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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MST

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a quick check of tonight's top stories--- police are looking fort a couple of brazen thieves. mesa police say the suspects pointed a shotgun at employees.. and demanded money .. while the other stole grocery items. this happened near broadway and longmore. this happened near broadway and longmore.
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surprise is under investigation. police say they got call of a suspicious car in a neighborhood. once they arrived .. the driver got into a confrontation with an officer....who shot and killed him. the officer was also taken to the hospital, but has been released. has been released. fidel castro has died in havana. the former president and revolutionary leader was 90 years old. for years he had been out of the public eye. his brother -- current president raul castro --made the announcement on cuban television. on cuban television. welcome back -- im lindsey reiser. im jared dillingham. right now at 5:30 .... we just learned the 'dakota access pipeline' protesters only have 10 days to leave the federal land .. or get arrested. arrested. the obama administration just put out the deadline. but there's some leeway. the 3-thousand people can still protest a few miles away ... in the "free speech zone." the navajo nation said, "they're disappointed
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water ." it's drawing a lot of attention here locally. carissa planalp has more on the big protest march in downtown phoenix today. in downtown phoenix today. says, "nats 9:40:19 water is life chant ." hundreds marched through downtown phoenix. says, "shaniah dennison- chee/protestor 09:45:23--27 if they're in north dakota and i'm in arizona i will stand here and i'll protect them. ." to protect historic relics-- to protect water quality-- to stop -- what they believe will be-- damaging construction. says, " nats 09:43:03 drummi even as protestors hundreds of miles away at the pipeline site-- face a deadline. says, " nats 9:40:37 footsteps." to move out of the way--or else. says, "shaniah dennison- chee/protestor 09:44:16--23 our voices cannot be attacked by rubber bullets, by water, by wahtever the government has thrown at us. ." says, " "napoleon murrita/ protestor 09:42:20--25 it gives me hope that a lot of our youth and our young are out there all standing in solidarity." says, "nat 00:43:36 drumming crowd ." the group rallied at talking
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says, "09:45:30--34 if i can just be here and continued support. says, "09:45:30--34 if i can just be here and protest and help with my voice then that's what i can do ." carissa planalp
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new tonight -- chandler police are investigating a deadly accident... near val vista and riggs road today. police tell us the driver was heading down val vista... and hit a light pole. he died at the scene. right now... we're waiting to hear back from police... on what caused the crash. crash. says, "right now she's been through a dramatic event ... and needs time with her family." the family of a missing california mom is speaking out for the first time... since she returned. earlier this month ... "sherri papini" went for a jog ... but never came back. for three weeks ... investigators and volunteers
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her... then on thanksgiving morning ... "sherri" was found about 100-miles away from her house. she told police her alleged captors released her. they're now looking for the suspects. they're now looking for the suspects. today ,,, one of the children who died in the bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee, was laid to rest. "cor'dayja jones" was nine years old. she and five other children died on monday ... when police say the bus driver lost control and flipped the bus. the driver- 24-year-old "johnthony walker" is behind bars ... facing at leas 6 charges of homicide. 6 charges of homicide. that deadly crash raised a lot of concerns about bus safety. some wondering...wh ether some of the children might have survived if they'd been wearing seatbelts. jason barry takes a look at why seatbelts still aren't mandatory. mandatory. jason barry says, "its a question parents have been asking for years - why don't school buses have seat belts? some say - its just too expensive - but it's not that simple." you'd like to think your kid is safe.. every time they ride
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but after 5 students were killed in a deadly school bus crash in tennessee... ...many are wondering whether seat belts... would have made a difference. says, "do you think seatbelts should be required on seatbelts? i believe so." says, "safety wise its a neccesity." says, "we wear our seatbelts every day and kids should be protected and required to wear them ." "ofcourse, depth here." bryan henderson is director of transportation for the phoenix union high school district. he says - school busses themselves are built like small tanks... with numerous safety features... that drastically reduce a child's risk of injury in an accident.... even if they dont have a seat belt. recent statistics show... they're not significantly safer wearing a seat belt. bryan henderson, director of transportation , phoenix union says, "especially with the funds to schools being lower and lower every year - it is a difficult challenge to be able to increase the capitol cost it would take to put in seat belts for a minimal safety benefit." -------------------------------- ---------------------- -------- the cost to retrofit
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hundred and 10-thousand dollars. -------------------------------- ---------------------- -------- most school buses across the state do not have seat belts - but there are buses that have them... to accomodate special needs students. there is currently no federal mandate for seat belts on school buses.... ------------------------ but there are six states that require them. texas, california, florida louisiana, new jersey and new york. ------------------------- jason barry says, "safety experts insist - school buses are still the safest way for kds to travel with only 4-5 child deaths reported nationwide each year. however - federal studies show those numbers would go down if kids were buckled up. jb 3tv" buckled up. jb 3tv" coming up-- going over your data. a scenario we've all gone through ... at least once. but there's a way you never have to worry about it again. we'll explain ... next we'll explain ... next says, " when you have your phone up and you're looking, then you won't see the bulge in your neck. how far would you go for the perfect selfie ?
