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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 18, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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ten dead, ten wounded. tonight, local students that marched for gun control just weeks ago share their perspective on today's texas school shooting. this is the first transportation tax i've opposed in 28 years i've been elected office. a $3 bridge toll increase will be on everyone's ballot in the bay area, so why is this long-time congressman against it? new passport rules could delay your trip. i'm michael finney with what you need to watch out for, coming up on 7 on your side. most heartbreaking part of this whole tragedy is that another shooting has to happen for us to remember that more
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things have to be done. >> another shooting this time at a school in texas, has left ten people dead, ten others wounded and students here in the bay area angered and on edge. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. classes at santa fe high school in texas are cancelled through at least tuesday and the district doesn't know yet when they'll resume. >> president trump has ordered flags to fly at half staff in honor of the victims. take a look at the suspect, 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis in court. >> he's chargededededededededed murder. he did not enter a plea and the judge denied him bond. because he's a minor, he will not be eligible for the death penalty. >> reporter omar jimenez begins our team coverage. >> still have several more shots firing. >> he's actively shooting. he's in the art room. we've got -- we've got shots fired right now guys. we need all of you up here. >> reporter: officials say nine students and one teacher are dead after 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis allegedly walked into
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an art class at santa fe high school in galveston county, texas, and opened fire. witnesses describe running from the school when they heard gunshots. >> i was scared for my life. >> a teacher was telling us to go, go, go. it's like instinct, you're scared, you're traumatized an running as fast as you can. >> reporter: one student saw the shooter in a hallway. >> i've talked to him before. he just snapped. he didn't seem like he'd ever do that. he doesn't talk to very many people either. he keeps to himself records explosive devices were found in the school and other areas. >> various different kinds of explosive devices have already been detected. one was a co2 device. another was a molotov cocktail. and there are various other types of explosive devices that have been identified, both in a home as well as in a week. >> governor abbott said ten other people were injured, one still in critical condition. pagourtzis and one other person
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are in custody. in santa fe, texas, i'm omar jimenez. this is the fifth shooting since the attac at parkland high school in florida on valentine's day, which left 17 people dead. >> that shooting prompted students to organize a series of nationwide marches for gun control. organizers of those marches told david louie today that they are saddened but not surprised by the texas school shooting. >> reporter: you could sense their passion and resolve to address gun violence and to make schoolssafer. here at santa clara university where 400 students participated in a march, and in san francisco as part of a march for our lives day held in cities across the country. however, student organizers aren't surprised there was another deadly school shooting. >> the reason why we're talking right now, the reason why that this santa fe shooting happened was because nothing really drastic happened. i don't see why we should be surprised that it happened again because nothing drastic happened. >> reporter: these students from san jose's prospect high school are disappointed in some
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political leaders. >> we're seeing the same messages we see every time there's a school shooting. thoughts and prayers are going out. they're thinking about the victims. it's not enough. >> reporter: at santa clara university, representatives from santa clara community action program believe they need to continue to put pressure on elected officials. >> they're also dealing with a lot of other issues. i'm not saying that's an excuse, i'm just saying that we just have to make sure that we are consistently heard and that we're consistently doing things. >> reporter: with midterm elections six months away, this sophomore at santa clara believe students need to keep up with gun control issues and where candidates stand. >> i know a lot of times college students get caught up in school and everything and making sure you know what's going on and being an informed voter is really important, because then you can be more passionate in your voting and knowing that you can make a difference. >> reporter: summer break and graduation are proaching, which could impact momentum generated by the marches. >> we need to be consistently thinking about kids are going to go back to school in the fall. what are we going to do between graduation for some of us and
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between our break and coming back to the school to make sure the kids step onto a safer campus. >> reporter: in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 news. a bay area student group called enough sf is planning to hold a rally tonight for the victims of the santa fe school shooting. it starts in about an hour at the san francisco civ center. strong reaction is pouring in from all corners of the country and those who have been there before. kristen sze is here with a look at the responses to today's tragedy. kristen. >> survivors of school mass shootings are speaking up today. parkland, florida, student empathized my heart is so heavy for the students of santa fe high school. it's an all-too-familiar feeling that no o should have to experience. march for our lives, the movement that began in the wake of parkland also tweeted today. we urge those reading this not to sweep it under the rug and forget forget. this is not the price of freedom. barbara lee like many democrats
