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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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live are where you live this is abc 7 news. >> we begin with the president's vulgar comment in the oval office. why are we having all these people from expletive whole countries come here? that's an exact quote on your screen except it didn't say expletive and it was confirmed by the abc news and instead should have more people from places like norway. abc news reporter is in
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washington. >> reporter: president's shock objection to the bipartisan agreement on the dreamers. >> no deal yet. >> it sounds like yo you have an agreement and he's not on board. >> reporter: lindsey graham and other law makers. when the president learned it would restore protections for several african countries, his response. why are we having all these expletive people coming here. and elijah cummings calling it demeaning of the office of the presidency. on msnbc. >> this remark by the president of the united states smacks of blatant racism, the most odious and insidious racism mask raiding poorly as immigration policy. >> reporter: a major setback for talks to protect nearly 800,000 immigrants from deportation but law makers appear to be pushing
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ahead. >> we had had an agreement that we're the bipartisan group we're talking about that we're shopping among our colleagues now. >> reporter: earlier in the week trump said he would sign whatever deal the law maker agree on. but with one deal. >> we have to have the wall for security purposes. >> reporter: the white house saying the president is fighting for permanent solutions by welcoming immigrants who quote contribute, grow the economy and assimilate. rescue crews in southern california continue to search for mud and wreckage in the massive debris field. 43 people are unaccounted for. at least 17 people were killed and scores of homes destroyed when fast moving water, mud and boulders came rushing into the community. the santa barbara county office
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released names of the dead, all monteceto residents. the fire department says the cars were carried down the creek. marcy gonzales has more. >> reporter: from above that incredible before and after. >> see this area here with this home and this pool as we fade back to what's left there now. absolutely nothing. >> in the thick mud swamped mess surrounding the homes and businesses destroyed by this week's mud slides in california. an urgent search. hundreds of first responders and volunteers holding on to the last shred of hope that missing may be found. >> i've lived through fires, earthquakes. i've never seen anything like this. it's devastating. >> that fast moving blood of boulders that swept through -- killed at least 17 people.
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>> i know people already, personally, who have died. >> reporter: the youngest. >> kaley benetz 3 years old. >> and a prominent realtor here. >> it's too horrific here for someone to survive that. >> her son returning to her mud pummelled home. >> i hope she knows i was giving everything i could to find her. >> reporter: as time starts running out for these teams to find others. marcy gonzales, abc news. new details on a story we brought you earlier on abc 7 news at 6:00. we first reported that a train in a accident was unoccupied. that's because the man was able to pull the driver from the prius just moments before the impact. the tracks have since been cleared. there's been another sea lion attack.
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she was swimming in aquatic park when she was bit on the knee. abc 7 news reporter spoke with two other swimmers, including a former paramedic who helped rescue chan. >> the rowing club is no stranger to sea lion attacks, as many of its members have suffered sea lion bites includinging chan as she was swimming around 7:00 this morning. >> i started swimming with her and said do you wante to pull you backing to the beach and she said no, i can't kick because the sea lion bit me on my knee. >> and we all just gather round and swam back with her. >> duncan relied on expertise to help with chan. >> i was a paramedic with the department of public health. >> reporter: the womenoved chan to the sana and applied pressure to her wound. >> she was more shook up than
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anything. >> reporter: she was taken on the had sf general hospital where she was in good condition. >> was not severe but anytime you get bit, rarlit's a badding. >> we were just starting to calm down from the last couple of bites. >> they recommend people swim in groups and closer to shore. advice duncan is taking. >> i changed the route. i swam close to shore so i could see the bottom. and off duty san francisco police officer suffered life threatening injuries on a crash in the east bay. it happened north of 7th street early this morning. the officer was heading to work in his personal motorcycle when he collided with the rear of a flat bed utility truck. his identity has not been released. fewer people are riding bart and one director wants the transit agency to find out why. ridership was down 2.4% in
