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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 26, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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a rare sight in northern california, pouring hail in sacramento today. covered the ground like snow creating a curiosity for some dogs and a lot of people too.
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the along with hail, there was snow and rain as well. you can hear the hail hitting the roof, this video taken earlier this evening. a handful of pea-sized hail was scooped up in oakland. holistic shine shared this image, appreciate that. there were rainbow sightings in the bay beneath dark clouds. meteorologist drew tuma is here. we saw it all today. >> we saw everything, from rain to hail to snow to rainbows, a few showers still lingering at this hour. live doppler 7 showing you we had a couple of showers in the south bay earlier that had a little bit of snow. the white you see in mt. hamilton, snowflakes, light showers exiting san jose at this hour. light sprinkles daly city through san bruno, working south
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of oakland, even upstream toward nap park vallejo, concord, some light sprinkles. that's about it. the activity will be diminishing over the next hour or so. we certainly saw our fair share of hail from santa rosa to less sant hill. stone reports seeing pea-sized hail. fairfield, a lightning strike. mt. hamilton, it's cold enough to have a dusting of snow earlier this morning. a wind advisory is now in effect for the hills in the north bay. the areas you see shaded in yellow, we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. winds are bringing in cold air once again. look at these numbers. already into the 30s in spots. low to mid 40th around the immediate bay. we're in store for a windy and chilly night. we're tracking a stronger system on its way in. we'll detail the timing in the accuweather forecast. we love seeing photos and videos of the weather where you live. take a photo or video safely,
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#abc7now on social media. you may see it on air or it's been snowing in the sierra. this is the cal trans camera at soda springs on i-80. chains are required on all vehicles without snow tires. cars were held briefly at kingvale where cal trans crews were checking vehicle forth chains. and you can see there's a lot of snow at castle peak which is just before donner summit. sky 7 flew over snow-capped hills earlier today. this is not the sierra. we're now down in the bay area again. this is the border between alameda county and santa clara county a few miles away from mt. hamilton. janine de la vega gives you the grew from ground level. >> reporter: from sky 7 the snow on the mountain ridges northeast of san jose, a pretty picture, not one we're used to seeing in the south bay. certainly a surprise for these cows that were grazing in their oce-green pasture. about ten miles away on mt. hamilton, hillsides covered
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in white. >> it was coming down pretty hard. it was really wet. just clumping on the ground and sticking. >> reporter: the ground was slushy and wet, making road conditions on state route 130 dangerous. cal trans crews immediately closed near grant ranch. chp turned away dozens who wanted to play in the snow. we were escorted up following a cal trans truck that dumped sand on he road. those who live on the mountain work at the observatory and for the most part were the only ones able to enjoy the view. this was the first snow of the season for them. about 3 inches fell, dusting the trees and leaving the rooftops with ike sickles. >> tell me the truth, the first snow of the season, snowball fights this morning? >> maybe. short ones, little skirmishes. >> reporter: even though the snow is eliminate melting here at lick observatory, cal trans cruise tell us they'll be back up this road for the rest of the week. they say any time the
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temperatures fall below 35, they come here as a precaution. >> you can get the weather forecast any time on the abc 7 news app. we upgraded recently so you can customize the forecast to specific places that you're interested in. you can get an hourly forecast, up to a seven-day forecast, and the abc 7 news app is free and available in both google play and itunes as well. florida governor has launched an investigation into how law enforcement responded to the high school shooting massacre on valentine's day. 17 students and staff, as you know, died from the attack at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland. 73 republicans in florida's legislature have called on governor rick scott to suspend broward county sheriff scott israel. governor scott is a republican, sheriff israel a democrat. >> of course i won't resign. it was a shameful letter, it was
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politically motivated. >> president trump criticized the police response and the president told america's governors how he'd react if he'd witnessed an active shooter situation. he told all of the governors meeting. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump said today he likely would have showed courage under fire and run into stoneman douglas high school himself to confront the killer. >> you don't know until you're tested, but i really believe i'd run in there, even if i didn't have a weapon. and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too. >> reporter: speaking to a large bipartisan group of governors, the president revealed he had lunch sunday with wayne lapierre, leader of the nra, which is now under intense pressure. at least 16 corporations, including delta airlines, metlife, and several major rental car companies, have severed their ties with the nra since the parkland shooting. the president called the nra leaders patriots. but he insists he's not afraid to oppose them. >> and i want to tell you, they
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want to do something. and i said, fellows, we got to do something. it's too long now. we've got to do something. >> don't worry about the nra, they're on our side. half of you are so afraid of the nra, there's nothing to be afraid of. if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while, that's okay. >> reporter: one idea the president embraced would require a fight. a plan to raise the minimum age for buying a rifle from 18 to 21. the nra opposes the idea and since their lunch with the president, he hasn't mentioned it either. >> in concept, the president still supports it. but in terms of legislation, we'dt that looks like before we weigh in further. >> reporter: the idea the president seems most enthusiastic about remains allowing qualified teachers and school officials to carry concealed weapons to school. >> i want highly trained people that have a natural talent, like hitting a baseball, hitting a golf ball, or putting.
