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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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fresh wounds a rawmotions these people brought back from las vegas, along with messages they want to share. >> the unthinkable becomes ality, a localife and mother among the victims othe shooting. the pain come >> announcer: live where you >> a few simple words sum up an inzriebl experience from ts bay area couple surviving the wot mass shooting in modern amican history. m christian sze for ama daetz.
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>> and i'm dan ashley. minutes we're expecting to hear a live update from las vegas police. we'll listen in. >> earlier the attack by stephen paddock was preplanned. all of thehree but 59 people killed have been identified. clarke county sheriff joe lombardoays the girlfriend is now a person of interest. danley was traveling in the philippines when the shooting happened. >> 48 firearm were recovered in his room atandalay bay. >> we have a lot to bring you here tonight, abc 7 news reporter, jessica castro flew to s vegas yesterday. >> what is it like ere right
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>> reporter: dan and christian things are only starting to move forward bu very slowly. you can see a lot of police here but we're seeg a lot more touristoming by the way to pay their respts, and also survivors coming by the way to shar their stories including a woman from the bay area. they're hoping coming back to e crime scene can help them move forward. an emotional moment for this couple back at the spot where less than 48 hours ago they had to run from their lives. >> i'm thinking of all the times i s running and hiding and running into the back anies and looking into a safe place. it just kept sounding like people were casing me with bullets. do i stay, run, is this aafe spot. >> reporter: joe anna from s ramon was at the festil with her boyfriend. he washot in the arm. >> ieel silly showing this when others, bullets did not dama any parts.
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it's saf that way. >> reporter: meanwhile she was not physically hurt but continues to relive the event. >> sitting at the restaurant eating and a slot machine, just hearing that. >> reporter: she thinks a friend from the bay area may still be hospitalized. >> one girlfriend texted me and said do i know about her kids, and they were hereith the festival and their friends -- and apparently lost his lives. >> reporter: right now the search for clues continue today. the fbi swept the area out here the south side reopened. but there's still a lot of crime scene to go through, a lot of areas bloed off. i'm jessica castro. abc 7 news reporting live from the las vegas strip.
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back to you. >> jessica thank you. happening now, a vision cin concord for victims of th shooting. it's taking place in plaz a until 7:00 p.m. tonight. today a fame's worst fear about all of this was realized. stacee etcber the wife of a san francisco police officer was confirmed dead in las vegas as a result of the shooter. abc 7 reporter has thestory. >> reporter: stacee etcheber says he has no doubthe died trying to help others. far, probably turned become oo around and wanted to be there with her husband. >> reporter: the couple was at the las vegas music festival together when the shooting occurred. >> we' angry,evastated, frustrated. >> reporte with members of the
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san francisco, police officer association drove to las vegas who helped vinny look f stacee who didn't have her cell phe >> it was an excruciating 24 hours not knowing who she was. we circled around and we had the sense the last stop was the corn nor's office and that's where we found her. >> reporte in nevada stacee loved his or hers, she was toug. raising her children, a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl. >>o vinny, we love you very much. >> it will be a tough road ahead for the entire etcheber family. and the poa and sf pd will be behind them the entire way. >> reporter: fends and family will come together at 7:00
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tonight for a candle lig gil. in nevada, melanie road row abc 7 news. a new update from las vegas, the metro police department holding a news conference right now. >> yes, les listen in to kevin mcmay hill. >> we have a sn posted at the corner to escort you to the vehicles. we ask the owners of the vehicle who ar patiently waiting to get them back to meet our officers and bring your id so we can match you to your vehicle. the sheriff in the previous conference was asked a number of questions by you, and i understand that you want some answers. i'm going to try to answer a couple of those questions that you asked, but i'm also going to make it very clear to you th i need some patience from you.
