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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. a red flag warning in effect, winds are picking up as firefighters try to stay one step ahead of the flames that threatens thousands more homes. >> the winds pushing more smoke not bay area making the air quality worse. a resident of a retirement community tells her frightening fire storm experience. >> annouer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> you're lking live at the sonoma county fairgrounds where we expect a live update within minutes on the wild fire that rank amo the deadliest in california history. i'm christian sze. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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wind picking up tonight. >> there's now a mandatory evacuation along part of highway 198 near geyser vil and hills berg. officials stress the fire is not threatening the city of hills berg tip. >> anyone in thisrea in blue is told out. it's north of highway 28 of biaser road and chalk road. there's still an advisory in place for awe gauically m caent. be prepared to evacuate. >> the authorities is updating eryone on what's happening. let's bring you an update on e burning.or stories that's
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the redwood fire near ukiah, the nones doory in sonoma county. >> and the tubbs in napa county still the largest. you can see the acreage. two more victims in the meantime was found in the atlas fire bringing the total nber dead from there fire, 34. been evacuated across the state. >> we know these are stressful and taxing times and peopleave gone through a tremendous amount ofoss and grief is beginning to set in. >> the tubbs fire is now considered the third deadliest in calornia history. governor browne and senators finestein are all set toisit sonoma county tomorrow. >> the entire city of calistoga
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remains evacuated because of the approaching fires. laura live. >> reporter: the sun is setting but folks should know the fire fights continue at a brisk pace. the rig behind me is on guard duty. th are going to hold this line, the dozer line right here at highway 29. fighters in calistoga intend to battle back any fires that cross any lines. highway 29, we want to make sure we keep it on the north side of highway 29, so we're making sure the switch backs but keep the heat out because the slight chance in the wind will blow the fire back ovethe road.
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>> in the meantime, fires hovered over hedge making water drops near the summit and near robert lewis stevenson state park. l the efforts above have not been lost on the residence below down in calistoga. like this family thateft a message and snacks in front of their evacuated homes. some residence have decided to stay behind, there feeling more at ease now they're still well aware. this fire above them is still far from out. >> i think the other night when the wd was supposed to come ou we took shift sleeping just in case. >> same goes from the tireless fighrs on the front lines. >> how's everybodyoing? >> we're moving along here, we got folks her that have been on the line for a long period of time. we have a job to do and going to make sure we get it done. >> live to the sonoma county fairgrounds with the sheriff.
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>> i got to get people to understand this is a dgerous event ks it's n over. so, first warnings is there's a couple of graphic language parts in the state, if you'r running live they're not cut. we're going to streamt on facebook live and not cut out the graphic language so it's really not appropriate for children if you're watching on facebook live but it's human, real, honest and traport so we're going to show it like it is. with tt said i'm going to ask them to srt the tape. i'll answer questions about the tape and everything else, we'll move to that. >> [inaudible].
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>> [inaudle]. watching is body cam video shown presumably of the fire fight, yeah. and we will warn you there may be some lanage that the sheriff warned us about, they decided not to edit that out. he putt may not be suitable for children but it's very human and real. >> you can sees firefighters go into some of the areas evacuating people, they have their flashlights, they're walking into the fire zone with embers flying. this is what they're showings for the very first time. >>et's listen for a moment see what we see. >> sheriff wants to see -- carry out, ready. >> hold on hold on hold on hold on. >> the house on fire. >> you got to get it up. >> okay hold on.
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>> there we go. watch your watch your leg watch your leg watch yoush leg. sir, you goto go. >> -- the fire's right there, anothe unit you're covered. >> t-rank can you get out? >> -- windows -- [inaudible]. >> - windows. >> i got --
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>> -- [inaudible]. >> 5555 -- they are -- sheriff what do you make of the evacuation area in fa springs area? >> [inaudible]. >> copy we coming out now. uns up on the hill be advised -- [inaudible]. markest is nearly impossible at this point. >> -- fire is [inaudible], copy. >> george bush -- snauld two elrly that -- [inaudible]. >> please don't hit me.
