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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 25, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. and at that point automatic gunfire broke out from there. so i jumped back in the house. >> witnesses are telling us what they saw during a shootout outside an air bnb home. the listing has been removed. but the neighborhood understandably is still rattled. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. officials tried answering questions about the shooting. >> cristen and dan, the shootout happened here on bank street and based on what witnesses described it's hard to believe no one was killed.
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bullet holes are everywhere on banks street, in cars, in wends, and in homes. it was the result of a party on october 14th that got out of hand. a party hosted by renters of a house they found on air bnb. >> automatic gunfire broke out from there. so i jumped back in the house. >> reporter: ann golden lives next door. she and her neighbors are still shaken after having witnessed a gun battle right in front of their homes. >> i did not see what my neighbors saw, which was two young men with handguns firing back in that direction. >> it sounded absolutely and utterly terrifying. >> reporter: tonight supervisor hillary rhonen informed the community that the property owner, who lives overseas, has been banned from short-term rental sites and that air bnb promises to pay for all property damage. as for the possibility that this will happen again on another property, she said chances are slim. unregistered rentals that include properties with absentee landlords are being pulled out of the system. a process that should conclude in january. >> a neighborhood like bernal heights is a residential. it shouldn't be filled with
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minami hotels. >> reporter: neighbors meanwhile are being told that if they see something say something. >> we keep an eye out and try to make sure things are on the up and up and deal the best we can. >> reporter: as for the shooting police say they've made no arrests but are still investigating. in san francisco lilian kim, abc 7 news. now this unforgettable footage caught by our abc 7 news crew is a testament really to the heroism the night the north bay wildfires started. these images were just so powerful as they evacuated those patients. they were taking the kaiser permanente medical center in santa rosa patients out of the building safely. well, it reopened today. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs is there now. katie? >> reporter: dan, the concern is keeping the doctors on staff and also recruiting future medical personnel as there is now a housing shortage on top of what was already a housing crunch before the fires.
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these images of the evacuation of kaiser permanente hospital stick with people. >> seeing all those people get evacuated out of here was dramatic. >> reporter: the tubbs fire filled the santa rosa hospital with smoke. now more than two weeks later after a thorough cleaning it reopened. >> they seemed very organized. it seemed like they almost hadn't been closed at all. they were on top of it and welcoming, it's a good feeling. >> reporter: more than 200 kaiser employees lost their homes, but many are happy to be back at work. >> i've got a friend who's a nurse. and she's really pleased to be back at work. >> reporter: but how long will temporary housing sustain doctors? many of them lost homes in the fountain grove neighborhood in the hospital. >> it's a very real fear. you know, there comes a point when a long commute just isn't really viable anymore. >> reporter: santa rosa memorial hospital is actively meeting with stakeholders to discuss rebuilding after 152 of their people lost homes. it'll be a long process. cleanup alone could go into
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2018. so far no one has left the hospital and many locals plan to stay. >> i wouldn't have figured it, but i'm more loyal than ever before. >> reporter: he county's medical professionals will be too as they face the challenges of providing care in the years to come. in santa rosa katie you'dautehs. abc 7 news. a former director of fema is leading a non-profit formed to help the north bay recover from devastating wildfires. james lee witt says it could take years to rebuild. >> the devastation was just incredible. and all i could think of was just how many lives were lost but also how many lives were destroyed. >> he toured the fire zone yesterday and says his organization rebuild north bay will aim to fill voids left by federal, state, and local agencies. witt led fema under president clinton. today a new assistance center opened in santa rosa to help fire victims remove rubble from their burned out homes.
