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tv   Saturday News at 10pm  CBS  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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hospital. paramedics say- three of the children have "life threatening" injuries. they range in age from 16 years old. they were in a van with 2 adults. that van was hit by a truck.... near 87th avenue and deer valley road. peoria police are investigating whether the truck driver ran a red light. we'll continue to update this story as we get more story as we get more information. caught on camera! an alleged drunk driver...plowing through a buckeye neighborhood.. . spending more time driving through people's yards.. than on the street. lauren reimer has the story. lauren reimer has the story. : the suspected drunk driver drove through not one yard.. but nearly everyone's on this entire block. he ripped up bushes... and left tire marks on the sidewalks. it was all caught on surveillance video. (03:01:12nats security video) it was around 1:30 saturday morning.. when 27 year old daniel luna allegedly plowed
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now. you don't think it's going to happen in your neighborhood. im at a loss for words because it's scary, you know? he could have gotten inside the house." many of their neighbors are cleaning up too. 3:03:18 "we didn't notice until our neighbor pointed it out to us that there were tire tracks and our bushes ran over." around the corner... one family.. had just finished decorating for christmas... when the truck wound up in their yard. everything was destroyed. 3:16:49 "i was heartbroken i was crushed." 3:17:05 "i felt like somebody stole christmas just right away." police caught up with luna not long after. he has since been released from jail... but is facing a dui.. and criminal damage charges. 3:17:53 "i hope he feels bad, and i hope he can look at this and let this be a hard lesson learned." that man is also charged with resisting arrest.. and assault on an officer. in buckeye.. im lr. assault on an officer. in
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we continue to see wrong-way crashes on our roadways in arizona. tonight, we're hearing from a man .. who narrowly escaped a wrong-way driver on friday. what happened next-- was a deadly crash on the i-10.... near the loop 303. carissa planalp is live in goodyear to tell us how itl most of us know that feeling when you have a close call on the road. jordan cortez says he and his friends were in a good mood-- after an early morning of black friday shopping--when he hit the freeway over here-- and saw a car coming at him. here-- and saw a car coming at him. says, "nats... getting in car ." says, " 18:04:20--26 we saw
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my friends are still here and we were able to make it out ." we were able to make it out ." many other drivers likely found themselves in that life and death situation this week. this was the third wrong way driver in the last few days. live in good year carissa planalp 3tv.
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3-year-old girl and one-year-old boy. her family has set up a gofundme account to help with expenses.. like basic necessitites for the kids.... as well as a funeral. if you'd like to donate, the link's on our 3tv news app. link's on our 3tv news app. law enforcement agencies across the state... are keeping an eye out for drunk drivers this holiday season. this is a live look... at one of our a-dot cameras tonight. 295 people died in alcohol related crashes last year. arizona has some the strictest d-u-i laws in the country. drinking and driving will cost thousands in court fees, and land you in jail. jail. now at 10... a strong show of support for the family of a phoenix fire captain. "chris fitzmaurice" was off-duty...when he died in an atv accident in flagstaff yesterday. tonight, his gofundme account has hit 61-thousand dollars. he spent 20 years as a firefighter, and leaves behind his wife and four young daughters. the firefighter union launched
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$75-thousand dollars. $75-thousand dollars. 26-thousand dollars raised in just one day.... for the maricopa county deputy and his wife .. hit by a driver on thanksgiving. investigators say "nick and elizabeth schrey" ...were leaving a bar in cave creek when they were hit in a crosswalk. the deputy is in serious condition. his wife, a school principal, is critical condition. the gofundme account... is to help with medical bills. help with medical bills. neve officer- involved shooting in surprise. investigators identified the man shot and killed by police as - 20 year old "derek adame." as - 20 year old "derek adame." but police... still haven't released many details about the shooting. we do know- it all began when someone reported a "suspicious car" in the neighborhood. karla navarrete has more. karla navarrete has more. this is the car at the epicenter
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in surprise, karla navarrete for
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another officer- involved shooting is under investigation this south tucson. officers say a man started acting erratically at a homeless shelter friday morning. he took off... and when officers caught up with him... they say- he started attacking them. police say they tried to stop him with pepper spray and tasers... before one of the officers shot him. he later died at the hospital. he later died at the hospital. a string of robbery suspects are still on the run this evening... and police hope you can help catch them. they were all caught on camera. our jaime cerreta takes a look. look. we start in phoenix at 3rd street and elwood.
