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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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says, "generic show open ." a justice for her sister is speaking out - asking for help. a woman desperately senior justice, her sister asking for help. >> she disappeared in 1992, presumed dead. donna rossi is in our newsroom. and this sister has remained silent all these
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if police are going to help with their investigation, now is the time. >> this is the last photo of my sister. she's only 13. >> reporter: kristen says the loss of her older sister in may of 1992 shaped and affected her whole life. >> she should have been my best friend today and the thing that kept me grounded and focussed in life. >> reporter: she went missing after going door to door in their sunnyslope neighborhood selling items for the same neighborhood at the time. >> heading in the direction of brian miller's house, the house right after his house, he never made it. >> reporter: after miller was jailed for the so called canam murders, police tied milltory brandy's case -- miller to brandy's case and asked he be charged with her murder but
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enough evidence. >> i would like for there to be such an outpouring of love for my sister that she feels it all wait in heaven. >> reporter: she believes the they should where they live holds the key. >> the people who can her here and the people who could have given more inside have died and are getting older. it's now or never. >> this saturday she's holding a candle light vigil for her sirn 7:00 pm. a new state park to honor the granite mountain hotshots is set to open soon. the 7-mile trail will open wednesday, november 30th. along the trail there are 19 stone plaques honoring each of the fallen hotshots. there are six signs
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police are looking for two people who robbed a couple outside. a red robin. the suspect stole cash and other property. there is a $1,000 reward. if unambiguous, call silent witness. a major construction project will be wrapping up soon in the west valley. we're talking abo bell road and grand avenue. that is scheduled to open next tuesday after seven months worth of construction. this overpass will also prevent delays caused by trains in the area. >> it's gonna be so much more convenient for bell road traffic to use the overpass and clear both the railroad tracks and grand avenue. it's always going to ease travel along grand avenue itself because anyone who's passing through here, they're gonna be able to move
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any traffic signals. >> this overpass is part of a bigger $42 million project. there's still work to be done on ramps and lanes. adot is hoping to have everything completed by spring training. a tempe based company is cutting 1,600 jobs worldwide. they are the biggest manufacturer of solar panels. the company says it's facing challenging market conditions and needs to retool operations. a lot of those lost jobs will be in ohiohe stopping production. target is coming to midtown phoenix. tell be located here at skaejt street and camelback after the cam dlelt back court order in the old sports authority building. this will be the company's first what they call flexible format store in
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>> allowed you to compare plans side by side including a provider list for each one. some insurers don't have that list available but promise theyville providers near you. my advice, if you can't see the list upfront, choose a different plan. last year robert and patty chose a health plan by phoenix choice through no were listed. phoenix choice promised plenty will be available soon. >> specifically about scottsdale. and they said there would be floirsd scottsdale. >> reporter: -- providers in scottsdale >> reporter: he went to this facility during an emergency because it was near his home. his plan requires only a $250 co-pay for er visits. five months later, he got a $6,000 bill. phoenix choice denied the
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north phoenix about 30 minutes from here >> reporter: i watched stevenson conduct a provider search on the phoenix choice website and it shows zero primary care or family doctors anywhere in scottsdale. stevenson needs a new plan for 2017 because phoenix choice is leaving arizona. he says he'll only choose one that shows their provider list upfront. >> make sure you have providers in your area. don't sign up for anything without seeing the list. >> reporter: steven appealed overturned. phoenix choice still hasn't paid the bill. >> it's been going on since march, it's time for you to step up and do what you promised to do. >> on the billing issue, phoenix choice says the bill wasn't paid not because he went to an out of network facility but because his plan came with a $361 deductible. phoenix choice apologized for the miss understanding and our viewer is
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issue. choosing a plan, there were no providers near him, something he would have known had there been a list upfront. budgeting for the holidays. always that one person who doesn't know what they want.
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you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast? well denny's new pancakes don't obey the laws of time. look at them, they don't even obey the laws of gravity. denny's all-new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes. day or night. now that the election is over, people are feeling more comfortable making big financial decisions. how president elect
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market. tonight at 10:00. the damage has been done to wells fargo in the wake of a major scandal. >> executives said new account opens were down 44% in october compared to last year. the company has suffered backlash after rev lagdzs that two million unauthorized accounts were opened in customers' names. >> it's the last call for duck dynasty. after 11 seasons, the show lebron james is making a huge donation $2.5 million for a new museum exhibit in washington dc honoring mohammed ali. helping you decide hour you should spend on someone this holiday season. the care calculator analyzes your relationship and social interactions with the person. it'll only recommend an actual
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go to work in your pajamas and still look professional. fruit of the loom has a new collection of $50 sweat suits. >> i want to see you wear those on the news! >> oh, please no. >> merry christmas, steve! [ laughter ] >> people are gonna start wearing these on the airline. that's next. she's a great
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president elect donald trump has offered the job of national security advisor to michael flynn according to a senior official. there is no word on whether flynn has accepted the job or not. he has been a close advisor to trump throughout the presidential
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swoops down right in the middle of adele's concert. this happened in mexico city. understandably, she freaked out for just a few seconds. then she continued on with her concert. adele is going to be back in the valley performing at talking stick monday night. i'd freak out if a bat went after me on stage. e ole studio. [ laughter ] this team has not won in minnesota for a very long time. >> 19 77! began a 4-game stretch against teams with winning records. both teams ended with
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aspirations. larry fitzgerald did get some work in today. >> i haven't won in buffalo, i haven't won in green bay. never won in pittsburgh. as a professional. never won in -- minnesota i haven't won a ball game. so it's something i would like to change obviously. saturday glendale is the coyotes' hockey fights cancer night. they will wear special jerseys and coaches and broadcasters will wear purple ties. mike smith played hard in his return with 21 saves in the overtime loss to calgary. >> i think he's trying to do
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it back, and that was a tough one. a su going after a 3 and 0 start against northern iowa. sun devils with a lot of work to do. tory graham banging inside. cook, doubles down, never recovering, getting blown out 82-63. try no. 2. nope. let's throw it over! no. finally attempt no. 4, yes. young fan gets a souvenir. that is a lesson in perseverance. [ laughter ] >> don't want to throw it too hard! [ laughter ] >> finally he gets it over, and the young man is happy. >> good highlight there
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devoted her life to helping abused young girls without ever asking for anything in return.
