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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 11, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. tonight, live coverage on the wild fire burning through the bay and beyond. we'll have the latest evacuation orders for people in the danger zones. >> as the wind shift the bay area notice more smoke in the sky creating unhealthy air quality. protection in the form of a face mask may be hard to do. one detailo look for to ensure what you're paying will make a difference. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian sze. > . >> new evacuation orders issued in the last few orders. a mandatory order for the entire city of calistoga. >> man story evacuation orders
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are in affect for geyser vil. downtown geyser vil is under advisory right now which mean people don't have to evacuate yet. >> evacuation in lake crow and boise hot spring and the city of sonoma. >> and also for boise hot springs and sonoma. the advisory includes arnold drof -- drive to petaluma avenue. >> the area we're showing you is southwest of the evacuation area. traffic backed up through downtown sonoma. this is an advisory evacuation which means it is not mandatory not yet. >> but it means be packed up and ready to go. >> absolutely. >> in fairfield people under volunteer evacuation order
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because of the fire. >> people who live west of i-80 should be ready to evacuate. there are no mandatory evacuation orders for fairfield currently. >> tst fire burning, atlas fire in napa county now topping 42,000 acres. the tubbs fire has ballooned to 28,000 acres with 25% containment. >> the partridge fire has doubled in size. fires in mendocino has burned 32 acres. >> a total of 21 people died due to the fires burning. 3500 homes and businesses burned dwn. >> in sonoma county the sheriff updated the number of missing people to 285. 13 missing people have been located. firefighters will get more help fighting the flames. >> these fires are getting the
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priority for resources in the state. we have leaned very far forward to get recourses not only from round california but across the country. >> the commissioner of the highway control asked that drivers stay of north bay road ways unless they absolutely have to be in the area. >> the entire city of calistoga is under mandatory evacuation order because of the tubbs fire. loni live at the scene there. >> reporter: you can see the street, not a lot of action going on. trucks coming up empty, most of the homes down there have already been evacuated. just a couple moments ago firefighters were going door to door telling people they feed to leave. the only action i've noticed is the wind. if you look over here, the flag and a couple of the trees are starting to pick up more and they're expecting that wind to pick up as we get into the
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evening. further down lincoln avenue tip, we're not noticing as many cars. there's maybe a chance most of the people who were here they've left. we did catch up with a couple of residence franticly trying to get out of here. >> i've got to go and find a place, there's no cell service here locally to call out, i can text out but not call out, and they can't call me. so i have no way of getting ahield -- >> it's still unbelievable. we can't bereave there is really happening. we haven't been in a situation like there. >> make sure everybody's out of the city as soon as possible. >> reporter: to firefighters have been going door to door telling people about the mandatory evacuation here in calistoga. they're telling people conditions have changed, they're urging them to pack their cars and leave.
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the population here the 5,000. we don't foe how many people have left but it does seem more quiet since blen we first got out here. the woman who we spoke to earlier, stephany murder cot we found she was able to reach her family, she reached our phone. they reached each other atheshl able to leave. the big concern is the air and smoke which i can slow you it's getting smokier here over calistoga this evening. at this point, the feeling i'm getting from a lot of people is that they're taking precautions, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. live here in calistoga. actions abc 7 news. evacuees are told to go to canyon high school. sky 7 was over live showing you people gathering supplies. check out that huge bank of
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smoke looking live over orange county of napa. this is north of the city of napa, west of the silverado trail. the pocket fires headed south towards geyser vil where there are mandatory orders in effect. the river walk of casino closed and won't open until tomorrow. deion joins us live from geyser vil. >> reporter: this is really remarkable. over the course of several hours going from the afternoon to the evening, not only has the fire intensified but the fire fighting efforts as well. we started a few hours ago at a small lake seeing choppers dipped in and out of the water picking up water dropping it over the flames. as those winds have intensified going from the north to the south, threatening the homes and the main part of the town, we
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see these giant tanker planes circling the area, making one pass, accessing the area and deciding where to drop the water and flame retardant. i've spoken to a man a moment ago who has evacuated and lived here since the 1990 days. he tells me he is devastated but it could be worse. >> it's frightening, horrific, it's sobering. i think that one thing we all try to tell each other is, those are things up there. >> reporter: back out here live, i can tell you the way this small town is described, there only are about 800 to 900 residence here. it is a resort town with all the wineries in the area. that small yet mighty is the way to describe this community. i've been told my multiple people here they've been consistently in contact with
