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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 24, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> boy, a beautiful sunset caps off a hot day in the bay area. some records were shattered, and we won't cool down until the weekend. good evening and thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm dion lim. >> nine counties broke records. let's take a live look outside from our ca ra on sutro tower. 89 degrees in downtown. >> drew tuma tells us how long the heat will stick around. >> that 89 in san francisco is
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20 degrees above average for this time of the year. here are the records across the region. at sfo we hit a record of 91 degrees this afternoon. 92 in oakland. 94 in san jose. even half moon bay toasty at 92 degrees. we were not alone, though. los angeles a new record today at 104. san luis obispo, that 108. not only a record, but also the hottest location in the lower 48 today. so it was warm across the entire state of california. and even out there right now, there is a lot of mild air overhead. 78 the current number in san francisco. 75 in san jose. it's 60 in fairfield. even cloverdale holding at 70 degrees. another mild start to the day on wednesday. and that will create another warm to hot afternoon. we'll have the numbers amed the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. sky 7 was above as a brushfire burned near san francisco's legion of honor this evening in that warm weather that didn't help, of course. sky map 7 on sky 7 shows the fire on the hillside below el
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camino del mar. a crew contained the flames in about a half hour. they say they face several obstacle, including steep cliffs, loose rocks, of course the temperatures. they also had to shuttle in water supplies. still, they kept the fire to the fourth of an acre. you can see the smoke billowing from our mount tam camera. no word yet on how the fire started. but they put it out very quickly. now to the northern california wildfires that were so disastrous in the santa cruz mountains. full containment on the bear fire is expected by thursday. it will be 400 acres have burned. this afternoon in napa county, the last evacuation orders and road closures were lifted. despite the heat, firefighters are making progress. the largest, most destructive fire in state history, that's the tubbs fire, is now 94% contained. the nuns fire, the sixth most destructive fire in state history is 91% contained. and the ninth most destructive fire, that's the atlas fire, is 95% contained.
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containment, full containment is expected friday. as sonoma county begins to clear away the ashes and rebuild, local leaders want to make sure victims of the fire also don't become victims for those looking for a quick buck. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look at the protections being considered for families who have already lost so much. . >> follvolunteers are helping s through the ashes. >> look through and find valuables that they think may have survived the flames. >> in the place deputy david ednie used to call home. >> when we left during the evacuations, it was so sudden and crazy that my wife left her wedding ring here. oh, wow! that's from when i was a baby. >> but some of the help offered is not free, which have undertaken just huge efforts to address the allegations of price gouging. >> the district attorney told sonoma county supervisors there are 25 open complaints, and at least three could end up in court. whether it's a building
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contractor or an apartment for rent, they could face jail time if they have raised prices over 10% from what they advertised before the fire. >> if you decide it was a get rich opportunity and jacked your price up, we're going to come after you. >> the d.a. says they considered a local ordinance that could go even further than the state law, even putting offenders' pictures in the newspaper. >> i'm serious about the public shaming. >> it's aimed at helping families like the edneys. >> we're fortunate now have place temporarily. >> but the d.a. scad them to stand down worried it could slow down the process of sending bad guys to jail. >> i want to make it clear if they violate the law and we can prove it, we will bring them into the courthouse and hold them accountable. >> the county is also considering other ordinance, like putting a temporary stop to new airbnb permits and santa rosa is meeting to discuss many of the same issues. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. some of the heros in the north bay wildfires are those
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with the nameless voices on the other end of the line as a record number of calls came into 911. here is a look at the time lapse heat map taken by sonoma county's central dispatch center. the press democrat reports dispatchers fielded 759 calls, an average of about one every two minutes from people reporting the fire or other hazards, or those in need of rescue. many times dispatchers worked to help get people to safety. it's happened again. first in july, and then on sunday night. twice now this year, an air canada jet has been involved in what could have been a potentially disastrous incident at sfo. here is abc 7 news reporter vic lee. >> sunday night, air canada flight 781 from montreal was on approach to land when air traffic control believed another plane was on the runway. >> air canada, 781, go around. >> air traffic control repeated the instructions to go around six times. the pilot did not respond. the tower operator then activated a flashing red light
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to alert the crew. >> the light is very bright, hand-held by the tower operator, usually breaks it down out of the ceiling, holds it in his hands, aims it directly at the cockpit. >> harry sarf is a retired delta pilot who has flown some three decades. >> the lights are so bright and so effective, that they're very difficult to miss. >> fortunately, the air canada jet landed safely. but the crew never acknowledged the tower's radio orders or the warning lights. >> air canada 781, tower. >> 781 here. >> that's pretty evident. >> the question now, what happened? air canada issued a statement which says in part upon landing, the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft. however, the message was not received by the crew. a broken radio, maybe? >> it's almost impossible for me going on that long in our modern
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environment, with modern radios. >> this was the second time air canada was involved in a potentially serious incident at sfo. in july, one of their planes came within 59 feet of crash landing into other planes. the pilot mistakenly thought the taxiway was a runway. vic lee, abc 7 news. new information tonight from the lake county sheriff's office on yesterday's shooting rampage that left two people dead and two others wounded. investigators say suspect allen ashmore's shooting spree began in the midmorning before he was captured on this surveillance video at a gas station in clear lake oaks, armed with a shotgun. now investigators say he first shot a 22-year-old woman in the foot during an argument inside his home. then minutes later, the 61-year-old allegedly confronted his 85-year-old father douglas outside the family home, shooting and killing him. he then pointed the handgun at a neighbor, but it misfired. he went to another neighbor's house, allegedly fired shots outside, and then walked inside and shot at the occupants.