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this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them
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so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. chilly night expected here in the valley.
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some lobes in the valley of the -- locations in the valley of the sun. colder up north. freeze warnings, winslow, the mogollon rim, and freeze warnings down south, east of tucson. 38 degrees, cooler weather allowing snowbowl to open up tomorrow. got enough snow up there. 70 degrees currently. this evening, mostly clear skies. it will cool things down quite a bit. snow showers falling across areas of denver into the dakotas. for us, plenty of sunshine. and the temperatures will gradually officially hit a high today of 72 degrees. tomorrow 76. future cast, tomorrow morning temps in the 40s. mostly clear skies. plenty of sunshine ahead in the
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keeping a close eye on the showers, starting to push into northern california. that'll bring us some rainfall at the end of the weekend into monday. your overnight low, 7 feet. well below freezing in flagstaff. 24 for a low in prescott. 49 degrees, definitely wanted to grab that jacket. up in the high country, you'll need that heavy jacket for sure with overnight lows in the teens and 20s through the weekend, highs in the upper 50s, and forecast, mid-70s for friday, saturday with a high of 81. and sunday increasing clouds late day, and a real good chance of rainfall. so long start to the workweek next week, highs in the 60s on monday. >> new tonight, an old scam is making a comeback. it is called an overpayment scam. >> that's when criminals promise their victims money but end up ripping them off. >> reporter: jordan
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online searching for work as a nanny while looking for one as a broadcast journalist. she quickly received an offer. a single mother moving to the area said she would pay $20 an hour for lyle to babysit her wheelchair bound child. what she didn't know, the picture was a fake and so was the job. a con artist posing as the mother offered to give her $1,900 upfront. scammer told lyle to keep $250 for herself, then put the balance in a separate account to buy a new wheelchair. >> then she said i need you to take out the money and deposit it into another bank. and that's where i thought this is weird >> reporter: it was the start of an overpayment scam. >> at a fake check. and what they've done is there's no money there. and in the end, you end up covering the check >> reporter: identity theft and scam expert adam levin says the
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here's how it works. a cane artist sends a check for $1,000, asks the victim to deposit, it keep $200 for themselves and wire $800 back to the scammer. a few days later the bank realizes the check is fake and the victim is on the hook for the actual $1,000. >> how are people pulling this off? >> one thing people underestimate is the persistence of scam artists. >> reporter: lyle was immediately suspicious and never sent any money. she's warning other so they don't fall in the overpayment trap. sheriff deputies are investigating reports of a body found at the river bottom happening right now near levine. no word on how long that person had been there. we'll bring you updates as they come in. several firefighters were
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a crane operator accidentally struck a ladder truck. that crew was not injured. but they had to stop and come down from that ladder. other firefighters got those flames under control. fire broke out at this same facility several years ago. the flagstaff police officer who punched a woman in the face claims she kicked him and kneed him in the groin first. >> connect with cbs5 on facebook, twitter, or instagram. swimming in wine. people in japan bathe themselves in wine. dozens of bottles were poured into this. some said the experience made them feel like royalty. it's part of an annual festival that fierce all you can
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didn't a famous basketball player do the same thing? >> amare stoudemire. my slogan is a little vino would be keno. [ laughter ] >> our help nailed -- nailed it when she said what a waste! >> doesn't he have a tray of aptierdzs? >> if you're drinking wine, of course! >> chicken tenders.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: a warning from the surgeon general. substance abuse will strike one in seven americans. he wants a revolution in how we treat it. also tonight, the trump transition. big names floated for big jobs, but is the president-elect saving one of the biggest for >> jared is a very successful real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> dickerson: and tales of two species. climate change could wipe out africa's "gorillas in the mists." >> they're no in control of events, but they're the potential victims of them. >> dickerson: while america's buffalo make a tremendous comeback. >> it's an adrenaline-kicking son of a gun, i'll tell you


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