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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. tonight the santa rosa azised living facility over investigation over its fire evacuation faces new questions from an agency. gunning turning up at local schools. plus -- something happened to her. >> also 911 calls release new details on a kidnapping of a northern california woman that may contradict her story. mish land controversy, the stars are unveiled. some wonder why the best chefs in the world didn't get the top billing. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. yes, they had removed quite
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a bit of debris. >> only on abc 7 news the santa rosasa living facility of threef the department of social services investigations over their fire evacuations is facing a new one by an agency. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm christian sze. the weather, it was a hot day across the bay area. >> it was a great day for a run or just to be outdoors. >> spencer christian ginning us with a look at how warm it was. >> we had nine records yesterday but it was no so had across the board. sunny skies across the bay area. san jose, 90. and santa cruz, 94. as you can see it was pretty hot in other locations as well. 93 high in santa rosa.
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87 san rafael. 86 here in san francisco. in southern california, 90 degrees in los angeles. 93 palm springs. heat has been flowing up from south, but looking at the 24-hour temperature change you can see it's generally a few degrees cooler across the bay area. cooling is on the way, the complete forecast coming up shortly. dan. the jury in the kate steinle homicide trial listened to several police officers today, described how they collected evidence tat the scene. they also talked about the moment the defendant was arrested thanks to the help of witnesses li yan live with the
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details. >> reporter: you can almost make out the moment when kate steinle fell to the ground and the shooter tossed the gun into the bay. he was in walking distance of pier 14 with kate steinle was shot. as a pd officer, bryant had only his description, a man wearing a hoody with a black coat and a man wearing a t-shirt that said c cally. the officer said he got out of the car, drew his gun, pointed it at the suspect and shouted at him to stop. >> i think it's clear mr. garcia-serrate immediately got on the grown, they made the arrest there was no real incident. >> neill after he was arrested
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police rapped his hands in paper bag to observe any gunfire residue. but serrate's attorney said very little had been found. his attorney says he found the gun under a swivel chair at the pier wrapped in cloth. the bullet ricochetted hitting steinle who was 90-feet away from the suspect. >> looking at how far that is brings us back to the point i just made. the physical evidence really sports the accidental nature of this entire thing. >> the next day the gun was found in the waters of the bay by this diver with the police department after garcia-serrate admitted to tossing it. no casing was found. >> we're putting this together brick by brick. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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liane melendez, abc 7 news. tonight the facility of assisted living is facing a new investigation by a new agency. >> oakmont senior living moved debris from the property without a permit. >> abc reporter melanie woodrow with the story. >> a thorough investigation is underway to determine where the debris from villa capris was taken and if it was taken. a fighter told us he had not told us he has not seen this by any other commercial owner or residential since the fires. yellow construction equipment and debris cleared. this is what was seen at the senior living after a lieutenant called him to the site. >> i was surprised because there were no set criteria or
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approvals for any property to move forward at that point. villa capris burned down in the santa rosa fires two weeks ago. moon says the area is a restricting zone. >> we issued a decease and assist to stop work. >> here's what it looked like after the fires. >> i would estimate 75%. we're taking hazard materials from one location where we can control it in that environment. now we transported it to a new location that can be potentially contaminated with that material. >> reporter: so this is a bad thing? >> it could be yes. >> reporter: moon said oakmont sister living took the debris to a place in the crow. the department of health services is working with the city of santa rosa on a thorough investigation on this matter. we are looking into where the
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debris was taken and stored and if it was hazardous or toxic. a spokesperson for the city says it's too soon to say if the oakmont facility will be fined. not one? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: all 430 residence are accounted for safe. katherine miller's mother-in-law who stayed there estimates she rescued 60 residence from that building. a city spokesperson says, quote, the santa rosa police department has determined there are no unaccounted for individuals from the property if question based on the information available. additionally s r pd has not received any missing person reports. abc 7 news stopped by oakmont sister living office to ask about the debris removal after our messages were not returned.
