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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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he is a former rally resident that confessed to chaining a woman in a container and murder and burying people on his property. wake up arizona's preston phillips has a preview. >> reporter: conceded in her exclusive interview with us. he was leading a double live. >> reporter: cbs news had correspondent has been covering the gruesome details of the sickening finds on todd kohlhepp's property. >> reporter: it's our understanding he may want to tell his story. he may be ready to talk pubically. but the local sheriff has made it clear, you're not getting in my jail.
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resident and convicted arizona sex offender has con fenced to keeping a woman alive while chained like a dog inside of this container for months. and killing and burr burying 7 people including the woman's boyfriend. >> there's not one investigator present that will brag about solving the case. everyone will tell you the answers came from a man who his mother will tell you had a lot of day monos and secrets. and finally decided to confess them. his mother was a kid she couldn't keep still. as he started to get older, around the age of 11 or 12 it got worse. she put him in tie queen done. boy scouts. psychological counseling. she describes him as being so
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-- internally. thinking a good male influence would fix it. and of course, we know what happened in arizona. >> reporter: it was here that he served 14 years in prison for kidnapping after rape a girl at gunpoint. still, he was able to get his real estate license when he moved to south carolina. and able to somehow, according to investigators. get his hands on an impress invars until of fire -- arsenal of firearms. even though he his own pilot license and traveled and had several properties. >> the sheriff told me i knew the guy. i had met him. he was smart and he was really good. no one suspected him of doing anything bad. but as it's interesting, when you cover stories like these, there's always a few people on the sidelines that come to you and say, let me tell you a
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and boy have people come out of the wood work. and it'll be details saturday on 48 hours. >> and apparently that sheriff prayed with kohlhepp after his confession. it airs here on cbs5 at 9:00. tonight the search for tiara's stolen from an arizona pageant official con the. she wants them returned no, questions asked. whitney ford says her neighbor saw aen many and woman green van stealing the package of about six fans right off her porch. mesa police are now investigating. the pageant had to do somes will minute -- last minute fund raising. now ford has a message to the crooks. >> to you it doesn't mean anything and to us, it means the world. it's all of our hard work and dedication. that's what these symbolize. >> they cost about $800.
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escalated to a much serious situation the suspect pulled out a weapon. >> reporter: it was halloween at home depot. just 6:30 when police say this guy entered the store at country club and u.s. 60 in 60mesa. after customers around him left, he pull out a gun instead of cash. and when he did, he raised severity of his crimes. >> depending the dollar amount of the this could have been a simple property crime. but now you introduced a firearm and threat, now you've got several felons. so this is very concerns. >> reporter: take a good look at guy. a white man about 25-30 years old. he's 5'8" to 5'10" about 150 pounds and has light brown hair. he was wearing a black jacket, a white t-shirt, baggy dark blue jeans with black shoe the and white trim and a black skater style baseball hit with a white design on the front.
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into a kia seoul or minicooper. someone else was diving the car. if you know -- driving the car. if you know anything about the crime, call silence witness. you could get a cash reward. cbs5 news. >> thank you. a fire sparked at mesa home today. causing a an ined criminal amount of damage. now this case under investigation. >> but neighbors already pointing the finger at the one of their own. joining us live right now e, will lsworth and broadway. >> reporter: well, the investigators have left the scene by now and as you can see behind me, it is pretty dark out here. so i want to give you a look at what we saw earlier today. investigators tell me, the fire started in a pile of trash and debris outside of home number 1. the flames, carried by the wind, to home number 2 to the neighbor's house. that second house is a total loss and the woman who live
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they're fed up because they say they have had a lot of problems with house number one. and deputies confirming to me, that they have been out here to investigate a number of calls. noise, domestic violence, they tell me they have arrested people with active warrants and again v fielded -- again, have fielded many phone calls. complaints about the trash. so why is this fire believed to possibly be arson. the neighbors on scene had told deputies that they out. so now they are looking into those claims. the good news in all of this is that no one was hurt. reporting live in mesa, cbs 4 news. all right. time to talk a little weather and what we're seeing outside right now winds coming out of the east. 79 in phoenix. 49 in flag staff. and 75 in bull head city. our winds, as i said, coming out of the east. they were breezy early this morning. but lit up throughout the
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relax for us this evening. nice and dry. under a ridge of high pressure. which will be getting stronger day by day and send our temperatures close to the 90- degree mark. by the time we head into tuesday. so lest -- so let's talk about the gorgeous evening. 74 by 8:37 we'll be at 71 by 9:00 this evening and then temperatures starting a the 10:00 will drop into the upper 90s. that's where they stay through 11:00 p.m. this evening. we will take a look at your seven day forecast. and winds will get a cool things down. coming up in just a bit. thank you very much. still to come, as we continue on this saturday even, a new warning against overusing your cell phone. more evidence of the dangers these small screens pose to your health. >> you can see it in their eyes how in love they are with the program. >> a valley vet is paying it guard to struggle -- forward to
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we hear stories all of the time after returning home fromcom bat. >> jayson barry introduce us to some valley vets. who create and new way to ease their pain. >> 2, 1, go. >> reporter: travis is all about physical fitness at his cross fit but there's more to this place than just helping others stay in shape. >> as a veteran, we're out of service but still have a duty to one another. this is one way to be able to do that. >> the u.s. army veteran recently created wounded waters. a nonprofit group devoted to helping vets suffering from physical and mental ailments. including ptsd. the group provides cross fit gym memberships to veterans at
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and alternative to prescription medication. >> it starts off getting though depression state. you're part of something you're part of the community. you're starting to prove to yourself because of an injury you might not think you'll ever do again. >> parker is seen when a difference wounded water is having on wets across the country. pay it forward to travis and his business partner dan neld. we followed a alcoholic beverage for the surprise. >> i knho work for wounded waters and for veterans all around america. i know how passionate you are about helping all of these veterans in need. on behalf of veterans all around america and cbs5 news i would like to pay it forward. so here is $500. >> you can see it in their eyes what they talk about it. how in love they are with the program and how passional they are with help -- passionate they are with helping veterans.