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others, checking on their neighbors, making sure everyone is okay. as we are live taking a look at this video you see a tropper transporting waters about to drop it into those smoke clouds just over the ridge right there. you may not be able to see it from this advantage point but there are large homes tucked in those hills behind the trees. unfortunately as we see some of the smoke darkening we can only think perhaps that is one of the homes up there that is on fire. so, for now i'm deion lynn reporting live in geyser vil, abc 7 news. >> deion thank you. poor air quality is across the bay area because of the wild fires. here's a live look at the view from mount tan, the east bay hills and san jose as well. >> the schools across the area will all be closed tomorrow. ash has been falling on some bay
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area neighborhoods. >> that's right. christian spencer is here with an update on the conditions. >> i'm afraid we don't see any immediate approvement in air quality or in the level of fire danger. you can see we got smoke across the area. this was the scene this afternoon as seen from our black and white satellite. you can see clouds of thick smoke moving southward from the north bay fires because of the northerly wind. we still have winds generally out of the north. you can see at 13 miles per hour right now. the pattern continues. this is a hazy view from mount tan and you can see the air quality's going to be unhealthy in the north bay tomorrow and not much better in other areas. modest improvement on friday but not significant. our red flag warning for high fire danger, that's in effect
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now from 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. tom. that's over in the east bay and mountains, goes into effect 9:00 tonight and remains through tomorrow 5:00 in the afternoon. that's one reason for the red flag warning, we have low humidity and strong gusty winds. that pattern likely to continue through friday possibly into the weekend. dan. >> spencer thank you. the eastern edge of the atlas fire is spreading. abc 7 news reporter alissa brikly continues the coverage from the area of fairfield. >> reporter: hi dan, i'm at the end of green valley road. fire officials confirmed that this fire is advancing and growing right now. you can see some of the flames, we're here on the southern flank
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where they got dozer lines and firefighters down there right next to those flames clearing brush to hopefully keep these flames from reaching homes in green valley and beyond. there are more voluntary evacuations here. >> we packed up jasper, jacks, presley and pete. they're probably making enough noise all the way to keep me company. >> ran clers in this community got the message to evacuate. >> law enforcement and friends told us only pack your vehicle when you're ready to go. don't have done it last night because there's a lot of looting and car break ins going on. pack when you're ready to get out of here. >> reporter: she and her husband was ready. >> i was just walking back and forth into the house and thinking this might be the last time i see all this stuff i've collected my adult life. as long as we get out of here
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safe that's all that matters. >> i actually had to get the sheriff's department to escort me to get the family out because my ex-husband is blind, and he's got cancer. >> reporter: princess bella was along for the ride to a shelter where they slept in their car with cats and their african parrot. ken anderson got out with his dogs willy and chap pi. they are living at this tiny trailer and he's worried about the wind. >> we were in the trailer and we got hit by winds late at night and you're thinking what's happening. >> reporter: above the evacuation center you can see where the fire over night jumped over 121 north. firefighters saved homes, the land around them score.
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ed. hot spots still evident every where. >> some people have very modest homes and some people have lost multi million dollars mansions and home is home, and loss is loss. but love is love and it is very powerful and people have come together with a very loving spirit, that truly is a blessing. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of the leading edge of the flames of this atlas peek fire as it creeps right now into sola solano county. the big difference for us, we got on to this hill top maybe an hour ago. at first the winds were browing the smoke to -- blowing the smoke to what would be your right. right now the winds have shifted so the smoke is blowing to the left here or to the south. that was the wind shift talked about, the whole question for
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everyone that's evacuated and worried about this fire is how strong are the winds going to get tonight. right now they've got control of things but they're worried about the wind. reporting live in solano county i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. some of the icons done by the wineries are below the wineries. next we'll take a tour of the first one to have burned in napa. more impact the fire has on consumers. i'm michael fenny, part of that stardoming up on 7 on your side. we'll leave you with a live look from sky 7, our hazy skies producing a beautiful sunset. more to come.
