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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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handling four times as many calls for a process called birth registration. mexican parents in the united states can make sure their kids have the same privileges when they go to mexico. the deputy consul says there's two reasons. >> if they want to go to mexico to live, this is no problem were >> reporter: that doesn't mean mexican families are fleeing the united states according to the deputy consul. but they are getting their papers in order. the mexican consulate in days. in the first 48 hours after the election, staffers answered 1,000 calls from concerned hispanics. >> don't panic. >> reporter: the deputy consul tell it'lling mexicans living in arizona that it's unclear what immigration policies will be implemented under the new president. on the other hand he says an uptick in birth registration can be typical around the end of the year with families preparing for mexican
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community. the case of a former fire captain accused of killing three people is in the hands of a jury. david watson is accused of killing his ex-wife, former morlg and her friend. all three -- morl and her friend. all three murders happened between 20 answer 0 and 2003. prosecutors believe they were tied to a custody dis suspected shoplifter tried using a knife to get away from a seven 11 clerk but that didn't work so well so he bit the clerk instead. this happened overnight at 48th and van buren. they got into a scuffle. the suspect pulled a knife but only ended up cutting himself. that's when he bit the clerk. police took the suspect to the hospital to get treatment for the cuts before taking him to jail.
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banned from a tucson school after they say they spoke out against racial bullying. susan was sure her words at the board meeting made an impact, and they did. the school agreed to squash the bullying. come the next day, the principal said she made it all up. and that's when she got a call from campus security. >> i'm serving you over the phone, you are not to step foot on tucson unified school the district ever again in your life. nor your son. if do you, you will be arrested. >> the school district said they could not comment on the incident because of privacy laws. she says she will be back for the next board meeting. the arizona coyotes say they need taxpayer money or a rebate program to build this. a state of the art new arena that
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>> the team is asking the legislature for about $200 million to get this project off the ground. but the incoming house majority told me today that arizona has a lot more pressing needs and maybe shouldn't be focused on subsidizing new sports arenas. representative john allen from scottsdale be the the most powerful republican in the state house next year. he was completely unaware that the coyotes planned to hit up raushgs for all this money -- lawmakers for all this money until the team announced this week its intentions to build the 16,000 seat arena -- asu. he believes there's not gonna be a lot of support for the coyotes at the legislature. >> you'll never catch me on a sports show. i forgot the
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not a big priority for me personally. if they're a lucrative business and they're going to add value to our community and bring in more money than they cost us, we might have an argument. i don't know if the coyotes other ones that can make that argument. i find subsidies for sports teams a little difficult when we have kids in foster care, group homes. >> i also want to note it's been interesting we haven't heard anything from the governor's office on this constroukz this project this summer. pizza lovers will not have to travel far to be in heaven this weekend. for the second year in a row, pizza makers from all over arizona will come together in downtown phoenix to show off some of their skills
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event you don't want to miss. >> pizza festival, not just neopolitan, it's chicago, new york, local vendor, local business, real people, making pizza. everybody's favorite. >> you'll have to buy your tickets soon. the festival is tomorrow in downtown phoenix. it starts at 11:00 am and goes until 5:00 pm. many of you are gearing up is it really the best holiday shopping day? it depends. what you should buy on which days. >> black friday is no longer a day, it's a season. and it stands around cyber monday and thanksgiving day itself. black friday still has all the hysteria. but the website deal news says if you can only shop one of the three days, it should
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not black friday! not every type of deal is better on turkey day. to help you plan, deal news lays out what you should buy on which day. on thanksgiving, cameras! the best deals on bundles. look out for rebads. save $200 on an iphone 6s. speakers, best buy and newegg with have the most there. ipads and tablets, 18% to 20% on that day. and movie, video games and appliances on turkey day o. black friday, buy head phones. deals of up to 75% off on black friday. toirngs amazon will have the best deals there. and power tools should start as low as $10. and cyber monday, prices on androids should drop dramatically.
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prices on laptops will dip below $300 on cyber monday. 50% off outer wear that day. and amazon deals will be hot with beaut products on cyber monday. these are not hard and fast rules, based on last year, but now you have an idea. >> you got everybody fired up for the weekend. what's in the box? it could be a parent's savior.