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jaime cerreta/3tv/cb s5news still to come on the news at 10 - hikers aren't letting a grinch ruin their holiday tradition... of lighting up camelback mountain. camelback mountain. plus - we catch up with a valley man who's made it
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patriotism on area patriotism on area mountaintops. and later - mixed emotions...and a lot of questions about what comes next....after the death of cuba's longtime leader, fidel castro. stay with
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? music: it's a small world after all ? come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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you have may heard about. or even seen. a christmas tree on top of camelback mountain this time of year. this is all thanks to the
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it's become a tradition. it's become a tradition. a group of 30 people spent three-and-a-half hours hauling a 15 foot real christmas tree to the top of camelback mountain yesterday. they secured it to the hiking post, decorated it and even toasted with eggnog. but.. that holiday cheer came to a halt this morning... when someone in the group relayed some very bad news. relayed some very bad news. says, " joel received a text message from camelback santa saying someone cut the tree down. he thought he was kidding with him what not. ds him a picture from a friend who was hiking. and uh yeah, it's not a joke ." says, "people are excited about it, it's something that people have come to expect. and it's a tradition and i don't know why someone would be such a scrooge about it ." they say they plan to bring a new tree back up. but of course, they aren't sharing when they plan to do that. this is a story we will
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following up on. we brought you the story of a man who makes it his mission to plant american flags along popular hiking trails. but they're being removed- either by park rangers, or other hikers. photojournalist sean estes followed him up the mountain
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we've heard from other hikers, violates the policy of "leaving the city of glendale has a 'pack it in.. pack it out' policy... but it's unclear whether that includes flags. the city of phoenix says- flags ...or anything on the hiking trails.. no matter how well- intentioned or patriotic... would need to come down.
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now that black friday is over... this weekend is about toys for the adults! from ford to ferrari... here's a sneak peak at the arizona auto show. arizona auto show. for many people in the valley..
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the new camaro, the new mustang" the auto show will be at the phoenix convention center, downtown... through tomorrow. that's also when kids under 12 get in free. coming up - the race for the white house might not be over. at least - in wisconsin. the recount effort is moving forward with a new supporter. new supporter. and later - if you're entertaining this holiday season... there are some must-see's here in arizona. we'll tell you about some them, coming up.
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tonight - the green party has initiated a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. they're also eyeing recounts in several other states. now the group has a new supporter... hillary clinton. wendy gillette reports. wendy gillette reports. hillary clinton's campaign team
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to ensure it's legally represented in the process. represented in the process. and take a look at this - almost five million americans want some members of the electoral college to change their votes
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popular vote by 2-million votes. they are calling on 149 electors to make the switch. they have until december 19 to make a decison. they have until december 19 to make a decison. still to come - an ultimatum ... given for dakota access pipeline protestors... which could end their campaign. end their campaign. plus... reaction over the death of cuba's longtime leader, fidel castro. what the president- elect is saying tonight - when
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now at 10 - the 'dakota access peline' protesters have 10 days to leave the federal land... or get arrested. the u.s. army corps of engineers put out the deadline today. but there's some leeway. but there's some leeway. the 3-thousand people can still protest a few miles away ... in the "free speech zone."
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"they're disappointed with this move .. but they will continue to protect their water ." it's drawing a lot of attention here locally. carissa planalp has more on the big protest march in downtown phoenix today. in downtown phoenix today. says, "nats 9:40:19 water is
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can do ." carissa planalp 3tv. today... more than 400-people rallied to support police .. who sometimes clash with protestors in north dakota. organizers say... the rally wasn't pro or anti-pipeline... but a way to stand in solidarity with officers. solidarity with officers. says, ""they're put under such strain right now, and the time that they have put in, it's ridiculous."" butt to ""pro-community. we want our communities back. we want unity. we don't want division." some north dakota residents say ... more federal and state agencies need to intervene with pipeline protests. says, "mos: "i've been waiting for 56 years for this night and i thank god it happened after thanksgiving. it's over. at least it's over."" mos "it means a lot for us cubans. it's a moment that we have waited for for more than 55 years." mos: "this is a huge change for our community and i think a lot of things, good
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things, are coming for us."" president obama said today... the united states is extending "a hand of friendship to the cuban people"... following fidel castro's death. he passed away in havana, at 90 years old. castro survived 10 u-s presidencies. but for many- he was just a dictator...standing in the way of freedom. errol barnett has more from washin (sot - castro) ""we believe in democracy." in his first interview with cbs
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one day seeing a free cuba. senator jeff flake, supported the obama administration, easing
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said- "fidel castro's death follows more than a half century of brutal repression and misery. the cuban people deserve better in the years ahead."
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black friday is over! today .. was all about shopping local... for small business saturday. saturday. it's is an idea that sprung up about seven-years ago... as an alternative to black friday and cyber monday. it encourages holiday shoppers to support local businesses... to help stimulate the economy. governor doug ducey tweeted out.. "today, reinvest in the #az small businesses that make our state great & help shape the character of our communities. shop local." communities. shop local."