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he hit no one, but a woman was hurt when she jumped out of a window. next, deputies say ashmore went to the home of a former employee and then opened fire there. no one was home. minutes later, he allegedly shot and killed his neighbor richard braden, who was sitting in his parked vehicle. after that, investigators say ashmore shot and wounded a chp officer who was responding to the reports of gunfire. ashmore was finally captured at a roadblock at bartlett springs road and high valley road where he gave up. investigators say a motive for the spree remains unknown. well, police arrested a man whose accused of stealing checks and mail from at least 130 homes. an officer tried to stop justin rutger early sunday morning in saratoga. he took off, driving through a resident's yard. rucker eventually lost control, hit a curb in his car. the arresting officer found mail from saratoga, san jose and los gatos, as well as credit cards and $80,000 in uncashed checks.
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investigators will contact all of the identified victims. bike share programs have popped up in cities all over the bay area. you've seen them. usually they're located at specific stations. but in alameda, there are no docking stations. and some say that's a real problem. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains why. >> they're all over the island of alameda, bright green and yellow bikes, the kind you can rent for a few minutes or a few hours. and though the intentions are good, some see these as a problem in the making. >> and i don't oppose bike sharing. >> alameda resident kelly watson supports bike sharing. but without docking stations like these in oakland, watson says she has seen the lime bikes being left in places where maybe they shouldn't. we found these photos on social media showing one lime bike on the ground. another blocking someone's driveway. >> they just kind of strewn all over the community. and, i don't know, raising my own kids, i never encouraged them to just leave their toys out and bikes thought the front
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yard. >> we know that they're averaging about 300 trips per day. >> jennifer is the director of transportation planning for city of alameda. >> and as we suspected, there are some concerns about how the parking is working for these bikes. we're trying to work to address those issues. >> right now there are 300 bikes total on the island. and some people say the program is cruising along just fine. >> the other platform, you have to find a docking station to put the bikes in. and you just can't leave them anywhere. >> there are teenagers who have sort of opened up the whole island to themselves and they're getting out of the house and they're not sitting on their phones. >> live bike does have five full-time workers going around the city retrieving bikes that are left where they shouldn't be. in alameda, laura anthony, abc 7 news. well, today was the second day of the trial for the fatal shooting of kate steinle. taking the stand this afternoon, a tourist with evidence that helped crack that case. tornadoes hit and trees crash down on cars and power
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this was day two of the trial of the fatal shooting of
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kate steinle. today the prosecutor called on witnesses who could identify the shooter. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has more. >> these two women were staying in a hotel across the street from pier 14 on july 1, 2015 when they heard a single gunshot. both noticed everyone running towards kate steinle, except for one person. they identified him today as the defendant, jose garcia serate. she was sitting in one of the metal swivel cars on the pier. she said he was going around and around in his chair, looking at people and laughing. she thought he was odd but dismissed him as a homeless man. she then took several beauty shots of the pier and the bay, while inadvertently taking pictures of garcia still sitting in the chair and kate steinle walking past him. it was those pictures that helped police find and identify him about an hour later. not far from pier 14. >> this is all about the steinle
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family. and our office is going to do everything we can to bring them justice in this trial. >> the prosecution maintains garcia serate intentionally shot steinle with a stolen gun. he is charged with second-degree murder. but his defense team has said their client found the gun under the swivel chair, and it accidentally went off when he handled the gun wrapped in a piece of cloth. his mental capacity has never been part of his defense. >> mental state is a very complicated thing in the law. and in this case, i believe that the defensive accident is really also what happened. and so that's what we've been pursuing. >> meanwhile, the steinle family has been present during these two days. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. there are fears of a serial killer in tampa, florida tonight after three deadly shootings in two weeks. all of it happened within about a mile of each other, and the only thing linking the killing so far is the time frame and
