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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. a young woman falls to her death from a san francisco cliff. the warnings going out to hikers tonight. good evening, i'm dan ashley. officials say the woman fell 300 feet at fort funston. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at ocean beach tonight with details on this tragedy. >> reporter: the cliffside trails at fort funston offer amazing views. tonight, it is still unclear how one woman fell from one of those cliffs today. >> so sad. >> reporter: tom darcy visits every day. he's been hiking these cliffs since he was a kid and can't believe someone lost her life here. >> crazy to imagine somebody so young falling off and dying. >> reporter: sky 7 was over fort
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funston where san francisco firefighters recovered the body of a young woman who fell to her death off this steep cliff. >> it's about a 300 foot fall. >> reporter: it happened about 4:30 p.m. near the hang glider launch site. she was apparently alone. it's unclear how she fell. a beachgoer called 911. >> we started advanced life support measures. >> our hearst go out to the victim and to her family. >> reporter: fire chief joe and white urges anyone coming to fort funston to use caution. >> it's good to have a buddy, have a partner when you're walking. >> reporter: dog walker jill ackerman avoids the cliffs completely. >> i don't go near the cliffs. i mean, it's sandy and slippery. so we stay, keep my dogs away and you know, stay on the trails. >> reporter: a dog walker took this photo not far from where the woman's body was found. love you always, written in the sand. police requested a copy of the picture.
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they can't say if the message is related. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. we do have good news to report tonight. a woman who ended up in the water at the snow ma county line has been rescued. all lanes of 37 are now open again. these pictures are courtesy of mariner chp. the woman was in the water under the fresh air bridge for two hours. no word on her condition or how she ended up in the water but two hours in the cold water but she's okay. there is a new memorial in las vegas tonight. listen to this. a man drove 2,000 miles from illinois to install 5 white crosses, one for each victim of the shooting. that's as authorities say the killer may have considered targeting other major american cities. abc news reporter marci gonzalez is in las vegas. >> reporter: from bob, a glimpse of the aftermath of sunday night's chaos in las vegas. and a view of where it all began inside the hotel room where
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gunman steve paddock fired down into the crowd at that country music festival. investigators still analyzing the scene. among the evidence collected his cell phone revealing no clues about a motive but of other possible targets. sources briefed on the investigation telling abc news he searched for hotels around fenway park in boston and booked rooms at chicago's blackstone hotel in august, the same dates as the lala papa lew za festival across the street though he never checked in. >> we are working with our law enforcement agencies here, state plirks anti-terrorism task force. >> reporter: investigators now believe paddock may have had an accomplice. >> you've got make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> reporter: his girlfriend marilou danley is cooperating with the fbi and says she knew nothing about his plans. but now an official briefed on the investigation says paddock was seen with a different woman in the days leading up to the attack. they were trying to figure out who she is and whether she knows
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anything about what led to the rampage that left 5 innocent people dead and 4 7 others injured. among the survivors 16-year-old nick campbell, shot in the arm while protecting had his high school sweetheart. >> he took a bullet for me like he actually took a bullet for me. i can't thank him enough. >> reporter: he and more than 150 others injured in the attack are still in hospitals here recovering. marci gonzalez, abc news, las vegas. and tonight, the national rifle association is actually supporting a gun regulation. the nra says bump stocks devices that turn semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic weapons like the gunman in las vegas had need additional regulations. the gunman used bump stocks in order to modify his arsenal and fire many more rounds per minute. on the cal campus tonight, students gathered to talk about how close to home the rampage hit. many lost friends and know
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others shot. lisa ga leashion has more now from an emotional vigil. ♪ praise the lord >> reporter: sorrow fill the plaza near cal's camp nile. >> somebody from my high school was killed. >> reporter: the tragedy is far reaching. it's touched just about everyone here and they're hurting. > my hometown friend, she was one of the 59 that was unfortunately in the line of fire. >> reporter: that are friend was jordyn rivera from southern california. she was at the concert with friends and family. tonight, candles were lit in honor of all the victims. >> i work with college students. they don't die. college students are invincible. nobody's supposed to die. >> reporter: students filled aid banner with heartfelt messages with their prayers and fears. >> and the plan for this memorial banner is to send it to the concert organizers in las vegas. at uc berkeley, lisa emin ga
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leashion, abc7 news. >> tomorrow's edition of "20/20" is devoted to the mass shooting. you'll hear from the heroes who helped victims in this tragedy tomorrow night at 10:00 here on abc7 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. a clerical error, a clerical error is why an inmate was released by mistake in santa clara county but when he started posting selfies, that's when authorities pounced. katie marzullo is in san jose with the story. >> reporter: september 28th, david lopez walked out of the correction counsel facility in milpitas a freeman. the problem is earlier, he was sentenced to eight years in state prison. >> we wales people make mistakes. we can't allow this where it endangers the public. >> reporter: it was made by a civilian clerk in the department of corrections. lp lopez sentenced for two crimes eight years for armed robbery
