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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight you'r going to ride along with themergency responders for a new overview of damage in theorth bay. >> a convoy of care, stude from hundreds of miles away respond to needs following the wifires. >> where is the ten commandments? >> right here. >> also here at 6:00 a send off for sacred text after decadesn the peninsula it has begun an histic journey home. e do have an update on that breaking news. sky 7 has been following in dublin evacuation orders from what we know have been lifted in an area near a wild fire. >> that fire has burned 180 acres near fallon and that is halle roads. the fire is 70% contained. you're looking at t fire from
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sky 7. let's take a look to see what street are nearest to the fire. >> due lin road, collier county road. up high you see fallon road running in the middle ofour screen. that is where people began leaving their homes when before 5:00 this evening.t it is n safe for them to return. offcials haven't said what sparked the fire, it began just before 2:00 this afternoon. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm deon lynn. fire crews made more progress today against the flames and more evacuation orders have been lifted. >> na valley offials lifted acuation for parts of green valley ad. and oakmont santa rosa are being let me home. >> in sonoma county search and
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rescue teams sll comb through burn areas looking for missing ople. >> the tubbs fire 82% contained. the pock fire 83%. the nones fire is contained and the atlas fire up to 7 contained. 11,000 firefighters on the front lines battling these places. this afternoon in napa county, refighters said 245,000 acres in total burned statewide in the last nine days. the head of fema in the north bay as the disaster transitions into recovery phase. >> california's a special state, beautiful place. for many years today.iligently seeing the urban nature of a wild fire and what it can do to hundreds of homes inn area, you don't see that very often and it's pretty disturbing. >> we'll be meeting with governor brown tomorrow. >> we are getting a broader view
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tonight of the sheer devastation caused by the wildfires. abc reporter wayne freedmon took aerial tour and joins us live in fountaingrove that area of california. wayne. >> rorter: less than an hour ago crews from the counties was doing a house to house search looking for anyone left behind. we believe this area is clear. you might see here a macro view. at ground level 're beginning to run outside of words. up close this is fountaingrove. and now, a broaderiew from a >> hearing about it i didn't think it was that big, in the residential areas at least. now seeing it was unbelievable. >> reporter: that was u.s. air force reserve staff sergeant br, from auburn after he
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escorted us into a helicopr that took us on a sobering aerial tour of the fire zones. >> it's a landscape that looks familiar until suddenly you fly over a burned area and then 's waste land. this is what remains of cotton park. t looks flat end from above. and that's the first fly over of many. nowbove an active fire air, white smoke sending a not so subtle signal that here in the rough country flames continue to have their way. what he's seen in afghanistan and iraq. us, but this is he told it's not his first taste of erican tragedy this year. >> a few weeks ago we were in florida working hurricane recovery. so, you know in eithe scenario you start thinking abouthat it would be like to be that person
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with that loss. it's remarkable, it's god to be a tough stop to be in. >> reporter: more le tough spots in california on day nine. big, black billowing ones above the fire zone with the natial guard, wayne freedmon, abc 7 news. >> the danger still remains, sky 7 shows you an area of devastation. among the ruins a lot of toxic debris. katy leave with a look at the ruin there. >> reporter: fem flew over today much like wayne did to tourhe destruction. there's not aot the people can do on the ground. much of the other neighborhoods are in the same boat.
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officials are trying to figure out whato do with all of it. what administrator did urge people to do was register with fema at a local civic center. hundreds ofurvivors line up for help. >> i need to get a passport and i need to sign up with fema. >> reporter: volunteers hand out food water, even stuffed animals. >> these -- >> reporter: aer mccarthy and son ed city stopped in to researchelief options. >> little people that need to get back to life, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: they escaped the area of cotton park. >> houses of full of all kinds of different chemicals when they burn, it leaves a lot of residue. that's the first priority is removing that material and gettin it disposed properly.
