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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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we have joined live with the latest crash. >>reporter: the wrong-way on the i- 10 for 6 miles before crashing head on into that greyhound bus. this happened around 2:30 a.m.. there were wrong-way drivers on the eastbound lane and next thing you know there is another wrong-way crash with a bus. the woman driving that possibly impaired according to troopers. she's a mother of two. sarah cornejo. she died on the scene. >> this is tragic for her to have lost her life. >> this is becoming an epidemic and an issue we are trying to resolve on a daily level.
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from rolling over preventing others from getting hurt. >> thank you. >> new tonight, police arrested a man who was driving the wrong-way and was also drinking in his car. police tried to stop him this morning and refused to stop and led police on a chase. then they found an open can cup hoeld ---er. >> a woman was going the opposite direction on ventura, they catch up to her for another 6 miles. she was caught under an extreme dui which means her
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an officer died today in an atv accident. a 20-year veteran was off duty at the time. the police department has not revealed what happened t he leaves a wife and four daughters. four people are out of their homes tonight after a fire at a scottsdale apartment people living there noticed the smoke and ran towards neighbors. they all made it out safely. this is some type of an electrical short. how far would you go to give thanks for your thanksgiving meal. this was led to a fistfight. this video was already viewed by more than 50,000 people. >> although small in size.
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it worked. they get the job done. >> darryl marshall says only one thing could turn his david like demeanor like goliath. >> they tried to take my food. >> it's a bully with a big appetite who tried to take it. >> he was serious. like, are i have hungry. >> man, you are already fat. you can live off that. >> the confrontation escalated into a parking lot brawl on indian and 20th avenue. >> they want what another person has. >> witnessed recorded as they traded punches. at one point a woman with a strange jumps in. >> yeah, she hit harder than him. the food is ruined as it falls to the ground.
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>> you got a couple good shots in. that's a big fellow. >> all marshall takes home is a bloody nose and bruises. he says thanks to some turkey. >> that's a big fellow. did you see it? that's a big fellow. >> cbs 5 news. >> and caught on camera, tempers flare on friday. the fight broke out in modesto, california. security eventually stepped in to break up the crowds. no one was seriously hurt or arrested. but here in the valley, shoppers did not lose their cool. they were looking for the best black friday deal. they spent today talking with the bargain hunters. >> we are with the shoppers on this day. they are coming in for things
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>> for david rodriguez, this black friday has been a good one. >> we bought three tv's for less than $700. it was a pretty good deal. >> we caught up with this other shopper. checkout the tv he's buying. >> i looked online for a better deal. we looked for a tv for some time. my wife worked until 4:00 a.m this morning and she'll come home to a big shiny tv. >> tv's and laptop door busters were opened since early this morning. >> we are prepared to handle the big crowds and do role play with team members to handle big crowds. the biggest thing is safety with us. >> speaking of safety, shoppers
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friday madness. she came early to shop with her sister and on another round. >> back at it. >> some stores are open as late as midnight. those here until 10:00 tonight. >> and with black friday, the holidays are officially here. and a lot of people are starting to decorate. paul is live at the arizona bilt bilt more. >> isn't that thing gorgeous? we have more tree lighting ceremony. there it is.
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whoo-hoo. there it is. since 1929. i'm sure the parties back in the 20s and 30s were a lot of fun as well. there is santa meeting the kids. the temperature, chris, you can't beat it and everybody at home. a high today of 80 degrees. that's the way to celebrate the holidays here in arizona. one tomorrow. coming up. back to you, chris. >> you see santa claus out there, you have to get in the spirit. >> we'll see you later. >> coming up, the dual in the desert. the senators and the wildcats: we have some answers at what is still at stake for those teams.
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scott's dazzle. the month long celebration turns to carriage rides through old town. >> and, you probably have
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>> in less than an hour, the territory cup gets on its way. they have much more than just bragging rights. >> just under an hour before kickoff. the arizona wildcats and arizona sun devils for the the territoryial cup. they are taking on the wildcats tonight. they will be clad in red. the wildcats have lost eight straight and sun devils 5 straight. but that territoryial cup means a lot. the trash talk between
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intensity on the field. >> obviously to our guys, to our fans, we understand how important this game is. our focus is to beat the championship. this is a must win on the schedule. >> this is what we look forward to play every year. for some there is a lot stake, for us, the territorial cup is our rival. >> this time 48-40. one tie. it's a 7:30 kickoff. we'll be live in the studios. the sun devils and the wildcats. for both teams, if the sun
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bowl game and a winning season. >> up next, a real life spider man. one of the biggest buildings in barcelona. how high will he climb and the famous us structure.