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this investigation is a long time from being concluded. we recently went down to mandalay bay, i can tell you they were days away from completion of processing of that room. we're getting very close to the completion of the processing of the site. we have significant amount of time left there as well. however,he southbound portion of las vegas boulevard is now completely open. we are ao working diligently as we speak, i believe we just ened up two of the northbound lanes. and a completion of the northbound lan should occur so, bearing in mind thathe investigation is dynami ongoing, continuing and-of-a lot of answers for you yet. and clearly understanding tha nobody wants answers to why more than the police and the victims' mes. we have a responsibility to get it right and so that's why it's going to take time and that's time.e'reoing to take that
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at best interesting reporting , about how long the shooting lasted a how long it took us to get into the room. first question is how long d the actual shooting last. i'm prepared to give you some inrmation on that. the first call came into our dispatch center at 10:08 p.m. about shots being fired. the suspect i can tell you that we know now that he fired off and on for somewhere between 9 and 11 mberships. we know that the suspectired over a dozen or so ballies and we know that the fing of the suspect ceased at 10:19. that.want you to think about the first men of police aware of shotseing fired at 10:08 and it stops at 10:19 that's a remarkable response by this police department. also, another question that came up, how long was it before our
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swat team entered the suspect's room. some of you heard it was 72 menace, if so why so long. as i just mentied to you, as the sheriff mentioned previously in a briefing, we had patrol officers working another event at the mandalay bay. they heard the shooting and took it upon themselves to enter into a room, entered the stairwell, ascended to the floor and evacuating the other guests. the swat had to arrive first at the mandalay bay before taking any action. as i mentioned elier there was a heroic security guard who was shot in the snch for that suspect. e security guard went up to the room, he was advancing fired through the door at the t security guard and struck him. he was able to provide information to the police at which room we were looking at.
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however, at that time it's important toote the shooting stopped. the floors had already been evacuated of the guests, the suspec was now isolated and contained within a room. at the point that the swat team made their decision based on when it was appropriate to enter. i want to make it clear again to you, that while there was that slight delay, the suspect was no longer firing into the crowd. there was a question about the validity of the crime scene photos that someone had leaked. i can confirm those are in fact photos from inside the room, they're in fact photos of our suect, and as the sheriff mentioned previously. we he all opened up an internal investigation to determine the source, the leaks of those photos to the public. you asked what we found in the suspect's room. and sheriff spoke a little bit about cameras about located.
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to clarify, there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch approached his room.r security and thereas another camera placed inside theotel room door peephole so that he could see down the hallway. at this point, you had a number of queions about the weapons and the s ac from the atf to my right. jill snider will provide a statement to you butot take any questions. >>ood evening. i'm special agent in charge, jill snider of atf san francisco field division. special agents from the san francisco field division las vegas field offic responded to the shoot that occurred on sunday. additial ages from locations within the field division, as ll as agents from atf los
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angeles,dallas, phoenix and boston field division had been working on this investigation. we know that you have many questions regarding the firearms in this case. there's also been a lot of unofficial information being reported regarding the guns. we'd likeo clear up nikon flicteding information regarding a number of fearms and a current status of the trace informion. please understand that this won't be taking questions at i this time because we're still working through all of our investigative findings but i'll give you the facts that we have as of this time. currently, 47 firearms have been recovered. these firearms were recovered from three different locations. those locations consisted of the mesquite, nevada.ll as verde and they were purchased in nevada, utah, california and texas. the gunman purchased rifles,