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the latest quarter. and the downturn is mostly among those making short trips. >> take a look at some of the impact of uber and lyft and other ride sharing services on our short trips. are people taking those ride sharing services instead of using bart for short trips? >> it's hitting bart's budget which saw passenger revenue fall by a million dollars and sales tax revenue coming in higher than expected. the campaign to recall judge perskey ended up with more signatures than needed. >> tell me what democracy looks like. >> tell me what democracy looks like. >> 95,000 signatures were delivered to the santa clara county register of voters. she was the judge in the brock turner case. the former stanford swimmer
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accuse 06d sexually assaulting. the short sentence combined with an emotional statement from the victim led to widespread outrage and calls to recall the judge. surfing fans looking forward to the maverick surf may have good news on the horizon. just taz sun was setting. the national weather service says next week swells could surpass 20 feet. it event could start anytime next week, possibly monday or tuesday. they tell abc 7 news they'll be monitoring over the weekend but waves are bigger tan 30 feet. the world surfing league revived it surfing competition after the previous organizers went bankrupt. we'll have more on channel 7 at 11:00. up next the fight over rent
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control in california. it took over part of the state capitol today and the decision has a big impact in the bay area. also a 98-year-old rosy the river fought an eviction in the north bay. we have the decision of whether she'll stay in her home of 45 years. i'm meteorologist sandy putell but we do have milder weather in the forecast. >> and mark zuckerberg wants to make your experience on facebook more valuable more valuable how
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my city is in crisis. >> clear words from the state assemblyman. but getting rid of the contrahauskens act was struck down. this means single family homes and new construction will continue be to exempt from rent control laws. >> reporter: the propose tool repeal the current rent control law died in the housing community. supporters who went to sacramento expressed their outrage after it was announced there would be no change to the kosta hawkins act. right now rent control doesn't
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apply to single family homes or to new construction. the san francisco board of supervisors supports making the city 100% rent control. >> if you wanted to rent a single family home for instance, right now riltser not under rent control. but if we got rid of costa hawkens. >> reporter: those say had had it been repealed, it would have meant a loss of new development. >> why would a home owner rent out their home if they don't have control over their property? >> reporter: but they say it would have kept people from being displaced. >> if we had had true rent control, those folks would not get displaced. >> reporter: the california apartment association disagreed. >> anything that would prevent new developments from being built, obviously isn't going to help the housing landscape for our city. >> reporter: right now as it
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stands anything built before 1979 in san francisco must comply with rent control laws. and both sides are saying we have to continue this conversation and try to find common ground. in the newsroom, lean melend ez, abc 7 news. a 98-year-old rosy will get to stay in the home she's lived in for decades. any small has lived in the two story, one bath uniet for 45 years. she was under threat of eviction. it sited safety concerns because of her age. but her family says she's tired and ill and shouldn't have to relocate. >> she could live another 10 years. that's god's will but in reality at her age and she's developing some illnesses. >> previous leadership at the housing authority promised
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elderly and frail people they would never face eviction. zuckerberg says feedback shows the public content has been crowding out personal moments. you can expect to see more posts from friends and family and fewer from businesses. zuckerberg says he expects the amount of time spent on facebook will goown but the time spent will be more valuable. abc 7 news meteorologist is going to tell us what happened to the fog and if it's coming back. >> the fog is coming back. but first let's take a look at beautiful photos of the sunset tonight. this was tweeted to me earlier from sunnyvale. we have the high clouds and they gave us the color that you're seeing here. another beautiful shot from dublin. this you will note this is pinkish hughes though. so the fog did clear out but it's starting to come back to the picture. the sprinkles that we had in the
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north bay earlier today long gone. it showers have been confined to the pacific northwest. live look from our abc 7 news explore torrium camera. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. san francisco open, half moon bay you're cool at 48 degrees. here's a look at the fog from our tower camera. does this remind you of something? here's a look at those temperatures. 52 in santa rosa. doesn't feel like summer at night time and anothe live picture from our emory vill camera. visibility is just fine. areas of dense fog, sunny and mild through the weekend. so here's an hour by hour look at it fog. 11:00 p.m. the sprinkles are well up to the north of the bay area. 5:00 a.m. as the commute begins, there will be dense fog around the bay shoreline, also right around the delta. so be careful. the fog sticks around at 8:00
