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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> a security guard went up to the room. he was advancing towards the room when the suspect fired through the door at the security guard and struck him. >> a heroic hotel security guard tried to stop the shooting sunday night in las vegas. he was hit, but provided key information to police. 59 people killed, hundreds more injured as you know. and tonight we are learning more
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about the lives cut short as friends and family try to process their loss. >> this does not make sense. >> makes sense to no one. good evening, thank you for joining us i'm dan ashley. alma dates is on maternity leave. the girlfriend has arrived in the past hour. this is international airport in los angeles where the flight landed from the philippines a short while ago. las vegas police call her a person of interest and they hope she can provide valuable clues. they will have questions about the large number of weapons in the home she shared with the shooter stephen paddock. please also released body cam video showing officers trying to determine the origin of the gun fire. officials still have not figured out a motive as to why paddock attacked. in the meantime agents from the san francisco offices of the fbi and atf are in las vegas investigating the shooting. abc7 news reporter lana zach is
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there as well. >> reporter: good evening, dan. we are learning so many new details, including how many guns the shooter possessed, 47. but still there is no word as to his motive. >> las vegas is still in shock. >> seems surreal. a bad nightmare you don't heal from. i keep seeing it in my mind. it haunts me. >> reporter: the survivors, many still in the hospital, are trying to make sense of it all. >> still hasn't like fully hit me. it's kind of starting to, but not fully. >> reporter: hannah, a mother of three, charleston hartfield, an off duty police officer, and navy veteran christopher roybal. >> he went to combat and came back without being injured. then goes to a concert and dies. >> reporter: and for the first time we're seeing that night through the perspective of the police. >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: authorities releasing body cam footage from that night and piecing together the time line. >> he fired off and on for
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somewhere between nine and 11 minutes. >> reporter: they are also releasing chilling new details about what was happening on that room on the 32nd floor of the mab hote manned lay bay hotel. what was taking place outside the room. >> there were two cameras in the hallway so the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. >> reporter: reporting from las vegas, lana zach, abc7 news. >> the device that made the shooter's gun fully automate i can is called a bump stock. senator diane feinstein introduced a bill in 2013 that would have banned the bump stock, but that bill failed to pass. she tweeted this afternoon, after a mass shooting is exactly the right time to talk about gun safety, if not now, when? to my republican colleagues, i beg you, stand up to the nra. well, the shooting in las
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vegas has undone the feeling of security for so many people. jessica castro from abc7 mornings is in las vegas. >> reporter: an emotional moment for this couple back at the spot where less than 48 hours ago they had to run for their lives. >> i'm thinking of all the times i was running and hiding, running into balconies and just looking for a safe place. it just kept sounding like people were chasing me with bullets. do i stay, do i run? is this a safe spot? trying to figure out where he was. >> reporter: joanna ernst from san ramon was at the festival with her boyfriend he have was shot in the arm. >> i feel silly comparing this to others. >> bullets did not damage any major parts. going to go ahead and leave it, it's safer that way they said because if you try to move it, it it would cause more damage. >> reporter: meanwhile ernst was not physically hurt but she continues to relive sunday's events. >> i was sitting at the casino last night sat one of the
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restaurants. somebody's slot went off. >> reporter: she thinks a friend's son from the bay area may still be hospitalized. >> one of my girlfriends texted me. do i know about this, her mom is from san ramon, her kids are my age. they were here at the festival. one of their friends was shot in the head and apparently lost an eye. he's sedated. got out of surgery yesterday. >> reporter: the search for clues continues. the fbi spent the day sweeping the streets looking for more evidence, but there is still a big crime scene to look through. i'm jessica castro, abc7 news. >> well, today a family's worst fear was realized. stacey, the wife of a san francisco police officer, was confirmed dead in las vegas as a result of the shooting. tonight family and friends gathered for a candle light vigil in novato. she was the wife of san francisco police officer vinny . the brother-in-law says he has no doubt that stacy died trying to help others, even after her husband told her to run for safety.