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>> reporter: >> going to be here through the fire spression feeds but also we'll continue to support californians thrgh their recovery. getting people back on their property short-term inerms of care and shelter >> reporter: he says he's never seen a fire like this. >> this is a tremendous event for an urban area which is scary. we got a lot to do. >> reporter: in santa rosa. actions 7 news. >> abc 7 weather anchor christian spencer has a look. >> it's going to help lot more in the weekend as we have rain coming our way. current conditions in dublin, 76 degrees. it is quite dr the wind is light. over near the bear fire in the
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santa cruz mountains, winds also light the. north bay, we have six major fires burning, but in each location the wind surface is under 10 miles per hour. that all good news. i'll show you the rain coming our way later. now on to an only on 7 upstate for you. another family come forward questioning weather very rayna senior living has an evacuation plan in place. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodro first broke the story on thursday and reported on friday. the department of social services opened investigations into the facility. only on 7 toght, she spoke with one family membewho helped rescue six families from
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the retirement home. >> reporter: mark allen described weling his mother health lon from the retirement home. >> when i looked at those people, visions of the titanic going down. >> these aren't people who can walk out on their own andet in a car and leave, ty need help. >> reporter: people in wheelchairs, some with zplen sha. cathy says there were three people there at the facility when they arrived around 2:00 a.m. >> we asked them if they had a evacuation plan because we nted to help out. they said no. >> i wasn't taught it if they do. >> thankfully we did a wonderful job because you got to realize for all the residence there were just four of us. >> reporter: andrey and cathy says there was no back up generator runni. they had to rescue people in the
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dark. >> a statement delivered from abc 7 news says quote, with you of our community has back up plans. we have back-up generators on site. >> reporter: oakmont sisr senior livin told us quote, we were unable to retrieve every one of our vehicles due to fire dage. and the fire alarm was quited at 12:30 a.m. when the thfire wasn't posing anyanger. >> i wasn't really payin attention what was burning how it was burning, i was focused on how to get the hell out of ere. >> as was cathy who along with other family's returned used a trailer hitch to break the class to capris afterheir looked
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outside f rescues the residence. >> reporter: all residence are accoted for and safe. and wild fire in the santa cruz mountains forced people from their home today. abc 7 was near boulder creek as flames were hit from the air. 150 structures are threatened, four have been destroyed. the evacuation zone threatened people southwest of highway 35. pele in the area say they grabbedhat they could and got out fast. the packing up is a frantic time. >> grabbing pass port phones, rgot the chargers. we're here with our kids and dogs that's all that matters. and the panic of getting out of house is over. >> so far the fire has burned 200 acres and is 5% contained. >> abc 7 was in marine county
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when a fire broke out. it started about a mile north of robert williams tunnel. some nearby ridence did evacuate for a short tim but back in their homes. drivs faced a range on highway 101. right now a sacred religious text is making an intertional journey home. >> a send off from the bay area at this group of faithful say is unprecedented. >> it feels great to be able to support someone whoslost everything. >> a group of student learn a lesson about loss and the power of kdness. >> look at all this generosity and this is jus the water in one locaon. what
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a synagogue on a peninsula that destroyed a 200-year-old
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torah is returning it to its home. abc 7 vick lee with a story you'll only see on abc 7. >> the torah was allowed through after a personal screening. the sacred hebrew bible is receiving the vip treatment from the united airlines to the checked repub. the 200 yearorah has been -- a village or jews were plurded by the nazis during wld war ii. the original artifacts destroyed. but the torah survived after the war and mad its way to the westminster synagogue in london from there to europe. the jewish community has rebuilt itself. >> we'll help restore this stroll to kosher status and help
