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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 13, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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>> announcer: leaive, where you live. this is abc7 news. >> once we did land, everyone cheered and clapped. >> terror and then enormous relief. a view that no one on board wanted to see. i am dan ashley. >> and i dion lim. >> and now you will hear first hand from passengers who tonight are very happy to be on the ground. >> tremendous bang and a depleted subtle vibration. >> that's how passengers
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described what happened when the right engine suddenly failed over the pacific. >> i thought we were going to die and hoped that my wkids kne that i loved them. >> it had to finish its flight to on one engine. >> they had us brace. >> the wide body jet landed safely while emergency crews waited on the runway. >> we had to wait for the fire crews. >> understandable emotions like anxiety and fear became feelings of relief and joy. >> everyone cheered and clapped and we were crying. >> when we were leaving the plane, they looked them straight
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in the eye and it was comforting and they were so brave. >> those of you with the abc7 news app were immediately alerted with this story. this story developing right now, a fatal shooting at vallejo tonight. her nephew was shot near the vallejo federal building. gathering information about what happened and will issue a statement later. lizzette cuesta named her killers with her last breath. >> reporter: in the darkness, flickers of light. her families and friends shared their grief and memories.
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>> a genuine person. >> very bubbly. she was like it's kind of like that energy where it's contagious. >> reporter: the vigil held at great oaks park. graduating in 2016 but currently live anything tracy. found bleeding crawling along tesla road. had been beatened and stabbed and mortally wounded but before she died named two suspects. alameda county sheriff investigators arrested daniel gross and melissa leonardo. >> we were scared. we saw a lot of guns.
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>> they said get out with your hands up and we know you are there. >> reporter: gross and leonardo were friends of cuesta and scheduled to be arraigned wednesday afternoon. tonight berkeley became a sanctuary city for legal marijuana. city council passed a resolution banning city agencies using money or help enforce marijuana rules. this news following jeff sessions rescinding obama administration. >> parents want answers tonight after ten children at a san rancisco school suddenly became ill. students at james lick middle school.
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>> paramedics wheeled students inside the ambulance. >> i saw a twitter feed pop up. >> reporter: parents rushed to campus to pick up their kids. learned that ten students were sick after ingesting some kind of substance. >> i come to schothey came to s something. smelled like weeds a couple of times. >> she ate something and after that, she got sick. i saw her throw up today in the hallway. >> reporter: her friends was one of the students that got sick. >> sometimes when i used bathroom, you can smell the marijuana. >> reporter: in the school? >> yes. the school has changed a lot. more fights and more drug use
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that i have seen and smelled. >> reporter: do you tell the teachers when you notice stuff? >> i tell our security guards but they don't do anything. >> reporter: several students taken to the hospital. tonight an e-mail sent by the district to discuss the issue. deciding to pull the star pang willed banner from rallies. they say lyrics could be considered racist. details of the meeting will be posted on the school website. arresting this woman for grand theft. ivonne castillo was illegally
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providing immigration aadvice. >> a man who was kicked off a southwest flight for speaking arabic is now suing the airline. another arabic speaking passenger heard his phone conversation and told the flight attend ant. two men killed in separate shootings. third victim in critical condition. this is what new orleans french quarter looked like a few hours ago. police cleared the street when ash wednesday arrived at
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midnight. rescuers helped six climber he is down from mount hood. one climber died after falling more than 700 feet today. rocks and chunks of loose ice tumbled down the mountain. former white house secretary rob porter. the fbi director testified in front of the committee today. the fbi told the white house eight months ago that port are was ineligible for clearance. >> the white house personal security office which is staffed by career officials would have, may have received information but they had not completed their process. >> last tuesday, the daily mail published an article detailing the allegations by porter's
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second ex-wife, hours later, a photo of his first ex-wife with a black eye. exclusive, the effort to shut down what activists call an illegal. i am meteorologist sandhya patel. you will feel the winter chill tomorrow morning. fire departme coming up. here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thank you. we spent all day on this. >> i didn't want to get the powder on my fingers. >> so people onlinejust on theieiei
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an animal activist is leading the charge to shutdown a puppy mill. operating right under the noses of animal services. a story you will only see on abc7. >> we heard that there are a lot of dogs being sold out here. >> reporter: parked at the end of douglas avenue sits this broken down rv. it is where carmela harris lives. right now she has four miniature doberman pinchers. >> she is breeding those dogs and selling them 30 dogs over a period of i am for sure eight
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years. >> reporter: these are eight dogs that were rescued. >> they were filthy dirty and covered with feces. and they couldn't hardly stand in there. >> reporter: lewis called animal services and the police. it is an open investigation. >> there has been contact. >> whatever they told them, they were lying. >> reporter: even now, two unfixed males and two unfixed females remain there violating oakland's municipal code. >> reporter: i showed counselman the photos. the city of oakland will take action this week. that means serving a search
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warrant and getting inside the rv. in ownakland abc7 news. a man suspected of throwing a dog off a parking garage. best broke into a car of a garage and threw this four-year-old chihuahua onto the seat. a second actor from charles in charge has come forward to accuse scott baio of sexual abuse. variety reports her teen brother on the show accuses baio of
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abusing him. sometimes random event can renew our faith in humanity. take a case of a missing wallet in vacaville. martini lost her wallet and she said her life was in that wallet. she rushed back to the store where someone had turned in that wallet and not a penny was missing. martini is trying to find that good samaritan to thank them personally. >> still no rain but still waiting. >> we definitely need the rain here in the bay area. we do have passing clouds but otherwise skies are clear. watching a system that is up to the north, it is producing some snow. and some rain across parts of washington state.
