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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. the properties located on le sent acres drive and the fighter telling the news he's right there to check on the damage -- at 4:30 till now the
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firefighters have done a terrific job. there's a large response from san jose fire, joining us on the phone is captain daniel vega. thanks for rejoining us, tremendous improvement from the last time we spoke. >> we have had good news, it doesn't seem like the fire spread any further to the south like we were initially worried about. yeah, like you said they're getting handle on it. >> that's good and great for the neighbors. the smoke and air is better. can you tell us captain vega are you getting -- and whether pro pain tanks are still there. >> what sounds like the case like you mentioned, like a storage yard and a storage unit and trailer of some kind was
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initially burning with pro pain tanks. they were feeling the fire. and then it spread to the vehicles. it's hard to say whether there was fuel in the vehicles still, even though they were junk cars, but a lot of debris got involved in the fire as well. from what we understand, some of the vehicles had magnesium blocked engines, which if you don't know when you apply water to those fires it increases the intensity, because the mangangnm itself burn. that was the problem initially but it sounds like they're getting a handle. >> is this an official junkyard or someone's property who has a lot of cars on it? >> my understanding it was a residential property. i don't know that they're running a business from the property but there is a home on the property. i believe it is a resident.
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>> where are we now in terms of containment? we zoomed in, there may be one area on the property that still has active flames. can you tell us where you are overall in this fight? >> we surrounded the property so we could keep it from getting any further. i think it will be sometime before we can extinguish the fire. there's so much junk and debris on the property it's hard to access and get the hoses where we need them to properly ex tissue the fire. i'm sure it'll be a number of hours. >> and captain vega, can you tell us if you have any reports of anyone injured or anyone missi missing at this time? >> no i can't confirm that. i've been trying to listen to the radio, i've been on the phone, i can't confirm that but
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it was a concern that was voiced by you all. >> and no other issues in the neighborhood stemming from this fire outside of the smoke, is that correct? >> no, yeah. so we're concerned about smoke inhalation and we're having people stay indoors if they could, or avoid the area. but like you said it looks like it started to clear good. >> captain vega thank you for your time. fwlad your guys are winning the battle and trying to put it away. abc's katy pa louima joins us from the scene. >> reporter: let me give you some perspective from the grown here. here in the kcole dah sack of ruby place. we're in a field where a fence is separating the homes from this area. if you look down at the fence in this particular owner's backyard, this man and his son
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manning the fence, watering down that dry field because it's really the only thing that stands between them and the fire that's burning. as his son told me there, this is our house and we're going to do what we can to protect it. so you have just received the latest information from the san jose fire department. one other thing we want to touch on was the sound of explosions. we understand that some propane attentions may have exploded and i had spoken with a neighbor earlier who thought he may have heard that. >> reporter: i heard five or six explosions sin i was over there but since then we have heard ten more. >> reporter: what'd you think when you saw the dark smoke? >> my house is right there and there's a field, the field is very dry so they're doing a dry field right now watering down. >> reporter: speaking to the person who owns the property where the fire originating over on pleasant acres drive we were
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able to talk with that man who told us in the newsroom he didn't know about the fire and was on his way. he referred to the property as storage but told us he was worried about the house on the property. and you talked about the plume of smoke it was dark and massive for a long time, but it has changed as you mentioned. fire officials asking people in the area to shelter in place and close their windows as a precaution. live in san jose. abc 7 news. abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel joining us now to look at conditions for the firefighters. >> yeah, and larry we have seen the winds come up to as high as 10 to 11 miles per hour, that is wind gust. out at the west, 2-mile-an-hour gusting to 4. that wind is bringing higher humidity in. combination of higher humidity, lighter winds should help those crews even more.
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it is 81 degrees right now so that temperature has just come down. take a look at the wind gust, 7:00 tonight, san jose out of the northwest gusting to 6-mile-an-hour. sustained winds about 4-mile-an-hour. the windows will remain pretty light throughout this evening. that wind has been tracking that smoke in the hoot hills of -- foothills of san jose. >> firefighters appear to be getting a good handle on what was a four-alarm fire burning people's homes in the san jose foothills. it burned a lot of properties and it spread quickly. but they are lucky the winds had been slow and not really spreading the flames quickly. >> they did a terrific job on what could have been a situation that got out of control, especially when you look at all the debris on that lot. this thing could have gone up quickly.