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>> [inaudible]. there was a resident on -- 2020. -- fire -- >> okay. >> 49 sample -- pass. >> [inaudible]. >> what have we done on -- [inaudible]. >> [inaible]. >> we got to keep pushing the evacuations as far west as i can. as i said cal fires they don't
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have a lot of containment so they're going to continue to push the fire. be ready to evacuate 101 all the way to red line. damn. >> [inaudible]. >> [inaudible]. mandatory evacuation orders.a leave your homes. sonoma couy sheriff's office mandatory evacuationorders, leave your homes. sonoma county sheriff's office, mandatoryvacuation leave your homes. >> [inaudible]. >> [inaudible]. >> 10-4. oks like everybody's leaving. need a unit out hoar to do that.
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>> go, go, go. go, go, go, go. drive,o! >> [inaudible]. >> so, t point i want to emphasizes that's a terrible ene. that's one deputy's camera. minutes of clips from the hours he was up there. there were 15 other deputies during the sam thing. i personally listened to the radio the entire time it was happening and heard the rad traffic it never stopped. i really need people to understand stay out. if this fire goes back up it's dangerous. with that -- let m add this, this is on facebook too. pick it up if you don't happen. i'll answer any questions. >> -- the extent of injuries that happened during fire? >> i know there are injuries, i don't know how many thgh. that nighteople were transported to burn centers.
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>> when you say pick up the new technologies -- >> sorry i don't know where that was. >> -- one of the body you recovered from -- >> so the question was there was a report that tre was one of the bodies located from the journey innrailer park? >> y. >> very well could be. our team has been there for a while tod so that could be i >>. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? >> how is the search team coping? >> how is the search team coping. it's a difficu job but they do it. it's hard work, it' difficult work but it's rewarding in the respect that you realize you're doing something really important to families, and you take some pride in that piece of it and that balances out some of that. that tak an emotional toll. >> are they safe out there, do
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they have enough people with them? the question was about the -- safety for theorkers and these environments. obviously a lot of dange out there. concerns, so they're suiting up in gear to go and do this. they're checking for safety. they're doing fine. people, this is what they we're using mostlyearch and rescue people, we send them out to search for all kinds of things. time, some have that experience but this is n unusual. >>. [ inaudible questi ] >> no, we have not looked at all e video. i have spoken to many of the deputies that came off the hill that night. their eyes were red and burning from the sme. the intensity was unbelievable. i had a deputy come down off mark west saying i never had seen a fire move like that. i was right there when he got
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off the hill you can see the intensity in what he saw. i've never been in a fire like that, the look on his face i don't want to be there. [ inaudible question ] >> this was early- the story i'm telling wasarly before fountaingrove but it was all of kind at at one. >> but after ts point -- [inaudible]. >> they were sll doing it in different areas. the areas i e-vacs went on for veral hours. that little clip of tape you saw goes on r hours if you're able to listen to the radio tracker for hours, they keep moving the vac ways up. >> we saw an officer -- [inaudible]. >> i'm very very very happy their still safe because that's a difficult thing to do. i've told this story too. there waa deputy stuck at mark west lodge who tried to come
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down, they got stopped. this other people tried to get out, saw the deputy and met them. there were people that stayed with the deputy and they waited for the the fire so they were lucky. >> any deputies injured? >> deputies injud, no. >> have you had any chance to -- [ inaudible qution ] >> yeah. the question was have you had a chance to give our deputies counsels or any support for that. yes, we've had support teams come into the office. weave had counsellors offer their services, a peer support program. yes, we've started and yes, we'll do more. >> you get an update on looting? >> so i'll talk about looting for a cond and arrests. we haven't -- the looting in our jurisdiction -- the looting reports haven't been significant. there'seen what we call
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suspicious persons in the area. some of them as residents we schizophren asked them to get outnd leave. we made five arrests monday for people we suspected for lootings. one of them had charges one had a gun. didn't catch people looting but we suspect that's what they were there for. not a significant problem in our distri. [ inaudible question ] >> i haven't heard of any reports of arson -- i shouldn't say it that way. i heard them talking about that but there's no arson in our area we're aware of. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah i don't think so. i think it's unrealistic t consider that. all the repopulation teams, they're working really hard. pgb's up there putting everythingack together. the other utility service putting everything bk together. the reality is we're really
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rried about where this fire's going tonight and tomorrow. we're not binning to put people back in and have the fire blow out. wouldn't think about going back until monday. that's my best guess on what i'm sighi sigh seeing happen. [ inaudible question ] >> so the question is what's happened -- alexander vall, the fire's movingsouth. it's moving southowards residences so we're evacuatg that area. right nowandatory evuations. yes. >> the status of --inaudible]. >> current status of the city of sonoma. last i heard it was doing well. they're looking at potential areas out there, it cod be a significant movement.t had sheriff's office's nixel and facebook. we're posting onyx l punish and english. we're posting o facebook spanish and english.
