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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 21, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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mixed messages from mexico. confusion, hope and despair. and bay area finds a unique way to help out. >> i'm wayne freedman in lafayette at iconic tower and reservoir. new reports says it could be a problem in an earthquake. that's coming up. also walk through puerto rico to see firsthand the damage millions of people are dealing with, result of hurricane maria. >> and snowing in california on the last day of summer. forecast for the first day of fall. >> america is skmcommitted to standing shoulder to shoulder with people in their hour of need. it is who we are as americans. >> dozens of american experts
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arrive in mexico, helping with desperate search for survivors more than two days after 7.1 earthquake. i'm larry. >> and i'm kristen sze, the death toll risen to 273. touring the damage souchlk mexico city, 73 deaths reported there. 67 people and five highly trained dogs from the los angeles county fire department urban search and rescue team arrived in mexico city. the mexican government requested the help. >> teams arrived with tools and medical equipment to conduct around the clock search and rescue operations. >> more than 50 buildings clapgsed in mexico city alone. armed soldiers guarding more at risk of collapsing. >> seen people in mexico city perform human chefs to remove
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rubble. one san francisco chef is doing her part to feed volunteers and rescue workers in devastated areas. gabriella. liane is live. >> reporter: when the earthquake hit, corner of that cala restaurant called staff in mexico city to see how they could help. they told her, we got this. pictures show workers and volunteers being fed. staff of popular restaurant in the roma neighborhood which has seen a lot of damage. in this video people cheered, grateful for the food they were given. owner of that restaurant happens to be gabriella cabala of san diego's restaurant. >> before i could ask, they were
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doing it. >> reporter: signs up, bathrooms open to public and area to charge cell phones. lunch boxes prepared and delivered to those who couldn't make it to the restaurant. >> everybody in mexico, we have an immediate sense of solidarity. something we lived in earthquake in '85. >> says now it's bay area's turn to deliver hope. in sunday her restaurant in the hayes valley neighborhood will host fundraising event for the victims of the quake. >> channelled my sadness and frustration for not being there in positive way. >> reporter: all the money to red cross, unicef and mexican volunteer rescuers. here's more information on that fundraiser if you can hear me. fire truck going by. $100 for brunch and drinks, again this sunday from 11:00 to
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4:00, live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> seismic safety certains. concrete tower that rises out of the water. wayne freedman explains what it does and what experts are worried it might do in the event of a quake. >> reporter: lafayette reservoir, hills of contra costa county, place for running, standing and contemplating the local navy or admiring the architecture in the iconic tower. >> been there longer than me. >> reporter: 1927 as pictures show. as earthquake science evolved, what is good enough then is not now. tower is drainage device, directing flows of water out of the reservoir, a big bathtub plug. state is concerned in heavy
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earthquake worries tower might topple or break. downgrading from satisfy to fair. >> same as they were when they were built. >> reporter: chief engineer says the water district has known of potential design problems in ten years. could cause a leak sending water through highly populated and prosperous lafayette where initial reactions probably exceeded potential realities. >> they were surprised in orville with the crisis up there. hate to see mass evacuation from here. >> would be virtually impossible. >> i would not be concerned. >> would you buy a house down there? >> absolutely. >> reporter: for now east bay mud is looking to stabilize the tower. expect them to spend millions on newly expedited fix.
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abc7 news. >> around the clock roo pairs at oroville dam should be finished early in the season. potential of catastrophic flooding forced evacuations in the valley. environmentalists accused them of doing a poor job of inspecting the dams. now responding. >> trying to figure out what new systems to put in place, assess the process and ensure the safety of the infrastructure. >> lowest problem at lake oroville is low water levels. released so much water, too shallow for house boats to dock at two marinas. hurricane maria, storm has killed at least 19 people in the caribbean, mostly on the island of dominica, two in puerto rico,
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which is entirely without power. joe torres shows us what people are dealing with. >> reporter: used to be somebody's bedroom and all the things you normally find in a bedroom are now largely gone. replaced by tree limbs and salamanders. heading do you think on route 1, experienced supreme challenge in simi simply getting from point a to point b. no working traffic lights and driving wrong side of the road often only option. flooding a major problem here. this man even in broken english was crystal clear about the level of the water. >> three feet. >> reporter: three or four feet? >> yes. >> reporte >> reporter: hillside stripped bare. agriculture and farming play a
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critical role in lives of so many puerto ricans. family in neighboring town lost farm and several animals. asked what future holds, they said we're worried about getting through tonight. in puerto rico, abc7 news. astronauts aboard the international space station tweeted these pictures of hurricane maria today. massive and still moving. sandhya patel is in tonight, where is it going to hit next? >> turks and caicos, kristen. this is a massive storm as you mentioned. show you handcuff it stretches. one very large storm. 420 miles across. it is a major hurricane still. category 3, just lashed out at puerto rico. has actually battered the dominican republic. expected to hit the turks and
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caicos next early tomorrow morning and continuing north-northeastward away from the u.s. mainland. good news but turks and caicos and parts of the bahamas are dealing with wind, rain and storm surge. jose is still me andering off the coast. expected still to weaken but biggest threat is rip currents and large swells. watch out. our weather here with live doppler 7, will include major changes as we head into a new season. autumn forecast coming up. happening now, workers at port of oakland trying to get shipping containers out of the water. half an hour ago, 11 shipping containers fell off ship called "bear mountain bridge" sometime this afternoon. one recovered, six submerged and rest floating.
