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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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crazy weather continues. it was coming down pretty good in walnut hill this morning. late today, this extraordinary
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sight at lake tahoe. good evening and thank you for joining us. we begin with the weather tonight of record heat last weekend to late summer showers and a water spout. our drew truman is here with live doppler 7. >> drew. >> i want to share the photo of the water spout. this is over lake tahoe over this afternoon around 4:45 p.m. you can see the funnel cloud right here on the lake water. you can see the circulation is picking up some of that lake water. that's why it is called a water spout. it is making contact with the surface. we'll take you to the report early this afternoon, this one coming in at 4:45 p.m. north lake tahoe district reported that water spout. live doppler 7, you see showers and thunderstorms for the severe weather, they have diminished at this hour. back here at home, it felt nice in terms of air temperatures and
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cooler air finally arrive at the 40 hours change. most spot cooler still is with us. the dew point is measuring the amount of moisture in the atmosphere in the 50s and 60s. we'll talk about refreshing air comes in and the accurate forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, drew. a mcdonald's worker in redwood city is in jail tonight on $11 million of bail accused of trying to kill her newborn baby at work. co-workers saw laura loctner. the baby will survive but it is unclear the newborn will suffer damage. uc berkeley is hoping things to go peacefully tomorrow. events featuring conservative speakers have not gone peacefully lately and some have
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not gone all at all. >> an event had to be cancelled this year. anthony has a look at tomorrow's event. >> we'll have police officers here and confronting anyone wearing a mask. uc berkeley says they'll be ready this time of any protests with conservative speaker with an elaborate plan to avoid a repeat last february. >> we are adopting and implementing different tools and tactics and strategies. we believe we are going to have the pieces in place to provide the kind of security the students want and deserve and we want to offer. the medtal barricades will be replaced of one that's made out of concrete. >> the issue is not free speech. the issue is --
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>> so if you go to the event, you should walk out as soon as he starts to speak and you should come and speak, again, the rise. >> they feel compel to protest and they posted flyers on campus of shutting it down. they're calling him a jewish. >> reporter: more conservative speakers could be headed there this month. uc officials say the required contracts and security arrangements for that event have yet to be finalized. laura anthony, nbc 7 news. meanwhile, 76 faculty members have signed a letter that calls for complete boycott of classes of campus activity during the free speech later this month. steve bannon and maya had been
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invited to speak. all uc buildings are closed. there is a new attempt to stop car break-ins in san francisco. abc 7 news has the story. >> reporter: within the whole area of car break-ins, you can walk the streets and see broken glass all over. >> we are seeing suspects who are organized. thereare multiple groups. it is like the crime of the day. >> the crime, card burglaries and epidemic. more than 17,000 cars have been broken into and 3,600 more than the same time last year. the thieves are getting bolder. >> he knows i am there and he will break in the car nonchalantly and break in and take whatever and leave. >> rentals have the car of
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choice and specifically of the bar codes on the side windows. >> the supervisor would require rental companies to hide the bar codes. here's a example. they're smaller. you would have to walk over them and look at it. these individual bills would out ride banned bar codes. bri enterprise says they'll comprise with new versions everyone though it will be constant. >> reporter: the bill goes to the full board of the supervisors next week. abc 7 news. hundreds of people in alameda have been warned not to drink the tapped water. they have been told not to brush their teeth with it. abc 7 news chris explains why it
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is affected and why it could be several more days before the problem is fixed. >> for residents at alameda point, major concerns of tap water, city officials told them not to use it until further notice. >> it had a foul taste, it was clear and it did not have any clouds or anything in it but it tasted really bad. the health advisory affected 267 homes. >> an areal view of the neighborhood, the water pipe here ace separate system for the rest of alameda. the advisory that we have to not drink water, east bay mode is trying to determine what's behind the problem and says it may have something to do with the leak of irrigation. the latest test shows higher than average levels of salt and minerals. >> it was after we shouwer that we noticed it. we don't usually smell after
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taking a shower so we know there is something wrong with the water. >> volunteers on west ranger avenue are now handing out bottled water provided by the city. with people of severemobility. >> those impacted are trying to keep things in perspective. >> there are tragedies all over the world right now. it is just bottles of water and we can take showers at friend's houses. >> reporter: the city hopes to lift the advisory by the end of the week, alameda point, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. briefly trapping a person who's inside one of those vehicles. the tree came down on clements street near 38 avenue. he patiently waited as firefighters used the chain saw to break up the tree to free
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him. >> they just chain sawed me out. i was really stuck and here i am. >> he says today was his lucky day considering what happened to the other car crushed by the tree. a privately financed park to be built near. there are a lot of challenges to over come before a possible first pitch in the spring of 2023. eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: the next step is acquiring it from its owner. the peralta community college district. >> they have to convince peralta that this is a land deal that peralta wants to engage in.
