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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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it means more than worrieds can really explain. >> it's so deeply touching to know that there are so many people who truly care. >> reporter: the home was donated to operation homefront, a commercial nonprofit that helps military families. its program recruits home like mertaj, bank patterns and other businesses to provide homes to deserving veterans. >> this gentleman has donated 14 years of his life. and there's no way to repay that. but it's great as a company that we can give back to the military the way they give to us. >> reporter: the moncriefs doing the best they can, living on joe's disability check following his four tour was duty in cosovo, kuwait, and iraq. but the thought of owning their own
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>> it feels to get stable on our feet, and get the american dreamlike everybody else. >> homes on the homefront has given away more than 500 homes across the country to military families. and i'm told they still have about 100 to go. the moncriefs are hoping to move in christmas. the moving wall on display on sunday it is a replica of the vietnam wall located in washington dc. it is now at west world in scottsdale, about half the size of the original. >> a lot of us had some survival guilt. so when we come up here to look at the wall and
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i was 21 when i came book from vietnam, and it still brings back a lot of memories. >> the moving wall has been tour the country for the last 30 years. take a look at our state capitol, therl morning before the sun came up. the dome, lit green in honor of veterans day. it's part of the nationwide green light movement that shows supo the case of a kidnapped young woman in south carolina chained like a dog to a container by a real estate broker has become a twisted tale of a potential serial killer. >> cayla proun has lived to tell it and tells investigators he has now killed seven people. and his life of crime began here in arizona. david spoke to the suspect's mother for a special report on this weekend's 48 hours. >> he's not a monster.
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>> reporter: this is regina tade, the mother of self-confessed killer todd colo. responsible for at least seven murders. his dark past came to light when cayla brown was found chained to a container. she and her boyfriend charley carver were missing for two months. she was found on his property. >> she was bound. there was a chain from the top of the cage to something else that went around her neck >> reporter: her boyfriend charley carver was not shot. >> reporter: after he was taken into custody, he asked to speak with his mother. she told her everything. >> did he cry? >> uh-huh. >> why did he kill her boyfriend? >> because he got nast and he smart mouthed. >> why did he chain that girl up? >> because he didn't know what to do at that point. she saw evidently him kill her boyfriend. he couldn't turn her loose. she'd go get the police.
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led the sheriff to his property. he showed the sheriff's investigators where he buried carver and two drifters he murdered. >> he was very polite. and remorseful, actually. i said a prayer with him. >> reporter: what would take everyone by surprise is when he admitted to gunning down four people in a notorious cold case. >> everybody hurt. he hurt tell you he was a kid who she couldn't keep still. she put bells on his shoes to keep track of him because he'd hide and she couldn't find him. as he started to get older. it got worse. >> preston phillips talked with david about this story, and you'll find out why colop was
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that will air tomorrow night, the entire investigation, only on c5. probably a first for police in glendale, called out for a kangaroo in the street, and found it. it wasn't a kangaroo. it's a pal oregonia mara. a -- pat oregonian mara. >> she is actually friendly. they even let the hit and run in the and they have tracked down her owner. >> learn something every day. [ laughter ] black friday will be here soon. even though some trends repeat, everyone is u
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the website deal news put together this list. this'll be the year of the 4k tv. they were popular last year, 42% of the tv deals on black friday week. this year it's expected to be better, maybe even door-busters as low as $230 on eye 4k tv. more shoppers will download black friday apps this year. some detailer apps will release apps ea and discounts. there will be more choices to cut the chord too. roku has released five models already. you don't want to count on retailers having chip credit card technology for more secure shopping. many still aren't using temperature they are responsible for fraud. sears and k-mart recently closed about 80 store. their west deals last year were in-store pickups. that
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first generation apple watches could be door-buster deal s this year. amazon's emmo controls lights, locks, and more. you can expect apple and google to give very much a competition this black friday. and it's often not clear which models are on sale. researching dealing might be more confusion than ever. if a new model has been reld recently and an ad is showing a really low price, you can assume it is on an older model than you're seeing. gift giving can be really hard. there's one thing you
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too many valley vets are taking their live, leaving their infectious confused and heartbroken. answers on where they are finding comfort reaching out to others dealing
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snap chat's spectacles are glasses with built-in cameras that send video directly to the user's snapchat app. they cost $130. nintendo classic nearly gone. it's nearly sold amazon. regulators say the alarm will stop chirping when it reaches its 7-year end of life, leading consumers to believe that it is still working. alibaba set another ecommerce record friday racking up a billion dollars worth of sales in the first five minutes
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version of black friday, only a lot bigger. >> this is a bummer because it's such an easy gift! apparently gift cards are not the right fit for many people. only 27% of people want them. 43% of millennials. a real present. >> if it's food, i'll take it. >> good to note. [ laughter ] a concept i
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lebron james and champion cleveland cavaliers took the opportunity at the white house to pose for the manikin challenge. they're doing a really good job. first lady michelle obama right there! the cavs tweeted the photo. president obama invited the cavs after they defeated the warriors for the nba title.