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and they're trans scribing all the comments. advisory in this kind of fire, leave. there's no reason to get stuck in traffic waiting arnd. find a way to get out now. >> any areas that are going to be un [inaudible]. >> would say anywhere near these fires therehould be concern. watch out for the advisories what they're putting out ahead of time, i'm not aware of any coming yet. [ inauble question ] >> i heard heard anything about that. all right thank you for coming i appreciate it. get the word out. >> all right you're listening to the sonoma county sheriff, rob, updating the media on what has transpired today. at the top of that news
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conference probably the most compelling thing was body cam video showing a sheriff's deputy racing through neighborhoods, overrun by flames. flames all around the patrol car as he calmly but urgently ordered people to get out. really remarkable to see. >> bravery, the calm he exhibited and the sheriff said he was one of the 15 deputies doing t same thing. >> what you watch that you can imagine, they're trained observes but nobody'seally trained to do something like that. imagineours in that position. >> the reason theyhowed that because they want you to realize the danger. if they tell y to go, please - >> that's what you're facing. >> yes. we want t talk about the eastern edge of the nunes fire. 's burned more than 44,000 flames slowly moving down mount
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vehicle der threatening hundreds more home. >> leslie live with e story. >> reporter: dan, i have some good news for you rig now. just heard official recordhat so far today they have successfully protected property here. up dry creek road, no buildings, no structures have burned today, beeen orchard avenue. some structures did burn in the last few days. >> we lost 18 cab ins, the wood works. >> reporter: the heart ache. this mother is now evacuated from her home on dry creek road. her son lives across the valley >> his beautiful home burned to
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e ground, they got out with just the clothes on their back. we now have their picture and things. if we lose our home we have so i don't know, i don't know w much you can take really. >> reporter: this woman is painiced because her husband is decided to stay at their home. >> he decided he's going to help save our driveway and there's seven homes up there and he's up there fighting the fire right now. we're hoping -- it's two guys and hopefully they both get out okay. >> the ominus smoke,he slow moving fire cre up on homes here. the d brushes, fuelling the low line of crackling flames. no trees appear to be on fire at least not yet. these u.s. bored service crews tapped in the -- behind the homes.
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dry creep road is the line in the sand if flames cross the roads, hundredsf homes are in jpdy as is all of napa valley. the increase to the road thai already fortified with retardant. that i have got to stop the fire hire. >> well, i he an old saying, so far so good. i el helpless but thank god there's good support. >> reporter: now we did, my phography jacob and i followed trying to look for the two men y trying to defend theirhome. we got part way upnd came back out, we were not able to find them. we're assuming they're okay nce we just got word no structures or hom burned today here a difficult night ahead for waiting.are watching and reporting live in na, i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. drone view 7 received
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permission from authorities to fly over the jourys and mobile home park in san rosa and you can see the utter devastation. eric thomas joi us live on fountain groove rkway. eric a sad day there. >> reporter: it is indeed. this was the other of the fountaingrove neighborhood they had a report that there might be a victim here. you can see why they're s worried that thacould indeed happen. from this ford pickup truck is melted. this is part of radiator ran underneath the truck and back over this way where the slope it. this was the windshield, it's completely melted. let's take you over here and show you more of what's going on. these are things firefighters have to look out for. you see the smoke rising over there, embers probablyurning over that way. every home as far as you can see
