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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 19, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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urger combo for just $4.99. vo: only at jack in the box. hope amid the rubble during a desperate search in mexico tonight. it's a race to find and save survivors. after a powerful quake topples buildings. and sends people running for their lives. good evening. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz is on maternity leave. the 7.1 magnitude quake hit central mexico in the middle of the daytime and just minutes ago the number of dead rose to 226 people including nearly two dozen at a collapsed school in mexico city. that number is only going to go up. 30 children and eight adults have been reported missing there. the search for survivors, though, is extensive. mexico city's mayor says
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buildings collapsed in 44 places just in the city limits. the rescue efforts are paying off. at least 60 people have been pulled from the rubble. here's abc news report er dania backus with a look at the destruction. >> reporter: the terrifying images showing the power of the 7.1 earthquake. and this newsroom ceiling lights swing uncontrollably as one man steadies himself against the wall. and in a restaurant at mexico city's airport tourists take cover under a table. >> earthquake. >> the whole building was shaking for like five whole minutes. people just running in every direction. >> reporter: one american tourist describing the chaos. >> walls started falling down. people were screaming. people were crying. >> reporter: outside buildings rocking so forward glass from a window falls to the ground. light poles shake violently. from the air a clear picture of the devastation. more than two dozen buildings
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collapsed with reports of some children inside. "i was trapped on the third floor," says this woman. "we tried to get out and the people in the house next door helped me get out with a ladder." rescue workers racing inside this building, rushing a woman to safety. another woman covered in dust is carried through a crowd on a stretcher. with the death toll expected to rise, crews are now scrambling to find more victims. millions of residents are without electricity as the country now begins to assess the earthquake's toll. just 11 days ago another earthquake rocked the country, killing nearly 100 people. and on this day 32 years ago a magnitude 8.0 quake hit mexico city. it caused catastrophic damage and widespread death. dania bacchus, abc news, los angeles. >> abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live at sfo tonight where a group of shaken passengers arrive there this
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evening. they went through the earthquake while they were on the airplane in mexico city, katie. >> reporter: they did, dan. and right now there's an aero mexico flight leaving for mexico city. but for those who arrived earlier from mexico city it certainly has been a long and scary day of travel. >> suddenly the airplane was moving like trap and trying to pull with the brake on or something like this. >> reporter: passengers on united flight 718 from mexico city to sfo had already boarded their plane when the 7.1 earthquake hit. >> i opened um the window and all the planes on the runway, you know, were just bouncing. like oh, my gosh. >> reporter: it was scary, but they were safer on the plane than they would have been on the street. denor cleveland shared this cell phone video from us. it's from a friend in mexico city. she was on her way there from sacramento but missed her flight. >> i cannot believe i missed that plane. >> reporter: her brother lives
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in mexico city. he called her when the earth started moving thinking she had arrived at the mexico city airport. >> i never hear my brother crying. let me tell you, that was very intense for me to hear him crying. because he says i've got to go, i've got to go. earthquake, earthquake. >> reporter: minutes later he sent her this picture of a collapsed building three doors down from his apartment. for dinnera it's a terrible deja vu. she was in fourth grade taking the subway to school in mexico city when the 8.0 quake hit on this day in 1985. >> the movement of the earth was brutal. you know, we thought this is it. the whole city's going to come down on us. >> reporter: she chose not to continue on to mexico city, although her flight was scheduled to take off. donald velez left at 11:00 p.m. >> i feel okay but definitely if it's any danger it's going to be anywhere, anyplace. >> reporter: sfo, katie mars yooishlgs abc 7 news. abc 7 news was at the consulate general of mexico where people were desperate to
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hear from loved ones. the consul general says if you're worried call them. >> we have the capacity to reach people in mexico city, also morenos, also in pueblo. if they cannot find anyone they can reach us and we will try to help. >> we've posted a badge to our facebook page and a number you can call to help find or contact relatives in mexico. well, on to another story involving mother nature. developing news now. category 5 maria is on a collision course with puerto rico and strengthening. this is a look at the massive storm from space. it really is a monster. puerto rico's governor tonight is urging people to move fast, get out before the storm hits. 500 shelters are open. at this moment maria is thrashing st. croix after slamming the caribbean nation of dominica last night. the island's prime minister says the devastation is simply mind-boggling.
