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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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new evacuation orders and advisories tonight as the north bay wildfires continue to burn out of control in napa and sonoma counties. good evening. i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us. within the last 30 minutes the sonoma county sheriff's office issued a mandatory evacuation for parts of eastern sonoma vale including cassel road including north of loval valley road and seventh street east of north lovall valley road r.residents are instructed to leave
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immediately. take everything and going. joining us on the phone is scott alonso with the sonoma county emergency operations center. scott, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. thanks for having me. >> thanks for coming on. >> i gave a quick thumbnail sketch. up date us on what's just happened from your perspective. >> the winds are still flowing in pretty high tonight. we're very concerned that fire activity is still on the rise and in certain areas of the county. we have advisory evacuations that came out of northeast santa rosa a few minutes ago. we're very concerned about the fire in guyserville and in sonoma valley like you mentioned so we're urging residents if they have received an evacuation order to please gather their belongings and leave if it's a mandatory evacuation and if anyone has been issued a mandatory evacuation do not return home because it's not safe. we need to be able to clear those areas and ensure it's safe to return. >> one thing to point out here, scott, so many areas in and
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around wine country, there are two-lane roads to get in and out of. they clog up pretty quickly. don't want to waste any time. sometimes it comes out and residents can be prepared and back their cars ahead of time and gathering their belongings and important papers and pack your medications can't you can't get them in time. most of the form sis nor sonoma county is open and you can get your prescriptions filled on an emergency base sxwlis what are you going to be doing with your people overnight. what are the priorities? >> again, it's life saving responses from our firefighters and law enforcement personnel. that is still the pop priority. protecting life and property and that's ongoing. we have a lot of support from the state and our partners through mutual aid and various low chases are sending resources here and we really appreciate it. we do want folks to keep using our community hotline which is
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770-565-3856 to report any mission persons. we've had 600 reports. we've been able to locate safely 315, but there's still 285 outstanding. >> okay. all right. us boston what's happening in sonoma. what are you hearing about downtown sonoma and what are your concerns? >> there's an advisory evacuation from boids hot spring. the fire is moving. had to issue an evacuation for agwa caliente. a lot of areas in that area are under a threat and we want to make sure people can be prepared and evacuate immediately if needed. >> before you go, conditions are turning again not in your favor with low humidity and winds picking up again. what are your concerns -- what are your thoughts rather on how
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much more this could spread and how much worse this might get. we're not out of this yet, are we in. >> we are not. it is changing on an hourly basis. the situation is very fluid. it's dangerous in those areas. we're asking folks to take these evacuation orders seriously and not return to their home if an evacuation order was given if it's a mandatory one. it's not safe out there. still doing fire suppression and life-saving operations. >> okay. scott, thank you. i know you and everyone up there in an official capacity are doing everything you possibly can to protect people and property. scott alonso, sonoma county emergency operations center. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, dan. >> parts of geiserville are also under a mandatory evacuation tonight as you've just heard. 50 engines from oregon were helped to call in the flames and threatening this small sonoma county town. helicopters and tanker presence and even a 737 spent the evening dropping water and flame retardant. most of that air attack has to
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stop after sundown because it's simply not safe to fly but the ground crews will remain this 24/p an fighting all night long and the big tanker back up at first light and many more. also an evacuation advisory in parts of healdsburg. many residents have left and that's where we have this report. >> reporter: dan, within the last is a minutes, the sheriff's office put out a new evacuation advisory and that's for the rio lindo academy and surrounding areas, so those folks need to be ready to go if they get the call. as you said, the shelter has been housing people from santa rosa and surrounding air why is and they are now starting to get locals as parts of healdsburg on local advisory list. >> cardinl newman is gone. >> reporter: healdsburg ambulance drivers took this
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video as they evacuated patients sunday night and monday morning. some of the drivers and emts have lost their homes and continued to work for days since the north bay fire started. now the company's offices are threatened in healdsburg as part of the city are under an evacuation warning meaning be ready to go at a moment's notice. >> fitch avenue, blach mountain and the bottom of witch mountain which is us. >> we'll wait, i suppose. it's hart to leave your job when this is supposed to be what you do. >> reporter: people are loading their photos and mementos into vehicles preparing to leave hand grabbing the crucial documents. we saw other people wetting down roofs and yards with sprinkler systems. at this point the healdsburg community center does have available pets and they are also a pet-friendly shelter and they have current updated information regarding the fires. live in healdsburg, katie you'dies, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. many people are leaving the sonoma vale after being advised to evacuation.