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in this neighborhood was burned to the ground and destroyed. searchers came here in protect of suits. they looked around andeveloped information that possibly the person they were looki for was away. they're checking on that information right now. no more searches in the area although they were here and this were earlier. they say they're going to continue searching, resuming probably tomorrow as lists come in of missing people. >> we will do this as long as there are missing people o there. if we d't find them on this turn around wll come in with bigger equipment and continue to search until we 100% rule that address out one way or another. >> so, y can see from the free just how destructive this fire was. ce again no bodies discovered this footage where people liftin debris out of the way
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and cadaver dogs going through. they did find bone fragmts today. that would be the secd body found in that neighbhood. a retirement community of mobile homes. 60-year-old linda tunis, her remains found there on dnesday. bone fragments, that's all they have so they'd need dna to identify that person. no more searches here tonight according to sonoma coty, but they probably want to resume in the morning. live in santa rosa, eric thomas, abc 7 news. let's turn o attention to weather forecast wch may not provide comforting news. >> it is not going to be good for those firefighters in the coming hours, dan and christian. let's take a look athe winds right now. gusting to 15 miles per hour out of the south. theeneral wind direction going to shift more from the north northeast and that is a big concern. right now at the lower
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elevations winds are beginning to pick up at sfo 20 miles per hour out of the west. temperatures ranging from the 50s, to the 70s right now. smoke continues to sit over us, you can barely make out the sun. we're looking at a chance of showers next week. air quality will suffer, the air district has issued a spare the alert for saturday through monday. youan see unhealthy in red for most people. doest matter if you have respiratory conditions or not. poor for our people who are sense tiff to smoke saturday and sunday. and then we start to see moderation in th air monday and tuesday. red flag warning until saturday night. for the north bay and east bay lls, the north bay valleys go under that flag warning until 11:00 p.m.this warning will run
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lower elevations 30 to 35 with the humidity dropping. fires m start and spread where are you employed rapidly. tch out for those winds out of the north northeast gusting 30 to 50 milesn hour that is coming from the north northeast and that may topple trees and power lines and will build that smoke up more. hour by hour we go, tonight at 7:00, winds gusting 31 along the coastline. in the middle of e night the winds ramp up or the north and east by the way. sunday.s perour saturday and 36 miles per hour in fairfield. then you'll notice the wind ease saturday afternoon. hudity's going from good at 11:00 p.m., tonight to droppg as that wind comes out of the north northeast. 11:00 a.m. you're lookingt 19% humidity saturday and then at
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3:00 dropping to the single digits in places like santa windy in the hills in the morning. low 40st to low 50s. haze and s shine. smoky again tomorrowafternoon. low 80s for yoursaturday. thursday next weeke're looking atain move into mendocino county. the rest of the north bay, east bay a the north bay area thursday night going into friday nigh that should raise the humidity and hopefully help the firefighters. relax monday and the nds will temperures will rise. warm continue on monday with the smok continuing through tuesday. oler weather heading towards thursday and frid. 50s, inland. sun shine in theapp. and keep track over th changes ead. new video and new information only on abc 7 news,
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a return of a retirement community
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. sonoma county they are ever's office thiss a mandatory evacuation orders leave your homes. go, go! >> wow, dramatic new vid just releed by the sheriff's department showing deputies acuating people sunday night. >> from the deputy's body cram you can see all the thick smoke, flames and embers flying from
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all directions making it hard to see anythingt all. sheriff's department showing this video to showust how dangerous it is. >> and sheriff's office just announced a new evacuation in the vaalexander area north o hills berg. there's also a new number of deaths from the fire, 36 now. after official announced one more death in sonoma county and one more in mdocino county. >> 200 people still reported missing in sonoma county alone. these fires have burned more than 183 acres. we're looki for updates on the si of the fire. a brother and sister who helped rcue dozens of elderly from the senior citizens sunday night they inlanddemanded tonow where were the employees.