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the marin county sheriff's office says it may have saved a life as a woman was being booked for possession of stolen property, including a full-body scan. when the woman saw the machine she sat on the floor and said she felt faint. nurses checked her out and said nothing was wrong. the deputies say they knew she was trying to avoid the scanner. at that point, they say she admitted to possessing methamphetamine. the medical staff was able to remove this plastic bag from her body, containing 27 grams of meth. the woman was brought back to the jail and sheriffs say tragedy was potentially avoided. inside a multimillion-dollar condo for sale in san francisc. more than $5 million, acts say it's a bargain. you may look at the car next to yours and see no one behind the wheel. driverless cars are coming soon. also meteorologist drew tuma is checking live doppler 7 for
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condos at a luxury high rise continue to rise in price despite the fact that the
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building is sinking. the millennium towers is being pnot disclose sinking issues whn first discovered. test in 2015 showed the building sunk 16 inches since it opened in 2009. an owner has put a unit up for sale at nearly double the $3 million originally paid. why so high? or is it really that high? wayne freedman has a look inside. >> reporter: it is san francisco's version of pisa. a man's grown weary of explaining how that's okay. >> you can't tell visually that it's leaping. >> we're riding a fast express elevator 55 floors up while moving roughly six inches to the northwest. this is the millennium tower, after all. if you follow the ratings, greg lynn is the 28th ranked realtor in the nation. he's sold $1 billion worth of property, now comes this listing, corner condo 55-a with
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all its visual accoutrements. >> here are the basics reserve 2,709 feet, 550 feet in the air, asking price $5.5 million. to hear the manse selling it, is a bargain. >> the challenge is finding the buyers that understand the opportunity. >> reporter: which might require looking around this condo which sells for 30% less than the peak price before engineers noticed how the building was sinking. if buyers are iffy, the salesman has an answer. >> they may not understand that an engineering fix is purported to be in the works. >> reporter: don't fix this, the master bedroom feels like you're in an elevated aquarium. so does the master bath. got a rope? >> everybody could see in? that's why there are shades. >> reporter: moveing ones part f $2 million in upgrades. that said don't expect to look unless you prequalify, and that's as steep as the building. >> we want to know that the
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people coming to tour this can afford it. >> what's this room? >> reporter: put bluntly, no riffraff, that would be unseemly in a condo at 550 feet. does it come with oxygen? >> you seem to be doing fine. a big step for autonomous vehicles in california. the dmv says companies can now apply for permits to test driverless cars. the first permits could be issued as soon as april 2nd. several companies are already testing autonomous vehicles. those tests require that someone sit in the driver's seat to take control in case it's necessary. the new permits would allow the cars to run without anyone behind the wheel. abc 7 news anchor dion lim talked with antoine goodwin. >> basically a human being has to be monitoring the car remotely. that means in a center somewhere, with bidirectional
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communication with a vehicle, there would be a human being watching the car and able to take control of the car remotely with something like a steering wheel you see on a video game or something like that. so there is a human being but they're getting people used to, testing without a person in the car. >> the new permit will allow testing on any public road in the state, including freeways. the car must carry proof of insurance. it was a good monday on wall street. the dow rose nearly 400 points closing around 25,700. the nasdaq wiped out earlier losses from this month with an 84-point gain. the s&p 500 saw its third straight gain, ending today 32 points higher than it began. all in all, encouraging on wall street. the weinstein company is moving closer to bankruptcy. the studio has been crippled by the sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against this man, cofounder harvey weinstein. the studio's board of directors
