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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 9, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. hopefully he will have a great career ahead of him. what a week in the west wing. president trump speaks publicly the first time about the domestic abuse scandal involving former close aide rob porter. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashry. ama daetz is off. source tell abc news that john kelly told officials in the white house he was willing to
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step down over handling of the spousal abuse scandal. tonight there is a second disparate you are at the white house involving domestic abuse. more from tar an palmery. >> president trump defendsed his top aide rob porter who resigned as staff secretary yesterday after allegations of spousal abuse by two exwives became public. president trump wished him well despite evidence of domestic violence including photos and a police report. >> he said very strongly yesterday that he is innocent. so you'll have to talk to him about that. but we abilitily wish him well. >> the president made know mention of the women accusing porter. but instead commented on porter's state of mind. >> he is also very sad. >> reporter: last night chief of staff john kelly under fire about what he knew and when he knew it. earlier this week kelly called porter a man of true integrity and honor. but after a photo surfaced of porter's first ex-wife a black eye kelly distanced himself. abc news learned that the president is furious over how the crisis was handled, so much
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so he is considering replacing huss his chief of staff. in the past 24 hours kelly signalled that he is willing to resign. but a white house spokesperson denied that and said kelly is here to stay. the second ex-wife suggested the white house may have known all along. she said she toll the fbi everything. >> and i was very candid and frank and detailed with them about my marriage. >> there are now questions over how rob porter was able to do his duty as staff secretary with only interim security clearance. the fbi is looking into it. but he is not the oem white house staff we are a temporary security clearance. our sources tell us jarred kushner is also using an interim security clearance. abc news, washington. also tonight at the white house president trump will not allow the release of the democrats secret rebuttal memo. a white house attorney issued a letter tonight saying it contains numerous classified and sensitive passages.
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however, the president is encouraging exacts to make changes to get the memo released. just last week the president declassified the republican memo over the objections of the fbi and the department of justice. that memo alleges fbi surveillance abuses. tonight, congresswoman nancy pelosi tweeted this move by president trump confirms what we have all known for weeks, that his decision to release the nunes memo was a blatantly political move made without concern for national security. the moipz is on full display. what does the president have to hide? let's move on now, our mid-winter streak of record high temperatures continued for a ninth day today. we are on a real run here. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at any changes coming in the forecast. sandhya. >> yes with, dan there are changes coming. first let's talk about what's happening now and then that. you'll notice that there are some high clouds just passing through the bay area tonight. we had a record setting day, almost a dozen record highs around the bay area, the ninth
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straight day, the entire month of february pretty much we've had records. so it's 80 degrees in san jose and livermore both records. 76 in san francisco, napa 78 in sanity rosa. 7 24 sfo and sand raffle 79 degrees. we're not specking records. temperatures decrease and winds increase. advisory 10 "a" to midnight. north bay pretty much covered lake napa sonoma counties gusts up to 5 a miles an hour. could take down res and power lines. fire danger certainly increasing. as you take a look right now mount tam we're seeing signs of the wind already coming out of the northwest gusting to 34 pier. i'll let you know how the second half of the weekend looks and how the wind plays into impacting your temperatures coming up, dan. >> sandhya thanks so much. canadian prime minister justin trudeau continued his bay area visit enjoying our wonderful weather, including a meeting with governor brown in san francisco. as abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez, the issues that came up include the environment,
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trade and trudeau's socks. >> it was a brief meeting governor brown and canadian prime minister justin trudeau. both came to further their understanding of what is needed to protect the environment. >> we have so much work to do together as friends and as a client. >> california signed an agreement ontario and quebec. that agreement went into effect january 1st of this year governor brown spoke only to abc 7 news. >> the president is awol, absent without leave on the climate challenge. and so we just have to make up for that and be as creative as you possibly can. >> outside that meeting at the fairmont hotel three protesters managed to get in deannounce the canadian government approval of a pipeline that would triple the