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an employee says they have no comment tip. abc 7 news. new at 6:00 we're getting our first look at a man accused of beating a homeless man to death with a baseball bat. juan espy know was charged with plurd to do in an oakmont courtroom. the "new york times" reports he worked as a bartender at the uptown restaurant no ra, according to police the homeless man was pan handling outside the restaurant when he got to an altercation. the two men did not know each other. guns at a local school. police issued a lock down after a staff member found an ar-7 rifle in a bag on campus. officials say there was no threat to students or staff. officers were called to twin
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creeks elementary school in san ramon today after a 3rd grade student showed off a gun to his classmate. the police announced the gun was loaded by in a 3rd grader's backpack. a student in villa was arrested monday for allegedly bringing a gun to school. friday's game at antioch high school cancelled after players suspended for sexual assault and bullying. the alleges surfaced monday wen the players were accused of saying profane and comments to female students. the players have been suspended. the san francisco health departments task force on safe injection services unveiled a report to supervisors. >> it indicates opening venues where addicts could inject
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themselves while under supervision. >> vic leave with the story tonight. >> reporter: barbara garcia calls drug addiction a chronic medical disease. there was the first airing of her department's report on safe injection services. it is a controversial program, some critics call it a legal shooting gallery for drug addicks. others refer to it as a novel program to help to prevent drug overdoses and dirty needles. the city's injection sites would be modeled in -- this video shows an addict coming to the clinic with heroin he bought on the streets then shooting up with a nurse watching. he then relaxes in a chili-out room where he can talk with tas workers who may quince him to go into rehab. >> they're producing a large
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overdose staff and getting people into treatment. >> this morning i saw two people injecting. >> the dozens of people who testified at the supervised committee hearing all said they supported this department's healthy department task force enjessicas, the city should open up injection sites. to open the sites, san francisco will have to go around federal law which makes street drugs illegal, that may mean declaring a city public health emergency. >> it doesn't allow us to change flal law but what it does is slow the flames and support to open these types of facility. >> reporter: mayor ed lee has yesterday to take a position. >> it's got to be a site, place or practice that leads to additional services that keep people alifer, i'm not interesting in prolonging people and increasing the opportunity to injessica themselves. -- inject themselves.
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>> vic lee, abc 7 news. much more ahead here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> i felt glad that she could be here and she had a safe place to stay. >> senior sleepover, new friendship tonight after seniors in the east bay stand up to help elderly. we're going to tell you about the daring rescue in high
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zbls back now with -- back now with a stunning
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look of the bay fires seen from space. nasa shared this image. vegetation is in red while burned areas appear in dark gray. recovery from the wildfires, parliament in santa rosa we opened for the first time because of tubbs fire. this is images of patients being evacuated. the hospital was not damaged. hospital officials issues this statement, we are grateful to our wonderful physicians, snurns and staff, over 200 lost their homes. we are pleased to reopen our doors to the community. a bid good-bye to new friends. fire evacuees they welcomed into their apartment for shelter. lesley brinkley live with more on how these seniors extended a
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helping hand to one another. >> reporter: these residence welcomed strangers as you said at senior complexes all across the east bay. in some cases i was told they offered for the the evacuees to stay in their bedroom as their guest as they slept the night on their recliner chair or sofa. i wen to two compounds, i met a couple who were evacuees themselves back in 1992 during the fire storm so they know how it feels. >> this couple had to flee their open hills home 26 years ago. now they enjoy the company of a 87 santa rosa vac wee for eight days. he slept on their few ton. he was one of 77 seniors who took refuge. >> when we watched the t.v. we realized we were playing a small
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part in this event of some people who were watching all over the world. >> after three days on a shelter of an army cot needed some physical therapist and we were able to do that for them. being given the opportunity to care for those that we don't know was a gift. >> reporter: byron park and walnut creek it was a similar scenario, scrambling to get beds in to welcome evacuees. >> we all felt heart break. so the fact that we could help three families it meant everything to them. >> reporter: cay hatch ins cousin was one of them. >> i feel glad she could be here. >> reporter: as most of the evacuees left home to go back to santa rosa this week there were plots to plan parties to get everyone back together again. in the meantime, efforts to help wild fire victims, a big
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performance event. tickets go onsale online on friday for the ban together concert at at&t park on november 9th. metal ka's drurmer says the ban felt the need to help. >> tragic in las vegas left us flabbergasted and trying to figure out how we can bond together and help. >> and big names in the bay area are behind that event. businesses continuing to pay it forward by helping victims of the north bay fires. abc 7 knew reporter janene dell vega shows us more. >> reporter: feel like pasta tonight? hubt wood fire pizza. if you eat here you'd be helping thousands of people affected by the fire in the north bay.
