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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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breaking news tonight as we come on the air in the west. the weather emergency. storms hitting, one right after the other. cars submerged. the restaurant wall caving in. customers screaming, and we're there. the world headline. north korea claiming they have tested a hydrogen bomb. tonight, the seismic activity. the announcement on north korean state tv. the bravado, celebrating the detonation. but this evening, what the white house is now saying. the new turn tonight. there is now a criminal investigation into an outbreak at chipotle. more than 230 customers sickened at one restaurant alone. the showdown over the pat-down. the 10-year-old girl and the tsa search at the airport. her father recording the whole tonight, he's furious. this country. $500 million on the line. tonight, we wanted to know, the
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and we have the list for you. good evening as we come on the air with this west coast edition tonight. and we get right to the breaking news. the weather emergency across much of the west. a conveyor belt of storms fueled by el nino. cars completely submerged in water in some places. one driver snapping this image, looking out the passenger window in santa barbara. the streets look like rivers. and inside this restaurant in l.a., listen as the water comes through. customers simply terrified by what they were seeing. abc's matt gutman leads our team coverage from california tonight. >> reporter: the rain pummeling california tonight. this freeway under water. the deluge stranding cars. this truck pushing one under a bridge. strong storms snapping power lines and downing trees, pinning cars. and snarling traffic. nearly two dozen weather-related crashes reported. those el nino storms delivering so much volume. breaking through the walls of
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in old town san diego, the water pouring through the ceilings. storm drains turned into geysers and roadways into rivers. >> i felt my car slightly lift off and i just felt all the water and then i was like, i can't -- i can't move. >> reporter: a record number of acres have burned this fire season, leaving mountains like that barren. it's like water hitting a parking lot. the result? mud like this, and more mudslides and floods headed this way. and in their path, these neighborhoods. the mud breaking through barriers, threatening ed hindline's house. >> this is the end game. we're going to have terrible mudslides and clean it up. or we're going to have a mudslide that's going to hit and it's going to knock the house off the foundation. we'll probably lose the home. >> reporter: this is the l.a. river, but it's really a misnomer, david. because generally it's just a tiny trickle of water in this giant concrete basin. but right now, it's pushing 150 times its average amount of water. david? >> yeah, usually a trickle of water or no matter at all. matt gutman leading us off. matt, thank you. on the weather front, let's turn
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you said, they're not going to get a break from this. >> reporter: no, and they do need the rain, but can't handle as much, this much at one time. we do have much more coming in, an additional two to three inches of rainfall. flash flood watches are posted for the entire coastline of california. this system comes through, brings snow to the mountains. the system ahead of it, that one came through yesterday. that will bring a little bit of snow to the plains up through minneapolis, maybe chicago a little bit. i think lighter amounts, maybe one to say four inches of snow. the heavier amounts is back into the sierra nevada mountains. there are winter storm watches posted there. and there is your weekend storm, david. this will come in on saturday and it will be substantial, too. >> all right, rob marciano, thanks to you again tonight. we turn now to the other major headline we're following at this hour. the alarming claim from north korea, saying they are successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. a state broadcaster declaring the bomb was, quote, a perfect success. the u.s. acknowledging a 5.1 quake was detected. there was jubilation in the streets there. meantime, look at this. emergency meetings in south korea. one man, his hands to his face as they played reports from the
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state tv releasing images of the secretive north korean leader, kim jong-un, signing off on it. but immediately, skepticism back here at home. an h-bomb would be far more power than than the atomic bombenbombs of world war ii. here tonight, abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. >> reporter: on the streets of north korea today, the people stood transfixed. the breathless state television announcer claiming the north had successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb to protect, she said, from warmongers like the united states. a hydrogen bomb is 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bombs which destroyed hiroshima and nagasaki in world war ii. >> you don't want north korea anywhere near that kind of technology. >> reporter: for hours after the underground test, which caused a significant seismic shock, the world waited nervously. nuclear sniffer aircraft was
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south korea was on high alert. and ambassador caroline kennedy was reassuring the japanese. but finally today, after analyzing the shockwaves, the white house calmed fears. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the claims that the regime has made of a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> reporter: but this was still north korea's fourth nuclear test since 2006, and the north has the means to deliver those weapons. just last fall, abc's bob woodruff saw thousands of north korean soldiers goose-stepping aside the latest missile technology. >> now, the big question is, have they developed a lot more high-tech kind of weaponry? >> reporter: missiles, say experts, they are capable of reaching alaska. >> it's like the fatal attraction syndrome. this new, young, still untested leader is trying to demonstrate that he's the man. that he's in control. >> and martha raddatz is with us now live. martha, you reported there, u.s. aircraft on the way to test the atmosphere, so, how soon could we learn of their results?