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output of crude poil. this is what trudeau told reporters yesterday. >> we're going to ensure that that pipeline gets built because it's in the national interest. >> trudeau also met with lieutenant governor gavin newsom. jennifer woo is from canada and arrived' rowe at the fairmont this morning to try to get a glimpsing flifrps of prime minister. she took this cell phone video after several hours. >> so we just stuck it out. and got to shake his hand. >> really. >> yeah his hands are really soft. >> trudeau left this afternoon for los angeles promising to come back to san francisco soon. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. now can you see all of the interview with governor brown on the upgraded abc 7 news app. just scroll down when you open the app and you'll see an exclusive governor jerry brown talks with abc 7 tab you can watch it. the canadian prime minister ant mayor of washington, d.c. are offering bay area tech
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companies a cheaper tlerptive. as bay area residents fed up with the costs are packing up and moving out abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. >> >> reporter: this was the view from the old vikt yan at 16th and gerry. >> with 11 roommates three dogs and a beehive. >> technically the beehive and the chicken were outside. the struggle memorable. >> paying $600 a month, working three jobs. i couldn't -- i conmake it work. >> so she moved to washington, d.c. >> i don't miss going to bed hungry. i don't miss asking my parents for rent money. i don't miss wondering if i'm keeping the electricity on at night. >> dennis moved to portland january 1st. he says new year new him. >> it's great having extra money. i wouldn't come back to san francisco. >> they're not the only ones who thought about leaving. monica anderson says that thought occurs to her once a month when she writes out her rent check. >> i can't believe i'm paying
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this much for rent. i bet i could pay less somewhere else. i wonder how utah is. that's about it. you swap the states out every month or so. >> well officials from other states and even other countries are wooing bay area talent, the greater sacramento economic council is trying to convince people to move within california. >> i work with company founders a lot. once they see they could save 50% on the cost of doing business and 30% on the cost of hiring and still be connected to the bay area, they absolutely consider it. >> still, not everyone is packing their bags. >> i'm loving it planning to stay i'm trying to get a job here after my degree. >> hopefully one that pays well. in san francisco, mel liny woodrow, abc 7 news. the san francisco police are asking for help tonight ooifrg a suspect caught on surveillance video stealing from a taxi driver. watch now what happened near 11th eve and geary boulevard and january 17th about 1:15 in the morpg when the suspect left a bar, hailed a cab, stole the
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driver's bag. after a brief struggle took off. well, good times at the 49ers headquarters in santa clara to be sure. that's jimmy garoppolo smiling broadly after signing a 5-year, $137 million contract. that's an nfl record. garoppolo says he wanted the deal done as fast as possible, saying he was sold on the niners as soon as he arrived in a trade from the patriots at midseason. the 26-year-old says he is excited about the team's future. >> we in some success down this stretch. and you could see that pieces fell into place. and you know, we got a long way to go. but we're moving in the right direction. >> garoppolo becomes the nfl highest paid player even though playing only in seven games in four seasons. but the niners believe he was working it after he led the team to victories in all five games he started. well there was a large banner to welcome jimmy g to levi stadium. our reporter explains how his
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popularity is spreading. >> getting your hands on a jimmy g jersey can be challenging. the fever is spreads as fans see a reason to get excited about the niners prospect next season. >> i think it will do great things for the bay area and for the fan base that's here. >> reporter: there are other ways to handle jimmy g fever such as this jimmy g on fire roll at suchy in campbell. he has been a guest here. the owner wraps the roll in fire lighting it with on fire. inside the roll features deep fried crimp. albacore and avocado selling for $20. >> we want to donate $1 of every roll sold to jimmy g's fund raiser. if you are listening let us know who though donate to. >> sports memory beal yoo show shops are anxious to get hands on autographed photos of jimmy g. in framed set fetches $95.
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with authentic autograph that jumps to 2500. that more than joet montana taken with the super bowl rings. why. >> his popularity, the way he is, hand some guy, the whole package in guy has. that's why. >> jimmy g fever is spreeding. >> i'm excited about the 49ers. i've been here all my life i want them to succeed and win. >> of course jim yg fever could be temped by the next win loss record. as long as exuberance is high the niner have to be happy. abc 7 news. it's a knew day for the niners at least. let the games begin. w'll show you moment kim jong un's sister was just a few pete away from the vice president as the winter olympics got under way in south korea. what happened in that bereave proximity. >> lt seven years in the making the transbay termle is delayed again. the new estimate for the grand
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opening. and meteorology sandhya patel will be back to talk about changes in the forecast. more to come.