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> check this out. the french spider man has done it again. he's climbed up an 8 story building without a harness. the police arrested him. he's climbed over 100 buildings including -- eifel tower. >> now you can get your dogs to get pictures taken with santa. >> in downtown phoenix, you have a chance to skate and take pictures with santa.
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ice in downtown phoenix. it took a little bit over 2 weeks to get everything installed. >> that ice rink will be in downtown phoenix until january 8th. we are now 1 month away from christmas and things kicked off tonight at the arizona bilt more with paul. it looks like christmas out there. roasting chest nuts. there is that human snow globe. kids are having a blast. you know what, can you boo it the holidays here in arizona? temperatures for highs today, we got up to 80 degrees which is absolutely amazing. but we want to remind everybody we have some big changes ahead.
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winds at east and northeast. satellite and radar and in northern california, this system there will affect our weather. especially later on this weekend. we have a chance of rainfall and snowfall in the high country. checkout this forecast here. we have a pretty nice morning set up. mostly clear skies and in the afternoon later in the afternoon and throughout the evening hours and saturday and sunday. you know what that white stuff is, that snow in the high country, there is a winter storm watch. that's from the morning hours on sunday. that's going to last through the evening sunday and they are expecting close to 8 inches of snowfall above 7,000 feet.
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let's check the temperatures down below. it's 45 in sedona. >> sunshine tomorrow. if you want to get the lights up, that will be the day to do it because you have rainfall on sunday. we are going to stay blow average monday, tuesday, wednesday, feeling festive with the cooler temperatures out there with mostly >> and we have some interesting dance moves taking place on the dance floor. you can't beat that. this is a party. chris, happy friday. >> happy friday to you too, my friend. we'll see you back here later. we have a heads up for everybody if you are planning on eating thanksgiving leftovers. some of your favorite dishes may not be safe to reheat and eat. sorry about that.
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rapidly. the same goes for potatoes when it comes to aluminum foil and same thing four poultry. reheat them correctly and you should actually use the oven to reheat your food so everything is cooked evenly. and if anything is more than 3 days old, everything. sure you maybe filled with your thanksgiving meal, but before you go out to eat again, you may need to know who has a dirty kitchen. on chandler, four major violations. an employee making labels with raw pork on his hands, live roaches on his hand wash sink.
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major violations. pans of raw beef with macaroni and cheese and milk kept past its date. four major violations. scrambled eggs not kept in a proper temperature. ice stored in a trash can. near 82nd avenue in phoenix. five major violations. food kept past it's discard date. corn and raw beef stored in grocery bags. the one with the most health code violations. new york seafood buffet in glendale. seven major violations. the new york seafood buffet had crab salad kept past its discard day and a damp wiping cloth left on a sushi board.
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they make our deans list. here is a look at the restaurants with spot less kitchens. they are sauce at central and camel back in phoenix. farmer pie, mimi's cafe in scottsdale. the shops company and wing encounter at bell road in glendale. you can find out more by downloading the app clicking on the dirty dining
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>> tonight at 10:00. a valley man stealing flags. the man reaching into his own pocket to replace them. answers how you can help tonight. >> here a wrong-way crash killed a peoria mother of two. sara cornejo crashed with a bus. >> a good samaritan warns neighbors after seeing smoke from an apartment building in scottsdale. the person ran upstairs and warned everyone.
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was some sort of an electrical fire. >> you may want to get power ball tickets. the jackpot has reached $403 million. if you win, the cash pay out is $243 million. the draw is tomorrow night. if you get a ticket, good luck. be sure to connect with facebook and twitter. you can join u hashtag cbs 5. hope you had a very nice thanksgiving. we'll see you back here
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? ? i suppose it all started with the snow. you see, it was a very special kind of snow-- a snow that makes the happy happy and the giddy even giddier; a snow to make a homecoming homier and natural enemies friends, naturally. for it was the first snow of the season and as any child can tell you, there's a certain magic to the very first snow, especially when it falls on the day before christmas. but when the first snow is also a christmas snow, ( chuckling ): well, something wonderful is bound to happen. ( laughter )
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the snow can wait. now, now. i've hired professor hinkle, the magician, to entertain at today's class christmas party, so pay attention. narrator: now, professor hinkle was just about the worst magician in the world. and so, i put the magic eggs into my hat. and voil?, the eggs have turned into... messy, messy, messy. ( groaning ) where is that rabbit? hocus-pocus, where are you?


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