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>> when the shooting occurred, that, you know, it was all about helping other people. so, when my brother went out to help other folks and put her in safety and told her to run out of there, she didn't run out of there. she came back and helped other people as well. so, that's when they got separated and from there we don't really know what happened. >> officer echiber was not injured. he drove several to the hospital, and came back to look for stacey. the everything was closed off. the couple has two children. another bay area woman died. denise lived in santa barbara county but attended high school in san ramon, the same high school as stacey, the woman we just talked about. the high school alumni group announced it on facebook today. an organizer also said cohen had planned to go to a reunion for the class of 1977 next week. in the south bay, family and friends are grieving the loss of 32-year-old michelle vo. the san jose native who had been living in southern california in
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recent years was among those shot and killed during the rampage. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen. >> reporter: to say that michelle vo lived life to the fullest would be an understatement. >> michelle became fast friends with people. she's not afraid. she's bold and she's brave. >> reporter: the san jose native, a passionate woman, friends tell us she loved exploring the world around her. >> she is a leader and she would have been an amazing powerful female leader that we so desperately need, and that's what she was meant to do. this does not make sense. >> reporter: at the age of 32, vo's life was cut short sunday during the route 91 harvest festival in las vegas. this picture posted to instagram before the chaos, showing her all smiles. soaking in what was supposed to be a carefree experience. this video was taken by vo during sam hunt's set on stage. it would be the last item she shared online. friends say the word heartbroken
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doesn't begin to describe their pain. vo attended san jose's independence high school where she was active in student council, key club and the national honor society. she would graduate from uc davis starting her career in silicon valley before making the move down south a few years back. vo had been working as an insurance agent in pasadena. >> she had goals and she had a vision, and nothing was going to -- nothing was going to get in the way of that. >> reporter: a vibrant life taken too soon from those who loved her. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> we are learning that a former a's minor league prospect used his body to shield two people from bullets during the shooting. that's according to our media partner the east bay times. 23-year-old minor league pitcher bub bubba derby says everyone is okay. he saw a lot of people trying to help strangers. well, in the meantime, so many people want to help, and money continues to pour in to a gofundme page set up for the las vegas victims. in just over a day, it's raised
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more than $8 million. the goal has now been raised to 10 million, it keeps going up. the oakland raiders who planned to move to las vegas soon donated $50,000 to that fund. busy night. stay here with us. a plan to let more low-risk defendants out of jail while they wait for trial. the bail reform program approved in santa clara county, but not everyone is happy about, we'll have that story. plus san francisco is fighting for a massage parlor. the city's claim that it's actually a brothel. meteorologist drew tuma is here with a preview of the forecast. >> yeah, dan. a cool night on the way tonight, but i am tracking a return of summer like warmth in the days ahead. that is coming up. >> thanks, drew. at 9:30 we'll look at some of the help california is
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you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark.
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we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. a man appeared in court for the first time today to answer charges of murdering his father in oakland. you're looking at a picture of aaron clark. oakland police believe aaron clark killed his father ernest late friday night. aaron clark also faces charges of trying to kill his half sister. neighbors say ernest clark had just celebrated his 80th birthday. he worked as a real estate broker for many years. police have not released a motive for the killing.
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low income, low risk suspects in santa clara county may find it easier to bail out of jail next year as they wait for their trials to begin. a bail reform plan was approved today by county supervisors. abc7 news reporter david louie explains the benefits. >> reporter: at any one time an estimated 121 suspects are locked up awaiting trial. as many as 500 of them might be eligible for a new bail program next year that could help ease overcrowding. county supervisors voted unanimously to move ahead, the first step is to create a community bail fund to be a lower cost alternative to traditional bail bonds. >> i think we would be reaching out to foundations and maybe matching public dollars with foundation dollars and other private donations. >> reporter: nonprofit groups would be used to make sure suspects show up for their court appearances and to monitor behavior. successful programs in other states were studied. >> in other parts of the country, their success rate is
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100% of people showing up. the success has been tremendous across the country. we want to bring that success to silicon valley. >> reporter: however, jeff stanley is worried about data he has seen from a new jersey program. >> while they are out on pretrial, have committed rape, murder, child molestation and that is what we're going to see here. >> reporter: county officials point out the bail reform plan is a product of over two years of input from the community. >> some of their ideas we have incorporated through the bail and release work group. so, this idea didn't come from members of the government officials. this came from members from the aclu, from dbug, from other groups in the community that wanted to see this happen. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc7 news app. >> the highway patrol captured a man suspected of firing at people along an east bay freeway. you are looking at video. the chp provided showing a raid in oakland this morning. officers arrested sa dell wilkes. witnesses say he shot at a car