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a.m. and everyone will see a sunny, friday afternoon with temperatures responding as a result. low 40s to low 50s. definitely jacket weather for you. watch out for it fog and the afternoon. really nice looking day. 69 in santa cruise in the south bay. low 60s from san mateo along it coast and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, and the north bay, you're all in the low 60s from sanltau rosa, east bay, berkeley, oakland 60 degrees. inland areas 63 liver more, 61 in walnut creek. average high is 57. tomorrow, 62 degrees coming up as we hit the weekend and then they'll be dropping again by next week. so i want to show you what's going to happen next week. martin luther king jr. day. day time is fine but monday night, 9:00 p.m. rain begins to
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show up and then spreads during the morning commute on tuesday. we have another system that's going to come through the bay area. that arriving wednesday night and continuing to thursday morning. that will bring low snow levsel in the sierra which they need. and it continues until thursday night. the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature fog to sunshine for your friday. dry and milder for the weekend with temperatures in the upper 60s for the warmest spots. a chance of a few showers at night on your holiday monday and we have a level one system we're tracking tuesday and wednesday and thursday. so light systems will bring us some rain. right now it computer models are not in full agreement which is why we're going with a chance.o we'll put them on there. so you can download the accuweather app and keep track of live doppler 7 and the temperatures. you've no doubt heard about
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the tesla model 3. now you can see it for yourself. we'll explain.
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abc 7 news was where tesla's model three will finally appear at a show room. many put down a deposit for the car in 2016. but production's been slow. it will be the first opportunity to sit in, smell and feel what's being called the first mass market electric vehicle. the model 3 has a range of 310 miles on a single charge. cal transwants to improve the peninsula commute by building new express lanes on highway 101.
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southbound between ripple and interstate 380 in san bruno. they allow paying drivers to access the lane in addition to buses and car pooler. they were atted last year between walnut creek and san ramon. work is expecked to begin soon to add an expressway. the fuel economy of new u.s. car trucks hit a record 24.7 miles a gallon. up 1/10th a mile a gallon. last march president donald trump ordered a review of tough u.s. vehicle fuel efficiency standards put in place by the obama administration. but states like california have pushed back. san francisco's muny system as a new definition of a piece of art. city buses will now display art by local artists and poets.
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they competed for a city-wide competition. for painter hernandez it's a chance to get her work in front of a mass audience even if it's on mass transit. >> people will just go around and look around and see something different. probably, hopefully it will inspire them into colors in their life. >> and beyond the creative satisfaction, they also receive a cash prize for their work. up next victims of the santa rosa fire storm have a new victim tonight. >> they jump out and they were just arrested. >> why two santa rosa brothers face jail time for going to their mom's burned out home. and mixed messages from a key surveillance law. and while a european nation wants its citizens to be kinder to crustations.
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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> we begin this half hour where the fire victims have faced all kinds of challenges from finding places to live to dealing with insurance companies, you name it. but here's a new one. a legal case in which he's
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fighting it system on behalf of every burned out home owner who just wanted to see erhis or her property. >> he's an outsider, evan newman, that rare defendant with the gall to act as his own attorney. >> you know what they say about a man who represents himself, don't you? >> yes, i do. >> are you? >> that remains to be seen. >> reporter: his case born from the ashes of what used to be the family home in fountain grove while trying to protect the property a few days after the fire storm. they entered the evacuation area. >> we walked by it guards, yes. >> victims have a right to see the destruction and what they lost. >> reporter: the only difference
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they say is that they got arrested, that they had had to pay $1,000 bail each and that they were charged. in court this morning mark pleaded guilty but only he says because he's sole support for his had family. he got 80 hours community service. >> i heard serial drunk drivers who got less. >> evans is risking time in jail for not leaving an evacuation zone. >> the law says more than to give you an a directenter the evacuation zone. >> and they didn't? >> they did not. >> if we don't take advantage of our rights we lose them. >> the sonoma county district attorney's office did not return our calls. jury selection begins next week. mixed messages from president trump today on a key security surveillance law.
