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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 20, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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leaked body cam shooting that claimed a life of a oakland man. >> accuweather forecast. tomorrow san jose will mark one year since floodwaters. >> i am chris nguyen with that story. coming up. this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. i am dion lim. >> and i am dan ashley. we are getting a first look at body cam video of a deadly
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b.a.r.t. footage. >> the incident is still under investigation but they showed it to the family. let me warn you here, it is graphic and shows the actual shooting. >> right there. that's what i wanted to see. >> let me see your hands now. >> it is hard to watch there. the b.a.r.t. officer heard a gun shot. the officer yelled for them to stop and opened fire. >> tindle's family maintained they shot. >> it was clear when i saw the video that mr. tindle was shot multiple times in the back at a time when it was not apparent
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that he had a weapon of any kind. >> investigators did recover a gun at the scene. not clear who it belong to. the other man involved in the fight did suffer a gunshot wound. >> oakland police released a statement. a familiar name in the news tonight. an twaun wilson. >> with a look at what cost wilson his job. >> an investigation released last month found a third of high school seniors missed too many classes. >> he was fired for violating district policy. he used his clout to get his
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daughter transfer to a school without going through proper channels. >> it became clear to me that chancellor wilson will be unable to successfully lead the school. >> d.c. mayor explained why she felt his actions warranted his dismissal. she said she was disappointed but had no choice. >> reporter: the legacy he left behind was still a massive debt. he is still highly regarded as an administrator. >> he has had a career on helping students and transforming school and he is a human being that made a mistake. >> wilson told the "washington
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post" i wish i could go back and talk to as many people as i could about the challenge i was facing. now the i-team reached out to oakland unified and they would not comment on wilson or his firing. >> moving on, looking live in san rafael. hitting record low temperatures. weather anchor spencer christian joining us now with the freezing temperatures on the way. >> showing you first just how cold it was this morning. new fewer than second record lows. 28 gilroy. 28 in half moon bay. and 36 at sfo. 21 at napa. 21 at lake port. there is moisture moving through the bay area.
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you can see a spot, impulse there triggering light rain and maybe freezing precip in the higher terrain. north west, ahead of an approaching cold front. notice just after midnight, we will see rain moving into the north bay in time for the morning commute. higher terrain in the hills there northern sonoma county up until lake county. midday tomorrow see a few passing showers. thursday morning by 1030 or so, we will have more rain sweeping down the coastline. spotty showers maybe more freezing precipitation. give you a look at milder weather coming our way. thanks so much. tomorrow is the first anniversary since san jose flooded. 14,000 people had to evacuate their homes and apartment.
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coyote creek flooded. donations raised $7 million to help the flood victims. reporter david louie tracked down what happened to the money. >> reporter: this working class neighbor was home to self-employed people. some escaped with very little. at the time little about they know how neighbors in the community stepped up to help them. a donation center was set up. $30,000 was raised for gift cards to take care of urgent needs. the $6.8 million in donations came in. 4500 people received assistance. 3 million for emergency financial aid. and 200 million for emergency shelter and meals. all of that money has been spent. the family is grateful for that help still they estimate their
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loss at $12,000 including two cars. the water rose so face they couldn't move them. >> translator: i feel badly about the cars we weren't able to get them back. it was a complete loss. >> reporter: flood losses estimated $73 million. ten tines more than donations raised. suing the city and the water district. >> we've done everything that we can to support the homes and the people that are there. but there are limits to what we are able to do. >> reporter: the ordeal has had psychological impact on the polito's sons. >> translator: i don't know what to say to the kids when they ask me, it is going to rain, could this happen to me again. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie abc7 news.
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the victim of a random robbery is in critical condition after the thief shot him in the back of the head. >> reporter: 26-year-old alex madea is hospitalized after somebody shot him in the back of the head in a random robbery. >> the hardest time looking for him isn't the tubes is in the front of the head where the bullet exited. it is eerie. >> treporter: the family says h was walking with his friend as they went to the amtrak station. and that is when they say they heard someone yell give me your money. alex's brother said he and his friend didn't know the suspect was armed and kept walking.
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he was shot ink of the head. the suspect fled on foot. police are following up on many leads. >> our peal to the community is if you have surveillance camera on your property, look at us and let us know. >> reporter: dressed up in star wars costumes to visit kids in hospitals and raised guide dogs for the blind. >> i want my brother to be able to say hello to me again. >> reporter: he remains in critical condition. you will find a link and more photos on i am leslie brinkley abc7 news. >> did you feel it? a swarm of small earthquakes.