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on interstate 880 in hayward last week. you are looking at a business that will not be allowed to reopen a massage par letter in san francisco's financial district. that is part of a settlement reached after the city attorney accused of the business of really being a brothel. san francisco just filed a similar lawsuit against another massage parlor. officials claim it's a brothel located across from a preschool in the richmond district. san francisco lawmakers passedn ordinance today designed to give the city a new tool to clear bicycles being repaired and sold at so-called chop shops off the sidewalks. it is a bigger problem than you realize. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler explains just how serious a problem this is. >> reporter: in certain corners of san francisco, you'll find a thriving underground business of chop shops. here bicycles are taken apart, rebuilt with different pieces, repainted and resold. police have raided the shops for stolen property and last year the city's nonemergency hot line
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received nearly 800 complaints from residents. >> as i hear from families who can't push their strollers down the street, i hear from seniors, i hear from people who are in wheelchairs and have mobility issues, that they literally cannot get down the sidewalk because it's clogged with piles and piles of bicycles. >> reporter: supervisor jeff shea had i sponsored the ordinance banning chop shops on a public right-of-way. you can't have five or more bikes or three with missing parts, like handle bars and pedals or just a frame. you'll often find stockpiles at homeless encampments. but advocates say this legislation profiles all homeless who are selling bikes as thieves. >> that's not to say that there's, you know, that everybody is totally innocent, but from our experience, most of the folks who are out there engaging in honest recycling. >> reporter: the measure authorizes the department of public works to confiscate the bikes if someone can prove the property is theirs. they can eventually get it back.
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>> what i hear from homeless folks is why are you kicking me when i'm down? why is the city keep kicking me when i'm down? >> this is not about homelessness. it is about an illegal business set up on our sidewalks. >> reporter: supervisor shehey's measure passed 9-1-2. supervisor hillary rhonan says it does not provide a solution to bike theft. s.f.p.d. tells us nearly 900 bikes were stolen last year. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> well, if you have a yahoo! account said to say your data is likely compromised, yahoo!'s parent company verizon now says a hack in 2013 affected all 3 billion accounts. every single yahoo! account. verizon previously believed 1 billion accounts were hacked. information stolen may include names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and security questions and the answers. whole foods is gaining more customers since amazon bought the chain and it is apparently
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coming at the expense of trader joe's, sprouts, and target. a retail expert at santa clara university tells bloomberg news it shows a latent demand for quality organic foods. research firm fasos group uses mobile phone location data to track millions of people who have opted into their research efforts. all right. on to the weather forecast as we hit mid week. abc7's meteorologist drew tuma is here. drew? >> dan, it is starting off to it be a gorge us week. too tons of sunshine throughout the day. live doppler, not a cloud to be seen today and that is the same way we have it tonight. the active scan showing no issues with precipitation at this hour. tuesday night, the live look from our east bay hills camera couldn't be more spectacular. . visibility is great, no fog to contend with, no clouds to contend with. but that clear sky once again going to allow us to cool off rather rapidly over the next 12
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hours. so, it will be a chilly start tomorrow morning. also on thursday morning as well. wouldn't be surprised if a couple of spots say in the north bay actually dip into the upper 30s overnight tonight. thursday and friday, warmer afternoons, rebound nicely into the days and shades of summer into this weekend. it is going to go well above normal for this time of year. by saturday and sunday, feeling more like august than october. numbers out there right now, a lot of 50s and 60s on the board. 64 the current number in concord, 50 in half moon bay, cooling off quickly on the coast. 64 in mountain view, 59 in santa rosa and right now fairfield checking in at 58 degrees. so, here's the call. overnight tonight we have plenty of stars out there. clear skies. the winds are relaxing and with clear skies and a calm wind, that's just a recipe for a cool need. 40 overnight low in santa rosa. about 48 in concord, 44 for half moon bay, about 52 in oakland. it will drop to about 51 in san jose. out the door early tomorrow morning on your 12-hour planner for your wednesday, mid week, grab the jacket. you'll need it first thing, but it is one of those days where,
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by the afternoon you can shed the jacket. by 4:00 it will not be a breezy day. the winds have relaxed. tons of sunshine and temperatures mainly in the 70s. our warm est spots will be going into the mid 80s. 69 in san francisco, 74 both oakland and san mateo. 78 that number in san jose, but 80 in clover daily, 77 in vallejo, 81 in yolk aantioch an concord. we are tracking activity in the caribbean sea. the area you see circled in orange, a little bit of circulation over the past 12 hours, and the national hurricane center does give this system about a 70% chance of forming into our next tropical system. if it does that, it could get the name nate and likely it will move into the gulf. that is something we'll be tracking for you but something to keep in the back of your head the next couple of days. fleet week back here at home in san francisco, look at this. friday, saturday and sunday, not a cloud in the sky. no fog to obscure your view along the coast. mild and sunny on friday.
