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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. be careful, slow down out there, the roads are wet in many parts of the bay area as we get some much needed rain. good evening and thank you for joining us this is what it looked like in santa rosa few hours ago the rain is helping some firefighters but could cause debris flow in some areas. what can we expect. >> showers and rain, exactly what we've been waiting for for days, it's showing up on live
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doppler 7, let me zoom in where we are seeing the rain. this is street-level radar around ukai, north state street, old rivers road, we're definitely going to continue to see the rain fall increasing as we head towards the south bay and east bay, allen rock, ever green, torrey road, spotty light returning around alpine road roads are get wet which is a welcome site. most of the moisture is around eureka where the main energy is. if you look at the wide picture there's definitely cold air that will dive down behind the system providing the energy to push the system through to give us a break down. this is level one early morning light to moderate rain wind
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gusts up to 30 miles. modern debris flows possible in the north bay so be careful wichbld winds near the bear fire generally light under ten miles. as you look at the north bay we're seeing light winds, hour by hour giving you a preview what's ahead. 11:00 p.m. we'll see steady rain in the north bay spreading dosoh ward heading through midnight on the peninsula going to the wee hours of the morning, i'll let you know if it will last through friday and any chance of rain in the weekend. dan. >> thanks a lot. fires are still burning in napa and sonoma county but between 80% and 92% contained. full containment expected tuesday. 7,000 buildings have been destroyed. state insurance commissioner predicts losses of at least a
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billion dollars. community meetings were held today. here's more on some of the frustrations from victims. >> when fire victims gathered they came with heart ache. >> what do you have left? >> nothing. >> we just bought our retirement home. we've been there 14 weeks. >> that's just a taste of the emotional baggage following last week's fires felt among outcasted of neighborhoods scorched beyond recognition, blackened, blocked by orange cones, orange lights, orange signs, today home owners like dale came looking for answers. >> it's frustrating zbri want to know why i can't home. >> some local agencies ad milita admitted they don't have all of the answers yes. their infrastructures are gone. >> from guard rails to utility
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poles to trees still smoldering and falling down. >> fema took applications on sight and small business administration offered loans. >> these folks who are insured we can loan them the money they won't get from their deductible. >> as for clearing the homes, it will take months. >> this operation is a marathon. it's not a sprint. >> so begins the task. >> it's a beginning. you know. we have hope. >> in sonoma county, abc 7 news. some evacuee uation orders have been lifted near the bear fire in the sant you cruz mountains h burned 320 acre and is 35% contained up 5% from just this morning. four structures have been destroyed and more than 900 firefighters are battling the
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flames. a san francisco police officer badly injured after a hit and run and the man who hit him down is under charges including attempted murder. now more what the san francisco police chief had to say about it. >> elliott is a fighter in every sense of the word and this fight is not over. >> this officer remains in the intensive care unit after under going emergency surgery. the 32-year-old was working the bicycle beat when he was struck by an suv on turk between van ness and franklin yesterday afternoon, it happened after the driver tried fleeing from police, the suspect was listed into county jail with attempted murder, reckless driving and hit and run.
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this after he led officers to the pan handle where he dumped the suv and ran off to buena vista park and was taken into custody hours later in the tenderloin. this is not the first time the five year veteran was injured on the job, he previously received purple heart a war in 2015 after being hurt after protecting the life of someone else. the police chief reading a brief statement from officer's wife. >> this is not the end of elia's story, please, please send him positive if energy and love. positive energy and love. he deserves this and he will get through this. >> a lot of people pulling for him. a man ran over after a carjacking, he's identified as 46-year-old james figueroa jr. he was trying to stop someone from stealing his car on via del
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sol, he tried to stop the suspect but the car jacker ran him over and drove off. folks near by are asked to check any home surveillance cameras for possible video of this crime. deputies arrested two high school students accused of sexual assault. more on this disturbing allegations and how the schools are responding. >> sheriff deputies arrested two teens wednesday on suspicion of sexual assault. they are juveniles attending different high schools. the victim from an all-girl's private school some students say the suspects are football players. we seen head coach on campus around the time the school held an assembly to discuss appropriate behavior in response to the allegations, the incident
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happened weeks ago off campus. a letter saying we are proud of the courage our student has shown coming forward and will continue to support her. >> it is always shocking to get news like that. i stand behind the school 110%. they handle everything with grace. >> this is not the first time they were in the center of an assault race, one mom in may calling the allegations disturbing. >> i don't understand how this keeps happening. it's not being addressed or these kids being punished, if rightly so. >> a will eletter said in part can't comment on the incident at our high school we demand respect for all persons. officials would not comment. the district called the allegations very serious and said they are working with law enforcement. in concord abc 7 news. opening statements begin on