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home prices continue to build in ultra pricey bay area. is the end in sight? gathered in pleasanton, is the bubble about to burst leslie? >> reporter: larry and kristen, the bubble is not about to burst. what i was told, this is the new normal. even going into the fall which is traditionally a season where home sales slow down. i was told it's not going to happen this year. want to buy a home in bay area? >> got to expect a bidding war. >> reporter: still spin left in the market. >> single story. >> reporter: million dollar home sold in less than a week with four offers tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price. >> continuing to hold up. you hear buyers saying i'm going to wait for cooloff, there is
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none. going to cost you another 50 or fichlt$,0 fich $60,000 now. >> reporter: more increases to come. >> this isn't a bubble. foundation of real estate market, extremely strong and sustainable jobs market and limited supply. can't build our way out of this one. >> reporter: lack of building is lack of affordable starter homes. >> more demand, people coming into the bay area all the time. companies launching. it's great and exciting but where do you put the people? that's one of the things i hear every day, i grew up here, want to live where i grew up. are we providing that? not right now. we need to workar hr at that. >> reporter: housing sales projected to be strong through holiday season and well into 2018. abc7 news.
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in redwood city renters suing landlord over rising rents. say can't afford to move, which means driving homes away. uc berkeley with latest plans for free speech week. starts in just a few days. knocking down jumpers, proof knocking down jumpers, proof never at at&t, we believe in access. knocking down jumpers, proof never
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new at 6:00. final survivor settlement reached at deadly plane crash at sfo. according to bay area news group. surgical dentist at santa clara claimed couldn't work because of the injury suffered in the crash. airline was questioning the severity of the injury. settlement has been reached. only claim got close to trial.
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all other claims were settled out of court. >> three days to go before free speech week is set to begin at uc berkeley. right-wing commentator milo yiannopoulos said he will be there for sure but unclear whether other big names will show. laura? >> reporter: not clear in steve bannon or ann coulter will show up for the right-wing event. in the meantime, icon of the far left plans to come to uc ber berkeley in the spring. >> most radical revolutionary alive on the planet today. >> reporter: far left has put the university on notice. they plan to be heard next spring with appearance of bob avakian, chairman of the revolutionary communist party. >> speaking on communist
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revolution and preem of expression and refute and expose the lies told about the free speech moment. >> reporter: right-wing provocateur milo yiannopoulos is sending his own message with youtube videos. come just as yiannopoulos claims he, steve bannon and ann coulter are set to speak at free speech week. if most of the events are outside, will they really show up? >> they've confirmed as of now to be here september 24th to september 27th. and we have the resources and means to put on the event. >> this quote/unquote free speech week, alt-right terror week series of speakers is just meant to harass, target, isolate and harass the most vulnerable students on compass. >> reporter: if they show up,
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bannon and coulter supposed to speak on the steps of sproul hall. abc7 news. >> city of berkeley released advice how to respond. separate yourself from violence. don't create a spectacle out of event. schedule counterprotests far away. and encourage people to focus on what else is going on. bay area rental rates continue to rise, more families at risk of losing homes. residents of the traileria ray fosse park fighting back after they say the landlord raised rents illegally. >> reporter: it's yellow sign hard to miss from the freeway but residents at park which it directs, battle brewing on the shore. >> credit cards maxed out because forced to use them for groceries, medications, car
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repairs. >> reporter: live the at trailer villa for 25 years, this travel trailer her humble home among 120 other rvs. >> we're at point of no return. >> reporter: among eight homeowners filing lawsuit against landlord claiming years of illegal rent raises. after years of trying to get response from the owner. he didn't return our call for comment. >> feel like he's going to flick the card and house will tumble and i will have to move. >> reporter: mobile home rent control ordinance restricts rent increases to no more than 5% each year but allegedly done more that that. forcing residents to pay more than what is in the law.
