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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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hurricane paine rocking 100 miles per hour. it will weaken quite a bit but rain showers pushing into areas of southern california, even here in arizona. yuma is seeing reports of rain. most of the rain will stay to the south and west of us but we are still going to see the chance of moisture tonight. here is how it looks tonight. mid-90s and temperatures in the upper 80s by 11:00. much rain? that answer in a few minutes. >> thanks, paul. moments before a woman was fatally shot on a valley freeway, she told a 911 operator she was being chased by three men in a truck. >> phoenix police released a transcript of the call from two weeks ago. donna rossi joins us live from police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: the fact that we have a transcript and not the actual audio 911 call makes it
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one thing is for sure, she wanted help. it was nearly 2 weeks ago when dena farmer was shot and killed as she drove down state route 51. when farmer called 911, she told the operator three mexican guys had followed her in a truck at seventh avenue and broadway. >> i didn't see anything glaringly helpful. trusty transcript indicates farmer was confused about the direction she was headed and the 51. at two times during the call, she asked the 911 operator what to do about being followed. >> we're trying to work records to see if there is any surveillance cameras along the path that could provide evidence. >> reporter: farmer said she was nervous. the last thing she said is "they are right next to me." an unknown noise is then heard in the operator repeatedly asks if farmer is still there but
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following the incident but we know there was hundreds and hundreds of cars. i have heard many anecdotal stories that people missed it by five minutes, a minute, we need some of those people to call the police and help us put the puzzle together. >> reporter: there have been no arrests in the case. farmer was shot multiple times, causing a chain reaction crash involving several vehicles. police are trying to determine a motive for the attack. investigators have said things in the investigation do not point to a random act of violence or a traffic dispute. they are still investigating. reporting live in phoenix, donna rossi cbs 5 news. >> thank you. you may have seen the alarming headline on your social media feed that says you could be arrested for sexual molestation just for changing your child's diaper. this happened with an article about a convicted child molester in arizona. he appealed saying the state -- the state failed to provide
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sexual conduct here in arizona reading intentional or knowing touching but does not mention intent. attorneys mean even innocent actions could be construed as abuse. the county attorney says that is just not the case here. >> prosecutors don't charge offenses out of that sexual context that could render a parent subject to a felony charge just for bathing their child or changing a child's diaper. is offensive. >> montgomery says no parent has ever been charged for changing a diaper in our state and says the intent of law is clear. it means sexual contact. a nine-month-old baby left alone in a car for almost 15 minutes. phoenix police arrested 29-year- old sierra carter on child abuse charges. officers say she went into the $.99 store near peoria. the car was running and cac was
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a woman saw the child and called for help. the child is fine and is now with the department of child safety. a texas man is accused of groping a woman during the cardinals game yesterday. witnesses say benjamin morrow with -- morrow reach from her clothes as she passed him in the stairwell. she grabbed his shirt and held him until security step 10. he is charged with sexual abuse. the manhunt is on for a phoenix police are still offering that $75,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the main suspect. he is wanted for seven murders, nine total shootings across the valley since march. if you know anything, please call the number right there. 480-witness. you can remain anonymous. a man accused of plotting terror attacks against government buildings back in court. he pled not guilty in july 2 allegedly planning attacks in
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his parents say their 18-year- old suffers mental health issues and is not a threat. there was extra security at a high school because of a rumored threat. campus police are looking into it can't believe it fight -- started as a fight between students. they didn't feel the threat was real but they are still looking into it. there is still a massive manhunt for the suspect wanted in connection with but it is now over. this is moments after the suspect was taken into custody. >> police arrested the suspect after a gun battle in new jersey. matt craig has the latest tonight. >> reporter: bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami was wheeled into an ambulance after a shootout with police in linden, new jersey. he had been on the run since saturday's bombing in new york city and the jersey shore. >> we have directly linked ahmad khan rahami two devices from new york and saturday in
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khan rahami, a naturalized citizen from afghanistan was caught on surveillance video near the explosion that left 29 people injured in chelsea. >> we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> reporter: authorities say tramline -- ahmad khan rahami was sleeping near a bar when he was confronted. he shot one took off running. >> we returned fire to the suspect, hitting him several times and taking him down. >> reporter: early monday, the fbi raided the suspect's apartment in elizabeth, new jersey and collected evidence. investigators also recovered a backpack with bombs at a nearby train station including one that a robot detonated. so far, authorities say there is no indication ahmad khan rahami as part of a cell. president obama is urging everyone to remain vigilant. >> i think it's important to
