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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it was brutal. like, i just don't understand, like, the mindset that someone
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would want to, like, terrorize someone like that. >> she's talking about the driver who forced her off the freeway for just honking at him. good evening. thank you for joining me. now to a story only on abc 7 news is how we'll begin tonight. it's hard to believe that the woman you just saw was in this car and survived. she says she crashed because of another driver's road rage. and today she spoke with alyssa harrington from her hospital bed. >> madison holland gets a kiss from her mother while she recovers from surgery in her hospital bed. the 24-year-old from oakland has several broken bones and a spinal injury he says she got from a road rage crash. holland says it all started wednesday afternoon when a man in a maroon truck cut her off in the caldacut tunnel. >> it freaked me out. i flashed my lights and honked on him and the brake checking began.
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>> reporter: it didn't stop. holland said that driver chased her for seven terrifying miles eastbound on highway 24 until he forced her off the road. >> he kept following me to each lane i would get into. and i was just trying to get away from him. and he, like, he was just, like, relentless. and it was scary. it was so scary. like, he just thought it was some joke. like, it was so funny to be harassing someone. >> reporter: holland's car landed upside down at the dead end of second street in lafayette. neighbor robin pizza heard the crash. >> it was like a boom and this horrible crunching sound. >> reporter: pizza called 911. her twin teenager boys ran to the car and dragged holland out. >> i was just trying to do what was right. trying to get her out as quick as possible. >> reporter: since the crash, family members keep returning to the site to search for holland's cell phone. >> we are looking for her phone. she did get a video of the guy that was chasing her. >> reporter: a gofundme account is raising money to cover medical bills. the chp is investigating.
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officers are trying to track down witnesses and find that driver. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. wow, what an oregon deal. we have a link to madison holland's gofundme page at new at 9:00, the u.s. navy pulled a person out of the water tonight at pier 34. this happened an hour ago near the "uss essex" here for fleet week. the sailors saw a man in the water and rushed into help. the man has a non-life-threatening medical issue. the fire department tweeted out a thanks to the navy for saving the man. well, tonight in las vegas, even as the shock is starting to wear off, the deep mourning is only intensifying. 89 people are still in the hospital. as we are learning more about the timeline of the shooter's final hours and the role of that heroic security guard. senior national correspondent matt gutman is in las vegas for us. matt? >> reporter: five days after the worst mass shooting in american
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history, las vegas police acknowledging they still don't know what drove stephen paddock to open fire on that helpless crowd. >> i get it. we all want answers. we have looked at everything. >> reporter: but tonight we are learning that hero security guard jesus dos campos may have prevented more bloodshed. he responded to a door alarm. >> we believe he was shooting into the crowd and then the security officer was shot during that event. >> reporter: tonight we are learning more about the frantic efforts to save the victims. 48-year-old doug carter was attending the concert with his wife sharis and son aaron. but in the chaos they became separated. you see him dazed and staggering with a bullet in his arm. the man taking this video takes him to a makeshift triage center. >> stay right here. he's been shot. >> reporter: in the dark here, you hear him mumble about his
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gut. when the people helping him pull up the shirt, that light illuminates another bullet hole in his chest. >> i do got one? >> reporter: police officers comfort him keeping him calm. ray page then goes to get his truck. >> i'm going to go try to find medics. returns, ght back. victims piling into his pickup. ray page delivering doug and the others to safety. and it would be 14 agonizing hours until doug was finally reunited with his family. did you know he was hit? >> i had no idea until 12:00 in the afternoon the next day when we found him in the hospital. >> reporter: tonight his son aaron is thankful to the heroes who saved his dad. >> it is just amazing that there was somebody there to help my dad. and he was actually -- i was worried he was out on the street somewhere. i had no idea. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, las vegas. and we also learned today that searches turned up a pill bottle with a volume prescription in paddock's name