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purita peralta's chancellor knew it is a chance. one of three ways battle for the new ballpark, jack london square and another that's right across the museum. >> we love the fact that it is next to bart and it is walkable and tait is a location that hadn amazing view. the great location, all the factors making a perfect place. >> reporter: the city groups are on board. china town merchants fear the location could be bad for business and quality of life. >> this is public land and this is still an area for the community, you are moving into a neighborhood that's already deeply impacted. and really look at other place and options. the a's would finance the stadium themselves and if all go goes according to schedule, they
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would spend for next permit. eric thomas, abc 7 news. in oakland, across clulolum of poems stopping people in their tracks. also, firefighters. >> reporter: still putting out hot spots in the peninsula tonight when they hope to get this fire out. nancy pelosi and c
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it took a form of nearly a thousand words that written across the column. now some of those words are gone. a mystery remains behind. wayne freeman explains in a story that you will only see on 7. >> reporter: now, it is been replaced by the words. >> hatred needs no logic. love needs no logic. dear oakland, choose love.
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>> i was wondering whether or not if there is as stream of consciousness or they crafted it beforehand. columns of columns filled with wor words describing the ghost ship fire and the memorial that used to be here. and then this afternoon, another visitor. >> it is graffiti. we photographed him wiping the words from several columns. by the time we caught him on video, he was walking away. later he showed us his printed orders. they came from public works in response to a public complaint. back in side the pegula, the the
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washing of these words are unavoidable. >> it speaks a lot of issues in oakland. i cannot decide whether or not it is a cover up or a let it go. >> rorter: call it another case of art being in the eye of the be holder. what's left of that art anyway? >> in oakland, wayne freeman, abc 7, news. if you want to read the complete poem, we posted it along with more of wayne freeman's photos on abc 7 the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. the warehouse, it is creative director matt harris. both remaining? jail and they planned to plea not guilty later this month. their attorney accused of prosecutors having a weak case. >> they have not decided what the cause of the fire was. how can i defend when i don't know what ordinance or what law, you know, they're relating to
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that my client on that dat date -- since she was not there committed. >> yesterday another judge dismissed a civil wrongful death to pg&e. we see no evidence that would lead us to believe of our facilities for the cause of the fire. pg&e is cooperating with investigators. a fire sparked by lightning in the hills, should be contained by tomorrow. it is about 30% contained. no homes are threatening kings mountain road. all right, time to turn our weather, drew is here with what's ahead. >> hi, we'll get rid of our thunderstorms in the forecast completely. it is all about refreshing fall light air moving in. live doppler showing you out
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there, tonight of what we had for most of the day today is cloud cover along the coast and north bay and in land. we'll show you the picture outside tonight, a live look of our emory camera showing you partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up to cloud cover. we'll not finish the day with that cloud cover as well. that cloud cover is going to get out of here of the next 12 or 24 hours. take a look of the highlights the next couple of hours. morning clouds and some drizzles on the coast for your thursday by the afternoon and especially into friday. it feels like fall around here, refreshing air moves in, short lived. temperatures will be warm again as we head into the weekend. current numbers right now, not all that will bad. it is in the 60s across the board. 66, t69 in san francisco and 69 in santa rosa. live doppler 7 along with
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satellite showing you this area of low pressure is responsible for the early morning thunder shower and part of the east bay. that sparked the showers and the sierra as well that's pushing off to the east at this hour getting out of a forecast. you look to the north, calmer weather and clearer skies and that's the air mass that's moving in over the next 24 hours. over night tonight, we are hanging onto that cloud covers, mainly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-60s and low it is all about a day of transition on your thursday. the 12 hour planner shows you, throughout the day, cloud breaks down and the humidity is going to lower it. it is going to feel nice and comfortable tomorrow afternoon and temperatures stay in checks. 70s for the most part around the regions. 77 in san jose and about 71 for san mateo and oakland up to 29
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degrees. >> winds strengthening a bit. and the track of jose takes it to the north and to the east over the next couple of days. we'll be watching though along the eastern sea board of some strong rip currents, but you do notice jose looks to stay away from the low 48 by monday evening and 70 miles per hour and conning its track out to sea. >> back here at home. we have the morning drizzle on your thursday. tons of sunshine thursday afternoon, the humiditilessenhu it is comfortable. friday it is mild and bright, we turn warmer on saturday but it is really no intense heat. it is mere average for the time of the year, early next week, it is feeling like fall. controver those temperatures dip in the 70s. no intense heat, the week is
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looking spectacular. >> oh, that's nice. thanks, drew. a couple of google employees are looking to replace your local convenient store, why it is spark a controversy.