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all proceeds will be donated to fire victims. >> it wasn't a question of whether we needed to do it it was a question of how are we going to help and be impactful. >> reporter: manager say some customers lost their homes in the fire. and some of the wineries they worked with were impacted. all the proceeds would go to redwood credit union. other people participating are produce, saratoga in san francisco. the village pug and any pizza antika location. >> if they're helping out the fire victims absolutely. >> i've heard about there from other businesses too and i think it's a great thing for californians to be helping californians. >> reporter: living spaces is another business stepping up. they're offering free mattresses and box springs to fire victims through december 31est. >> they'll come in and bring from insurance the proof and
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we'll go ahead and process the transaction with free mattress and box spring. >> businesses hope the help can provide some comfort. in fremont, janene del vega, abc 7 news. helicopters called in to rescue hikers in california. there is the video of the rescue monday morning. the chp says the couple hiking the mountain got disoriented because of the snow in the storm. they got lost and as it got darker they called 911. chp says that decision saved their lives. >> unusually warm day in the bay area. >> spencer christian's tracking what's ahead for us. >> here's a look at live doppler 7, not quite so warm across the board as it was yesterday, but still warm especially this time of the year for late october. current temperature readings,
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first beautiful view of the setting sun, it's still setting so we won't say it's post-sunset. looking west in emoryville. 82 mountain view and san jose. 87 gill roar. 68 half moon bay. still have a wide range of temperatures. 87 voez. 80 napa. 73, navarro. low to mid-80s at fairfield, concord and livermore. one more live view from sue troe tower. and these are our forecast features. filed to warm through friday, although temperatures will dropping a few degrees each day. it will turn much cooler this weekend and it will be breezy and cool next tuesday for halloween. let's look back at the first, 25 days of october, 18 of those days gave us above average temperatures. several of those days look like
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above average. over night look for clear skies and mild conditions in the north bay where low temperatures will drop to the upper 40s. tomorrow, another mild to warm day but not quite as hot as it was today. 70s on the coast. low to mid-80s around the bay. 90 at cloverdale, livermore and inland. next thursday, a chance our rainfall. the rainfall starts at 1:00 continues through the the day on thursday. over night into friday and through the day on friday. if this old up we could get two somedays of wet weather towards the end of next week. right now, dry conditions for the next 7 days under mainly sunny skies. cooler and breezier on saturday,
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on sunday. that cooler pattern will hold through monday, tuesday, which is halloween, and wednesday looks like great weather for trick trick-or-treating. new at 6:00, we introduce you to rump l snakes skin. >> next, while you
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remember the snake we told you about yesterday. no one knows how the stake ended up on the bus, but aspca named it rump ld snake skin and put it up for adoption. there is the new owner, briana. her mother says she love snakes and all animals. the family has other femalanima now the snake has a lot of friends.
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the warriors paid their tab for the city of oakland. the check was deposited into the city of oakland account yesterday. there officially ends the debate between the city and the team over who should pay for the rally. back in june, the cofounder says the team will pick up the budget but later questioned why the pay was higher. nomar garcia para, oraa fisherizer, joined others with participates of the boys and girls' club. this provide a teachable moment to l.a. county jungters about --
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youngsters about the importance of giving back. this is action of people being physically and violently removed from the airplanes. new details on the abduction last year of a northern california woman that may contradict her story. and uber with a big plastic pitch to
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the naacp has issued a new warning to african-americans nation wide urging them to reconsider any travel plans on american airlines citing discriminatory practices. >> chris wen with more on the story. >> reporter: american airlines under fire for naacp. claiming the culture has a racial sensitivity and racial bias. >> for my reason they're not treating you with respect and dignity that each american
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citizen is entitled to they should speak out and say something. >> reporter: the naacp said african-americans should stop flying american until after further notice. this -- in a letter to employees, american ceo doug parker wrote we do not and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. we have reached out to the naacp and eager to pleat with them to listen to their issues and concerns. it's unclear when the two sides will meet. it's unlikely american will take too much of a hit but that doesn't mean american is in the clear. >> people are ready with their courtrooms, on edge, ready to find problems. and the employees of the companies need to be stewarts of the brands they're representing. >> reporter: last spring an asian united passenger was dragged down the aisle after refusing to deplane.