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monday in the murder trial of the man accused of shooting and killing kate stienly in july 2015. prosecutors say 54-year-old, an undocumented immigrant killed the 32-year-old woman on san francisco pier 14, claiming the shooting was accidental. six woman and six men have been selected to sit on the jury. >> san francisco is such a diverse community. it has people from all walks of life. we've got them on this jury. this is the right group of people to hear this case. and it will be in their hands to decide whether or not they're in agreement with us. >> prosecutors have declined to comment. repair costs at the damaged oroville dam have skyrocketed to more than $500 million double the original estimate of $275 million. contractor saying the project
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requires significantly more excavation and concrete than expected. tens of thousands were evacuated in february after main and emergency spillways were heavily damaged during the winter storms. still to come new allegations against harvey weinstein, after an actress accuses the hollywood producer of raping her four years ago. a surprise visit to the white house briefing room by chief of staff john keller, how he de chief of staff john
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the los angeles police department has launched a rape investigation into harvey weinstein, the 38-year-old accuser told l.a. times weinstein showed up at her hotel after an event in 2013, new york times released allegations against the hollywood producer earlier this month and more than 40 women have come forward accusing weinstein of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault. spokes person for weinstein said they deny allegations of
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nonconsent nonconse nonconsentual sex. a look at two proposals come from the bay area. >> amazon already has a warehouse in tracy book store in san jose and supermarket all over but from an office in san francisco five cities have come together to make a bid right here in the bay area. >> the bay area is the world's innovation >> officers in san francisco and freemont. >> there's empty land near bart. council promises housing for 50,000 amazon employees are coming. >> we have traffic problems in the kba bay area and are working on investing in bart.
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>> another investment out of san jose rather than a blank slate san jose offers amazon a canvas already painted with color. >> young talent that wants to be in urban centers. >> so in a neighborhood amazon has a small lap san jose is making an offer. >> the opportunity to be part of revisalization of the incredible downtown core in the bay area largest city. >> they're renovating buildings and keeping character. >> everyone in silicon valley is trying to create this but these buildings are authentic. >> there's request for sub iddies and i'm vocal about the fact we should not use public dollars to lure companies into our city. >> mayor sam liccardo think san jose is fit without cash in incentives. >> we will do everything we could to support the growth but won't be with tax payer dollars.
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>> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> other cities offering amazon up to $7 billion in tax credits others got creative like giant boxes across birming hamiltobir alabama. or the mayor of kansas because 1,000 products on amazon and left not so subtle reviews on each one. the mayor of stone crest to create part of his city and name amazon as next mayor. a lot of folks are hoping for a real shot. back to the weather. much needed rain. unofficial start to the rainy season i suppose. nice to see. >> yeah this is the first storm
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of the season here. and we're talking about rain right over the burn areas where the wild fires have been taking place. that's going to help the firefighters. let's look at live doppler 7. getting closer you see light to moderate rain. fort ross road. gurnville area. you see the wet weather. look at heelsburg avenue getting much needed moisture as well. other parts of the bay area we're watch something of that moisture, very light and spotty win mill pete as and freemont. definitely be prepared if you're stepping outside to deal with
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level one storm, a light storm on our storm impact scale. we rank them from one to five. tonight we're going with light to moderate rain. it will be gusty at times. we're seeing up one thing to watch out for is minor debris flows in the burn areas, particularly in the north bay. look at a live picture at pier 15. yes it's a gray scene. there have been rain drops falling tonight. the few here not showing much wind but has been gusty. 60 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. 65 in san jose. here's a shaky view from our camera winds gusty in advance of the storm. here's a look at southerly winds gusting at 21 in half moon bay.
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definitely something we'll keep an eye on especially in wild fire areas where those embers could fly. good thing there's a lot of moisture in the air. golden bridge rain intensifies and spreads overnight. isolated showers followed by breezy cool afternoon with a major change that starts this weekend. looking early through tomorrow morning level one watch for the minor debris flows. high surf advisory for the entire coast until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. breakers from 13 to 18 feet and west north west beaches susceptible. occasional breakers up to 25 feet. winds play a role in kicking up the waves. 11:00 tonight 20 miles. napa 22 miles an hour and breezy going into 2:00 a.m. but will ease going into friday morning.