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meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking maria in the weather center tonight. this is a storm stronger than irma, right? >> absolutely, dan, and lower pressure than irma. this is a monster storm. take a look at hurricane maria right now. it slashed st. croix with 127-mile-an-hour wind gusts. as you can see here, it is headed toward puerto rico. the eye of this storm is very obvious here. and this is going to continue to dump some very heavy rains. outer bands of rain as we turn on our live doppler 7 right now just pounding the area. the u.s. virgin islands and also heading toward san juan. as we take a look at the satellite picture right now, you can see how massive this storm is. it stretches for miles. a good 340 miles. waves have been pounding the area. anywhere from 21 to 31 feet. storm surge is a concern. rainfall up to two feet for puerto rico as it heads that way. winds will be gusting over 74 miles per hour as that storm
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nears. and as you take a look at this monster category 5 storm packing 16 5-mile-an-hour winds, it will make landfall. a direct hit on puerto rico as a cat 5. weakening to a category 4 and brushing the dominican republic and the turks and caicos before taking a northward turn, staying away from the southeastern united states. but we will keep you posted in case it changes course. dan? >> okay. sandhya, thanks so much. a bay area non-profit is working overtime to help respond to the hurricanes and today's earthquake in mexico. abc 7 news was in san leandro where med share has seen a huge increase in donations. more trucks left today for the hurricane zones. med share will collect personal donations in its warehouse through october 4th. we have donation information on if you would like to help out and get involved. well, tonight new hope for clues in the murder of a young fremont mother more than three decades ago. police today reopened the cold case of kathy mirmont es.
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and they need your help. abc 7 news reporter alissa herrington has the story. >> reporter: jaime was only 10 when his mother, kathy miramontes was killed. now 35 years later fremont police have opened the case. this started when an officer tested cold case dna evidence and found it did not match anyone in the national data base. investigators hope they can retest the dna with more advanced technology. police are also reinterviewing family, friends, and acquaintances, hoping to get new leads. >> it's been 35 years. you have nothing to fear now. please speak up. let's get this -- let's get some closure here. not just for me but for my grandparents, who are both 88. >> reporter: patino remembers the night of march 7th, 1982. his mother left their union city home to pick up some cigarettes. >> i had just spoken with her. i'd just seen her right here in this very dining room. >> reporter: the young mother, just 25, was found dead the next morning in fremont.