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proximity. police don't have a motive or a suspect yet. people have been warned not to walk alone at night. >> everybody at this point is a suspect. if you're out there walking alone, then you're either a suspect or a >> tampa's mayor says dozens of officers are working there the neighborhood around the clock. and while the bay area deals with above average temperatures, the east coast is experiencing something far more serious. tornadoes, strong winds, downed trees. more than 1500 flights have been canceled or delayed abc news reporter lindsey janice has more. >> tonight high winds toppling tree, sending them toppling on to cars and power lines across the northeast. it's the same system that rocked the southeast overnight. in the carolinas, multiple ef-2 tornadoes now confirmed. in spartanburg, south carolina, jesse huddling in the back seat of his car as the storm moved through. >> my car was shaking
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uncontrollably. at one point i thought my car was actually if the air. >> his windows shattered. a wooden projectile landing in the driver's seat. trees snapped. a tractor-trailer overturned nearby. ben neat says the in north carolina. >> here at hickory regional airport, we're seeing unbelievable damage. take a look. a hangar just destroyed. planes tossed around like toys. >> a half foot of torrential rain causing flash flooding in boone. this vehicle floating away. wes berry caught in his minivan. >> washed over the hood and stalled out. >> critical fire conditions in parts of southern california. the region now a tinderbox. more than 4,000 firefighters battling blazes across the state. and these storms have made a mess at airports. more than 750 flights canceled. the hardest hit airports here in the new york area. lindsey janus, abc news, newark, new jersey. >> really disastrous weather effects around the country. but here at home, all we have is
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the heat. >> it makes you feel like you're catching some sort of break. >> yes. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking more of this. more tomorrow? >> it looks like tomorrow the records will be safe. however, it's still going to be a warm to hot day. little in the way of cool air copping our way the next 24 hours. live doppler 7 along with satellite. mainly clear for the most part. high clouds off the coast right now. in the picture outside, a live look from our east bay hills camera showing you good visibility. in fact, you can see that waxing crescent moon int the upper corner or center of the screen. full moon going to be in the early parts of november. bu with this warm day today, it's going to be a mild night tonight. that's going to create the launching pad for another warm to hot day on your wednesday afternoon. fall-like temperatures really don't arrive until the weekend. and i think relief will really be widespread on sunday. but just in time for halloween, we will have crisp air feeling like fall one week from tonight. right now, though, you look at the current numbers out there. it's pretty incredible, the numbers we have at this hour.
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it's 78 degrees in the city of san francisco. that is nine degrees above our average daytime high. 75 in san jose. about 69 the current number in oakland. and 66 right now in napa. so tonight, the numbers are going to slowly fall over the next 12 hours. so it's really going to be a gradual cooling process tonight. clear skies, but only 61 the overnight in san francisco. so if you needed the ac, perhaps the fan last night to sleep, you're going to need it again tonight. 59 in san jose. 56 in richmond. 62 overnight in antioch. and 54 will be our low in nap pal. future tracker temperatures walk you through your wednesday. the time stamp corner of your screen stop it at 9:00 wednesday morning. and we're already quickly warning into the 70s in many locations. and those numbers just climb rather rapidly. by 1:00 wednesday afternoon, widespread '80s, if not low '90s in our warmest spot. highs wednesday, starting in the south bay, tons of sunshine, hot in morgan hill. 90 the afternoon high. 89 in san jose.
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about 8 high in cupertino. along the peninsula, warm 80s are the name of the game. 84 san mateo. 8 half moon bay warm at 80 degrees. downtown san francisco 80 tomorrow afternoon. daly city 76. it will be mild there as well as along the coast. 90 calistoga. 84 in vallejo. oakland or the 77 degrees. the same castro valley. 86 hercules. and 90s in antioch. 90 san ramon. and 90 in pittsburgh. future tracker temperatures. we jump ahead into the weekend. and by saturday, relief begins to move. in 60s arrive on the coast. and our warmest spots only in the lower 80s. and those numbers will continue to fall even into sunday and early next week. the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's hot inland. mild on the coast for your wednesday. we continue that warm trend thursday. and then by friday it's a little cooler around the bay, especially along the coast. we're back into the 60s.