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the cloud cover associated with it will be heading southward. so tomorrow do expect more cloud cover mixing in with our sunshine and temperatures is what we are concerned about. 33 in fairfield already. 38 in yukiah. the rest of the the day you are going to be seeing comfortable conditions. concord. 61 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. will get warmer only to see the temperatures plunging. changes coming early next week. live look from our emeryville camera. stunning view as we look through the bay bridge. visibility is terrific. clear and chilly in the morning. cooler by the end of the week. here is a look at your six-hour planner for valentine's evening.
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a few clouds at 7:00. definitely will need the sweater or the jacket and getting chilly by 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. it is winter. temperatures falling just below freezing in the inland valley. going to be cold enough that you need to bundle up. tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid-60s. definitely seeing a drop in the temperatures by a few degrees. early next week, freezing cold mornings will be coming up. blustery along the coast and possibility of snow down to 1500 feet. it has consistently showing potential for higher elevation snow and rain at the lower elevations. the pink indicating high elevation snow. we will be watching it
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carefully. this is one model. this is what we are going to expect. it will be cold morning. you will notice temperatures in the 30s. on wednesday, the chill continues. and on thursday, those temperatures bounce back. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. valentine's day dry. numbers start to fall just in time for president's day. notice tuesday morning very cold morning. even the daytime tempe be on th that will follow on wednesday as well. if you buy that computer model it wants to bring in the possibility of precipitation which is what we need in the bay area. download the app and check out the forecast any time you want. he has conquered the world of competitive eating.
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. the man who made a name for himself by scarfing down hot-dogs trying to temp your taste buds. now he has his own mustard. chestnut, maybe he will eat the
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whole bottle knowing him. no word yet on where or when the mustards will be sold. >> he doesn't even use the hot-dogs. just a straight mustard. next big thing. >> let's get in on it. steve kerr did it once and he might do it again, let his players call the plays. who wins best in
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good evening, even steve kerr was a bit surprised today when he handed over his
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clipboard to a few of his veterans. he didn't think he was starting a national debate. he let draymond green and others draw plays up. was it a disrespectful stunt? some of the sun players thought so. he says long seasoned players get tired of listening to him. so he empowers the guy. >> it is not your team. it is not joe's team. although i am not going to tell joe that. >> they need a new voice. >> well tonight they did. let's not get carried away. i like it here. i like this job. i want to stay on the job. tonight they needed a new voice.
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>> i wouldn't do that. >> not a good plan. you don't need it when you have the king. cavs on the road. spins around anthony and throws it down. lebron 37 points. eight assists. scored 14 straight by himself. cavs post trade deadline 3-0 look out. against last place arizona, who needs flowers or county, how about a win. redirected midair by bodker. ties the game one apiece. trouble. crashing right into the board will leave the game looks like a
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right shoulder injury. drills it just under the arm of martin jones. and the sharks lose to the worst team. all right. look at winston. terrier. so cute. tye giant schnauzer. this is bean. the winner is flynn. bee john frise. he is a five-year-old powder puff and flynn is best in show. >> so clean. >> look at the head of hair. i must contact his stylist. >> yes. >> i am going to rock


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