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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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liver them, go to lung cancer is a very deadly disease. we can make the most impact when it's in its earlier stages. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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roll. >> reporter: you can see firefighters that are still on scene right now, a number of fire trucks, a cup of them have- -a couple of them have actually cleared out. but this f that direction, if we show you further down, and that way, they have got no road closed off, for at least a couple of blocks in that direction, police on scene, clearing everybody out from out of this area, except for obviously people that live in this immediate area. but we are talking about an
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home. and i want to show you video of what this looks like. we are told that the fire started in the attic and spread into the garage, which was converted to a bedroom, a mother and her four children, they were all able to escape without injury. and the fire crews very were able to stop the spread of the fire to the rest of the home. but because of the fire and smoke damage, the family now without a home and a phoenix fire crisis team is on scene and assisting t want to take you back live, because it looks like firefighters, they are just starting to clear out of here and break down. and probably have the road open here within in the next half hour or so. heidi, back to you. >> mark, thank for that. president elect donald trump has announced his choices for some key administration jobs. kenneth craig reports from the president elect's luxury golf course in new jersey, where trump is going to spend the
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donald trump has tapped congressman mike from kansas to be the next cia director. the tea party republican is a fierce critic of the iran nuclear deal and was a member of the house select benghazi committee that investigated the 2012 attack on the compound in libya. >> it makes a difference this how you respond to an attack. >> reporter: and mr. trump offered the post of attorney general to alabama senator, jeff sessions. endorse the president elect and was a close advisor during the campaign. before he was in the senate, he was no, ma'am nominated--he was no, ma'am international airported for a federal judgeship but--he was nominated more a federal judgeship. and mike pence says that the transition is going well. >> we have a great number of men and women, coming forward to serve. >> reporter: the president
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meetings from the trump tower in new york to the trump national golf club here in new jersey. tomorrow he is going it zit down for a highly anticipated meeting are mitt romney. the former republican presidential nominee is considered a potential pick despite his previous criticism of the president elect. and he describes the meeting as one to seek council. kenneth craig, cbs news, new y. investigating after a body was found at the river bottom in will scene. they are calling the death questionable. and they are investigating the case as a homicide. they say that the victim is an adult pan, they have not identified him, yet, and at this point, they are not sure if he died at that location, or maybe he was dumped there. plus say that a man by the a 7/11 clerk while trying to shoplift. this happened overnight. investigators say that the man
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tried to walk out without paying. the the clerk stopped him and they got into a scuffle. and then the suspect pull add knife, but only cut himself. and then he bit the clerk. police took the suspect into custody and took him to the hospital for treatment and then took him to jail. the flagstaff police officer seen on video punching )oin the face says that she attacked him, first. >> do not touch me. i am not under arrest for woman kicked him and kneed him in the groin before he felt the need to hit back. he says in his report that he punched her several times with quote, very minimal force. he was trying to arrest the woman for getting violent during an eviction notice. the warrant had been taken care of and was not outstanding when the video was taken. the officer is now on administrative leave. a close call for phoenix
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into the flames when a crane hit their ladder truck. it was at fa recycling near 35th avenue and broadway. the crews needed to pick up and move the the debris to get to the flames. and now nobody was hurt and they were able the climb down the lad tore safety. police--the ladder to safety. police are looking far burglar, caught on tape breaking into zoo a home. you can see the thief going from room to room jewelry, cash, and other things in his bag. the owner is hoping that the images will help catch the crook. >> i want him caught, there is someone that will know him. he might not have happen a house or an apartment,--might not have a house or an and, but he has, to my knowledge, the ability to be a thief and he needs to be off of the streets. >> all right, those are some pretty good images.