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well overseas to want american athletes take center stage at the winter olympics in south korea. the opening ceremonies took
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place earlier. and then there was kim jong un's sister. abc news reporter mat gutman is at the winter games >> reporter: most olympics avoided politics. but this morning diplomacy was center stage. the show bottom barreding the crowd with messages of peace. north and south korea marched together under the same flag and hand in hand members of the joint north--south hockey team charged up to light the flame. >> kim jong un's trusted is it sister shaking hands with south korean president. seated right behind mike pence. but his office says he pointedly did not reach out to north korea. and of course the nlts. the most ever at a winter games including that huge american delegation. so much hope for nathan chen, abc first profiled him when he was 8 years old. >> which olympics will we see you? >> 2018, zbliefrpg how does anybody deal with the amount of pressure that you've had to deal with. >> i have to think about the big
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ning it gets over welcome. you have to focus on the little things that can take you there. >> on the ice today he stumbled aborted jumps even fell coming in fourth in team figure skating. but is still the favored for gold in the individual events. at the opening ceremony the windshield dipped to the teens and the question, would the lone toningen nlt repeat his performance from the rio games. the answer came out bearing a flag and nearly everything else except for the grass skirt. >> matt gutman reporting. the new transbay transit center may not open until august or september now. the san francisco business times says construction snags are forcing the delay. it was originally set for completion in late 2017. once it's open the transit center will bring 11 bay area transit systems together in one location. the transit center will feature a five-story building with a bus plarz, retail pop ups and a 5.4 acre roof top park.
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construction began in 10u6. bell b.a.r.t. held the board workship one of the topics a second tube or tunnel crossing. b.a.r.t. tweeted it will undertake a megaregion study and that any project would require partnerships. the study is made possible by the passage of the $3.5 billion bond measure. it can yous $200 million for strds. a second tube wouldn't file number until 2021 with actual service decades away. b.a.r.t. officials say similar recently projects across the country cost $12 to $15 billion. not cheap. but the strding is under way. all right. let's talk about the weekend forecast. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. in heat just persist but it may change. is that right. >> absolutely, dan. somebody turned off the fan. and that's why it's been so warm. but that's going to really change hitting the weekend. let me she you the live administrator 7 right now. looking at clouds coming through
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the bay area here. we'll be watching for not just clouds but the wind. it's going to pick up. it's already getting gusty on mount tam. the temperatures are comfortable and mild in san francisco. 61 in san jose. mid-50s in half moon bay and gilroy. santa rosa, still a comfortable 61. these are the types of temperatures you expect as highs for the day this time of year. concord 62 degrees. but it's the current number nas you're looking at. here a live picture right now from our camera. and you look at san francisco, another live look of downtown from our abc 7 exploratorium camera and pier 15. winds and fire danger will be increasing tomorrow. cooler afternoons saturday through monday. and our dry pattern continues next weak in the bay area but not everywhere. i want to show you the hour by hour wind outlook. tomorrow morning the winds pick up along the coast. and then towards the afternoon hours it gets breezy out of
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northeast in fairfield. watch those winds as we head into the afternoon, 4:00 p.m., 27 miles an hour in fairfield. by the time we hit 8:00 p.m., 36 to 39 between napa and fairfield. gusty tp discovery bay as well. the winds remain gusty, the north northeastly wind is drying. and around this time the year even though we don't talk about fire danger things have change. obviousry no rain in weeks. we are talking about the increase in the fire danger coming up as the winds increase. temperatures tomorrow morning will be running lower than we've seen in days past. low 40s to 50s. good sleeping weather. a little breezy to start off wind in later in the day. as far as the highs in the south bay 70 in san jose, los gatos 71. sunshine on the peninsula. upper 60s from redwood city to palo alto. 64 in half moon bay. the temperatures running low are than today. no records. downtown san francisco low to mid-60s. sunshine in the north bay and