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tonight at 10:00, it is a sign of the season, shoppers lining up, tearing apart stores for black friday. why do americans do this every year? we'll have the science behind it it. beware of criminals hacking your online shopping accounts this holiday season. >> a woman spent $1,600 amazon account. the computer was infected with malware. a good way to protect yourself is to use amazon's 2-step verification feature. >> amazon's app is giving you x-ray vision. scan the barcode on the outside ever the box, and the app will show you exactly what's inside. it's to help keep your gifts organized as they pile up. mcdonald 's is offering
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touch-screen ordering and mobile pay options. changes are already showing up in foorl, new york, and california. walt disneyworld revealed its first drone light show last night. 300 intel shooting star drones circling in the air. >> impressive they're not running int and i guess those are stars or snowflakes. >> all computer programmed, one person, the 5-minute show will run through the end of the year. happy birthday to mickey mouse! the diss no character turned -- disney character turned 88 years old today. disney parks are celebrating
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dr. strange has spent two weeks at the top of the box office but it's about to be brought down by the harry potter spinoff. expected to take the top spot with at least $70 million. there are other movies like the edge of 17 or the boxer drama >> hollywood. very creative. [ [ laughter ] the cardinals begin a 4-game stretch against teams that have winning records. >> it all started on sunday in minnesota and it's cold. >> they want a little magic, a
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larry fitzgerald, michael noticed, it is a homecoming. floyd grew up in st. paul, went to notre dame, and was a 1st round pick of the cards in 2012. >> i am excited. to see family members, to get a home cooked meal. it'll be fun. the injury bug continues to bite the cards. dave martin placed on injured reserve w knee injury. he was also a valuable backup linebacker. brad richardson underwent surgery today. gotta feel for him. scored his 5th goal of the season before the injury. coyotes lost in a shootout last
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transfer corian graham starting the season highly flammable. shannon evans iii, yes. graham one more time. dufrjing is his pleasure -- dunking is his pleasure. evans with 21. devils win 80-71. heading south for the new season. the braves signed the catcher to their 40-man roster. great behind the plate but only .156 in 33 games for arizona. i'm excited to see what the cardinals do in this road game. teams with winning records, starting with minnesota, they're good at home, got that defensive line led by griffin from agua fria. start fast, get in the game quickly, get the offense rolling. health violations that
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you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast? well denny's new pancakes don't obey the laws of time.
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tastier, better pancakes.
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the victim of a stalker speaks out about how he was treated by her employer. >> how often stalking victims
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>> no one would ever have any idea that this has been a part of my life. >> reporter: we are hiding this woman's face because she's sharing her staph. what she survived what she was a little girl. >> traumatic event, rape. >> reporter: how she left home and became successful. >> i was known as a leader among my peers. >> reporter: and what happened the day hert out to her. >> i was contacted by one of the individuals. >> reporter: one out of seven will become the victim of a stalker. for some of them like the woman who spoke to us, telling their employers makes it worse. >> did the company treat you differently after you let them know about this?
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change, and the changes were not positive. >> reporter: our investigation found example after example. just like that one. stalking victims, report to their employer, find themselves out of a job. >> is it illegal in arizona to fire an employee because -- >> absolutely. >> of a stalking situation? >> absolutely. >> reporter: dan bar is an attorney who has represented stalking victims. e their workplaces armed fortresses but they do have to provide safe workplaces and reasonable accommodations to people when they're being threatened by stalkers. >> reporter: according to experts are who spoke to cbs5 investigates, this is an underreported problem across the country. >> i have personally had numerous people refer cases to
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terminated because they sdmroezed they were the victim of a -- disclosed they were the victim of a crime. >> reporter: from the business perspective, hanging accommodation -- making accommodations is a hassle, and a stalkering be a danger to other employees. stalking by former domestic partners is a leading cause of workplace violence. this shooting inside a chicago department store in 2014 was traced to an >> what the workplace needs to do is to create a culture where more people feel comfortable coming forward with this type of information. >> i wanted to believe at first that this was only happening to me. >> reporter: in phoenix the woman who spoke to us said her job died a slow death. glowing reviews turned bad, managers turned cold, promising career stopped short. >> unfortunately this employer
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perpetrator as the people who raped me. >> that was morgan lowe reporting. the woman told us her trouble at work started the day she told her boss about her stalker and things were never the same again. other state likalical have employment protection -- like california have employment protection specific to stalking victims written into law. a live look at narc u in the distance, peaks. waiting for some snowfall snowfall. instead, gorgeous if you're headed out. started in the upper 40s. high of 77. sitting at 73 degrees. it is dry out there. relative humidity 8%. wind 6 miles per hour.
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and a chance of rainfall late sunday night into monday. dropping into the 50s, then some cloud cover rolls this saturday evening. off and on cloud cover on sunday. a chance of rain sunday night at 10:00 in the evening, and those showers will go throu and evening hours. snowfall as we mentioned above 7,000 feet in flagstaff. overnight lows down to 24 degrees in flagstaff, 33 prescott, mid-50s in phoenix. 49 for an overnight low in gila bend. up north, travel plans this weekend, heading to flagstaff, a chance of rain late day sunday, a high of 43 on monday. and look at the rest of the 7-day temps in the 30s through thursday of next week.
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chance of rainfall late day sunday and throughout the morning hours on monday. and temperatures warm up, perfect timing for thanksgiving on thursday. we'll see you back here at
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cc1 test message cc1 test message captioning sponsored by cbs to head his national security and law enforcement teams. also tonight, the president-elect settles avoiding a federal fraud trial over trump university. the biggest counterfeit bust in u.s. history, and it didn't happen here. >> this is just one stack of fake $20 bills. >> dickerson: and "on the road" with steve hartman.


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