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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 1, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight at 6:00, extreme fire danger in the bay area. we'll tell you if it affects where you live. plus -- i feel extremely violated for my daughter. extremely violated. >> parents are shocked after tainted flutes are distributed to school districts. and fleet week. crews are in the town but that's not the only big event happening this week. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thank you so much for joining us. right now, parts of the bay area are under extreme fire warnings. today a viewer showed us this video from san leandro. firefighters are keeping they're eyes out, especially in the east
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bay. let's head over to meteorologist drew tuma. >> it's the winds that are the main culprit for the high fire danger in the next 36 hours. a red flag warning for the east bay and north bay hills. the areas shaded in red. the winds are going to pick up later on tonight. by 11:00, you can see widespread wind gusts, anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. so really the highest threat is going to be in our hills. those winds could go as high as 50 miles per hour. combine that with low humidity and fires will easily start and spread under those conditions. the winds are also going to bring about warmer weather. we'll detail the forecast in a few minutes. eric? >> drew, thank you. download our abc7 app for push
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alerts. police have identified a man and woman found dead in delores heights. they are a 21 and 24-year-old. police say it's being treated as a homicide but there's no indication of a suspect on the loose. they recovered a gun at the scene. police are looking for three men who beat a cal student unconscious. it happened alt resident hall unit 3 this morning. the male student got into an argument with a group of men, they attacked him knocking him out. the student had to be taken to the hospital. police could not find the suspects into young students in southern california may have been given musical instruments tainted with body fluids. administrators from 13 school districts in los angeles and orange county informed parents that over the last two days that the fluids are of a sexual nature. parents are being told to put the flutes into brown bags and
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save them as evidence. >> i couldn't explain it to her last night. i didn't know how. she knew me -- she saw me getting sick to my stomach. she didn't know exactly what was going on. >> state and federal investigators are looking into the matter. flutes across the world has not responded but has taken down its website and facebook page. the bay area is stepping up big time to help the people of puerto rico after hurricane maria. abc7 news was in oakland as donations came pouring in to the restaurant. the owners used their third anniversary celebration to ask for diapers, batteries, hygiene supplies. donations that filled the warehouse will be shipped out on tuesday. >> this is coming to puerto rico. this is amazing. we're not going to stop. this is an ongoing process. >> one little girl named sophia
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made these little glow in the dark bracelets so children will not be afraid during the power outages there. the president is facing a new controversy as he stops at a golf tournament. abc7 reporter david wright has details. >> reporter: as millions of americans are in puerto rico, president trump found time to attend the president's cup golf tournament here in new jersey. even as he defended the federal relief effort against mounting criticism. he insisted, "we've done a great job with the almost impossible situation in puerto rico. outside of the fake news or politically motivated ingrates." this weekend, trump accused the mayor of san juan of poor leadership ability and looking for handouts. the mayor now pushing back. >> calling us lazy? seriously? you know, it's just unbecoming
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of the values of the american people. >> reporter: 11 days after the storm slammed into the island, many remote areas are in dire straits. our team made it to this community outside san juan. so far, no aid, no government assistance, no resources. >> what did you lose here? >> the bed, clothes, everything. they don't have nothing. >> reporter: back in the capital, the mayor is still fighting to get more supplies. >> i recognize a good heart that the fema people have and they want to help but they just don't have the resources. >> reporter: do you really think the puerto ricans haven't been pulling their weight? >> i believe they are doing what they can. >> reporter: the president plans to see for himself with a visit to puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> will you meet with the president on tuesday and what do you want him to see? >> if he asks to meet with me, of course i'll meet with him. >> reporter: that visit may be now politically fraught.
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at least 760 people and 30 police officers have been injured in violent clashes over a vote for independence in spain. people at the catalonia region, home of spain, have wanted independence for spain. spanish leaders rejected the right to vote and police grabbed voters and fired rubber bullets at them. abc7 was at san francisco's crissy field where dozens of people rallied to support the vote. participants were shocked to see the actions from the police against unarmed civilians. >> we didn't expect this. we knew the police was here but, still, we were being respectful.