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hour by hour we go. steady and light to moderate rain in the north bay spreading south. going to midnight. 1:00 a.m. is the clear focus. as we head into the morning hours scattered light showers will continue. 4:00 anticipate. keep your umbrella handy. allow that extra time. morning is cool. mid 40s. low 50s. afternoon upper 50s to upper 60s. as you check the sierra we have a winter advisory 11:00 p.m. tonight to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow snow possible above 5,000 feet. breezy and 50s and 60s tomorrow. sunny and mild heading into the weekend and next week bring back summer, 90s inland on tuesday.
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70s at the coast. check out our weather on the nbc app. >> all the time we do. thanks very much. well, duck, cover and hold, the state wide earthquake drill aiming to bring awareness.
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for a lot of people in california today was about preparedness. >> duck, cover, hold. >> that's san francisco mayor eddie l eddie ed lee taking cover under a table, taking part with these
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students in the great california shake out and students got survival kicks. the southwest is performing its first unmanned flight since it began in 1971. by unmanned i mean from the flight attendants to the pilots. this picture showing all men snapping that flight. only 6.7% of pilots are female. still to come, open for business in napa, the plea from winery owners now that the north bay firefighters are nearly contained. plus. rare public appearances by two for
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour with our continuing coverage of the north bay fires. in santa rosa where school administrators are trying to give their students and families a sense of normalcy two schools are beacons in the neighborhoods left standing when almost everything around them was reduced to rubble. >> they are two stories that are still standing a mid the charred ruins a mid the hundreds of homes destroyed by last week's fires. perhaps they survive as an oasis for the families that lost so much. >> we went back to the other schools and there's no community left. >> he says there's unchartered
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territory for him and his staff. >> the school is standing but the community is gone that they serve and each superintendent faces the challenge of reconnecting with that community. >> the plan is to clean up the schools and reopen on october 30th. >> we'll probably run the gammet of emotions that first week. i imagine we're going to be excited and happy and we're going to have those moments where the feelings come up and they're able to express those feelings that they might not be able to express right now because they're still in shock. >> kits and backpacks with new school supplies are being prepared for student who's lost everything. this is the coordinator for the school district in sonoma county. she worked with dozens before the fire now there's hundreds in her district who lost their homes, and she and her family are among them. >> it highlights privilege because for me losing my home is just an inconvenience.
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it does not compare to what families were experiencing before the fire and will continue to experience. >> abc 7 news. meantime tour companies and winery owners in napa want the public to know this, now that the fires are nearly contained they are open for business. much of the lush wine growing valley remains in tact, damage to the most popular areas is limited or non-hinon-existent i spots but one tour company said hasn't stopped people from cancelling, he lost $30,000 from cancellations and half his employees have no work. >> we cancelled 38 tours we had boked and for a small three car operation that's huge. >> porter vineyard also
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there are plenty of positions available. we've printed paper applications we're doing interviewing and job offering on the spot. >>olo olivers is holding another job fair next thursday. you can apply at the store santa rosa. when our neighbors are in need and they certainly are, abc 7 shows up, tomorrow we'll be at the community center in clear lake from 11:00 to 7:00 p.m. to help those affected by the wildfires. moving on to other matters. white house chief of staff general john kelly made a surprise visit to the white house briefing room, he opened up about the loss of his son in afghanistan and how he advised
9:33 pm
president trump about calling gold star families and kellkell out at the woman who listened in on the call. >> general john kelly compelled to address what he sees as an unfair attack on the president over calling the families of fallen soldiers. >> when i talk about president trump about how to do it, my first recommendation was he not do it. i said sir, there's nothing to lighten the burden on these families. >> kelly a four star general and father lost his own son robert who was killed in 2010 after stepping on a land mine in afghanist afghanistan. >> president obama who was my actor in chief when i was on active duty did not call my family that was not a criticism. >> but kelly spared no criticism of congresswoman frederica wilson listened to the call between the president and myesha
9:34 pm
johnson, widow of sergeant la david johnson who was killed in niger. >> it stuns me that she would listen in on that conversation, absolutely stuns me. >> her relationship with him goes back decades long before she became a congresswoman. yet she never said he was the one that ignited the fire storm when he turned the question about johnson and three other fallen soldiers in niger into a political swing against his predecessors. >> when you look at other presidents most of them didn't make calls -- >> abc 7 news new york. in the meantime two former presidents making rare public appearances blasting the state of america politics. our white house correspondent has more. >> george w. bush has voided
9:35 pm
politics since leaving office but today the former president seemed to throw down the gauntlet warning of the rise of quote bullying and prejudice in america. >> bigotry seems em bolden and -- we've seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty. at times it could seem like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together. >> the former president never mentioned the current president but much of the speech seemed directly aimed at the words and policy of donald trump. >> we've seen nationalism disothered into nativism. forgotten that dynamicism that immigration has always brought to america. >> while trump is slow to contempt racist bush drew a bright shrine. >> bigotry or any supremacy is
9:36 pm
blaspheme against the american creed. >> former president obama made an appearance campaigning for democratic candidates in new jersey and virginia. >> hello everybody. >> no mention of president trump. >> some of the politics now we see we thought we put that to bed. it's the 21st century, not the 19th century!use ] come on! >> abc 7 news the white house. protests erupted on the campus of university of florida against a speech by white supremacy ist richard spencer. >> we are stronger together and you all know it. >> protesters prevented him from delivering his speech, his first public appearance until august.