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are calling for gun control legislation. she tweeted congress' inaction in the face of this horrific constant violence is a betrayal of our kids. apple ceo tim cook weighed in by saying we are devastated by today's tragic news from texas. our hearts go out to the families of the victims and everyone in the santa fe high school community. now, one person suggested to cook that he should ban nra tv from being live streamed on apple devices. dan and ama. >> kristen, thank you. facebook has actually deleted the shooter's account saying the social media giant doesn't allow mass murderers or the representation of them on the site. accounts impersonating the shooter are also being deleted. netflix tonight canceled the red carpet event and premiere of its second season of the teen drama "13 reasons why." this season's story line contains a shooting. the city of santa fe is a
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town of 13,000 people 35 miles southeast of houston. the houston rockets are playing the warriors. carlos continues our team coverage with reaction to today's events from both teams. >> reporter: the deadly school shooting in texas has sent shock waves across the country. the santa fe shooting happened just outside of houston, hitting close to home for rockets star chris paul. >> it's tough, man. it's scary that that's becoming a norm here. we've got to do something about it, because -- yeah, i can't imagine something like that taking place with my kids. >> reporter: at today's practice in oakland, steph curry shared those sentiments. >> it's a tragic situation that hurts your heart when you think about kids going to school being safe and obviously glad that c.p. said something about it. it is an issue that is way bigger than basketball, way more important than basketball. >> reporter: the warriors
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organization has not shied away from speaking out on social political issues. head coach steve kerr an outspoken advocate on gun control participated in a town hall on march in talk about gun violence. his comments came following the school shooting at parkland, florida, earlier this year. the recurring mass shootings, something curry is tired of seeing happen. >> i feel like it's a broken tape every time you see a situation like this happen. it needs to be addressed. >> reporter: and something he hopes gets addressed. in oakland, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. as part of abc 7's take action campaign, we have a list of local resources on school safety. you can find your ally and connect with local lawmakers by going to now to new developments in the crash that killed a woman and two young girls on 880 in fremont earlier this week. investigators believe 21-year-old dang tran caused the
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crash while high on cannabis. tonight he's set to be released from jail. eric thomas explains why prosecutors had to let him go. >> reporter: the 48-hour window to charge 21-year-old dang tran expires tonight, and prosecutors say at this point they don't have enough evidence to charge him. in a statement today, the alameda county d.a.'s office said, quote, the investigation in this matter is ongoing and the d.a.'s office requires additional information as well as investigation prior to making a charging decision. tran was booked into the santa rita jail tuesday, accused of driving too fast and under the influence of marijuana when he caused this crash on 880 near stevenson boulevard. a family consisting of a man, woman, and their six daughters were in this suv that rolled over several times. 39-year-old noelle johnson, 14-year-old christey limas and her 9-year-old sister, brooke, were killed. the family was heading home after celebrating another daughter's fourth birthday in the bay area. tran's family showed up at the
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courthouse yesterday for his arraignment, which was postponed until today. this afternoon word came down from the d.a.'s office that official charges would not be filed and tran would be released. prosecutors have not said what information they still require from the chp investigation. as you can imagine, those close to the victims are not happy. family friend amy mooney spoke with me on the phone about tran. she said, quote, we know he's responsible for their deaths. why haven't they been able to chge him? she also said, quote, they need to revoke his driver's license. they need to revoke his passport so he can't get away. prosecutors appear to be keeping open the option of filing charges in the future when they think the evidence supports it. eric thomas, abc 7 news. new at 6:00 p.m., abc 7 new as learned embattled former santa clara councilman dominic caserta has been placed on administrative leave at the high school where he teaches. the school district says he will receive pay as an investigator
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looks into sexual harassment allegations. he teaches social studies at santa clara high school. earlier this week, caserta resigned his council position and dropped out of the santa clara county supervisor's race over allegations of sexual misconduct made by former campaign staffers. state assemblywoman christina garcia has been stripped of all her committee posts action even though an outside investigative committee cleared her of sexual harassment allegations. they found she regularly used vulgar language and made her staff take on personal duties, like taking care of her dogs. she'll return to her capitol office next week after a voluntary three-month absence and will be required to undergo sensitivity and sexual harassment training. a lot more to come here. some call it a time-honored tradition. others say it's a reason to protest. dan noyes digs into what's happening at a rodeo this weekend that's so controversial. i'm spencer christian. fog lingered a bit longer than anyone expected today, so what do we expect this weekend?
