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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 26, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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you know you've got a lot of questions. we're going to answer as many as we can. >> the north bay fires are expected to reach full containment tomorrow. but tonight frustrated residents went to a town hall to find out what happens now. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. that meeting grew very tense at times. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, kristen and dan, the road to recovery and reconstruction is going to take longer than they thought. epa said cleanup in one neighborhood will begin tomorrow.
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>> it's not like you guys have gone through enough. >> reporter: the temperature was rising inside the gym, along with frustrations from fire victims. hundreds came looking for answers. the epa will begin removing hazardous waste from the coffee park neighborhood on friday. that mandatory cleanup could be complete by january. then the army corps of engineers will remove fire debris from more than 5,000 properties. the removal will be free and optional. >> if you opt into the program, your foundation will be removed. >> reporter: the army corps will monitor air quality 24/7 during the cleanup. >> we'll be monitoring at schools as well as on the site to ensure that those containments are not being spread. >> reporter: the biggest question, how long will it take. >> we've been told the debris cleanup will be done so the properties are ready for construction to start in the spring. >> reporter: that's not fast enough for david. >> they'll be able to build in the summer. that's going to put a lot of time constraint on a contractor
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and architect. >> reporter: outside contractors were passing out cards to homeowners who opt out and choose to pay to expedite the process. >> i'm not going to turn out stuff right now. people want to put their rvs and motor homes on their property. >> reporter: the process could be slowed down by winter rains. the army corps of engineers haven't decided what landfall will take the hazardous debris. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> the state agency providing government food assistance is expanding the program for fire victims. people who have relocated to alameda county qualify for benefits. go to or our abc 7 news app for information on how you can apply. if you're watching and want to help the victims, our website also has everything that you need to know about that. about how to donate, how to get involved. just go to our website.
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a wildfire that destroyed four homes in the santa cruz mountains is now fully contained. cal fire began battling the bear fire less than ten days ago. it burned nearly 400 acres near the town of boulder creek. the sheriff's office is preparing to arrest the person investigators believe started the fire. they'll release more information in a news conference tomorrow morning. in southern california, crews areattling the new wildamar fire. this is a live picture right now of the flames. it started this afternoon in the cleveland national forest. about an hour and a half northeast of san diego. it's burned at least 350 acres and it's 15% contained. evacuations have been a father is in jail tonight facing several charges after his son was caught with a loaded gun at an elementary school. abc 7 news reporter lisa talked with that father's neighbors in san ramon. >> reporter: police arrested
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anthony o'donnell at his home thursday morning. the father of five is charged with child endangerment, possession of stolen property, and allowing a firearm to be accessible to a child. police say his son brought a gun to twin creeks elementary school. according to the district on tuesday, an 8-year-old brought a loaded gun to school in his backpack. he showed a friend andhat night that classmateis parents. few hours later the police were knockingn the suspect's door. >> the parent should be responsible. the kids should not have access to the gun. >> they're very good people. i live here a long time. they're always well behaved kids. >> reporter: this community is shocked, and scared by what's happened. many have lived side by side with the o'donnells for years. on a typical night, o'donnell's son would be out here playing with these kids. the family's third floor apartment is dark and the boy's friends admit they're conflicted
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right now. >> i don't think i'll play with him. >> i'm not sure why they did that. i think it's a bad thing, because they could have hurt somebody. >> reporter: bail for anthony o'donnell is s and at 14-year-old boy who waved a handgun in the'e bay area this week involving students bringing guns to school. a 2-year-old murder cold case is solved. but the suspect will never stand trial. >> this is a case that should not have happened. and is something that w forget about the fbi and oakla announced they found the navarr. the 26-y gig the golden bull nightclub in the early morning hours of easter sunday 2015 when he was hit by a stray bullet meant for somebody else. tips led investigators to dejour jammerson. he died in a car crash in placer county last year. jurors heard today from the federal park whose.