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abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is live along one of the main escape routes. lillian? >> dan, arnold drive and the roads leading up to it had been bumper to bumper as people who live in this area chose to leave to in. boyd's hot springs, alvarano and north sonoma are under an evacuation advisory and most people heeded the warning and left. because it is an advisory some people are taking more time to pack. one couple we spoke with said their priority is to take the items that can't be replayed, things of sentimental value. many are surprised to be in this situation. flames have been hovering along the ridge for days but the fact that they have now been advised to leave is something most people here have never experienced. sonoma plaza is like a ghost town. everything is closed and now that flames could be coming this way the owner of figona's olive oil company took the time to
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empty his store hauling away as much inventory as they could. >> told that the fire is getting close to the square. i belt 30 years in my business and i'm not going to let a fire take it. clear everything out, as much as we can, and if the fire doesn't get to the square we'll head and move everything back in. trying to save everything that we can. >> sky 7 captured video of the flames that are threatening boyd's hot springs, alvarano and knowna springs. those who live on eastern edge are now under a mandatory evacuation orders and as soon as we're done here we'll be heading that way. live in sonoma county, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> we'll hear from you then, thanks so much. eerie and frightening. an evacuation advisory, not mandatory, has been issued for parts of the city of napa. the affected area is east of downtown and the silverado trail. it's roughly bordered by highway 12 to the south and highway 221 on the west which becomes soscal
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avenue downtown. the weather is the key factor of what happe in the next few horse. sandhya patel is here with a look at the westbound conditions and humidity conditions. >> the humidity was really low this afternoon. it has come up, but in turn the wind is also beginning to pick up as we take a look at live doppler 7, you'll notice that the skies are clear here in the bay area. watch our radar. this is taking you back in to im. the fire is so intense, fires in the north bay that you can see, some of the intensity of the smoke getting picked up by our live doppler 7 here, so this is just how immense the fires are. when had you take a look at the winds in the hills they are beginning to increase out of northwest at mt. tam. that's why a red flag warning is up for the north bay hills until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night. it goes up for the east bay hills, the santa cruz mountains and monterrey counties and it runs until 5:00 poly.
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gusts could reach over 50 miles per hour. low humidity which means fires could start and sprepd rapidly. wind advisories for the same areas and toppling trees. power lines not out of the question. notice that the winds are increasing as we head into the wee hours of the morning. over 30 miles per hour hat lower elevations and this continues into tomorrow morning and it is only going to remain on gusty side going into the afternoon and evening. smokey skies capturd from our emoryville camera. air quality is terrible out there. i'll be back with a look at the forecast coming right up. dan? >> sandy, thanks very much, a look at whehe fires are. atlas fires in thana county is now at 42,000 acres plus. the tubbs fire is 28,000 achers were 10% containment and the partrick fire is now more than 9,500 acres. fires in mendecino and lake counties have burned 32,000 acres between them. sonoma county raised its debt toll sadly to 13 bringing the
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total number no 23 of those killed from the fires burning across several counties. more school districts have decided to close because of the wildfires, some outside fire zone because of all the smoke in the area. schools have been closed for the remainder of the week. diablo, martinez, pittsburgh, antioch and west contra costa west unified school districts have closed all schools for tomorrow. most public schools in the fire zones will be closed through friday including all sonoma county schools except for those along the coast and northern edges of the county. also closed all napa valley unified schools and napa vale college. calistoga, st. unified and helena unified are shut. we have the complete list at and on the abc 7 news app if you need to go there for the full list. please, do so. santa rosa has been hit very hard by these wildfires, devastating destruction there. seen several neighborhoods