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shotguns and pistols. t at this time none of the guns recoved appear to be homemade. there were 12 bufferin fire stocks ideified in the hotel room. the information technology division provide detmination on devices such as bump fire stocks and the lelity. the classification of these devices depend on -- >> thiis jail snider special agent in charge of the atf san francisco field division talking about some of weapons they recovered. >> 47 weapons seized. before that you heard from the undersheriff trying tonswer questions from earlier in the day about the status of the investigation. lot of interest information coming out of this news briefing that you're watching ve. from the moment we're beginning to move on. >> we'll stream this on the abc 7 newsebsite. coming up we'll lookt the help california providing las vegas in the form of four paws
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and a big heart. next, what whether he had to a lawsuit surrounding the death of a 3-yearld girl who was in foster care. we have chilly morning we have chilly morning weather coming
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a son arrested for the murder o his father has been offially charged with a crime 80-year-old ernesto killein his rock wood home sunday night. he tases -- the son was arrested that night and faces multiple
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murders. the motivate is not known. alameda county is learning the agency is being sued for allegedly putting a 3-year-old foster child a risk after she died from meth an f mean poisoning. it's the second time the child ingested meth at the same home. vick live with the story. >> christian it is a sad story. according to the lawyer who filed st the death of the young girl may have been prevented. this is a lawsuit, it was filed lastight in federal court here in san francisco. september 2015, little mariah wasurning three when she and her 5-year-old brothe jeremiah were removed from their biological mother. al alameda county triadervices approved placement of them here at ts foster home in stockton. according the lawit against the county and its agencies, four days later mariah was
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rushed to the hospital when she ben shaking violently and acting strangely. doctors found the child had accumulated meth. ter treatment she was returned to the same foster home. two weeks later the lawsuit says the same thing happened. this time she died. >> mariah against conmed meth in that foster home, leading to her to die a horrible and painful death in her brother's arms. >> the lawsuit says pair medics found bag with meth rock in the children's room. >> they were the legal custodia of this child by law. they werehe ones in discharge by law of the safety of the children in the home. >> cases say neither alameda services conducted any service investigion after the first incident. .
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>> part of the shocking part of this case andow they ended up remaining there after this case. >> when he can't really take it anymore then he'll have melt downs a he'll cry and -- he'll try until he loses his voice sometimes. >> death is hard for child to comprehend. sister's body stopped working. >> we explained in a little more detail. and he said, i should have followed her. i should haverotected her. >> the suit was filed yesterday, the day mariah would have turned 5. we're calling alameda county and administrative officeor a response, no call back yet. no response on a call to triad family services. one otnote. the original foster mother in stockton was never charged wh any crime as far as we can tell.
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we will of course ctinue to follow this sad story. abc 7 news. turn yr attention very different, we'll focus on the weather forecast. >> yeah. >> great weekend coming our way for the outdoor events taking place. check out this view of the setting sun from our east bay hills camera. a stunning view. these are the chilies we'll feel the next couple of days, but warmer afternoons thursday and friday and it will be like shade of summer this weekend. we have clear skies across the bay area, evidencey this gorgeous view from the camera. we had a view just aew minutes ago but in the dark let's take a look at temperature readings. 63 degrees sfroes. oakland 67, 57 gillear, 67 at
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half moon bay. this is a view from our cera looking up at quite tower at the setting run. 77santa rosa. 70 napa, 77 fairfield. 76 copper. weather wellness, air quality' pretty good in most locations excpt for pollen, it's high right now if you are an arely ji sufferer you may have noticed that. clear skies overhe entire over night period. breezy at the coast. overnight lows will drop down to 40 degrees in some north bay locations. don't be surprised for the nex couple mornings we see frost in the areas. here's your day planer.row starting the early morning hours before sun rise, chill o the
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air but bright skies through the daime area with temperatures rising into low 80s. here's a clearer look at some of the high temperatures tomorrow. 66/2 moon by the way. 64 an matteo. saaes are 80 looking aad to the end of week going into the weekend. this is fleet weekend. everybody's looking forward to the blue angels hair show. friday through sunday, sunny skies. pleasant conditions here at san francisco with highs in the mid to upper 70s friday through saturday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. high in the 70s around the bay. low inland. the weekend look for 80s inland frid and saturday.