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78 degrees, that air show underway saturday afternoon, 76, and sunday still in the 70s with plenty of sunshine so the accuweather seven-day forecast, the next seven days for you, tomorrow the winds you'll notice have relaxed. it will be a very comfortable day. warming begins on thursday. by friday we're calling it october warmth around here as numbers rebound above normal. saturday and sunday it is going to feel like summer over the weekend. but the good news, it's not intense heat and doesn't last all that long, by monday and tuesday that warmth will taper, a little taste of an on coencor summer saturday. >> a reminder. thanks, drew. appreciate it. what does it take to be wealthy in the bay area? a lot more than in the rest of the
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new research tonight shows a
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sobering perception of wealth from bay area residents. people say it takes an average of $4.2 million to be considered wealthy. that amount is more than 50 times greater than the actual median net worth of u.s. households. sadly, 57% of respondents don't think they have any hope of actually reaching that, quote-unquote, wealthy status. well, the group behind the bay bridge lights has a new project, a special honor for harvey milk. this art installation will mark the 40th anniversary of milk's election to the san francisco board of supervisors. this is a rendering of what harvey's rainbow will look like. it turns on november 8th at harvey milk plaza in the castro. and these neon words hope will never be silent will be added to the front of the building where bank of america used to be. the project is created by local nonprofit illuminate. that's the same group behind the lights on the new -- on the bay bridge, the older section of the bay bridge.
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coming up next, looking for answers in the las vegas shooting. police are hoping to find out more from the gunman's girlfriend. why they're calling her a, quote, person of interest. also ahead, training for active shooters at hotels, one expert explains what to look for. also. >> a hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you're throwing our budget a little out of whack. >> president trump tours puerto rico devastated by hurricane maria. his pledge to help the people there. a lot more to come.
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> late tonight, authorities in las vegas held their final
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briefing of the day for the media under sheriff kevin mcmay hill of clark county. pointed out that the police stopped the shooter 11 minutes after the first report of gun fire. >> i want you to think about that. the minute, the first minute the police are aware of shots being fired at 10:08, and it stops at 10:19. that's a remarkable response by this police department. >> the department also released this body cam video from an officer who was on the street during the shooting. you can see them telling people to run. authorities also commented that one of the most remarkable scenes after the shooting was the number of cars left behind by concert goers. 150 as people just ran as fast and as far as they could. well, the gunman's girlfriend just arrived back in the united states from her home country of the philippines. marilou danley landed in los angeles within the past hour or so. investigators describe danley as, quote, a person of interest. they hope she can provide some
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valuable clues, especially since they found so many weapons in the home they shared. abc7 news chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: authorities tonight labelled the shooter's girlfriend marilou danley as central to the ongoing investigation. much more than simply another witness. >> currently she's a person of interest. >> reporter: especially after the discovery by police of so many weapons, so much ammunition, and explosives at the home they shared in mesquite, nevada. >> how could she not know what was going on in her own house with these weapons? she had to know something, at least question him where are these weapons coming from, why do you have all these weapons. >> reporter: according to documents obtained by abc news, she used a passport to travel to her home in the philippines two weeks before the shooting september 15th. s paddock visited her family in
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philippines. now u.s. official want to know why he began to transfer tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the philippines just prior to the shooting. >> it anticipates substantial amount of information to come in the in the next 48 hours. >> reporter: according to relatives, danley met paddock at this hotel casino in reno where she worked as a hostess to entertain those like paddock. they say they were regulars drinking beer and tequila playing video poker and the slots. >> pulled his phone out, here's a picture of the slot machine where we wouldn't $20,000. >> reporter: brian ross, abc news, new york. >> this tragedy in las vegas sparked conversation about the future of security at hotels. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has that part of our coverage. >> reporter: be advised it is automatic fire, fully automatic fire from an elevated position. take cover. >> reporter: it was the one thing no one had planned for. >> we've always thought of active shooters as a one plane
9:33 pm