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and he reported $5 million in earnings in 2015. most of it from gambling according to investigators who reviewed his financial records. we'll move on to other news, very different change of pace here, you can't miss the sound of the jets flying over the bay, but getting a glimpse takes a little bit more effort. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard set out to find the blue angels. >> reporter: the navy's blue angels roared across the san francisco front, nothing short of spectacular. >> i love the blue angels. i think they are smart. >> reporter: he took the day off to see the fleet week show. >> i left a message that said i have a blue case of wanting to see the blue angels and here we are. >> that might have been one of the coolest things i've seen. >> reporter: earlier this air force f-16 capable of flying at
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mock 2 buzzed the waterfront. >> it's awesome to be here and show the power of the air force what we can do. >> reporter: not to be outdone, this united 747 flew stunts over the bay. this year marks the farewell flight for the jumbo jet. an estimated 1.5 million people are visiting san francisco this weekend. navy s.e.a.l. brandon peterson parachuted onto the marina gree. what a way to make an entrance there? >> yeah, my heart is still pumping pump i ing. >> reporter: he's a member of the parachuting team. >> we love alcatraz and that's my cue to jump. so it is a fun place to pick out that destination before we come in for a landing. >> reporter: brian gilla says fleet week is a time to put aside political differences. >> given that we are having a big debate about the flag and everything lightning that. at the very least, it is art. there's history here and having fleet week here in san francisco, some people like it,
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some people don't. i think it is nice to have diversity here. >> reporter: the air fleet will continue action saturday and sunday. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> isn't that thrilling? we had a perfect blue sky backdrop for the air show today. will that continue? the meteorologist sandy batell is here with the fleet week forecast. >> dan, would i have it any other way? i want to show you the forecast. for fleet week festivities, nothing but sunshine the next couple of days. the air show saturday and sunday. tomorrow afternoon, 75 degrees. sunday, 73. so certainly cooler than it was today, but still mild and still sunny. temperatures bounce back on monday to 76 degrees. so beautiful weather for the blue angels. and if you're going to hardley bluegrass in the park, mid to upper 60s both saturday and sunday. in the mornings, in the 50s. a good idea to have extra
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layers. now, when you take a look at live doppler 7, guess what is spinning right off the coast? i'll let you know in the system plays a part in the weekend forecast coming up, dan? thank you, cindy. we'll talk about the bluegrass festival taking part in golden gate park on seven stages through sunday. ♪ the music fest is expected to draw a quarter million people to the golden gate park. the stages were set up in three meadows, helman hollow and marks meadows. they include t-bone burnett, cheap trick and emmy lou harris. plenty of food but alcohol is not sold. >> i think the best thing about this place for me is just the crowd. >> somebody asked me, where do you get tickets? you don't need tickets, you just walk through the trees and find
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the tickets. >> because of the las vegas shooting, security is tighter at this event. the safety of the attendees is their top priority. more to come, the aclu calls it an all-out assault on women's health. up next, the president's birth control decision and what it means for california. also, the acting i.c.e. director puts california on notice over its sanctuary state law the governor just signed. the threat just issued from washington. and manufacturing in silicon valley. it's a career option one company it's a career option one company hopes more food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing,
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california's attorney general is now fighting back against the trump administration. that's over the president's plan to roll back access to free birth control under the affordable care act. abc 7 news reporter leah melendez explains what it means for employers morally opposed to birth control. >> reporter: churches and religious nonprofit groups were already exempt from having to provide coverage for birth control through their health insurance. but private companies claiming to have their own moral objections to birth control were not. 200 of them had sued the obama administration to change that. president trump has now gutted that requirement. >> we have a president and an