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violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people but they also want to inspire fear in all of us. >> reporter: police have detained at least five others in connection with the bombings. coming up, the fight against zika virus. tonight, what officials are doing your miami to stop those mosquitoes from spreading the mosquitoes from spreading the virus. a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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tonight, we are getting a look at the damage left behind after a plane caught fire and crashed into this gilbert home over the weekend. >> everyone on board the plane miraculously was able to escape. our mike watkiss talked to those homeowners for the very first time. >> reporter: it's surrounded by chain-link fence now but as you can see, this gilbert home left gutted after a small aircraft dropped from the sky, right on top of it saturday night. the home's longtime owner,
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it literally all came down. >> we are grateful to god to be alive. >> reporter: to what residents sheryl and peter, grateful to be alive and today, assessing just how close to death they came saturday night. when the pilot of a small aircraft that had just released four parachute jumpers over a community gathering at the gilbert civic center radioed in that his plane was on fire, the pilot then himself parachuted out as the plane came crashing down went on top of sharon and peter's home. >> something happened with the plane and the pilot parachuted out as well and the plane crashed into this home. >> the gilbert fire, chandler police, mesa police, fire, they were all here. it was great to watch them work. >> reporter: the couple is also grateful their two dogs survived the catastrophic impact
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18 from the national transportation safety administration now investigating the cause of the crash but while devastating, share in and peter know it could have been a whole lot worse. >> we have a big chore ahead of us. >> reporter: the pilot of the aircraft, identified as ryan kilgore reportedly attempted to put out the fire before bailing. he did suffer burn injuries and was taken to the hospital but really extraordinary. every involved in all this saturday night and again, it is now up to the ntsb to figure out why it all happened. in gilbert, mike watkiss, cbs 5 news. >> mike, thanks. the police chief in minneapolis says the attack at a local shopping mall appeared to be carried out by a loan suspect and does not appear to be connected to a larger terrorist cell. that is one of our five stories and 55 seconds.
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all have been treated and released. investigators are looking at it as a possible act of terrorism. the 22-year-old suspect was shot and killed by police. health leaders in florida are stopping their warning to stay out of miami. no new cases of the to have been reported in a month. state leaders credit aggressive aerial spraying for the change. north carolina has issued a state of emergency as a deal with a gasoline shortage. a pipeline which supplies much of the east coast with gas was damaged. it is currently being fixed. night? game of thrones is now the most awarded fictional show in television history. the hbo show won three emmy awards last night including best drama series, 38 total awards now. it tops fraser's previous record of 37. harry potter's boyhood home is for sale. the house used for filming of the first harry potter movie is on the market for about $620,000. the house is located about 25
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it's hard to believe but it has been 20 years since the murder of jonbenet ramsey. we talked with a valley
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tonight is part two of our document series about the murder of jonbenet ramsey. it has been 22 years since she was found dead in her colorado home. donna rossi sat down with the valley forensic psychiatrist who worked on the case for his impressions two decades later. >> it was seven weeks ago today. >> >> jonbenet ramsey's skull was fractured on the right side of her head. >> the murder of six-year-old jonbenet ramsey has gripped the american psyche for 20 years. it is arguably one of the most dissected and discussed murder cases of modern time. >> i think we could all agree that this particular case has gotten way more coverage, way more coverage than similar such offenses. >> reporter: does that surprise you? >> yes. >> reporter: forensic
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on the case to guide investigators with interviews of her parents, john and patsy ramsey. >> there was a lot of conditions attached to those interviews. the interviews should never have really went forward with the conditions that were set. >> reporter: he recalls watching investigators interview patsy. >> i did not tell my -- kill my child. >> patsy was a drama major, beauty pageant contestant, she was verbally confident and knew how to perform. she was bright and she could think on her feet. she knew how to push back. what struck me as unique as the level of sophistication and the preparedness. >> reporter: he ramsey's always maintained an intruder killed their little girl and no one in the home had any involvement. >> this is not hard. either an intruder committed the offense or it was an inside job. i am aware of the evidence that
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i have never overview -- been overly impressed with the intruder theory. >> in the 20 years that has gone by, you are the one that has never spoken. >> reporter: burke ramsey, jonbenet ramsey's brother was nine years old at the time. among the plethora of coverage for the upcoming 20th anniversary, he gave his first ever media interview to doctor phil. >> i wonder how these shows will affect him he is doing this doctor phil show. it blew me away. >> i think some camps believe he was involved in the murder and his parents covered it up. >> i don't believe that and i never have. >> reporter: of the many high- profile cases he has worked on, this one he says ways on his mind because of the victim. >> i think about the things that she has missed out on. i think about the things her family has missed out on enjoying with her. to me, that is incredibly sad.
