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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 17, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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? julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know.
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[ crowd noise ] >> a chaotic scene in flagstaff as that police officer tries to arrest a woman. >> the officer is now under investigation. the video is jarring. the officer is seen punch the woman. >> hey! >> hey. >> there you see it, the
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we don't see the woman's hands. we don't finish she hits the officer first or does something to provoke him. this happened earlier today. >> tonight that woman's boyfriend spoke with cbs5's mark taylor. >> this started in flagstaff early today when the couple was being evicted from their apartment. jim and he his girlfriend marissa were moving out of that apartment when at some point one of the alleged warrant. he says there was some sort of a mistake and refused to go with the officer until he showed her what the warrant was for. that is when things turned violent. >> he claims the officer also u2?rl)tthreatened to take taze . he was eventually arrested for assaulting an officer and
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in the last hour, they released a statement saying "our agency is very concerned by the video ." changes in the weather, a live look outside. beautiful night. still some cloud cover out there. all with a cold front that's gonna pass on by, so some big drop in temperatures, starting out the week in the mid-80s, we're gonna drop on down to high temperatures around 71 degrees, that's a 15-degree drop from where we're at on tuesday. how long will the cool temperatures stick around? that answer coming up. did you happen to see the scene at civic center park in scottsdale? it looked like some severe sorority hazing.
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collars around their necks and leashes. it turns out this was part of a video shoot for a reality tv show. the people in the video are paid actors and the school has nothing to do with what you're seeing there. many of you have asked about military helicopters flying low over your neighborhood. those choppers are a part of a growing urban exercise. they were able to catch some of those apaches landing at the military reservation last night and again tonight. an 18-year-old burglary suspect was shot by a homeowner. the man told police he came home to find the suspect going
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expected to survive. drunk and walking around a taxiway at sky harbor. clearly did not have cleeshs. he was arrested and charged with trespassing. a scottsdale woman is in shock several times and claysed her through the city. >> the woman is speaking out about her terrifying experience. >> reporter: imagine someone ramming your car for no reason. this is the aftermath after police managed to chase him.
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>> i was in such a state of fear that i didn't know what i was oi didn't know which way i was going. >> reporter: the suspect faces a dui charge as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon i know we have some rough terrain but i know he will move forward and secure the border. and that can be done with a wall, more fencing, technology. >> former governor and trump supporter jan brew or cnn tonight talking about trump's
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>> tomorrow a potential secretary of state choice will head to trump tower. hailey might be a good pick for trump. she is the daughter of indian immigrants and would bring racial and gender diversity to trump's team. >> i know deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am too. more than i can ever express. but as i said last week, our campaign was never about one person. it was about the country we love. >> hillary clinton making a public appearance tonight, her first since conceding the election last wednesday. clinton
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children's defense fund. today president obama toured greece. part of his final overseas trip as commander in chief glendale police now tell us the car they are looking for is a tan gold or white toyota corolla or honda prelude which should have noticeable front end damage from the accident. it'll be at least five days
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to their dorms. about 150 students have been impacted. last night a hot water pipe broke on the 5th floor >> he disappeared a few days ago while amy was working in the garage. he is trained to stay with her at all times. so she believes that someone swiped him from her driveway. >> i haven't been able to sleep, i haven't been able to
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>> obi is collard and has a microchip. a creepy reality for people in ahwatukee. there hike a spoke in scorpion sights. >> number of times pet control crews are spraying their homes, and others are going around looking for scorpions with black light. >> adot says it's not the trees. probably nobody from adot
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let's get a look at that forecast. a gorgeous sunset as we ended wednesday out there. sunset around 5:30. great picture out there, a lot of colors this evening with the cloud cover, still seeing some clouds stick around, temperatures in the upper 60s, highs today in the upper 70s, a little breezy this evening out of theea tomorrow morning we wake up, mostly clear conditions, temperatures dropping into the 50s, high temperature tomorrow, below average. 5:00 tomorrow, highs at 71 degrees. and friday morning, clear skies, and temps in the 40s.