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>> the strongest was a 3.0. chris new win spoke to experts to find out if this is a precursor to the big one. >> reporter: residents hope they will be ready when a major earthquake eventually hits. a rattling experience for some of them overnight. >> i felt lots of shaking i remember waking up at at least three or four times last night feeling them. they seemed pretty strong. >> reporter: a total of six small earthquakes has hit the danville area. >> little baby shakers. born and raised in california, so i am used to them. >> reporter: scientists aren't sure what causes the swarm but thy say it is not an indication that the big one will come because of it. >> we live in earthquake country, no time like the present to be prepared. >> reporter: saying the seismic
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activity isn't out of the ordinary. push an alert through your smartphone. officials hope to launch this within a year or two. countries like mexico already have a similar system in place that many credit for saving lives. >> it gives people those few extra seconds or more to duck cover and hold or prepare as best they can for the shaking that is to come. >> reporter: for those who live near mt. diablo, it is a gentle reminder for those who live in southern california and take the steps to prepare. >> you wait to see if there is anymore. and when there is no more, you sigh with relief and wait for the next one. >> it is always important to be prepared for an earthquake. and if you don't know where to
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start, we have you covered. >> go to and look for the prepare nor cal section. just ahead, see what is in the way of those jobs coming here to the bay area and what could be decided tonight to change all of that. >> i am wayne freedman in the napa valley.
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it's not a good day too check your 401(k). walmart plunged ten pants. sales of san francisco based gap also dropped after news of the ceo has decided to step down. are you looking for a job?
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you might want to take a look at the cannabis industry. jobs are projected to be created across the country by 2021. kristen sze shows us the hurdles cannabis companies still face. >> reporter: steep hill labs. making sure the products are safe for consumers. they are looking to hire a lot of new employees. according to arcview market research, the cannabis industry will add jobs. steve pill has identified a potential location in nearby
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alameda. >> this is a problem that we are seeing across the cannabis industry where there are not enough municipalities who have businesses for folks who are looking to expand or grow. >> reporter: the alameda city council will discuss rules tonight. if passed they will allow for two labs within city limits. there are cities that are rushing to embrace the cannabis industry. the mendota is rolling out the welcome mat. >> reporter: tim mcgraw is founder and ceo. >> tissue culture, nursery, in door grow, green how grow,
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manufacturing, transport, third party testing labs. >> reporter: canna-hub plans to hire 11 people. >> council is optimistic about it. i am cautiously optimistic about it. it could have revenue enhancing benefit for us. but we will have to wait and see until it is fully operational. >> reporter: back in berkeley, the operators of steel -- steep hill lab hope they will be moving to alameda. kristen sze abc7 news. the alameda city council will take up marijuana
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regulations tonight. recent warm weather led to the early bud break. visiting vineyards today to see how they faired. >> reporter: parts on a barn floor not far away and a mechanic racing a clock. combined enough to make any manager lose sleep. >> less than two hours, it dropped five degrees. >> reporter: then at 6:15, the fan broke down. the $300 part jeopardize buds exposed to the cold. the crop appears to have survived so far. >> this is a tiny cluster right here. and this right here. >> reporter: if it were bad, what would it look like?
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>> brown. >> reporter: there is no consistency to a wine country frost. very cold that hurts chardonnay frost up here might be helpful in other parts of the valley. >> our vines are very much asleep. >> reporter: wine maker evan cameron did sleep well last night. providing an insurance policy reducing the time they risk from any future winter frost. >> the later we are in the season, the later the buds will break through. we will miss most of the frost. >> reporter: don't forget the growing part and the small daily victories. one big fan fixed and a little less to worry about, but maybe not enough to worry about for that good night's sleep. in napa county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. tricking in wine country and tricky to figure out what you are going to wear.