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looks like it's under control but we'll keep our eyes on it throughout the evening. as captain vega said, it's going to take a few hours to put everything out because they got spot fires all over the place. we sent out breaking news alert through the app so you can watch the fire on your phone. especially helpful people in that n that neighborhood to go along with it the app the free to download and work with apple and android devices. welcome to abc 7 news at kf i'm larry beal. >> and i'm christian sze. there's nothing like the wild fire in the north bay killing dozens of people and destroying thousands of home. >> today the clean up in santa rosa. >> we have team coverage tonight on both perspectives let's begin with wayne freedmon in santa
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rosa's ko coffey park neighborhood. >> good evening christian. officials went through this lot pulling out anything that may have been dangerous, propane, point or anything else. once that's finished they'll begin pulling out debris and at that point, homeowners will have a decision to make. in coffey park today, summer beat down on ruins with nothing left to burn or recognize. >> single story, three bedroom, two bath. >> reporter: it was another strange surreal visit for ohm owners sifting through debris and options. >> you have dreams about this happening but you think you're going to wake up and it will be just a nightmare, you know, it's not happening. >> reporter: what is happening, the inevitably march of bureaucracy. for every homeowner it manifest at an entry form, part of the packet they received from
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california's emergency services. >> if you're signing away rights you should at least have an expert opinion. >> reporter: it allows the o es to clear the area down to dirt. >> if you have -- if you don't have insurance, that's not designated for debris removal we're not going to come charge you with an individual if you don't have that. >> reporter: the work will begin -- are any of the foundation salvageable. >> if your foundation's good would you want it removed? >> why would you. >> reporter: most if not all of the foundations will need to go. with the goal of trying to clear this away by spring, the o es says there's not enough time to inspect each of them. >> we have 8,800 structures destroyed of night. do the math. >> reporter: from coffey park in
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santa rosa, wayne freedmon, abc 7 news. kr. >> santa rosa is about 70 miles from north bay creek. lesley brinkley live with more about the housing storage. >> reporter: exactly, i'm here near roz more and walnut creek there is very little on the pi met a real estate manager today saying they're seeing people coming down from the north bay fires, looking to shop and make offers on homes here. >> we've had clients who come down whose homes are burnt. >> reporter: some aren't waiting for things to settle out with their insurance company. if they have enough for a downpayment they're pursuing what little is for sale. this napa resident works in a with you nut creek escrow office. >> a couple that lost
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everything? santa rosa are coming here. they don't have anything but the clothes on their back. coming in and putting officers in this area, hopefully they'll get one soon. >> reporter: this is the busy industry to the ross moore retirement neighborhood. they see people filled with cloths and dogs scouting for houses. the priority, shopping for fire-safe homes. it's tough. >> negotiate with your insurance company, make sure you can walk away with what you do with them, but take your time in making that decision. maybe you rent a house for a while and decide whether you want to go back or not. >> they come here looking for rentals,wy don't have any, so instead they switch over to
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buyers. full containment on the wildfire, the date has been pushed back from today to halloween, acreage holding steady, ranges from 95 to 98%. >> the #me too is for women to share stories on sexual harassment and draw issues that ar
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it appears the first charges have been filed in the investigation over collusion
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between russia and the trump campaign. cnn reports the investigation team entered a federal courtroom where the grand jury meets to hear testimony on the investigation. a federal judge ordered the charges to remain sealed, however arrests could come as soon as monday in this case. robert mueller was named special counsel to lead the fbi investigation into collusion and obstruction of justice by the president. a startling recesslation today by u.s. congresswoman jackie spear who has a man sexually assaulted her when she was in her 20s. abc 7 news reporterly yan melendez is live in the newsroom today. >> this is something that jackie spear proposed in 2014 but never
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teshlzed. congresswom congresswoman jackie spears joined the me too movement while shifs an aid to representative leo ryan in the late '70s. the chief of staff held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. >> reporter: the man she's accusing was ryan's former chief of staff, gw joe hol singer who was around 50 at the time. spear was in her mid-20s. the hash tag me too and stories of alleged sexual conduct has been shared by thousands of people following allegations against movie mogul, howey fi finestein. >> it brings these conversations out of shadows so people can get justice. >> reporter: spear is using the hash tag, me too congress and
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encouraging other people in congress to step forward and tell their story. >> it's time to throw back the curtain on the behavior that's thrived in the dark without consequences. >> reporter: hol singer died in 2014, shortly after his death congresswoman of palo alto called him a brilliant man, a political pmentor to me and man others and will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. today e shoo said the alleges are shocking. in santa rosa, will lyanne melendez. abc 7 news. >> turning our attention to the weather. >> looks beautiful outside. this picture behind us is fantastic. halloween coming up. here's sandy patel. >> larry and christian i want to
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show you live doppler 7. the fog sitting near the coast and that has helped to take the temperatures down today. we're going to continue to see that fog lingering well into the weekend and beyond. cooling will continue and it's going to be spooktacular from halloween. a live look right now from a mountain high camera, look at that fog rolling in. it's a beautiful view, as ocean beach is somewhere under that blanket of fog. here's or perspective from the fire camera rolling in. mid to upper 60s, froesan franc san francisco right now. 80 degrees. we did see some cooling along the coast. here's a view from our santa cruz camera. 80 in santa rosa, fairfield.