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i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and the royal wedding is tomorrow and voting is open now. will you get up early to watch? dvr it maybe? or skip it altogether? get your phone out and go to do about the royal to results are live at the bottom results are live at the bottom of your
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the rowel ranch rodeo kicks off today in the east bay but activists are kicking off what they hope is the biggest protest in two years over controversial event. >> dan noyes has been digging into the issue and joins us now.
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>> animal rights activists see a sea change in attitudes. they're emboldened by killer whale shows and the ringling bros. circus shutting down, so now they're applying new pressure to stop the rodeo. with the 98th robell ranch rodeo, the controversy over treatment of appenimals is heat up. russ fields is an east bay rancher who has run the rodeo over 30 years. >> i raise cattle, livestock. that's what i do. and, you know, you think i'm going to hurt my investment, my livelihood? there's no way. >> reporter: eric mills is an oakland activist who's led the charge against the rodeo since the '80s. >> if we did to our dog what we do to a baby calf at the rodeo, people would burn it to the ground. >> reporter: he was satisfied with the animal policies until they brought back a couple of
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things. >> the video they showed of a cow, she went right back there and, you know, went to her calf, started nursing and she just had -- it was no big deal to them. >> do you deny that the animals feel fear? >> no, i don't think they feel fear. they're an animal. >> really? >> yeah, no. >> all of these animals in the rodeo are prey animals. as such they fear for their very lives when they're ridden and roped and chased and wrestled and thrown to the ground. they think they're going to die. >> reporter: the men also have very different views of mutton busting. >> mutton busting is a way of getting inner city kids and kids that are not ranch raised out here to participate if they want to. >> reporter: mills says the sheep often can't support the weight of the kids and wind up injured. >> it's teaching kids cruelty and mistreatment is okay. it's not. >> reporter: mills and his
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fellow activists failed to get the events band in march. the lone dissenting vote came from jamison, who wrote in an editorial this week, the animal advocates are right. the animal welfare policy is sorely outdated. the act vis are push on with billboards and online petition with 108,000 supporters and the protest tomorrow. the main events including bull riding start tonight. mills hopes to have the biggest protest in years on saturday. i'm posting links to both sides of the issue at and would also like to hear your view of this on my facebook page. i've just posted a twitter poll, so i'd like you to weigh in as well. >> i'll bet we'll hear a lot of opinions. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. property damage claims from the deadly wildfires last october exceed $3.3 billion. who should be responsible for paying victims? abc 7 news anchor dion lim joins
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us. >> yeah, the california constitution states property owners can hold public utilities responsible for damages. however, pg&e is trying to make its case saying it's a private company and claim in this case the law does not apply. david berry is one of hundreds who filed lawsuits against pg&e after he lost his santa rosa home in the north bay wildfires last october. dealing with the aftermath has been hard on his family. >> it's heartbreaking because they're afraid. and they're afraid of fire and they're afraid of night, and as much as you try to calm them, they still have the image of what we escaped etched into their minds. >> reporter: attorneys for pg&e and lawyers for hundreds of fire victims met in san francisco superior court friday for a hearing on the utility's liability for the fires. under the california constitution, property owners can hold public utilities responsible for damages under a term called inverse