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. happening now, napa residence gathering for the second town hall meeting today there. this is where people are getting the latest information from authorities. earlier today a standing room crowd of 300 people packed in at browns elementary school. they were told to be prepared to be out of they're homes for a while. one of the first bildtings to burn when the fire started sunday night was the whine trail in napa. vick joins us live to show us what's left there. vick. >> reporter: well christian, what's left are bottles of wine like this one, totally melted by the hot intensity of the flames.
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lots of bottles here like this. that fire came here like a speeding train sunday night. it raced through this building of the winery up the hillside. what's amazing about that fire, it had a very narrow swaft. it missed everything else here. if you swing that camera around, it missed the outside patio, the outside furniture, the hillside, everything was still in tact. >> it was beautiful, it really was. and you know, a lot of us in it right? >> reporter: to be exact, 30 years of making wine here for ray and his wife. beautiful it was. their winery overlooking the valley. the vineyards beautifully phone lined ov-- lined over the landscape. >> this will be a patio here, you'll be walking through the
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doors here into the building. >> the winery was right in the path of the raging fire. ray was out of town with their two children. his wife called him sunday he said she was hysterical. >> i believe the fire started up on atlas peek at 10:00 and came roaring down there way. literally got here 11:30. >> reporter: the blaze fuelled by 50-mile-per-hour comb from the mountain engulfing this t building. >> used to be a wine bottle. >> reporter: wine bottles melted under the intense heat. bottles in the wine rack were flattened like pancakes. amazingly the fire spared everything else in the winery including the invaluable crush pan. >> our equipment looks fine and wine tanks. our barrel and structure's in
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tact. >> reporter: perhaps almost important almost all of his grapes had been picked. this was not the first encounter with a destructive fire. 11 years ago when a huge blaze swept through warehouses he lost 15,000 cases of wine. this is another stage of his life. >> i can deal with this, i can rebuild this. >> reporter: and he will. he's determined, he's got a lot of resolve. now the napa valley estimates at about 90% of the grapes were already picked before the fire. this was an early year, thank goodness. the gary neighbors that are left were told are mostly cabernet gre grapes. those grapes we're told a thicker skin. that's different than what's called a smoke tanked. that's good news. abc 7 news.
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>> thank you very much. as you well know wherever you live air quality across the bay area has been made worse by the fire. dust masks are in very short supply. chris wynn live in campbell tonight with the story. chris. >> reporter: dan, good evening. you should be able to see some of that haze behind me. air quality here in the valley has gotten worse throughout the day. it has affected a lot of people. in the santa clara valley some wonder how much smoke and haze from wildfires will fill the sky. >> everyone was overwhelmed with how fast the fire was spread. >> reporter: at ace hardware in san jose employers have tried to keep the shelves stocked with supplies. he's telling ten times the numbers of face mask and represents rarts than he
7:22 pm
normally would this time of year. many people are looking for the n-95 respirator which is designed to filler 95% of dust and mold. >> i carry at least one in my purse for when i'm out and always like to leave a couple in the car. >> reporter: people just trying to protect themselves how ever they can. >> i'm going back inside and make sure keep everything closed. you just never know. i don't want to take a chance. >> reporter: in campbell please people came out to exercise in the park before the air takes another hit tomorrow. dr. lisa hernandez says it's important for certain groups to take notice. >> folks with heart disease, respiratory problems like asthma, young children and older individuals. >> reporter: from the north bay to the peninsula a number of store are running low on items. some people are turning to