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830 in livermore. early morning you'll need that light extra area. fog around the bay and along the coastline. for the afternoon, 82 in san jose and south bay. 83 gilroy. till warm but not as warm today. 76 degree, 58 in half moon bay. the fog will hang around well into the afternoon. san francisco you are in the loyal 80s too. north bay, 80. 72 oakland. 78, fremont. inland mostly 80s. 85 concord, 86 livermore. the coastal areas will see the wind building. breakers could be as high as 20 feet. now we're going to fast forward to next friday, a level 1 light
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system coming in. morning showers will give way to afternoon rain, breezy at times. early estimates for just friday. it gets going saturday. much more rain than that. hour by hour friday afternoon evening you get the wet weather moving in. a rainy saturday for november 4th. sunday we'll see the showers lingering with snow in the sierra, nevada. it will look like winter there in early november. afternoon forecast warm conditions, much cooler on sunday, crisp fall day coming your way monday, upper 50s to low 70s. halloween treat followed by your average temperatures to blow. slight chance of showers thursday, better chance friday with a level-1 storm. christian and larry. >> good weekend to fill up your gas tank because a 12 cent gas tax about to kick in.
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the price we way pay at the pump is about to go up. on wednesday a 12 cent gas hike will start. and it will pay for the road repair. >> erick with more on the story. >> reporter: it's funny, gas
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price right now for unleded regular at this gas station, $2.83 a gallon. it's funny to think next week we may be that stall jik for that price. drivers at this walnut creek gas station didn't know the gas tax were going up next week. >> i don't drive too much, i have two little kids under five, so i kind of drive around the block. >> i think the gas tax is a joke. there was supposed to be a gas tax to fix the roads previously. >> it was a huge surprise to me i didn't foe about. and the thing is it's one more thing we got to suck it in and move on. >> reporter: diesel will go up 20 cents per gallon. >> we drive 350 million miles a year in california. that puts a lot of wear and tear on the roads. the money we need to keep them
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maintained properly hasn't been there. >> reporter: the tax cycle approved by the legislature in april expect to bring in $54 billion for road repair over the next decade. >> it's a level that makes sense. they use the roads, i use the roads in our electric vehicle and we need to put in to better roads. we also need to transition our driver driving to much more efficient and exercise electric vehicles. >> reporter: in walnut creek, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> here's a look at how current gas prices stand in the bay area. san francisco drivers pay $3.18. oakland bay, $3.07.