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says it tried to avoid bankruptcy, but a deal on a proposed sale fell apart when the accusations surfaced. if it seems like you are working longer hours, you're not alone. personal finance website wallet hub compared the nation's largest cities to determine who works the hardest. first place, san francisco. second, fremont. third, jersey city. fourth, washington, d.c. fifth, new york. sixth, back here, oakland. seventh, austin. the report analyzed nine different factors, including average work week hours, employment rate, share of workers leaving vacation time unused, and share of workers with multiple jobs. as we mentioned earlier, the hail piled up in sacramento. check out this video of first dog carusa brown frolicking at the capitol today, tweeted from colusa's official twitter account this afternoon.
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abc 7 news meteorologist drew tumor mass here with a look at the forecast. >> always neat to see when hail piles up that quickly, it resembles snow. had some hail here too earlier this afternoon. some rain, even some snowflakes in our peaks. a crazy day of weather. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you light showers out there right now. pressing in closer, light showers moving through vallejo, likely on their way into san francisco. if you notice, just towards danville around mt. diablo, a little pink and white. likely we're seeing a couple of flakes flying in our highest peaks. the bigger picture, you can see that spin in the atmosphere. live doppler 7, see that counterclockwise spin, that's the area of low pressure. it gave us the dynamics to have thundershowers earlier today. that is now sinking south down towards southern california. so behind this system, even colder air is moving in. numbers right now in the 40s. napa 40.
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46 in san francisco. 39 in fremont. chilly towards the south bay. 44 in san jose and antioch, 43. overnight tonight, it's not only cold, it's also going to be windy. those winds are going to pick up out of the north. we're seeing 20s in the north bay. 32 in napa. 38 san jose and oakland. 40 in san francisco over the next 12 hours. in terms of winds, picking up close to midnight. future tracker wind fwulss showing you early tomorrow morning, especially through the delta, winds gusting over 30 miles per hour out of the north, drag in that colder air overnight tonight. winds are with us for the first half of the day on tuesday. then they'll generally calm down tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening as well. the highs on tuesday, it's going to feel warmer tomorrow with more in the way of sunshine. the breeze relaxing in the afternoon. 60 in san jose. 63 in santa rosa. 58 the high in san francisco. 60 in oakland. vallejo up to about 60.
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we're tracking our next storm. the pattern is turning pretty active over the next couple of days. the storm impact scale comes back starting on thursday. and this next storm system, it's a moderate storm ranking a 2. a soaking we probably haven't seen in two months with this system. rainfall over the period of time from thursday to friday, 1 to 2 inches of rain widespread across the region. picking up as well. and this snow is possible once again in our hills above about 2,000 feet. we get you into thursday morning, 1:00 a.m. the rain arrivals. on and off downpours through thursday morning. as we go into the afternoon, the rain doesn't really let up by 9:00 thursday evening, we're still tracking those showers throughout the region. this is going to be a major snowmaker as well in the sierra. future tracker snowfall showing you as it gets you into saturday, we're going to be measuring this snowfall in terms of feet. a good estimate right now is 2 to 4 feet across the sierra. certainly much-needed snow.
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so winter weather lovers delighting. accuweather seven-day forecast, bright and mild on tuesday. perhaps a shower after sunset on wednesday. the main event is going to happen here in thursday. it is rainy, it is windy, it continues into friday with perhaps a mixed precip coming into our hills. a lingering shower on saturday. we're dry for oscar sunday. then we're mild on monday next week. tomorrow it's a nice-looking day. a break between storms. the next one arrives wednesday night. coming up next, an amazing achievement for a south bay teenager. he's one of just six students in the world to accomplish it. talk about rarefied air.