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he was having dinner in san francisco. but someone stole the backpack along with clothing. attorney for the homicide suspect claimed the gun fired accidently after their client found it wrapped in cloth. prosecutors accuse him of firing deliberately, hitting steinle at pier 14. president trump declared the opioid crisis a health emergency as federal officials deal with the epidemic. local officials are trying to get the drugs out of the wrong hands. >> abc 7 news reporter jose with the details. katie? >> reporter: dan and kristen, we're talking about a fire captain, someone who's been unk someone's drug he doesn't want what happened to him to happen to anyone else. captain mitch matlow is on medical leave from the san jose fire department. he's had three surgeries since
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april. >> after the first operation, i opioids. out about august that had been in my house had stolen some of them. >> reporter: he immediately installed a lockbox. >> to find out that i was contributing to somebody's harm, that really hurt. >> reporter: the captain no longer needs his medications, so he'll be takin national prescription drug takeback dags. >> prescription drugs can be as bad as illegal drugs. a lot of people at have prescription drugs unused, or expired. >> reporter: the santa clara county district attorney's office has held the annua from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. saturday, people can take their pills for free and safe disposal, so they don't wind up in the water supply or wrong hands. calloway knows the dangers of drug abuse. >> i've had 14 deaths in the last year just from people mixing things. they just don't wake up. >> reporter: president trump
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today declared a public health money to fight the epidemic, but allows the agencies to redirect resources. new at 11:00, a fire beneath one of muni's historic street cars startled commuters in downtown san francisco. the streetcar itself never caught fire. the flames you see come from a motorized skateboard and the rider fell off the board rolled under the streetcar. no one was hurt here. al new at 11:00, you'll need to show a b.a.r.t. ticket or clipboard card while riding aboard trains beginning next year. directors approved a proof of payment policy tonight. the system estimates fair evaders cheat b.a.r.t. from out of $15 million to $25 million every year. the new proof of payment policy takes place on january 1st. fines start at $75. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, digging into the newly
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released jfk files. we're share some of the key takeaways. missing for more than four decades, detectives track down a woman who disappeared in 1975. the mystery remains. dash cam video show police chasing a driver. the big shock when officers discovered who was behind the wheel. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. tracking fog for your morning commute. our radar will be tracking more than fog in the coming days. all of that ahead. but first, here's a look at what is coming up tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> believe it or not, we spent all day on this. >> i did say there was a lot of blood. blood. >> tell me everything or i'm not
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that was the scary end to a high-speed chase in ohio. but even scarier, look who was behind the wheel. the car being chased, ohio state troopers say a 10-year-old boy took his dad's car on a joyride.
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he hit 100 miles per hour before dodging stop sticks and driving through a ditch. this was the second time that boy has stolen a family car. and you know what, he said he did it because he was bored. >> his folks need to keep him less bored. decades of waiting ended today when 2,800 documents linked to kennedy's assassination were released to the public. a secret service agent never reported a possible threat to the president that he heard inside a bar. another detail is the fbi went to the hospital hoping to obtain a confession before suspected assassin lee harvey os wold died. >> reporter: 3,000 documents surrounding the kennedy assassination, holding back others for further review because of national security concerns. those still secret records under review for the next six months. november 22nd, 1963.
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president kennedy and the first lady arrived in dallas on a day that would forever change america. the first couple riding through dealy plaza in the back seat of a convertible, the top town, the president an open target. >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> reporter: a nation finding it hard to believe the lone gunman killed the leader of the free world. two days later, on live television. oswald shot and killed, himself, while in police custody. the improbable sequence of events becoming fodder for speculation and doubt. >> assassins need payrolls. >> reporter: the film jfk and fictional plot in a conspiracy to kill kennedy that in part of passing a law calling for the release of all federal assassination related records by
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october 26th, 2017. it will be months, maybe years before all the documents are thoroughly mined, with most looking for an answer to the inevitable question, did oswald act alone. >> i would like to think that these documents would be a final answer. realistically, that's never going to happen. >> reporter: brian clark, abc news, new york. >> we have every document and more information about the release for you. find it on our app or a woman missing since 1975 has been found alive. 42 years later. the sheriff's office in sullivan county, new york, said flora stevens was using the last name harris when detectives tracked her down this week in an assisted living facility near boston. stevens' husband dropped her off for a doctor's appointment in new york in 1975, and when he returned to pick her up, she just wasn't there. stevens suffers from dementia and hasn't been able to shed
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light on where she's been for the last four decades. >> at least she's safe. >> right. well, on to the weather. another warm day around here. but then they changed it. >> sandhya showing us some big-time changes. >> we are going to see major changes. here's what you can expect. a shift in the pattern with big changes coming. expected dramatic drop in temperatures, autumn chill in the mornings and rain chances next week. of course, some of these changes won't happen immediately. here's a look at the immediate changes that we're expecting. live doppler 7 is tracking some fog starting to close in along the sonoma county coast. and there's more fog south of there. this will be filling in near the beaches, as we head into the overnight hours. so by the time you get going for your morning commute, you're going to notice some changes in the air. here's a look at what you can expect. your highlights, crisp tomorrow morning, with fog along the coast. sharply cooler weather over the weekend. and no tricks, just a treat for
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halloween. if you do have plans for halloween, you don't need to worry about any rain, at least not yet. here's a live look. look at this incredible picture, from the emoryville camera. you see the moon up above. this time of year the moon is just stunning. get outside and check it out if you're still up. temperatures right now, i want to show you, are the records for today. san jose broke the previous record coming in at 91 degrees. a good 20 degrees above normal. ukiah tied the record at 93. there were plenty of 80s and 90s around the bay and inland. definitely was a warm day. those temperatures are going to look a little bit different tomorrow. right now, you'll notice that the numbers are in the 50s and 60s. o have a few locations that are in the low 70s at this hour. tomorrow morning when you get going, here is your morning commute planner. watch out if you're driving. there will be some foggy areas along the coastline. if you're taking the ferry ride across the bay, definitely fair skies. if you are walking, it will be a cool start. so you definitely will need a sweater or a jacket.