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valley canal is safe today. very good news. people noticed the dog swimming in a canal near 48th street and souther. he was there for more than--and southern. he was there for more than and hour. the dog's owner rushed over and took her home. and now remember the veteran who had her service dog stolen? well, the good news is that the dog has been returned. someone dropped seeing our story. aimee has a brain injury and the dog is able to sense her seizures. aimee says she is so excite today have him back him- -excited to have him back home. all right, with the colder temperatures moving in, more and more people are finding themselves in the doctor's office, that includes a pretty good piece of the news room here at cbs5 and 3 tv. doctor ares are seeing more- -doctors are seeing more
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our immune system. it also keeps people indoors where germs can spread very quickly. so, how do you know when you need to go to the doctor? >> you start coughing up a lot of, oh, mucus, you are having trouble breathing, severe body aches, head aches. >> all right, doctors say to protect yourself, go back to the basics, wash your hands, eat healthy, drink water, and sleep six to eight hours a night. basically, listen to your >> oh, yes. >> yes. >> i had been missing some work. i don't want to say i was missing it. >> well, we were missing you. >> oh,. >> but you have been sick. >> yes, a lot of coughing with this one. >> yes, it is pretty nasty. everyone in the news room with it, yes, it does not sound fun. >> i am actually wearing a protective bubble, you cannot see it. >> yes, we are divided, amazing. and now outside, we got this on
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your lungs, i am not sure what it is, but this is a great picture. it is maybe song lyrics. and i think he has a long exposure camera, you can really see the skies up there. and now looking outside, moving on to the next graphic here, one second--oh, boy--on a friday, none theless. okay. there we go, all right, satellite and radar is showing clear skies out there to the junction to n way up to new require. statewide, we are clear. and boy, was it cold out there this morning. we were in the teens in flagstaff. queen creek, you were in the upper 30s, so yes, the coldest air we have seen since february. that is what we were seeing this morning and what a beautiful afternoon. 70 in mesa. 69 in glendale. 70 in deer valley. queen creek has warmed up nicely to 64-degrees. it is still cold in flagstaff,
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much more than that, so a chilly day there. and 69 in helo bend and 67 in tucson. the rest of the day is nice, very dry out there. many have chapped lips after the cool air ripped through here, the humidity is only 10%. 76 for our high today. 6:00 p.m., we are at 68. 8:00 p.m., 63-degrees. a lot of sunshine today, but we have big changes on the way and that i can colludes a pretty a pretty good chance of rain. but it is going get in your way when it comes to thanksgiving travel is there. >> oh, it is a quote, by the way. >> oh, there we go. all right argues disease that acts a lot like polio, it is popping up around the country and doctors do to the know how treat it. >> plus, this had to be a pretty fun call to the insurance agent, yes, something wanted out of this car really e really badly. --really, really badly.
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coming up. >> and later in the newscast, we are giving away a four pack
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all right, firefighters spent the morning batting a dramatic fire in a palette yard in paris, california. two there this morning. no one was hurt in this, but some vehicles did burn on sight. and now they are trying to find out how this start started. well--how this started. well, there are growing number of cases in a polio like illness across the country. and now los angeles is seeing a speak in the cases. a 3-year-old got the disease, his whole left side became limp. he was rushed to the children's
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diagnosed with afm. the rare illness affects the nervous system and can cause sudden weakness in the face, the arps, or the legs, sometimes paralysis. >> do we know why some people get very sick and other people probably get a cold, or nothing. no. >> all right, that los angeles hospital has treated eight cases of afm so far this year after not getting any the states. the reason for the spike in numbers is unclear and the cause is also a mystery. scary stuff there. well a woman says that a criminal hacked her amazon account and was able to spend nearly $1700 in credit in her account. he kept changing the password but he kept hack willing it. and now kenneth craig talk-
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>> reporter: this woman liked to shop on amazon. >> it is really easy to have it brought to the door. >> reporter: that is until a hacker hacked into her amazon account. >> it is all out, you know, theft. it is my money. >> reporter: the criminal changed the phone number on her account, and then ordered more than $1500 in merchandise and had it sent to an out of state address. she changed her the hacker placed orders as quickly as she aniseed them. >> he was making orders, and they were watching it take place. >> reporter: amson did not- -amson did not--amazon did not comment on this. the cyber security experts believe that they infected her commute we are a virus to allow
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stroke is there so a gift card, pin number, they have got the the entire record, same thing, too, if they try change a password. >> reporter: and a good tie protect yourself is to--a good way to protect yourself is you log in, and a separate road is texted to your phone and must be put in to access the account: when she started to use the two-step verification, the hacking stopped. she got her amazon, but not her sense of security. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. all right, in colorado, a man broke into and suv--a bear broke into and suv and got locked inside. this is the result. oh, boy, the bear just ripped the suv apart, just about every single part of the car's