7:33 pm
>> abc 7 news repter melanie woodrow with the story. >> reporter: these are pictures oakmont sistenior living community. at 3:30 that morning martin went to check in on his grandfather. >> when i walked in and saw the people, the look on their faces i knew i needed to be the aner. they said are you theire department. >> reporter: he quickly discovered his grandfather wasn't in his room, but dozs of elderly residence were in their rooms. many behind locked doors. back in the lobby, he says the two women he thinks were employees were now gone. he called hi wife who call 911. when the fire department the firefighters break dn doors where they found me residence sleeping. >> the repeated question was how
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come nobody cam and god us and told us we were evacuating. from the fire depament it's where's the staff where's the master key. >>eporter: a management group says quote, while we were in the progress of shuttling residence to a designating location authorities refused to let staff reenter the area because of danger and said they'd take -- >> we had not stoed anybody from taking out residence that night. we didn't set up any road bloc at the time. >> reporter: execuves confirmed authorities wouldn't allow staff to return. police called from two golden gate transit buses. >> code three. >> reporter: with 70 elderly residence waiting. >> some with waers, wheelchair. we started loading. i had the opportunity to help. >> kiss lg now worries they
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didn't open every closed door in the same building. another buiing villa capris burned into the ground. they found their grandfather at a shelter. >> i said papa how'd you get here. he goes i left with the manag in his car. >> huge effort was made, but why nobod stay behind to ensure that everybody was evacuated? group had more to say about that in a new statement released today. they are now saying, quote, it has been confirmed the final resident was evacuated by kmont personnel. that's not what one return is telling us. >> probably the worst thing ever happened to me in my life. i was scared. >> reporter: new video of the fiery bla she and others had to pass to getout. tonight only on 00 at 11:00 p.m. in the newsroom, melanie
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woodrow, abc 7 news. up nex an update on the progresses on the
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asf fires were not engh, a 4.0 earthquake hit mendocino county around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. it happened north a ukiah, no
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deaths of injuries. evacuation orders for the redwood valley community have been lifte but the area remains under an vac ways warning. unstable trees have been decision tracted by crews to prevent any fla ups. the told of deaths in mdocino county to 9 people. 8,000 people dislocated from there. one of the few -- it's burning off hhway 20 and suddenly far nk road. a up and downtory evacuation lifted thi afternoon combining the mendocino, poer and sulphur fires, 231 homes destroyed. more threatened. >> we're hearing more and more amazing survival stories.
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listen. u hear that, the entire neighborho burned down but somehow thi cat was found alive, huddled uerneath a car. the cat's name was my low. heas injured but alive. taken away to get help. next, 7 on your side's michael fenny will join us. >> he looks at the
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drone view 7 received permission from authorities to apply over some burned buildings. this w the fountaingrove inn. >> it's next dr to the hilton which also burned. everyone within the building has been reduced t burn rubble and ash. >> a few burned cars remain in the parking lot. >> as the sources continue to poor in to fight the fire the massive base camp has been growing at the fairgrounds in
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santa rosa. jonathan bloom takes you inside. line around these ragingfires, they're expanding t lines around the camp ground. >> we're making room for more tents. >> we came hertoday and trying to get checked in. >> from san jose, santa barra. we bring our 20-man crew, tools, hand saws and ready to work. >> this is qte a challenging fire and we're happy to be here to hp. >> reporter: still others drop what they're doing. >> i'm a rancher. >> reporter: eric roe wen ao drivers a bulldozer. kris we take our out of cowboys hats, put on our fe shirts and load up the dozer and go. reporter: people need supplies and support whi comes from eally far away.
7:45 pm
a city that springs up over california conservation core. >> we got here at midnight and set up camp. >> reporter: residences as far as away as wyoming and washington. >> we have commander, walmart and supplies set up. >>eporter: they bring that you are own electricity, water and communicatn. there are potentirtable showersa medical clinic. the kitchen is staffed by inmates but like everyone her they too are trained torop what they're doing and fight fires if necessary. >> all of us he been fighting fires. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> we have continued to put the fires through the abc 7 news app. that's also where you can watch --nd 8 until 9:00 a.m.
