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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 4, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. tonight live from las vegas with more stores of bay area survivors and the memorial for people who didn't make it home alive. >> being here just proves that you can't let someone just like ruin think for you. >> las vegas on the minds of people at levi stadium tonight. drone view 7 shows an old smokestack. >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> we know that stephen paddock is a man who spent decades of acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life, much of
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which will never be fully understood. >> digging for the why to the deadliest shooting in american history reveals new details about the gunman and his girlfriend. as we also hear more stories of survivors from bay area. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian sa she. she's. -- >> along with information investigators believe the gunman had help and actively looking for possible accomplices. >> still no word on what motivated paddock to open fire at a country music festival sunday night but for the first time we're hearing his girlfriend's side of the story. marilou danley spoke today. >> her attorney says she had no idea he was planning an attack. he thought he was going to break
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up with her after sending her to visit her family and sent her $100,000 to buy a house. >> president trump visited with victims and doctors. >> the mass murder that took place on sunday fight fills america's heart with grief. america is truly a nation in mourning. >> the president refused to discuss gun control but today democratic lawmakers, including nancy pelosi rallied outside the white house with gun supporters. >> tonight we have the story of victims who didn't make it through attack. first a story of survival. they were feet away from gunfire at the route 91 music festival. abc 7 reporter alissa herring ton have their story.
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>> reporter: david of newark sounded like popping noises. the stage went dark. >> i knew then, this is bigger than what we all are maybe thinking at this time. about that time is when everyone started screaming and running. once he stopped playing you could really hear that automatic gunfire. >> david and his wife was in las vegas with his friend and some family members. they were celebrating wedding anniversaries but found themselves running for their lives in the middle of the country's deadliest mass shooting. >> we ran. >> as we were running there were people falling left and right. >> reporter: david is a fire fighter but says nothing would have prepared him for this. >> we're trained to come in after the chaos has subsided. to be a part of that initial event is something that i had never prepared for or even thought about. >> reporter: the pair ran to a
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motel 6 and broke into a room and hid inside. they called their family and told their 3-year-old son they loved him. jacqueline shielded her 15 years old brother, they hopped a fence and took a taxi to safety. >> you're so grateful and thankful that you're alive, but people that you could have been in line with or -- can't even talk now. weren't so lucky, and it's feshl. >> reporter: they're all grateful to be home but say they will never be the same. alissa herrington, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, emotional thank you today involving one of the bay area victims from the shooting. michel vo graduated from high school in san jose. she was shot and killed at sunday's festival but not before robertson from ohio tried to save her. he was standing next to her when
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she was shot and carried her out of the venue into a bystander's pickup truck. >> with her being there by herself and her not having information or being id'd in any type of way, i had to find a way to get to her. >> reporter: he shared the comments during an interview today along side vo's sister cathy. he reached the hpt to learn she had died. >> you were there to tell us about her last moments. so whenever we tell her story we won't be able to tell her story without telling your story also. >> vo was living in los angeles and working in an insurance company. friends say she was full of energy and a big country music fan. michel vo was one of three local
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victims also killed. 57-year-old denis cohen who grew up in san ramon. and stacee etcheber, a mother of two and wife of a san francisco police officer. both cohen and etcheber graduated from san ramon's high school. lesley is live at cal high where a memorial is being planned. >> reporter: it's hard to fathom two of these victims from the same local high school. one was supposed to attend her 40th reunion next week. >> her last post that i saw was, headed to las vegas. to have somebody that you know, that you went to high school with, that you were friend with for so many years, it's like something pulled the carpet out from underneath us. >> reporter: friends shared these facebook photos and
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dropped off flowers. denis cohen class of '77 and for denis etcheber, class of '85. denise told her mom she was excited about an upcoming concert but her mom had no idea it was a las vegas concert until yesterday wen he daughter didn't return her text messages. >> what i want to know is has he talked to his mom. she said no, because she's dead. and i said, okay that's all i want to know. all right i'll talk to your later and that was the end. and that's when i found out yesterday at 4:45. >> reporter: she said her daughter was vibrant and in a good place. >> at 57, she had finally found her niche, she was property management. she got a new car and excited about continuing the rosa of her life. >> she lived in santa barbara and leaves behind two sons and
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grandchildren. stacee etcheber was also with her husband, vinnie etcheber. when the bullets went flying he urged her to run to safety. she didn't make it out alive. planes are in the works to have a moment of silence at next week's home coming football game. his family and friends contemplate the future. >> no one should die there way. there's got to be a lot of changes, a lot of awareness. >> reporter: in san ramon, i'm lesley blakely, abc 7 news. parts of las vegas are beginning to return to normal. >> abc 7 news reporter jessica castro joins us live from las vegas. >> reporter: that's right dan and christian. let me set the scene here. still a very active scene, you can see police behind me, the concert venue still roped off. the development, this street is
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a major cross street to las vegas boulevard is opened back up. at that corner a growing memorial for victims continues to be one of the main attractions on the strip. several prayer groups descended on las vegas today offering their support to a many people showing up at a growing memorial for victims on the las vegas strip. this church scene is here from san bernadino. they mobilized during terrori attack there two years ago. they decided to come to las vegas because they understand what this community is going through. >> we do feel connected. whoever has a crime or shooting in their city i think we all feel the same hurt and pain. >> reporter: olivia just moved here from the bay area three weeks ago. >> bay area is home. >> so why is this hitting so close to your heart? >> because i really have a heart for people. i'm christian, i play for everybody. i just told you guys before we went on camera.