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windy apprehend napa. 70 in santa rosa in the east bay. temperatures in the upper 60s from oakland to hayward. inland 69 in fairfield. watch out for blowing debris. this is something to keep in the back of your mind as you go about your weekend plans and hopefully 80s good weekend. 70 in walnut creek and livermore. now i want to show you what's going to happen early next woke. we're watching a system that's going to kick up our wind tomorrow. the same system will drop down towards southern california. and with the moisture wrapping around that system seer aire going to see snow. southern california will see rain, not a lot but at least a start. rain snow mix tuesday as he will. some of the moisture tries to work up towards monterey. doesn't look like it's making it. but just in case things change we'll keep you posted. download our app and check out live doppler 7 or the temperatures any time you want. accuweather 7-day gusty and cooler. the cooling continues sunday from the 70 and 80s of to the
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60s ever sunday. you'll knee jackets and sweaters back ut by monday. back down to where we should this time of year. you upper 50s to mid-60s. valentine's day right now looking like more cloud cover, milder weather. no matter the plans temperatures flukt eight very little thursday and friday, dan. overall, it's a pattern that we don't need. we certainly need the storms, the rain, the snow in the sierra. but as of right now i don't see anything here in the next seven days. >> okay. too bad. but we'll enjoy it while it lasts. >> right. >> hope for rain. warning tonight from california officials about in invasive giant swamp thing. and the most romantic restaurant in san francisco is going through a break up.
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ton at urgent plea from california wildlife officials about of an invasive rodent that could cause trouble. the state is asking residents to report any sitings. it threatens wetland and marshes process. . so far official haves found more than 20. a female nutria can give birth to more than 200 offspring every year. the oakland coliseum dmv office damaged by floods will be
9:26 pm
closed another week. thieves stole about 40 feet of copper tubing from the roof causing water to cascade through the ceiling overnight on wednesday. the damage flooded the office and its been closed ever since. the dmv expects the office to reopen monday, february 19th now. the highway patrol is looking for the thief who caused all of this damage. stay with me. more to come. the trial involves high-tech secrets and the future of self-driving cars and how it came to a sudden and surprising end. next. also from counterculture to cryptocurrency. how berkeley is hedging its bet against the trump administration. and talk about a shot of bad news. it seems there is a shortage of it seems there is a shortage of tequila a baby boomers, here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there
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that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure.
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now from abc 7 live breaking news imprisonments and the breaking news is in los angeles where a motorcycle and justin trudeau's motorcade was involved in a collision. throe people taken to the president. the collision occurred after the driver of a toyota highlander turned left in front of the motorcade. trudeau was not injure processed he was in the bay area a few hours ago and went south to continue his visit to the united states. well we'll move on now with the surprise settlement today in the high-profile lawsuit between uber and waymo part of google parent company. jonathan bloom explains the deal that ends a content issues trial about self-driving cars and the culture of silicon value. >> i was shocked, very shocked. >> dara kerr was among reporters ready to cover a full day of testimony. >> the waymo got up and said they reached an settlement. process. an audible gat gasp 20 through
9:31 pm
the yoom. >> $waymo will pay $equity and pledging not to use the information. >> it was about stolen secrets. >> secrets from the self-driving car that became wayno. lewandowski copped 147,000 files but mike key it's not about the files. >> somebody could have information in their head. that could be considered a trade secret. >> that's where it gets messy. tech companies want to recruit the best talent but where is the line between talent and inside negatives. >> you have certain know-how that employee gathers at the prior of place of employment. >> many questions about stolen secrets could go unanswered. the testimony will answer other question base what went on inside uber during a time filled with controversy. >> the testimony was really interesting. >> uber's founder took the stand and spoke under oath. >> about the inside story of
9:32 pm