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the nation's largest animal protection organization is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. two high-profile leaders of the humane society of the united states have resigned after complaints became public. former employees, northern california women, give their first television interviews about the group's leadership crisis to dan noyes, exclusively tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. a south bay high school student has major bragging to do on his college applications. tommy tran from evergreen valley high school is just one of six students in the world who
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received a perfect score on the advanced placement calculus exam. he took the test in may 2017, but school officials just revealed his score publicly today. so how did tommy do it? he says his teachers assigned him less work a week before the exam so that's when tommy decided to take a holistic approach. >> i took that extra time to sleep more and then exercise. and i feel like exercise really improves your cognition and ability to deploy knowledge. >> smart yuck man. tommy says he's open to internships especially those involving software engineering or political science. stay here, oakland mayor libby schaaf is receiving threats and a controversial decision prompted it. >> that is par >> tonight, why she's standing by her warning of possible i.c.e. raids. no one wants to see this. especially if you're on board. flaming shooting out of the back
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of a jet engine. hear from passengers who were on that flight. senator dianne feinstein does not have the backing of the california democratic party as she prepares to run for her fifth term. so how her campaign is reacting to this news, find out.
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good evening. we'll begin this half hour with a controversial decision by oakland mayor libby schaaf to warn the public about possible i.c.e. raids over the weekend. it is gaining national attention. while some are applauding her, others are furious about it. laura anthony has the story. >> i think that people are angry about a lot of things in
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america. >> reporter: despite receiving personal threats, oakland mayor libby schaaf stands firm behind her unusual warning that i.c.e. might soon conduct raids in the bay area. >> regardless of what happens, i felt it was my duty to share the information i had, particularly because i was sharing information in a way that was legal, was not obstructing justice. >> the little creepy mayor of oakland ought to be the first one that gets cuffed for treason -- >> reporter: the mayor's staff sent this sample of an angry phone message, one of many they say schaaf's office has received. >> oakland is a sanctuary city, located in california, a sanctuary state -- >> reporter: the oakland district sent out a robo message sunday trying to reassure immigrant families. >> just letting people know we ar school district that stands behind our families no matter what is going on, no matter where they came from, how they got here. >> reporter: schaaf says she did seek input from legal experts
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and community leaders but not the city council. kungs the mayor's warning was helpful? >> i don't think, so not the way it was presented. >> reporter: those who work with the immigrant community say the mayor's warning was had an effect. the number of calls into an emergency hotline has tripled since saturday. >> we've had a lot of calls on the hotline, people wanting to ask questions and verify the number's up and running. no reports of i.c.e. action. >> reporter: this cell phone video showed one i.c.e. arrest in napa county on sunday. a setback for the trump administration over daca. the supreme court reject the administration's unusual bid to get the justices to bypass the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco and take up the case now. the decision does not mean the justices won't eventually hear the case, it just delays it. it means the white house will not be able to end the program on march 5th as expected.