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>> reporter: legal aid is handing the case pro bono with law firm. >> housing is limited in the area. for the residents of trailer villa, living her provides them with piece of american dream. being able to own something that's yours. >> reporter: many folks just trying to stay because it's too expensive to go anywhere else. >> we're just trying to get rents down to what they're supposed to be by law. >> reporter: in redwood city, chris nguyen, abc7 news. on the last day of summer, can you believe? snow fell. video from cal trans cameras on interstate 80. >> and winter travel advisory in effect right now. that can't last right, sandhya? >> no but advisory is up until 11:00 tonight. live doppler 7 now, in the bay
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area, clouds but sierra, it's been snowing as you saw from pictures. thunderstorms in the area. wider picture, same storm that brought us the chill this morning. and same one that produced showers earlier in the week. but snow showers will taper. until then winter weather advisory until 11:00 p.m. slippery roads. three to six inches expected above 7,000 feet. up to eight inches on the highest peaks. winds howling, gusting to 36 at sfo, airport weather warning and wind is going to continue before it begins to taper. gusty winds tonight, chilly in the morning. fall is tomorrow morning at 1:02. warmer weather for the weekend continuing into next week. you know fall often brings warm weather to the bay area.
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sutro tower and mt. tam cam. shaking in the wind. a few clouds towards ocean beach. 62 in san francisco, 60s from oakland to san jose and half moon bay. 60s and 70s today, below where you should be but not for long. gorgeous view from emeryville. tomorrow morning as the skies begin to clear across the northern end of the viewing area, chill will settle in. mid-40s for coldest north bay valleys. rest of you low to mid-50s, still chilly but cloud cover to keep you a little bit milder. tomorrow low 60s to mid-70s. sun and wispy clouds. accuweather seven-day forecast.
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autumn at 1:02 tomorrow. over the weekend is rising temperatures. beach weather on sunday, low 70s to mid-80s. if you want warmer, next week go to low to mid-90s tuesday through thursday. low to mid-70s along the coastline, autumn heat next week. download the accuweather app to check out temperatures swinging from below to above normal. coming up next, change
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google is upping the ante in the smartphone war. leads business watch. tech giant is buying htc's mobile division team, gives google access to the hardware and talent it needs to jump directly into the phone making business. they built the pixel smartphone. ups plans to hire new employees for the holidays. some lead to permanent positions. in recent years 35% have stayed on full time. >> today the dow's 9 day winning
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streak came to close. lost points. nasdaq and s&p dropped as well. soon get more than groceries at albertson's. plated sends customers weekly kits with ingredients and recipes and will be available in albertson's stores. second largest chain, bought safeway in 2013. what is old is new again. trix cereal going back to artificial ingredients because that's what people want. first to replace artificial ingredients with fruit, vegetables and spices for colors. lost neon colors. classic will return and natural version sold alongside it. >> which people won't buy because the colorful version is
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coming back right? >> how would you like to retire at 33? >> we missed that boat. >> ship has sailed but professional boxer with good record. >> look at legacy in his sport. provide a way to have discussion in healthy environment. >> there's an app for that. even when that is a difficult conversation about a sensitve topic. new details
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a small group of students in the south bay has developed and app it's hoping will open the world of diversity to fellow class mates. designed to link strangers of different backgrounds to learn more about each other. >> david louie shows us how it works. >> reporter: seven students on a mission to break down barriers that divide people, race, politics, religion or the debate over global warming. >> goal is connect students who wouldn't ordinarily get to interact and learn each other's stories. >> reporter: spent the last three months creating an app that matches strangers from other schools or classrooms of different backgrounds. anoymous at first to foster chat that's open and honest. algorithm by senior jahn.