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administration that is so hell-bent on putting a bull's-eye on women in this country. >> reporter: but the trump administration says very few women will be affected. mya who is a law professor disagrees. >> this new rule greatly expands the number and kinds of employers that can say, we will refuse to cover contraception. >> reporter: some corporations have argued that they have the right to assert their religious beliefs. the pill patches and the morning-after pill are all considered contraceptives and to some life-ending drugs. >> birth control is an obstacle to life. i can really look into it, it's the truth. >> reporter: but california had already strengthened its laws requiring all health insurers to cover contraceptives. >> this is about making sure women's essential health care benefits are equally covered. >> reporter: and today the state attorney general and the aclu filed lawsuits. many more are expected. in san francisco, leanne me len
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des, abc 7 news. and abc news confirmed that the attorney general jeff sessions consulted with a legal group that defends conservative christian causes before issuing the guidance today. acting i.c.e. director tom holman released a blistering criticism of california's sanctuary law late today. holman said governor brown's decision to sign the law will undermine public safety and keep i.c.e. from performing the federally mandated mission. i.c.e. will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests at neighborhoods and work sites that will result in collateral arrests. state senate president kevin deleon issued his own news release saying the trump administration is once again making heavy-handed threats against california because we won't help them tear apart families and our economy in the process. doctors in the east bay say they are seeing the effects that fear is having on the health of their immigrant patients. sometimes those patients are scared to go to the doctor
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because of the political climate. abc 7 news reporterle leslie brinkley has the story. >> reporter: recent immigration reforms are hitting local doctors offices and affecting the mental and physical health of their patients. >> i've had patients come and tell me they are being bullied at school saying trump is going to come get you because you're a mexican. i've had patients who haven't come back because they're afraid to get on the road and drive for fear of being stopped and subsequently deported. >> reporter: the doctor is on the front lines watching families she says disenrolling from food stamps and failing to report domestic abuse. so they stay off the government's radar. she says she sees kids with stomach aches and headaches from the fear and the stress. >> it feels terrible as a provider to feel like the structures in our community are just not supporting the people that need it the most, these young children, the families, their parents who are baskted, it is really heartbreaking as a
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provider because it feels like there's little we can do about it. >> reporter: dr. jovi marvin is serving in the underresidency program at usf and decided to bring together a symposium tomorrow in oakland bringing together 200 providers, clinicians and politicians. the all-day symposium will include senator nancy skinner, barbara lee and daca students. >> starting this dialogue is a way to create a supportive environment. so immigrants feel like they can go to the doctor without fear despite their immigration status. in oakland, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. let's go back and talk about the weather for a busy weekend of activities here in the bay area. here's the forecast. >> i don't feel any pressure at all, dan. hey, the latter is going to cooperate for all the events happening. check out temperatures for san jose. the average is 73 degrees. nowhere near average the next couple of days.
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warmer than normal, primarily in the mid-80s through monday before you see a cooling trend as we head towards next week and into the middle of next week. temperatures will come down a few degrees tomorrow and sunday, but not nearly as cool as it's going to get next week. live doppler 7 right now showing you nothing but clear skies. you don't have to worry about any rain this weekend. abc 7 news exploratorium camera, just a beautiful view with the ships there, the bay bridge and the foreground. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 69 in san jose. still warm in gilroy, 71 degrees. look at this view that is priceless. 68 in concord. and one live picture, you can see for miles from the east bay camera because the fog is not in the picture. mild to warm pattern through monday. fire danger increases this weekend. and we'll have that cool fall feeling late next week if you have been waiting for that feeling and haven't gotten much in the afternoons.