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the doors to let the bear out. experts they people still need to be careful. >> bears--say people still need to be careful. >> bears will come out and start to look for food if we have warm days. we need to bear proof all along the area. >> all right, so, the experts say to never leave food out do not use an air freshener. >> car. >> yes, what do you say to your insurance company this is. >> well, if you have a toddler, the car is going look similar to that. >> oh, yes, that is pelt pretty typical. >> did you see it was snowing on them? >> yes, denver got a nice amount of snow. highs today in denver are in the up 30s, low 40s. >> oh, no thank you. and now a step outside, here is the peak, not a cloud
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wind,--not a cloud in the sky, and not a lot of wind out there. it has been breezy the the past few days, especially up in the high country. we are scanning the skies and they are clear. the radar is getting the day off. but it has to get to work this weekend. flagstaff is clear. oh, we were in the teens this morning in flagstaff. i bet your teeth were chattering up there. and in the valley, temperatures in the 40s, things are bether now. --are better now. 69-degrees and look at the humidity, very dry out there. you can probably feel it 45 in show low. 52 in prescott. we were in the 20s the morning in prescott. that is the oldest weather we have seen since early february. so we have got a storm on the way, it is going the arrive late sunday into monday. and it is going to bring high elevation snow, like 7000 feet and above, a cold day for us on monday with clouds. but here is the good news, clearing thanks giving. and how a look at the big picture, a storm system right there, see the big spin, we
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kind of the trailing cold front, that arrives as we get going into late on seasoned and it is a nice shot for rain. most of the weekend is fine, we will see more clouds for saturday, as we get going into sunday morning, we could see some showers start to pop in the mountains. i think the best chance to see showers in the valley will be late sunday. so, sunday afternoon into the evening, and overnight. monday looks like it is going to be a pretty for thanksgiving on monday, early, you are going to have to deal with wet roads pretty much throughout the great state of arizona. highs look like this today, 44 in flag. 76 in phoenix. 66 in globe. and seven day forecast is showing the changes, as we get going into monday, temperatures, 81 for saturday. a little bit breezy, 83 on sunday. rain late on sunday. and then sunday to monday, 83 on sunday.
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and then actually, it should be 69-degrees on tuesday. a little bit of a typo there. but the start to the week is going to be very, very chilly, the good news is we are going see sunshine and warmer weather, thanksgiving well, upper 70s and a lot of sunshine and dry. >> and we need the rain. so we will take it. >> oh, yes, we do. well, a dress has to be great for someone to pay millions of dollars at auction. >> and the drug agency just banned a new synthetic drug said to be four times stronger than heroin. it is easy to use and get. and it is responsible for more than 80 deaths across the country. your older kids have probably heard about it. heard about it. so why ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. all right, start dialing,
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international autoshow. 877755cbs5. the fifth caller will win. good luck. well, a big happy birthday shout out today to mickey house. he is 88-years-old today. there will be parades and parties at all of the disney parks an the world. if you cannot--around the worlds. if you are not going to the park, keep an eye out for his new music video, he fist appeared--he first appeared 88 years ago. and did you know if maryland monroe was alive today, she would be older than mickey? oh, wow. the sex symbol would be 90- years-old. he appeal seem to be as great as ever. the form fitting dress that she wore sold at auction last night for $4.8 million. the dress was purchased by rip i will's believe it or not.
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to be sewn into it. still to come, ian is going have a final check of the weekend forecast, that is coming up. >> but first a look at what we
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all right, welcome back, a live picture of camelback
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if you are going for a hike, it is great. yes, tomorrow will be good. 81, a lits the bit--a little bit of wind. sunday nighttime, things are- -night, things will l change. showers on sunday. and monday, 68-degrees, rain, tuesday, clearing. wednesday, mid-70s. and then thanks giving, upper 70s sunshine, i mean, that is why snow birds are here, i >> yes, and thank you for choosing us at noon. we will see you back here tonight at 5:00 p.m. have a great afternoon. children flying alone. >> i'm going on a plane by myself.
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? >> ridge: it's not too late. r.j.'s back, and we can have our family. it's always what she wanted for us. tell her, mom. >> r.j.: thanks for the tour. it's been...eye-opening. >> bill: you're welcome. all right, if my safe room didn't speak to your sensibilities, maybe this will. sit down in the big dog's seat. this you're gonna appreciate. videos, memes, digital content. >> r.j.: okay. >> bill: check this out. >> william: welcome to the world of spencer publications.


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