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really good. >> i thought that one was pretty good. they win the manikin challenge. [ laughter ] >> not bad. not bad. [ laughter ] >> now he's got to try to do hisports cast w breathe. >> i'm fine. let's talk about the cardinals. >> 49ers. >> last time he was here, simply awful. 4 picks, 2 returned for touchdowns in the cardinals' win. last week kaepernick played well. 440 yards, 2 touchdowns. he has the cardinals' attention. >> we know we're gonna get that first shot on the offensive
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a good performance. we than he's probably licking his chops to get at arizona and get that bad taste out of the his mouth. bobby hurley sun devils open at home portland state. after going 15 and 17 in year 1. newcomer shannon evans is pumped up about the squad. >> a lot of energy, a lot emotion. going wide out on defense. gonna be 50 e. a ton of energy. cam ran indoor stadium, saturday's showdown, one of the premiere places in college hoops. >> this is one place i've never been or played or coached. and to have the opportunity to plate no. 1 team again, we played
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duke. and cameron indoor stadium. it's an experience that our guys will remember forever. >> > good old boys in town for the cannam 500. spots in the fine 4. joey logano, kyle busch, kevin harvick, and curt bush vying for the other two spots. canucks, miller leaving the ice, sees his turnover, and look at this save. glove me t one of the best saves of all time. sunday plain and simple, 3, 4, 1. every win crucial. they're 1 and 7. i don't have to say anymore. win. just win. tonight at 6:30, health
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nascar season is winding down. just two races left. >> and the race conspire the sprint cup comes right through phoenix this weekend. paul moren live where fans are already packing it in.
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assignment this evening. we're here out in avondale. we're lucky in the valley to have two races a year with nascar. we're gonna talk about all the action here coming up with greg. let's get on with that forecast real quick. tonight temperatures in the lower 80s. perfect. biour morning hours around 62 degrees, a little cooler. 81 degrees by noon, and a high of 83 in the afternoon. and if you're heading out here on sunday, race time is 12:30. high temperatures around 84 degrees. a pretty busy day in the valley. your 7-day planner, 83 saturday, 84 sunday.
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what are you doing, mother nature? all right, greg, the grandstands are gonna be packed. tickets are still available this weekend. >> tickets are available. races friday, saturday, sunday. tonight, 8:00. tomorrow xfinity race, and the big race on sunday. tickets are available available. >> reporter: you've got eight days that are gonna be knocked down to the top-4. >> exactly. this is considered an elimination r then they'll go to miami for the final race of the season
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we'll see? fly-over, f16s, f35s. and you guys have a band set up! >> this is gonna be the first time we've done it on the racetrack before the race. $65 for a prerasz pass. you get to see a consertd and a nascar race for free. >> reporter: and the band here, let me look it up, the offspring. >> that's right >> reporter: pretty fly for a [ laughter ] >> reporter: come on down here this weekend, thank you for the invite. >> you bet >> reporter: beautiful night. back to you. >> gorgeous shot. from l.a. to, no, dozen was cities across the country are installing colorful benches in their parks that do more than just draw curious stares. >> the environmentally friendly benches are free phone-charging
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electricity. >> reporter: these berns are causing -- benches are causing double takes in washington dc. >> the goal here is to get folks outside, to enjoy our parks, stay longer. >> reporter: the soofa benches named after the boston company that makes them use a square solar power in the middle to power two largers on the front and the wi-fi signal password. >> there it is we're connected. >> cities are really excited about it. >> reporter: sandra is soofa's ceo. >> we've been bringing benches into low-income neighborhoods, low-income schools. we're slowly but surely starting to ship them overseas >> reporter: the 7-foot benches which are bolted to the ground are already in five countries in 65 cities.
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add wi-fi. >> what do you think of it? >> looks like a heater. >> reporter: albert gray was happy to learn the bench could charge his phone. >> it's great! >> i just used it friday to charge my phone >> reporter: if enough people use the benches, the city does hope to expand them in more of the capitol's nearly 400 parks. joe has a tip for sunday if >> do not take the 10 back, it'll be wall to wall.
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captioning sponsored by cbs trump backtracks on obamacare. >> reporter: are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> pelley: a first look at an exclusive "60 minutes" interview. also point, christie's out, e team is shaken up. an anti-trump march turns into a riot. >> we are here for love. we are not here to spread hate. >> pelley: there's a jump in accidents with more elderly truck drivers at the wheel. >> reporter: do you think his age played into that at all? >> i do, i do. >> pelley: and why would a couple wait nine years to open a wedding gift? >> you kind of wonder, you know, at the time to turn to the box.


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