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i know you have been getting it in the mornings. we have a beach hazard statement up through saturday evening for the entire coastline. a swell will bring a rip current. so be careful at the coast. high fire danger primarily in the hills heading to sunday morning through tuesday. and that's because we are expecting north/northeasterly winds to increase gusting between 30 to 55 miles an hour. that down-sloping wind lowering the humidity. so red flag warnings will be posted for those areas. and a wind advisory covers most of the north bay, parts of the east bay, also beginning on sunday running through monday. gusts over 55 miles an hour will make it difficult to drive and could down some trees and power lines or branches. here's a look at the hour-by-hour forecast, 36-mile-an-hour winds over the lower elevations. stronger as we head to late sunday night and into monday morning. the winds are still howling. so when the gusts continue to go on with the critical fire weather conditions we're facing,
9:20 pm
you will want to be extra vigilant. just in case you missed us at the top of the show, here's the fleet week forecast. air show both saturday and sunday with mild conditions in the 70s. columbus day, we're going to bump up temperatures into the mid-70s. so nice looking weather. first thing in the morning, clear, cool, not as chilly as it has been, the mid-40s to mid-50s tomorrow afternoon. look at these temperatures in the south bay, 85 in san jose. 86 in los gatos. on the peninsula, sunshin in the mid-70s. 82 in mountain view. pacif pacifica, 68 degrees. downtown san francisco, 75. you are in the low 80s today. so definitely coming down. north bay, 87 in santa rosa, the mid to upper 70s. oakland and fremont areas, 86. download the temperatures hour by hour and minute by minute. the seven-day forecast is bright and breezy, a little cooler this weekend, but overall, mild weather, the 60s to 80s. we'll keep the autumn warmth going for monday and then the
9:21 pm
temperatures come down. noticebly so by thursday and friday. dan, you're only in the 70s inland. things have changed. >> thank you very much. well, coming up next, the new signs going up in the bay area that leave you no doubt where you are heading. and abc 7 is celebrating hispanic heritage u month on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed by highlightin the big areas hispanic community. today we are featuring that's a source for latino news and events happening where you live. we have more details on our abc 7 news bay area instagram page. take a moment to look that ove
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monday's commute may be smoother in the east bay for drivers in a hurry.
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23 miles of the express lanes will open along interstate 680 between walnut creek and san ramon. the express lanes that run both northbound and southbound from rutger road to acosta boulevard will need a fast track transponder or be ticketed between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. the actual toll rate will be determined by realtime traffic conditions. it will still be free for carpoolers and motorcyclists. finally, a decision from calltrain on the future of bike storage on board trains while we are talking about commuting. a public poll closed over a month ago and this is the option caltrain is going with. it's similar to the way bikes are stacked on board now, but the new electric train cars are a higher capacity. caltrains carry about 6,000 bikes per day. the new electric trains should be rolling in 2021. entering certain areas of alameda county is about to get more obvious. the county's arts commission
9:26 pm
selected three local artists to paint these signs for castro valley, san lorenzo, ashland and charity land. they will also appear on certain overpasses for 880, 580 and 238. the artists will paint them by hand. the work starts in the spring. and more to come, talking diplomacy and technology. those topics brought hillary clinton to stanford today. coming up, a ran-up of her comments and what is getting the most attention. also, the president's foreboding message. what did he mean when he said, this is the calm before the storm in a room full of military leaders? and up, up and away. and up, up and away. google delivers cell service to
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we'll begin this half hour with president trump who delivered a foreboding message. in a room full of military leaders, he said that we are witnessing the calm before the storm. abc's senior white house correspondent cecelia vega was in the white house and asked the president to explain. >> reporter: in the white house state dining room, this is the image president trump summoned reporters to see. the president smiling surrounded by his top military leaders and their spouses. then came the unsolicited cryptic comment. >> you guys know what this represents? i think it's the calm before the storm. >> reporter: what's the storm? >> it is the calm before the storm. >> reporter: what storm, mr. president? >> we have a room full of military people in this room, i will tell you that.
9:31 pm
thank you all for coming. >> reporter: what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> reporter: and today in the oval office, we tried again. mr. president, what did you mean by calm before the storm yesterday? what did you mean by that? >> thank you very much. >> reporter: after a wink and a pause -- >> you'll find out. >> reporter: the comment especially ominous as the yilgts united states is engage in a war of words with korea and the president is on the verge of decertifying the nuclear deal with iran. or maybe this was trump being trump. >> we're never going to say in advance what the president is going to do. >> reporter: how seriously should the american public or american adversaries take these comments? >> i think you can take the president protecting the american people always extremely serious. and if he feels that action is necessary, he'll take it. >> reporter: cecelia vega, abc news, the white house. hillary clinton dropped into a downtown san francisco bookstore today among the titles
9:32 pm
was clinton's new book about the election. "what happened." it was billed as an autograph stop, not a book signing. and clinton also made an appearance at stanford university tonight to celebrate stanford's launch of the global digital policy incubator. the former first lady talked about the need to keep america safe in cyberspace from threats to our national security and economy. and the former secretary of state and presidential candidate also vented her frustrations about possible russian tampering with last year's election. >> we learned just this week that some of the facebook ads, specifically targeted michigan and wisconsin. two of the states that decided the election by razor-thin margins that suggest that the russian strategy was even more sophisticated than we knew. >> mrs. clinton then sat down for a conversation with the former ambassador ilene don ho.
