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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> we begin with a terror attack in london, tonight the threat level is at critical meaning there is an imminent possibility of another attack. good evening and thank you for joining us. at tack came after a bomb exploded on a crowded subway car, 29 people are injured. tonight isis is claiming
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responsibility and says there's other devices hidden on trains. our reporter in london tonight. >> in london today from every direction first responders swarming to the scene during rush hour attack and a all out man hunt for whoever put the homemade explosive on the car, ruthlessly targeted passengers going to work and children going to school. >> within three seconds of the doors closing we heard the explosion. >> i saw the fire ball towards my side. >> then panic, as people desperately try to escape. >> there was a lady saying i'm pregnant. a little boy's face was smacked into the step. there were layers of people screaming. >> people were getting crushed. we were trampling each other. was every man for himself.
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>> on the platform chaos, confusion, but towards the back of the train hushed passengers move out single file across the tracks as merjs emergency responders tend to the injured. >> one woman's legs were badly burned, wrapped in plastic and hair quite charred. >> police say the bomb didn't fully detonate otherwise many could have died as it is 30 injured. >> at this stage we're treated the matter as a terrorist-related incident. >> struck the heart of a middle class neighborhood. >> there was an attack where i live and that really devastated me and it makes us feel threatened where we live now police are on a massive man hunt for those who set off that bomb. >> abc news london. bart react the quickly
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pulling officers from assignment to focus on patrol in oakland and san francisco. they also deployed canine devices to smith for explosive devices. we asked passenger what's they thought. >> i have no problem officers out keeping people safe. >> i think it's a good thing but not just an on going basis not just after something happens. >> i think keeping an eye out is a good idea. >> police want riders to call if they see anything suspicion there's also increased security in new york and los angeles. now to a young woman who slid down a cliff and wasn't hurt. this is upsetting video. to some. she was walking on a cliff with some friends she suddenly loses her grip and tumbles, about 45 feet. didn't fall off the edge into the ocean.
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despite the fall she was not hurt. she's okay. lawmakers in sacramento are in the final hours of the 2017 legislative session, late today they approved to make california a sanctuary state. to buy lawmakers to create barriers to trump's step up to deportation efforts. would limit regulations with federal authorities. >> the state can't have its own separate independent foreign policy. i think it's ironic to have the state of california or the agency heads of california willfully advocating the violation of federal law! >> the reality is you have certain sheriff as well as ice director as well as general
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attorney general jeff sessions who are trying to deport dreamers who grew up in this country. >> it will move to senate for final approval and then to the governor's desk. federal judge in chicago ruled federal administration may not withhold from oejd rich mand and san jose certainly a setback to force local jurisdictions to help federal authorities crack down on illegal immigration. a swarm of earthquakes in the south bay have put people on edge and serving as a reminder we all need to be ready for the next big one it will happen. >> geo logic physicist says a series of earthquakes the movement about a third of mile below ground.
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some residents barely felt the seismic movement. >> it wasn't bad but you knew there was an earthquake, rolling for five or six seconds. >> for others it was more pronounced. >> it was like a quick jolt. >> did it knock anything over? >> no it did scare us though. >> however experts are not willing to characterize the six events as foreshocks of larger een event. >> the science doesn't allow us to look at any one earthquake to say this is a foreshock. unfortunately the determination comes after. >> these 3.3 or less were enough to shake off complacency about preparing for a big one. >> i guess i got lazy. living in california it's typical thing to have earthquakes this is a bit of a reminder. >> interest has grown in survival kits that include emergency supplies such as water
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and food. >> we do have supplies but it's about ten years old we really need to resupply it. >> is that on your to do list this weekend. >> i hope so. >> her husband will be assigned the task to replace their emergency supplies. there are backpack size kits with food and water for two people in three days, found them online and in stores for as low as $30. in san jose, abc 7 news. you will find guidelines for stocking earthquake survival quick and developing a plan at abc 7 news online. federal appeals judges say a state law preventing sales was not preempted to regulate poultry products, won't take
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eventually until appeals process ends and manld ate is issued so restaurants can continue to serve it. group for ethical treatment of animals celebrated saying the champagne corks are popping but aaron greenspan says the ruling was crazy and said let's ban assault rifles if you want to talk about cruelty. we've covered this issue since 2003, the under cover video fueled the passage in the state legislature in 2004. what happens to oakland coliseum if the raiders or leave. also a local college bucking a trend in a big way. what they hope to get out of cutting student tuition by 36%, a third. we are here with the weekend forecast. the seasons are about to change. will let you know if it's going to feel like it a little early
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an opportunity is opening in oakland at the site that for
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years has been home to the warriors, raiders and a's. the doves are moving to san francisco. the raiders are going to las vegas and the a's are ready for a new place. so what will happen to the kols coliseum area. >> team president announced a's plan to build a new stadium in oakland about five mile as way but still have plans for the coliseum. >> we sfefeel an urban youth academy for soccer and baseball would be a great addition. >> would give kids a positive place to hang out while developing young athletes and keeping jobs on site. >> that's when oakland city councilmember said there's already baseball diamonds and soccer fields in east oakland what they need is good-paying jobs. >> there's a number of other
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developers out there that would like to acquire that site or lease it for 99 years and put what i think are higher and better uses on that site. >> like affordable housing and retail. the a's say that's part of their plan too eventually but there are some in oakland city government who haven't given up on convincing them to build on existing college property. >> i respect their business decision but reaction you couldn't ask for a better location that current will he sits here. >> they're still in the explo explorestage. will add input on the idea over the next year. the hayward police department is naping names and showing faces of johns arrested in an under cover recreational marijuana.