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now these people are afraid. >> the spanish prime minister said that the police acted with firmness and serenity. fleet week kicks off today angels arriving in the area but a lot more is going on that will attract millions of tourists. cornell bernard is live in san francisco with more. cornell? >> reporter: eric, a lot happening this week. fleet week events are already happening. check it out, the u.s. navy is conducting a mock disaster exercise. and across town, another major event is happening, too, and traffic won't be farm behind. >> hello, open world. red carpet, closing down howard street, over 60,000 people. >> reporter: mayor ed lee cut the ribbon for the first oracle open world conference center. howard street is closed between third and fourth. ollow the signs..
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detours are in place. heavy traffic through downtown is already happening. >> it's horrible. i'm just trying to get to work. >> i don't drive in the city this often but not a huge deal. >> reporter: oracle says -- >> yes. they are with us. >> reporter: this amphibious landing craft is taking relief supplies to local hospitals. >> the mission of fleet week is our disastrous response project. this is one of those exercises that we do with the city to make sure we're preparing the city for time of disaster. >> reporter: it's part of the "uss essex," the first ship to arrive for fleet week events. the essex will be opened for tours at piers 30, 32. the world famous blue angels take to the skies friday through sunday. >> it will be a busy time for san francisco. >> reporter: the sfpd says it is ready to provide security and traffic control to other events converging at the very same
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time. ♪ >> reporter: don't forget, the hardly strict bluegrass festival opens in golden gate park. if you have a car, best use it at home. >> use public transportation, a ride share. >> reporter: keep calm and carry on and have fun, too. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. bad news for the raiders today. derek carr went d who are these people?
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but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. president trump renewed his call for nfl players to stand during the national anthem this weekend and some responded. the entire oakland raiders team stood before taking on the denver broncos today except fot m marshawn lynch who sat. he said he sat for 11 seasons. he used an "everybody for trump" t-shirt and it sells for $45. about half the 49ers took a knee before the anthem in the game with arizona. it was colin kaepernick who popularized the practice of taking a knee for the national
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anthem last season. happening now in downtown san francisco, 60,000 people are attending the first night of open world. the annual event from redwood city-based oracle just told the crowd there will be 20 to 30 billion devices connected to the cloud in just three years. he says technology is already changing to adapt to the increasing demand. >> do you look forward to 2021. 70% of the data will be mobile video. 70% of the data on the network will be mobile video. what's that look like? one second a time, one second, there will be 1 million minutes of video going across the network. >> open world runs through wednesday. a parade of bikes launched from jack london square today. what's behind this show of spokes streaming through the east bay? and there's fire danger in parts of the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma is up
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a new location with the same great old time at the castro street fair. abc7 was in the castro today as people ate, drank and perused artist booths. it moved from market street because of the high costs in recent years. the fair is one of the longest running lgbt-centered outdoor festivals in the country started by harvey milk in 1974. bicyclists covered a lot of miles today. it's more of a day tour than a race with long-distance rides ranging from 13.5 miles to more than 70 miles. all of the money goes to benefit bike east bay. >> it's a nonprofit group that helps make all of our roads safe and accessible for people to ride in terms of the back way over the bridge. >> bike east bay takes care of the trails and bike lanes around oakland. there were prizes for each of the winners of each fondo.
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the first day of october. it's bright out there. temperatures feel like fall but the one issue is the winds are going to crank as we go throughout the evening hours. live doppler 7 along with satellite show clear skies today. tonight, just a few high clouds along the coast. the picture outside right now capturing a gorgeous sunset under way. you can see the sun reflecting off of the calm bay waters and we are in store for several rounds of beautiful sun sets in the next couple of days as clear skies dominate the forecast. but we turn the page in our calendar today to october and this means the storm door gets a little wider in opening. you see the activity over the next 31 days, close to an inch and a half of rain. we typically see close to .75 inches of rain. it's dry and comfortable conditions out there. right now, 60s and 70s.