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>> overall, it still leaves everybody in this weird, uncertain space, they don't know how to plan for their futures. we need a permanent solution. people are very, very wary of what's going to happen next. >> today's decision also takes some pressure off congress to act on a permanent solution for daca and the 700,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. tonight, senator dianne feinstein's campaign is downplaying her party's failure to endorse her at the state democratic convention. but her rival says it shows she's vulnerable. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is on that story. >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein is respected but not revered among delegates to the state party convention who are increasingly more liberal than she is. >> in the race for united states senate, the vote was no consensus. >> reporter: feinstein has served in the senate since 1992 and for the first time in a re-election bid was denies an
9:33 pm
endorsement by the delegates. jeremiah garrettson, assistant professor of political science at cal state east bay, believes the 84-year-old moderate could be in trouble. >> california, especially the california democratic party, is becoming more defense, more millennial. and she has not been adapting quick enough to sort of head that process off. in terms of re-election. >> reporter: feinstein angered some democrats last summer during an appearance in san francisco when she seemed sympathetic to president donald trump. >> i think we have to have some patience. i do. >> reporter: her challenger, state senator kevin de leon, says he's out of touch with progressive values, though neither he nor feinstein captured the 60% of votes needed from the delegates, de leon came closer with 54% to her 37%. still, feinstein's top strategist tells me, i don't think this is a critical moment in this campaign. she has a big lead in all the
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polls and a big financial advantage. san francisco's acting mayor, mark farrell, is among feinstein's supporters. >> in my opinion, san francisco, the state of california, and our entire country is incredibly lucky to have dianne feinstein as our u.s. senator. >> reporter: the june election is a top two primary, meaning feinstein and rival de leon are likely to battle it out in the general election in november. a passenger jet made an emergency landing in salt lake city. pilots turned back after flames started shooting from the engine. dramatic video. here's abc news reporter david kerley. >> reporter: look at the right side of that jet. flames shooting out of the engine every five seconds. on board, even more dramatic moments after the southwest jet took off. >> the most scared i've ever been in my life. >> half of me was pan examplic, the other half was like, get it
9:35 pm
together. >> praying, holding hands. >> reporter: this video, shot by a passenger after he alerted a flight attendant. >> i think if it got worse, maybe they would find my phone in the wreckage. >> reporter: the pilot of salt lake to l.a. flight burned off fuel and turned around for an emergency landing. >> indications of fire -- >> reporter: fire crews greeting the jet on the ground. what's actually happening here is called a surge, or compressor stall. think of it like a car backfiring. while surges like this one at salt lake city can be frightening, especially for those sitting next to the anyones, they rarely threaten an aircraft or cause damage to the engine. a man facing charges after he boarded a plane then opened the emergency exit and went down the slide. a passenger on the united airlines flight from newark to tampa tweeted this picture last night. police say during boarding a
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25-year-old man said he was on the wrong flight and opened the exit door. but he was actually ticketed to be on that plane. the flight was delayed for several hours and passengers were eventually put on another aircraft. actress heather lockyer is free on bail after being arrested for domestic violence and battery. the 26-year-old lockyer is said to have bot gotten into a fight with her live-in boyfriend in thousand oaks in l.a. he reportedly was injured which raised the seriousness of the offense to a felony. tmz is reporting lockyer became combative with emergency personnel and kicked three of them. she has a march 13th court date. a big donation to help get kids into s.t.e.m. programs. >> if you can see it, you can be it. >> the skills that will make a p
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disney announced it will donate $1 million to the boys and girls club of america to expand and create new youth s.t.e.m. vertebrals. that grant comes as disney celebrates the success of the mega-hit "brack panther." 12 communities will benefit from this donation. as lyanne melendez explains, oakland is one of them. >> reporter: we've known there are gaps in science and math achievement for african-americans starting as early as fourth grade. the boys and girls club of america has three centers in oakland helping kids bridge that gap. >> the s.t.e.m. and education is the pathway of least resistance if our young people are going to be successful. >> reporter: cal stanley is president of the boys and girls clubs of oakland. thanks to tech companies and
9:41 pm
universities who partner with the clubs, students here learn some of the skills to pursue s.t.e.m. degrees and careers. those high-tech skills will expand with a donation from disney which produced the movie "black panther." the movie takes place in a fictional location called wakanda, the most technologically advanced country in the world. disney ceo bob iger says the technology in the film inspired young awes so it's fitting we show our appreciation by helping advance s.t.e.m. programs for youth, especially in underserved areas of the country, to give them the knowledge and tools to build the future they want. in the movie women are depicted as strong and technologically savvy. but in reality, according to a u.s. department of commerce report, only one-quarter of women hold jobs in s.t.e.m. fields in the united states. cal stanley hopes these kids will see themselves in these characters.