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prices have gone down in the past month, although we are paying more than we did a year ago. revenge against an unfair landlord. >> they got justice. it came in the form of a record verdict. north bay demonstrated by wildfires. they're also
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>> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. a pair of san francisco ten nats claiming victory and millions of dollars against their landlords. >> their attorney call it one of the largest verdicts in the country. melanie woodrow with the story. >> reporter: this couple says no financial award can give them back what they lost. >> i miss my home, that was my home. >> reporter: a injury awarded a between $23.5 million --
7:32 pm
$3.5 million plus attorney fees. >> reporter: for years they say their landlord harassed them and their then 6 years old daughter. >> i can't go back and time and record all pain we suffered there. >> reporter: the landlords purchased approximately 10 buildings around 2013, more than 50 read control units with long-term tenants. >> they had a business plan with retaliation against tenants. they were awarded $2.7 million in government penalty. >> reporter: a injujury found t landlord's practice bogus. >> the jury determined she never moved in or intended to move in. >> reporter: the couple hope their long journey will inspire others. new at 6:00, good news about
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the san francisco police officer critically injured in a hit-and-run crash. sources tell abc 7 news hi condition is improving. this officer recently opened his eyes and appears to be responding to his wife's voice. sources say he's also being -- prepping for an mri and possibly more tests. they caution the officer still has a long road to recovery. he was on bike patrol on turk street last week when he was struck by fleeing vehicle of a suspect. that suspect, 50-year-old marquese johnson arrested after a citywide manhunt. new details about marshawn lynch at a high school practice. officials have been reprimanded for allowing him to practice with their affordable team. lynch posted this video on instagram showing him practicing with the kids on the varsity squad. the kids and lynch seemed to
7:34 pm
enjoy himself, however state rules inhibits anyone other than students from practicing with football teams. >> i don't think he meant any harm while being out there he was trying to create a positive response to the kids. there was a rule if place. >> no word on what action was taken. lynch is under a one-game suspension for shoving an official last week so hee not going to be playing in buffalo. cow trends set to bring down two other sport systems on the bay bridge. no cars will be allowed on the bay bridge for 30 minutes during that period. that's expected to start around 9:30 in the morning. this is cow trans video from the last explosion. the final explosion is scheduled
7:35 pm
in three weeks to bring down the final three piers. in palo alto a buzz installed on highway 101 is creating a buzz. abc reporter chris wen with the story. >> reporter: on this well traveled stretch of 101 there's a new billboard designed to scuff conversation. >> it was funny to see that because of the fact we see so many different things here in the bay area. >> a text thing aimed at text workers. manhattan based a civic and entrepreneur andrew roget paid for the the billboard with its own money. >> i think silicon valley does have a problem. >> reporter: on his website, he outlines many of the reasons why he believes the big apple is better suited for those who want
7:36 pm
to make a difference through tech. >> we believe the technology community is more inclusive and more focused on equity in terms of economic equity for everyone. >> reporter: from diversity to disruption to the workplace harassment. the shortcomings of silicone value has been well documented in recent years. despite the challenges, industry experts say the val's ecosystem is second to none. >> they want to start a start up, they have access to so many incubators, there are meters and events they can go to. >> reporter: and local entrepreneurs say they are still very good. >> the value of systems mere -- >> reporter: in silicon valley, chris wen, abc 7 news. the atlas fire near napa is now 100% contained. as the fire fight ends the
7:37 pm
recovery begins including local businesses. abc 7 was up this morning to tag along on this balloon ride. a vast majority of the napa valley is untouched. the wildfires have put a dent in tourism. one tourist from north carolina was watching clafrl and decided to keep her plans to visit. >> i came from north carolina and i was watching closely to see what people were saying about it. there are a lot of people saying don't come, but there were a lot of good people here in napa valley saying do come. >> we need the tourist to come back out here. it is gorgeous. come back and support the industry. as wild fire victims struggle to get their lives
7:38 pm
back. many are finding out they're victims of organized criminals. >> identity thief has laid claims to thousands of residence. >> michael fenny with the story. >> that's why we wen there last week because we were worried about these kinds of things. identity thooe identity thieves are praying on victims of the disasters. 7 on your side was up in the north bay last week, we met folks whose lives were already shattered on top of identity they have. >> i am now a victim of identity thief as well as the wildfires. >> i can't appear to get any help. >> we kept looking into this, and now our investigation reveals the scam is even more widespread than the north bay
7:39 pm
fires. tonight at 11:00 i'll show you how some of your tax dollars have already gone to the bad guys. >> i got to believe that would hamper anybody's rebuilding effort, so you can't get credit to rebuild because someone stole your identity. >> it's terrible. coming up next, which parts of the bay area
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the turk needs a place to call home, as long as it's not the thanksgiving table. the bird was found wondering in traffic in pacifica last month. she was taken to the humane society which provided these pictures. she has been dmes hated and hopefully become someone's pet. bragging rights in the
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metropolitan area. forbes -- the sky high price of living. does not detract from the positives. any areas that -- of the top ten cities california's the only state with mumble listing. daeg came in third, san jose came in 6 and santa clara came in 7. nex
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the president jokes with kids about being skin any enough to eat candy during a visit to the oval office today. that comment had drawn criticism around social media. the president also joked with the parents about saying i can't believe the media produced such
7:47 pm
beautiful children. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom went to check out the way they're speaking up against politics. >> reporter: halloween can be funny or scary. >> we don't want to ruin the kids' dreams. >> reporter: dreams for this child may also be -- >> are you into politics? >> yeah. >> when it came time to decorate. >> we made the house into a full donald trump halloween. featuring donald trump as the definitely. bob mueller has a shark eating republicans. >> reporter: and ryan could follow in their footsteps. if only competent could pronounce the name of russian president. >> that's a gladiator put.