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. immigration advocates want eligible docket recipient to
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know the deadline t renew applications this thursday october 5th. ousand haves not renewed yet. >> abc 7 reporter lee an live with the story. >> repter: well, you know the application has seven pages and a lot of questions. but that's not what is deterring people, it's the fear a uncertainty about what the trump administration will throw at them next. withwo days before the october 5th deadline, colleges with daca recipients were trying to remind student to reply today. student with quality education at east by the way handed out paper slips. some people like miguel hadone it before september 5th wn processing applications. >> fore i'm going to have an opportunity to live legally in the united states for another two years. >> reporter: president trump agreed to allow those whether or
7:27 pm
not he has status expire before march 5th, 2018 to re-apply, they must do s by this thursday. >> they get the daca renewal by the 5th. not postmarked by get it on their hds by october 5th. >> reporter: but of the approximately 154,000 individuals whose status is set toexpire, 48,000 have yet to renew for two more ars. the central america resource center in san franciscoold us they are trying to reach people. >> i think a lot of people are scared. >> untileleasing their new addresses and their new places of employment or tir new locations. and , there's so much fear now about what is going to happen next. >> reporter: california'swo senators put out a press release reminding recipients to mail renewals today. homeland security is not contacting people directly but relying on the press and social
7:28 pm
media to get the word out. abc 7 news. the undergrou bus business bicycle chop shops take place on the street of san francisco. >> beyond being illegal, what other problems this is causes. you're looking at the last video capred by a san jose woman who went to who are these people?
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but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. . >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> moments ago authorities in las vegas held the final briefing of the day for the media. jurn sheriff kevin mcmay health noted the polic responded after several mutes of hearing the shooting. >> so, i want you to think about that. the first minute of police being aware of fires shot at 10:08 a it stopped at 10:19 p.m. that's a rarkable response of the police department. >> another officer also telling people to run. authorities commeed one of the
7:32 pm
most remarkae scene after the shooting was the number of cars left behind by concert goers. >> families are briefing the loss o 32-year-old michel vo. >> abc 7 ns reporter chris wen with more. >> for san jose native with michel vo it was a trip to las vegas family says she was looking forward to. >> that spirit of laughter, good humor. >> reporter: this picture posted of vo's instagram on sunday showed what's supposed to be a carefree experience. her life was cut short during the the rou 91 fesval in las vegas. this video will behe last she'd share on social media. the word devastating doesn't begin to describehe aching pain her friends and family are
7:33 pm
feeling. one of them telling us, this senseless tragedy has left everyone in disbelief. i'm just one of many fortunate enough to have known michelle and the joy she brought to our relationship. the 32-year-old attended high school in san jose where she was active the key club, the student council and the national honors society. she'd go on to graduate a starting her caree in silicon valley. >> she would have been an amazing powerfulemale leader that we so desperaly need, and that's what she was meant to do. but this does not make sense. >> reporter: vo's immediate family w still lives here in the south bay are taskedith trying to make sense ofhis tragedy. it's a void that will never be replaced. >> that positivivity that we need that says it's going to be this. keep going, you can do
7:34 pm
>> reporter: in san jose, chris wen, abc 7 ns. a san jose graduate student at ucf intern was one of the hundreds injuries. ja anyone rug guerra roe was the one of many injured. a college student from california is sharing her survival. >> i heard the gun, that's when we started running oneore time and that's when i got shot in the back. >> chewhich he koe, chess koe sl has the bullet in her back, didn't damage any major arteries. >> we're hearing from a couple in las vegas, they helped many of injured peopleut not sure they'll go back to a festival. >> reporter: jennifer says she
7:35 pm
doesn't feel safe anywhere ymore. she just returned home last night. she was in las vegas with her husband and friends for the route 91 harvest country music festival. >> when we walked in last night my house feels different. the world feels different. >> reporter: jennifer shot this vdeo of the performs with her cell phone, minutes later everything changed >> we hear, pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: jennifer tught it was fireworks. her husband pushed her to the ground. >> and then i look to my rig and the first person that i see was a girl. she was down, she h been shot in the head. then i loo over to my left and there's something giving somebody cpr. and not realizing this is happening. >> reporter: kim's boyfriend is a trained emt. >> he knew exactly what he r. needed to do and he started doing it. >> reporter: thisideo shows
7:36 pm
jennifernd her husband still wearing his cowboy hat, carrying an injured woman on part of a barrier they made into a makeshift stretcher. >> it's hard to know that w could have not made it. iould not have been sitting here toda that part i can't get out of my head. >> reporter: both women admit it s been hard to readjust to foal lives. they felt it was important to share their sry. alissa hairing ton, abc 7 news. >> lots of califnia yans still in las vegas helping the victims. one name is a retever. there's pictures of aar posted on social media sights.