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thursday, overnight lows drop down just before sunrise at 7:00 am, mid-50s. high tomorrow as we mentioned, below average, up to 71 degrees by 3:00. and then the 7-day planner, 71 for thursday, mostly clear skies friday. 75 degrees. and warm enough, perfect timing over the weekend. by sunday, increasing clouds, chance of rain on monday your smart phone is a valuable tool. >> also doing some damage to your body. >> a big brother called a hero after he yuchled in to save his little brother from falling off of that changing table. >> a text message mixup as one valley family adding an extra
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that toddler rolled off the changing table but you saw his big brother broke the family released the video because they want to remind parents how dangerous accidents can really just happen in a moment. our cellphones can do almost anything. alarm clocks, a news source. >> our traffic navigators,
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>> reporter: smart phone technology, basically our personal assistants. but samsung recalled 2.5 million galaxy note sevens after phones exploded >> people are noticing they have headaches and neck pain. >> reporter: the doctor has been seeing more and more patients because of constant back and neck issues. >> cellphones and computers now we're using it in front of you. but the muscles in the back of the neck are trying to pull your head back which is constantly pulling your back. >> reporter: he tells his patients to take breaks before the problems get worse. >> they're looking at their
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going through information, take a break from the phone for a second to get their shortlies down, go through the neck stretches and recognize that's something that can be attributing to it. >> what about our eyes? >> people used to sit at their laptop or desk top, and stare at it for hours. they would slow their blinks down and their eyes dry out. >> reporter: it's"$ >> now they're staring at their phone for hours. and their get dry. >> reporter: there's no proof cellphone use makes your eyesight worse but he take talks to his patients about preserving their overall eye health. >> put a drop of tears network look away. >> there's an app out there
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bigger, which means less train on your neck and eyes. >> and phantom vibration syndrome is the feeling that your phone is ringing or vibrating when it's not. studies in the '90s found the same thing happened when people were obsessed with their pagers. if you live in the west valley, good news for your commute. part of bell road will be reopened after being closed. adot is building a new interchange. the holiday shopping and hiring season is about to take
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>> reporter: >> retailers will hire about 690,000 seasonal workers in the next month is that. is a lot of jobs. never pay for an interview. be wary of jobs that don't require interviews. watch out for jobs that offer to send money back, the sure sign of a scam. and avoid work at home offers. open up our mobile app and click on the big red action button.
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goat? he's been gone for sometime after going missing in west phoenix. please give him a call. snap chat's parent company filed an ipo paper. it could go public as early as march. the company is expected to be valued at more than $25 billion. that would make it one. wall street's most snapchat has 150 million daily users and could bring in a billion dollars in revenue next year. a section of the original eiffel tower spiral staircase went on display in paris today. it is up for auction next month. stairs were divided into 24 sections when they were taken down in 1983 over safety
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green giant launched a line of veggie versions of carb classics like tater-free tots, mash and veggie rice. they're all mostly made from cauliflower. sometimes it is nice just to a particular message mixup has one valley family adding a new seat for thanksgiving day. >> i was stunned >> reporter: tonight wanda, thanksgiving grandma sstill trying to process how she became a twitter sensation. it all started with the best of intentions. a group text to her grandson. >> i said to him basically
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gonna come. i got a text from who this is? and i said it's grandma. >> reporter: enter jamal hinton who was on the receiving end of the text. since she said it was his grandma, he thought it might be but to confirm -- >> i ask forward a picture. >> i took a selfie at work. i texted him a picture. and i waited forward a response. and i got a text back from someone i don't know who says my grandma. can i still have a plate? [ laughter ] >> reporter: once embarrassment of texting a complete stranger subsided she decided to respond. >> so i just went with my gut and i said sure! grandmas feed everybody. >> reporter: they posted the exchange on twitter on monday and that was that. it since exploded.
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the help of her other grandson. >> how are you ! >> reporter: and that offer to
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>> high today of 79 degrees. cloud cover out there. pushing offer toward the east, that's a front, bringing cooler temperatures ahead for thursday tomorrow, thursday. freezing mark in flagstaff. 53 fres cot,
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>> trade rumors. >> no. next question. in no mood to discuss reports that brandon knight is unhappy with his role and wants to trade would not happen if he didn't start playing better. he sure tonight. nuggets up 18 at the half. knight the dunk. suns down 13. he has 32. the nuggets had
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tonight. calgary, a couple knee injury. great flurry of saves including that one. finally a goal. 17 seconds left in the 2nd. 1-0 coyotes early cardinals signed brown to a contract extension next season. carson palmer took a veteran's
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