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internet for products they can't find locally. >> those products have been coming in, teens have been pulling it out as soon as they can and its selling before it hits the floors. >> for the past few days, school districts throughout the valley has been limiting outdoor activities on a case by case basis. they are checking to see if the air quality is going to be much worse tomorrow, that is the projection right now from the bay area air quality management district. it might be a good idea to check with your child's school in regards to any cancellations related to sports and activities. reporting here in the south bay, chris wynn. abc 7 news. back to you. >> we have a list of school closures on our website we both know the air equal turned on the weather but perhaps not the same way. >> spencer christian tracking conditions for us. >> regarding air quality it's
7:24 pm
going to take a shift in wind direction to move that smoke away and improve our air quality. you can see the smock on this -- smoke on this doppler image. let's take a look at the black and white satellite. this is how that smoke looked, big, thick cloud of smoke from the northerly wind into the east bay and south bay. we're looking at the wind gust animation, beginning into the late -- going into the late night hours you'll see conditions going into the early night hours. it'll be breezy all across the bay area again tomorrow. once again the wind will be coming down out of the north cll carry more of that slope down into the popular areas. this is a view, we're looking at the western sky from emoryville with all the haze hovering over
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the bay. 60 in san francisco. 57 half moon bay. this is the view from our camera downtown san francisco. more temperature reading, mid to upper 60s santa rosa, navarro. concord and liver more. watch the smoke in the sphere, these are our forecast features. poor air quality persists in the next couple of days. it will be warm and dry over the weekend which doesn't help the fire risk at all. look for lingering haze, temperatures in 40s tomorrow. ranging to low 60s at the coast. upper 60s around the bay. he's the weather seven day forecast. temperature range won't change friday, getting warmer on saturday, and even warmer sunday
7:26 pm
and monday. low sevens on the coast. temperatures going to increase. humidity will remain low. even if the winds are light we still have high fire danger. next an update on the .
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officials say crews are making good on the redwood fires. >> firefighters have had a direct control line between those two areas since this afternoon with 5% containment. >> question was asked, are we not fighting -- not -- not addressing the fire or fighting the fire after 7:00 p.m. at night until daylight. that is not the case. we are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we will stay there still this is mitigated. >> crews are mopping up hot spots trying to protect structures not damaged or burned. suddenly far fire off lake county is 40% contained. that fire has burned 1500 acres and crews have it wrapped up. >> they're mopping up hot spot and burned out sources there
7:30 pm
will be reallocated to the redwood fire as soon as they come available. >> these two fires combined called the mendocino/lake county fire has burned lots of homes and structuring in danger. our coverage for the wild fire continues at 6:30. new information about what could have sparked the fires in the north bay. we'll leave you with pictures of sky 7 over the smoky zone. who are these people?
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people are packing up and moving out of calistoga, mandatory evacuation orders went out for population of 5,000 people. police and firefighters went door to door telling people to
7:34 pm
leave at once. evacuation advisory is in effect for boise hot springs, sonoma. people are packing roads to get out of town. evacuations here are not mandatory at this time. the death toll for northern california stands at 21. flames destroyed at least 3500 homes and sinesses. sonoma county's sheriff says his deputies are trying to find missing people. so far 213 missing people have been located. new at 6:00, the i team has spoken with pg line man who leaved down line powers sparked the fires in the north bay. >> the line plan wants to remain anonymous but the i team reviewed recordings and in the early morning disaster several calls came in about power lines falling in the high winds and
7:35 pm