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in an early morning tweet the had president suggested it was used to surveill his campaign. two hours later he appears to have changed his mind. sesealia vega explains. >> reporter: a morning of confusion began on one of president trump's favorite morning shows, a direct message about the controversial surveillance program congress was set to reauthorize today. >> his woes began with unlawful foreign surveillance and unconstitutional domestic surveillance of him. mr. president, this is not the way to go. >> reporter: minutes later using the exact language that appeared on fox and friends. house votes on controversial fisa act today. this is the act that may have been used to so badly surveill the trump campaign by it previous administration and others? his tweets seem to contradict
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his own policy. the program that allows the government to conduct warrantless surveillance on suspected terrorists overseas and on u.s. soil. cue the chaos on capitol hill. calls between cub fused law makers. speaker paul ryan spent half an hour on the phone with him. president trump "today's vote is about foreign bad guys on foreign land. we need it. get smart." ultimately it house did vote to reauthorize it law. >> did he not understand what bill you were voting on today? >> he just has concerns about other parts of fisa and i think everybody knows that too. >> reporter: and the top democrat went on the attack, saying the president endangered national security and that quote fisa is something the president should have known about long before he turned on fox this morning. many people are interpreting
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that first tweet to mean he doesn't know how fisa works and unfamiliar with his own administration's policy. >> he does. which is why he issued a presidential memo last week expressing concerns. >> reporter: and the president in a new interview with the wall street journal talking about kim jong-un saying quote i probably have a very good relationship with kim jong-un. it president did refuse to say whether he's sat down with the north korean dictator saying quote i'm not saying if i have or haven't. it would hard to imagine these two being friendly, given that he's called him a depraved madman. new accusations against symphony conductor include allegations of rape. six more women have come forward. yesterday he stepped down from the royal philharmonic
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orchestra. other simpanies severed ties since the initial allegations last month. switzerland has made it illegal to boil live crabs. the new order is they must be stunned before they're killed. they argue they have sophisticated nervous systems and likely feel significant pain when boiled alive. it also prohibits transporting live crustaceans on ice or icy water. they must always be held in their natural environment. today only abc 7 news was invited inside an active shooter training session. next s
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it takes teamwork, patience and focus. just some of the skills local officers needed in today's active shooter training by the fbi. only laura anthony was invited inside to see what they learned. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: it's a realistic training scenario that mimics real-world events, like the deadly shooting at columbine high school nearly 20 years ago. john benen is a special agent in charge of the san francisco fbi. bennet is leading this at napa valley college smifically designed for an active shooter scenario inside a school library. >> when i turn i need make sure i'm online with greg and my muzzle needs to be at or beyond his source of ammunition. >> what we're teaching is when different departments come together with different weapons and tactics, when we work
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together, you have to move together and start engaging the threat. >> at columbine a resource officer initially approached it two shooters but then retreated to wait for a s.w.a.t. team. here local police don't wait for s.w.a.t. or the fbi. they go in immediately and if necessary put themselves beteen the shooter and potential victims. >> they have to stop the killing. the difference in active shooter is you don't have that time. the average of these only last about three to five minutes. in sandy hook every 11.5 seconds somebody was killed. >> reporter: he's are from local agencies. >> when i started as an officer i would have never thought about doing these things but it's the world i have now and so i have to have meanal rpeople ready fo. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. after fears of tumbling into