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relief becomes widespread over the weekend. and by monday, and especially tuesday, it finally feels like fall. it's crisp in the evening for the trick-or-treaters with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. so tomorrow heat kind of repeats itself. >> it's perfection by friday. drew, thanks. >> sure. a rude welcome for an oakland a's player who took a knee. bruce maxwell is responding after a waiter refused to serve him. making it illegal to tax while cross
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this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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a's catcher bruce maxwell got support in the bay area when he decided to kneel as part of the national anthem protests. >> but, when he went to a restaurant in his hometown in alabama, the reception was less than welcoming.
9:25 pm
>> he was like oh, yeah, you're that guy, huh? you're the guy. excuse me? yeah, you're the guy that took the knee. i voted for trump. and he says i stand for everything he stands for. >> maxwell talked to tmz sports about a server refusing to serve him and his friend. all of this happened outside of huntsville, where just last month, president trump told nfl owners to fire any player who kneeled like colin kaepernick. >> that's where i'm from. and people -- like i said, unless you're like subject to it, you won't understand it and you won't feel it. but like i'm 26 years old. i'm very respectful. i'm very educated. and it still happens to this day. that's the reason why i'm kneeling. stuff like that. >> maxwell dropped to his knee before playing against the texas rangers on september 24th. maxwell supports many causes. most recently, he took time to speak with firefighters who have battled flames across the north bay. and literally took the shirt off his back for a little boy who lost a's gear in the fires.
9:26 pm
>> this is my game one jersey from this season. this is for you. >> thank you. >> maxwell, by the way, was the only major league baseball player to take a knee. he says he will continue to do so next season. well, coming up another republican senator reaches a breaking point on president trump. hear jeff flake's harsh words and his big announcement. plus, the candidates for governor of california make an appearance in san francisco. an early look at who they are and where they stand. plus, remembering an emmy award
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening again. we'll start this half hour in washington. two republican senators are
9:30 pm
taking on president trump. arizona's jeff flake is leaving politics, saying he will not be complicit. >> and earlier today tennessee's bob corker traded personal insults with the president. the white house responded saying neither of those senators was likely to win reelection anyway. >> abc news reporter mary bruce has more now from capitol hill. >> standing on the senate familiar, the republican senator delivered an extraordinary indictment of the republican president, calling donald trump reckless, outrageous and undignified. >> i rise today to say enough. >> arizona senator jeff flake says he will not run for reelection because he is so disgusted. >> the personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms and institution, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency. the reckless provocations most often for the pettiest and most personal reasons. >> and to his colleagues, a warning that, quote, silence can equal complicity.
9:31 pm
>> we have fooled ourselves for long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. a return to civility and stability right behind it. we know better than that. >> calling it a matter of duty and conscience, flake now joins a wave of top republicans ripping into the president. this morning, it was senator bob corker letting loose on gma. >> i would just like for him to leave to it the professionals for a while. >> in response, the president unloaded in a barrage of tweets, claiming he refused to endorse corker, saying he couldn't get elected dogcatcher, and calling the influential head of the foreign relations committee a lightweight incompliment adding comments like little bob corker has set the u.s. way off. corker has called the white house an adult day-care center tweeting back same untruthses from an utterly untruthful president. #, alert the day care staff. he told reporters everyone sees through trump's bullying.
9:32 pm
>> i think the worst is the whole debags of our nation. >> you think the president is debasing the nation? >> i don't think there is any question. >> corker was an early supporter of donald trump. but asked if he would do it again, he said no way. it all comes the same day the president travelled to the capitol to rally republicans on tax reform. >> mr. president, any comment on senator corker? >> but his feuds are overshad don't go away his agenda. >> does any of this make the president pause and wonder if he is doing anything wrong, that he bears any responsibility. >> look, i think the voters of these individual senator states are speaking in pretty loud volumes. i think that they were not likely to be reelected. and i think that shows that the support is more behind this president than it is the two individuals. >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. in the bay area, more than 150 people rallied to call for the impeachment of president trump. ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪
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>> abc 7 news was on the steps of san francisco city hall today. that rally took place before supervisor sandra fewer introduced a resolution calling on congress to initiate impeachment proceedings. a resolution cites obstruction of justice and collusion. well, november 2018 is a long way off, but not if you're running for office. for the second time in just three day, a democratic gubernatorial candidates met face the face to talk about california's pressing issues and their ideas to solve them. here is abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> when jerry brown wraps up his unprecedented fourth and final term next year, tere are at least four democrats who want the job. state treasure john chung, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa, former superintendent of public instruction delaine easton, and gavin newsom. the primary is months away.