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the popular surgery ... promising more likes online...when "good evening
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like it or not... selfies are a part of life for millions... but not everyone likes the way they look in them. preston phillips- shows us an expensive procedure growing in popularity... that's meant to help you look thinner... for those close-ups. those close-ups. snapping a picture of yourself, then sharing it on social media is a daily part of just about everyone's life... jennifer shalley says looking good is the name of the game. - jennifer shalley, selfie fanatic - appearance is not everything, but still, it's you know it's everyday. shalley loves taking selfies, but hasn't been happy with her appearance, specifically the fat under her chin.. so
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kybella injections... designed to dissolve fat, without having to go under the knife. - when you have your phone up and you're looking, then you won't see the bulge in your neck. here's shalley before her first kybella treatment... on the right... after... and here on the left is a male client before his treatments... and on the right, after two. 2 to 3 are recommended. dermatologist, dr. toni stockton, specializes in administering the injections... and getting patients results they're satisfied with. dr. toni stockton, stockton dermatology - i think we're seeing a lot more patients who have never had other cosmetic procedures going i can get rid of this? i didn't want anything here or here, i didn't want filler, but i've always hated this. there are some side effects... shalley as you can see is swollen and could remain that way for a couple weeks. but once the swelling goes down, the dr. stockton says the results are permanent... she says her many patients say its worth the downtime... and a little pain... knowing that perfect selfie, may be right around the corner. its a good procedure, its gonna give them a better
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very few risks to faster, very few risks to the procedure. the procedure. each treatment costs about a grand. still ahead... breakfast might get a little more expensive. it looks like we'll be spending more ... for the most
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a lot of us live in fear of going over our data plan & facing huge fees on your next cell bill. 3 on your side's gary harper has advice on not
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than being on a cell phone plan... and you get the bill, and the amount is way more than you expected. the problem is you most likely went over your data plan. these days..., just about everywhere you look, people can't seem to put down their smartphones or mobile devices. "we're all using more apps, we're streaming more videos, we're listing to steaming music we're doing all these things." ken colburn is a technology expert who runs data wireless provider you use... some consumers may not have to complain at all about going over their data limit. for instance, he says androids can keep track of it for consumers automatically. "take a look at your phones, really simple on most phones whether you use a 3rd party app, androids devices have it built into the settings. you can actually set the phone to say when i get to this data limit give me a warning if you want to avoid going over your data plan... it's recommended you go into your phone and set a data allowance. that way, you'll get an alert
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close. of course, the best way to avoid usindata... is to simply put your phone down unless you're locked into wi-fi. as long as you're on wi- fi... you're using no data. "anytime there's wi-fi that's the easiest way to avoid these data overages." according to published reports... the fcc has received a spike in the number of complaints from consumers who say their bill jumped due to going over their data. verizon wireless has more than a 112 million subscribers... anday ... they've ended data overages altogether just to pasify consumers. still... colburn says most consumers won't have to worry too much longer about exceeding their plans because companies are finding new ways to nip the problem altogether. "the good news most of the celluar services have gotten away from charging data overages and they go to a throttling model which means when you get your data limit for what you're
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going to slow that access down." harper harper in tonight's consumer watch -- the biggest meal of the day could start costing you more. costing you more. granola and oatmeal prices will likely go up... because of an oat harvest problem in canada. bloomberg reports ... that rain and snow delayed the harvest... and could cut back the product by 20 percent. the product by 20 percent. and who wouldn't like a big boost to their holiday shopping budget? how about 403 million dollars... that's what's up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing... if you win... and take the cash option... you'll get 243- million dollars. the drawing... is the 9th- largest powerball jackpot ever. you have until 6-59 tonight to pick up a ticket. pick up a
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the sun devils season started
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right now at 6:00, much of izona is bracing for a major cool down. winter weather set to make things pretty chilly. >> tracking the radar right now. she'll have answers on what's coming our way. >> but first, here are some of tonight's top stories on this saturday. right now police looking for mesa police say the suspects pointed a shotgun and while others stole grocery items. a deadly offer involved shooting and surprise is under investigation. police say they got a call of a suspicious car in a neighborhood. when they arrived, they say the driver got into a confrontation with an officer. that's when he was shot and killed.


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