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authorities believe this was? >> reporter: well, the aircraft should be there in time to do atmospheric testing soon, but it could take days or weeks to get results. and even that may not be conclusive. but for now, based on those shockwaves and other analysis, they believe that it was a simpler uranium or plutonium-based device. but still very alarming, david. >> martha raddatz with us from washington. martha, thank you. back here at home and to a major development tonight after the terror attack on u.s. soil in san bernardino. enrique marquez, the childhood friend of syed farook, who provided some of the weapons used in that attack, according to police, now pleading not guilty. it comes just 24 hours after that new plea from the fbi now, asking for the public's help solving that 18-minute mystery. the window of time after the shootings when the couple went missing before their shootout with police. we have been reporting here on the outbreaks involving chipotle. tonight, a new turn. a criminal investigation has now been launched into one of those
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restaurant alone. and here tonight, abc's nick watt. >> reporter: tonight, a federal criminal investigation into an outbreak at this simi valley, california, chipotle outlet, where we now know at least 234 people were sickened last summer. the beleaguered mexican grill chain recently served with a federal grand jury subpoena. the u.s. attorney's office and the fda are on the case. >> the news that a subpoena was issued to chipotle is not surprising in and of itself, because the department of justice is taking this so seriously, and it is definitely on their radar. >> reporter: the norovirus outbreak here first flagged august 20th. the restaurant was closed for a deep clean. a chipotle spokesperson told us, "as a matter of policy, we don't discuss pending legal action, but we will cooperate fully with this investigation." sales plunging 30% in december, after several highly publicized foodborne illness outbreaks.
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people laid low by norovirus in boston, following a salmonella outbreak in minnesota and two e. coli outbreaks in 12 states. since then, chipotle has made fundamental changes in the way vegetables are chopped, how chicken is marinated. now, even dipping all onions in boiling water. nick watt, abc news, simi valley, california. >> nick, thank you. now, to the race for 2016 tonight, and donald trump, who once famously questioned whether president obama was born in the u.s. is now bringing up similar questions about his closest challenger. ted cruz, currently leading trump in some polls in iowa, now coming under attack. donald trump reminding voters cruz was born in canada. and when trump was asked today, do you believe senator cruz is a natural born citizen, trump left it wide open. abc's tom llamas, one-on-one with ted cruz tonight for his response. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump saying his toughest challenger, senator ted cruz, has a, quote, cloud over his head.
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cruz is a natural born citizen? >> i don't know. to be honest. >> reporter: trump now warning democrats will make an issue of the fact that cruz was born in canada. >> he's got this cloud over his head. i don't think it's going to be possible for him to do very well. i don't think it's actually possible for the republicans to let it happen, because he'll have this cloud. >> reporter: in iowa today, cruz, whose mother is an american citizen, firing back. >> the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. people will continue to make political noise about it, but as a legal matter, it is quite straightforward. >> reporter: trump famously used the birther issue against president obama, challenging him to prove he wasn't born in kenya. but just last year, trump himself told abc news that cruz doesn't have a problem. >> it's fine. i hear that it was checked out by every attorney and every which way and i understand ted is in fine shape. >> reporter: but back then, cruz was trailing badly. tonight, some polls have cruz leading in iowa, and we were one-on-one with him on his campaign bus, asking about
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know, that you were born in canada, not criticizing it, but saying you could have problems with that. why do you think he's doing that? >> oh, look. i'm not going to try to psychoanalyze donald trump. you know, my view, if others -- >> reporter: you think he sees you as a threat? >> you'd have to ask him that. >> reporter: cruz is trying his best to ignore trump's attacks. the fiery texas senator energizing iowa republicans and his conservative base. we were there when a woman broke down in tears, just talking to him. but some republicans worry cruz is too polarizing, too unwilling to compromise with congress to win in a general election. how can you be a president and hate the democrats and hate the culture of washington so much and be effective? >> i don't hate the democrats. it's hillary clinton who describes her, quote, enemies as republicans. as half of the country she considered her enemies. i don't hate the democrats. >> and now tom llamas off the bus tonight, and live with us from iowa. and tom, donald trump suggesting that cruz go to court to clear up this issue of citizenship?