7:48 pm
>> i'm from russia, and i was so surprised but it's so funny. >> reporter: from flying spiders. >> we got the spire dars. >> reporter: to flying cabinet secretaries. >> we nay not have done a display like this if we lived smd where in the deep south. >> reporter: but here the mil man's on board. some are asking them to leave it up through the year. >> ore at least to christmas. roe >> reporter: unicorns and pirates. >> exactly. >> we have the natural hair for the donald trump color so i think i should go political. >> reporter: in almeda jonathan bloom. abc 7 news. >> we want to see what your
7:49 pm
pictures look like. post your pictures and hash tag actions abc 7 now. >> if you're looking for spooky events go to abc nothing scary about our weather forecast. >> you just might feel like dancing after you see this forecast for halloween it's going to be really nice. take a look at halloween planer, sun rise at 7:00 a.m. temperatures in the 40s, 50s, clouds at noon, and a nice halloween temperature in the afternoon. show 60s to low 70s, cooling by the time trick-or-treaters head out. foggy along the coast, clear in inland. the fog will sit around the beaches. 50s there. warm in the mid-80s but not like
7:50 pm
today. accuweather seven-day forecast. mid-80s tomorrow. that cooling continue sunday. by monday when you're 70 degrees compared to the low 90 today, you're going to feel that crisp autumn air and halloween's looking dry. friday will bring in a chance of rain. >> thank you sandy. >> all right, anthony flores handling sports tonight. when you use to talk about the nfl it was touch down great games, not this season. controversy from the nfl goes from the field to the' box. what has
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7:53 pm
more controversy for the nfl, houston texas owner was quoted saying the inmates are running the prison. he was making a reference to the national anthem. the mayor then apologized and said he was saying it as a quote, figure of speech.
7:54 pm
athletes all across the sports world are reacting, including warriors' forward tray monday green. >> i personally wouldn't want to play for someone who thinks i'm an inmate i've never done anything to be an inmate. a figure of speech aren't okay in 2017. so, you know. how come i didn't give a figure of speech that's not socially okay i okay, i'm going to get fired. >> now the texan's team walked out a practice today when learning about the comments. while there was going to be a cool vibe, steve will be dressing a technical style.
7:55 pm
-- to the northbouba title, mo 50 years spend in the nfl organization. discovers wi discover doves will take on the raiders. marshawn lynch will serve a one-game suspension for shoving an official. after facing the bills, the raiders will stay out east and head to mr. for the game against the doll vins on november 5th. to make the long trip easier, the raiders quarterback is packing more than a suitcase. >> my family's going to be there, they're way more important to follow to me. i'll flew three -- fly them out so they're there, my wife and babies. the advantage is another little camp, besides just not having to fly. that's a zwroer benefit of --
7:56 pm
major benefit of guys not being together outside of the windows we have here. >> now, i have a 19-year-old son who -- 19 month old son who likes to auh-oh. the 9ers will take a field trip to philadelphia sunday to face the eagles with the best record in football. if they lose to the eagles, the 9ers will set a franchise record with a 0-8 mark to start the season. the coach, shanahan searching for the right season he hopes -- >> we're trying to figure out the right thing about our guys as people and our players. it's football. i'm pulling for all these guys. we got to make tough decisions and some tough decisions that i think will be very important to where we go in the future and what leads us to everyone wants to be in. you can't make everyone happy.
7:57 pm
>> the 9ers and eagles will kick off sunday. the astros lead to dodgers 4-1 in the top of the fourth inning. >> uh-oh for the dodgers. >> uh-oh's right after that game two lost. >> the shortest darvish to ever make it. >> you're a darvish fan you would know. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffey t.v. 20, and abc 7 news at 11:00. our coverage of the fire in san jose continues. also at 11:00, north bay fire victims looking for financial help are finding out they're becoming victims of fraud. 7 on your side michael fenny investigate. >> here's the prime line up. 7 it's once upon a time. followed by marvels inhuman at
7:58 pm
9:00. then 20202020 and abc 7 news at 11. >> tonight at jimmy h"jimmy kim live." >> that's do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. i'm larry beal. >> i'm christian sze. good night.
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hey, joe, you're a car guy. what do you think of self-driving cars? i don't like 'em. i mean, you don't know who to give the finger to. all right, gentlemen, broncos-chargers game this sunday, mike's house, right? any questions? -i got one. -yeah? did you just invite people to my house?


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