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literally wiped out, burned to the ground. on rolling oakes, abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow found one family who says they feel a mix of guilt and also gratitude. >> reporter: a row of mailboxes in santa rosa still standing, each of the homes they go to demolished. nothing seems real yet. >> i'm going to start crying if i talk about if. >> reporter: other rooms blend together. the remnants of a bed suggesting this one was someone's bedroom. >> looking at our neighbor's home on either side us are gone. there's nothing. >> reporter: miraculously brine and brad's house is unscathed. 17 years of memories, untouched. >> we feel so grateful and yet we feel a little guilty that people we cared about lost everything, my mom included. >> reporter: abandoned vehicsle in the middle of the roadway could be signs of desperate attempts to escape. >> it was not there when i drove out and the fire was on the property already. >> reporter: returning here made the family wonder what if it had
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been them? would they rebuild? >> initially i would say we were done because you have all your love and 17 years of money into the piggy bank and it's just horrible, horrible. >> reporter: as their neighbors work through the same question there are new concerns. gusting winds are expected to pick up spreading to areas spared by the fire so far. in santa rows, a, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> well, the impact of the wildfires is not limited to it the immediate area. it's an issue for people who don't even live here. here's a live look at sfo where hundreds of airline passengers felt the fire impacts. we'll have that story and coming up take a tour of one of t
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you know, we're hearing from a lot of viewers asking for hope locating loved ups so we're sharing these pictures in that effort. the family of ellen and bob pearson reached out to us from new hampshire and haven't heard from the santa rosa couple for a couple of days. their parents are usually good about keeping in contact so they are desperately worried.
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brian udonja ericsson of santa rosa, both 80 years old. sheriff's deputies checked their home and found one of their cars. family members hoping they were able to escape in the other car. if you've seen or know the whereabouts of any of the people we've shown here go to and we'll link you to the offices of emergency services hotline immediately. >> i mentioned earlier there's an evacuation advisory for part of the city of napa. officials want people to be ready to leave home as soon as an evacuation is issued. residents packed in city hall this evening to hear the latest details from city and state officials. winds as sandhya told us will pick up from the northeast which is a concern from the eastern side of the city. >> i know you've probably been preparing like crazy wondering how much preparation do we need to do and when do we need to hit the go the button and get the heck out of dodge. we hope to give you as much notice as possible.
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that's our goal and with the extreme weather changes and extreme behavior it continues to beat us to the punch in some cases. >> so if as sandhya says the winds from the north pick up, could be real trouble. cal fire and its incident command team is in charge of the operation and it will make the call to evacuate specific neighborhoods just as soon as necessary. well, smoke from the north bay fires impact flights at san francisco international airport today. more than 100 flights, in fact on unit, sky west, virgin and jetblue were cancelled. others delayed. here's a live picture now from the airport. with low visibility, planes could not land simultaneously. many arriving flights were delayed and average of two hours and arrivals and departures were affected by the smoke today. so what about tomorrow and the days ahead? meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the full forecast. >> i suspect there will be more delays in the days ahead as we take a look at a satellite
9:19 pm
picture which really captured what it looked like this afternoon. can you see very clearly that the smoke, high clouds passed through, but the smoke was basically in this vicinity heading southward as the northerly wind kicked up. policeability has gotten better, but it certainly was not like this earlier today. visibility right now at fairfield. five miles, and i know it's still smokey across oakland, concord, livermore roaring visibility down to six miles, so we have seen an improvement but it's not going to last very long. here's a look at the forecast. bad air quality the next several days. you're look at high fire danger through tomorrow and it is going to be warmer as we hit the weekend so here's a look right now at a live picture from our east bay hills camera. it is shaking a little bit as the winds are beginning to come up. from live doppler 7 perspective we're seeing clear skies right now and airport delays do continue at sfo. 206 minutes right new so well over three hours on arriving