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there we were downtown yesterday and i was telling all the girls in the pta that i was going all by myself and brittney was so excited that we have him here and that he's so big and so incredible and... oh, my. i had no idea this house was so enormous! ahhhh... mr. van dahl finds it most suitable for his needs. oh, i'm sure he does. so, i really must ask... i've always heard this house was haunted. any spooky happenings since you've been here? mice.
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the gender wage gap have improved slightly.
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and as bad as it sounds, it is the first statistically significant increase should a gender paid gap since 2007. not all women are fair as well. black women is 67 cents to a dollar and hispanic women is about 60 cents. you are likely to see some boxes fillaround the bay area fd with items. it is called bodega. some people stood up in defense in small neighborhood stores. the san francisco start up provided this video. the boxes are filled with non perishable good which you can k access through an app. you can find them in gyms and apartment lobbies and offices. some people were offended by the use of the name bodega. the company said that despite their best intentions, they
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clearly hit a nerve and apologized to hanyone they may offended. president trump invited nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to dinner. what will did they talk about tonight? also, the new controversy involving a treasury secretary and his wife who posted this image listing her designer clothes.
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president trump broke the deal to protect so-called
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dreamers. dls agreement focuses on border security but does not include a wall along the u.s. and mexico border that president trump promised as a candidate. mary bruce tells us more. >> reporter: meeting with members of both parties at the white house today, the republican president sounded a lot like a democrat, saying the wealthy may have to pay higher taxes. >> they'll have to go higher frankly. >> with his own party struggling his agenda, the president have been wooing the other side. he struck the funding deal with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they are back with an intimate dinner with the president. a friendlier tones that's raising questions of where they really stand. >> the president calls chuck schumer, a clown pelosi and a loser, now he seems to recognize that he needs them. how does it work and what changed? it is less of him needing them and more of the president wanting to work with them and
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helping to move this country forward. >> does he view them as equal allies? >> the president is still a president. >> mary bruce, abc news. washington. also in washington, bernie sanderss unveiled his healthcare bill. he got nearly a third of the democratic caucus. >> sanders plan for a blue fingerprint to move to a government run single payer program over a figure yeaour ye. >> today, all of us stand before you, proudly proclaim our belief that healthcare in america must be a right, not a privilege. [ cheers ] >> an opposing bill was introduced by senate erlor lynd
9:32 pm
graham and senator cassidy. now to the latest of irma. jerresidents are seeking out mu needed help. the death toll have claimed following a tragic scene at a nursing home, nbc's marcy gonzalez has an update from naples. >> reporter: at least eight killed after irma knocked out power from the system. >> i was in there and it was excessively hot. this is tragic and sad. the administrator saying in a statement, staff set up mobile cooling unit to cool the facility. our staff continually check on our well being residents. >> conditions inside are brutal.