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i wen around with my friend who lives here and we prayed for people all over this town that needed it. >> reporter: but it's not all about prayer. >> this is the world we live in. you have to pray for this world and pray for people that it happened to. but you have to also use your smarts. the fact that that happened, and there was guns inside, he made it to his room a okay, that needs to be addressed. >> mgn resorts and mandalay bay says it has increased its security and work with national and law enforcement agencies to keep procedures at resorts upo date and always improve requesting revolving. and visitors tell me they are seeing a lot more security and guards at the hotels. one girl that i spoke to who is staying at mgm tells me they are checking room kartsz at every elevator. from my five years living here in las vegas i can tell you that is an increase in security.
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reporting live from las vegas, i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. happening tonight. coldplay puts on a concert in front of thousandings of people at levy stadium. >> abc 7 news reporter chris wen spoke with fans before tonight's big show. >> reporter: outside levy stadium coldplay fans can hardly contain their excitement. >> my dream is coming alive. it's been on my bucket list so i'm super stoked. >> reporter: these folks being in the crowd one of first to get in. >> we're excited, there's three generations of coldplayers. >> reporter: from sky 7, the last minute preparation underway. but with the tragedy in las vegas on the mind of many, a slight sense of nervousness sets in. >> we're not going to let anything let us down, we need more love and support that's why
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we decided to come. >> reporter: santa clara police have been working with fascinate officials. >> we are fully prepared, fully staffed and we will be ready to keep every concert goer safe. >> reporter: all of this comes amid concerns over whether or not coldplay will abide by the city's 10:00 p.m., curfew for weknight efforts. >> in-person meetings, to have surveys, to do telephone calls, we very much want to hear what our residence have to say. >> reporter: there's it's the noise near levies or the vegas tragedy, concert goers hopes for one night they'll be able to put all this aside. >> they're music touches my soul. >> reporter: in santa clara, chris wen, abc 7 news. car break ins are
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skyrocketing in san francisco this year. the southern about face on a plan that would have been present more from hang. fleet week is going to wind up or down. i'll have the forecast coming up. and that sound signals fleet week in froez. next we're live to explain how who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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the evidence can be easily found, broken glass left behind from another car break in. the city of san francisco has recorded more than 17,000 so far, just this year.
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supervises who author the bill ordering police chief to ramp up the fight against car break ins suddenly announced they were dumping the proposed ordnance. vick live in city hall with the surprise. >> reporter: it was totally surprised and unexpected. the sponsors of that bill making the announcement after a well-intended public hearing. dozens spoke in support of the bill. >> with this piece of legislation passing it will help us out a lot. >> i'd like to support the legislation, i consider it a first step. >> car break-ins like this one has become an epidemic. so far this year more than 17,000 cars have been broken into. some 3,600 more than last year. with that in mind, this supervise's committee hearing on legislation authored by supervises norman e and nora roman. it would require the chief at
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each station to focus on car burglaries and other property crime. chief william scott attend it had hearing walking about his new policies which were working. >> we added -- >> then transfer e. told the country there'll be a news conference immediately after the hearing. reporters in some of the public moved to another conference room where the surprise announcement was read. e. andon nan were dropping the legislation. they'd urge the chief to focus on neighborhood enforcement. >> we're willing to do that, we trust chief scott and his words. >> what i asked of them is to allow me as chief of police and/or folks, many of them who are in this room to come up with a plan to do our jobs. >> reporter: and what's to say the least, a bizarre news
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conference leaving reporters wondering what's the back story. abc 7 news. love it or hate it, fleet week is almost here. >> the main viewing areas for the blue angels will be along the marina district. abc reporter maria melendez joining us from pier 32. >> reporter: let me start off by saying that because of what happened in las vegas, every police officer in san francisco will be working this week. you're going to see a lot of police officers on motorcycles, on foot and of course in patrol cars. i love fleet week, i've been there so many times, i think this year i'm going to stay on that side of the city. but not the people we talked to. they're excited. people in the bay area love october for what we are given. >> there whether. >> end of summer. >> nice whether and fleet week. >> and the blue angels attract
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thousands of people to san francisco. >> i love it, i think it's great. >> it's a lot of fun to see all these young people in san francisco. >> reporter: there are inconveniences living in the district but bill russo says he looks forward to it every year. >> living in the area you may end up with someone trying to park in your driveway. >> reporter: abc 7 news did an imformal pole on our facebook page. the overwhelming majority says they love fleet weekend. this weekend's both fleet week and the strictly hardly bluegrass festival will clog up san francisco. instead, take a bus. signs are up to keep cars from parking making way for extra buses on the 47 van necessary line. shuttles will start at van necessary and market. >> we're encouraging people to take the buses.
