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tv   CBS 5 News at 6  CBS  November 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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. we begin tonight with new details on last week's crash, which killed a young mother, as she and her children are crossing the street in chandler. >> we just learned her little boy is out of the hospital. memorial continues to grow. >>reporter: this 31 -year-old mother was killed when police say a man ran a red light and hit them in this intersection. the family was crossing in this crosswalk. now part of this memorial is this red banner with best wishes for the two kids rushed to the hospital, fighting for their lives. very good news, we are now finding out the three -year-old,
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photo, now back at home. the family still hoping and praying for one -year-old audrey. we are told she is still in a coma. this is a tragedy that has hit this community hard. even people who did not know pamela hostile back and her kids, are thinking about them, hoping for the best. for one neighbor, the memorial reminds him that safety is everyone's responsibility. >> crossing the street when they were supposed something like this unfortunate happening, makes it tough. just one of those things that affects me personally. >>reporter: i am told three -year-old ryan will have to undergo physical therapy. as for the driver, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license. new information into the newsroom. police identified the three
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last night's deadly person -- officer involved shooting in casagrande. officers bryan martinez, jeremy ybarra, and efren lujan, now on administratively. under investigation after they were called to a home where they say a man armed with a machete, was threatening to hurt himself. when officers arrived, they say the man charged at them. we are told officers used less than lethal force twice. first, firing beanbags, then a taser. when those didn't work, the killing the man. he has been identified as 48 -year-old gabriel park. his family and friends say he should not have been shot but officers say they were left with no choice. >> i don't think they handled it very well. they could have had some other way. >> i know he posed a significant threat to those officers, causing them to use less use -- less lethal force which was an affected and
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caused them to use lethal force. >>reporter: it is routine for officers to be under investigation, pending outcome of the investigation, which dps has taken over. we know the name of the men killed after he was hit by a car in peoria this morning. police say 21 -year-old gavin haggerty jumped in front of a car and was hit at grand and 75th avenues. the driver did stop and try to help but he died at the hospital. peoria police are still investigating. a vigil being held tonight for a little girwe ago. randy myers, just 11 years old, when she vanished from her sunnyslope neighborhood in 1992. her last known location just happened to be the same street where an accused serial killer named brian miller, also lives. he was arrested in 2015 after police say dna evidence linked him to two of the killings. those two women found murdered around the same time myers disappeared.
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but maintains his innocence. the girls family making another attempt to raise awareness, hoping someone know something. a vigil starts 7:00 at encanto park. seven murders in phoenix, still wanted by police. you can text tips to our news app. there is a 35,000-dollar award. arizona ski season officially underway after 24 ur what is so special about this opening day. >>reporter: wednesday night the snowmaking machines pumping out what mother nature for gods. tons and tons of snow. the plan to open on friday, the thanks to la nina, this november has been warmer and drier than normal. no snow for mother nature, not enough man-made snow to stick. opening day this year planned for november 18, but not a speck of snow. the same day last year, more
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already fallen. ski lovers impact their gear and waited 24 hours to find out when snowbowl would open. then, saturday morning, the tweet snow lovers waiting for. snowbowl opened at 1000 hours. even without snowfall it is the earliest opening in the last 20 years. apres ski every. >> last year when they opened on november 20 it was the early as a g open a few days earlier with the man-made snow. but you have snow coming your way, flagstaff. 46 right now, temperature -wise. a cool day for you. 63 sedona, 78 phoenix, 68 bullhead city. winds light for the most part in most areas. about 10 miles an hour in the valley. they will be picking up as we see an increase in clouds, increasing winds ahead of the
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monday. the storm system sitting right here, just up the coast of the pacific northwest. a fast-moving system that shifts east and that will bring the chance for rain starting tomorrow night. tonight, it out and enjoy the cool weather. partly cloudy skies, 71 by 8:00, 70 by 9:00 p.m. your forecast coming up . president-elect donald trump spending much of the weekend meeting with potential candidates to fill out his administration. probably the day's most anticipated meeting with one of trump's harshest critics. 2012 gop presidential nominee, mitt romney. romney is under consideration for secretary of state. the meeting is a surprise to many, considering their contentious relationship throughout the election. >> a far-reaching conversation
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theaters of the world, where there are interest in the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics. >>reporter: one of many meetings as we can, democrat michelle reed, former chancellor of the dc public school system is under consideration for education secretary plus retired general james madison might end up in charge of the defense of the transition team, trump will sit down with new jersey governor, chris christie. still to come, trump's right-hand man my pants making headlines. we will show you what happened
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you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast? well denny's new pancakes don't obey the laws of time. look at them, they don't even obey the laws of gravity. denny's all-new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes. day or night. . home for the holidays, perfect timing. i finally get to hold my baby. >> a beautiful ceremony held this morning for servicemen and women, returning from deployment. >> cbs5 was there, and brings
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reunions. >>reporter: after a nine-month deployment in kosovo, more than 150 arizona army national guard soldiers finally made it back home. [ cheering ] their message staged throughout the hangar some right down to the minutes they have missed their soldier. the feelings here today, difficult to explain. >> i can't express in words how amazing it is. you have to experience it yourself >>reporter: well crystal's husband was away, she gave birth to baby, area. he watched the birth on skype. arianna is now seven months. i am home for the holidays, perfect timing. i finally get a hold my baby. >>reporter: for sergeant townsend, the mission in kosovo, a big success. making the sacrifice all worthwhile. >> to see firsthand what the united states foreign policy
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people that work at the base we are at have been there for 17 years. they bend over backwards for americans. they really love to have as their. >>reporter: it is now time to give back. the children especially who needed their fathers and mothers every day in their lives. >> so emotional. i am excited, nervous, so happy to have him home. so happy he can fi can finally be a family. [ cheering ]. >> it did not and there. the special message the hamilton cast had. pence, now being shared all over social media tonight. tracking the big storm coming our way.