9:37 pm
law enforcement worked together more effect you havely. the national guard was also put on stand by. well, stay with us because i want to share with you a sweet moment in the north bay thanks to san francisco firefighters how they helped
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among the 55 kaiser santa rosa employees who lost their homes in the north bay fires are two nurses who just welcomed a baby. one evacuated before their home burned. nearly a week later the couple had a baby girl named hope in
9:41 pm
kieser in roseville. kaiser. they are now staying with friends until they can get back on their feet. welcome to hope. well, san francisco firefighters are lighting up the hearts and faces of two kids who lost their santa rosa home to wild fire. the department posted this photo on facebook showing a grandmother and grandsons with two new bikes in the parking lot in santa rosa, the fire crew decided to purchase and assemble those bikes after finding out the boys lost almost all their possessions in the fire. >> to see their smiles and hear them giggle, knowing their parents were back there digging through the house trying to find stuff to salvage, that's rewarding for us. >> the fire crew says it all started with grandma walking up to them in the parking lot hugging and thanking them for their service.
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features, where we show introducing fast food's firstd made with 100% ribeye beef, fresh spring mix and provolone cheese on an artisan potato bun. yep, nailed it come try my new ribeye burgers. only at jack in the box. a big oops over the naming of san francisco justin herman plaza, city's parks and reck commission thought it moved to change the plaza's name, the commission recorded 4-3 vote to remove the name of the head of the san francisco redevelopment agency but later realized one of the commissioners who spoke passionately in favor of renaming was not present for the vote so they will now have to wait until next month to take another vote. mills college and uc
9:46 pm
berkeley signed an agreement today to share services and facilities today. other colleges could eventually do the same thing. >> working together, uc berkeley and mills college hope to grow stronger by focussing on their limitations and strengths. mills a female private college has small classes unlike uc burke zb berkeley. >> it has a lot of he personal attention. >> at cal introductory biohas hundreds of students and can enroll at mills for more direct interaction. >> we have two sections of our int interbiology course and the largest one is 40 students. >> the lack of student housing is an issue at cal. mills is offering 25 rooms to uc berkeley students with s ale service. can also study abroad to offer greater opportunities.
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>> any small institution has trouble creating a huge array of programs for students to benefit from. >> berkeley brings a very unique experience, especially with travel abroad and larger variety of classes. >> mills has been struggling with declining enrollment. last month the president announced 36% reduction for undergradates in an attempt to lure more students t is likely this will serve as a model for other uc campuses and neighboring liberal arts colleges, this private school only open to women. abc 7 news. the national park service is stopping its fight to restrict dogs, this coming after irregularities in the decision making process, the proposed law
9:48 pm
intended to protect native wild life but prop opponents lobbied su successfully for their dogs to run off leash. science has confirmed that dogs use facial expressions deliberately to communicate with people. researchers in england analyzed canine behavior and found dogs have more facial expression when a person was facing them rather twh than when a person's back was turned. and the presence of food had no affect. speaking of dogs you're going to find a lot in san francisco on saturday. reggie has teamlaed up with our friends at hood line for weekend fun. >> this may be just the attention you need. a hilarious costume and it's lit. feels like corgi con is
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constantly happening. the fall edition of this happens at ocean beach. doesn't matter what i'm saying because all you want to see is this corgi trying to get through the obstacle course. happens saturday 10:00 to 2:00 near the cliff house and it's free. and another free event, san francisco trolley dances is in its 14th year. get on muni line and make stops to watch various dance troops perform. starts in soma and stops in golden gate park, you want to line up half hour before because this is very popular. and finally, head to pier 33 for wharf fest and chowder fest, shouder fest is sold out but anyone can hold up for the rest.