7:20 pm
and people in uniform will ride for free. >> reporter: they'll make 23 round trips on the also mee dpa open to san francisco line. the vallejo line will also add trips. the idea is to be va visit to avoid the traffic. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> for the complete schedule of efforts check out or page on our website, what a great weather, great day to welcome them. >> and the week looks like it's beginning to be great. spencer's here with the full forecast. >> fleet week is about to become warmer week. high temperature trend over the next seven days as an indicator of the pattern we'll see around the entire bay area. average time this year in santa rosa 80 degrees. tomorrow's high of 84. sunday dropped up toll 91.
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88 on saturday, 93 sunday. and tapering off monday. we have quite a warm up coming our way for the weekend. sunny skies over the bay area, little fog along the coastline. here's view from emoryville looking westward and the low clouds building up along the coastline. it's just moving the fog right now. it's 64 here in san francisco. oakland 68, 73 mountain view. 7 a san jose, gilroy 78. cool 54 south moon bay. mid-70s at napa, navarro, fairfield, concord 75. 76 lifer more. one more live, you can see the dpsh these are our forecast
7:22 pm
features. chilly start to tomorrow morning. sunny mild conditions in the afternoon. warm fall weather on friday and sunday and maybe into sunday. harvest moon look for clear skies, patch or two in the coastline. lows will be mainly the cool in the up side. valleys dropping into the upper 30s, low 40s. we go to our twelve-hour planer tomorrow, starting the day with perhaps an early morning patch of fog, clear skies as the sun rises at 7:09. warming up in the afternoon to 80s. midland 80s, 66 on the coast. temperatures will taper off into the nighttime hours. tomorrow highs 84, santa reside 82, 82 napa. 83 bay, concord 84.
7:23 pm
80 high of san jose. here in san francisco high of 73. speaking of conditions here in san francisco, the blue angels will be flying around saturday. 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. friday through sunday here in san francisco look for sunny skies. high temperatures low to mid-70s in san francisco. nice mild inner city weather coming our way for the weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's the warming trend friday, saturday and some places sunday. warm, temperatures well love average for this time of the year. midweek we'll see temperatures tapering off. the golden state warriors in klein and we'll look at how steph curry is
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as you know the warriors are in china now playing preseason games. as you know steph curry is in china with 3 millifollowers. in august he said my heart goes out to all those effected by the earthquake. so really connecting with people there. today, in his first post since arriving in china,e posted a little video, and i'll show it
7:27 pm
to you here. he also used the phrase for hello in chinese. >> we're back, steph curry on the way back from practice. >> you ever cooked chinese for you? >> we made a couple chinese dishes. we learned how to handmade -- >> yeah the video was shot earlier state side with an old friend. now fans just love him with many posting pictures of steph, lots of emojis, here's fans who posted a picture of their room with the warriors' theme. not to be length of time out a warriors' team held a sign of clay thompson. and of course we'll want to reiterate that message, dan, happy auto moon festival. only actions 7 news in china
7:28 pm
right now. coming up larry beal looking at how less or more for the nba champions. also ahead -- >> two new smart phones is what was announced at the center. i'm jonathan bloom ahead with the details on abc 7 news. >> property on san francisco's glorious water front. >> how would you like to liv
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>> announcer: live you you live, this is abc 7 news. in lajust the last hour, la vegas police released flu details about sunday's shooting, including the gunman planned to escape, and that they believe he must have been had help from someone else. >> investigators are questioning how one man brought all the weapons into the hotel without any help. they say they're looking for possible accomplices tonight. the investigators say they still don't know the motivates behind the attack. >> denise cohen grew up in the bay area and recently been
7:32 pm
living in santa barbara. >> abc 7 new reporter spoke with her relatives to see how they feel. >> reporter: relatives got here later afternoon and they say it was tough pulling into this sfu on their darkest day. denise koppen posted pictures all week long to show how much her and her boyfriend were having fun in las vegas. >> she loved all kinds of music. >> reporter: critical of ant y'all talked to her sister on thursday. crystal just attended a concert -->> she was so excited asking me how is it, wish were here. last thing she said to me wish you were here. >> reporter: crystal's and --
7:33 pm