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condemnation. pg&e's argument, they say they're a private company and are exempt from inverse condemnation and should be allowed to recover any damages they are orded to pay through rate hikes from their customers. >> here in the courtroom and in sacramento, they're employing a lot of scare tactics basically telling people that they're too negligent to fail, and that's just unacceptable. >> reporter: while presiding judge issued a tentative ruling saying there is no basis for pg&e's argument, plaintiffs like david berry and his family won't sleep tight until the utility is held accountable. >> you should be responsible for things that you do that cause other people harm. and i don't think there should be an exception because you are a large powerful, wealthy company. >> reporter: attorneys for pg&e declined to comment, but the utility issued this statement calling inverse condemnation bad for all californians. a closed door meeting with both parties is expected next month with a final ruling shortly after. in san francisco, dion lim, abc
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7 news. let's take you to hawaii now. look at this incredible video shot late this afternoon. lava spewing from one of 22 fissures on the big island of hawaii. authorities have been handing out masks to protect people from volcanic ash, while bracing for possible another eruption perhaps at the summit of kilauea. yesterday the volcano exploded rock and ash about 30,000 feet into the air. winds blew much of that plume away from peop, but it did leave a thin coating of ash on cars, plants and roads. >> so dangerous, but incredible to see. >> true. well, it's time now to check on our weather as we approach -- hey, we're here at the weekend actually. >> we made it to the weekend. spencer christian is here. >> i consider friday part of the weekend. it's here. here's a look at live doppler 7. we had fog that was slow to retreat today. in fact in some parts of the bay area it never did pull all the way back to the coastline so we had a gray day in many locations
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and it's still pretty gray especially out near the coastline and over the bay. now it's getting some help pushing back over the bay and inland. but this view looks nice and blue as we look from our rooftop camera here at abc 7. it is currently 56 here in san francisco, across the bay in oakland 58. 63 at mountain view, 64 san jose, gilroy 67, 54 at half moon bay. this is how it looks from emeryville looking back at san francisco. you can see the fog about to envelope the city once again. we have temperature readings right now of 66 in santa rosa, napa 67. novato 61. 70 at fairfield and concord, livermore at 63. and the view from the abc 7 pier, 39 camera, and we have scattered sea lions enjoying not the sunlight but the evening light. we'll see low clouds and fog pushing inland overnight. there may be spotty drizzle overnight and early tomorrow morning and we'll have conditions that are cool at the coast and mild inland before a bit of a warmup on monday. here's the forecast animation
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starting at 7:00 this evening. you can see that usual overnight push of low clouds and fog and then back to the coastline tomorrow during the afternoon hours, giving us mainly sunny skies in the daytime. we'll have a similar pattern on sunday so that's our weekend overview. overnight again look for a chance of drizzle in the early morning hours near the coast and low temperatures generally in the low to mid-50s. highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies. our windsor wedding forecast for tomorrow calls for sunny skies throughout the day for the royal wedding. temperature in the early morning hours will be in the 50s, but it will warm up to upper 60s in the afternoon. so it will be a fairly mild day. you might call it royally wonderful weather. or you might not. this is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have high temperatures tomorrow in our inland areas in the mid to upper 70s. upper 60s around the bay. it gets a bit cooler and breezier on sunday, so on sunday highs will reach only to about
7:24 pm
71, 72 in the warmest inland locations, but then it warms up again on monday and we'll have a mild to warm pattern throughout the entire week next week with next friday being the warmest day. so next weekend is looking even sunnier. >> nice. thank you, spencer. well, lining the balconies, looking out windows, blocking the streets. >> not many peoplean draw a crowd like this, but someone did today in san francisco.