9:33 pm
it was entitled digital diplomacy and democratic valuings. vice president mike pence and his wife were in puerto rico to assess the damage from hurricane maria. he toured by helicopter and visited forces on the ground. he told victims that the trump administration will be with them every step of the way. >> as president trump said, we will get through this. and we will get through this together for everyone. >> the trip comes three days after president trump visited the island and praised relief efforts without mentioning the criticism that the federal response was slow. and late this evening, the fcc gave google's parent company alphabet permission to send up balloons like this one to provide emergency cell phone service to puerto rico. thousands of cell phone towers were knocked down in the hurricane. google engineers hoped to use
9:34 pm
the project loon balloons to provide both voice and data services to residents on the island. well, some tech companies are taking job recruiting to a new level. they are inviting students as young as 13 to consider careers in manufacturing. abc 7 news reporter david luis explains a worker shortage is behind this initiative called national manufacturing day. >> reporter: jay bells blue sky innovation center one of san jose's 1500 manufacturing companies. it opened its doors to students to show them how 3-d printing and robotics are ushering in a new generation of factories, shifting manufacturing from overseas back to silicon valley. >> companies like amazon have set our expectations to get things right away. and as we look at the future of manufacturing producing where your customer is, saves you time and money, and it affords really good high-paying jobs. >> reporter: but there's a shortage of workers, in part, due to baby boomers reaching
9:35 pm
retirement age and the insufficient number in the pipeline as replacements. the hope is that these students from the advantage stem program will see manufacturing as an attractive career. some jobs require a college degree while others don't. >> you have everything from the service technician who is learning a lot of the skills on the job all the way to a well-educated engineer who is helping iterate the next prototype. >> reporter: students receive a course on manufacturing and recognize its importance. >> for engineering, there is, like, one major process that every uses, but there's multiple ways to determine it. so multiple people see the same thing in different eyes. >> the process of manufacturing, that's what i thought was really cool. it's like a whole assembly line. and it's a whole system. >> reporter: so how do you measure the success of today's visit? well, some of these students are still eight years away from graduating college. but one teacher told me that two of her students are in a high
9:36 pm
school welding program actually got hired here. in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. the winner of the nobel peace prize was announced today. >> the norwegian nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for 2017 to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. ican. >> this goes to a group called groundbreaking for their efforts to create a nuclear ban on nuclear weapons. >> obviously, this means everything for people that have worked tirelessly against nuclear weapons, for nuclear disarmament for decades. >> the group known as ican hopes this sends a message to nuclear armed states including the united states and north korea.
9:37 pm
previous nobel peace prize winners include young education activist malala y ourks,
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tesla has big plans to expand in fremont. the company is renovating two office buildings on dumbarton circle that could accommodate more than a thousand workers. the move will actually affect freep mon fremont and newark. and that has some people concerned. >> reporter: it's another bay area city undergoing a rapid transformation. >> i've seen a lot of building, a lot of construction, a lot of
9:41 pm
new homes. gets me worried. >> reporter: and in fremont, martha martinez worries about her family being pushed out of their home. >> the rent is going to go up higher, just maybe a year ago we moved out because our rent increased 500 in a month. >> reporter: call it a sign of the times, perhaps the new normal as companies like tesla made plans to expand, relocate and set up in the city. >> we are part silicon valley. we are part, we are part of the region now. we are no longer the little city outside. >> reporter: not far from the dumbarton bridge, change is coming to this part of dumbarton circle. renovations have begun on these two buildings that will eventually house tesla as the company makes plans to build beyond its current factory in fremont and the headquarters in palo alto. according to our media partner, "the bay area news with 230,000 square feet, the space can accommodate up to 1,000 workers on typical planning and zone guidelines.