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when we got people that are hand making items ... and working hard .. its good to support them." last year, 95 million people shopped on small business saturday across the country.. spending almost 16 billion dollars. experts believe ... that number will go up this year. number will go up this year. the online totals are in for black friday! according to "adobe"... thanksgiving day shoppers spent more than 1-billion dollars. that's about 14 precent more than last year. the company estimates....tha nksgiving, black friday, and cyber monday...all together...will generate more than 8-billion dollars... in online sales. online sales. if you're looking to book your next vacation, cyber monday may be the best time to do it. time to do it. hotels and resorts are hoping to cash-in .. on what is traditionally the biggest online shopping day of the year. several chains..
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smaller, stand-alone properties ... are offering steep cyber sales - some with up to 50 percent off with up to 50 percent off rooms! you might have family or friends in town now .. or they may visit at some point during the holidays. lina deflorias has some advice, on showing them the best arizona has to offer. the best arizona has to offer.
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hands and your heart. ldf, tag one family is thankful for the kindness of strangers tonight. after years of watching their son fight a battle with cancer... they got an unexpected surprise this holiday season. reporter cleve bryan has the story from new
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to him? umm thank you" "9:04 happy thanksgiving" if you would like to help chase, there is a "go fund me" set up ... to help his family cover medical bills and other expenses. you can find a link to that on the 3-t-v news app. the 3-t-v news app. still to come - tips you can use to k safe... while you're out crossing items off your holiday shopping list. shopping list. " it has been tough on us. we got rid of our furniture and a lot of it is still in the garage." a homeowner left floored. he wanted to update his house... but says he didn't get our 3 on your side team tries to help get their money to help get their money back. the arizona cardinals defense getting set to face the one two punch of
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asu toodd graham ver honest about honest about his team's defensive effort against the wildcats the wildcats coming up, it's championship saturday in arizona the lean mean teens going for state rings. in class 6a, number one mountain pointe facing number two chandler. sports is
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if you're taking advantage of cyber monday deals... we've got some tips... to help keep your credit card information stay safe. card information stay safe. experts say use a mobile payment system... like apple or android pay. the programs use a system... that never reveals your real credit card number to the seller. you can also use a virtual credit card. it gives you a one-time number for online payments... that's linked to your real card. finally... never save your credit card information on a seller's website... and make sure your username and password are different... for every site you shop.
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a chandler homeowner says... he's been looking forward to updating his 20-year-old home... and wanted to start with new flooring. but things did not go as planned... so, he contacted 3 on your side's gary harper for help. harper things started off
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new tonight... the nation's capital is filled with history. not just our country's... but even fossils...which are half a billion years old. man is on a mission ... to make it easier for visitors to find them. here's weija jang. here's weija jang. (track 1--cb walking shot)
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paleontology making him its curator. curator. championship saturday in high shcool football, state title rings up for grabs. the seniors wanting the bling and the glory of being the best. 6a ranks, thirteeen and oh mountain point facing red hot hot number two chandler red hot hot number two chandler the pride won the regular season matchup 52-7 the pride have a big time weapon in rashie hodge, into the secondary and one, call
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touchdown. pride on top seven-nothing. wolves quarterback jacob conover over three yards on the season to junior jarick caldwell for six. two-point conversion good 8-7 chandler. conover, the sophmore wanting more spins it perfectly to caldell, fifty yard touchdown. wolves led 15-7 and feeling it. chandler with great 18-hundred yard rusher tj green gets in for six. the wolves win the second state title in the last three state title in the last three years 5a title game, number two willaims field number five centennial. the blackhawks love to line-up and play power football, senior josh alexander busting through. blackhawks take the seven - three lead. the blackhawks defense was outstanding centenniall quarterback rueben beltran picked off by senior braden velentine he wants a ring, stripped from
10:51 pm
tre bugg. the fellow senior has got his back for the touchdown. congrats to coach steve campbell and the blackhawks as they win their first state title. first state title. 4a title game, top ranked saguaro facing catalina foothills, tailback stone matthews setting the tone. short touchdown run. sabercats grab the lead and never look back. wildcats coach rich rodriguez watching his son rhett the quarterback for catalina. next possesion, more of the same matthews makes it fourteen nothing matthewsoc mohawk. now 21-nothing, senior jacon christofferson with the dagger, on the punt return goes in for six. sabercats make it four straight state titles straight state titles rolling 42-14. at chaparral high, 2a finals number three thatcher, number one round valley. eagles came to play, quarterbcak jake dunlap calls his own number for six. two point conversion no good 19-14 thatcher! eagles force a punt, layton alder bringing the heat, punt block, eagles recover inside the five. it sets up dunlap, this time walks right on.