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>> kids need visual aids. we all do. and if you can see it, then you can be it. and if it can be conceived, it can be achieved. >> reporter: in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. meteorologist drew tuma is standing by with an update on the forecast. plus e-cigarettes might help you stop smoking but they could double your risk of another health probl
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there could be a link between e-cigarettes and risk for heart attack. as jonathan bloom explains, some say it's too early to draw any real conclusions. >> reporter: inside his office
9:46 pm
ucsf professor grants has a growing collection of cigarette packs. >> candace working toward them -- >> reporter: covered with images what was smoking can do to you. >> you get cancer-causing chemicals and other bad things that you don't get with an e-cigarette. >> reporter: electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have been marketed as a way to quit smoking grants says vaping could have serious health risks of its own. >> we found daily e-cigarette users had an almost doubling in their risk of heart attack. >> reporter: the study used existing data from the centers for disease control who showed those who smoked regular cigarettes had three times a risk for heart attack. >> the first evidence of a major clinical adverse event associated with e-cigarette use. >> reporter: there are those who take issue with the conclusion that e-cigarettes cause heart attacks. that, they say, is a finding that could be years away. >> we don't even know these people used e-cigarettes before
9:47 pm
they had the heart attack. >> reporter: boston university professor michael segal says the cdc numbers are a snapshot, they don't follow subjects over a period of years. >> not that e-cigarettes are causing heart attacks but that people who have heart attacks are turning to e-cigarettes in an effort to quit smoking. >> reporter: they agree vaping is likely less harmful than smoking and another study is needed. >> the first evidence linking smoking with lung cancer -- >> reporter: they say ucsf is hard at work trying to see how vaping averages the body. >> there's probably less toxic chemicals than a cigarette, but there's still enough there to be doing a lot of damage. a deer running through down up to louisville this morning jumped over a gate and went into the ohio river. samantha moore was taking pictures of the river when a friend said, "there's a deer." she turned around and started recording. after the dump the deer started
9:48 pm
swimming, as you can see, and found his or her way out. one last check on the weather here, meteorologist drew tuma. is it going to stay as weird as it was today? >> yeah, we're seeing at least much of the action winding down tonight. it's really hail now out of the forecast. just some light showers at this hour. live doppler 7 showing you the heart of the region. zooming in, tighter on love doppler 7, light showers from san rafael into san francisco, hayward and fremont. you notice as you get into higher elevations that white and pink is saying that there is some wintry precipitation mixin in above 2,000feet. this is all moving in a south and west direction. temperatures, we're chilly, in the 40s. 37 in ukiah. 49 in fremont. it's going to be a chilly night tonight in the wake of this storm system. we'll see 20s return in a couple of spots. most areas are going to drop into the 30s, if not close to the freezing mark. so it's going to be a cold start
9:49 pm
to the day on your tuesday. 12-hour planner, it's windy. 15 to 35-mile-per-hour winds. it stays breezy midday. the winds will start to slacken as we get into the afternoon. temperatures in the mid 50s to about lower 60s. we're watching thursday into friday, stronger storm moves in, we're talking rainfall 1 to 2 inches. binds getting up near 45 miles per hour. once again the chance of a dusting in our hills with that storm system. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you a break, we're in between systems tomorrow. a nice, bright, mild day. a storm arrives thursday into friday. >> we need it badly. the prognosis looks better today for san frncisco giants legend orlando cepeda. a statement from the giants says the 80-year-old hall of famer is showing major signs of improvement. cepeda suffered what the team called a cardiac incident last week. the slugger known as the baby bull played for the giants from 1958 to 1966. the giants have asked for
9:50 pm
prayers and are orlando cepeda. express those and well wishes by sharing this band at one of the true giants of the game. mike schuman has sports. >> good to hear about cha-cha. sharks made a huge trade shoring up their offense. we'll introduce you to their newest forward. newest forward. warriors put their foot forward i no wondering, "what if?" uncertainties of hep c. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people.