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trump now saying, a judge could put this whole issue to bed. but senator ted cruz is not taking the bait. he just got off his bus and i just asked him again for a second time, but he says this issue is settled. if he's elected, he can become president. david? >> tom llamas with us tonight after his one-on-one with ted cruz. tom, thank you. now, to a battle erupting tonight over same-sex marriage. the chief justice of alabama's highest court, roy moore, is tonight now ordering judges in that state not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. that's in defiance of the supreme court's ruling last year legalizing same-sex marriage across this country. and from texas tonight, a controversial police case suddenly back in the news this evening. sandra bland, pulled over, later dying in her jail cell. this evening, the state trooper who arrested bland after that traffic stop last july is now charged with perjury. accused of lying about how she was removed from the car. bland was found dead in her cell three days later. her death ruled a suicide. we turn tonight to a case involving a woman who was forced to leave the hospital, despite
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allegedly lying on the ground of the hospital parking lot. she died not long after. tonight here, a recording just released. in it, you can hear the woman, and you can also hear what they were saying to her, as she told them she could not breathe. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: this disturbing dash cam video released tonight from outside this hospital in the florida panhandle is mostly sounds. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: but you can clearly hear the painful cries of this woman, 57-year-old barbara dawson, as police and medical staff were throwing her out of the building december 21st. >> i can't breathe! >> reporter: she was begging them to stay, but the medical professionals who had seen her many times before didn't think anything was wrong. >> please sir. >> would you please put your hands -- >> give me another chance. >> they begged you to leave and you wouldn't do it. >> reporter: as they put her in handcuffs, which you can see in these photos, she kept saying she couldn't breathe. >> you haven't been hooked up for awhile and you've been
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only confirmed later by an autopsy, was that a blood clot in her lung was killing her. her family says there are no words and they plan to sue. >> we want justice for barbara, so this will not happen to anyone else. >> reporter: in statements tonight, the police are saying that their officer isn't a trained medical professional, and did his job. while the hospital is saying that their thoughts and prayers are with the family. the family, of course, is wishing they were this thoughtful a little earlier. david? >> steve osunsami with us tonight. thank you, steve. we're going to turn now to air travel in this country, and to the millions who traveled over the holidays, and one family flying just before new year's. a father recording his 10-year-old daughter as she goes through tsa security, capturing a pat-down he now says went way too far. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it's not something we see every day. a 10-year-old girl patted down by a tsa officer. her father watching and recording. >> it was excessive.
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i was pretty much boiling, you know, in my head. >> reporter: at the raleigh airport two days before the new year, a juice pouch inside his daughter's bag set off an alarm. then, a phone from that bag falsely tested positive for explosives, leading to the pat-down. >> i was very unhappy with it and i was confused. >> reporter: that pat-down lasting 1 minute, 48 seconds. >> thank you for your patience. i appreciate it. >> okay. thank you for doing your job. >> reporter: tsa, in a statement, says its procedures allow a pat-down of a child under certain circumstances, and that this pat-down followed approved procedures. >> getting screened by the tsa. >> reporter: payne says he complied at security, but after returning home became convinced tsa policy should change. payne did not fill out an online complaint form. instead, he says he's working with his local congressman to deliver a complaint directly to the tsa. david? >> david kerley tonight. david, thank you.