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they all agree ed to pay money for some type of sex act and met with under cover police officer, police perform several attempts like this in an attempt to curve sex trafficking. mills college is first in california to reduce its under graduate tuition by a whopping 36%. abc 7 news reporter explains why they hope rolling back fees help increase enrollment. >> just to reiterate, returning mills under graduates will pay less. >> it was an announcement that had to be repeated. after all when was the last time a college significantly reduced its tuition. beginning next year mills under graduate tuition will go down from 44,000 to $29,000 that's what mills charged in 2005.
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frank hernandez welcomed the tuition reset. >> i have two kids going to college. i'm retired and every bit helps. >> as the tuition decreases so will the amount of financial aid a student receives which according to the university will eventually even out. >> the decision to reset is also in response to the college's declining enrollment. in 2010 mill hz around 1500 students, today it's about 1300. >> by attracting and enrolling more students the college hopes to bring in more revenue to fill in any financial gaps. >> this tuition reset is a growth initiative, looking towards the future and realizing where we are right now. >> i had to take on debt to come here. >> courtney castleman knows what it takes to go to a private school. >> grants and scholarships and loans and different kinds of loans. >> it's great that it's getting cheaper. that's definitely going to get a lot more kids to school.
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>> even today mills highly ranked as a best-value college in the region. in oakland, abc 7 news. let's focus on the weekend weather forecast beginning to feel and look a little bit like fall. our meteorologist is here with the forecast. >> that's right we're going to show you a beautiful look at low clouds surrounding the coit building. right now i want to show say live look from our camera throughout tonight. san francisco 59 degrees. oakland at 60.
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really comfortable in san jose and gilroy. napa 60. fairfield 67 degrees. liver more 62. once again going to check another live picture from our tower camera. visibility could not be better. it's a beautiful night. warming trend began today in some areas going to continue tomorrow. little change expected on sunday and much cooler on monday. ought does a riff next friday. a week from today we'll have seasons change. temperatures mid 40s to upper 50s, a cool morning ahead. yes low clouds near the coast and parts of the bay a as well. then for the afternoon, low clouds in the morning. then the high clouds begin to come in. 7:00 a.m. mostly low level clouds and then high clouds start to filter the sunshine for the afternoon hours that will
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cut back on the brightness overall it will be a nice, milder day than today. in the south bay 81 in san jose. 82 los gatos. temperatures will be near average for this time of the year. 79 in redwood city. 68 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 71 degrees. you went through a lightning storm earlier this week. you had a heat wave. all time record of 106 degrees so being close to average is good. in the north bay 82. east bay communities mix of sun and high clouds. froe mont low to mid 80s. concord 84. liver more 85 degrees. a lot going on this weekend. gopro grand prix in sonoma. 77 on sunday. bright and sunny 76 after morning temperature of 55 degrees.
