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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 5PM  ABC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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what she'll do as president including securing the border... taking care of the veterans and reforming the tax code. next... she is heading back to las vegas tomorrow... where their caucus will be held on february first. the wind picking up again this afternoon - and we could see snow returning to the valley floor... dick stoddard has a look at your weather now forecast. looking at the infrared and water vapor satellite loops this morning, a strong upper disturbance is obvious out over the northeast pacific with the coldest cloud tops
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near the northwest california and southwest oregon coast. indicative of the frontal and upper forcing, lightning was noted in that area about an hour ago. inland over northern california, light showers are noted in radar. this is associated with warm air advection ahead of the systems cold front. the focus for precipitation through this afternoon will be the far northern sierra and far northeast california as intensifying orographics and the leading edge of a moderate pwat tap reaches that area. snow levels in northeast california look
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near 6000 feet this morning per observations tornadoes--ripped through florida's west coast--just before dawn this morning. those storms killing two people--and injuring at least seven. phillip mena--in sarasota, florida--has the latest. steven and kelli wilson--were asleep in their mobile home--when that deadly tornado struck. sheriff w brad steube manatee county sheriff's department actually removed the mobile home from its foundation, concrete block foundation, and rolled in the direction towards the street. wilson died immediately--his wife, passing away from a heart attack--a short time after. their son--managed to crawl from the
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four children--to safety. randy sharp sot: woke up this morning and lost a family, friend and neighbor. these deaths in duette, florida, the only ones attributed to the three confirmed tornadoes that touched down overnight--as a line of threatening thunderstorms and heavy winds pushed through the state. broadcastify audio: nats: baywinds, we have reports of two people trapped upstairs in a home. in siesta key--another twister--damaged this home--trapping two victims inside. one--easily pulled from the wreckage--though a special operations unit had to lift a portion of the collapsed roof--to reach the second--a woman trapped in her bedroom. siesta key is a barrier island--known for its pricey homes and wide, gorgeous beaches. mos: i grew up on an island so i've been through a bunch of hurricanes, i'll take a hurricane all day long, this, this was bad. by daybreak, residents--who survived the night--were out--surveying the damage. the cost--estimated in the millions. don jarvey/siesta key resident sot: this is the worst storm that i've ever been in in 43 years, but
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and despite the urge to dig in, officials are now storm damage to stay away from their homes--until they're told--the structure's been cleared. phillip mena, abc news, sarasota, florida. the nevada department of agriculture is looking for groups... that can help feed children in need during the summer months. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley has the story. the nevada departmet of agricuture is looking for organizations... that can feed school-aged kids during the summer months. "we need for them to contact us and we will ge thtem through the application process and give them training they will vend the meals or cook themselves and serve during the summertime." it's a federally funded program that's been providing meals when schools out.. for decades. "they get up to 2.13 a meal" the need is always there... and the benefits are many. "if you have a child thats well nourished they're going to be healthy and ready to learn so they're going to do well inchool and we still want them to be active in the summertime." some groups have been participating for years... "boys and girls club, mason valley, " and the program expands about five
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that's why htey're always looking for new sponsors. "the need to be financially viable we don't twant to put anybody out of business because sometimes the reimbursement doesnt cover means and labor but oftentime they'll have volunteers so sometimes faith based organizations will participate." last year sponsors served more than 59o- thousand meals. in reno chris buckley kolo 8 news now. for information on how you can participate in the program... head to kolo tv dot com. missed days of work and school aren't the only thing that snow storms bring... for some local businesses the snow is "white gold" - how the winter weather is bringing in some cold hard cash.