shooter directly in front of you. now it's someone above, an active sniper situation which we haven't seen a lot in this country. >> reporter: hotel security expert adam says it could start a shift in the industry. sea i think there will be certain things down the road where you are losing privacy in a hotel. >> reporter: at a monthly meeting of ho he tell managers, he said change is afoot. >> most housekeepers clean, they are trained to not look at anything and they leave. look, is there something suspicious, is there something bho bothering you that you think someone should investigate. >> reporter: they will notice belongs. >> we learn through other attacks, people bring everything with them and leave them there, maps, weapons, cleaning solutions, radios, things that usually don't belong if you're a tourist in a town. >> reporter: hotels could add sensors and shatter proof coatings to windows. >> if people are requesting rooms with certain views, sometimes it's for a fire works show, sometimes it is an event or venue for this type of thing.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: already hotels are changing their privacy policy giving staff thorlt to enter a room. >> you see do not disturb signs or go in a room start to go away. >> reporter: some countries they have x-raies. >> nobody can get in with a weapon even with a license. >> reporter: to this cab driver it is a luxury, not a convenience. >> i will feel more safe. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> jason aldean, the country star who was on stage when the shooting happened, canceled shows in los angeles, san diego, and anaheim scheduled for this weekend. he wrote over the last 24 hours, i've gone through lots of emotions, scared, anger, heartache, compassion and many others. this world is becoming the kind of place i am afraid to raise my children in. time to come together and stop the hate. his tour will resume october 12, by the way, in tulsa. and an emotional jimmy kimmel devoted the first 10 minutes of his show to the shooting, which happened in his hometown.
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>> we have children without parents and fathers without sons, mothers without daughters. we lost two police officers. we lost a nurse from tennessee. a special ed teacher from a local school here in manhattan beach. it's a kind of thing that it makes you want to throw up or give up. it's too much to even process. >> you can watch the entire ten minute monologue at it was powerful. jimmy kimmel airs live on abc7 after abc7 news at 11:00. a californian is in las vegas comforting the victim. aaron is a golden retreefr. he usually lives in napa and works with saint john's lutheran church. he's part of lutheran church charities comfort dogs based in illinois which brings dogs from aross the country to help in times of crisis. these are some pictures of aaron posted on social media sites. he's one of two comfort dogs
9:36 pm
from california. the other one is named ruben and he's from yuba city. in total this group has brought more thn a dozen comfort dogs to las vegas visiting people in hospitals and showing up at vigils all, by the way, at no cost. let's move on now to puerto rico. president trump and the first lady paid a visit there today. they met with officials and toured a damaged neighborhood. there was also some fence mending after the president said that puerto ricans, quote, want everything to be done for 24eth. he's having to back pedal. abc's jonathan carl is traveling with the president. >> reporter: at a church in san juan, president trump tossed paper towels to hurricane victims as if he were playing basketball. >> there's a lot of love in this room. >> reporter: sitting right next to puerto rico's governor, he touted the death count as if he were keeping score. >> if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina, and you look at the tremendous
9:37 pm
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, what is your death count as of this moment, 17? >> 16. >> 16 people certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. you can be very proud. >> reporter: but late tonight news the death toll has more than doubled to 34. even as he touted the federal recovery effort. >> the whole team has been amazing. >> reporter: the president couldn't help bringing up the high cost. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> reporter: also in the room, the mayor of san juan whom the president has slammed relentlessly on twitter for saying puerto rico needs more than it's getting. afterwards, the mayor called the meeting productive, but on cnn she dismissed the presidential visit as public relations. >> rather than commander in chief, he sort of becomes miscommunicater in chief. >> reporter: but not far from
9:38 pm
there we met up with hector garcia. he had no idea the president was on the island. but he tells us he's happy he's here. he came here, garcia told us, because he knows we're in crisis. >> that's jonathan carl reporting in puerto rico. partisan politics has come to the supreme court. justices heard arguments today about gerrymandering, that's the drawing of voting districts to benefit the party in power. the chief justice says the court's integrity could be jeopardized if a constitutional limit is imposed. but the court's liberal justices say failing to act on the case poses a threat to democracy. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger agrees. >> this is why it is a shame to protect the incumbent. when you protect the incumbent, there's no competition. and where there is no competition, there is no performance. >> and it is time to terminate gerrymandering. thank you very much. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you. >> schwarzenegger says districts should be drawn by independent