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happens saturday 11:00 to 5:00. the corgi's obstacle course is called corgi ninja warriors, i mean come on. check out website for more. main sandy. >> yeah, dan, i'm just getting a post from kristen saying it is absolutely pouring in ukai. let's show you live doppler 7 as we take you to street level. you see the darker greens around -- highway 101. north state street getting good rain. upper lake port area. oranges and yellows moderate rain in upper lake area. scattered lighter showerers. fire burn areas, old red wood highway and scattered showers from redwood city to menlo park. inhe east bay from castro valley to hayward and dublin
9:51 pm
boulevard and one other stop aren't inland around san ramon this is a light system level one, light to moderate rain. wind gusts to 30 miles. watch out for burn areas where minor debris flows are possible. at midnight crosses the east bay to south bay goes to the wee hours of the morning. isolated showers from 4:00 to 5:00 and then will wind down. tomorrow 50s and 60s mainly sunny. look what's will happen. temperatures will rapidly increase beginning sunday going into tuesday. much warmer for sant you rosa and many parts of the bay area. the air quality will improve as a result of this storm. more greens, good air quality showing up in the four-day forecast. the four day forecast will warm up next week 80s and 90 s. in ltd a inland and 70s coast side.
9:52 pm
it's all about the swings this time of year. >> thanks so much. speaking of swings talk about a game to remember tonight. >> heart is just now settling down. this was back and forth madness, the raiders game if you saw it we're all just recovering, they won it, they lost it, they won it again all of
9:53 pm
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good evening the raiders were at 2-4, what do we see marshawn lynch gets ejected, what are you thinking, seven lead changes, as time runs out, victory, 31-30. at the coliseum we saw amari cooper 11 catches, 202 yards, two touchdowns.
9:56 pm
45 right there. second quarter. marshawn lynch, peters friend, comes off the side lines, to get in the scrub, pushes the official gets ejected what are you doing? fine, suspension coming. schneider almost picked up by mcgill, caught by wilson for a 63 yard touchdown. you have to knock it down something. 23 seconds he left. derek carr, that's a touchdown? no, jared cook down at the 1. eight seconds left. carr, crabtree, no, ticky tack. last play. rolling out. fires. crabtree. touchdown! no penalties. raiders tie it at 30. stealing the extra point.
9:57 pm
two missed field gold last week and it is barely good. raiders snap their four-game losing streak, 31-30. >> the hard work these coaches and these guys in this room put in, it's about resiliency. no matter if your back is against the wall, no matter how bad you get down you got to keep fighting. >> into is t's nice to come out. it's always a great rivalry playing these guys. >> we just had to fix what was broken. you lose four in a row, you have to find a way and we found a way to win. >> wow. the dodgers look like the best team in baseball in the regular season. just kind of mopped up the cubs in the national championship series. next stop the world series. cubs fans enjoyed the trophy for a year but it was all dodgers tonight in game five in the national championship series. top of the second. 1-0. hernandez first hoper this
9:58 pm
season 2-0. hernandez again. high, deep, aloha, grand slam. 7-0, dodgers and in the ninth, yes, hernandez again 7 rbis ties a major league posst-season record. dodgers win the pennant for the first time since 1988. going to the world series for the first time in 29 years. earlier today draymond green lifted as drougoubtful for tomorrow's game against the pelicans but went through full practice today and may play against the pelicans. you see how val ubl he is. in the fourth quarter the warriors were desperately outrebounded and couldn't d-up if draymond doesn't play doves expect to start rookie bell
9:59 pm
against the twin towers of davis and cousins. >> there's a lot of expectations here. a lot of people have us repeating, that's something we have to carry throughout the whole season and playoffs. but i mean i try to play every game the same. last night didn't really motivate me any more or less, i'm trying to win as much as i did before i walk in yesterday. >> it's important for us to really develop our young players, i'm not afraid to throw any of them out there crunch time. i thought it was a good experience. >> looks like draymond's going to play. >> good excellent. >> and the raiders win! >> that was great job with the highlights on that game, fun stuff. coming up at news at 11:00,
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(intense instrumental music) - [narrator voiceover] today, the stories of two murder cases: one in peru, indiana, the other in rural iowa. in our first case, a town's power couple


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