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or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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today, nhl trade deadline, sharks made a splash trading for forward evander kane. san jose picked up the 26-year-old from buffalo and will add offensive support to their depleted forward group. he has 20 goals which will make him the second leading scorer on the sharks when he joins the team. buffalo receives prospect danny o'regan and two conditional draft picks which includes the sharks' first rounder unless
9:54 pm
kane doesn't re-sign. kane was the fourth overall pick by winnipeg in 2009. he will join the team tomorrow against edmonton at the tank. here's gm doug wilson on the trade. >> he's having a really good year. he's the type of player i think that is excited to join this group. he knows several of our players. our leadership group has played with him with i think burnsy, pavs. right now our focus is in just winning games, going on a good run down the stretch. >> great pickup for the sharks with jumbo joe's knee injury. warriors hit the road for their final east coast trip start tonight in new york. draymond green's 15th technical from saturday night against the thursday rescinded by the league office, he's back to 14, two away from suspension and a $5,000 fine. zsa zsa pachulia was not
9:55 pm
disciplined for his fall on russell westbrook. steph curry making this kid's year, a high five. the kid spins around and almost passes out. knicks put up 39 points in the first. emmanuel mudiay had 14 points in the first, 18 at the half. kevin durant also had 18 in the first half. 22 on the night. a little shake and bake and drops the three. warriors a one-point lead after the knicks led for most of the half. klay thompson didn't shoot well saturday because he was busy playing defense. defense. returns to form drug that three. a one-point knicks lead at the half. in the third, steph stops and pops for three of his 21. dubs an 11-0 run to open the half. when everything's going your way, mcgee fumbleds the ball, throws up, it goes in. comedian and long-suffering knicks fan jon stewart can't believe it. dubs a 39-18 third quarter, they win 125-111. >> i thought the knicks had
9:56 pm
tough shots early in the first half. i didn't think our defense was great but i didn't think it was horrible either i thought they hit some really tough ones. then i thought in the third quarter we buckled down. our consequence got better, we made some stops, got out and ran. james harden and the rockets trying to win their 13th street. the jazz led by as many as 15 but in the third it's harden tying it up at 63. game high 26 for the beard. chris paul with the ball. rudy gobert no idea where to go. houston up by seven after three. the rockets hoop and the harm. houston wins it, their 13s straight victory, they remain 1/2 game above the dubs for the top spot in the west. a's and giants both lost. without sonny gray the pitching staff is up in the air. after today's start it's wide open with a half dozen guys competing for three spots.
9:57 pm
it's like that for most of the roster, but manager bob melvin sees it as a chance for guys to thrive. >> we have some competition at camp, which i think is good. when you have a lot of younger players, the last thing you want is to have your 25-man roster figured out and at the very least even within the 25 there's competition for playing time. so it's good. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. great pickup by evander kane by the sharks. they needed offensive firepower. the warriors can't get over the hump with houston, they've won 13 straight, they keep going. i think they're going to end up in the western conference finals. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 r. the nation's largest animal protection organization is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. now former employees, both northern california women, give their first television interviews. our dan noyes has the exclusive i-team report. big changes coming to the richmond bridge.
9:58 pm
they may help ease traffic but drivers are concerned how they will affect the commute. those coming up at abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. lucky kids receiving a life lesson thanks to the golden state warriors. they didn't learn on it a basketball court either, but in a museum. about 90 students from the kip bay view academy toured the museum of the african diaspora in san francisco, part of the warriors' commitment to black history no. the sixth graders learned about african art and culture and the history of african-americans in the united states. >> it's pretty amazing what i can learn about what kind of -- what kinds of black history i don't know and what i do know. i can learn way more. >> there was a lot of fun to go along with the learning too. the students heard from former warriors players, got to go on a scavenger hunt, and took home warriors t-shirts.
9:59 pm
inspiration, a lot of education, a great experience for all those kids deed and i suspect for the warriors too. >> the warriors are in d.c. tomorrow, they're going to visit the black history museum with several kids. they were disinvited from the white house. >> good for them. stay involved in the community, then went out of town. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. see you again in an hour over on the big 7.
10:00 pm
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