9:39 pm
commissions rather than by politicians. that's how it's been done in california since 2008 when voters approved proposition 11. that's a measure backed by then governor arnold cars cars. well, a major daka headline is two days away. what dreamsers need too now to get protection from deportation. and abc7 is celebrating hispanic heritage month on bay area instagram feed with pictures and videos highlighting the bay area's hispanic community. amber gonzalez vargas is a young latina activist working to bring millennials into politics and philanthropy. she is now operations manager for the latino community foundation in san francisco. you can learn more about amber on our abc7 news bay area instagram page. take a mom l
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san francisco's art commission is working to remove an historic statue from civic center. many people say this statue which depicts a native american man on the ground with a cowboy and missionary standing over him is offensive. others say the statue has historic value and should be preserved. yesterday the city's art commission unanimously voted, however, to begin the process to remove it. immigration advocates want eligible daca recipients to know that the deadline to renew their applications is this thursday, october 5th. thousands have not renewed yet. here's abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez to explain why. >> reporter: with two days before the october 5th deadline, colleges with daca recipients were trying to remind students to reapply today. students for quality education at cal state east bay handed out paper slips. some like miguel had done it right before september 5th when homeland security stopped processing new applications.
9:44 pm
>> for me, i'm going to have another opportunity to work legally in the united states for another two years. >> reporter: president trump agreed to allow those whose status expires before march 5th, 2018 to reapply. but they must do so by this thursday. >> they need to get their daca renewal by the 5th. so, uncis needs to get their paperwork in their office by october 5th. not postmarked, but get it on their hands by october 5th. >> reporter: but of the approximately 154,000 individuals whose daca status is set to expire, around 48,000 have yet to renew for two more years. the central american resource center in san francisco told us they are trying to reach people. >> i think a lot of people are scared and honestly think people are worried or scared. >> that would entail releasing their new addresses and their new places of employment or their new locations and so there's so much fear now about what is going to happen next. >> reporter: california's two
9:45 pm
senators put out a press release reminding recipients to mail renewals today. homeland security is not contacting people directly, but is relying on the press and social media to get the word out. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the latest on the weather. and remembering an american original. this is tom petty's last performance in los angeles. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms
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simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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music lovers around the world are remembering rock legend tom petty. he died yesterday, days after his final concert. his career spanned four decades, inspiring generations of musicians, and fans. here's abc7 news anchor elizabeth vargas. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: tom petty's raw
9:49 pm
style served as the sound track for generations. ♪ ♪ he quit school, escaped an abusive father, started a band. in his distinctive raspy voice, he sang songs about rebels and refugees. ♪ ♪ he sold more than 80 million records and worked with musical royalty. he broke through with the heart breakers in 1976. ♪ ♪ the band was still touring stadiums just last week. petty's life changing moment came when he was just 11 and a young tommy met elvis. ♪ ♪ she's a good girl that's crazy about elvis ♪ ♪ >> reporter: echoed in one of his classics. >> i thank the fans for such a wonderful life. ♪ ♪
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>> ee liz dealizabeth vargas on petty. meteorologist drew tuma is here. heating up again. >> it's going to feel like an encore of summer of warmth back into the 80s. it is a quiet picture not only during the day, but the night. that's the recipe for cool nights on the way. 40 in santa rosa overnight, 44 half moon bay falling to about 48 in concord, same in palo alto. 51 will be the number in san francisco overnight tonight. we'll rebound nicely into the afternoon with lots of sunshine, we are warming up into the 70s in many spots. 77 the high in palo alto, 76 in richmond. 69, though, in san francisco and concord. up to about 80 degrees. later on this week and weekend, golden gate park, the weather is going to cooperate. lots of sunshine each and every afternoon. we're going into the 70s over the weekend. accuweather seven-day forecast show you it will be a nice weekend ahead. winds will relax, warming will begin thursday. by friday we are above normal and saturday and sunday, there
9:51 pm
is that encore of summer making a return, but easing next week. >> okay, nice. thanks, drew, very much. >> sure. >> mr. mike shumann is here to talk some football. >> it's already started. we have our wild card representative from the american league after tonight's yankees twins match up. highlights to come when we have our own tour guide in china with
