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tv   The Hollywood News Report  ABC  February 6, 2016 3:30am-4:00am PST

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welcome to the hollywood newsroom board. -- hollywood news report. i am your guide for what is going on tonight. we are taking you behind the velvet ropes and sitting down with a red celebrities top all celebrities. all of this and more on the hollywood news report, where entertainment is news.
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australian in hollywood. as your favorite entertainers walk the red carpet for the -- >> it is a strong relationship for many years and i think it only get stronger and stronger. i know that this is one of the nights where you see >> it is fun and it up -- an amazing celebration. >> there are people in hollywood and i think it is good when they get together. i have never been to this event. i think they lost the invite in the mail. >> we work hard in the film
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to be invited to a party is nice. it is really nice. >> stars and filmmakers came out to honor hollywood producers at the 27th annual producer killed of america award. >> there were producers here from concussion, the big short, spotlight. they are complicated and what it takes is that they have to oversee every aspect. this is inspirational for me. >> i like working with creative people to tell stories. it is a privilege to do that. and, it is as simple as that.
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artists and i love supporting them in the ability to realize the vision. >> getting to be a part of the revenant was part of an honor to work with the best of the best. to get recognized by your own guild for so many films this year is exciting. >> when we come back, more from the biggest films on the hollywood news report. >> if you want reliable senior care information, call the largest senior living service. you will get information on assisted living and important financial information.
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the pain. >> we will send you your choice of colors. it comes with levels and we will have everything you need. it is a buffer pad to exfoliate. act now and we will sell -- send you the case as a gift. you can try it risk-free with the triple guarantee. if you are not satisfied, return it and we will pay the return postage. try it risk-free today. >> absolutely. >> --
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let's take a look at more films on the news report. >> chris pine, casey affleck, taking over the chinese leader to unveil the true story of the finest hours. >> it is about real people and regular joe's. in the end, they do it and do incredible things. >> i thought i would never believe it. it turns out it is true and it is a story of heroism and courage and it is really inspiring. >> it is a great story. it is good one it is a different
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on what is going on now. >> anytime to do a movie with real-life heroes, there is a heavier burden carried. to see them, the first thing, it is putting it all in perspective. >> it is about risk-taking and risking lives to save others. we appreciate that. >> it is great to support a group of men and women who do not get patted on the back. they are famously quiet and the job is no less important. it is to save people and that is what they dedicate their lives to do. while they would never actively seek it, it is a good job to do
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>> it is life-affirming and it is important that everyone is able to do that. when you are reminded of that, it makes you feel like we could all do more and that is what life is about. it is very complex. >> she is a british star who became a disney princess and an actress who is the object of johnny depp's obsession. together, they are remaking the jane austen novel with a zombie twist. >> it began with the black plague. it began to rise.
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watch pride and prejudice that would not have necessarily watched and they may want to read the book. it is a good way to get the younger generation in. >> you intend to be united with my nephew? >> this is ludicrous and it was only about getting married. >> life or death. >> i loved the experience and really into it. about the experience. moments. >> i tend to be slouchy. >> i feel like there are slits in the dresses to help us move
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>> of the martial arts style of fighting, the posture was helpful. >> natalie portman and joel reunited to talk about the western. >> i played jane, a western woman who has been hardened by the difficulties of life on the trail and living out west with so few women and it is violent and lawless with difficult conditions. then, she has to deal with the enemy and recruit the xex to save the day.
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>> she is wonderful and a producer and the movie. that is unusual. i do not let that get in the way. i am a minor role. i think the world loves natalie. it is hard to find people who do not. usually, her role would be a male protagonist. >> it was a specific vision for how they wanted it to be and they pulled it together and it was very focused and specific with what he wanted. >> we will be back with more on the hollywood news report. >> that used to be me, standing in line.
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>> we have returned and we have more news to show. report. >> angelina jolie, jack lack, kate hudson, brian canton -- cranston, and lucy hoffman took over the hollywood boulevard to celebrate the release of kung fu panda three. >> some say it is a hit and just
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you do the second and they say, is it as big of a hit? you do the third and they say it is a hit. it is like completing the story and the character. >> we have been doing this a long time and it is a bit of a family and what a fun job and a pleasure. you come in pajamas and talk into a microphone and make each other laugh. >> it has wonderful humor and it is moving. on a certain level, there is a to it. it has to do with finding your essence. that is worth making a movie about. >> who you bring in the circle,
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>> what this means is that we wonder what the personal best is and we find that everybody is you do not want to be like someone else. >> kids around the world are fascinated with a mixture of action and you put the kids together and kung fu panda is like the unstoppable concept. i had a lot of fun playing the part.
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for a special screening of the horror film. >> we have three different houses and they would brief and creek and make a lot of noise. we had taxidermy and things that were in a home. you have a strange older couple and a doll. the hse mate you feel claustrophobic. >> you can almost see the wind to the vastness and the scariness.
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on and he seemed so sweet and so unassuming and like a little kid with a knife behind his back. little kid. >> it has a great poker face and sits there and gives nothing away. there is obviously so much going on around him and you try to figure out how it is happening, where it is coming from. i think that it adds to the fifth fact. >> as far as the horror and psychological thriller, there are a lot of surprises and a lot of things different in the movie. it is hard to find stuff that is different. there is a lot of different
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>> it is a good story about a girl who is exploring motherhood and healing a pretty scary past with a good story and film. >> the good detective knows how to blend in with the locals. >> here is a rundown of the top movies in the usa. >> not giving up on you. do you understand? >> nobody said this was going to
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let's get more. >> he garnered a legion of loyal fans by playing a doctor on dr. who. smith and booze are traveling back to the 18th century for pride and prejudice and zombies. >> and, the art of war. >> i will never relinquish my sword. >> i would not have read pride and prejudice. i deftly would read pride and prejudice and zombies. >> i enjoy adding that material
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>> i have been training for this my whole life. >> hopefully, the central love story is strong and you are willing this together. we find that this makes it interesting. hamlet and zombies. >> the original eats hold of. what is interesting is how it will differ. >> here is a look at the worldwide box office number. >> this is awesome. >> this is our world.
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>> i have done this already. >> spare me the chitchat. >> in this. >> bursting onto the big screen as a child actress. he heard the calling at 10 years old. all grown up, they are trying to fight off the fifth wave. >> a threat to the location. >> stay with your sister. >> coordinating the metropolitan areas. >> we have knocked out all the power.
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>> you have the sci-fi and the drama and my favorite scene is when cassie sees the debt has been shot and has to gather life. >> you take at the easy ones and the exposed to chill them as efficiently as possible. that was the first three waves. even if you bump on the house, there is always if you cockroaches have -- left and we are now those. >> i would hope we could band troops. ok. fine. in the fight. >> it was physically demanding
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day, before the movie and during the movie. it was a lot of fun. >> droplets. >> i have training and, there is a character who had no ability and was just going for his life. he was like, stop holding the m-16 like you know how to shoot it. the whole time, they were like, put your hand in the wrong place. >> they taught you the gun disarming. >> like this? >> i snapped my hand. good. >> i was supposed to fight. >> what are you?
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join me again on the hollywood news report, where news is
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