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contrast that to 59 right now in half moon bay. napa right now checking in at 75 degrees. you notice that breeze has been active throughout much of the afternoon. it's gusting currently to 29 miles per hour at sfo. breezy throughout the region. the wintds are going to increas over the next couple of hours. just to our east we have an area of low pressure and to our west we have an area of high pressure building in. these two are essentially opposi opposing forces. the wind is aimed right at the bay area and that wind direct will not be changing the next 24 hours. so overnight tonight, the winds will increase to about 20 to 30 miles per hour areawide. we'll be breezy overnight tonight and that wind is why we have the heightened fire danger, red flag warning in effect. cool in santa rosa. 48. 53 in fremont. dropped to 54 in san francisco.
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12-hour day planner for your monday, plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures in the 70s and the wind will be with us until 4:00 keeping temperatures in the comfort zone tomorrow afternoon. 78 for cupertino and sunnyvale. san mateo up to 72 degrees. 70 for downtown san francisco, breezy in daly city. 79 in san rafael and 81 in santa rosa and 74 and breezy and 75 in fremont and inland, low 80s. 83, brentwood. 81 in pleasantton. it stays breezy on tuesday. the winds relax midweek on wednesday and then a warming trend under way by friday and saturday. it's widespread 80s to start off the weekend.
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raiders in denver, a key divisional matchup against the denver broncos trying not to lose two straight. crabtree out and derek carr with a back injury. a pass to a.j. derby. watch this catch. one-handed, never grabbed his other hand. first career touchdown, 22 yards. 7-0, broncos. derek carr, 43 yards and a touchdown. oakland was down 10-7 at the half. third quarter, he's going to get a knee to the back, possibly a kidney shot. he leaves the game and afterwards coach jack says it doesn't feel like a long-term injury. just had back spasms. we'll keep you posted. e.j. manual played well. seth roberts here sets up a field goal. under two minutes remaining.
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manuel picked off. raiders drop to 2-2. broncos are now 3-1. the 49ers are looking for their first win facing the cardinals. the end zone was not visited in regulation but a different story in overtime, unfortunately, for the 9ers. serving his hall of fame ring during halftime, nice ring. carson palmer threw for 307 yards and ray ray armstrong deflects it in the end zone. and the receiver slips here and 49ers defense puts on the pressure. and game went to overtime on field goal. made it 15-12.
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40 seconds left, palmer. future hall of famer, larry fitzgerald, 17 yards. the cardinals win 18-15. 49ers are now 0-4 and cardinals are 2-2. >> tomorrow morning when they get in, they're going to see that we had opportunities to win that game, just like i thought we did for seattle and when you have opportunities, you don't need to make stuff up or get better and find why you aren't finishing guys and why aren't you making those plays in the moment of truth and to me all you can do is get better so you can be consistent in making those. >> now a solid performance, seven shutout innings. and then chris davis added to his back-to-back home run season. that's a new career high. a's go on winning with a record of 75 and 87. and 2017 is starting out on a
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positive note against the padres. four runs on 12 hits in five innings. and 26 and made it 3-1, san diego. bottom nine, tied at four, the panda walkoff. fifth home run. they win it 5-4. first win over the padres this year ending the season 64-98. final day of the president's cup. usa versus international players. two up on woo kim. up three with four holes to play and needed this birdie in order to maintain his lead and he got it. so kim would need to win out in order to keep the tournament alive but misses here to have the hole and team usa wins the president's cup, 19-11. derek carr should be sore tomorrow. they've got to find a way to get that win and we know october is
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the best month of the year not only for weather but for football. not because we were born in this month, the 4th and the 13th. month, the 4th and the 13th. >> 49ers will get that win
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tonight on abc7 at 9:00, the cost of your commute just went up if you take cal train and higher fair, that's not the only increase passengers will see. then, at 11:00 on abc7, california senator kamala harris weighs in on the national anthem debate. okay. the summer's hottest movie "it" returned to the top of the box office this weekend. "it" barely beat out two movies and made $17.3 million. "american made" tied for second and "the lego ninjago movie" came in for fourth and "flatline" received a rare zero from critics from rotten tomatoes. so, once again, "kingsman" is a good movie to see.
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>> and "it". >> and here's the october weather right behind you. >> that's beautiful. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00. see you later.
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