9:42 pm
many business owners in fremont and newark say it is good for the local economy. >> it will be more excitement and more restaurants opening up, there will be more people coming in, so it is good for the city, good for people, good for community. >> reporter: residents trying to embrace the new while reflecting on the old. in fremont, chris wynn, abc 7 news. stay here with us. we'll be up next with an update on the forecast. and when we talk weather, e city that suffered h
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9:45 pm
new orleans is in the cross hairs of hurricane nate tonight. heavy rain and a dangerous storm surge is threatening the pumping system in the city. abc news reporter steve to sosai
9:46 pm
is in new orleans tonight. >> reporter: this is a state where they are racing against the storm. in new orleans they are especially worried, a dozen of the city's drainage pumps they need to keep the city dry are not working tonight. many are out there clearing drains in st. bernard and jefferson parishes. more than a thousand families are being forced to leave their homes. >> one of greatest threats to this storm is not necessarily interior rain but storm surge. >> reporter: billy ross is leaving tonight. he's moved everything off the ground. >> you don't know what the surge is going to do f. y. if you don't pick it up, you lose it. >> i mean, you can only do so much. you can't run from it. >> reporter: the storm has already killed 11 dead in nicaragua and 8 in costa rica. dozens more are missing after washing away mudslides.
9:47 pm
>> abc's steve osansumi there. and sandy patell is here with the weather. >> i want to show you a sunset from the east bay hills camera at 6:45 tonight. crystal clear skies and a few wispy clouds in the backdrop. it was just a stunning sunset. live doppler 7 showing you no clouds there, no fog. and we're not expecting any any time soon. highs tomorrow afternoon coming down a few degrees from today. today we had mainly the 80s and the 90s. tomorrow the upper 70s to 80s. still warm for your saturday. here's a look at hurricane nate in the gulf of mexico. it has just crossed the cancun area. it is a category 1 hurricane. expected to remain a cat 1 as it makes landfall between new orleans and mobile, alabama, sometime tomorrow evening as a category 1. continuing across the eastern seaboard, now right now it looks like the biggest threat as you just heard in that story prior to me, the storm surge and heavy
9:48 pm
rain. accuweather seven-day forecast in the bay area, we have nothing to complain about. moderating temperatures, a little cooler the next couple of days. the mid to upper 60s coast side and inbe lainland. watch out for dpusty winds on sunday and monday to elevate the fire danger. sandy, thank you very much. well, a fleet week, free music and a celebration of all things italian. if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, we've got you covered. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has ideaing from our partners. >> fleet week is here. and as we honor the contributions of the men and women of the united states armed forces, set sail on a living museum. the national liberty ship memorial known as the ss jeremiah o'brien. they will take you around the area with incredible views of alcatraz and still have the best seats in the city to watch the navy's blue angels. tickets are on sale for both saturday and sunday and include
9:49 pm
hot dogs, hamburgers and chowder from the bakery. a wine selection and hand-crafted beers will also be available. boarding begins at 9:00 i'm morning at pier 45 and sailing goes from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. three days of free live music comes to golden gate park with the bluegrass festival. no tickets need. head to helman's hollows friday and saturday. enjoy 90 acts on the stages throughout the weekend including randy carlyle, stephen burnett, randy newman and lucinda williams. or let your italian roots shine at the 149th italian heritage parade. the action starts sunday at 12:30 at jefferson and powell and fisherman's wharf. the parade route then continues through northeast on columbus and ends in washington scare park where you'll find the ferrari sports car display. all the parade events including hands-on activities for kids and families are free. for details on these events
9:50 pm
and more, go to our website, abc7 ne and we'll link you. >> there's a lot going on this weekend. anthony flores is here with a lot going on in sports. we have everything under the sun including golf. coming up, the golfer who flirted with the pga's magical tour of 59. and kevin durant's magic number is this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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well, the warriors are making a lasting impression on their field trip to the far east. and the nba just absolutely loves it. they are in china helping to grow the game by preparing a preseason contest. the warriors' fans were loving kevin durant after he shows off his shooting touch. k.d. drains a half-court shot at a nike event. the entire crowd got a free t-shirt because nike, because