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miramontes was acquainted with drug dealers. this is where police say someone dumped the badly beaten body of kathy miramontes in fremont next to the alameda creek. that's about four miles away from her home. pittino says even if they don't get the answers they want he'll be okay knowing they did everything they could to try to find her killer. alissa herrington, abc 7 news. police are investigating a height kram after someone drew swastikas and racist words at a central valley school. the groundskeeper at canyon middle school found it scribbled on a vehicle yesterday morning. deputies are now reviewing surveillance video. in june someone wrote racial slurs on castro valley's high school campus. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. a message for those who need it most. >> so happy to be here. and support them. >> the difficult topic that brought nicole kidman here to san francisco tonight. and the power of kindness
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helps reunite -- but first here's a look at what's ahead on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> we have a lot tonight. so please watch. >> my family has health insurance. we don't have to worry about this. but other people do. so you can shove your disgusting comments where your doctor won't be giving you a prostate exam once they take you
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nicole kidman was in san francisco tonight. kidman won an emmy sunday night for her portrayal of a battered wife in "big little lies." this abc 7 news reporter loni rivera explains, the actor had an important message for domestic abuse victims. >> and so memorable and -- >> reporter: fresh off an emmy win hollywood actress nicole kidman walked the pink carpet f big little night in san francisco. kidman plays a domestic abuse victim in the hbo series "big little lies," a character she based on a woman in real life. >> she could leave. she didn't. she didn't realize that she had to leave. if that makes sense. she was in denial, which is what the character celeste is. >> reporter: kidman has been committed to raising awareness about domestic abuse. and she's actively involved with futures without violence, the
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non-profit which hosted this event. abc correspondent debora roberts served as moderator. >> i was riveted by this series "big little lies," and my daughter and i watched it together. and i was haunted by the character that nicole kidman played. >> reporter: for more than 30 years futures without violence has worked to shed light on a dark subject. tonight's gathering offered another platform to carry that message. in san francisco loni rivera, abc 7 news. a billionaire who closed off a popular surf beach in san mateo county could face a $4 million a year fine if he doesn't open it up to the public. the "chronicle" reports today the coastal commission released a cease and desist letter it sent to him organized him to remove a gate with guards blocking martins beach. the commission said it will seek a court order and fines of more than $11,000 a day if he does not comply by the october 4th deadline. well, the power of kindness and facebook helped santa cruz county sheriff's deputies reunite a family with precious
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memories. the sheriff's office posted pictures of the photo album on facebook. a farm worker in watsonville recently turned in the item after finding it abandoned on a flatbed trailer. today deputies said they found the grandson of the woman memorialized in the album. strangers lent a hand, leaving possible tips as comments. so all's well that ends well there. let's go back and talk about our weather of course and this absolutely terrifying hurricane heading toward puerto rico right now. sandhya patel is back. >> yeah, dan. that is just one frightening hurricane. but with hurricane maria and the earthquake in mexico city so much tragedy i wanted to show you from our east bay hills camera. just one stunning sunset. as you take a look. 7:11 the sun went down and it was just absolutely beautiful outside. hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the weather. today's temperatures were in the 60s to the low 80s. numbers are going to fall a few more degrees as we head toward tomorrow. i do want to show you the
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temperature trend for concord, and you will see where those numbers are going. so going down the next couple days mid 70s wednesday and thursday. coming up a little bit on friday as fall begins. and then notice those temperatures just climb as we head toward early next week. we're going to go from about 75 degrees tomorrow afternoon to almost 20 degrees warmer by tuesday of next week. so yes, as the seasons change we're going to see some changes in our weather as well. live look right now from our sutro tower cam, san francisco is sparkling tonight. skies have been clear but that is going to be changing as we head toward tomorrow. live doppler 7 still showing you the clear conditions. no rain right now, maybe seeing green on the screen tomorrow. download the accuweather app and keep track of live doppler 7. it's going to be changing. beach hazards up right now. eight to ten-foot waves along our coastline. the beach hazard statement until thursday at 8:00 p.m. strong rip currents and sneaker waves are possible as northwesterly swells continue to build between 6 to 10 feet, even possibly higher.