transformers exploding. >> little investigation 10-20 maverick. possible transformer explosion. >> be advised there are power lines down with a transformer blown. >> the lineman told the i team, customers may also be to blame because they often resist when crews try to cut back vegetation. >> i team, a statement that reads in part, these destructive winds along with millions of trees weakened by drought and renewed vegetation growth from winter storms all contributed to some trees, branchs and debris impacting our lines across the north bay. the entire statement online at abc >> we've seen several neighborhoods burn to the ground. >> on roland oaks, abc 7 news
7:36 pm
reporter found a family they say mixed with guilt and gratitude. >> reporter: nothing seems real, yet. >> i'm going to start crying if i talk about it. >> reporter: here rooms together suggesting that this was someone's bedroom. -mile-per-hour mark lousily brion and brad's house unscaved. >> we feel so grateful and yet we feel a little giuilt /* glt - guilty that people we care about lost everything. my mom included. that was not there when i drove out and the fire was on the property already. >> reporter: returning here maim they had wonder, what if it had been then, would they rebuild? >> initially we'd say we'd be done. you have all your love of 17
7:37 pm
years of money into the piggy bank and it's horrible horrible. >> reporter: as their neighbors work through that same question there are new concerns. gusting winds expected to pick up, potentially spreading embers to areas spared by the fire so far. in santa rosa, melanie wood row. abc 7 news. we're hearing from viewers asking to help locate loved one. the family of ellen and bob pear son's family reached out to us from new hampshire. they haven't heard from the couple in two days. the daughter says their parents are good about keeping in contact. here's another couple, brian and yew done ya erickson of santa rosa. if you seen or know the whereabouts of any of those folks go to and
7:38 pm
we'll link you to the office of emergency service hot line. santa rosa police found the body of 69-year-old linda tunis was found today. family found her remains while sifting through her burned down home. coming up, 7 on your side michael fenny will join us with important information about fire vict
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look at this closely, new video gives you a drone's perspective of fire damage in santa rosa. this is from josh hainer in the "new york times." the drone flew over the coffey park area which is almost completely, as you can see, destroyed, leveled. >> looking at that devastation caused by the wild fire is truly hard to understand. >> abc 7 news reporter has an example from santa rosa. >> reporter: suzette car land stands on the front porch of her father's home. the three-story home now just a pile of ash and rubble. >> it's so overwhelming whether you see it. it becomes real. >> what could you say, we lived
7:42 pm
here for 19 years. you know, and i mean our friends, it's just like -- it's like a war zone and it's beyond a war zone. >> reporter: the car lands came back for the first time wednesday to loolk for their cats. instead they found the entire neighborhood of more than 50 homes destroyed. >> i know i know. >> reporter: not one house left standing. >> it's hard to picture but these were upper middle class homes, well-maintained, good neighbors and friends. we used to have block parties on labor day. >> reporter: lary car land said they had minutes to escape. they ran out with they're dogs and clothes on their back. >> four evacuations in 30 something years there. and where they fought it off our roof and our house always survived. >> reporter: she expected her
7:43 pm
parents' house to survive this. the father and daughter sifted through debris every once in a while finding something that looked familiar. susan uncovered a set of dishes from japan. a ceramic frog on the front porch somehow survive it had flames. the little things that could mean a lot in a time like this. in santa rosa alissa herring ton, abc 7 news. very tough moments ahead. spencer back with the forecast next. >> we'll leave you with a look from our
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i want to show you some dramatic before and after pictures from the 2100 block of santa rosa. this is a lovely neighborhood, nice homes. take a look at this blue and green home in particular. remember that. our producer went out to the same block yesterday with a 360 camera. do you see the blue and green homes, they still remain intact.