10:52 pm
the elks not going down without a fight quarterback kyron wolf finds bryson brown call it a 65 yard touchdown. but thatcher holds on for but thatcher holds on for the title it won't be happy holidays for the arizona cardinals if they're not battling for a playoff spot. the team heading south to face the explosive six and four falcons. it's arizona's top ranked defense versus atlanta's number one scoring offense. offense. falcons quarterback matt ryan ng season throwing 24 touchdowns. five of those to receiver julio jones who leads the nfl in receiving. cardinals pro bowl corner patrick peterson has task of slowing jones down sunday at the georgia dome. down sunday at the georgia dome. says, " ." says, " ." duel in the desert sun devils
10:53 pm
effort asu rallies from 21 down, manny wilkins to the endzone, n'keal harry sixteen yard touchdown devils down 35 - 28. but asu can't stop anyone this team, giving up 589 yards, 512 on the ground sun devils lose big finish with six straight losses to finish 5 and 7. finish 5 and 7. says, " ." a win and number nine colorado plays in the pac-12 title game. facing utah, uts joe williams gets stripped olugbode
10:54 pm
return for the touchdown. their loving life in boulder, buffs clinch the pac-12 south. they'll face the huskies in next friday's conference title game. conference title game. bg game between number two ohio state and number three michigan. second overtime, michigan kicks a field goal for the lead. buckeyes in their house not letting the masses down curtis samuel fifteen yards for the win. buckeyes alive and well for a playoff berth winning 30 to 27 winning 30 to 27 more bitter rivals, number one alabama number thirteen auburn, yes. the iron bowl. crimson tide knocking on the door, jalen hurts dump o fastgoes 17 yards for six. alabama goes to 12 and oh and will face florida next week in the sec
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- you are being watched. the government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. i designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything... violent crimes involving ordinary people. the government considers these people irrelevant. we don't. hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you. - hi, mom. hi, dad. if you're watching this, you'll know i'm in trouble. i've always tried to be good, keep the rules.
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- just hold him still. - bear, afliggen! sit. - well, that was a big help. - so, you said we had another number? - yes. abby monroe, 26. honor student at school, degree in engineering. , maybe because her younger brother was killed in afghanistan 18 months ago. she quit the charity a week ago. she's now working as a temp in a city planning office. - any threats? - not that i can see, but some anomalies. she dumped her phone five days ago and moved out of her apartment. in fact, the only way i could trace her
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- it's your turn to dry him. - she could be in imminent danger, finch. - mr. reese, he's your dog. - you'll manage. - detective. - detective. - dinner was fun. what about doing it again? i'm free tonight, as it happens. him, actually. davidson. the internal affairs cop went missing last winter. did you know him? - know him? i had some run-ins with him. what's your interest? - i got a tip, anonymous. said a cop killed him. - whoa. well, maybe he was mixed up in some hr business. maybe an hr cop took him out.
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- you got any names? - most of them are behind bars or dead, but not all of them. - will you excuse us? detective carter, we need to talk. - i'll catch up with you later. - so, with hr degraded to the point of irrelevance, my team is shifting priorities back to the man in the suit. he's still out there. do you still want to catch him? - yes, of course. - good. including who he's working for. now, the bureau has been tracking the emergence of private intelligence networks, like the cia or mi6, but for profit. we think the biggest of these has chinese backing. they've got technology, serious resources, and they've been buying up talent. for instance, we think mark snow, the cia agent who contacted you, may also have been recruited, possibly by the man in the suit. - really? snow? - makes sense.
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gets snow to be his asset. listen, carter, i want to read you into this, but it's classified, so i've been authorized to offer you a temporary assignment to the bureau. and i know, with your skills, it'll soon become permanent. sooner you're on board, sooner i can fill you in. so, please, think about it. - i will. thank you. thanks. carter. - hello, detective. - i need to find our friend. we have a big problem. - you'll find him at the department of city planning.
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- didn't anyone try to stop her? - apparently nobody noticed. - detective carter. uh, what do we got? - you heard the 10-31 too, detective? - yep. so, what is it? - uh, like we were telling marshal jennings here-- - marshal jennings, huh? - the manager called it in 'cause one of his staff, a girl by the name of abby monroe, downloaded a file illegally. - and walked out with it two hours ago. no one noticed till too late. - well, does anyone know what's on the file? - well, we keep plans here for some important buildings, for the 1400 block of hanover near wall street. - it's got an electrical sub-station, lawyers' offices, and the hq of an investment bank. nothing like a critical infrastructure target. - so, does anyone know where this abby monroe lives? - we ran a check. the address she gave us is fake. the phone number is a pay phone. - hey, solid background check there. - what can i say i mean, she seemed like a sweet kid.


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