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bring it home. >> these are the ten commandments right here. >> reporter: all of this is an incredible incidents. hi family fled. this was their synagogue torah. >> iead from it myself for 20 something yea never knowing that. >> if you look closely you can see somef the letters are fadesed and cracked at the top. >> the tah still need restoring, something don't in its new home during a ceremony in the meantime its journey will be a comfortle one. and it's own boarding pass. vick lee, abc 7 news. a con zero of trucks and trailers filled with supplies is part of the support for wildfire victims. lesley brinkley is live wh us right now with a look at how student in the valley are helping. you got some friends with you
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lesley? >> reporter: i sure do. this is basically a sanctuary here with over 700 animals being cared for 24/7 by ffa students, that's future farmers of america. those goats and llama were all trapped in areas of fire zone, they were all rescued and now have no home to go home too. a flock of chickens, goats galore, no one knows their names. >> they wereescued off of fire zones from atlas fire. some came from california near calistoga. >> all these animals, if we wouldn'tp and had this facility all these animals wouldn't behere. >> reporter: but they need to eat. and central valley ffa students trucked in three truck loads of supplies like hay and feed
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toda special dplielivery. >> when you're driving up here on the highway you see vineyards burned all the way to the ground. it's great to support soone who's just loss everything. >> someone like tray hen nas. >> seeing the trailers roll up and kids jumped out to help it's s amazing. >> reporter: tray's family lost their home it burned to the ground. but there's more to cope with, santa rosa high school's farm burned down. >> we lost the house, w lost -- it's a 62-acre fility, we lost all of the pasture land. weost the two barns that had all our kids' suppls. >> it'll be replaced eventually with the help of fellow ffa students. >> they all had compassion and
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this was just compassn put to work. >> her at the vintage high school farm in napa valley. these animals are being cared animals, those that suffered burn injuries in the fire, they're being cared for by the students here. along with uc davis, that student. reporting live in napa, i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. >> today in santa rosa,ichael fenny with 7 on your side is at the fairgrounds to hel people affected by the wd fire. michael is live tonight. michael lot of important resources out there. >> reporter: it's unbelievabl how generous everyone has been with their time, money and their family's wrongings. the guy who's in charge of dealing with this is trevor rig gin. i'm looki around, it seems
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overwhelng it's a parking lot full of stuff. >> it's overwhelming generosity. when you look at what the community is there to do, as ames are raising cross the community people are raising eir hands to volunteer. they're showing up with supplies.we opened the doors ea across santa rosa and vrtsz were showing up to help us do it. we've had 13,000 people sign up. >> 13,000 since thistarted? >> 13,000. >> reporter: that is amazing. you had a group of volunteers and a bunch of stuff until you put together boxes that are going out. what's going on? >> we grabbed a few families who were volunteering and said hel us decide what should go in a bo for a fily. another idea from another volunteer and they worked on this last several days. we've been boxing these up on
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pal lets, putting them on our emergey response united stats a sending them out. >> reporter: so, these boxes are going out to the neighborhoods? >> that's right. everyone else is staying with friends and family, you talk to anyone in santa rosa or many of the communities right now, that i have got a lot of friend in their home. >> reporter: i'm being told of that. so, we're going to open up one of these bes and do it on facebook right now. i'm going to lea channel 7, go over to facebook. reporting live from santa rosa i'm micha fenny, 7 on your side. relief coming in the form of rain, at ast that's the hope. >> which is really good news. encer christian tracking the .o >> it may be a modest surge of relief but it's relief nonetheless. the rainfall totals we're expecting with the approaching system coming in late thursday
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into friday morning. for santa rosa by about 11:00 p.m., thursday we're expecting up to .05 inch of rain. that'll be helpful in the fire fighting effort. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see right now we don't cloud cover over the bay area. we have small clouds forming over the coast right now. this is the view, post-sunset sky from our emoryville camera, stunning view. it's still poor in the north bay, inland and south central bay. it's moderate in the central bay. here's view from ourooftop camera here, looking at partly cloudy skies. 60 degrees in san francisco. oakland 63.