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here's a great event, the night walk in san francisco. one in san jose. and this one in napa going to be great. 75 degrees. temperatures will drop to 65. good looking weather no matter what your plans. warming trend saturday mid 60s. monday cooler weather. below average. breezy. bright and breezy on tuesday. steady mid 60s coast side. friday autumn officially starts at 1:02 in the afternoon. downloading the accu weather app will help i. dan and i both use it. >> i do all the time. >> hope you get a chance to use it as well. >> thanks very much. jaw-dropping photograph a san francisco man wishes didn't
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exist. >> and man celebrates instagram and today we honor a dancer hawk in who's credits the hot summer nights in her home country of argentina in her interest in astronomy. you can check out our post on our bay area instagram page when you have a moment. stay with me. back in a second. >> the sky is incredible as if you could touch it. ♪
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>> ask your grandma and
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actor harry dean stanton has died. he was widely loved around hollywood. he was almost always cast as a crook ora great character actor. appeared in over 200 films including "god father 2" and "pretty in pink" died of natural causes was 91 years old. well today caltrans said that the fight for canyon bridge near big sur should reopen by mid-october. caltrans district five sent out
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this image of crews installing rebar in highway 1 over the canyon, made in vallejo. they say the $24 million span replaces a bridge that was demolished after a mud slide damaged the piers. here they are taking it down. the construction has limited the access to the big is you are community they will be very happy to get it open by mid-october. photographer in monterey wishes he didn't have the honor he's given because this is the picture he took, a sea horse inch and half in size clinging to a discarded q-tip he was snorkeling when the sea horse stopped to hop from one piece of debris to the next. >> at first it was an sea grass and then to a little piece of
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plastic and then this compositione see now. it's heart breaken seeing this adorable little fish having to live its life amongst human s sewage and our cash agarbage. >> he says he hopes the picture will make people stop and think about the plastic that we use. coming up next, the skin patch for burning fat. the treatment that could revolutionize the way people lose weight. >> also. >> i don't want bad cops here, period, i don't need them. >> the premier of a documentary about the oakland police depart already has another open project in the works, will you hear from him.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening once again, thanks for being here. it is premier night for a new feature film set in the bay area and the oakland police department plays the starring role. film makers em bedded with officers for three years. our reporter has the story. >> i don't want bad cops here. >> oakland film maker peter nix spent three he year for the documentary "the force" he set out to capture the reform efforts under federal over sight instead his camera was there for what he calls some of the opds craziest years the most shocking thing of this story is what happened to this young girl who was trafficked not just at the
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opd but it was a regional issue. >> the sex scandal involving teenage worker forced to have sex with officers. part of the black lives matter movement and clashes between the police. >> i think it's always difficult to watch your department make mistakes. >> deputy chief admits there's parts of "the force" that was hard to watch. >> showed our efforts towards compliance and complex issues around captured what happens when you have tremendous setbacks. >> mayor is calling out the bad behavior of police. >> i'm here to run a police department not a frat house. >> in a statement she says i'm hopeful this project bringing empathy and understanding to all members of our community.
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>> the force" is a second in a trilogy. the first called "the waiting room" follows doctors and patients at highland opt. in oakland, abc 7 news. berkeley police are asking public to help them investigate climbs over last night's demonstration after a protest, looking for pictures and video outside fd ben shapiro's speech. four are charged with carrying banned weapons and two accused of battery against a police officer. the fifth accused of disturbing the peace. the protest was sparked by a speech by ben shapiro, the hall was surrounded by barricades and there was a massive police presence that kept things relatively calm and nonviolent. the relatively entire student body walked out to show
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support for daca. they formed a human circle around the school. lasted for one class period and all returned to classroom. the daca program provides deportation protection for undocumented immigrants whose families brought them to the united states as children. recipients could face deportation in march unless congress agrees to extend that protection. >> a lot of smiles on a happy friday on wall street closing at a record high fourth straight record close ending at 22,268. nasdaq gained but closed shy of the record. s&p with the best week since the start of the year ending with a record 2500 even the s&p has gone up more than 11.5% since january. look at this, that's the last
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image that the cassini space craft put out before being vaporized it is very point yant because it is the last shot. there was both celebration and sadness at nasa. >> i'm going to call this end of mission. project manager off the net. >> cheers and many tears for nasa scientists as the cassini space craft plunged into saturn's atmosphere at 4:55 ending its 20 year mission. >> very emotional moment my colleagues and i realizing there's no more space craft. >> entered saturn at 77,000 miles an hour and at the last moments its thrustered fought to keep its antenna pointed towards earth to send back valuable data. >> to the end it did everything
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we asked, ground system support was superb and we believe we got every last second of data. >> seconds later the space craft vaporized, a small flash of light. >> the cassini space craft is on its way to saturn. >> it launched in 1997 and entered saturn's orbit in 2004 revealing the structure of the rings and exposing two moons one that is potentially habit be willi habitable. but now leaves more to ponder. and missions to plan. >> generations of scientists will look at that data and figure where is the next place to go. >> abc 7 news. researchers have developed a skin patch that could melt fat in mice. it uses nano technology to raise the body metabolism ly and store energy storing white fat into energy burning brown fat.