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listen to those screams! fans of kiley jenner were rewarded for their patience when the reality t star and makeup mogul stopped into her san francisco pop-up. take a look, i know it's very quick, but you can see all the people who went there. this was the line to get into the kylie cosmetics shop. jenner launched the brand in 2015. in the first 18 months, she made $420 million. >> wow! ama gets that same reaction when she walks down the street, just it will be pretty hard to get around san francisco on sunday as tens of thousands of people participate in the bay to breakers race. there are signs up warning of street closures and no stopping zones, of course. the race starts at main and howard streets at 8:00 a.m. and goes through the city all the way to ocean beach. we would love to see your bay to
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breakers pictures. love to see it through your eyes. add #abc7now and post pictures and videos online and you could see them right here on tv. now let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. these drivers are paying $6 each to cross the bridge. how would you feel about paying $9? tonight we'll dig into the proposal that's on everyone's ballot in the bay area. you can vote right now in our live poll at will you wake up early to watch the royal wedding tomorrow, dvr it maybe, or just skip it? vote at results are coming in
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well, the countdown is on now big time. you can see it on your screen, counting down to tomorrow's royal wedding between prince harry and meghan markle. today markle's mher met queen elizabeth for the first time. >> and we learned today that prince charles will walk his future daughter-in-law down the aisle tomorrow.
7:32 pm
meghan markle's father won't attend the wedding because of health concns. >> abc's live coverage begins at 2:00 a.m. will you watch it, dvr it maybe or is it maybe not your cup of tea, if you will? >> you can weigh in on wayne friedman looked into the royal wedding today and there are some local angles. >> reporter: they used to say the sun never sets on the british empire, even on a foggy day in san francisco, but that's not exactly accurate anymore. >> you have, you know, the commonwealth. >> reporter: we are eight floors up in the british consulate general's office getting inside scoops on the biggest royal wedding since the last royal wedding. tomorrow, prince harry marries a california commoner, meghan markle, and do not send gifts, we learned. they have a list of charities. >> so no coffee pots? >> i think they're okay on a coffee pot for now. >> china? >> i think there are a few china things around. >> margarita glass? >> well, i've just been given a tea towel so i'm very excited
7:33 pm
about that. >> reporter: speaking of tea, we found plenty of it home of a singularly british experience in japantown. >> are you doing this because of the royal wedding? >> no. >> reporter: so for expert analysis, we turn to amy dane, who owns the place. she makes tomorrow's wedding sound like a new millenial fairy tale. >> and the uniforms and the outfits and the tiaras are really pretty and sparkly. who doesn't love a little glitter, diamond variety. >> reporter: we found no shortage of them in this place, where the royal nuptials barely blipped. >> you're not thinking about that, are you? >> not really. we were worried about our wedding. >> reporter: granted, san francisco city hall is not exactly st. george's chapel in windsor castle, but it's a lot more accessible. a city hall wedding costs $174 for the license and an officiant like kevin clark. every bride we saw here did feel like a princess.