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and pistol whipping the victim and time served for grand theft. the clerk processed only the paperwork for the time served case so he was released. lopez posted selfies on instagram along with what appears to be a shopping spree at the east ridge mall, new shoes, and a meal at the food court. the sheriff's office realized the mistakes six days after his release. investigators went into overdrive to find him and monitoring his social media paid off. deputies took him into custody at a golf course in east san jose the next day. >> we don't take this lightly. it is unacceptable that this happened. we're working to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: he has been rebooked at the main jail. it's unclear if he faces additional charges. clerk likely faces corrective action. katie marzullo, abc7 news. tonight, california is a
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sanctuary state. governor brown signed the legislation into law earlier today. the bill prevents police from asking people about their immigration status or from participating in federal immigration enforcement activities. called the california values act, it will go into effect on january 1st. well, you can expect big crowds in san francisco this weekend when the neighbor's blue angels headline fleet week activities. some people have already gotten a sneak peek at how the angels will defy gravity. >> reporter: if you're like most people, you'll hear the roar of a blue angel before you see them soar over the waterfront. abc7 news found some blue angel admirers at marina green. >> they fly so close together, it's absolutely piazzaing. > i've seen them for 25 years probably. i wouldn't miss it. i love the blue angels. i sound like a groupie. >> the plane flying is incredible. >> reporter: this year, three of the six blue angel are from the
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bay area. navy lieutenant damon cruz grew up in fremon and graduated from hayward's morrow catholic high school. he admired the angels acrobatics during the week as a child. >> to do it, i'm taking great pride in that. >> they're something else. for the schedule of events for fleet week, check out our page on our website >> thousands more will flock to the bay area's largest music festival this weekend. abc7 news was in golden gate park as crews finished setting up for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. more than 100 actions will take the stage. hardly strictly bluegrass continues through sunday ending at 7:00 each night. next on abc news at 11:00, explosive angations against a media mogul.
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harvey weinstein's response to allegations of sexual harassment plus. >> don't be like me, be better than me. >> cam newton apologizes. the fallout from the nfl star's response to a female reporter. >> i'm sandhya patel. the harvest moon the talk of the town. i'll have more pictures plus a look at your fleet week forecast coming up. >> that's fantastic, thanks very much. all of that is ahead. first a look here's what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> if anyone asks, here's what we've been doing all day. a bear doesn't care if you're a movie star. do you think that's
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famed hollywood producer harvey weinstein is responding tonight after the "new york times" revealed decades of sexual harassment claims against him from young assistants to a famous actress. here's abc news reporter linsey davis. >> explosive new allegations tonight. >> harvey. >> reporter: from the "new york times" about harvey weinstein, the studio exec known for producing blockbuster movies like pulp fiction" and "silver
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linings playbook." he's been lauded repeatedly by male and female oscar winners alike. >> harvey weinstein who made this had film. >> now he says he's planning to take a leave of absence to deal with the issue head on. the times described several sexual harassment including from ashley judd who told variety in 2015, i was harassed by one of our industry's most famous admired/reviled bosses. she did not name him at the time but variety describes how he kept summoning her to his room under the pretense of talking about roles in his movies and tried to get her to waf him take a shower. he reached settlements with at least eight women in response to the allegations he said i came of age in the '60s and sechbs when all the rules were different. i appreciate the way i've behaved with colleagues in the past caused a lot of pain and i
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insearly apologize for it. his lawyer says they plan to sue the times saying it is filled with false and dee famtory statements. the times says they are confident in their reporting. abc news, new york. >> former most valuable player cam newton turned to twitter to apologize for his handling of a female reporter's question. >> my word choice was extremely dee grade and disrespectful to children. that was not my intentions. women all around the world, i sincerely apologize into the reporter asked the carolina panthers star about the route a receiver ran during the game. he said it's funny to hear a female talking about routes. told goh yogurtmaker dannon pulled his endorsement because of. the blue angels and more,
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sandhya patel is track the weather for us. >> great looking weather for the weekend. right now, the harvest moon tonight, take a look at this time plaps lapse from our roof camera. the first full moon closest to the autumnal he can i knox. it was amazing. i hope you had a chance to take a look. many viewers, followers on 2013er and facebook had an opportunity to see it. i do want to show you some of the pictures. this one is from san francisco a stunning view from pacific heights. look at another beautiful. an equally beautiful picture of the view of the harvest moon and one more to show you. i thank you all for sending in your photos. this was from napa, stacy anne posted to my facebook page tonight. send us your pictures #abc 67 news and you can send them anytime you want. a live picture right now from our east bay hills camera.