uber aets bro culture. drafts would say things like second place is first loser >> the statement after the settlement stayed had the trial proceeded to conclusion uber would have prevailed. the new ceo maintain that is no trade secrets made their way from wacmo to uber but succeeds the acquisition of the auto should have been handled differently. waymo is pleasewood the settlement and making sure each company develops it's own technology. >> stocks closed today sharply higher after a wild week that saw a 5% loss. the do you abundanced upward more than 300 points after a late rally but posted the worst week in two years as lows -- at its lows the index fell 500 points. the s&p 500 and nasdaq staged late rallies as well closing
9:33 pm
slightly higher. look how volatile for the week. lost more than 1,000 points yesterday. the second four digit drop this we can. it was all breath taking. well bitcoin could have a new competitor one day if officials in berkeley get in re way. the city council snl proposing the city come up with crypto currency to help fund municipal projects. eric thomas has the story. >> say a city need to pay for road construction or by a fire truck for its aging fleet. often it issues bonds to pay for it backup. but berkeley city councilman ben bart let is the proposing cryptocurrency by a municipal version of bitcoin. >> faster, cheaper it's a mechanism to finance whatever the community wants. >> unlike traditional currencies the berkeley currency wouldn't be a money make are for investors. instead of the pay off would be knowing the community was better off with knew trees or equipment
9:34 pm
to make it safer. it would also be a lot cheaper than traditional investment. >> traditionally it costs $5,000 to enter the bond market. this is $25. >> financial journalists laura chen hoping hosting a podcast on cryptocurrency it seems like a combination of crowd funding and cryptocurrency. >> to support the cities or berkeley coins whatever they're calling them to buy things. so most likely people aren't going to be buying them for massive returns. it would be more similar to purchasing a municipal bond. >> uc berkeley block chain lab and bay area company neighborly which helps broker bond sales for investors are consulting with the city on the project and a full rollout of the idea is set for may. but there is one other factor bart let wants people to consider. >> ultimately it's more fun. it's community building at its best. >> eric thomas, abc 7 news. well there is talk about
9:35 pm
tequila shortage of all things. increasing demand is leading to a shortage of agoff plant needed to make it mainly grown in mexico. reporter rob hays from our sister station in los angeles explains who feels the impact. >> forget the stock market. forget the federal budget. the news coming out of mexico is enough to kill you. >> starting to cost more and more and expect prices to go up midsummer. >> this man is already feeling the pain. he is the cofounder of the green bar and i willry in downtown l l.a. >> tequila is about a third of our sales. >> the world is facing a shortage of the blue spiky plants they make tequila out of. in man says since he started the green bar 14 years ago the price of the plant has increased by 44 times in just the last two years. it's grown six times more
9:36 pm
expense disbelieve that's a lot, yes. >> guess what's not haepg with the shortage. >> marpgta is by far the biggest cocktail in america. >> keep in mind we lived through some harrowing shortages recently remember the lime shortage of 2017 or the dire avocado shortage of 2016? both in the past and both ironically go so well with all the tequila on the shelves right now. yes, there is still plenty of tequila to be found tp. it may cost you more. and if it does the owner says publicer up. they are using unripened plants. >> it's bitter and sour the tequila ends up bitter and sour. >> but does bitter tequila really constitute a national emergency? if you're you're this buy maybe. >> it's a crisis. my gosh wsh go buy a lot of tequila right now put it in the basement because when north korea attacks the u.s. you want
9:37 pm
the best tequila in your bunker. >> in downtown olay. rob hays abc news. from tequila to winona the official numbers are in for the wine grape crush. despite slightly lower yield because the fires, north coast vineyards produced a record $1.5 billion in grapes. partly because of higher prices. the size of the crop fell 8% to 464,000 tons. the 2017 harvest was smaller because of a labor day heat wave and smoke taint from the fires. but all in all okay. this restaurant is preparing to serve its last meal. the restaurant was named one of san francisco's most romantic by the chronicle. last week a landlord told the ownerer his release won be renewed. the owner, frank le clerk says he will open a bar focused on veteran yur on the galleryia
9:38 pm
park hole it's not the same obviously. there will abvalentines theemd dinner on the final night, february 17th coming up fast process. more to compton. overabundance of elephant seals long the coast.