9:20 pm
flights, and as i mentioned you'll likely see delays in the days ahead. golden gate bridge camera, it is terrific from this vantage point. 60 in san francisco and 50s in gilroy and half moon bay. kgo roof cameras, lower elevations, not seeing a whole lot in the way of the wind. the wind will ramp um later on as we head towards the overnight hours. 58 in santa rosa right now and currently 60 degrees in concord and we will continue to see poor air quality. spare the air alert will remain in effect for days to come, unfortunately. so when you take a lock here for your thursday, very unhealthy air in the north bay where the wildfires are. for the rest of you, notice, you're all in the reds including san francisco, so definitely unhealthy air. try to limit your outdoor activities. if you have respiratory issue, i would stay inside and definitely cope that in-mile-per-hour. friday doesn't get much better, still unhealthy to poor and as we head towards saturday and sunday, not expecting a lot in
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terms of it improvement. relative humidity tonight. pretty high at 1 is being p.m. but heading towards tomorrow afternoon they are dropping again down to the teens in some areas and that's a big concern for the firefighters. 17% relative humidity in santa rosa going into 3:00 p.m. friday as well so very dry air. windy in the hills and temperatures low 40s to low 50s. definitely smokey and hazy out the door as we head towards your afternoon, keeping the hazy to today. you. low 80s to 70s. it's going to be smokey and breezy for your thursday and windy at the highest elevations, low 60s to mid-80s and we'll keep that apartment going into mid-friday. as we head into the weekend the winds do relax but the warmth builds mid-60s to low 180s saturday. sunday even warmer with 70s and 80s going into monday and then the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures do drop on tuesday and on wednesday we're looking at much cooler weather and partly cloudy skies
9:22 pm
and one model has been continuously hinting at a slight possibility of some showers in the north bay. that certainly would be welcome news to the fire crews battling those wildfires and download the accuweather app and keep track of the winds hour by hour, minute by minute and those temperatures as they are changing. dan >> wish it would have rained tonight. >> that would have been nice. >> a live picture from oak ridge five miles south of geiserville. can you see flames are roaring there. parts of geiserville are under a mandatory evacuation order, an unincorporated community. some vineyards and wineries and small restaurants. again, part of it is under a mandatory evacuation order tonight and can you see in this
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our coverage of the north bay wildfires and as awful as it has been, and it has been that, the outpouring of support and generosity in the fire zone has been truly heartwarming. jessica castro and photographer patrick cedillo spotted tables of clothes in the cafe in santa rosa. the owner put this together and with help of friends they gathered up a truckload of clothes and other stuff and drove it all the way down from sacramento. from wilson, this is personal. >> my family is from santa rosa and moy mom has been standing at kaiser and she got evacuated to san rafael, men's clothes and baby clothes and women's clothes, strollers, blankets. >> matthew got some help from
9:27 pm
his wife who put out a call for donations on facebook. if you want to help, you can donation. text red cross one word to 90999. that sends $10 to the red cross, and if you wish to volunteer there's number on your screen. let me read that to you, 770-577-7600 to get involved and help the people who need it. >> a mandatory evacuation went into effect in calistoga and one woman was near panic. >> there's no cell service here locally. >> how we
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a live look again from ridge
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observing five miles south of kaiser vail. as you can see, the fire is spreading and burning furiously. parts of geiserville are under a mandatory evacuation order. wildfire like this is always scary and even more so at night. there's a lot of concern tonight as the wind shifts and pushes north that this could cause even more problems for so many people in the north bay. many neighborhood that had hoped to be out of harm's way could find themselves suddenly threatened but this is a live look near geiserville in sonoma count de. the fires keep growing and moving towards neighborhoods across the north bay. just like that one. the number of dead sadly has risen to 23 and that includes 13 people in sonoma county. that's a new figure. officials fear though that that number will increase. in sonoma county 285 people are still unaccounted for. cal fire says more help is on the way to firefighters including crews from california to other states.