7:37 pm
he's one of two comfort dogs from california. the other one is name ruben and he's from cuba ci. in total this group has brought more than a dozen comfort dogs to las vegas visiting people in hospitals, showing up at vigils, all at no cost. >> mon continues to pour into a gofundme page set up for the las vegas victs. over one day it's raised $4.2 million. >> if you want to hel there are so many ways. you can give money, blo and your support. we have a page on our website dedicated to helping las vegas and the victims of the shooting. you'll find it an more to come, the bay lights. >> next the new project by the same group that will
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we're getting a look inside the mandalay bay hotel at the suite rented by the suspect. you can see a gun left inside and crime scene tape still blocks what's lef of the door. >> a food cart remains in the
7:41 pm
hallway, and that may have concealed the camera. today we're also finding out what it looke like from the suite. >> 32, 135. >> there video was shared on facebook by a man who said he stayed in that corner suite on the 32ndloor. >> this tragedy i las vegas is generating a lot of conversation now about the future of security >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom with that story >> be advised it is automatic fire from an eleted position. take cover. >> reporter: it was the one thing no one planned for. >> w thought of active shooter that's a one plain shooter in front of you. reporter: hotel security exrt says it could start a shift in the industry. >> there'll be things to
7:42 pm
lead down the road. >> reporter: at a monthly meeting of hotel security nager. change is already afoot. most housekeepers come in clean, trained not to look at anything and leave. now we're saying look in that room, if there's somethi suspicious that's bothering you, you should tell someone to further investate. we learned through other attacks that when peopl stay in hotels they plan to bng everything with them and leave themthere. maps, weons, cleaning solutions. radios. >> reporter: he said hotels could add sensors. >> look at where you're faced. if people are ruesting certain rooms or views, sometimes it's for a firework show. >> reporter: already hotels a changing provely policyiven staff more authority to enter a room. >> think you'll eventually see do not disturb signs. >> make sure nobody can get in
7:43 pm
with the weapons even i they have license. >> reporter: to this cab driver it's not a kweercht it's a luxury. >> i'd pay more because i'd feel more safe. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonaan bloom, abc 7ews. taking a live look outside from our emoryville camera. a gorgeous sunset. >>
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7:45 pm
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passed an ordinance to do to sign to give the city a new tools declaring bicycles sold at the cho shops off the sidewalk. >> reporter: if certain corners of san francisco you'llind a thrive lg underground business of chop shops. here bicycle are taken apart, replaced with other places paind and resold. there were 800 complaintsrom residence. >> i hear from families who can't push their strollers down the street. i hear from seniors, from people who are in wheel chairs and have mobility isss that they literall cannot get down the sidewalk because is clogged
7:47 pm
with piles and piles of bicycles. >> supervisor jeff sponsored the ordnance. you can't have five or more bikes or three with missing parts, like handlebars or peddles or just a frame. you'll fine stockpile and homeless encampments. >> there's not to say that everybody's totally incident, but from our experiee most of the folks who are out there engage in honest recycling. >> reporter: the method authorizes public works to remove the bikes. >> what i hearrom homeless folks is why does the city keep cking me while i'm down. >> there is not about homelessness it's about illegal businesses that have been set up on our sidewalks. >> the supvisor passed one of
7:48 pm
the two --upervisor hilary ronan says it does not provide a solution to bike thefts. 900 bikes were stolen last year. in san francisco, carolin tyler, abc 7 news. the group behind the bay bridge life has a speci process, harvey milks. this is a rendering of what harvey's rainbow will look like. it turns on november 8th at harvey milk plaza. these neon words, hope will never be silent. the project is corrected by a local nonprofit, illuminate it's the same group behind t beautiful lights on the bay bridge. >> let's update the forecast one more time. >> it's going to be clear for the rest of week but warm up towards the rest of the week. sunny -- clear skies right now.
