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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 20, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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the tubbs fire still burning near santa rosa is considered the most destructive fire in california history. tonight investigators may have zeroed in on where it started. good evening. the investigation i focused on a rural area near calistoga along highway 128 near bennett lane. there are several wineries in that area. alyssa harrington is there. >> reporter: fire investigators feel confident that this is the origin of the fire somewhere in this calistoga neighborhood. its the cause of the fire that could take months to determine. as can you see, certain parts of bennett lane have been sealed off because cal fire is treating this as a crime scene. >> i've never been so scared in
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my life. >> reporter: paul block thinks he saw the beginning of the tubbs fire, the most destructive fire in california history. he couldn't sleep that sunday night. the sound of the unusually strong wind kept him up. around 10:00 a neighbor called to tell him his barn was on fire. >> when i got outside, i took a look and it was 18 0 degrees, a view of fire, you know, from, you know, from left to right. i think i was seeing the beginning, you know, first 100 yards of the fire. >> reporter: block says the flames hadn't even crossed highway 128 yet. since then the tubs fire scorched more than 36,000 acres and destroyed thousands of homes. cal fire has not pinpointed the cause but investigator ares are focused on the area of highway 128 and bennett lane, which connects to tubbs lane. they are treating this as a crime scene. we found driveways cordoned off, security guards block neighbors. this neighbor says investigators came by to question him.
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>> they're asking around what time it all started, when the power went out, when i noticed it or stuff like that. >> reporter: vargas says the power went out about an hour before the fire started. we found power lines on the ground. >> the wind would knock you over. it was pretty strong. like, the leaves and the fine dust and gravel was, like, in your face. >> reporter: cal fire has more than two dozen investigators looking into all the different fires that broke out in the north bay. a spokesman told me he knows the public wants answers but they don't want to rush their investigation. in calistoga, elissa harrington, abc7 news. you're looking at where people once lived in 30 mobile homes along clear lake's eastern shore. the sulfur fire destroyed holiday island. a group of four men alerted their neighbors and they tried to fight the fire and protect their property. when it came time for them to leave, a wall of flames blocked the only road. >> the other two guys, they
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remembered there was a loon and boat down here so they threw it in the water and came around to the backside. we got out of here on the boat and we were rescued about an hour later from the sheriff's department. >> close call. cal fire reports the fire is now 96% contained. it's burned more than 2200 acres. tonight part of highway 128 near calistoga is closed because of hundreds of burned out trees along the road. a caltrans will need to cut them down. pg&e has restored power to all those who lost power during the fires. positive weather conditions have help them make progress on the lines. and in the face of incredible losses suffered over the last 12 days, hundreds gathered to honor the fallen and to celebrate life and community. abc7 reporter lonnie rivera is live in san fa rota rosa.
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>> reporter: there was laughing, dancing, even crying but just what you'd expect from a community here grieving. but through their grief, they say they'll stand strong and support each other through these tough times. they held glow sticks, hugged and even released their energy through dance. ♪ >> reporter: celebration of life after disastrous wildfires killed 42 people. most of them in sonoma county. >> this is a great thing coming together tonight. it's the beginning of healing for this community. >> reporter: she dressed her dogs in heart sweaters to offer pet therapy. from ash comes love, the name of this disaster relief campaign. people purchased stickers and apparel with foggy side up, a local company giving all proceeds to the rcu fire relief fund. >> the one thing that stands out to me is the amount of compassion the community has. from what i understand, all of the donation centers are just
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full. >> reporter: those needing a hug found plenty. dawn and her daughters bought shirts to support the fire victims. >> survivor remorse. feeling so blessed that i have a home to come home to when i have so many friends that have lost their homes. >> reporter: the crowd listened to poetry, music and uplifting words. >> remember that the love you are generating here, every single one of you gets to take that back home. >> reporter: while they may be forever changed by destructive fires, this was a step to move forward. with rebuilding their lives and lifting each other up. in santa rosa, lonni rivera, abc7 news. >> what a nice evening out there for all of those people. safari west, the exotic animal park had to shut down because of the fire but it will reopen next month. employees want to start tours beginning on november 12th, if infrastructure, like roads and power are restored. the rest of the park should be
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opened next spring. now, you can help the fire victims and they still need it. text the word red cross to the 90999 to don$10. can you also call the number on your screen to volunteer. that number is 707-577-7600. moving on to other news tonight. a hit-and-run in oakland sent a young girl to the hospital with major injuries. the driver was arrested after a second crash a few block as way. abc7 reporter katie is live at usf children's hospital in oakland tonight. >> reporter: dan, the victim was brought here. at last check she was in critical condition. our partners at the bay area news group report she's 10 years old and a fourth grard at franklin elementary school. the support spect is a woman an witness described her condition after the crash. >> white female, 5'10", dirty blond hair, only wearing a tan
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colored bra and black boots. >> reporter: he said not only was she partially dressed, she appeared to be hurt. >> i yelled out to her, hey, do you need help? at that time she accelerated her walking pace and i started following her as i called dispatch. >> reporter: oakland police said the woman was driving this maroon toyota when she hit a girl near eighth avenue and east 15th street. as police and paramedics arrived on the scene, word came of another crash away on foothill boulevard. the same toyota slammed into a car and the driver walked away. police found her at a nearby strip mall and arrested her. >> it's unknown if alcohol and drugs were a factor in this collision. investigators have said that speed was a -- was one of the factors in this collision. >> reporter: the young victim was taken to the hospital with major injuries. anyone with information about what happened is asked to call oakland police. in oakland, katie abc7 news. a man plead not guilty to
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attempted murder today after san francisco police say he ran down an officer with an suv. the injured officer remains in intensive care tonight. abc7 news was outside the courtroom today where several other sfpd officers kept watch. police arrested the suspect wednesday. he gave them several names. today he told the judge he wants to be known as willie flanagan. >> really not in a position to address any details about this case. it would be pretty irresponsible to do so. >> what happened to this poor officer could have happened to anyone else. >> court records show flanagan spent 67 days in jail after being convicted on drug charges in february. two people had just minor injuries, thank goodness, when their plane crashed at san carlos airport this afternoon. sky 7 shows the plane covered in foam. investigators say the plane was about to take off but ran off the run way, went through a fence and stopped right in the street. they're not yet sure exactly what happened. what went wrong.