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so do watch out if you're going to be at the coast over the next couple of days. temperatures right now in the 50s to the 60s. good sleeping weather tonight. especially if you like this kind of weather. from our abc 7 news exploratorium cam a view of the ferry building there. isolated showers or sprinkles tomorrow. cooler than average for the rest of the workweek. and we are looking at colder mornings thursday and friday. we're going to be talking about some mid 40s, some wind-sheltered val lilz, even down to the upper 30s to low 40s. here is your 12-hour planner for your wednesday. a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies at noontime. it's going to be breezy at 4:00 p.m. keeping in an isolated shower or two. and as we head toward sunset some of the cloud cover will begin to move out. temperatures dropping. speaking of dropping, tomorrow morning we'll be seeing some showers around mendocino and lake counties. temperatures will begin in the mid 50s to the low 60s. drizzle for parts of the bay area not out of the question. tomorrow afternoon we're keeping a pop-up shower or two. definitely breezy. and cooler than what you should
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be this time of year. mid 60s to the mid 70s. as we inch toward these last few days of summer. it's actually going to feel like a differnt season altogether. take a look at the hour by-hour forecast. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow cloud cover. showers up to our north. as we head toward around 7:00 a.m. can't rule out a shower or two between pescadero, san jose. look at this coming into the north bay at 9:00 a.m. and we keep those scattered light showers in the forecast around noon to 2:00 p.m. very isolated in nature. continuing into 4:00 p.m., which is why we don't have the storm impact scale here. but keep in mind you might run into some slippery spots. an if you're heading to the high country you might see more than rain. look what happens thursday morning. that rain switches over to snow around yosemite and also around south lake tahoe thursday afternoon. snow level going from 7,000 to 6,500 feet. and it's still summer. accuweather seven-day forecast isolated showers tomorrow, breezy and cool on thursday. autumn begins at 1:02 friday afternoon, and temperatures will
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bottom out before we recover over the weekend, warming you up. mid 60s to low 70s coastside mid up toer 80s inland. and then you know autumn brings us warmth and it sure will feel warm around here. 70s to 90s early next week, dan. don'
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well, steph curry earns big bucks. you know that. but how much is it really? today a reporter from espn broke down how much he'll actually take home, and steph gave a
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great response. darren rovell tweeted steph will be paid nearly $35 million this year. however, all the taxes, escrow, and pay to his agent, steph will see only $15 million. in response curry tweeted "that sunshine expensive #blessings." that's a lot of money it's costing him but he's making a lot of money. he's doing great. >> that's why a lot of athletes live in florida, for instance. no state tax. you can save 8 to $10 million dollars. >> problems we don't have to worry about. >> we don't. combine for 17 runs. one of those runs was the difference. difference. hunter pence h
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baseball top of the order with detroit hosting the a's. there are? great young players on this team and one rookie matt olsen continues to rake. he's homered in four straight games. top two, olson at the plate. see ya. fifth straight game with a homer a's rookie record. matt chapman'll added a solo shot in the inning. 2-0 cays. bottom three jed lowrie ties jason giambi's season record with his 47th double. 8-5 tigers now in the eighth. bases loaded lowrie a go-ahead grand slam. a's go on to win 9-8, their second straight win over the tigers. giants hosting the rockies. it was a hairy situation. no score in the second. charlie blackmon two-run double off jonny cueto. first player to hit 200 this year in the bigs. fifth inning hunter pence drives a pitch deep center.
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that one would have landed in the vegetable garden. giants take a 3-2 lead. check out cueto and pence's home run trot. 3-3 in the ninth. pence up again with the bases loaded. drives the ball to center. walk-off sac fly. we don't care how they get win. giants go on to win it 4-3. kevin durant's been everything, league mvp, nba fina finals mvp, nba champion. yesterday he took to twitter to defend himself except he apparently meant to do so under a fake account, did it on his real account. he had this exchange before deleting it, saying he didn't like the thunder organization or their former head coach billy donovan and saying he couldn't win a championship with that roster minus russell westbrook. today at tech crutch disrupt he addressed the social media snafu. >> i don't regret clapping back or talking to my fans on twitter. i do regret using my former coach's name and the former organization i played for. that was childish, idiotic.
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all those type of words. and i apologize to him for doing that. bob myers day at his alma mater. this is right before the dubs report to training cam. and begin their run for back-to-back titles his parents were there his family and myers used the platform to inspire students to give back. >> when i look around, what i try to say to these guys is you're in a pretty good spot. you got dealt a pretty good hole cards in the game of texas hold 'em. you don't have to wait on the river. so take advantage of that. so i want these people to help other people out. be a mentor to people, take advantage of this opportunity. >> well deserved. this abc 7 news sports report brought to you by riv


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