9:32 pm
everyone living in calistoga faces mandatory orders to lost city and by early this evening you could see smoke and helicopters attacking the fire in the hills outside calistoga. people were frantically trying to get out. police officers and firefighters went door to door urging people to leave immediately, and once that word came, one woman struggled to find her family. >> they are all i've got. they are all i've got and i've got to go and find a place. there's no cell service here locally. to call out. i could text out, but i can't call out, and they can't call me, so i have no way of getting ahold of them. >> what's your name. >> she's so worried. moments later that moment connected with her family by use one of our phones to reach her loved ones. tonight we found one man who stayed behind to spray his house with water despite being told to leave. in fairfield people in the east ridge community are under a voluntary evacuation order because the of the atlas fire. people who live west of i-880
9:33 pm
should be ready to evacuate if and when it becomes necessary and with this thing shifting and moving so quickly that word could come at an unexpected time and you could have very little time to move out of harm's way. the only mandatory evacuations in the area are for green valley. an advisory went out to rancho solano residents and less loy brinkley found some folks there already leaving. >> we've packed up jasper, jacks, pressley and pete and they are probably making enough noise all the way to vacaville to keep me companies. >> friends told us to only pack your vehicle when you're ready to go, like don't have done it last night because there's a lot of looting going on and car break-ins and that kind of stuff so pack when you're ready to get out of here. >> and she and her husband are ready. >> you're looking at your life packed in the back of your vehicle here. >> walking back and forth into the house and thinking this might be the last time i see all this stuff that i've collected my whole adult life, you know,
9:34 pm
but as long as we get out of here safe that's all that matters. >> i actually had to get the sheriff's department to escort me to get the family out because my ex-husband is blind and he's got cancer. >> princess bela was along to a ride to a shelter where they slept with their car with cats and their african gray parrot. ♪ >> reporter: ken emerson got out with his dogs willy and chappy and are living now in the tiny air stream trailer at the solano evacuation center and he's worried about the wind. >> we were in this trailer here and it get buffeted by the windowcationly in the middle of the negotiate and you think what's happening to firefighters up there. the guys that are working hard. >> reporter: above the evacuation center you can see where the fire overnight jumped over 121 north to berryessa.
9:35 pm
firefighters saved homes, the land around them scorched. hot spots are still evident everywhere. >> some people have had very modest homes and some people have lost multi-million dollar mansions and home is home and loss is loss. but love is love and it is very powerful and people have come together with a very loving spirit and that truly is a blessing. >> reporter: fire officials confirmed this blaze is advancing, and they are worried that overnight the wind could push it into homes in green valley. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> and, of course, we're focussed in our immediate area, but this crisis is not just limited to the north bay. crews are battling more than 20 wildfires across the state. a cal fire map shows the locations that we're talking about. you can see most are in northern california. the largest are are the fires burning in sonoma, napa and mendecino counties. cal fire says there are close to 8,000 firefighters working on
9:36 pm
the fire lines as we speak. a new mandatory evacuation is in effect for mendecino county because of the redwood fire. all of porter valley is now evacuated as well as the roads going to porter valley road. the redwood fire in mendecino county has burned nearly 30,000 acres and is 5% containedch the sulfur fire burning in the clear lake oaks area off highway 20 is 25% contained. that's burned 2,500 acres and crews have it wrapped up. currently mopping up hot sports and burned out structures and resources there will be reallocated to the redwood fire just as soon as they become available, as soon as they can be freed up, they will being on the move to the next trouble spot. those two fires combine make up the red wood complex fire that's destroyed 250 homes and 990 structures. 800 structures though are still threatened. now, governor brown says the damage total when this is all done from these fires will run not billions and billions of
9:37 pm
dollars. >> we've had big fires in the past. this is one of the biggest, the most serious. it's not over. with a warming climate and dry weather and reducing moisture, these kind of catastrophes have happened hand they will continue to happen and we have to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate. >> the governor does say he's encouraged by the promise of federal aid from washington. the abc 7 news i-team has smoke with a curtoni pg&e lineman who believes downed power lines and exploding transformers actually sparked the wildfires. the lineman wants to remain unanimous, but iteam reviewed monk dispatcher recordings in the early moments of this disaster and several calls came in about power lines falling in the high winds and transformers exploding. >> hazardous conditions, possible transformer explosion
9:38 pm
fulton road at old redwood highway. >> we've been advised there are power lines down with a transformer blown. >> the lineman tells the iteam customers may also be to blame because they often resist when crews try to cut back vegetation. pg&e sent the iteam a statement reading in part these destructive wind along with millions of trees weakened by years of droughts and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms all contributed to some trees, branches and debris impacting our electric lines across the north bay. we've posted the entire statement at abc 7 news president come. santa rosa police have arrested three suspected looters within the evacuation area since the fire started. the department has received roughly 69 calls of possible looting, 15 people were questioned, three have been arrested. each either had outstanding warrants or were in violation of their probation. well, stay here with me. a lot more to come.