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69 in mntain view, and san jose. gilmore 77. check out this again from emoryville. nevada 63, 75 fairfield. 82 concord and 86 liver more. francisco looking at lolts of an blue skies. showers will arrive late thursday. cooler more humid thursday through friday. turng warmer over the weekend once the front passes through. over night look for hazy conditions with fog near the coast, traveling locally out on the bay. low temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow under hazy skies by bright sk low 60s at t coast, low 7 os at the bay andpper 70 inland. the sto ranks 1 onmpact scale. light showers will fall over the
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some areas we can see a little more.f rain and hopefully a lot the rain at that point will be confined to the north bay and points long the coastline. it will spread etward and south ward. over the area it will be cold enough to support a little snowfall. fothe entire region under a tenth of an ch. forecast, the weekend warm up a little. inland moving into the mid t upper 80s in late october. >> y got my attention with th "snow" word. are you ready for the return
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of the warriors? we're taking a live look at oracle .
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at last the time has come, the gden state warriors back in action tonight. >> larry beal live where fans are amped up. larr >> reporter: there's a gamef rockets for the season opener but there's also a service coming up at 7:15. we've bee squeezing all the
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staffers trying to get some ia on what the new rings look like. nobodyas seen them. the rings given out in 2015 they were ormous. six carats, amazing. >> i've neverore my rings. i worth the one time i wen to a halloween party. i had five at the time before i game acoach. all five, i was eminem for halloween. the only time i've ever worn them. >> i've worn them three times. it's way too b to wear. it's a cool idea but actuay executing is not very good. >> repter: i'm sure the new rings will be equally impressive. the warriors a encouraging people to try to get here early because the ring ceremony will be 45 minutesrom now about 7:15. lots more coming up from sports,
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kevin durant excited to get his ring. and there w an injury that took place in the game earlier in the ason. more about that in sports. abc 7, sports. i'm larry beal. the effort i on to save the harvest in the scorched areas of the wine country. >> still ahead a look at the grit and determination ofine employees to save the grapes. detecting what's left in the fire zone. deputies say some would-be looters try to fake their way into areas. >> sad thing who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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more evacuation orders have been lifted in the north bay tonight as containment grow, major fires still threatening homes. >> the tubbs fire is up to 2% con tame. the atlas fire is 77% contained.
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at 5:00 tonight residence of partridge road in napa were allowed back home. the residential part of green grove were lifted but others remain. now an effort to save the grapes. after the wine fire is underway country right now and there's more than bottles o wine at stake. daviduey with a look at lively hoods on the line. >> reporter: it has been a tough time for wineries, they need to maintain tanks for temperatures and formation. imagery estate winery had $2 million of wine production when the the fire raced through the area. >> it's very very critical t the quality of what we're doing. >> reporter: it was burning and located three high capacity generators which he set up. one crisis was solved but another quickly emerged. road blocks andoad closures
7:34 pm
have prevented truckers from bringing in the remainder of the harvested grapes. the sooner their picked the less damage they can have from th smoke. >> taste like ashtray. it's not something we really want. >> reporter: burn any says four employees lost their home but monstrated grip and determination by coming to work. >> employees at ts winery are patit about what they do, they worked all year long growinghe grapes, numbe chung them on the vine. >> reporter: he estimates only 1/4 of the winery are processing grapes. >> their very mature in their prime, hopefully a lot o them can be saved. we just got somebody wooes beginning to haveo eluate.