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a 10-second video showing the birth of a baby octopus has been watched more than 1.6 million times. the virginia aquarium and marine science center posted it on its facebook page. it show the baby octopus being hatched. it's colorless before and rapidly turns brown as it shoots out of egg sack. isn't that wild. the aquarium says the stress of
9:42 pm
hatching causes pigment to fire. the elephant seal viewing season is reaching the react. drake's beach is partially closed because of all the animal. but that's not stopping people from getting close to see them. wayne freedman made the long windy drive and said the view something fascinating on a number of levels. >> reporter: this ws an uncharacteristically warm winter day at drake's beach in marin county. now the bad news. it was closed. here is why. guys like this an elephant seal and feeling territorial on a beach filled with anxious female harems not far away. aren't they lovely. here is closer look from sky 7. when the males return to the sea shore it's all about above, according to sarah cotti who studies the seals for the national park service. >> what alfa could have up to 50 females. >> that's worth fighting for.
9:43 pm
>> for sure. >> be careful what you wish oh for, boys, 15-feet long, 5,000 pound rivals abound. here is one making his way in now. >> they first lift up their heads, do vocalization. and sometimes that's all it takes just a vocalization. and the male will give up and go away. >> despite the closed signs however, humans did not give up and go away. quite the opposite. >> exceeding expectations. this is awesome. i don't want to leave. >> by the middle 1800s elephant seals were hunted so much that they were almost extinct. in the bid 80s they showed up here. he hence the closed beach and ban on hunting and the love starved elephant seals back in the region. it would appear that someone really enjoys his time at the beach. at the point reyes national sea shore in marin county. abc 7 news.
9:44 pm
>> isn't that something incht meteorologist sandhya pal patel is standing by with changes in the forecast and rescued from the puppy valley mill t us.
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9:47 pm
the bay area dog rescue group swooptd in and saved 31 dogs to date. from what they call a crisis situation in the central valley. here is abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley. >> reporter: the dogs were excited to end up at this pet food express store in pan oel. they were found abandoned in merced, including crush era 7 week old crushed by a shopping kurt and is getting over surgery. and little beans, a mere three weeks old, abandoned in a shoe box in a park.
9:48 pm
babette was somehow separated from her litter and abandoned herself. she has become a surrogate mother for now. >> they get found, dupd. we'll get boxes of puppy left out in almond orchard. >> there is so many natural disasters but people don't pay attention to there is a disaster every day in the state patrol valley. they're inundated with dogs, strays, puppy breeders, dog fight zbleers any tend to cast away whatever won't make money. whatever they breed or sell is kept. >> look at my new little boy. >> what we get are the dogs bred to teeth their teets are hanging on and thrown out. >> they are sending vans weekly and bringing the cast aways here. >> the bay area is so dog friendly. we no he that dogs will find
9:49 pm
homes here. loving homes here. >> milo foundation and mad dog rescue will be looking for homes for most of the dogs. but the senior dog rescue is waiving adoption fees for the older ones. as for the youngest little beans a group called the tiny pit bull will be nursing him along as will the ever attentive babette. mo rcue runs in the works. abc 7 news. don't you just want to adopt all of them. one last time update the weather meteorologist. sandra oia pat sell here. >> hi there, dan. after nine days of record heat it's over. let me show you the live doppler 7. we're not expect ago rerun of the last nine days. as a matter of fact winds are increasing. we're going to see the continuation ever this and temperatures will fall. it's more subtle tomorrow than sunday. temperatures will be in the mid-60s to 70s. still sun but not as warm as we've seen in the days past.
9:50 pm
if you're going to the giants fan fest bright and mild tomorrow. by 3:00 a.m. 65. nice weather. you'll need the sun screen. noticeably cooler sunday. 50s, 60s, and by monday we are talking about the cooling continuing. a little reverse temps rebound on wednesday. not expecting warm winter weather like the last in my opinion days. ac weather seven-day forecast a cooling trend through monday. and temperatures reverse a few degrees hitting valentine's day and beyond. but as of right now, no rain in the accuweather 7-day forecast but southern california will get some. and the sierra will see snow. >> that helps. >> yes. >> thanks very much. one small tp step for awork. one jint leap for a team larry beil is here with us sports kpieltment process fans are pump. > a giants check. yes. jimmy g had 137 million reasons to smile today.