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>> no kidding spencer christian joining us once again with these cold temperatures. >> gone from record month. increasingly cloudy skies and a wave of moisture moving towards the east bay right there. you can see on the screen, few scattered droplets. so let's move along and take a look at live camera views. this is the view of the western sky from our east bay hills camera. lots of clouds there. and a break of brightness coming through. 48 degrees in san francisco and oakland. four search mountain view 49 san jose. this view of the western sky. mt. tam camera. 48 santa rosa 43 napa 46 novato. one more live view from south beach looking at our bright
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cloud filled western sky. cold again tomorrow. wintry precipitation mix. there is a chance of that in the next two days. tomorrow and thursday. maybe freezing rain and maybe some small hailstones. possibly snow in the higher terrain. and milder temperature friday. overnight looking for low temperatures dropping down. over in the inland and east bay mainly low to mid 30s. there might be wet spots for morning commuters. here is the forecast animation starting 11:00 tonight. notice how the precipitation moves into the north bay. there will be snow and impulse swinging southward by 9:0030 or so. and going into the evening
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hours. another wave of light rain, showers and freezing precipitation and that will sweep on during the day. and that will open the door for clearer skies and milder weather moving in. tomorrow a bit chilly with high temperatures in the mid-50s on the coast and over in the sierra, a winter weather advisory is in effect. we will see three to 6 inches of snow from the system sweeping through the sierra over the next couple of days. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. here comes the sunshine again and milder weather on friday. then on monday and tuesday, look for clouds increasing again, temperatures drop again and may be some unsettled weather which is short for precipitation. >> thank you. welling the first treatment to prevent serious allergic
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. peanut allergies continue to rise 2.5 american children are affected. >> abc7 news kristen sze joins us with the details. >> reporter: potential reactions for those with severe peanut
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allergies. a pill is generating excitement. a trial involved nearly 500 kids ages four to 17. 67% of children who had the treatment for one year were able to tolerate the equivalence of two peanuts. >> speaking as a parent who has had a child wi-- so these typesf studies provide us hope. >> results have not been reviewed by independent experts. doing additional studies and plans to apply for fda approval. the company says the initial six months of treatment will run five to $10,000 and drop to
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three to $400 after that. thanks very much. >> coming up next, aspirations and the honor role. >> meet some of the 1400 students being recognized. students being recognized. >> loc ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
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florida lawmakers killed a
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bill to ban assault weapons less than one week after 17 people died in a shooting massacre atmosphere a high school. >> students expressed anger, and frustration when they witnessed today's vote. shooting survivors made a 400-mile journey hoping to sway lawmakers. >> our movement is called never again movement for good reason. >> more information keeps coming out about the accused of gunman. school board members knew he was pre occupied with wars terrorism and people getting killed. school officials say they are limited dealing with people with mental illness. >> i can't really get into a lot of the details. >> shooting victim peter wang
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revooefd a rare honor. given an honorary admission into military academy. three junior rotc cadets have been awarded medals of heroism. george and immal clooney are donating $500,000 for march for our lives. open pra tweeted that she will match that donation with a half million dollars of her own money. you see it here, we have this link to if you would like to share your support. >> there is a new tribute to the parkland vps. >> popped up. and here is melanie woodrow.
7:32 pm
>> i was walking down here and saw it and i thought it was pretty. i did not however until now realize what it was about. it was about the students who were shot. and that gives it more power to know that. >> reporter: there was a vigil last night. kids and their parents came together saying we too calling for safe schools. efforts across the bay area to remember the victims and demand change. >> it is great this has spread to san francisco and people around are taking notice and doing what they can. there is so many people at this park, so many families and you know, what's happened has touched like people everywhere, you know. and it should be remembered. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news.
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parents in liver more are being asked to talk to their children about a game where people are killing each other. players are assigned to stalk and shoot a victim with a toy gun and school officials are being proactive. >> written a letter and made a phone call tohe parents and advising them of the concerns that we have. >> the last person standing receiving a prize. new at 6:00, more information about sexual misconduct accusations against a california senator. investigators believe democrat tony mendoza engaged in sexually suggestive or flirtatious behavior at least six times with people on his staff.
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a report found he likely offered a 19-year-old woman alcohol. and this just into the abc7 news another small earthquake as hit the east bay. hitting at 6:16 minutes ago tonight. as we mentioed earlier in the ani news cast a warm of quakes hitting. more than 1,000 african-american students being honored for great grades. abc7 news report.
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>> reporter: she will be acknowledged. >> it is important for us to acknowledge the people who are doing well it encourages kids who aren't. >> reporter: students must have a 3.0 grade point average or higher to be recognized. >> it is very important that our students are exposed to and receive the messaging that you can do this and you can compete like everybody else. >> reporter: helping students find ways to get into college. she has been accepted into two historically black colleges and universiti universities but is holding out. >> it allows me to be a role model and shows other people that people who look like me are still capable.
7:36 pm
>> reporter: 200 more students made the honor role than last year. still, the superintendent says there is always room for improvement. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. abc7 news was at the former lake view school in oakdale. dozens of students got to see "black panther." th >> they sit next to others who look like you and have had some of the same experiences to you makes it real and obtainable. >> work for the district is good because it is right here. we can talk to them. >> very inspiring.
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airbnb helped set up this event. tonight "7 on your side" helps out a company who did everything right but still got sent a bill. michael finney got involved. saying i do to
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>> a hay ward couple says they followed the return policy to a tee. >> the apparent mix up disrupted the couple's life their landlord is selling the superintendent a -- unit and need to find a place to live. no one will rent to them due to
7:42 pm
a dispute with at&t. the mix up goes back to 2016 when tammy switched carriers and bought a new smartphone for her parents. within a week she knew the plan wasn't right for them. >> we were getting messages that we were close to our limit. >> reporter: she decided to go to t-mobile. so she returned the mobile under at&t full refund policy. tammy received the receipt acknowledging the return. >> i started getting bills from at&t stating i still owed them $925 for the iphone. >> reporter: she went back to the at&t store to show the return. each problem they told her not to worry, it would be taken care
7:43 pm
of. then the company sent her to collections. she went back to at and t once again, this time the company said it would launch an investigation but told her it would take up to two weeks. that is when she contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted at and t. within hours she received a call from at and t. >> when she said she was calling from the president's office of at&t. hallelujah. >> reporter: she told us that she was no longer in collections. >> i wish i could give all you guys a hug. >> we would all take them. we want to thank at&t. they jumped on it when we asked. we appreciate it. go to our website at or call my hotline
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any time. we will answer monday through friday. you see the number right there. (415) 954-8151. >> you don't work 24 hours a day? are you ready to turn on the
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well, did you know it is national love your pet day.