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the ocean a woman was dream home is no more. today's demolition of the last red
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one costco shopper knew exactly what to do with her christmas tree. she took it back. the story is now going viral. he said this woman returned her christmas tree last thursday telling workers it was dead. and what did costco do? gave her a refund. abc 7 news was along the embarcadero. the san francisco department of inenvironment says ecology's tree pick up ends tomorrow. you can leave your tree on the
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curb anytime before 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and a different truck will come along and pick it up. if you see trees in your neighborhood, call 311 and let the city know about it. the last red tagged home on esplanad avenue is gone. the little jello house was demolished this morning. here's abc 7 news reporter. >> you may watch this and see a demolition job but melissa mcconnell sees it differently. >> kitchen sliding glass door. >> reporter: she knows every inch of this 900 square foot home. it's not just a kitchen back splash being ripped out, that was a find she proudly got off craigslist, the siding is only six months old. >> my pretty little house. >> reporter: today it turned into rubble. the pacifica cliff it was perched on has eroded away to
9:45 pm
the had point it's too dangerous. bhaut it from the mcconnells and today tore it down. the mcconnells were here to watch and say goodbye. >> i love this house as much as any of my dearly departed pets i've ever had and if you have to take them to the vet because it's time to end their suffering, that's what you do and i kind of see this that way. >> neighbors across the street watched with mixed emotions as their views suddenly changed and they lost two nice neighbors. >> it was something mom joked about like 30 years ago oh, if those houses fall in, we'll have an ocean view. it's not funny anymore. >> reporter: the bucket delivered its final blow, taking out the new bay windows and flattening the place they called home. but they had the crews save a few beans of red wood from the house with the hope nofz stalling it in a new home in pacifica, their favorite place
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on earth. abc 7 news. with one check -- with one last check of the weather, let's go to meteorologist sandy patel. >> we have combination of fog and clouds right now. visibility is poor. it's down to about a mile and a quarter in napa where we are seeing fog. santa rosa already seeing fog as well. eight mile visibility as you will notice. some heavy fog. so be careful. right now it's not that heavy. sunshine, upper 50s to the low 60s. pretty much everyone will see their fog clear out for the afternoon and if you've been waiting for rain, there are chances of rain in the forecast tuesday better ce monday a 50% likelihood and we get a short break wednesday before wednesday into thursday, we have another system coming in. so you have yourself a couple of
9:47 pm
dry days. yes, fog in the morning tomorrow and saturday and sunday there will be plenty of sun with temperatures rising. martin luther king jr. day, if crow do have the day off, most of the day is fine and then by night time level one system spread. >> we've been asking for it. >> thank you. well, for some of you it's going to be a long weekend but even if you're not off for mlk day, it would be a great opportunity to honor the sivlt rights icon. what our partners have lined up. >> reporter: two of our hoodline weekend picks center around drr martin luther king's birthday and the third event is for the most famous and loudest residents. so let's start with music from mlk. ♪ you know we've got to find a way to have somebody standing
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here today ♪ >> make a joyful noise or at least hear some at the 16th annual in the name of love tribute to dr. king. it happens sunday night at 7:00 and tickets are on sale now. in san friskso there's a great opportunity to enjoy special mlk related events and this is totally free. you can explore their permanent collection and exhibit, revelations. art from the african american south. there's going to be music and special tours throughout the day saturday. finally, celebration of an entirely different kind. so sidney these guys have been here for 28 years and i say guys because this is a fraternity of sea lions. >> exactly. so we have an all had male population at pier 39 and this is because are had of the females are found down in southern california off the coast of los angeles with the young and the babies.