9:33 pm
>> it felt like 110 or 115 degrees out there. >> reporter: another assisted facility, this one in north miami also evacuated and the ac there is not working. >> the one of the generators had failed and the other is not working properly. many of the outages in the keys where fema says about 90% of homes were damaged or destroyed. >> reporter: as residents there returning home, much needed help now rushing in. >> we should have evacuated. we felt that he would be okay. >> reporter: and president trump plans to thank some of the people helping the recovery efforts when he visits this area tomorrow. marcy gonzalez, abc news, napless, florida. pg&e crews are in florida restoring power, one of their
9:34 pm
spoke people tweeted this video, they are ready to go to replace equipment that was damaged by the storm. it could be dangerous work. check out this, an alligator sitting were still in the water there. it is something you don't encounter here in california. the bay area is ready to help our irma victims. a riding out the storm on monday, first responders spent yesterday preparing for equipment. there are reports he asked to take a government plane on his over seas honey moon. brian ross has the story. >> reporter: multi millionaire
9:35 pm
steven mnuchin formally requested that he and his wife lewis regularly seen in designer clothes and pursing of $10,000 and traveling in style on a government jet on a honey moon to europe. it would have cost taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars. >> after treasury, officials say they raise for the issue looking for a man worth at least $300 million to travel at taxpayers's expense on a personal trip. mnuchin found another way to get to europe on his own time. >> a treasury spokesperson says the secretary needs access to clear communications but the secretary's office determined it was unnecessary to use military aircrafts when alternatives are found. >> you don't need a giant rul r book of government requirements.
9:36 pm
it can just save yourself, this is common sense. it is wrong. it was just a few weeks after the honey moon that mnuchin and his wife did fly on a government jet to kentucky on official trips, they viewed the solar eclipse. she posted this photo adding hashtags for items of her expensive critics. did you think the u.s. government paid for our honeymoon or first air travel? mnuchin's wife lois is an actress appearing on this "csi show." ryan ropss abc news, new york. a judge revoked martin's bail today. skully recently offered $5,000 to anyone who would grab some of hillary clinton's hair during her current bookstore.
9:37 pm
the judge says that was a solicitation of an assault and exchange for money. >> the judge says he continues to remain unaware of the appropriateness of his actions or words. that shows he maybe creating an on risk to the community. hillary clinton responded to sarah sanders critique of her new book on "the view" this morning. sanders calling her book potentially, quote, "sad." >> i don't pay much attention to what she says. [ cheers ] unfortunately and i don't say this with any glee, we are not getting the kind of information from this white house that we should have. >> clinton says writing the book
9:38 pm
was carthargic. you can watch the view everyday at 10:00 a.m. this is shawn spicer's first interview after he left the white house. well, if you built it? they'll come. that's what some start up inv t inventors
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[fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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cures for insomnia or kids wot do their chores. abc 7 news explains they spent months learning how to make
9:42 pm
their new gadgets and now they have to sell them. >> reporter: in a room full of start up, we were told to have to talk to this one. it is called beetles. using computer visions, what spot leaves behind and pick it up. >> it is gross and smelly. >> reporter: beetles among a few dozen start ups launching at hacks' launch doggy bag ing day. >> they need to know how to sell. >> tell me about your product and they would have an amazing one or two-minute app to answer the question right away. >> reporter: it goes something like this. >> it helps people. >> reporter: they all share something else aside from good pitches. >> we are focusing on novel technology, things that may not be in the product before.
9:43 pm
>> reporter: it is no easy task. a lot of founders found inspirations. >> i have a lot of sticky shoes and it took me hours. >> reporter: colley came up with mona. m it gets colder at night and warms up in the morning. >> there is leaf as in relief. >> looks like a leaf. >> it warrants when you show signs of anxiety and gives you feedback as you relax. it is a good thing that this hot product making good caffeinated tea. jonathan blum. all right, our chief meteorologist is standing by with our forecast. >>
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friday morning nasa will destroy the spacecraft because it runs out of fuels. ♪ sticks calling a little traveling music. he's been studying it for more than two decades. david louie has the story. >> reporter: no one is sadder than him that his mission is coming to a close. he was on the original science team 26 years ago conducted
9:48 pm
experience to learn more of saturn's rings and its two moons. the orbital saturn fof 13 years. his biggest doiscovery is liqui crystal lifting up in the moon. >> a condition that life would exist in that option. >> that's a big, big breakthrough kind of a finding. the findsi the finding whether life exists anywhere else. >> it took 80 minutes to reach. >> the mission was adapted to watch multiple -- learning about this end finding of the fact that life maybe possible there. kasini is running out of fuel but it supplied so much data and researchers will be kept busy for years analyzing it.