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as well we'll keep you fully updated on the weekend. >> the destruction of the north bay fires are having a short-term impact on jobs. >> 7 on your side michael fenny is here with tt look of that part of the story. the media coverage had been worldwide. news of the fir has reached a worldwide audience. that may be causing people to think twice about coming even to san francisco. ♪ >> the iconic cable cart is one of the many reasons many people come to san francisco. as both the fire and news of fire spread, the smo has cast a cloud of uncertainty in the mind of many tourist. phones began ringing off the hooks monday. >> we've had a lot of cancellation. we're right now $5,000 worth of
7:47 pm
cancellations so far. >> that's a 4th of the business of three days. >> it's been a hd sell because people are -- once in a life time vacation and you're dashing their hopes becau all of a sudden they can't go. >> reporter: nora becker arrived in the sun valley sundaynight. she smelled the smoke monday and immediately cut her visit short. returning to san francisco indeed feel it's going to be much me than us missi out on touring >> walkingours called 7 on your side says it's been forced to cancel two tours due to smoke. >> wen there's a major event people stop traveling to people lose their jobs. this is a very special part of
7:48 pm
the world, people love livg and visiting here. it's gng to come back, it may take some time. >> this is a plar time of year for tourism in san francisco. hotels which have had cans lagings making the resumes available for evacuees and personnel. they're doing it at a discount. number 415-945-8141. line if you have any fire related questions that's where you leave them. let's shift back and talk about the weather conditions. >> sandy, you're seeing the winds shifting tonight. >>bsolutely they're going to shift out of the north northeast. as you take a look at a live picture right now, look at how intense the smoke is sitting over that area. that smoke is going to build
7:49 pm
southward. clear skies on live doppler 7. red flag warning until 11:00 p.m. saturday. isolated 60 miles per hour winds. valleys, 30 to 35 miles an hour wi the low humidity readings, fires will start and spread quickly. be vigant and safe tonigh wind advisories for the north and east bay hills begin tonight and go into saturday. highs for your saturday with sun ine, 60s to 80s, warmer than today. if you're taking part in the night walk, o kelly will be at the stadium tomorrow even g if you're going. 77 degrees dropping down to 76. mildnd smoky. we are loong at the winds relaxing sunday warmth continuing on monday. chance of showers, accuweather seven day thursday and friday. that's exactly what the
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firefighters need. coming up next a story of perseverance in the face of dister. >> see what it
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before we wrap up this hour's fire coverage we want to recap today's major headlines of fires burning in the north bay. >> the total number of peopl killed up to 36. two new deaths in the napaire and atlas announced dead. along with anher person killed in the redwood fire in mendocino county. >> 19 of those deaths are in tubbs fire alone. >> hundreds of people are still missing including 235 in sonoma county alone. at least 5700 structures have bued down and 90,000 people have been evaated state wide. >> incredible impact from this tragedy. during the chaos of the fire, many wine makers are trying to get back to work to salvage the grape harvest.
7:54 pm
>> without water or power many or relng on each other andld school method. >> that's correct. here cornell bernard. >> reporter: it might be a first stomping grapes the old fashion way. he worksn rosa park where the power has been out since monday. a small generator powers a pump to extract wine from tanks. many employees have friends who have lost evything or still in harm's way. >> my girlfriend's family is actually in danger of losing their home they're in sonoma. they got evacuated couple days ago. >> reporter: owner john phillips bottles his ownine and processing his own grape for otheoperations. >> really turn le mondays into
7:55 pm
lim lemonade. >> reporter: three doors down, wine services, generator powers a great press. >> it's very eerie and odd, but working is a goo distraction from the reality that some of the neighborhoods that some of us le in. >> harsting remaining grapes are a challenge. some winerie in sonoma or na county were damaged and stroyed in the fire. the lasting effect still dillon sheldon says he'll keep stomping grapes t support fellow we workers who lost it all. >> peopleoing what they can, its very hurtful. >> reporter: the great harvest go on. in sonoma county, cornell bernard. abc 7 news. >> join us tonight at 9:00 op
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coffey t.v we'll bring you t latest updates on wd fire including evacuation orders a the wind pic up and the red flag warning take effect. that's at 9:00 on coffey and 11:00 here at abc 7. on what really matters, what a horrible week. it follows the las vas shootings with and a cple weeks before that with the hurricanes in florida and puerto rico. bad things happen but seldom so severe and closingto. what happened in vegas certainly didn't stay there, fuelling new debate about our country's gun laws. and those hurricanes and now discussion about climate chang. the images and stories emerging from the ashes in the north bay are hard to process. neighborhoods look like they re hit by missile than wd fire. we talk about heroes in times
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likethis, often referring to police and firefighters. what they do is incrible. equally, those who drop their own lives and rush in and volunteer. those are heroe too. bad thing happen, wen they do what really matters is good people rush i to save and rebuild lives. you.ways appreciate hearing from follow me on twitter and facebook @danashleyabc7. >> thinking about that deputy who drove thrgh the storm. that's going to do it for thi edition of abc 7 news i'm christian s. >> i'm dan ashley. preciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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