7:33 pm
>> connect the most different backgrounds of different experiences. likely don't have similar experiences and story. goal is for students to share stories and understand a different perspective. >> reporter: provide viewpoints they might not hear in predominantly white school. >> i think it provides a way to have discussion in healthy environment. >> reporter: faculty adviser believes this will be welcome addition to classroom discussions. >> they communicate to us what they want to learn and how they want to learn it in a way that's productive. i think it inspires a lot of the teaching. >> reporter: calls itself the filos project, the greek word for friend. abc7 news. new at 6:00, police investigating a fatal shooting in vallejo, multiple shots just
7:34 pm
after 3:00 this afternoon and passersby found a body from font of the services store. yet to be identified. and firefighters gaining on small fire in marin county. ten acres and 30% contained. you can see the charred area. forward progress of the fire has been stopped. new details on house explosion in los angeles. lot of damage but nobody hurt. wreckage from the ground. 3:00 yesterday afternoon part of one house exploded with two people inside. both okay. right next door was day care center. neighbors made sure all the kids were safe. >> the kids were just freaked out. scared, crying. i helped carry some outside, said we need everybody outside because we don't know what exploded, maybe something else will. got all of them outside and then
7:35 pm
i realized my neighbor's house, the garage used to be over here, its not there. finally realized it wasn't their house but his. >> police think explosion could be blamed on natural gas leak. ruled out drug lab or other drug-related activities. facebook announced it will turn over information about thousands of ads to congressional investigators looking into suspected russian meddling into last year's election. and ceo mark zuckerberg vowed to fight election tampering worldwide. >> we work with electoral commissions in lots of countries. we're going to keep doing that. also establish a channel to inform commissions of the online risks we've identified in their specific elections. >> goekofocus on ads bought by russian agency. tests on the brain of former
7:36 pm
patriot shows cte. according to lawyer, boston university researchers determined he had most severe case for anybody his age. 27 when killed himself last april serving a life sentence for murder. lawyer filed a lawsuit against the nfl and patriots on behalf of hernandez's daughter. oakland's own andre ward, known for intelligence inside the boxing ring but may have proven today he's smarter outside. announced retirement unexpectedly, citing physical toll of the years of fighting. eric thomas with the story. >> reporter: go to any gym in oakland and likely to see pictures and memorabilia of andre ward. talk to fighters and find out why they admire him. >> his will, tenacity, thing
7:37 pm
about him always going off. >> reporter: but ward told espn today after years of going hard, body is wearing out. >> cumulative effect of the training and fights, starts to wear on you. >> reporter: announced online he's retiring from the ring. physical toll has diminished his desire to train. >> and when you don't have the desire, you don't have ability physically to go out and prepare the way you need to, you shouldn't be in boxing ring. >> reporter: ward is much admired figure at boxing club in oakland where owner chris lopez keeps memorabilia. super welterweight has sparred with him. >> ready for whatever, makes him a great fighter. >> reporter: used to spar at kings gym in oakland where guzman used to teach him a few things. >> from 10 to 16, then started lighting me up. i had enough of that. >> reporter: young men hoping to
7:38 pm
follow in his footsteps, it's not whether he had anything left in the ring but whether he had anything left to prove. >> when you dream of being something and become it, nothing else to prove. >> staying too long could mean permanent brain damage or death, making a smart move for his family. abc7 news. all in a day's work. a couple of antioch police officers joining a neighborhood basketball game. antioch police povertied this video on facebook page today. look at that, saw the kids playing on linden way and joined in. by the way, the kids won but got a boost there didn't they? >> help them up. it's whale watching season and one of northern california's best. best. what is bringing killer whale
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your money's worth. princess monterey whale watching trip seeing killer whales up close. pod of fif oar six ork kas yesterday in monterey bay. feeding on migrating gray whales and this year one of the best for whale watching in northern california. happening now world peace day. people of many faiths prayed for peace together in san francisco. abc7 news was inside the chapel at presidio when members of the group roots of peace sang "let there be peace on earth," called for peace at home and across the world. >> this is interfaith community. whatever our individual belief can be freely expressed here with no apologies.