7:34 pm
so will they be tuning in live at 2:00 a.m.? >> i'll wch the rerun, yes. >> reporter: that is a newly married couple awaiting the sunset. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> congrats to them as well. >> absolutely. >> so we're asking if you're watching the royal wedding tomorrow. you can see the results that are coming in live at >> i'm getting up early, about 27%. i'll dvr it 31%. and 42 now, not my cup of tea. >> special coverage of the royal wedding does start tomorrow at 2:00 a.m. you can watch all the pomp and pageantry right here on abc 7 or stream it online through our app or on >> check it out if you wish, it should be a lot of fun and very interesting. would you be willing to pay $3 more to cross a bridge if you knew that money would go to easing traffic congestion? >> that's what a ballot measure is asking voters to approve in nine bay area counties in next
7:35 pm
month's june primary. but just what will it do? >> that's the question. traffic reporter alexis smith got some answers for you. >> rorter: no matter how you get to work, you've no doubt seen the impacts of the bay area's thriving economy. packed trains, congested highways, late ferries and aging transit systems are the norm. but voters are being sksd to pass regional measure 3 to fix them. >> would you be willing to pay $3 more to cross bay area bridges. >> no. i mean that's a lot. >> how would you feel if most of that money went to help out public transportation and not fix bay area roadways? >> that would definitely help. >> reporter: jim wonderman is with the bay area council. he helped put regional measure 3 on the ballot. >> it's a $4.5 billion measure that will provide for about 35 projects. >> reporter: he says a yes vote will raise money by increasing tolls on all bay area bridges, exempt the golden gate. the first increase would be by $1 in january and will go up again in three years and by
7:36 pm
2025, it will cost you $8 to cross most bridges and up to $9 here on the bay bridge. >> we want to smooth out the system, make it more efficient. we're not planning to build new freeways here, but we're going to smooth out the express lane system, at the same time try to move more people onto mass transportation. >> reporter: if passed, there would be some road improvements, but most of the money would be spent on improving the bay area's exiing mass transit infrastructure. it will provide for increased service on the bay, providing more frequent ferry service on existing routes and expanding others. it promises to replace b.a.r.t.'s aging fleet of trains and help pay for the san jose extension, and funding rail projects in the north and east bay and make improvements and extend amtrak's capital corridor to palo alto. the measure would also improve bus service, extending routes and improving fleets around the bay. from the looks of it, the measure has something for every county. >> this is the first transportation tax i've opposed in 28 years i've been elected
7:37 pm
office. >> reporter: walnut creek congressman says he's voting no on regional measure 3, mostly because those who foot the bill ll see the least from its passage. he worries that the metropolitan transportation commission will be responsible for planning and paying for many of the proposed projects. he was once on the mtc board and he says its record of spending money well isn't good, starting with the decision to move its headquarters from oakland to san francisco. >> they spent $257 million for a building they didn't need and they were billion overbudget on the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> reporter: to pass regional measure 3 requires a majority of voters from all nine bay area counties combined say yes. >> we have an incredible quality of life here. we have an incredible economy here, but we have challenges that are the result of our success and we need to invest in solving those things. this is one way the region can come together. >> reporter: alexis smith, abc 7 news. >> take note that the golden gate bridge is not included in the toll increase proposal because it's not owned by the
7:38 pm
state. however, tolls here are going up as well, 25 cents starting on july 1st. more to come. a selfie will not suffice. coming up, 7 on your side's michael finney explains the new rules for passport photos and which pictures won't fly with the state department. and next, a massive mystery. what happened to this whale?
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7:41 pm
well, yet another dead whale has turned up in the bay found wedged under a bridge near the oakland estuary this morning. >> this is at least the fourth dead whale found in the bay this year, according to the marine mammal center. dive contracted by the center tied ropes around the carcass and then towed it by barge to angel island. >> there scientists will perform a necropsy. these strandings, both live and dead, tend to happen in clusters. >> gray whales come through on an annual migration. other animals that we see are oftentimes coming in for feeding. as they come in in big groups, we see more human interactions.
