter: we told them about a woman we heard was trapped. they jumped into action, taking us right to the home. >> yvette. >> reporter: inside there was water everywhere. >> this is your hope? >> yeah, it's my home. and these are our neighbors yvette and james and one of our boys is here and i'm going to start crying and be an idiot.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: they now have to an abandon a home they've lived in for 25 years with only what they can carry. >> we feel very fortunate. we're happy to get out there. >> reporter: and sierra lee thanking first responders who helped her get to the hospital while she was in labor. >> writing landon jared was born perfectly heaty on august 27th. >> tom llamas reporting from houston. harvey has dropped an estimated 15 trillion gallons of water on the houston area, more than two times that he fell during hurricane katrina. scientists say stronger storms are becoming the norm as the climate changes. as the ocean heats up it, creates nor o more vapor for storms to collect and dump. huge amounts of fire ants are floating on top of the floodwaters. they have a strong survival mechanism and supply the resist tons water.
9:35 pm
colonies will link together to stay afloat using the bodies of dead ants as a raft. with all the heart breaking stories happening in texas, across the say the, neighbors are helping neighbors and strangers are helping strangers. we want to show you some of the most powerful ins from the last few days. here's is news anchor tom llamas. >> just like the rain here, the images and stories continue to pour in. a family on an air mattress. 10 year-old jay von murphy running through cleft deep we'res to check on a neighbor at his apartment complex. and rising from these floodwaters the human spirit. two young children carried to safety in the arms of a sheriff's deputy in cyprus, texas. amidst chaos and destruction, images of kindness and strength. neighbor helping neighbor. lending a hand. and giving a hug. a reminder there is something in all of us, a storm just can't
9:36 pm
break. >> tom yaup mass once again. i annern waing from michael finney. after every disaster, the bad guys come out in droves. those at the disaster site get offers of fake government help and shoddy construction services. the rest of us get bogus e-mails. because of that be careful when handling any e-mail with subject lines or attachments related to the storm even if it appears to be from a trusted source. fraud leapt e-mails often have links or aechmentes that direct user foz phishing or malware infected web sites. be careful when charities ask for help. many of them are complete scams. trust organizations and people you know. the victims of harvey need your help. the red cross tells us that cash donations are the best way to do that. one easy way to donate is text the word harvey to 90999. that will add a $10 donation to the red cross on your bill. duck also call the red cross to donate. that is 1-800-help now.
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now to a growing population of pests taking up residence throughout the bay area maybe in your home. >> so many people have this happening. news reporter david louie looks at why they're thriving and what we can do about it. >> reporter: they're taking up residence in some of the region's best neighborhoods where fruit trees and vegetation provide ample food. >> the majority of the rodents we deal with are roof rats. they are fruit eaters. they're awesome climbers >> jim britton the owner of three-step rodent roof package. they're settling into attics and crawl spaces, a problem growing substantially. once a homeowner decides to engage a service, sometimes the next issue is asking the service not to park their vehicles in front of the house. they don't want neighbors to know they have a rodent problem. britain and his technician steven turned to peanut baited traps like this setting out a dozen of them at a typical house even more in larger homes. this bag is filled with 13 dead
9:38 pm
rats trapped in two homes. prevention is also an important step. >> i tell the customers trim the trees back. you know, at least three to five feet from the roof line. that prevents the rodents from having the ability to get on the roof. i tell them to trim the vegetation back along the foundation of their home. >> broken foundation vents and holes under the eaves of the roof have to be repaired. it only takes a hole the size i've quarter for rats to gain entry. rats can spread disease and gnaw on wiring and do other damage. >> you guarantee to get rid of the rodents? >> there isn't a rat out there smarter than me. yes, sir. >> reporter: david louie, abc7 nws. >> new developments now on the campaign to recall santa clara county prepare court judge air persky. a retired judge ruled signature collection can resume. two weeks ago, another judge issued a temporary restraining
9:39 pm
order.persky said a judge shoul decided if the recall campaign could proceed. he gave a six-month sentence to brock turner convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman. supporters want to get a measure on the june ballot. east bay mayor resigns after being hammered by a social media scandal. >> what piedmont's now former leader is
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♪ (male announcer) shop like a pro at bass pro shops for huge savings during our labor day sale.