7:49 pm
overight it will be clear and chillyn some spots, especially in the north bay valley, the lows will drop to 40 grees. tomorrow look for hig t ranges from mid0s at the coast to mainly mid-70s aroundhe bay. and a look ahead towards the end of the week, bluegrass golden gate park will take place surnd in the low to mid-70s. as we get toward the weekend we'll e a warm-up taking place across the bay area. inland highs wilbe around 90 on sunday. lower areas on the coast. >> thank you spencer. all right some interesting serious news in sports tonight. manager bruce's heart issues, uates from today's season ending press conference.
7:50 pm
larry beal continues his
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
>> announcer: now abc's 7 sports with mik shumann. >> sports director larry beal
7:53 pm
continues his travel in china with the warriors. larry acting as ourour guide in the first full day for the team in china. 40 years ago this was an agricultural city, population of a few thousand people. the government transformed it into a busess center, now home to 10 million. hong kong an hour away. some of the warriors made the trip to hong kong for a little sigheeing. this is golden state's first visit to china. the team came over in 2008 and 2013 but this is they're first trip over as defending champions. >> i think everybody appreciates what has transpired betweenhe two trs. champions is a sign of how the warriors and nba's growing. >> reporter: the warriors have
7:54 pm
curry, claythompson, kevin h dun, frequent visitors so chin in the off season. damian jones is seeing chinaor the first time and excited to be here. >> you might have a good fan base here, guys that follow the warriors, just to come out here, get the fans, it's pretty cool. >> reporter: in china with the sports.s, larry beal, abc 7 final press conference of the 2017 season today. would very much like to put the air behind him as possible. bruce bochy has been dealing with an afib. he'll have another procedure done next weekend in san diego. this team has more issues on the field. age creeping up on denard and the pitching staffeeds to be solidified,ith matt rehiritirin
7:55 pm
and johnny a player option. >> we're not a last place people or organization. this isn't a blow it up, this isn't a rebuild, we hope it's a reset. >> when you ha a season like we did, you know it's tough on everybody. i'm looking for some leadership from our core guys, you know, to help out in this clubhouse. the major league baseball playffs have gun. yankees are underway. nine of the ten teams in the play offs have a former a's or giant's player from 2015 or more recently. from this season alone, sonny gray on the yankees, guajardo nunez anduajardo on the red sox. ryan mat son on the nationals. san jose sharks have been skatingnder the radar this season and they'll host the philadelphia fliersomorrowt the tank and the season opener. ase from losing patri to the
7:56 pm
leagues, pretty much the same cast and crew we've seen over the last years. that's one of the questions going into the season, does the team have the legs to compete with these younger teams. >> doesn't matter how skill you are or whatnot. you have to show up and work. if we can do that on a constent basis, the way we're built with defense, and you know some offense gives us a shot. >> it's about the process and doing the little thing in the offense and the goals and stats. always follow the foundation, that's what you have to keep reverting to. >> the warriors will play minnesota tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. two different approaches. they're having fun, playing golf, taking tours while minnesota's training camp they're practicing for the game and that'st not getting out too much. >> the warriors will get pretty serious. >> i fee bador minnesota
7:57 pm
because the warriors have so many more fans in china >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee t.v. cable chael 13. coming up how the las vegas shter was able to fire his rifle like a machine gun. the device that senator diane finestein trying to -- and the mentally the shooting has had on erica. >> up next it's "the middle" followed by free shot and blach ish. >> at 11:35 it's jim kimmell live. tonight's star garry goening and youtube star, local paul. >> that'st for this edition of abe 7 at 6:00
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appreciate your time ahn dan ashley. >> and i'm christian sze. have a good night. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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