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a lot more to come on a busy friday night. one of donald trump's ousted allies rallying the california gop tonight. what's going to get it done is each one of you. >> how steve bannon says the republican party can take the state. plus, he won't back down. a country star is using his touching tribute to a las vegas shooting victim to help raise money for their families. and dreams do come true for the a's fan who lost everything in the fire. >> i'm meteorologist, october heat is in the forecast. heat is in the forecast. i'll have a l
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tonight former white house adviser steve bannon delivered the keynote speech at california republican convention in anaheim. bannon tried to rally the state's gop by attacking the party's establishment. he went after john mccain and former president bush, both of whom have been critical of president trump. southern california will be key for the 2018 congressional elections as democrats try to flip seats held by california republicans. >> it is about winning. nothing else matters. if you want to take your state back, if you want to take your country back, you'll have to roll your sleeves up.
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what's going to get it done is each and every one of you and the people at this convention. >> bannon told the gop crowd they have everything they need to win, great candidates, bold ideas and the ability to build a grassroots army to turn california into a red state. country singer jason aldean has released his moving rendition of "i won't back down" to help raise money for victims of the las vegas shooting. ♪ i won't back down >> the country music star sang the late tom petty song on "saturday night live" five days after a gunman shot into the route 91 harvest festival crowd, killing 58 and injuring hundreds of others. all dean was on stage at the time. proceeds will benefit the direct impact fund dedicated to victims of that awful tragedy. well, an update now on our story of a 9-year-old fire survivor and his letter about loss. our tweet went viral and
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baseball teams and fans from across the country are responding. abc7 news shows you what happened today. >> hi. >> hello. >> hello. >> reporter: big league dreams fulfilled at age 9. >> i got your letter. >> hi. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: athletics catcher bruce maxwell. >> so, this is my game one jersey from this season. >> reporter: takes his shirt off the back for this north bay fire survivor. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> reporter: after lauren jade smith wrote a letter. >> to the oakland a's. i love watching your games. i want to be an a's player. >> reporter: cuts to the core of what it's like to lose everything. >> my house burnt down in the santa rosa fire. my saddest thing is the baseball collection. >> when i sat down and read it, it was devastating. >> i had major league baseball and it all burned up. >> the day after the fire he was you should the couch cry being all the stuff he lost and his
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grandma said, get it out. >> reporter: his aunt sent it to an abc7 photographer, i tweeted it, and from there -- >> i thought it would just not go anywhere but it went everywhere. >> reporter: when my tweet went viral, i spent three days telling private collectors where to mail items. georgia, idaho, as far away as new york people mailed items to the a's to give to him. >> got you baseball cards. you can put the season tickets in there. all the a's stuff. >> whoa. i remember had one. >> you had one like that? this replaces it. >> reporter: teams across the league sent care packages. >> it's football. >> joe montana! >> you can have that. >> reporter: hundreds of fans did, too. >> have you ever thrown out the first pitch at a baseball game? >> no. >> you can do it next year. game on. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: he plans to share his new gear with things in need. >> a lot of my friends lost their house. >> we want to pay it forward,
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share it with everybody and share the love that's come through. >> reporter: his love of america's pastime. >> chris davis because he hits a lot of home runs. >> reporter: inspiring a league to hit it out of the park. in santa rosa, abc7 news. >> how about that smile? way to go, that's really nice. onto the weekend forecast we go after some real rain overnight. sandy patel it here with what's ahead. >> we'll get a break. just in time for your weekend plans. i do want to show you from our east bay hills camera just how it looked earlier this afternoon and evening. it was just a beautiful view as we saw reheated leftovers. this is leftover from the overnight storm and clouds have been drifting in and out. we still have clouds tonight. but i think overall, if you're going to check out the orion metereor shower, you don't have to worry about it because we don't have a lot of fog to interfere. you want to look to the east 15
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to 25 meteors per hour expected. the peak tomorrow morning, by the way, early tomorrow morning. the best time for viewing is between midnight and dawn. so, just be sure to check it out. find a dark spot. remember, the orion meteor shower takes place every year this time of year. san francisco right now 55 degrees. gilroy, you're down to 53. you can feel the chill in the air in the north bay. santa rosa, napa, mid-to upper 40s. livermore, about 5 degrees. a live look from our abc7 news exploratory camera. is this a picture perfect view? doppler 7 showing you a few clouds. we don't have rain but we certainly had it in the last 24 hours along with the wind. take a look at how much rain we received. much needed for those firefighters and certainly helped with the battle against the fires. 0.20 in napa.