9:49 pm
>> pier 39 celebrating the hundreds of sea lions who somewhat mysteriously showed up this month 28 years ago and haven't left since. sea lions have had bad pr recently because of a series of attacks on swimmers. so here's your chance to learn more about them from safe distance. for details go to our website, we'll link you to hoodline. if you're watching, kristen may still be holding her breath waiting to find out when steph curry's coming back. >> weicide have broadcast on facebook live all evening. steve kerr is doing the same thing. will he play tomorrow? kevin durant was leading an all-star voting in the west. we want to guess who took over the top spot and who wants it.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by yur local toyota dealer. >> good evening. steph curry sat out last night but he was a full go in practice too. but officially listed as questionable. with the warriors getting set for a five-game road trip. and he's leap frogged in the all-star voting. about 43,000 votes ahead of k.d. the leading vote getters will pick their teams. just like it's on the playground. i take this guy, you take that
9:54 pm
guy. but the commissioner says they won't televise the draft because they don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. dubs in milwaukee as we mentioned. oh, jordan bell has got hops. you got the pubucks, raptors, cavs, bulls and rockets. >> the hard thing in the nba is that everybody is good, even the bad teams are good, which we found out last night. a team that's below 500 came to our building and beat us by 20. >> nba tonight lebron and the c cavs have lost six of eight. throwing it down right for. look at that. and then the lefty off glass demar derozan. toronto led by 28 after three and lebron was trying to fire up it troops.
9:55 pm
derozan, despite 26 from lebron, the cavs with their biggest loss of the year. 133-99. college ball tonight. twins? no, just ray bennet and herb sin tag. we have to do a dna test of those two guys. broncos strong early. fibben for the triple. but the gales have a lot of fire power. that's aussie to aussie right there. gales by 12 at the break. st. mary's pulling away. up and in. they pushed the lead to 20 and st. mary's is crewsing to victory as we speak. 81-57 is your final. weird moment in the stanford wsu game. the official collides with daniels and they both go down. daniels left with an ankle injury. the cougs were leading by seven. desean davis with a drive and
9:56 pm
dory and pickens seven of 10 from three. 28. cardinals win 29-70. they win three in a row after losing their conference opener to cal bears. the nfl is investigating the raidrs for possibly violating the rooney deal. meanwhile, the silver and black are going to london next year. raiders again are going to give up a home game just as they did when they went to mexico. they'll play the seahawks october the 14th, playing in a brand new stadium in tottenham hot spurs new yard for soccer. trying to build the audience in europe but 59% of brits say they find nfl football kind of boring. meanwhile, who's going to replace john gruden on monday night football? steve young said it's not going to be him. he added if it he could do it
9:57 pm
games from his backyard, well, then he would do it. if i dood the news from my backyard. marshawn lynch, an honorary harlem globe trotter. hooping with zeus mcclerken and then the granny half-court shot and scooter. we these guys in studio the other day. they are so much fun. you can't watch these two and not come away smiling. in oakland and san jose. they're really good guys. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. so funny with durant and steph because durant was number one and he said i don't want it and now steph has gone ahead and durant said if it comes down to it, he'll launch a steph for -- because he doesn't want -- the question's going to be are you going to take russell westbrook
9:58 pm
and if he doesn't, he'll get buried if it doesn't work out. so k.d. wants no part of picking the all stars. we played pick up ball. somebody's always going to get taken last, right? so televise it, make it fun. it's all going to be out on twitter anyway. somebody's going to find out who picked who. >> you can be the best player on your team and still be last. >> somebody's going to be last. it's going to be fun to watch. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. they helped rescue victims of the santa barbau county mud slides. we talked to the rescue wing who just returned to the bay area tonight. how surfers at local businesses are getting ready. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel seven. and finally tonight a bay area ought so shop gave a a veteran a
9:59 pm
life changing gift. it's part of the rides program. marine veteran received a restored brand new honda civic donated by are had state. he served 13 years and seven deployments with the marines, undergoing treatment for ptsd and currently homeress bless bu positive this will be a turning point in his life. >> for real? i don't know why i got this. this is beautiful. i'm very humbled and excited. >> he was nominated by soldier's angels, a nonprofit veteran support program. he says the first thing he's going toing do is drive to oregon to visit his family. for all of us here at if abc 7
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(eerie music) (intense music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one in pleasant grove, utah. the other in hazel park, michigan. in our first case, a former beauty queen goes under the knife to look sexier for her husband.


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