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. a story that has been dominating twitter and facebook. vice entered broadway performance of hamilton last night, to a mixture of cheers and boos. cast member brandon dixon who plays aaron burr, read a message directly addressed to pence during the curtain call. >> we have a guest in the audience this evening. vice president-elect mike pence i see you walking out that i
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more moments. we have a message for you sir we hope you will hear us out. and i encourage everyone to pull out their phones and tweets and posts far and wide. vice president-elect mike pence we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at hamilton american musical, really do. we sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that you us [ cheering ] our children, parents and our inalienable rights, sir. but we truly hope that the show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. all of us [ cheering ].
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twitter saying the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize. caught on camera four people killed in this fiery plane crash in nevada. we now know this was an air ambulance that crashed. last night near the town of elko, nevada 3 remembers plus the patient on board were all killed in the crash. the ntsb is now investing. a reminder to be prepared for winter driving in the weeks and dayea snowplows, prepped for the season. they say we need to do the same. don't forget the right supplies. >> it is easy to jump in the car and go see the snow without thinking ahead. crews do find people that are trapped or stuck on the road that are dressed inappropriately. a.suggest you pack your car with water, snacks and flashlights and get your car checked out before gets too
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look at this video. parts of the country are seen it this is what some people in minnesota woke up to today. more than a foot reported. the temperatures dropped to freezing, 32 degrees. they can expect to have an overnight low tonight excuse me, a high tomorrow of only 29 degrees. we will get winter weather here in the valley, but nothing that extreme. today, 83 as the high. the average 74. almost 10 degrees above the average today. temperatures will get back in the 70s tomorrow. we are seeing on pinpoint doppler right now, clouds moving in and a little moisture ahead of the storm system, setting off the coast of the pacific northwest. the center stays a little further north but it will move quickly toward the east, tapping into this of tropical
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arizona. temperatures cooling, winds picking up, showers beginning tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night, lingering into monday. and of course mountain snow, snow level start at about 10,000 feet and drop to 7000 feet monday night. futurecast i jumped to tomorrow around 3:30 when we start to see activity with this model, here in the valley. heavier rain by the time we head into 7:00. the heaviest rain will stay to the north and east, payson is going to get the most moisture about an inch and a half expected for them. a wintry mix in flagstaff, showers continue into the day monday and throughout the afternoon. by the time we head into late monday night and tuesday we will get a chance to see moisture moving out.
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anywhere from a quarter inch to half inch in the valley and payson getting the most with an inch and a half of rain. forecast plus tonight 59 in phoenix, 33 flagstaff, 53 bullhead city. 78 bullhead city, tomorrow 66 sedona, 77 phoenix. temperatures cooling heading into monday as the cold air settles in. 68 for the afternoon high, 69 tuesday. we dry out and warm-up for the rest of the week the temperatures back in the 70s. well for the arizona state sun devils, suffering four straight losses. defense devoured in the process. asu has a shot at redemption with number six washington, plus the cardinals have flamed -- faint playoff hopes for the
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. nfl playoffs don't start until gender. arizona cardinals officially and postseason run. at 4-4- 1 big red playing all out in survival of the fittest style. sunday, arizona suiting up for it first win in minnesota since 1977. vikings of dropped four straight but have great talent on the dealing. for arizona, the first a four straight teams with winning record. >> get the fan sitting down in their seats not as enthusiastic. i think we have to come out of the gate, come out fast. and play good, sound football. >> very difficult environment, very good defense. i have to play my best game to date and i expect to do so. >>reporter: two games left for the sun devils, the squad
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four straight losses. the team with the then wilder there to be great situation on the road they see number six washington. so far, devils down 3-0. next week sun devils and wildcats square off into some. arizona going through a brutal stretch losing seven in a row, still searching for league win number one. cats under the lights against the beavers in corvallis. number two ohio state in a battle against michigan state. buckeyes go 69 yards and four place. mike weber lasting led 17 - 10. lj smith makes it a one point game. spartans go for two but tyler o'connor gets kicked off by chris whirley. buckeyes hang on 17-16. williams field blackouts knocking off queen creek. senior running back evan price embracing every second of the team's championship run. at one point the senior did not know if he would ever play
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just to warn individuals in this story the story are very graphic. >> wide to the left price able to sidestep one defender, nasty stiff arm. oh my goodness. >> at first i didn't know i thought i sprained my ankle and until the trainer to tape it up. i didn't feel anything but once i realize what happened, shock said in. >>reporter: as gary, defining moment last year for williams field running back, evan price. >> definitely one of the more graphic football >>reporter: carried off on a stretcher, price experienced a gross dislocation and broken ankle. one that had him doubting his football future. >> probably the next morning when i woke up i we watch the game and i saw it and i couldn't believe it was me. >>reporter: the injury didn't break his spirit. his determination was his strength.
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price return this season. >> working super hard to get back to where i am now. >> still a lot of pain, that is a severe injury to be able to push through every single day because it matters that much to you, it is remarkable. >>reporter: the special senior is relishing being part of one of the best teams in school history. >> super exciting. we have win state tile -- title. >> a person of heart and character, tested like never before and answered the call like the winner he is. >> incredible. thank you so much for that. up next three people police considered dangerous are
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