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satellite loops this morning, a strong upper disturbance is obvious out over the northeast pacific with the coldest cloud tops near the systems surface cold front near the northwest california and southwest oregon coast. indicative of the frontal and upper forcing, lightning was noted in that area about an hour ago. inland over northern california, light showers are noted in radar. this is associated with warm air advection ahead of the systems cold front. the focus for precipitation through this afternoon will be
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northern sierra and far northeast california as intensifying orographics and the leading edge of a moderate pwat tap reaches that area. snow levels in northeast california look like they have risen to near 6000 feet this morning per observations in mixed/non-valley areas and they should remain elevated through most of tonight. therefore, despite the possibility of 6 or more inches of snow above 6000 feet through early monday, impacts are expected to remain minimal across northeast california north of tahoe so no winter statements have been issued. farther south in tahoe, heavier precipitation is not expected to arrive until later this evening as the moisture tap begins to sag south through california. while some snow showers may affect the donner pass area early to mid afternoon, lighter precipitation intensities and relatively warm surface conditions should keep
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today. tonight, deteriorating northern sierra pass conditions are expected by around mid-evening with heavier snowfall rates and cooling roads after dark. the advisory for lake tahoe remains intact with similar snowfall wording. the trick part for snowfall remains below about 6500 feet in the tahoe basin where a mix of rain and snow is possible into early monday morning before cooler air aloft arrives. in any case, travel will be impacted for northern sierra travelers tonight and monday morning. for mono county and western nevada, the main period of precipitation looks to be after midnight tonight and monday morning as an upper disturbance moves overhead with the moisture feed in the area. lower elevations should see a decent light rainfall, with between 0.10" and 0.30" possible over a widespread area of western nevada. also, winds will be on the gusty side ahead of the rain this afternoon and evening with local gusts to 55 mph possible in wind prone areas. for the higher elevations in mono county, a burst of heavier snowfall is progged for monday morning as the upper disturbance nears. still, amounts for the mono county crest look to be about half of what is expected for the tahoe area given less residence time of deep moisture and stronger orographic enhancement for tahoe. monday night will bring a break in precipitation before the next
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train arrives tuesday. good warm air advection is shown in models for a period of good spillover rain into western nevada valleys. winds will kick up once again for western nevada by tuesday afternoon as the warm air advection precipitation ends and pressure gradients increase. for the sierra and northeast california, additional winter weather advisories are certainly possible with snow levels possibly a bit lower. snyder long term...wednesday through saturday... there will be a brief break wed-thu in what looks to be an active pattern for the remainder of january. we maintained some low pops mainly across northeast ca and far northwest nv. otherwise we will see variable clouds and mild conditions with daytime temperatures mid 40s to mid 50s both days. medium range models then point to more storm systems pushing into the region every two or three days with fluctuating snow levels generally
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weather is a welcomed relief for some of our local businesses. winter merchandise has not sold well. but this year, it's a different story. kolo 8 news now's terri russell is taking a closer look at the impact. bob: "good morning shelly's hardware." here at shelly's true value hardware business is good. the manager here says he consulted the farmers' almanac and decided to fill the shelves with winter related items. last year and the year prior that would not have been a good move. but this year he finds
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the different kinds of sno-melt for customers. bob falkenthal/shelly's true value hardware: "there is various grades of ice melt. there is a little rough on the concrete, then there are better grades, that don't damage your sidewalks or driveways. then ther are some that are safe for the pets. so if they lick their paws there isn't as many chemicals in it. it doesn't make the dog sick." not a conversation he had to have over the past couple of years, but with the cold wet snowy weather, snow- melt arrives at the store every week. other items customers are buying now, heat tape, snow shovels, window scrapers, space heaters, and instead of one or two bags of wood pellets customers buy more because the cold weather continues. bird seed and suet are also hot selling items. here at twin city surplus, the manager says he and the owner looked at the weather forecasts and predictions of el nino kept popping up. they decided to buy more winter gear than in the past and it has paid off. a typical customer here is a male, who works out in the elements. one clerk we talked to says he has plenty of recommendations. tyler nagle/twin city surplus: "fingerless, waterproof insulated gloves. that is the first place i would point you. then i would send you over
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lightweight. then i would point you to the jackets over here because they too are comfortable, insulated and lightweight." neither store says the new or newly reformed winter customer's dollar is breaking the bank...but the lower temperatures are certainly helping the bottom line. reporting from 4th street, terri russell kolo 8 news now. that was terri russel reporting. the winter weather also has a downside... a loss of work time. its estimated the cold and flu season can cost businesses seven billion dollars annually in sick days and loss of productivity. up next on this edition of kolo 8 news now... one person killed in a chemical spill this weekend. investigators still trying to piece together what happened - while experts examine possible threats to neighbors.