9:51 pm
niners brass explained whythink. that's next inb&p sports.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. good evening one year to the day the 49ers introduced lynch and kyle shanahan hand. they held a news conference to discuss the massive contract they gave jimmy kbrop lo with the simple goal of leading the niners back to super bowl glory. the first year will pay him
9:55 pm
$42.6 million. some questioned the huge investment given the small sample size. because he only started 7 nfl games in his life. but the niners are confident they have their franchise qb. >> we saw the physical traits. but really what we learned in the last three months is what kind of person in guy is. and at that point we were full speed ahead on trying to get this done. >> this is where i want to be honestly. i wanted to get in deal done as fast as possible. and it's only helping our team going forward. i wanted to be here. excited to be here. i'm happy we got it done as fast as we did. >> it starts with talent but when it comes to things like this character and who he is a a man is everything. >> he has a great work ethic. that's what makes this deal easy for me to do. because you know who he is as a person. >> heading into free agency. s in a big deal. it's 75 degrees and sunny outside. we got in guy who wouldn't want to be here. we want to become that. >> the warriors host the spurs tomorrow. over on abc 7 tip off at 5:30
9:56 pm
p.m. another measuring stick game for the warriors -- they have the best record in the league still process. but up and down. spurs remarkable,ed in third place in the west despite kwooir leonard hurt most of the season. steve kerr's mentor and coach. spoke exclusively to abc news about playing the warriors. >> they're a joy to watch. everything about them is fantastic. you know, the way they play at bowing end of the court, and their competitive and hungry every night. they don't take anything for granted. the style of play, if you don't enjoy watching them, then you need to watch a different sport probably. >> nba tonight clippers and pistons blake griffin facing his former team traded to detroit for avery bradley. they get into it. you want a piece of me, right here. hairle. going up.
9:57 pm
blake meets him at the top. learn to live with rejection. but griffin couldn't stop everybody. deandre jordan to bradley high off the glass in. 108-95 ending the winning streak. baseball season almost here. pitchers appear catchers report next tuesday. before they head to arizona giants players and coaches meet here in the bay for fan fest tomorrow at at&t park. the giants hoping to bounce back from a horrendous season, last place. excited about new additions to the roster >> fortunate to play for an organization that didn't decide to tear the team apart. obviously we had a bad year and they could have gone the opposite direction. but instead they brought in a former mvp, a guy that's been the face of the franchise for tampa bay for ten years or so. so extremely excited to get on the field with those guys. some bad injury news for the sharks. it occurred right there.
9:58 pm
head coach peter did he bore said joel ward will be out indefinitely with upper body injury. shoulder first into the boards last night against vegas. nature schmidt hit him from behind. some say that should be a boarding penal. . that's what boarding is. but there was no penalty called. turns out dustin johnson is not the only talented athlete in his family. today at pebble beach he mentioned his father, just bowl a perfect game. bowled a 300. round two at pebble. an otter enjoying his dinner. shot of the day, month ray peninsula, singer toby keith from the bunker on 10 now he overshoots the hole by a mile here. but it's like miniature golf. you got to watch it roll back down. yeah, off the wind mill. anyway, that was fun. phil mickelson and monterey. birdie put. left ian fifth place. bow hossler and dustin johnson.
9:59 pm
dj 7 under 64 at monterey. 11th hole birdie. 12 under at the halfway mark and weather perfect. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. and weariers spurs tomorrow on abc 7 and the post game after that. would be an award-winning show if we ever won an award. >> if they gave out awards. >> thanks very much. coming up tonight and abc 7 news at 11:00. a bay area man helps police fine his stolen van. why police weren't allowed to investigate. and wildfire took his family and home. but now charlie the mountain lie be, whose burned paws were patched as we told you will seek family bonds in the bay area. the stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 11. for sandhya, larry, i'm dan
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