>> when we first landed it was not easy to come into vegas. you drive by the mandalay bay and people are here having fun. it didn't take long for them, everybody to embrace us. >> reporter: denise graduated from california high school in san ramon and planning to attend the 1977 class reunion. chef currently living in santa barbara. >> filismiling and happy and he sis, and so much fun. >> reporter: crystal says she will continue to go to concerts, that her sister would want her too and she would not let evil control her life. in las vegas, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> a go fund me account started recently after the shooting recently passed the $9 million mark. the money will go to the
7:34 pm
victims' family, a new want to distribute the money will be planned. a not guilty plea to a child endangerment charge. 18-year-old abdul ya sanchez got into a drunk driving accident that killed her 14-year-old sister and injured another girl in july. sanchez's bail is at 430,000, her attorney is working to lower it. she's back in court next week. tomorrow is the deadline for daca recipients to apply for a permanent renewal. daca is an obama era immigration policy that gives undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children protection from deportation. any permit set to expire by march needs to be renewed by tomorrow. current permits are valid into their expiration dates which is generally two years. an old smokestack in a prime
7:35 pm
location on the area bay, it could be transformed into what the bay area needs most, that is housing. >> the old home of the power plant, abc 7 news reporter karine tyler with the story. >> reporter: from drone view 7 you could see the 21 acre power plant development site. it closed six years ago, leaving behind one of the last large scale developments locations in san francisco. >> it's a incredible property right on san francisco's glorious water front that is wonderful. >> reporter: enrique landa is with associate capital, the firm that acquired the property last year. one of the city's older sites dating back to the 1850s. >> it went from gunpowder
7:36 pm
manufacturer to barrel making, it later became a gas plant. >> reporter: the plant was controversial, neighborhood activists blamed it for polluting the local air and wanted it closed down. the city is public state commission eventually agreed. pulling the plug on the last power plan in san francisco. work is currently underway to clean up the toxic legacy left behind from the site's previous tenants. when that work wraps up developer already have plans for the future. >> our project will be more than 50% housing. >> reporter: they are planning to build 1800 homes. the rest of the site will be a mix of offices, production, research and retail space. the developers have been listening to nearby groups to fine tune their plans. >> i think the developers have a vig for the project and those
7:37 pm
initial meetings set the parameters for the negotiation that's going to continue. >> reporter: among the request of neighborhood groups, keeping the character of the neighborhood's industrial heritage but preserving the old buildings on the site, including the power plant and the smokestack. >> that smokestack, even it was a power plan, dirty and polluting is part of the character of that neighborhood and the neighbors are enthusiastic as that smokestack stay with be in eached as part of the project. >> i see a blank canvas with ideas and creativity. >> reporter: the smokestack will be enforced and incorporated into the development as will the power plant. he envisions it as a new hotel, stunning views of the bay downtown. >> this is going to transform and really change and sort of
7:38 pm
bring the cull may nation of the ideas to the water front to a conclusion. >> reporter: if all goes as plan the first building should be ready for occupancy within five years. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. next from cameras that decide when to take a picture to trarlts. trarlts. >> chopping
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it's been nearly a year since recalled food processors because the blades could be spread into the food. >> they came to us originally, we reported on this quite a while back. you certainly know home chefs will say the food processors is certainly to their cooking. they had to do without them last holiday season and now as the next season approaches, really
7:47 pm
still can't use their machines. sue anderson has been chopping individual jis the old fashion way. >> without a blade yeah, not fun. >> notice her food processors sitting on the counter. she had to stop using when cuisina cuisinart warned it could tract metal into the food. 30 customers said it cut their mouth or teeth. >> if i'm making jam i want to throw about the half batch of jam. >> sue and others say they are still waiting. >> this is the largest recall of appliance in history. >> consumer reports william wallace saquestions national transportation should make new products. >> every month i'd call and say where's my blade. they'll say oh, we're backlogged
7:48 pm
because we ran out of blades. at this point i'm going to call channel 7, abc on your side. >> she did, so did half a dozen other customers. we contacted kwus national transportation, it tells us they have been walk around the block to fulfill new blades. today we shipped out a quantity of blades that were requested. they did not say how many consumers requested ones or how many might still be carouso-cabreraing the old ones. the new blades can be held together by this weribbons that could come apart. >> low and behold the blade. it was like oh thank you, abc 7 on your side. >> now here's the really dangerous part, some folks may not realize they're still using a recalled blade. we found several for sale on