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amanda there are a lot of ways to save money of the stuff you buy... dave but forget saving money... what about free stuff. amanda coming up monday morning... a look things from makeup to prescriptions you can
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davhouston-area chemical plant has left one person dead and three hurt. it happened in pasadena yesterday afternoon, when roughly one- thousand gallons of an oil-based cleaning solution spilled from a tank. one person suffered a broken arm, while two others were being treated for exposure to the cleaning solution. hazardous materials experts say there is no danger to the public. pasadena is 10 miles east of houston. 12 marines who went down off the oahu's north shor late thursday morning, are still missing. a former coastgaurd helicopter swimmer and maritime accident investigator says the helicopter crash would have happened very quickly. he says the marines would have had to survive the crash, then the rushing of water,
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dehydration and exposure to the elements. "we can drift various types of things that you might be looking for. that helps us kind of determine where, based on the currents, where things are going."" as searchers expand the search area... the probablity of detection decreases. . rescuers have been searching round-the- clock... but so far have no intention of suspending their efforts. the a 23-year-old ski instructor who was last seen at a northern california ski resort thursday - is still missing. search-and-rescue teams are focusing on an avalanche slide area where the phone of carson may last pinged. may was last seen skiing while off-duty on thursday afternoon at sugar bowl ski resort near norden. he was supposed to get a ride home but didn't show up. the dangers of an avalanche aren't limited to the back-country.... drivers on mount rose highway know how treacherous the two- lane, winding-road can
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near the summit. that's why the nevada department of transportation has to hold traffic every once in a while... while they create a "man-made" avalanche. kolo 8 news now's terri russell shows us how. thor dyson/ndot: what we do is send some singals to gassette exploding system. and we send a time release of gas. so these exploders fill up with this gas, and there is a little piso switch. dyson: ok here we go. explosion. supervisor: yea, ken go ahead and bring him in to start cutting. we have three to four feet from cannon 1 dyson: we move in the appropriate equiptment to move that snow. and its an inconvenience to the motorists, but if we can punch a hole through and get it safe and clear it, enough for cars to go through it we will pilot them through, and then we will finish it off. we like to close it for 20- minutes that is our goal. supervisor: its pretty good the best one this year. dyson: we want to bring the snow, and make the highway safe for travelers, and do it on our terms.
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n-dot has electronic- message signs on each that advises motorists when they are doing avalanche control.. and how long the expected delay is. a day after the deal was announced americans held prisoner in iran are headed home. first stop - an american military base...and for now it's unclear when
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reports, it's still unclear when the men will return to the united states. in the meantime, the three are reconnecting with their families--some of whom are with them tonight. for months--even years--behind bars in iran--landing first in switzerland then germany. president obama sot: this is a good day.//when americans are freed and returned to their families, that's something we can all celebrate. gfx: the wife of american pastor saeed abedini tweeting--
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geneva. he is getting ready to leave to germany. i should talk with saeed in just a few hours! thank you for your prayers!" the father of two--was imprisoned for more than three years--accused of threatening iran's national security. another of the released--jason rezaian. the 39 year old journalist detained for 18 months--charged with espionage--in a closed door trial. once he--with his wife and mother by his side--was safely out of iran--the washington post released a statement saying: gfx: we are relieved that this 545-day nightmare for jason and his family is finally over. also on board, amir hekmati--detained the longest--four years. the former u.s. marine--arrested in iran--while visiting his grandmother. gfx: rezaian, abedini and hekmati all spent time at iran's notorious evin prison--where they were allegedly subjected to beatings,
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abuse. president obama--remaining steadfast in his message--that it was diplomatic negotiations that led to their release--that deal quietly played out outside of the international nuclear agreement negotiated this past july. obama sot: we've achieved this historic progress through diplomacy without resorting to another war in the middle east. s/u: as for the two remaining ex-prisoners, one is believed to be still in iran and an american student, who was released independently has already headed home. lh, abc news, ny. ben ross joins us now with a look at what we can expect in sports tonight at 6:30 hey kendra, here's what we're working on -- two more exciting finishes in the n-f-l playoffs -- seahawks-panthers in the n-f-c, steelers- broncos in the a-f-c... and we are now down to the final four... plus, a big upset in college basketball today -- that's all coming up tonight at 6:30 a candid photo of a
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bride, with her service dog bella has gone viral. the bride - val suffers from panic disorders and migrains. bella helps by alerting minutes before something happens. in this picture - bella is actually working. she's keeping val's heart rate where it needs to be sooting any anxiety and keeping all that wedding day stress at bay. the wedding photographer posted this picture as one of her favorites - and it caputre the hearts of millions. looking at the infrared and water vapor satellite loops this
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upper disturbance is obvious out over the northeast pacific with the coldest cloud tops near the systems surface cold front near the northwest california and southwest oregon coast. indicative of the frontal and upper forcing, lightning
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don't have the right to take a single paid sick day. today on moms everyday, the fight for paid sick days. what it means for working parents and their children. plus, are you taking your kids to the emergency room when it isn't warranted? then, his own kids are grown up but this dad is still dedicated to making kids smile through song. and how getting involved in your child's school sets them up for success. it's all ahead on moms everyday. we're making mom's life easier one smalvictory at a time.
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