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14 people have been arrested in sonoma county as officers keep watch in the fire zone for loers. >> over the 14 we had a fake fire trucks, decommissions that someone drove and acted like a firefighter. we had someone com in in a security jacket pretending to a fire guard. >> none of those arresd by sheriff's deputy were caught in the act. a 50-year-old man aested over the weekend. this photo shows some of the stuff officers say he stole. presidential visit.arly f a but some californians are wondering why president trump hasn't taken to his form of communication, twitter to express concern. here's carolin tiler. >> governor jerry brownall the wild fire something the -- we have a lot
7:36 pm
of -- >> we have a lot of people helping government in >> on twitter, his favorite method of communication we've heard nothi from mr. trump. californians are taking notice. >> with 41 people dead here in california, with 34,000 evacuated and billion dollars of damage including to california's wine industry, president trump this week has been tweeting out the nfl, about the stock market, he has not mention california on twitter. >> reporter: republican strategist sean wall worked for the the reag's and bush administration, hess in politics there's a statement, show the love and the money. he believes president trump has emergency the >> what really matters to californians, getting back in their houses, recovered, reimbursement for firefighters, he's don'tthat. has he done everything he could
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from a communication perspective to make peopl feegood, probably not. >> reporter: john burton a retirement of the state department party calls the wild fire a human catastrophe something worthy of tweeting about. >> longs you're tweeting about everything in the world what would hurt in doing that >> reporter: california is a blue state and president trump's poll numbers here are not good, strategists that we talk to both do not believeolitics are at play in his lack of tweeting about the fires. in the newsroom, carolin tyler, abc 7 news. significant progress on other nearby fires. the redod valley fire is about 60% contained. the fire has blackened 36,000
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acrethere and being blamed for 8 deaths. the sheriff said all mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. crews close to fully containing the sulfur fire in california. evacuation ordersave been lifted by warnings still remain in place. the fires in lake and mendocino counties have destroyed a total of 436 homes. if you see any of wildfire briefs from sonoma county you have seen herace. >> she helps get out critical conditions without saying a word.
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if you watched the wild fire updates by the sonoma county office you've likely seen the trance latest who put their heart and soul into translating
7:42 pm
thewords. jonathan bloom talked to them toda >> reporter: you play not know here name but you know ruth mccannon. she's an ierpreter who not only signs she acts. there's something about her you may not know. >> i was borneaf i grew up deaf i went to the school for the deaf. >> rorter: thou she signs for everything. jacobs interprets by herself by critical information calls for a need of speaker. >> her first lange is english mine is sign language. >> so as -- who the flare and can.ity tha only a deaf person >> people of normal hearing use things.xpression to communicate >> some frustrated people take their frustraon on these national guard. we got a lot of trees that fall
7:43 pm
across the roads that can fall on residence. 's information that everyone needs. were. >> so for deaf people to get it through a native signer is going to make it that much more accessible to them. >> reporter: the interprets came here to serve the community but they didn't expect how grateful the community would be. >> the public feedback is exceptional. we got great comments on facebook. >> reporter: comments from well beyond sonoma coun. while they may not be the only prenters here wearing a uniform their goal is the same. >> i'm here to make sure people's lives are saved. >> reporter: in santa rosa jonathan bloom. abc 7 news. if you'd like to help wild fire victims text to donate $10 to the red cross. text theord red cross to the number 90999. call the number on your screen that number to me075777600.
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stay with us, 7 on your side is here to provide assistance. we'll get anoth
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let's g another check back with michael fenny. >> he's there with resources for wild fire victims and has experts that can hp people evacuated get some help that they need. michael. >> reporter: we've been talng to people all day long in offering help, and helping when we can. and we're kind of breaking down right now, wrapping up here. those who have showed up are headed into they're bs for the evening, things are wrapping up. there's one more thing i wanted to talk about, a population that rarely gets regnized during an here to help is karla days she's with thelzheimer association. i can't imagine the pressure being evacuated and having a family member you're concerned with have dementia and that's happening all over.