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for many it's a difficult task. >> it's just an awful feeling but we just have to accept because the whole community is suffering the same way as we are. >> initial removal costs will be picked up by state and federal agencies. but if homeowner poltss cover debris removal they will be billed for it. the assistance center is located in santa rosa. well, it's a dangerous job, of course, and today we learned a fire crew battling a destructive wildfire in lake county also had to dodge bullets. the mendocino county sheriff's office says earlier this month a cal fire crew parked on a man's property in redwood valley to establish a fire line, doing his job. they heard a man yelling. then gunshots. the crew left and called deputies. 73-year-old john heron now faces a firearms charge. deputies say at the time of this incident he called 911 to report intruders and said he fired his gun. nasa is giving us a first look at the huge scar left by the wildfires in the north bay
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and throughout northern california. this is a thermal image taken by a nasa satellite. the areas in red are vegetation. and the dark gray there is the burned-out areas. this image covers an area of nearly 1,500 square miles. >> really nice effort tonight to help the fire victims. the men's basketball team at st. mary's college in moraga took in donations benefiting north bay fire relief before tonight's exhibition game against fresno state. fans were able to donate cash or checks at the door this evening. volunteers also took in food and clothing. 10 mers of concession sales also went to fire victims. now, there are plenty of ways you can still help the fire victims. we have all of that for you. terrific resource on our website, prosecutors show jurors a surveillance video today taken moments after the shooting death of kate steinle. the grainy footage showed a man tossing a gun into the bay and leaving the scene at san francisco's pier 14 just after
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steinle's shooting. prosecutors say that man is jose inez garcia zarate. the officer who arrested him took the stand saying when garcia zarate saw him the suspect looked like a deer in the headlights. he was promptly arrested. trial enters a fourth day tomorrow. a murder in san jose has been linked to a violent bay area crime spree involving brothels. now there's a search for several suspects. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is in san jose. >> reporter: san jose police want you to take a good loo at the two men in these surveillance videos. they're wanted in connection with a violent bay area crime spree. investigators say they're associated with these three men who were just arrested in l.a. county. police say they shot and killed a man in an apartment at elon village in north san jose on september 28th. >> just a gunshot. that's all that i heard. >> reporter: investigators have since linked the suspects to sexual assaults and robberies in milpitas, fremont and south san francisco. >> we determined that all four locations were working brothels. >> reporter: news that a brothel
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was operating in this neighborhood in san jose did not come as a surprise to the people who live there. >> i've heard from neighbors that there are hookers working in some of the apartments. >> i was disappointed that the apartment didn't do a better job screening residents and people who rented those units. >> reporter: police say someone who suspects a brothel in their neighborhood should call law enforcement. >> people coming and going at'll all hours of the night. predominantly males. anything suspicious or unusual. >> reporter: investigators believe there could be more sexual assault and robbery victims who are afraid to report the crimes. they are asking them to come forward. in san jose katie marzullo, abc 7 news. new at 11:00, three san francisco public schools have high levels of lead in the water. that's according to tests by the school district. they include two elementary schools, west portal and malcolm x, as well as san francisco international high school. in all, 72 schools have been tested. the district says the source of lead is drinking fixtures which
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are being replaced. you can go to our website,, for a full list of schools that have and have not been tested. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 11:00, hear the frantic 911 calls after the abduction of a northern california woman. new evidence leaves more questions for investigators. classified documents about jfk's assassination are about to be released. what experts are saying. surveillance video shows a man at a jewelry store, but he wasn't just trying on the ring. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. plunging temperatures and the possibility of rain. i'll have the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and kristen. here is definitive proof we made a show tonight. >> we will they just gave me a standing o. who wants to be the one to tell him that people are required to him that people are required to st
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new clues are emerging in the case of a kidnapped mother in shasta county. the fbi released these sketches of two women wanted for questioning. abc news reporter marci gonzalez picks up the story from here. >> reporter: nearly a year after
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sherry pappini's mystery disappearance for the first time we are hearing the 911 call her husband made. >> i found her phone and it's got like hair ripped out of it in the headphones. so i'm like totally freaking out. >> reporter: the sheriff's department still trying to figure out who abducted the mother of two, revealing poppini was texting with a male acquaintance from michigan in the days prior in an attempt to meet but he was cleared and is not considered a suspect. pa pappini revealing during her 22 days in captivity she only had contact with the two women she says kidnapped her. the sheriff's office now releasing these sketches of them. but investigators also now revealing after pa pooeni's release they found dna on her from a woman and man. a search of dna data base chumming up with no matches leaving investigators uncertain who could have held papini hostage before leaving her on the side of a road last thinking thanksgiving. >> female, needs medical attention. >> she is heavily battered.
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>> it's going to be some sort of an assault. >> reporter: branded on the shoulder with what investigators say are obscure letters they are still trying to identify. >> they branded her. and her poor face. and i just hugged her. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. tonight keith papini released a statement reading in part, "we are hopeful the release of additional information by law enforcement will expedite the capture of sherri's abductors." tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of classified documents about the assassination of president john f. kennedy will be released to the public tomorrow. congress mandated the files be released unless president trump intervenes, which has not happened. the documents from the fbi, cia, defense and state departments and other agencies might shed? light on the investigation. but historians do not believe they will lead to any bombshell conclusions. take a close look at this
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surveillance video from the kings jewelers on north california boulevard in walnut creek. the man poses as a kuftd trying out the ring when he suddenly darts out of the store. police say he gets into a two-door green saturn waiting outside. if you have any information about his identity, please call walnut creek pd. >> got a good shot of him anyway. the abc 7 family is celebrating major milestones for two of our wonderful colleagues. >> last night reporter david lui and stage manager joey smith were among those honored in los angeles at a service awards celebration for employees of the walt disney company. >> that's our general manager bill burton there pictured with them in the middle. david has been with abc 7 for a remarkable 45 years. joey has been here 40 years. and congratulations to both of you. they're just terrific professionals and wonderful people. >> that's right. and they both had to get minor's work permits when they started. >> because they're not old. congratulations, guys.