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the patch delivers the drug directly to the fat tissue. after four weeks the mice lost 20% of their body fat in the area the patch was applied. researchers at columbia center and north carolina hope it will treat obesity and diabetes. an eleven-year-old boy got the thrill of his lifetime when he mowed the lawn at the white house so focused he didn't even notice president trump was right next to him. he wrote the president saying he started a lawn knowing business and would be a honor to mow the lawn at the white house. he said the usual rate is $8. >> my dad said just do it for free, i'm like fine. >> good choice after mowing the lawn he got to hang out with the president in the oval office. >> coming up next a first in freemont.
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work has finally begun on a long-awaited project in freemont right now volunteers for habit for humanity is cleaning up. >> off ten the ral avenue in freemont. a new community is starting to take shape. >> can't thank everyone what they're doing. >> central commons is the future home of this former dentist who fled war-torn yemen six years ago in search of the american he's hammering away as part of
9:41 pm
habitat for humanity east bay build a thon which has drawn 150 volunteers working together. >> to step up in this society, this world, to make a better place for themselves and their families. that's what i come out and try to help accomplish every day i come out. >> phase one should be complete bid this time next year. 30-home development is the first high density project in their history all units energy-efficient and eventually will be owned by dozens of low-income families. >> they helped to build their homes and the if homes of their neighbors and helps to build the community of people who will live here. >> 10% skill and 90% preparation. >> i like building things and building construction and that's why you find me on the job site. >> and for this man a chance to
9:42 pm
put in a little sweat equity alongside those who want nothing more than to see him and his family succeed. >> great people here to support you and standing with you to reach your goals and meet your needs and reach your dreams, it means a lot. >> in freemont chris nguyen abc 7 news. >> building houses and dreams. meteorologist with the latest on hurricane hose aned norma. and ezescaping hurricane irma forever homes in the bay area. the dozens of
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some very cute shelter animals from florida are arriving in the bay area they were florida shelters in miami
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hoping to be adopted before hurricane irma hit and since the storm shelters needed to make room for newly lost and found pets. miami heat basketball players helped to loadum those animals and the golden state warriors met them in oakland with our news reporter. >> crate after crate after crate filled with cats and dogs, kittens and puppies, rescued from florida shelters to make room for pets displace bid hurricane irma the miami heat loeted 150 of them on this fedex jet this morning and now they're on the ground in oakland and were greeted by some of the warriors. >> i hear there's eight puppies. >> yeah i'm going to have to take one home with me. my dog's been really depressed lately hopefully i will find him a new friend >> you might adopt one. >> yeah definitely. >> feel really bad both for human beings and animal pz.
9:47 pm
i'm grateful to have this opportunity to be here to help. absolutely miami heat is involved. and warriors involved. some players. the team organization, fedexforum. it fedex. a team effort. >> many on their way to no-kill shelters throughout the state. will be evaluated before being up for adoption. abc 7 news. >> what a sweet face. >> one last update of the weather forecast. >> yeah september is a great time of year, get outside and enjoy any outside activities. right now live doppler 7 will show low clouds hugging the coast line. tomorrow afternoon high clouds will be replace bid low clouds with nice looking saturday. temperatures upper 60s to mid 80s. at&t park.
9:48 pm
giants take on the d-backs. low 60s. a little breezy. cal takes on ole miss tomorrow evening. 64 degrees. dropping down to 59 if you're going to the raiders home opener at the coliseum on sunday against the jets. mild weather. sunny. 68 degrees going up to 72. grz idea to have your sun screen and shade. it's not so mild in other parts of the country we're watching category 1 storm hurricane jose' in the atlantic continuing to track towards the northeast not making a direct land fall. looks like rip currents are life-threatening, swells, strong wind and rain could be the impact to the mid-atlantic and northeast. in the pacific we have hurricane category norma recently strengthened expected to slam baja, this upcoming weekend with rain and swell. could be a mess if you have travel plans.
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warming trend for saturday mid 60s to mid 80s not much change on sunday but monday you will notice it. it's cooler and breezy and temperatures bounce back up. there's no weather extreme it's nice and mild. >> boy will this be a hurricane season. >> my gosh quite a bit of activity. busy day for the warriors you saw what they did with the animals needing homes well members of the coaching staff and front office went behind bars, their annual visit to san quinton state prison and a team of inmates were waiting for them. >> it's a pretty safe place but if someone says i want the to show my stamkp collection we advise against that. >> with that we surrounded our freedom welcome to san quinton home to about 4,000 and site of annual game with the golden state warriors coaches.