7:48 pm
>> it is hpening all over. people in n environments increase theirotential to wondering because they're in a new environment, they're scar. we're trying to be availableo help families, to check them to servic and help find placesf they need it. >> reporter: i know you said four wonderers you guy have found and reunithem wittheir families. what are people to do if they are wdering. >> it's hard to prevent wonders. it's easy to recognize the sign, pacing and anxiety. people with register if they call our help line, 800-232-2000. we can unite them to people there. >> they can grab your information, put it in a
7:49 pm
database. thank you so much i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: we're going to be in napa tomorrow. we're going to be in several locations. if you'll check in on we'll tell you where we are at any given time. if you have any consumer concerns or questions, especially with the fire or the see me.e to come by tomorrow and a lotf time, the insurance company have done a fabulous job, fema and all that but there are some thing slip through the ack. reporting live i'm michael fenny. live doppler 7, we have a few high clouds and increasing clouds during the coastline. we'll move along to air quality which has not been good as you know but is impring graduay. it'll be moderate tomorrow except the nth bay. by friday we'll have good to moderate air quaty across the
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region as a front is coming in, bring us some rainfall on the storm impact scale the storm rks only to 1. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. clearing up for the weekend and warmg up nicely on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> we'll take whatever we can get. stay with us. sports check larry beal with us live. the team the minutes away from getting their championship rings. >> reporter: hey dan. if you're looking for a good o man for the season check out steph curry with his first shot of the 2017/'18 campaign and would you
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good evening everybody, rry beal live at oracle arena. theeginning and end tonight for the golden state warriors. they'relso capping last season
7:54 pm
on chaup ring night. >> and then they got t refocus very quickly. the rocket team with chris -- and jaime would like make night.wn statement on opening warriors are a veteran team going through these ceremonies. steph, clay and dra monday all went through it but not everybody has gone through it >> for me watching dav contest, zaza, mike brown, that's, that's the bestart when you see the guys who have been in the league for a long time, who has really really worked hard. >> and kevin as well. >> and kevin that's right. adline curved takes kd for granted. send your tweets now. bang my head in shame. >> or just doesn't care. >> yeah doesn't care abouthem.
7:55 pm
>> controversy. >> season form already. >> and you talkedo kd, he's excited. >> he said i finally caught up, he's talking about my he is so excited to get his ring. i don't think he'll be affected afterwds either. >> we'll see. we talked earlier about iuries about one thing that could derail the warriors' road to a championship. i want to show you a gruesome injury that took place in another team tonight. jordan hayward. we're not going to show you the worst of the injues. look at the stunned reactions from other players. this was gruesome. i've never seen anything like it in the nba. reminds of of joe getting his leg broke in the nfl. just a horrible injury, he's out for the year. >> a dislocation, perhaps a broken ankle but he's going to be gone as you said for the
7:56 pm
year. let's get to the baseball now, and the yankees trying to even the more than league at two games a pie. the astros took a 4-0 lead in this game. jue, jury and execution n had something to say about this. this one is off the wall. the yankees scored four in the eighth. on to football now here at the coliseum complex the raiders try to win a four-game skit. this is t scenario against the kansas city chiefs. we may see navarro on the field despite the ft he's only going to have a couple of days to practice. defensive coordinator ilying they're going to give bowman every opportunity to play in
7:57 pm
this gam get on the field unless he's to ready t play. he's the type of guy that wants to play a play the high level. he's been playing at a high vel for a long time so he's going a lot of work when people aren't watching. >> you got to hold it up me. all right, so we're going to wrap things up and bring it back to the waiors. you brought your super bowl rin what a surise. >> i'd have to say back in 1982 when we got our rings they called us at home when the rings were rdy and said you can come pick them up that's it. then t next ring ceremony in '84 they wen to hawaii. now it's a big deal. >> i'm shocked you brought the ring out. >> yeah. >> that never happens. on the court andrey strained his
7:58 pm
backifting weights but he is notoing to play tonight. t not considered to be aerious injury. back to you guys in the studio. >> larry shoe and the rink. >> that thing is epic im blinded. >> that is o report we appreciate your tim i'm dan ashley. ashley. have a good night everybody. hello, i'm vincent, this is livingston, that's tangella, this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv-20 we present our show creature features, where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please?
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