7:47 pm
look around, across the street, total devastation. the neighborhoods' homes destroyed on that block. the blue and green homes are okay. we do have more of these 360 pictures on our website, they are very difficult to look at but you get a realistic view in the middle of devastation and you can begin to understand what the evacuees will be coming home to. >> those are haunting images. even as more north bay residences prepare for evacuation many face what to do with their pets. abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom is live. a shelter providing answers. >> ready. oh it's so great, my goodness. >> this brave little puppy got his first vaccine from the vet here at the playground. >> now that he's gotten his shot
7:48 pm
i'm going to introduce him so some of the dogs. >> smoky was aptly name. it was smoke and fire that drove him and other pets out of his home. >> it was like gone. grab what ever you can. >> reporter: the red cross knows pets are part of the family. >> we got dogs, cats, couple of birds and turtle. >> they're all here at a place for humans where pets are welcome. >> there is ideal for people with their pets. there's a lot of people that aren't going to leave their pets. >> reporter: it's true for deborah warren. >> we had to stay on the street or the car, that's all the choice we had. >> reporter: when your dog is your only friend knowing you can come here makes it easily. demand for this shelter is high and as the winds pick up they're setting up cots to open a second building for another waver of evacuees who want to stay with
7:49 pm
their pets. as the red cross prepares for the people the california veteran corp prepare for their pets. >> they were able to gave us krats and food for our animals. water, bowls, toys. >> for erin the good faith of pets has restored her love for humans. >> the human toll of the north bay fires go beyond homeowners. >> it does. for those who work and enjoy sonoma are being affected. >> michael fenny here with the look on the effect of a huge winery. >> your home, life and job has threatened. your income. we spoke to two different experts on the wine industry. both say the impact from these fires could last as long as a decade. if there is such a thing as a good time for these devastating fires to hit, this might have
7:50 pm
been it. the harvest was pretty much over. limiting the impact on sonoma wine industry. >> short-term i think it'll be for the the next three to six months i think you'll see a lot of people staying away. >> many wine directors see a shortage of their favorite wines. >> the worst off will be the wineries that lost everything. the consumer may be facing higher prices. >> at least four wineries in the napa valley has suffered total or significant losses. the trade group, napa valley vineyards has said others suffered some damages. total loss play not be flown for a while. >> sonoma really got hit, i think their having big problems. >>fully vineyards that will have
7:51 pm
to be replanted will take a decade to produce quality grapes. >> young vine don't produce the flavor in a wine than one that's been around for 20 years. >> heat will also be a factor. >> we don't know how much wine in the vats is going to be loss because of heat. >> san francisco state encourages those who have enjoyed napa over the years to return and support this region and the people who work there. i want to hear from you, 7 on your side hot line monday through friday, 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page as well. let me tell you about a huge list we put on abc
7:52 pm
we contacted a huge winery. if you have questions about a winery you can go on and see what it is at last point we knew how they were doing. >> it's not just about enjoyment of wine it's about livelihood. spend spencer's back with forecast. >> mendocino county they're getting ready to evacuate their homes. smoke all over the bay area and it's going to linger through the nighttime hours. low temperatures ranging from upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrows sun shine. upper 60s around the by the way. low to mid-70s inland. for the next two days we can expect more unhealthy air at least through friday. fire danger remains high. here's the accu whether every seven day forecast. looks like the weekend will bring us a warm up. we still have hire fire danger.
7:53 pm
>> thank you spencer. >> nice to get a break from all of this seriousness and stalk about sports. all right guys a little distraction for you. raiders hoping for good news at their quarterback position. a chance of who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the raiders at an early cross road after losing the last three games. derek krar point of view about his return sunday against the
7:56 pm
chargers. derek entered denver where he was twisted in a position and kneeled back on the tackle. he left the game and did not return with a fracture on his vertebra. >> it just hurts, really nothing much more to it. it hurts. but it's not like anything that's like, oh man, if i take a hit i worry. it's not that i worry it's one of the things you got to deal with. >> always watch or quarterbacks very carefully. we think he's ready to go, we'll see how practice goes through the week. but, you know, things are encouraging. >> also today, all of the bay area pro sports franchise banded together to raise $450,000 for fire relief efforts. the raiders cut practice short because of the air quality due to the north bay fires. >> the area smells like someone's barbecuing to be
7:57 pm
honest. that's what i didn't know it w like that. our prayers with all the families who have lost houses and loved ones. that's real life, that's hard. >> and abc 7 sports report brought to you by river walk casino. you see franchise donated and soon maybe individual players. >> and then the fans too. >> join us tonight at 9:00 okay coffey t.v. channel 13. >> crews spread out across the north bay. updates on the fires, that's at 9:00 on coffey. >> here's the line up at 8:00, goldbergs followed by speech less, modern family and american housewife. at 10:00 catch a new designated survivor and we'll be back at 11:00. >> abc 7 live it's jim kimmell
7:58 pm
live. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian sze. have a good night.
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