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and bring the kids this weekend for a backyard casting challenge pond ...crafts and more ...all for free. at bass pro shops. the american civil liberties union filed suit today challenging president trump's ban on transgender individuals joining the military. the aclu filed its federal lawsuit stone v trump in maryland on behalf of petty officer first class brock stone,
9:43 pm
an 11 year navy veteran who served in afghanistan. the president directed the pentagon on friday to implement the ban on transgender individuals joining the military. the suit says the trump policy violates the equal protection rights of transgender service members. >> the mayor of piedmont resigned over the weekend amid mounting pressure over his controversial facebook posts. news reporter jonathan bloom explains what he said and why opponents are still not satisfied. >> welcome to the august 21st city council meeting. >> reporter: he began with talk of the violence in charlottesville. >> in piedmont reject hatred and intolerance. >> his recent facebook hosts reflect the exact opposite. >> reporter: they read parts of the mayor's posts it outloud. >> transgenders are mentally ill. the left is intellectually bankrupt. democrats are the plantation slavemasters of today. >> reporter: stats fellow
9:44 pm
council members said they would not defend. >> his comments don't reflect this town. his comments are a poor reflection on our council. >> reporter: the crush of complaints brought city business to i halt and the council scheduled a special meeting to remove him as mayor. it was canceled when he announced he's stepping down but plans to remember a city council member. >> they don't have authority under these circumstances to remove someone from their elected position. that's in the hand of the voter. >> reporter: mr. wheeler also issued a lengthy public statement saying he recognizes he made some inappropriate posts on facebook and some comments were inflammatory or insulting. the statement copies i deeply regret the sad fact i dragged the other members of the council and staff into this mess. i apologize to the citizens of piedmont. >> this is really destructive to the fabric of our community. >> reporter: council members say the tension remains. >> he needs to resign. he doesn't have the confidence of the voters and he absolutely
9:45 pm
doesn't have the confidence of his colleagues on city council. >> reporter: mccarthy plans to see this through, the daughter of late lieutenant governor leo mccarthy. >> i have had people who worked with him e-mail me and tell me that my dad would be proud that i'm speaking up on this issue. >> reporter: in piedmont, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. the flooding in houston tonight is it affecting everyone, including those on four legs. >> next, saving the
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san jose's plan to construct tiny houses for homeless is being downsized again. a report by the "san jose mercury news" says the city pared down its list of potential sites to just two. when first proposed they released 99 sites. they would house 29 people. community outrage forced the stetd the number to four in july. now leaders are recommending just two sites as part of a one-year pilot program. >> the storm left many animals homeless and in need of rescue. one person drove around in a boat holding cats free and keeping them safe in a crate. rescuers are looking for foster homes or forever homes. people from as far away as
9:50 pm
washington and new jersey have contacted houston's humane society in order to help out. many pets are being rescued in the flood zone and pay need homes. the mariner humane society is on standby to help and says it's in contact with various shelt in other words houston now discussing how to fly animals to california. the society did the same thing during hurricane katrina. >> 15 trillion gallons of rain has fallen and more may fall in that area, as well. drew? >> they are seeing a horrific night tonight. heavy rain continues to move into houston. several inches overnight tonight and then that system will begin to move to the north. live doppler 7, coastal cloud cover, that's going to be the big thing tonight to help eliminate a lot of heat. mid 50s to about mid 60s. plenty of stars away from the coast. those are your starting temperatures tomorrow morning. as we get you into the afternoon, you notice especially
9:51 pm
inland it's not as hot. we're backing off ha triple digit heat. no warnings are in effect tomorrow. 60s and 70s in our cooler spots. 80s in the south bay and north bay and 90s as you move inland. holiday forecast as we jump ahead to labor day, the heat comes back big-time once again. it gets hot over the holidays. we'll show you a brief break in the heat tuesday and wednesday. and then right back in the heat wave gep on thursday. this one looks to peak on friday lasting through early parts of next weng. >> gosh. that's going to be tough. >> thanks, drew. on to sports tonight. >> what you got? >> big night at the soes. quite a night in new york as maria sharapova of after a doping suspension gets a wildcard into the event and pulse off the upset of
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your local toyota dealer. >> what a story tonight in new york as maria sharapova after a 15-month doping suspension gets a wildcard to play in the u.s.