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so too was a pregnant muslim in december. not all are casting blame solely on the airline. >> i don't believe there's airline as a whole i believe there's badall from the tree. >> reporter: consumers getting the final say. in san jose, chris wen. abc 7 news. airport security lines are about to get slower on international flight. starting tomorrow passengers flying into the u.s. will be subject to new security procedures. foreigns and americans alike. six carriers will start asking passenger security questions before they board flights. back in june the tsa gave the airline to come up with tighter security measures of laptops onboard. uber trying to target lin yums with a issue -- millennium
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with credit cards. it will boost points and give cash back for uber rides and money spent on foods. chipotle stock tanking again saying it hasn't done enough to win back their customers. on wall street today, check le stock fell almost 15%. the dow and the nas down down slightly. today amazon introduced a feature that enables in-home package members. amazing key verifies -- turns on an in-door monitoring camera, unlocks the door, record the package being placed inside and the door being shut and locked. those start at $250. now looking at fbi sketches of two people investigators want
7:35 pm
to talk with in the case of a woman who vanished and resurfaced. sherry from shat that county we mains unsolved. >> so, i just got home from work and my wife wasn't there which is unusual. and my kids shouv there by now for daycare. >> for the first time we're hearing pete's phone call made one year ago after he realized his wife sherry was missing. >> i saw her phone with her headphones because she started running again, and iti found a hair ripped out of it. >> pete is exposed at the beginning of the call, he becomes more concern as the call continues. >> i'm telling you that something happened to her. >> reporter: the fbi just released these sketches of two women suspected of kidnapping sherry as she jog near her home on november 2nd of last year. she says one of her captors dropped her off along i-5, 2 2ds
7:36 pm
later on thanksgiving day. a trucker spottedler and called for help. >> they cut something that free her restraint that was hold b her in the vehicle and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. >> sherry's husband spoke to matt gutman last year addressing the scrutiny his wife's case has received. >> i can tell you that there was gun involved. >> if someone has a gun you're going to do what they say. >> yeah, and i would say it's more than that as well. she didn't get into a vehicle on her own. >> reporter: the shasta county sheriff's office revealed she was text being a man from michigan before she disappeared and planned to try to meet him wheel he was in california around the time she went missing. investigators interviewed that man and say he was not involved in this case.
7:37 pm
law enforcement tells abc 7 uh-h news there are inconsistency in this case. she claimed two women kidnaped her. later today male fda has been found on her clothing and has been meeting with the da without an attorney. why the bay area may now
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. the bay area now has more three-star restaurants thannew york. abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom talk to the chefs being honored this year and explain why they had to wait a little longer. >> surveying going down on tom of the -- >> reporter: hanging before the spots with deliciousness are played. a spot about to get coupled.
7:41 pm
chef cantu just learned this restaurant is about to get two mish land stars. the bay area has a lot of talented chefs. >> with this new guy we are now above new york. we have more three-star restaurants than new york city. >> reporter: including ben flet where he hand to find out -- as fire tore through mish land decided to wait. >> it was a wise choice. >> reporter: fire threatened the very farms these ingredients come from. >> we were talking about them through the entire experience and try to offer up our hands. >> reporter: with the fires almost contained. >> people need to get back up there. tourist needs to know thing are still going and support these restaurants. >> reporter: just a block away from his three mish land star
7:42 pm
restaurant, he's picking up another one for modern arts. >> it's a unique restaurant. i don't think of it as a restaurant, more like this project that involves food. >> reporter: while he features his own kreegs -- >> served there. so it kind of -- its fitting that institution has his own star. >> reporter: wen they're not visiting his own restaurant lee hopes it gives tourist a reason to visit. in san francisco, jonathan pl m bloom, abc 7 news. >> mish land has yet to award three stars of a restaurant led by a female. dominique of santa rosa's restaurant is the only chef to receive two stars. it's a bit surprising it didn't get a higher honor. >> i think it's a problem that
7:43 pm
extends beyond. i think women don't get the investors that men do or the oportunities that men do in kitchens. >> ellen says most of the other restaurants are rewarded two stars. next at 6:00 a warning from 7 on your side michael
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the abc 7 family is having major milestones for two of our colleagues. >> david luey and stage manager joey smith were among those honored in los angeles for a combination for employees of the walt disney company. >> yeah, david lab with abc 7 for 45 years, joey lab here for 40 years. >> the party included appearances by mickey plomouse hosted by tom. a san jose woman doesn't recall authorizing a magazine
7:47 pm
subscription it turned out to be a long ordeal. >> the woman ended up with a subscription through what's known as a third-party aggregating. she said she received plastic bag xenos she has zero interest in reading. >> this magazine isn't something that i would order because it's for, you know, housewives, and i'm not a housewife. >> neither is she into sports or have children. >> i've been getting magazines that i would never ever read. yoga, teen foeg, espn. >> she tells 7 on your side it all started when she received a sales call asking if she wanted to sample magazines. tere is what she thought that meant. >> a free sample, something that i want to take a look at. if i like it then i'd buy it. >> according to discount subscriptions that's not what
7:48 pm
she agreed to. the company says it's a business that's a magazine service that allows subscribers to switch magazines at any time. discount subscription says judy signed up for a five-year subscription. >> so i tried to cancel and they said no. so i asked to speak to a supervisor and they hung up on me. >> joe ride out is with consumer action. he describes the company as a third-party aggregate for. >> your best best is to contact the company directly. >> 7 on your side had another suggestion for judy. we recommended she dispute the charge on her credit card bill and file a complaint with the federal commission. shortly after, she received this e-mail inform lg her, her subscription had been cancelled.