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nominate someone for next week's pay it forward, just head over to our website, and click on the pay it forward tab. up next here tonight, a new treatment to cure memory loss. the medical breakthrough parkinson patients have to look forward to. >> and our current temperatures show us how cool this evening is going to be. we're at 79 right now.
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one giant leap forward for mankind and science. a new wireless brain implant helping these paralyzed monkeys walk for the very first time. researcher says the implant sends signals to stimulate the monke's legs. scientists hope it could eventually help people use robotic arms and hands. very interesting. well a new treatment is giving people with to lead more normal lives again. >> reporter: jack mcken takes nothing for granted these days. even making a cup of coffee. the 65-year-old retired police commissioner and naval officer has advanced far i -- parkinsons disease. but now he's receiving a new treatment, it's not as obviously. >> i couldn't walk. couldn't do anything on my own. i lost my ability to be productive.
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that. >> it made doctors inserted a tube in his small intestine that connects to an outside pump. it's a attached to a cassette with two medications that are continuously delivered up to 16 hours a day. dr. paul wright says patients using the treatment no longer have to worry about taking pills at the right time. >> the pump allows them to be diffused in a consistent and observed in a didn't manner in. and there's no wearing off. >> alaska ya was up and townsdowning with his wife after a -- a half hour after the procedure. >> we haven't danced in eight year. we were spinning around and it was just amiss ing. >> reporter: he says it was night and day when he took his granddaughter to a school event after getting the pump. >> i had got to same event and i had to be helped to a chair. this year i went, i didn't need any help at haul. i held a her hand.
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these are big things. >> reporter: that's the way he hopes his granddaughter will remember him. enexhibit dependent and -- independent and able to enjoy doing things with his family. >> incredible. all right. all new at 6:30. women curse more than men. what? researchers at lancaster university and cam bridge university survived -- survived almost 400 -- surveyed almost 400 women drop the f bomb 446 times per million words. part of average hear study of the english language. which should be completed in 2018. and too much time on your smart phone could be damaging your beauty wrest. researchers -- rest. researchers tracked hundreds of smart phone users. 3.7 minutes per hour was the afternoon screen part-time. exerts. say the more time you spend b the cell phone is the more
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poor sleep quality. and when phones were used near bedtime. >> i think they conducted that women cussing story in our newsroom. >> probably. we're less than two weeks away from now black friday and already all of the ands and dealing are leaking online. so expect low prices on laptops, tvs and sound bars. some ads show drones will go on sale for 50 bucks and strings of led lights and star are other hot items in black friday fliers. toys r us will open and the 5:00 on thanksgiving day did. they'll stay open for 30 straight hours. most retailers said they would close on thanksgiving to give their employees the day off. >> that they should. i say no news on thanksgiving. come on, now. never happen. all right. 84 was our high today.
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we are seeing a few fair weather clouds. so we'll is just get the clouds. we're not going to see any rain like they saw from seattle as they saw. high pressure, the dominate weather factor over the next couple of days. it drives that warm, dry, air just right into arizona. with each day. we will be warming by a few degrees and by the time we head into our tuesday afternoon, we not only will get close to the record, we could set record that day. and many cities in the valley could be in the low 90s. let's talk about the forecast. lows for us this evening. we will be in the -- about mid- 50s to upper 50s to low 60s across the valley. so a nice, cool evening. 26 in flag staff. 44 for pacosn. and 59 for bull head city. headed out to the nascar race tomorrow. here's what you can expect. when everything gets started. we'll have plenty of sunshine
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wrist starts at about 12:30. afternoon high will definitely be warmer than that. 84 expected downtown. and 828 expected in maricopa. 70 in prescott. 72 in globe. and 86 for bull head city. temperatures warm to 86 degrees on monday for us. we will be at 89 degrees on tuesday. a cold front does come through for the mid-part of the week. which drops our temperatures by
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this will make you feel lazy. a former marine just hit a world record. you to will soon find his name in the world book of records. for the world east lockerrest plank. >> over 9 hours. he also aimed as -- fundraiser for injured veterans. >> could you do 9 hours? >> a minute. >> i would get bored among other things. >> thank you for watching.
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