9:50 pm
javale mcgee showed off the championship trophy. >> everybody's excited. they're happy to see new, famous faces. >> warriors have visited san quinton for six years. myers is all penitentiary and he makes friends on the inside. >> he is here every year. this is what i'm dealing with. >> but the hosts have talent as well. >> one, two, three. >> they all have nicknames. like number one they call him fast a little b fatality. >> why do they call you fatalities. >> because of what i do on the basketball court. >> has nothing to do with why you're here. >> no, not at all. >> be and check out the man they call the phenome. late fourth quarter, myers led
9:51 pm
the way with 32 points and 31 rebounds. with seconds left, convicts down by one, it's our friend fatality with the game-winner, 103-102, san quinton, the final. it's hard to put into words what this win means for the prisoners. >> what's that mean when you walk around this yard tomorrow? >> it's going to mean everything. i'm going to be like a superstar around here. this right here helps tremendously. it puts the humanity back into it. a lot of people look at us as basharians. >> at san quinton abc 7 news sports. >> we believe they let larry out of san quinton sk. >> saw him walking around the halls tonight. he's all good. big night in baseball american league longest winning streak comes to end in cleveland. dominating performance on the hill puts an errand to the a hill puts an errand to the a streak in philad
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abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota dealer. king of the hill in philadelphia, 4-year-old right hander put an end to an a's streak that lasted 186 straight games without a complete shut out. the a's in the city of brotherly love to take on the phils top one, matt olsen hits the power ball almost to the upper deck. it's a two-run shot and just like that oakland take a's 2-0 lead. more fireworks for the a's in the second. this time matt joyce rockets one out of the yard. another two run homer. oakland 2-0 lead. more than enough. he struck out seven. scattering seven hits in complete game shut out first one since august 2016. well thor was at at&t tonight for super hero night between giants and diamondbacks. bottom of the first. hunter pence with a double off
9:56 pm
robbie ray, joe panix cak calm . bottom of the sixth. pitcher can hang on allowing m sammardsa sammasa sammasa sammard eight inc.s struck out seven but diamondbacks get the win final 3-. with, final 3-2. royals lorenzo cane with two up the mid. 4-3 kc. kept streak alive last night bottom nine. two outs one on. mike minor gets lindor to out and streak is over indians at 22 win streak. royals win it 4-3.
9:57 pm
donald pence signed two year contract extension, worth $21 million. the 12-year nfl veteran started all 16 games at left tackle last season, only gave up one sack as par the of the offensive line many consider one of the best in football. he held out in training camp and part of the pre-season but now he no longer has to focus onto business side of the game. >> now i can focus on football and enjoy my teammates, enjoy the process and focus on football because there was a lot of doubt and i didn't want to hit free agency again. that's one thing i tried to make sure. i wanted to, you know, you guys know how much i love you guys, show me you love me back, let's get this done so i can retire a raider. >> raiders first round pick controlly wi conley will suit up. he missed all of training camp
9:58 pm
was selected 24th overall out of ohio state and expected to provide a big boost on what raiders needed most their secondary. >> we're excited to get a good look. he's obviously a talented young man. we really, really liked him coming out you know, he's had a little bit of a setback because of some thing that's were beyond his control, you know, with the medical stuf. that's cleaned up. he's ready to roll now. look forward to watching him play. today was like the first day of school for the san jose sharks with a lot of new faces and plenty of excitement as everyone's trying to figure out where to go as the full squad reported to training camp. thornton said he is 100% following off season knee injury is now the senior assiscitizen e bunch. patrick marleau signed a season
9:59 pm
else where. >> myself frnand everybody has step up and score goals this year. we have good young players this year who could accept a bigger role on the team. but, yeah, just it's going to be by committee how you replace a guy like that. >> the sharks play first pre-season game on tuesday. this sports report brought to you by toyota. thanks very much. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. a clip of a fall from a woman who survived a cliffside plummet. and time runs out for san francisco home owners to meet building code c that could mean penalty for those who don't comply. that's our report, we appreciate the time.
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(dramatic music) - [narrator] today the stories of two murder cases. both in new jersey. in our first case, the idyllic lives of two newly weds comes to a shocking end.


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