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if you like it warm, although things are going to chap change up a little. >> that's right. meteorologist sandhya patel monitoring it for us. >> i want to he shou the big changes that are coming but before we get to that this is a time lapse that is worth taking a close look. this is actually from our emeryville camera. check out the waxing crescent. is that gorgeous or what? as the moon was setting tonight. unbelievable shot of the moon going down, as you'll notice there. hope you enjoyed that view. i think you're going to enjoy what you're about to see, which is a temperature trend that is definitely going to include much cooler weather. it's not going to happen immediately for inland areas. livermore, you'll be in the upper 80s next couple of days. saturday coming down. sunday those temperatures will really drop. and that cooling really continues into the early part of next week. average high for livermore is 73 degrees. you're going to be well above average until about sunday and then you'll see those numbers
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coming down. here's live doppler 7 right now and there is no rain to speak of. that is going to be changing next week. highs for today, record levels. santa cruz 94 degrees. san jose 90. you'll notice it was pretty warm around napa concord. 86 in san francisco, half moon bay. the coast and san francisco did notice a change in their temperatures. they came down today. numbers right now anywhere from the 50s to the 60s. san francisco, you're still pretty warm at 70 degrees. and from our east bay hills camera getting a stunning view of san francisco right now mild to warm for your friday turning much cooler this weekend and we're looking at breezy and cool conditions for halloween. if you've been feeling like it's been too warm in october, you're not imagining things. look at san jose. all the areas shaded in red, above average high temperatures. we had more above average than below for the month of october. notice oakland following a similar trend. some more days with above normal heat. temperatures if you will. and below normal only a few days.
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but we will be seeing those changes. temperatures right tomorrow morning when you get going low 50s to low 60s. clear skies. good idea to add on the extra layer because it is crisp. especially since we're the nid middle of fall. 87 in san jose getting up to 92 in gilroy. on the peninsula you're looking at temperatures ranging from upper 70s in millbrae to 85 redwood city. live near the coast mid 70s. downtown san francisco 75 degrees. we'll continue the cooling at the coast and right around san francisco north bay 88 in santa rosa, san rafael. 81 in oakland 85 fremont inland areas you're still warm. 88 in concord, pleasanton 89 degrees in livermore. i do want to show you something that is very encouraging. we're going to fast-forward to thursday november 2nd. notice there isn't any rain but then by thursday night you bring in the possibility of rain in the north bay going into friday spreading everywhere else and into saturday november 4th. so if you've been waiting for the potential for that rain it may be coming.
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this the second model run indicating that accuweather seven-day forecast, warm inland tomorrow, little change on friday, much cooler as we hit the weekend especially sunday. mid 50s to mid 70s and more like fall early to middle part of next yeek. don't you worry, halloween is dry. download the accuwether app check out the temperatures anytime you want. >> not worried now. >> especially because my costume is not waterproof. >> so we'll make sure it's dry for your costume. >> thanks, sandhya. the warriors honor breast cancer survivors before tonight's game. >> those women also got a gift they will never forget.
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it is breast cancer awareness month and the warriors honored survivors tonight. these incredible women sat courtside for the team's shootaround and got a visit from kevin durant. >> you can see they clearly loved every minute as k.d. signed their shirts. the warriors say they all got signed cards as well inviting them back for another game in january. >> that is great stuff. they're really wonderful. and if the game in january is anything like tonight's it's going to be a thrill. >> oh, boy, that and the baseball -- it's just too exciting. >> two amazing games tonight. and kevin durant, he was busy all day long. warriors were down in the final minutes against toronto. have no fear. k.d. is here. and steph was huge in the final
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good evening. in an ideal world the warriors would beat toronto tonight and klay thompson would lead the team in scoring. klay donating $1,000 per point to north bay fire relief. we got one out of two. and all eyes were on klay this evening. had the hot hand in the first half. up the court here. got steph wide open for a layup. splash. 18 of his 22 came in the first half. 22 grand for charity. but the raptors kept clieg. kyle lowry with a go-ahead three and then look out below. demar derozan here with authority charging down the lane went for 24 points. less than two minutes to play. panic time. warriors down five. dubs, hot potato. curry drives, scoops it up it
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and in. now it's a three-point game. kevin durant knocks it down. that's a three ball. tied at 112. 29 for k.d. his mom was there looking on. then k.d. to steph who goes for 30. and that was your game winner. the warriors somehow pulling this thing out 117-112. that finish was wild. and even more drama in game 2 of the world series tonight in l.a. the dodgers blew a 2-run lead late, which never happens. they had their own two-run comeback in the tenth. extras in l.a. vin scully was going to throw out the first pitch, then brought out fernando valenzuela. fast forward to the 10th we're tied 3-3. jose altuve making it 4-3 astros. then carlos correia back-to-back jacks. yasiel puig high, deep and adios pelota. later in the inning hernandez
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base hit to right. logan forsyth racing home. josh reddick's got the big arm and safe at the plate! so we are tied at 5. top 11, george springer came in 3 for 30 in this postseason. that would be your slump buster right there. a two-run jack. the springer dinger off former a brandon mccarthy. eight homers total in this game, sets a new world series record. and houston hangs on to win 7-6 and level the world series now tied at a game apiece. not nearly as close. the earthquakes visiting the vancouver whitecaps. a knockout round playoff game. look at this goal by the whitecaps. that is a doubleheader. boing, boing. freddie montero. we can look at this 100 times. the whitecaps eliminate the quakes in shutout fashion. 5-0 was the final. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. so you want to talk warriors or you want to talk world series? >> great st


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