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news. >> and tonight on the cbs five news at 10:00, after the final part of the documentary series, donna continues her discussion with doctor pitts. he addresses key pieces of evidence and gives his opinion on whether an arrest is in the future. a human trial approves the vaccine is on the way to a philadelphia-based lab. 40 people are part of the trial. doctors say the vaccine is different because it is entirely synthetic. it appears the vaccine is stimulating cells that would target the zika virus. the fda will determine if and when the spec -- this vaccine can be used by the general public. for decades, codeine has been used as pain relief for children but a new report warns of potentially deadly dangers. the report released today by the american academy of pediatrics says doctors and parents should stop giving codeine to children under 18. the drug has been linked to
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are deadly breathing reactions but doctors are still prescribing it to treat pain and coughs and children. >> there have been deaths associated with codeine use in children undergoing tonsillectomy at not just tonsillectomy and particularly children who have had problems with sleep apnea. >> doctors found there was no evidence the codeine worked for coffee and when it came to pain, oxycodone is a safer alternative. to the hillary clinton and donald trump are talking about security after the arrest of a man for a weekend bombing in york and new jersey. >> clinton says the attack shows a need for steady leadership while trump says we need further proving of our broken immigration system. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton's rally at temple university in philadelphia was planned as an
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arrest of a man wanted for several area bombings turned the topic to terrorism. >> this is a fast-moving situation. and a sobering reminder that we need steady leadership in a dangerous world. >> reporter: clinton spoke just hours after ahmad khan rahami was captured in new jersey. he was a u.s. citizen and wanted for bombings in new york and new jersey. nominee donald trump blamed the obama administration r >> thousands of people are pouring into our country and we have no idea what we are doing. our leaders are week, i say stupid. >> reporter: differences in their reactions will be made even more clear when clinton and trap appear side-by-side in their first debate next monday evening. terrorism and immigration are likely to come up when each candidate meets with the president of egypt at the united nations tonight. boswell, cbs news the white
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happy monday. hope everybody had a great weekend temperature-wise. we are expecting temperatures well above average but temperatures around 100 degrees this time of year average. around 99 degrees right now. cloudy conditions thomas some showers to the south of us. dew points now at around 44 degrees and relative humidity 17%. drier air now but we see the dew point climb quite a bit brought to you by this tropical em hurricane. hurricane paine already bringing some showers across southern california and around southwest arizona, some showers already reported out in yuma. hurricane paine is packing winds up to 99 miles per hour moving northwest at 15 miles per hour. it will die down quite a bit. that area of low pressure by the time it makes landfall, this is baja, california. as you can see with futurecast,
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a good chance of rain around southern california toward yuma. there is a chance of showers 7:30 am tomorrow. pack the reindeer just in case. we're not expecting heavy amounts of rain. more rain around flagstaff and the high country and showers across areas of tucson and then things start to improve when it comes to moisture but still that chance lasts through wednesday. futurecast gives us a good idea of what to expect and who will see the most rainfall. i-10 and around flagstaff in the high country. payson, strawberry and for us, less than a half-inch or even a quarter inch of rain fault most likely here in phoenix. here is that seven-day forecast. chances of rain continue through wednesday. temperatures staying well below average with a high of 90 degrees on wednesday, 93 degrees wednesday night, and
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of fall. cooler air in conditions over the weekend. below average temperatures through monday of next week. >> okay, thank you. the controversial expansion from the loop 200 to officially
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closed captioning brought to you by express flooring. call we left at least 100-120 yards and two touchdowns out there just on mental errors by david johnson. >> they won by 33. bruce arians still did not sound happy. >> kind of grumpy. that is the cardinals head coach. mark is here early. those were some tough words. >> the early kickoff on the coast has been a historic
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he is trying to make sure his team is wide awake with a 10 am start arizona time when they had to buffalo. interesting he chose to point out david johnson, who was a star in the win over tampa bay. he rest 45 yard handmade three catches for 98 including this incredible effort on a check down. here is thompson's assessment of his own play along with the opinion of one of the greatest players of all time. >> i definitely had some plays i didn't do mental errors on and i want to correct those. >> any time david johnson touches the ball, you don't know what's going to happen. he had to plays. you just scratch your head. >> what is johnson going to do when he gets everything right? he is a thin rushing, 27th and receiving but the cardinals are not the only team in town that has the town talking.
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up next but first, it's premiere week. that means brand-new episodes
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever...
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't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? this is cbs 5 news at 5:30
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hearings and now construction. work on the 202 southbound freeway will officially get underway tonight. >> a long anticipated project. this project will connect the west valley over here to the east valley from i-10 to pecos road all the way through south mountain up the i-10, although it up to 59th avenue giving motorists yet another travel route instead of having to basically drive straight through downtown phoenix and all that congestion. is expected to take about 3.5 years to complete. jason barry explains why this project has generated so much interest in so much controversy. >> reporter: there are a lot of mixed feelings about this freeway project. motorists to drive from one side of the valley to the other are pretty excited about shortening their drivetime while nearby neighbors aren't exactly thrilled at the extra noise and more cars passing by. make way. there is a new freeway coming


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