7:49 pm
ebay which took them down after we alerted the site. the information you feed on abc 7 or go to my facebook page. i do want to hear from you. if you have a problem with this product or anything else my hot lone is hope 10 to 2:00 or you can back me through facebook on if you have one of these -- i'm concerned about how many blades are still out there. people don't pay attention. there is a beautiful blaze and abc 7 news viewers prove it every day. >> this picture posted of the golden gate bridge and added the hash tag abc 7 knew and we found it and featured it here on t.v. >> it's a beautiful night out right now spencer. >> we have more beautiful nights and days coming our way. we have a little fog at the
7:50 pm
coast, not very much. over night the skies will remain clear. it will be chilly in the valleys. lows will drop to the upper 30s. tomorrow look for sunny and mild conditions. highs in the coast upper 60 to mid-70s. low to mid-80s, inland. this weekend is the bluegrass festival here. highs will get up to 70 degrees or just above. if you're a night time music fan bundle up. here's the weather, seven-day forecast. all regions around the bay area will warm up this weekend. inland 93 degrees on sunday. on to sports, a lot going on. >> real estate's kind of a hot thing in china. >> fleet week and a concert this week, i'll take public transportation so i can get in.
7:51 pm
the real deal tour guide service hosted by larry beal in china. the raiders now in the
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
sports director larry beal continues to build a brand in china with his new tour guide service. today he takes a peek into the future of the dub's roster. >> reporter: you can make the case the warriors made their so-called super team stronger this season. leading to splengs, the only thing they can break up a dynasty is a star like clay thompson. leaving as a free agent to make a deal. >> you got to sacrifice something if you want to be a part of a championship team. any deal we sign is a blessing. we all make a ton of money but you want to look back on your career and leave a legacy especially as a winner. i want to be known as a guy who was a champion and did great things for bay area. >> the fact that kevin duran took less money to become a
7:55 pm
warrior and david west did the same, that's made an impression. >> the great success we've had and how much more success we want to have. >> we have a pretty special group. i'd be willing to take less too. >> how much less? >> probably like kd, i would give up the same amount -- no actually i'd lose a lot of money. >> clay's contract isn't up for two more years but it should quiet the free agent chatter for now. in china with the warriors, larry beal. abc 7 sports. hosting the ravens, quarterback emmanuel will replace the injured derrick krar. manuel's was buffalo's top pick back in 2013. he was 11-17 for 106 yards against denver last week. towning and manuel worked together in buffalo and the players will rally around him,
7:56 pm
including michael crabtree who will be back in the line up. >> i try to pride myself on making plays as well. in order to win football games in this league you have to be able to make plays whether with your feet, armor decision making. i was excited. >> the fact we've had him here, he's been in camp, he played a bit in the game the other day, and todd worked with him previously when he got his starts in buffalo so i think those are all factors that help. it's a tough defense so we got to get ready to go. >> october is crucial catch month. the raiders partnered with the cancer society to host 15 breast cancer survivors. the evening of art and wine, toured the facility and pained during the event. tonight your san jose sharks hosting the fliers the season opener at the tank.
7:57 pm
sharks wouldn't several tanks with season openers. joe thornton is the man in statement in the teal. >> i feel great, i got my feet wet with that first one and had good practice here and ready to go. you always want a quick fresh start, get everybody's tensions dialed in, feeling good about they're game. it's good test for a lot of these home games and you know we got to make some hay with it. diamond backs and rookies facing off. those highlights at 9:00 and 11:00 along with the sharks, good luck to both. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee cable t.v. channel 13. this is the device used by the las vegas shooter. the finestein to ban it is getting republican report that's
7:58 pm
at 9:00. snbs abc at 11:00 one smelly problem over at the east bay. >> coming up at 7:00 goldberg, followed by speechless, and housewife. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35 it's "jimmy kimmell live." >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter, abc bay area. appreciate your time i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian sze. have a good night. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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hey, dad. how 'bout them broncos, huh? you think they'll be able to accumulate enough touchdowns in order to win the football tournament? mandy, why are you pretending to like football? you scalped your ticket to last year's home playoff game. yeah, and the rest of the family had to sit next to a profanity-spewing loudmouth. i didn't like the seat i was in!


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