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a stunning view looking back toward san francisco. breeze is kicking up. that's why the fog is not going to be an issue for fleet week tomorrow. tomorrow mild and sunny, 76 when the blue angels do their air show. temperatures won't soaring. 68 degrees into sunday sunshine. the fog has pretty much disappeared except pore one little patch along the coastline long gone towards tomorrow. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s as you take a look from our emeryville camera, a gorgeous view. clear skies. warping trend continues tomorrow. blue skies for blue angels and fire danger increases this weekend. fire weather watch has been issued for the north bay and east bay hills. 11:00 a.m. sunday till 5:00 a.m. tuesday. what's going to happen is the winds will increase 50 plus miles an hour out of the north-northeast. that north-northeastly wind dries out the air mass even
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more. we have dry fuels, low humidity and winds increase our fire danger. be vigilant. tomorrow morning not expecting strong winds. cool to chilly. upper 30s to the low 50s. good idea to bundle up. tomorrow afternoon, shorts weather. 87 in the south bay and san jose looking at 84 in redwood city. nice weather around half moon bay. downtown san francisco 76. north bay sunshine, warm weather, 90s around santa rosa, 82 vallejo, sunscreen and def plenty of water kind of weather. 81 in oakland, inland areas warmer than average. 87 concord, 88 in pleasanton. if you're heading to the coast enjoy this nice weather. beach hazard statement begins at 5:00 tomorrow morning. watch out for rip currents, sneaker waves running through saturday evening. heading to hardly strictly
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bluegrass, friday temperatures in the 70s. saturday sunday dropping into the 60s. tropical storm nate in the atlantic pounding central america, expected to hit cancun, become a category 1 this weekend impacting the gulf coast. hurricane watches and storm surge warnings are up. tomorrow is the warmest day. 70s to 90s. then we'll drop you down into the 80s over the weekend. warming again early next week down coup load the accuweather ap to keep track of temperatures. >> a routine track stop leads to much more.
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a bay area mother and daughter are facing trafficking charges in north carolina after
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130 pounds of pott was discovered during a routine track stop. the orange county sheriff's office in north carolina says a police dog smelled is something suspicious. they found a trunkful of had maine. ruth diaz and her daughter are due in court later this month to face chose charges. >> let's move on to sports. anthony is here with all the highlights. >> the month of october busy including golf. coming up, a new pga tour season tees off today in napa. jose al too va hits the trifecta against the red sox. ho
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> jose altuve stands only 5'6"
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and weighs 165 pounds but after the power show he put on today, the houston second baseman will go down in the baseball history books with some of the game's biggest hitters. astros taking on boston in game one of the alds. bottom one, alex bregman with his first home run of the postseason. houston has a 1-0 lead. next batter awl altuve steps to the dish and crushes it off chris say. he gave up seven runs in five innings. houston with a 2-0 lead after one. altuve wasn't done. he finished with three home runs in the game just the tenth player in postseason history to accomplish that fte. the astros take game one, 8-2 is the final. the yankees and indians game one, trevor bauer was on fire. he had some help from his defense. third inning, look at this play by jason. laying out. bauer had a no-hitter through five. most of bauer's offense came
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from jay bruce who was 2 for 3 with three rbi facing sonny gray. that's a two-run shot in the fourth to make it 3-0. gray only lasted 3 1/3. as for bauer, 6 2/3 shutout innings allowed just two hits. he struck out eight including aaron judge four times. the indians take game one, 4-1. thursday night football, patriots and bucs. new england minus rob groundkowski. one touchdown in the game. 10-7 pats. bucs had a tough time kicking the ball. nick folk misses the field goal. that would have made it a six-point game. tampa gets the ball back. ja miss winston to cameron great made it 16-14 new england. three seconds left for the game winner. oh, falls incomplete. the patriots improve to 3-2 on the season and win 19-14.
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the 2017, 2018 pga tour season teed off today enough at the safeway open. brendon still is in a three-way tie for first firing a 7 under 65, second shot to the par 5 5th. the right distance and rolls right next to the cup. he would tap-in for eagle. he's tied with tyler duncan and tom hogie. not today. 11 pars, seven birdies tied for the lead at 7 under. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. everybody's in objection in october. >> what a great weekend for the golf tournament here. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. abc7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 new


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