7:42 pm
>> this whale had visible bruising and an open wound on its side. it's not clear if it is the same animal spotted on the bow of a ship entering san francisco bay earlier this week. a second dead whale was found washed up in the bay area today. it was found on tennessee valley beach in marin county earlier this afternoon. well, there's good weather ahead for our weekend. there are sunnier skies in this view from our south beach
7:43 pm
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7:45 pm
all right. big time congratulations are in order. 60 out of 62 graduating seniors from mcclimans high school are college bound. that's 97%. five students will attend uc schools, 17 will enter csu schools, a few will attending school out of state. 26 plan to attend junior college and two plan to attend private colleges. 60 out of 62. that is really impressive. >> good for them. all right, it is time to start getting ready for summer travel. the rules, though, have changed for passport photos. >> that's sending some consumers who are renewing their passports scrambling for new head shots. michael finney is here with new rules and how to avoid some
7:46 pm
hassle. >> i know they just look like a mug shot, right? that's what they look like. but there's a lot going into passport photos. new rules and stricter enforcement can trip you up. if there is anyone in san francisco who knows the rules for a proper passport photo, he's the director of the san francisco passport agency. >> a passport is to prove your citizenship. it's also proof of your identity. we want to be sure we have a good, clear picture of everyone's face. >> if there is anyone who knows how to implement those rules, it's tony lockatella. >> i've been here since 1978. >> how many pictures have you taken? >> half a million or more. >> really? >> just look right at the sony here. yep, that's perfect. >> perfect. that is nearly what it takes nowadays. more passport photos are being rejected because the rules are not being followed. >> there have been some changes.
7:47 pm
the main change recently is no more glasses in your passport photo. >> selfies don't work. low lighting isn't acceptable. photo shopping or air brushing is against the rules too. alicia o'brien is getting her passport photo taken. >> that should work. thank you. >> did he take a good picture? >> it's just a photo at the end of the day. >> in theory. in practice, seeing a pro like tony or going to an approved passport agency like some post office branches and getting your photos can save you a lot of grief. okay, now this is pretty subjective. but you are allowed to smile in your passport photo, but not too much. it cannot be judged by the passport offices fake or over the top. a couple of final thoughts, check your passport expiration date.
7:48 pm
many countries will not allow you to visit unless there's at least six months left before your passport expires. remember, it can take up to six weeks to get a passport. now, iant to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. 415-954-8151. remember, this is for people renewing. your current picture is fine. >> thanks, michael. all right. well, happening now, the 82nd contra costa county fair is open. and it runs through sunday in antioch. now, organizers say this year's event has something for everyone. rides, food, entertainment, and they say be sure to check out the livestock. the fair stays open until 9:30 tonight and opens again tomorrow >> fun stuff. 11:00. i'll see you at the midway. elephant ears are on me. >> yes. >> corn dogs too. will the weather cooperate? >> weather anchor spencer
7:49 pm
christian is here with the latest. >> weather will be fair, fair weather. we've got fog at the coast. it will be expanding locally across the bay, inland overnigh overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-50s and there may be spotty drizzle near the coast. then tomorrow we expect the fog to pull back to the coastline, in fact away from the coast in some spots. we'll have mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland. highs will range from about 60 at the coast to mid and upper 60s near the bay, low to mid-70s inland. sunday it's bay to breakers in san francisco where we'll have mainly cloudy skies in the first part of the day. early morning temperatures will be in the 50s which probably won't bother the runners very much and then it will get a little sunnier after 12:00 noon and a little milder as well. most runners will have finished by soon. cooler and breezier on sunday. starting monday we'll have a nice warm to mild pattern that will last the entire week. looking good. >> thanks, spencer.
7:50 pm
>> i'd buy larry a corn dog at the fair but he won't eat it. >> spencer won't either. >> i can't even watch people eat that stuff. >> you guys are no fun. >> dan and i,e're good. >> we'll eat yours for you. that's fine. >> you only get one body, you know. i'm trying to keep this one in shape. speaking of shape, what's up with steph curry? is his knee bothering him to the point that he's not making shots? is that what's going on here? or is it the rockets? the problem and some remedies, while dan chomps down on
7:51 pm
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good evening. steph curry is tired of everybody asking association he would like you to know, his knee is fine, you don't need to ask. now the question is what's wrong with his shot? heading into game three of the western conference finals at oracle on sunday, the warriors have got to make some adjustments. fist, defensive end.