9:54 pm
durant made the shot. k.d. looking like he's already in mid-season form. and we still have three more games left, or two more in the preseason. derek carr has raider nation fired up. he is listed as questionable against the game versus baltimore. the back injury of this sort is listed two to three weeks. the coach shot down questions about him before they were asked. >> there are a lot of question marks on the injury report, and that's what they are. so i'm not going to talk about injuries and what we may or may not do and who we may or may not play and how we are going to utilize people. i'm not getting into all of that, but we have a number of guys questionable. and, you know, we've got time before we tee it up. quarterback news on the college front, stanford's keller chris will start at utah for the
9:55 pm
cardinal. chris was hurt on this play against ucla in last week's win over arizona state. the red shirt freshman looked good in that start. now coach david shaw says he will play some this week. and 13 proved to be a lucky number for cleveland. the tribe needed 13 innings to pull off an epic comeback against the yankees. now, it didn't look good for the tribe when aaron hicks crushed a three-run homer to put new york up by three. they would eventually taken a 8-3 lead in the bottom of the sixth. it's still 8-3. bases full for francisco lindor who hits a grand slam off the pull to rock cleveland. brings the tribe within a run, 8-7. cleveland ties it up in the bottom of the 13th. scorching this down the third baseline, austin jackson, come on down. the indians walk it off, 9-8, your final. they lead the series 2-0 and could wrap up that series on sunday. former a drew pomeranz and
9:56 pm
the red sox try to even their seize with houston, but not going to happen. a two-one shot to carlos careia. in two-plus innings, pomeranz gives up one water cooler and a glove. the astros win with a four-one in the sixth. they lead the series 2-0. they can sweep on sunday afternoon. and dusty baker's nats hosting the cubbies in game one of their series. throwing no-no for the nats, kris bryant with the first hit and the rbi single scoring javi baez. and bryce harper can't come up with this. 2-0. strasburg gave up three hits and struck out ten. top a former ryan mattson trying to keep it close.
9:57 pm
riz z rizzo does it again. the cubs win, 3-0. game two is tomorrow. the game is happening in napa. a 59-watch for justin hadley who eagled the 9th to finish the front nine in 30. he would stay hot in the back on 14. he rolls in the birdie, had a streak of four-straight birds on the back, but needed a whole lot on number 7. the realistic see the of shoot ing 59 slides by. he had a course record 61. he's bun whack of the leader going into the weekend. >> sometimes you can just, well, you know, everything just seems to go your way. and it did today, which was great. i had a shot at 59, didn't pull it off. but it was certainly nice to play well and put myself in contention going into the weekend. to the pitch, world cup qualifying, the u.s. needing a win over panama to feel good about their chances. 8:00 in, christian polasik doing
9:58 pm
it all himself and the u.s. takes a 1-0 lead. he draws the defense to make a great cross. three goals in the first and the u.s. would cruise, your final 4-0. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. a little bit of everything. and i can tell you, the sharks are on the ice tomorrow against the kings. we wrap in everything. >> you're not kidding, every sport you can name. >> a busy day. that's the way it should be. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, an emotional night in the south bay. friends and family of the las vegas shooting victim gather to honor her memory. we'll have that story. also, this is not your typical police call. residents tonight in the north bay community shocked over what turned up in their neighborhood. those stories and a lot more on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us then. that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for sandy patell, i'm dan ashley, we appreciate your time.
9:59 pm
hope to see you in one hour. we'll live you now with the thrilling sight over san francisco, the blue angels doing what they do best. they have two shows this weekend, one on saturday, and one on sunday. and man, they are something else. roaring across the city. have a good night. we'll see yo u in one hour.
10:00 pm
today, the stories of two murder cases. one in la jolla, california. the other in a suburb of melbourne, australia. in our first case, a newlywed falls for a handsome doctor.


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