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> sports director larry beil, he gets all the good gigs. continues his travels in china with the warriors who will face the timberwolves in two preseason games while they are over there. larry acting as our tour guide the first full day for the team in china. >> reporter: 40 years ago shenzhen was an acterrell city, population of a few hundred thousand people. the government transformed it into a business center now home to 10 million. and hong kong is only an hour away. on their first full day in china, some of the warriors made the trip to hong kong for a
9:55 pm
little sight-seeing. this is golden state's third visit to china. the team came over in 2008 and 2013, but this is their first trip over as defending nba champions. >> i think everybody here appreciates what has transpired between those two trips and really to be here today as nba champions is just a sign of how the warriors and how the nba is growing globally. >> reporter: when you ming played for houston, naturally this entire country rooted for the rock et cetera. but now the warriors have become china's team with steph curry, klay thompson, kevin durant, and draymond green frequent visitors to china in the off season. daimion jones is seeing china the first time and excited to be here. >> we're one of the closest teams to china. you have a good fan base here, guys that follow the warriors. so just to show, come out here, you know, give the fans a good show and stuff, it's pretty cool. >> reporter: in china with the
9:56 pm
warriors, larry beil abc7 sports. >> other warriors went to hong kong. iguodala and steph curry went golfing with formula one driver louis hamilton. steph with hamilton's helmet on trying to hit a drive. didn't go so well. curry and the warriors will take on the timberwolves, their first of two china preseason games tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. pacific time. it's got to be a thrill for everybody involved. all right. the giants had plenty of on-field issues to deal with in the off season, like finding a power hitter and showing up their rotation. right now it's the manager's health that's the concern. breus has been dealing with afib, a heart condition that knocks it out of rhythm. he'll have another procedure done next week in san diego. american league wild card game tonight, yankees hosting the twins. first batter of the game, minnesota's brian doesher, see you. the first time the postseason has begun with a home run. twins put up three in the top of
9:57 pm
the first. bottom of the inning, though, yankees get right back at it. d.d. with a three-run shot. that ties it up, 3-3 after one. bottom four, aaron judge, the rookie from fresno state, first ever postseason homer and first ever postseason game. two-run shot makes it 7-4 yankees. and the bronx bombers will face the indians in the division starting thursday with an 8-4 victory. well, believe it or not, hockey is ready to go. san jose sharks have been skating under the radar this off season. th they'll host the philadelphia fliers. this is the same crew we've seen the last several years. joe, brent, jumbo joe, and logan couture, and that's the question going into the season, do they have the legs to compete with the younger teams. >> doesn't matter how skilled you are or whatnot. you know, you have to show up and work and i think if we can
9:58 pm
do that on a consistent basis, the way we're structurally built with defense and goal tending, some offense, you know, gives us shots to win a lot of games. >> it's about the process and doing the little things in the offense and the goals and the stats. always follow the foundation and, you know, that's what you have to keep reverting to. >> and this is abc7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. this is the time of year where every p spot sport is going on. hockey, baseball, football, the nba. we talked about it earlier. t-wolves have a bunch of young players and agents. they're taking it serious in china like a training, tom thibodeau their coach. steve kerr is letting defending champs get out and have fun, get out with the people. they've been there before. >> they're hugely popular in china more than the timberwolves. >> they are the most global team in all of sports especially overseas. they love them over there.
9:59 pm
klay thompson shoe deals over there, they call him china klay. exactly. when they come back, they have to get serious aut it. >> the double edged sword in a way, win the championship, you're super popular and you get distracted. there are so many demands on your time. >> exactly. we'll see what happens. >> thanks, shu, very much. coping and healing coming up on abc7 news at 11:00. >> i have to call my mom. i was shaking. >> the emotional toll of the las vegas mass shooting has had on the victims and on america's psyche as well. and people in the bay area speaking out for puerto rico, you're going to hear from one man here preparing for the worst as he plans to return to his home in puerto rico. join us for those stories and a lot more coming up on abc7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.but . for drew tuma, mike shumann, all of us, i'm
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(soft dramatic music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one in alexandria, kentucky. the other in warrington, england. in our first case, a successful businessman rides waves of lust during parties aboard his new pleasure craft.


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