7:54 pm
the rockets are attacking steph play right into their hands. there is no need to switch when james harden is that far away. he's 30 feet away. partly because k.d. is so hot, they're playing more iso ball. they need to set more screens for steph, get the rockets moving and switching and pass the ball. the result would be more open shots like we saw in game one. as far as steph, he says his confidence is certainly not a problem. >> i've gone 0 for 11 before shooting threes or 1 for 8, whatever the case is. you always shoot that next shot with the optimism and the confidence that it's going in. so you can work on stuff in between practices and games and never lose confidence in myself ever. and that will never change. >> i know the next couple of days will be about steph struggling to shoot the ball but that's the last thing i worry about with steph. i said this way before you ever said it, he's the best shooter to ever play.
7:55 pm
i've got confidence in him on that side, you know what i'm saying. we all do. >> let's just give that a rest because he's steph curry. what are we even worried about? >> nothing. the a's lead all of baseball in homers hit on the road with 44. ey have hit one every single gamen this current road trip. seven down, three to go including tonight north of the border. maybe there's something weird in the toronto water. that's pretty there. this is the secondtraight night an a's pitcher had to leave because of an apparent injury. brett anderson strained his shoulder. again, the bullpen comes through. josh lucas, just called up, struck out seven in 3 2/3. tonight's home run hitter is dustin fowler. oppo taco there. his first-ever career dinger gives the a's the lead in the third. tied 1-1 in the seventh, two outs. the a's with tee consecutive doubles. right now they are in the ninth and the a's hold a 3-1 lead.
7:56 pm
now to the giants, bruce bochy perhaps a little grumpier than usual. two games in a row, a questionable third strike in the last inning of a game ended a giants rally. on wednesday it was brandon bell taking strike three to end the game. he has since heard from the commissioner's office after protesting. last night leading off the bottom of the 12th, brandon crawford took strike three, very close to what ball two was in terms of location. so crawford got tossed. then bochy got run. the giants lost to the rockies. let's see if you can figure out the skipper's theme during his postgame press conference. >> it's frustrating. it's two games in a row. guys do a great job laying out pitches and they're balls. it's frustrating. it's frustrating, those are balls. the ball was down and you're trying to come back and win a ball game. you know, it's frustrating. guys have done a good job laying off those pitches. you know, they're getting rung up. >> he keeps saying frustrating
7:57 pm
because he doesn't want to say anything else and get fined. frustrating. by the way, this is a true story, there are hot chicken wings upstairs with your name on it. >> really? >> absolutely. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on cofi tv 20. the man accused of causing a crash that killed three people is about to walk out of jail. a legal expert weighs in on why the suspect may be getting out. then bubbling lava spewing from the earth in hawaii. could california's volcanic range see similar eruptions? finding out at 11:00. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. as you and i look forward to enjoying another weekend and anticipate another summer of fun in the sun, a great many of our fellow americans are doing neither. they are far from home, risking all in iraq and afghanistan. it's true of all wars, most who go come back alive. but in this conflict, more than
7:58 pm
30,000 american fighters have been wounded, many horribly. they were certainly not forgotten last night in san francisco, however. our abc news colleague bob woodruff came to town to host a charity, comedy and music concert called stand up for heroes. the annual event in new york came to the west coast for the first time and it was a great success. bob, who's a good friend, was nearly killed by a roadside bomb covering the war in iraq several years ago and endured many years of surgeries and a very difficult recovery. he is doing wonderfully now. he turned his personal tragedy into a triumph, creating a foundation that has raised more than $55 million and reached two and a half million wounded warriors. you can learn more and help by going to our website. these brave men and women have been there for us. what really matters is that we are there for them. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc 7. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz.
7:59 pm
>> i'm dan ashley. for all of us we appreciate your time. time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
8:00 pm
uh, yeah, so, reverend, i was looking over the readings you suggested, and they're coming off a little...preachy. um, i have some tweaks.


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