9:39 pm
an oakland woman is making it her mission to help. just ahead at 9:00, her effort to bring some comfort to
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9:42 pm
all professional bay area sports teams, warriors,ese, raiders, the niners, the giants, the quakes and sharks are joining together to help raise money for the fire victims. they started this you caring page. the teams have committed $450,000 and want their fans to donate also. all the money will go to the red cross. so many who have been displaced need help obviously, and that includes just getting some of the basics right now like clothing and things that we all use every day. sue graham of oakland founded an organization founded one closet to get clothing and the basics
9:43 pm
to disaster area, especially children. friends and neighbors dropped off donations and sue got ready to head north. >> so i'm in the process of delivering close to 4,000 garments. about 30 blankets and these are specifically clothing for teenagers, so we are coming to the rescue to the teenagers. >> sue was headed to shelters in santa rosa and petaluma with those supplies. disasters like these wildfires often lead evacuees with pets struggling to find a place for their animals and they are worried sick about it. coming how the red cross is helping and change the agency made after
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
one of the first buildings to burn when the fire started
9:47 pm
sunday negotiate was the sign ha rello winery. abc 7 reporter vic low has a look at what's left. >> it was beautiful. really was, and a lot of us in it. >> reporter: to be exact 30 years of making wine here for ray and his wife. beautiful, it was. their winery overlooking the valley. the vineyard still beautifully lined over the sloping landscape, untouched by the fires, but the winery, fwloer story. >> that will be a little patio right here and you'd be walking in through the doors right here into the building. >> the winery was right in the path of the raging fire. ray was out of town with his two children. his wife called him late sunday night and he says she was hysterical. >> i believe the fire probably started up on at lack peak around 10:00 and came roaring down this way an literally got into this area by i think 11:30.
9:48 pm
>> the fast moving blaze fueled by 50-mile-per-hour winds came from the northern slopes of the mountain engulfing the building. >> that used to be a wine bottle, hey maizing. >> reporter: wine bottles melted under the intense heat. >> pushed the cork out, boiled the wine right out of it and torched -- that's a cork that's burnt. >> reporter: bottles in the wine rack were flattened like pancakes. amazingly the fire spared everything else in the winery, including the invaluable crush pad. >> our equipment looks fine and the wine tanks and our barrels are intact and our barrel structure. >> reporter: perhaps most important almost all of his grapes had already been picked. the this was not ray's first encounter with a destructive fire. 11 years ago when a huge blaze swept through warehouses at mare island he lost 15,000 cases of wine. so this is simply another sustaining of his life. >> i can deal with this. i can rebuild this.
9:49 pm
>> reporter: napa valley vintners estimate that about 90% of the grapes were already picked before the fire. this was an early year, thank goodness. the grapes that are left we're told are mostly cabernet sauvignon grapes, those grapes have a heavier and thicker skin which is resistant to smoke taint, a taint that's caused by the heavy haze so that's good news. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> we have an update tonight about the status of the safari west wildlife preserve near santa rosa. so many people worried about that. the park remains closed and is evacuated because of the wild fires. safari west posted an alert saying conditions there remained largely unchanged and the animals are safe, secure an surprisingly relaxed considering the situation. our crews worked throughout the day to tend to the animals and bolster defenses around the preserve. well, as even more north bay neighborhoods prepare for the possibility of an evac air, the
9:50 pm
biggest question some face is what to do with their pets. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom is at the sonoma state -- sonoma county fairgrounds where one red cross shelter is providing an answer. >> you ready. first one. ready. go, go, go, go, go. >> oh, so brave, my goodness. >> reporter: this brave little puppy just got his first vaccine from the volunteer vets here at the sonoma county fairgrounds. >> now that he has his shots i'll go and introduce him to some of these dogs so it should be fine. >> reporter: smokey is aptly named. it was smoke an fire that drove him and all these other pets out of their homes across sonoma county. >> just like that gone. you grab whatever you can. this is what i got. >> the red cross knows pets are part of the family. >> we've got dogs, cats, a couple of birds and i think we have a turtle. >> reporter: and they are all here in a shelter for humans where pets are welcome. >> no question this is ideal for people with their pets. certainly one of the less softens katrina there's a lot of
9:51 pm