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santa rosa, 0.40. clearlake, about 0.25. the other thing it did was cleared out our air. better air quality. in the days ahead, you can expect good air quality for most parts of the bay area. tomorrow moderate in the north bay and good to moderate sunday through tuesday in case you're wondering about this. i want to show you the winter outlook. climate prediction center is saying the southwestern united states will be warmer than average. as far as rainfall, eke equal chances of seeing wetter than normal or dryer than normal for the bay area. stay tuned. an update on la nina. it's the cooling of the waters near the equatorial pacific. the prediction is 55% to 60% chance of la nina this winter. it's not definitive. it's too early to tell you what if anything we'll get in
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precipitation. here's a look at the highlights. bright and breezy tomorrow. warmer with lighter winds sunday. it's heating up monday through wednesday with records possible. beach hazard statement until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. waves are still running high. watch out for sneaker waves if you're spending time at the beach this weekend. chilly tomorrow morning. upper 30s to lower 50s. you'll see clouds to the north, clear elsewhere. breezy, sunny, low six to low 70s. a warmer saturday. that warmth will continue as we head towards sunday, monday's much warmer. tuesday we're looking at october heat. 90s inland, 70s beaches. continuing with that theme for your wednesday. light the night walk is taking place in walnut creek tomorrow night. dan will be there, emceeing the event. patchy fog saturday morning. warmer. warming trend carries over into monday. it will be a very warm couple of days tuesday, wednesday, 70s beaches, 90s inland. it's almost summer-like inland,
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dan. >> it really is. thanks very much. it's going to be a nice weekend weather for this. bicyclists of all ages will have bicyclists of all ages will have a new path
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san francisco's first bike park opens tomorrow. it's in mclaren park and excelsior neighborhood. it begins with a ceremonial first ride at 10:30, featuring a competition, bike riding lessons, food, raffles and a lot more. construction on the mclaren bike park got under way in april but it's about ready to be open for business. looks like fun. larry will be down there tomorrow flipping around. >> i would love to do that. that would be fun. >> i'd be afraid to do it but i'd love t you have to take cha. you have to take risks. >> conquer your fear. >> thanks, tony robinson. >> we'll fire walk after the
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break. new orleans can offer hurricanings. kevin durant went for something else. his own personal block party
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good evening. after dropping their opener, warriors, stop number one, new orleans. green did play. his knee looked just fine. left the opener after tweaking that knee but all good tonight. anthony davis, beats the buzz other a three-ball. pelicans were up early. nothing right for the warriors. kevin durant without authority. clang. he was playing great defense instead. career high seven blocks. and the offense comes back,
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knocks down the three and the warriors down by only three at the break. third quarter, klay thompson would tie it at 64. catch and shoot. warriors would never trail after that and klay with the defense with rejection on crawford. said he bet pachulia on who would have the first dunk and he says he won that handily. icing on the klay -- excuse me. feeds curry, open three. he had 28. warriors win 128-10. onto baseball. dusty baker thought after winning two division titles in two years he would be back managing in washington. nationals who think managers are irrelevant had other ideas. they told baker they were going in a different direction. game six american league championship series, josh reddick, i tell dan all the time, we muss work on our temper. frustrated. astros trying to force game seven but aaron judge puts it into orbit. putin saw is that on russian
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radar. astros pour it on. altuve high, deep and aloha. houston put up four runs in the seventh. we have a game seven in the championship series tomorrow in houston. winner will get the dodgers in the world series. cuteness alert, cuteness alert in new jersey. my goodness, how adorabldorable. sharks visiting the devils. hertl feeds karlsson. late in the second, 2-0, sharks. good things happen when you follow your own shot like jonas did right there. first goal in 28 games going back to last season. sharks win 3-0. they start this road with a "w". the nfl suspended marshawn lynch for one game for shoving an official in last night's win over the chiefs. ran out out on the field. he wasn't even on the field at the time. he went out there presumably to get his buddy, marcus peters, his cousin of the chiefs out of the scrum and help save his quarterback, derek carr from being in the


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