9:34 pm
the general election more than a year. but they're in campaign mode. most issues debated at a forum today, there was little disagreement. for example, on support for california as a sanctuary state. >> it really should be about what our values are. who we are as americans. >> education as a priority. >> so you do need to reinvest in education. you need to lower the class sizes. >> we're going to have to growt. and based on all that, at its core, you go to education. >> the housing crisis. 59th o 49th out of 50th. we have to get aggressive. >> it gives the candidates a chance to size each other up and send an early message. >> that shows that the political people and the voters are going to start now focusing on what is california's marquee race in 2018. >> a similar event is in the works for republican candidates. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
9:35 pm
twitter says it will provide more information about political ads that move follows similar steps by facebook and the introduction of a bill that seeks to bring more transparency to online political ads in an attempt to lessen the influence of foreign entities on u.s. elections. it will also require the organization funding the ads to disclose its identity. news from hollywood emmy award winning actor robert guillaume has died. he starred in shows like "soap", "benson" and "sports night." here is from our sister station in los angeles. >> still don't understand any of this. >> robert guillaume's emmy winning presence on the sitcom soap was so strong, he got his own spin-off series "benson" and took home emmy number two. >> your brand is so small you could put it in a barbie doll's naval and still have room left over for three raisinettes. >> the show ran from 1979 to 1986.
9:36 pm
guillaume scored another tv hit in the late '90s with "sports night." but he was temporarily sidelined by a stroke. >> it did make me more aware of mortality. and is it time? >> it was not. i was on the set a few months later when guillaume returned to work. and it's work that guillaume loved. he was the voice of rafiki in "the lion king." guillaume also starred on the big screen opposite morgan free man in "lean on me". >> the fact is you're screwing up! you're alienating everybody. >> guillaume was also a powerful singer. among his credits, he was the first african american to play the title role in "phantom of the opera." he performed one of the signature songs during a motown tv special. ♪ and listen to the music of the night ♪
9:37 pm
abc 7 news. >> and he will be missed. well, starting tomorrow in honolulu, it will be illegal to look at electronic devices while crossing the street. honolulu is thought to be the first major u.s. city to pass this kind of law. you can still listen to music or talk on your cell phone, as long as you're not looking down at the device while doing so. >> your eyes looking down at the phone is so dangerous when you're crossing the street. and we do have a lot of pedestrians get hit by cars on this island and nationwide. it is a problem. >> first time violators face a fine from 15 to $35. you can be fined, though, up to $75 for a second offense and $99 for a third. well, it could cost you more to visit yosemite and some other national parks. national parks. >> just
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at at&t, we believe in access. national parks. >> just the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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that plan we've been telling you about with san francisco to the name of the stockton airport has been put on hold. the change is an effort to boost the branding of the stockton airport. supervisors were supposed to vote today. however, they delayed the vote. representative jackie speier and sfo's airport director both sent letters saying it would be misleading. it could cost you more to enjoy the splendor of yosemite. the national park service is considering increasing the cost of a weekly vehicle pass by more than 100% to $70. fee increases are also proposed for 16 other parks, including sequoia, kings canyon, and joshua tree. the money will help restore and renovate those parks. if approved, the increases would be in effect during the park's busy season from may through
9:42 pm
september. well, how would you like to see this on your morning commute? a two-foot-long python. >> how it was
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
took down a would-be bank robber in pennsylvania, literally. take a look. surveillance video shows robert sakosi tackling the man last week. you can see the men. they struggle. sakoski can be seen throwing the guy to the ground. he throws the bag across the room and takes the gun. the suspec ends up running out the door. he told police which direction the man went. he was later found and arrested. >> boy, that's something. during a recent morning commute, passengers aboard a vta bus traveling from san jose to palo alto encounered a python.