7:43 pm
>> our abc7 ten reporter has been sharing the news of roots for peace. including princess diana. saying goodbye to summer. makes me sad to say that. exploratorium camera at pier 15. >> don't worry, summer-like weather will be back. talk to sandhya next. i no longer live with
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fire and snow. yosemite national park saw both today. >> fire is one that lightning sparked more than a month ago. there's a republic it's still burning. >> reporter: smoke and charred trees like this can be a scary sight in yosemite but can help regenerate the forest and letting them burn could save taxpayers some money. sight of flames may seem like reason to worry but park officials say it's sign of new life coming their way. >> restoring forest health and making it more resilient to next fire. >> reporter: unlikely combination of fire and snow on thursday, explained that wildfires rejuvenate the soil to
7:48 pm
bring more plants and trees and makes forest >> and more resilient to drought, less competition to limited water with forests more open. >> let the fires burn into the natural barriers. >> reporter: fire chiefs using fires to restore the forest for decades but deciding of which to allow burn. some of the deciding factors, nearby communities, saving structures and money and elevation to let it burn. >> saving taxpayers money by not putting firefighters and suppression equipment deep in the wilderness where there's nothing to save in terms of life and property. >> reporter: crews are still cleaning and constantly monitoring fires allowed to burn, firefighters keeping eye on the flames left behind and experts look forward to seeing a
7:49 pm
healthier forest in coming years. abc7 news. the bay area is certainly a beautiful place and viewers prove is every day. >> posted pictures online with #abc7now which helped us find them and feature them on tv. >> there's never a bad shot of the golden gate bridge. >> when i'm stuck in traffic. that's true. sandhya with the forecast. warmer days ahead? >> why not. just in time for weekend. live doppler 7 right now. few lingering clouds. tracking a little bit of lightning northeast of lake port -- east of lakeport now, sorry. moving southwards. sierra nevada, it's been snowing
7:50 pm
since last night and into this afternoon and evening. snow flurries right now. snow level will come up to 7,000 feet tomorrow. mix of rain and snow. carry chains just in case. saturday and sunday, sunshine and milder weather in tahoe. bay area, winds drop off, breezy but pleasant. accuweather seven-day forecast features autumn at 1:02. carries over in next week with warm conditions. >> thank you sandhya. >> i'm in for dan, anthony floerz is handling sports. talking football. >> 49ers finally scored first touchdown of the season. update the score. and college football action. cal hasn't beaten usc, is this the year the streak comes to
7:51 pm
end. a's have the day off. why the team allowed
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7:53 pm
7:54 pm
with wings over north carolina and oel misis, could see the bears no longer in hibernation. undefeated cal this season. bears gunning for biggest upset in more than a decade hosting number five usc. thrilling victory against texas. cal not beaten top five opponent since it beat the trojans in 2003. wilcox has the team believing they're never out of the game. all wins have been second half
7:55 pm
comebacks. >> preparing for the best. know it's going to take for us. be on top of game and play as hard as we can. create a lot of challenges and our guys are excited. >> be a good game for us to see how well we can operate. they don't give up too many gimmes. we have to earn it every drive. good. home cooking just what cardinal needs. stanford is playing home opening against ucla. 1-2 after road losses at usc and san diego state. stanford won 9 straight against the bruins but facing josh rosen, leads the nation in passing and touchdowns. >> underestimated athlete moving in pocket. slide, slide, slide, push up, throw over the middle. great job of finding tight ends and going to secondary read. he's a -- he's a problem we have
7:56 pm
to deal with. pride of oakland is hanging up his gloves. andre ward retiring from boxing and leaving in prime of his career. 33-year-old light heavyweight champion is considered number one pound for pound fighter in the world victory over saer guy coleov in june. said body couldn't keep up with rigors of the sport and no long arer has desire to fight. retired with perfect record. oakland a's, gave a select few a chance to dig in and step up to the plate. go yard in the coliseum, 24 pack of tickets. batter up. had a full arsenal at their disposal. >> it's a blast to anyone who is baseball fan to get on the big league field.
7:57 pm
>> said the heck with wooden bats. bring your own. get someone to actually do it. would love it. >> sound that you get off the bat. >> deep! >> sound coming off his bat a little different than everybody else's. could tell he got into the box, knew what was coming. >> thought it was out. getting ready to make round trip around the bases. fortunate to hit 360 footer. this is insane right now you know. >> wins a 24 game package. 2018 season tickets. >> really all part of what we're trying to do with the a's. bring the fans closer to the team. >> all right. no one went yard but still a great event. first round of the pga tour championship. bogey on 2, jordan spieth 4 under rest of the way. 3 under on the tournament with
7:58 pm
67. three back of the leader stanley. two-shot lead over webb simpson. 49ers taking on the rams in santa clara. highlights on the news at 9:00 and 11:00. that's it for sports. >> if they can't beat the rams, not sure who they will. >> moving the football. that's progress. >> join us tonight. coming up a crowd turns on protester in washington, even security guards couldn't protect this man. at 9:00. and jewish community that woke up to hate speech comes together with message of unity. that's this edition of abc7 news. breaking news on twitter @abcbayarea. >> tha
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morning. morning. hey. you get the paper? no. (knob rattles) vanessa? again? (keys jangle) how do you know they're mine? 'cause your key chain says "geologists rock" and "don't take me for granite." (kristin) hey. good morning. did you hear there was a break-in in the neighborhood last night? a break-in?


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