9:49 pm
>> the spacecraft will end on friday. the knowledge and the science will live on for a long time to come. >> reporter: as the final approach on friday, it will send data up until the last moment when the spacecraft will be destroyed as it burns up and breaks apart like a meteor. david louie, abc 7 news. >> lets get one last check with drew. >> a day of transitioning. the morning will feature clouds in the afternoon and ton of sunshine and live doppler 7 is showing you most cloudy in my spots and dealing with clear skies at this hour. it is probably most cloudy for most. mid-50s to lower 60s, our over night temperatures. as we get you into your days on thursday. low humidity and 77 for san jose. 79 in santa rosa.
9:50 pm
a big race for this weekend, three days forecast, a lot of sunshine around the 80s for each and everyday. slap on the sunscreen uv index running very high. some morning drizzles to sun. it is beautiful on friday. a little warmer over the weekend before it takes a nose dive. it feels like fall and by wednesday, it is nice and sunny and it is seasonable first time of the year. >> i like the fall nose dive. >> it is great. thanks drew. >> all right, larry is here with some sports. >> i have a fall nose dive in my sport. >> entertaining? >> absolutely. >> it is going to be good. if we have time, i don't think we'll have time but i was going to give you some honesty but i don't think so. don't think so. >> oh, we don't want to
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good evening everybody, we got a whole a lot of a's news today. the team's record setting 21 game winning streak, that was in jeopardy, it ultimately failed. they were in boston. get your fresh lobsta and maybe some chowda. >> top of the first, jet lowry. the ball got away and lowry had a triple. matt ollison, oh, he got some pop. ollison doing the glove work as well. mitch moreland, he's out ands at the place, you got the double play right there on dustin pedrioa. the a's would go onto win it by a final of 7-3. cleveland would break the a's
9:55 pm
record 20 game win streaks by beating the tigers today. the tigers taking their first lead. looks like the streets maybe in jeopardy. remember before the season, could the giants acquire him and they did not do it in any way. he's got some power. 3-1 indians. coby allan. kinsler is robbed by chisenhall. >> you never take anything granted. we are just going to try to win baseball game as we can until the season is over. >> reporte >> how about the giants and the dodge dodgers? >> american heritage tonight, top of tl first, last year would
9:56 pm
have caught that line. dodgers putting up two runs in the inning and nothing is going right. oh, mike, an old weather man, that's your true future right there. top of the fifth bellinger. the nfl season is only a week old but we have a great hometown story. george tevecchio, georgio delivered for the clutch. >> the former had been trying to
9:57 pm
make an nfl team six years. last weekend he was four for four and special player for the week. not bad for the 20-year-old. >> it is huge. >> just calm. that's what i do. >> as much as the personal journey as it is, i would like to share with many people that's been with me every step of the way and a lot of people living in the area and to be able to see how happy they are for me and being able to share that with them, after the impact that they had on me, it is very special. >> some of these things are like a movie, he works his tail off. in the four years that i have known him, he's always the same. >> happy wednesday. >> all four years that i have been here, he's been around in otas and camps. you experienced a lot of good and bad and ugly and had some great people in my life supporting him through at all.
9:58 pm
we are proud of him. great job and now we are going for him, the next game. reporting in alameda with the raiders, abc 7 sports. how about the niners? >> brian ware is getting crushed. >> his mind set is don't dwell on the defeat and focus on what's next. >> you come in and whether you won or lost, you see what you did poorly and correct it so get back on the next one. sunday night, i am starting to watch seattle stuff. that's how quick the turn around is. >> it is going to be a tough game. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. we save some time for some honesty. before the show, i said do you want to do the news? i don't want you to do it by
9:59 pm
yourself. he says yeah, i got it. 9:03 i got a text, thanks for having me do this by mooiyself. >> there was no tone like that with my text. >> of course, it was quite cordial. >> thank you larry. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. a gun stolen from a san francisco police officer used in a gang killing. tonight we are working to get new details o f this developing story. the scott peterson case ripped the bay area and beyond. the abc 7 news i-team has new evidence that broke the case opened and putting peterson on death row. be sure to join us. that's it for us right now. always willing to help out. thank you for joining us, we'll see you again at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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(intense music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one in south dakota, one in england. in our first case, a married church minister doesn't always practice what he preaches.


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