9:55 pm
open. her first major since january of 2016 and upset simona halep in three sets. sharapova stylish as usual in black with a sprinkle of rhinestones. she came out firing. 60 winners on the night to halep's 15. she'll take the first set 6-4. the 30-year-old took a commanding 4-1 lead in the second and had a break point. sharapova pits the wall. simone na forced a third set. maria on match point. halep's return goes long. sharapova is back in the hunt with a three-sets victory. quite a story to kick start the u.s. open. after an elbow injury, johnny cueto near a return to the mound for the giants but is he here to stay? one day after his latest rehab start, he expressed desire not to exercise his opt out claus which would mean he would be ready to stick with a four-year
9:56 pm
79 mill million. bases loaded in the third. sandoval with a chance to do damage but lines it out second to end the inning. brandon crawford drives a ball into the san diego beach. the giants take a 1-0 lead. crawford's 12th of the year. still 1-0 in the seventh. shark jeff samardzija was dealing. strikes out. and jervis solarte to end the seventh. in the eighth, joe panik crushes this deep to right. is it going to stay fair? hits the foul pole. giants take a 3-0 lead. that would are your final. the shark with a shutout. a's also down south hosted by the angels. 1-0 and i and he gels in. the third. dustin garneau gets hold of one. that ball leaves the yard in a hurry. his second of the season. a 1-1 game. fourth inning, ben revere facing
9:57 pm
gossett. drives the ball over the head of davis in. maldonado scores. the angels take the lead. right now up 3-1 in the eighth. we'll have the highlights coming up at 11:00. niners and chargers final pre-season game. the only cut from 90 to 55 players happens on friday. one guy that is going to stick around, linebacker ruben foster. is he for real. seen here slamming dalvin cook last night in minnesota. he can run through blockers as he does here for another tackle. he has the range to stay in the game for pass coverage taking care of tread well here. coach shanahan has him penciled in as a starter. >> it seemed like had he about eight tackles. i wasn't exactly sure. the first play was real neat. that's usually the play i see the best. the first play of the game in the first series. i like how he set the tone. pre time i looked up it seemed like he was around the ball.
9:58 pm
he had the tackles for it and the i tests look good. >> derek carr became the highest paid player in the nfl raking in $25 million a year for five years. it appears he was just setting the market. two months later he's been surfaced by matthew stafford of the lions. today he agreed to a five-year 135-million extension becoming the highest paid player in nef history. contract key, he's in the last year of his current $5 million deal as a former number one pick in 2009, he led the lions to the playoffs last year for the third time in six seasons. according to the nfl network, the raiders first-round pi pickgarian conley is reportedly on track to be on the field when the raiders open the season september 10th at ten en. he should be practicing soon but i don't think he'll be ready to start for the opener. if there is a need for the
9:59 pm
raiders, it is at quarterback. this abc7 sports report brought to you by toyota. and nef players have been the lowest paid for years of all the four major sports. it's nice to see all those just quarterbacks getting paid. >> they take so much of the risk. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, saved by a dump truck tonight. an around the clock effort to rescue people flooded out of their homes continues in texas as more rain threatens to make the situation even worse. >> idling your car seems harmless but could soon be against the rule in one bay area city. join us at 11 over on channel 7. >> we'll see you then. that is our report for now. we appreciate your time. >> i'm ama daetz, for everyone here, thanks for being here. we'll see you
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