7:49 pm
>> if 7 on your side can do that, that would be great. >> discount sub vipgs informed 7 on your side yesterday, that judy will be receiving a full reimbursement for her subscription, $478. now, do you have sub vipgs -- you know what, let me put my 7 on your side hot line hope from 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-8151, you can also reach me on facebook on abc 7 news. >> it's spring but really it felt like summer. >> christian spencer's back with the forecast. >> we still have clear skies across the bay area after another hot day. over night look for temperaturesed in mid to upper 50s. in the north bay we'll see 40s.
7:50 pm
tomorrow it will stale be summer-like. like for highs at the coast low to mid 80s. inland's an improvement i guess. here's the seven-day forecast, we'll see little in the weather pattern tomorrow by friday
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good evening, the warriors back home hosting train toe, and fans want to see clay thompson fill it up. he'll be pledging $1,000 per point that he scores over the
7:54 pm
next three home games. proceeds will benefit those effected by the north bay fires. career-high 60, so all by certain it's going to be a fair skies depose nation at the end of these three home games. clay anton will be watching his donation total. he wants to stay within his usual game and he's hoping to get hot. >> i've been here for several years, i know a lot of people from the north bay watch us play. a lot of them lost their homes. so, talk about one to be big in the community. this is a great step towards that. any positivity can bring on the world, doesn't matter if it effects one people or 100 people, it's a great thing to do. >> well said. you can pledge now by going to here's a look at what fans have
7:55 pm
contributed, over $32,000. two-time gnash vp finally got his ring. look at the ceremony he posted on instagram including a shirtless steve kerr with the caption shirts were optional. am rhie cooper -- 11 resepgs for 210 yards, that's the second highest receiver. targeted 19 times. even derek carr couldn't believe how many times he threw to cooper. >> a win in buffalo on sunday. this was a good start. >> really good player, so to me he got back to being himself.
7:56 pm
and while we did a good job getting him incorporated, which i'd like to see continue. >> there's definitely an emphasize on how we saw him playing defensively and allow we could get if the ball. during the game, i didn't know he had 19 targets until after the game. that was a lot. >> the trade deadline is october 31estst. -- 31st. would they trade a veteran for a draft pick? the first play eagles just lost jason peters, he's out for the season. would the 9ers part with him? probably not this sunday with the 9ers playing the eagles, but what about after that. >> i'm not going to sit here and -- if anybody call for any one of our players it's not like
7:57 pm
you just hang up the phone. if you want to offer the world you got to listen. you're thinking what's going to help and make your team better. to lose a guy like joe stayly that's something i wouldn't be excited about. >> and a book in the news about clay that we mentioned, st. mary's basketball when host a statement, game tonight, all the freeze will benefit victims -- proceeds will benefit victims in the wildfires. game two of the world series, dodgers are tied 1-1. the pitcher got lifted earlier and was furious about being pulled out of the game. we'll see how it plays out for the dodgers. >> how long did he last?
7:58 pm
>> i think he was like in the 5th inning. >> join us tonight on coffey t.v., channel 13. whose stealing thunder from the bay area next big project? >> next on abc 7 news at 11:00, bullets holes every where after a shooting at an airbnb rental. line up, 8:00, goldbergs, speechless. at 10:00 catch designated survivor and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> coming up it's ""jimmy kimmell live." >> i'm dan ashley appreciate your time. >> and i'm christian a see, >> and i'm christian a see, larry biel, christian
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