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first thing in the morning, upper 40s to the upper 50s. a cool start under basically clear skies inland, but fog near the beaches. as we get going into the afternoon hours, south bay, 86 in son jose, santa clara on the peninsula temperatures in the upper 70s to the mid-80s. 83 in redwood city. along the coastline, these temperatures now lower than where they were today. we're going upper 60s. that fog is going to hang tough well into the afternoon. same thing for daly city, 68 degrees. downtown san francisco 74. cooler in the city and cooler along the coast. 87 in santa rosa. east bay 70s, 80s. 79 in oakland. 82 union city. head inland and it will be sunny and warm still, but we're not expecting the 90s that we had today. 87 in livermore. 85 degrees in concord. i do want to tell you if you don't like the warm weather and
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decide to head to the beach to spend some time there the next couple of days, watch out, there is a swell that will kick up the surf. breakers could be as high as 20 feet. as you check out the air quality, poor in the inland east bay. spare the air alert tomorrow. the halloween forecast, you're looking at 40s, 50s, clouds creeping in. but overall, weather will be improving. and by next week, we're tracking november 3rd, all the way through the 4th, we're tracking rain here in the bay area, at least chances going into snow mode in the sierra.
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tomorrow's warriors game, the team will pay tribute to the head coach of the 1975
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championship team, giving away this bobblehead. >> abc 7 has an exclusive look at the suit that steve kerr will be wearing tomorrow as he coaches the team. it was designed in san francisco by european clothing. that's pretty snazzy. >> he's going to look good in that. >> styling and profiling. >> you pulled it off. >> i'll leave it to steve. what happens when you're out of love? desperation. stanford pretty desperate to find some offense tonight. co
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good evening. you could really see the value
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of brice love tonight, hurt, couldn't play for stanford. they almost lost to one of the worst teams in the entire country. lowly oregon state. love, the leading rusher out with a variety of injuries. darrell garrettson, 7-3 beavers. they came in 1-6 winless in the conference. stanford, four pep alts resulting in first downs. that led to a touchdown run for thomas tyner here. lunging in, 14-6 oregon state. keller crist, 16 of 33. nearly picked off right here. stanford had to settle for a field goal. they were down 14-9 with 2 1/2 minutes left. ryan nall, cardinal recover at the beavs 24 yard line. keller chryst, touchdown. ball game stanford somehow wins
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it. ugly, 15-14. dolphins minus jay cutler taking on the ravens. flacco only 101 yards and a touchdown. mack lan laying out, 7-0 ravens. flacco slides a little bit late and gets crushed by alonzo, who probably should have let up a little bit. flacco left the game with a concussion. he needed stitches in his ear. john harbaugh was furious at alonzo. cutler's replacement matt moore threw for only 176 yards. two picks for touchdowns. c.j. moseley takes it back 63 yards as the ravens crush miami 40-0. to the ice we go, sharks continuing their road trip in boston. mini sharkey right there. 20 years ago the bruins drafted joe thornton with the number one overall pick, in his 13th year now. 1-1 game. but the bruins with a pair of goals from rookie denton hinan,
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the first of his career. that win it is for the bs 2-1 your final score. marshawn lynch can't play on sunday in buffalo because he's suspended. he did suit up in practice at oakland tech, one of the practices. marshawn posted this video himself. very good for the kids to play against beast mode. think of the risk if lynch would blow out his knee, or one of the kids got hurt, the raiders would have been furious. a cat on the field in the fourth quarter. we're seeing all kinds of critters at games recently. a squirrel, a jackrabbit, and here kitty kitty. looks like my daughter's cat. a change of direction. athlete right there. abc 7 sports brougug


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