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this wednesday. and the startling case. police on the hunt tonight, after a car salesman is kidnapped and thrown in a trunk. locked in that trunk by someone posing as a potential buyer, and police say, that was only part of the plan. just hours away, and powerball fever now sweeping the nation tonight. the $500 million jackpot. and we wondered, which numbers are drawn most often? right here tonight, we have the list for you. and our amy robach this evening, about to show us something we have never seen before. something that's disappearing quickly. stay tuned for her incredible adventure, coming up right here. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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your toughest stuck-on food. better than finish. cascade. next tonight, powerball next tonight, powerball fever.
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and we wanted to know, what are your odds of winning? and which numbers truly are the luckiest? here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, the fourth-biggest jackpot in powerball history. that mouth-watering $500 million. >> we're going to split it right down the middle. >> reporter: and up until 9:59 p.m. eastern tonight, you may just have a shot. >> somebody has to hit. >> reporter: well, no, they don't. the odds, 1 in 292.2 million. that means you have a much better chance of being struck by lightning. at least that's 1 in 960,000. don't count on picking special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. those only give you 31 numbers to choose from. and white balls go all the way up to number 69. in the past four years, these are the numbers drawn the most -- 8, 54, 14, 39 and 13. but the odds are the same if you pick something else. and david, imagine you have that winning ticket.
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spread out over 29 years, or a lump sum payment of $306 million. either way, david, those sound like pretty good numbers. >> yeah, we were already making a deal with the control room during the piece. thank you, gio. we'll see how we do. when we come back here tonight, the popular grocery store chain and an important recall for you tonight. also, that kidnapped car salesman speaking out, after being locked in a trunk when he thought he was giving a customer a test drive. there was more to this. and two new breeds added tonight to one famous dog show. so, a quiz for you. can you name the breeds right there? we'll be right back. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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chain, recalling more than 1,000 was discovered some of the chicken hit shelves without we do have much more on our website for you. and keep an eye out for two westminster dog show. the american hairless terrier and the slougui, otherwise known now officially recognized by the they'll be vying for best in show next year. they're saying it's about time. tonight, amy robach's excellent tonight, she takes us to a part of the world we have never seen before. right there on the bottom left corner, she's standing there. we'll see her go for a climb in just a moment.ent. . before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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finally tonight, a rare finally tonight, a rare look inside a frozen world. a mission to protect the planet. abc's amy robach in iceland. >> reporter: the immense forbidding ice sheets of iceland. we're making this extreme climb with these glacier scientists. they are out here every day, bearing these intense and dangerous elements, meticulously studying how glaciers change over time. i'm so cold. this morning on "gma," one of the scientists making the climb for us, live. hey, guys? go for it! go ahead and start ice climbing. a first-hand look at this hidden world, inside the ice. this is just remarkable. it looks like the climbers have made it. >> i'm surrounded by crystal clear black and blue ice. >> reporter: the landscape, dazzling, dangerous and disappearing fast. tracking the melting ice now
6:28 pm
flowing down this path, ending up in the sea. we're about to walk up this wall of ice. is this perfectly safe? >> yeah. >> reporter: he hesitated. ready to lock and load, it's my turn to attack the slippery slope. getting a small taste of how difficult, dangerous and exhilarating it all is. i got up! woo! amy robach, abc news, iceland. >> thank you, amy. and thank you for watching tonight. i'm david muir. we'll see you here tomorrow. good night. tonight. i'm david muir. we'll see you here tomorrow. good night.slide-off and crashes! today on kolo 8 news now... it was a tough commute today. we're taking you to some of the crashes around northern nevada. and, president obama's executive actions to fight gun violence may
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now, you have even more options to get some guns and accessories. plus-- but when the jackpot gets this big we have a lot of new friends coming out a half-a-billion dollar powerball jackpot is fueling the scramble to buy tickets. but, you only have a few more hours to get urs. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm sarah johns. the morning commute, quite messy today. will our evening commute be the same? dick stoddard is in for chief meteorologist jeff thompson today with how the drive is shaping up. the next winter storm


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