people that aren't going to leave their pets. >> reporter: true for debra warren. >> would have had to stay on the streets and stay in the car because that's all the choice we have. we don't have any relatives here. >> reporter: in fact when your dog is really your best friend, knowing you can come here makes the decision to evacuate easier. >> some were leaving and some were staying and i didn't want to take a chance with the two dogs so i decided to come here. >> reporter: demand for this shelter is high and as winds pick up they are already setting up cots to open a second building for another wave of evacuees who want to stay with their pempts the california veterinary medical reserve corps prepares for the pets. >> they were able to give us crates for the animals and give us food for our animals, water, bowls, toys. >> reporter: for valerie panici the generosity towards animals has restored her faith in humans. >> just the goodness in everybody. the it's just amazing. >> reporter: in santa rosa, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> keep in mind, sonoma county animal service, this is open 24/7, accepting lost and found pets and providing free
9:52 pm
services. this dog was brought in yesterday. ten-pound chihuahua was found on lanse drive and santa rosa avenue. sonoma county animal services is located on center court after airport boulevard. when had a sweet little dog. one last time in this hour, let's update the weather forecast and the conditions and the fire lines with meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya? >> dan, the conditions on the fire lines won't get any better. let me show you some pictures that some of our viewers and followers on twitter have been sending in. this one is from fair feil. look at the smokey skies from earlier today. here's another view from south fremont showing you the sun setting with a thick layer of smoke. the bottom line is next knew days expect unhealthful air small and smokey conditions and high fire danger. red flag warnings in effect for the north bay hills right now. they will go up for the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains heading into 11:00 p.m. tonight and running israel 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. gusty winds and low humidity
9:53 pm
keeping that fire danger elevated. gusty winds for the same areas could reach wind gusts at over 50 miles per hour which mean trees could topple and power lines could come down and the fires already out there could get worse. clear skies and highs for your thursday. low of 0s to mid-70s, hazy due to the smoke. accuweather seven-day forecast smoke sticks around friday through the weekend but temperatures relax over the weekend. >> thanks very much. a little bit of sports and mike shuman is here. >> raiders are hoping had the return of their injured quarterback will end a three-game slide as derek carr told us today. his pain threshold will be tested sunday against the charger. his thus as we look ahead to sunday next in sports.
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the raiders are in an early season cross-road after losing their last three games. quarterback derrick carr was very positive about his return sunday against the chargers. carr was injured in denver on
9:57 pm
this sack when he twisted in an unnatural position and need in the back on tackle. left the game and did not return with a fracture in his vertebrae. today he felt possible his pain threshold would allow him to play on sunday. >> it just hurts. real el nothing -- nothing much more to it. it just, you know, it hurts, but it's not like anything that's like old man. not that i worry. one of them things you've got to deal with, like everybody in the nfl right now. >> all right. to the diamond nlds, cubs hosting the nationals in the best of five series. must-win for the nats. strsburg was originally scratched with the flu and insisted on pitching. no score in the third. ron zimmerman hits the ball to former a addison russell. nats lead 1-0. strasburg was dealing and struck out ben russell and jason heyward.
9:58 pm
12 ks for the flu-stricken strasburg. to the eighth, bases full of nats and michael taylor took care of that with a grand slam and the nats had force a game five with a 5-0 victory. yankees taking on cleveland's american league cy young front-runner corey kluber, win or go home. grigorius hit two home runs off the ace and sis hekd made it 2-0. brett barder in beat hicks on an epic 12-pitch at-bat. yankees come back from an 0-2 deficit to win the series 5-2. this sports report has been brought to you by toyota. >> thanks very much. our coverage. north bay fires continues tonight at 11:00. we are live in six north bay communities with team coverage. some are ghost towns. others are filled with evacuees. what everyone is watching, the flimgs and where they will
9:59 pm
spread. sandhya is tracking the wind conditions very closely. that's the key. we know the humidity is down but the winds are going to creep back up again, it look like, an that's not good news on the fire lines. but we'll update all of that for you come up in one hour but for the most, for all of us i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time and will see you again in one hour over an channel 7.
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