9:46 pm
>> oh, it's a little creepy. thankfully no one was hurt. but officials are now trying to find that snake a new home. abc 7 news reporter chris win has that story. >> meet rumple snakeskin. he popped up in an unexpected place. >> people may have been a little frightened. they knew enough this is a domesticated animal. it's an animal that needed help. >> a group of vta passengers got quite a surprise last month when they came face-to-face with a snake on board a bus. not what they wanted to see doctoring their morning commute. today some were shocked to hear about it. >> oh, god. okay. i would not like that. not a fan of the snake. >> the bus was traveling from san jose to palo alto when someone noticed the snake sitting on a seat. the driver was notified. he drove to the next available stop and cleared the passengers off the bus. >> this was the first time anybody has ever left a pet behind in one of our vehicles. so it was a bit of a surprise. >> the snake was picked up by palo alto animal control where
9:47 pm
it stayed for more than a week before being transferred to the peninsula humane society and spca in burlingame. >> i can't believe it. how did it get on the bus. does anybody know? >> nope. no one knows how rumple snakeskin came on board. but it's clear he once lived inside a home. ball pythons, which are usually found in pet stores typically grow to be two to three feet and can live up to 30 years with proper care. >> they're super mellow. they're not fast. they like to hang out in little balls. but other than that, they're super sweet. >> the joys of riding public transportation with surprises that come in different forms. in burlingame, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. while we're talking animal, our favorite little hippopotamus, fiona is apparently a romantic at hart. fiona got a front row seat to a marriage proposal at the cincinnati zoo. looks like she is checking out the ring. the adorable hippo stole the spotlight. the couple haley and nick shared these photos of the famous hippo
9:48 pm
photo bombing their pictures. they say they're happy fee i don't know that could be there for their special day. >> so cute. she is little for now. >> that's right. well, a sea otter named yankee todayle is getting a chance at a second life in the wild. >> the marine center in sausalito has been his home for the past three and a half months while he recovered from toxic poisoning. >> matt keller was on the beach when yankee doodle returned to the ocean. >> workers from the marine mammal center made their last sandy steps as the guardians of a rescued sea otter. once the gate came up on the beach next to half moon bay, yankee doodle slowly walked out, took a look around and quickly made his way to the water. he then dipped under, popped up and looked towards the shore. >> and flipped on his back afterwards. >> so he goes out there and gets to be a wild otter again. >> yankee doodle was given his patriotic name after he was found around the july 4th holiday at nearby maverick's
9:49 pm
beach. the southern sea otter was spotted rubbing his belly rather than playing amongst the kelp. he was taken to the marine mammal center where he was diagnosticsed with toxoplasmosis. three and a half months of rehab later, yankee doodle was feeling dandy enough for the wild. >> spectacular. really good. as well as you can possibly go. >> such a relief to see him get back out in the wild. when we rescued him, he was in really poor condition. and to see him all healthy again and go out and act like a normal healthy otter is so exciting for us. >> two trackers are inside yankee doodle's belly. one is a radio tracker. the other is a life history tag so they can find out all about his adventures once he is gone. in half moon bay, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> little guy doing pretty well. also doing pretty well, the weather situation outside if you like the hot. >> it is warm. drew newsroom is back with more on the forecast. i can't believe how warm it is.
9:50 pm
>> several records broke in today. it's still warm. it looks like records will be safe tomorrow afternoon. nonetheless, a very warm pattern the next 24 hours. the numbers, you look outside. still 70 in san mateo. 75 s the cityf warmest spot, 78 righ. 77 in vallejo. much of the north bay in the 60s. but it's going to be another mild to warm night tonight. the next 12 hours, the numbers are going to slow to drop. plenty of stars out there. we see a lot of spots will stay in the 60s. mainly the cities around the immediate bay waters. 59 the overnight low in san jose. about 57 in concord. santa rosa, the cool spot so to speak with 50 degrees as your overnight low. as you get into the day tomorrow, the sun is going to quickly warm us up once again. a little breeze in tavern. you notice we're well above average for this time of the year. widespread 80s and 90. 89 in san jose. half moon bay, the coast will be mild at 80 degrees. 86 in san rafael. and 88, that number in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you it's hot inland. so mild on the coast for your wednesday. it's still warm on thursday.