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i posted my dog on facebook too. plenty of love from abc7 news viewers. >> thank you for sharing pictures. >> now speaking of, if you have outdo outdoor pets, you might want to bring them indoors tonight. >> that would be a good idea. protecting pets, pipes and plants. not easy to say. here is a look at live doppler 7. we may see areas of pockets of precipitation in the early morning hours. freezing rain sweeping down from the north. just in time for the morning commute. overnight lows will be mainly in the low 30s inland tonight where we had upper 20s last night and upper 30s around the bay. a hard freeze warning is in effect for solano county. low temperatures drop between 25
7:48 pm
and 30 degrees. bring in the pets protect the pants a plants and pipes. for the most part we don't expect wide spread precipitation and maybe some rain showers as well. highs tomorrow will range from low 50 to mid 50s. changes going on here. frigid morning tomorrow. another chance of wintry mix of precipitation on thursday. then it starts to get milder and dryer friday, saturday and sunday. high temperatures up 60 degrees. then it cools down monday and tuesday, i should say chills down. more showers coming in and possibly cold enough for mixed precipitation in the higher terrain. >> what a roller coaster.
7:49 pm
>> how is this for a nontraditional wedding, bay area couple says i do with a cannabis theme affair. >> jonathan bloom spoke with a bride whose unconventional reception might go be the next big thing. >> reporter: 12 years ago when danni walton made her husband zack, things were different. >> we both have dealt with health issue, and cannabis brought us off of our prescriptions. once it became legal, we were like, awesome, we could do this now. >> reporter: it wasn't too tough to get the supplies. >> my grooms men had bud
7:50 pm
bhutanyiers. >> i had arrangement on every table. >> if you wanted to go to the hash bar, you could go to the hash bar. or go to the normal bar. >> reporter: cotton candy, cannabis. cannabis themed weddings are becoming a budding industry. wedding planner says pot party favors is one request. she says the buzz was two or three years ago. but finding a willing venue was tough. and now things are changing. danni thinks it is prime time.
7:51 pm
>> obviously everyone ate all the food. but there wasn't any drunken brawl so i am take that any day. >> i am sure people really enjoyed themselves. >> on to sports. >> there was a lot of talk about clay thompson being lured back home to l.a. wh
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good evening, great concern for orlando cepeda. hospitalized after falling and hitting his head in a parking lot in a gym. seeing some old footage from the good old days. no updates on his condition. last public appearance was at at&t park. there is good first impressions and then what andrew mccutchen did. put him in the cage against bum gardener and listen to what
7:55 pm
happened. that was crushed. catch catcher said you made a nice trade. >> i ran into a person who was close to the bus family who owns the lakers. and the running narrative in los angeles is that the lakers will do all they can to sign a star like klay or lebron. kla said he wants to remain a warrior but did acknowledge the lure. >> definitely see why the narrative is so popular. i expect the questions for the
7:56 pm
next two years. that's a long way away. or means you are wanted. so that is the bright side. >> six days before the nhl trade deadline. they acquired veteran. the sharks in st. louis. the beards, the beanies and you are warm. 1-0 sharks. cross eyes, grip it and rip it. and right now heading to the third period and the sharks have a 3-2 lead. louisville did not win the title. their championship was vacated today because of a sex scandal involvi involving escorts and recruits.
7:57 pm
coach hiring strippers who danced and had sex with revutes and took place in dorms. and this was a scandal that cost patino is job. >> the pain this decision has created for our fans and our players who were not involved in the events in question is perhaps the most regretful result of this determination. >> no word on whether pitino will remove his tattoo. i think they could take his champ stamp away. louisville got caught, but not the only school to do this sort of thing. >> they didn't invent this. >> warriors have a couple of
7:58 pm
days off. >> join us tonight the historic meeting that almost happened. talks between vice president pence and negotiating -- and tonight on abc7, bachelor winter games and kevin probably saves the world. >> tonight jimmy kimmel live. >> that is it for this edition. we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim for spencer and larry, have a great night. >> thank you for watching. ♪
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vanessa? vanessa. look at you, down here all by yourself. sleeping? (gasps) (sighing) what time is it?


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