9:51 pm
inland especially. but friday, around the bay and the coast, we're easing back on that heat. it's widespread relief over saturday and really into sunday, that fog will return. the fog is with us early next week. finally feeling like fall the last di of october next tuesday. >> is the heat over? >> for the most part. still have some warm spots. >> drew, thanks. all right. a lot going on in sports. baseball, of course the world series. >> larry beil standing by with his predictions. >> i made the prediction earlier, and you called me out. >> oh, you're still holding on to that? >> what? the dodgers are going to win. >> clearly. >> for those of you that would like to maybe make some money off of my thought, i was right there for you. while the giants are rearranging their coaches, the dodgers are in the world series for the first time in three decades. and cla
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> good evening. the dodgers had to wait 29 long
9:55 pm
years to get back to the world series. they took field tonight in 103 degree heat with clayton kershaw bringing his own sizzle to the mound. puig your friend. hair dye is also puig's friend. yasiel puig styling it up. chris tail were a moon shot off dallas keuchel. puig your friend. 1-0 lead in the fourth. alex bregman. we have a 1-1 game. kershaw gets angry. you won't like him when he is angry. strikes out jose altuve on a curveball. and then carlos correa, big hook. and yuli coryell to end. 11 ks for kershaw in seven innings. in the sixth, big red justin turner high, deep and aloha. a two-run blast. that's the game winner. dodgers take game one. rich hill against justin verlander. and here is kershaw on turner. >> no mechanics or anything can teach the mind-set and the
9:56 pm
competitiveness, the clutchness, whatever that is. he just -- it seems like every single night he is in the right positionon to come up with a bi hit. you know, we're going to ride him. because i don't know if there is an easy way to get him out. and he has been -- >> it was the end of a 30-point blowout, and jordan bell pulled off this awesome playground move, throwing the ball off the backboard and then dunking it. on the playground, that's epic. in an nba game, frowned upon by some. bell is just having fun. if you're young you probably think it's cool to do that. from the get off my lawn your whippersnapper demographic, you probably think yeah, dan, that's you! no. showing up your opponent. you don't do that, right? show some class. today the most influential player in the nba game caiman to bell's defense. >> coaches always tell us to end play to the end. play to the final buzzer. we also have a code as well. you know, in our league that i
9:57 pm
don't know, man. listen. we're all men. stop me from dunking, you know. we're not trying to hurt nobody. we want to play hard to the final end of the buzzer. i mean, would it have been okay if he laid the ball up? get mad because he threw it off the glass and caught it? would you have been mad if he through it off the glass and missed it? there wouldn't be been no conversation. play until the game is over. threw it off the glass, dunked it's it. >> so what? >> kind of cool. no one upheld marshawn lynch's one-game suspension. they had an appeal hearing. no beast mode in buffalo on sunday. lynch ran out from the sidelines after a hit from derek carr on thursday's win over the chiefs and ended up shoving an official. he was trying to get his cousin marcus peters of the chiefs away from the altercation. peters reportedly spoke on lynch's behalf at the league hearing, which is a little unusual. that didn't work, though.
9:58 pm
raiders will have to fill the beast mode void with jaylen rashard and deandre washington. >> you know, we would love to have him. florida is the next game. but we're, you know, he is the best team that we could ask for, man. he is always ready to step up for his teammates. it's just so fast how everything happened. wish somebody could have grabbed him and kept him on the sideline. we have to deal with it. >> now college football. stanford, they'll need to be perfect the rest of the season if they want any hope at reaching the college football play-off. even then it's probably out of their reach. but they do have love on their side, bryce love. love still leads the nation in rushing. listed as day to day right now heading into saturday's game at oregon state. stanford, they already got two losses. coming off their bye week that. >> need to capitalize on the 1-6 beavs, with or without love. >> we're just going to show up and play. and hopefully bryce can go this week. if he can't go, fine.
9:59 pm
he'll go to the next week, hopefully. and when he is out there, he is going to get the ball. he is a phenomenal player, the best in the nation. so he'll get the ball and we'll try toe find a way to win games. thank you, scott. how many times after for the year? 11. he is not hurting for touchdowns. he is doing okay. >> so dodger payroll, when they last won the world series was $16 million. want the guess what it is now? $229 million. inflation. >> what? >> you want quality, you pay for it. >> thanks very much. >> with that, we'll be right back. oh, no, we're back. sorry, we're done! >> we'll be back at 11. >> i just enjoyed that so much. i thought i would stay. >> for dion lim, larry beil, we appreciate your time. we'll be back in one hour. >> at 11:00. >> bye for now.
10:00 pm
(gentle dramatic music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases, one in silverthorne, colorado, the other in darby, montana.


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