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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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choosing an obamacare opponent, and he's meeting with
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we begin with today's "eye-opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> oh, my gosh. this is not good! >> go, go, go! >> i can't see. >> hit the [ bleep ] gas! >> the fires continue to be unpredictable. >> the national guard has been deployed to the area. >> and tourists and p people wh live through mountain towns are evacuating. a chartered plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashed in columbia. >> police in columbia have announced there are survivors. . donald trump will announce his choice for health and human services secretary. >> the president-elect is holding a second meeting with mitt romney. >> forces appear on the brink of crushing aleppo.
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fled the area. a car and knife attack at ohio state university is being seen as a possible act of terrorism. >> people were crying. >> tens of thousands of cubans continue to the pay their respects to fidel castro during this nine-day period of national mourning. a passenger taken into custody after jumping outside of a moving plane in houston. >> exactly what motivated -- >> all that -- >> and all the customers -- >> ooh. >> to the end ne and a catch made in traffic. he can't throw the ball any better than that. >> a much needed win. >> and "all that mattered" -- >> do you have any evidence at all of fraud? >> no. >> donald trump, of course, won the election, he is president-elect. but i can't believe this, he's still sending out angry tweets. [ laughter ] >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> why isn't it enough for him that he won the electoral
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information that he won the popular election which he lost. >> the popular vote.word "popular" in it. that's the only reason he cares that's the only reason he cares about it. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie is on assignment in cuba. and he'll join us a bit later. jeff glor is with us. good to have you news stories this morning. first to colombia where sources say six people survived a crash of a brazilian soccer team. 75 people were killed. we've got pictures from the crash scene and they show the damaged fuselage and bags among the wreckage. >> team was heading to a soccer tournament. the flight went down on approach to medellin airport.
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may have caused the terrible crash. good morning. >> good morning. around 10:00 p.m., the pilot of the airline declared an emergency with over 80 people on board. the plane was just five minutes from its final destination when
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the team from the small brazilian city was in the middle of a fairytale season, and the team was set to play tomorrow after a major soccer competition for the first time ever. >> reporter: to be torn down from the perch after all they have done, it's heartbreaking and it's going to take a long time to facebook page shows the team moments before it boarded the flight at the airport, and local officials have called this a tragedy not just for brazile but the entire rule. >> authorities have not ruled out the possibility that the plane ran out of fuel, but right now are sighting an electrical
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suspended the play until further notice. athletes, officials, journalists and other guests traveling with our delegation. jeff. the tennessee wildfires. dramatic cell phone video going a desperate try to escape here. sparks and flames shoot across the roadways. cabins can be seen burning in the woods nearby. tourists were trapped inside a hotel in gatlinburg as flames burned outside. flames to nearby towns. dollywood, the dolly parton theme park is threatened. dani ruberti from our affiliate wvlt is near gatlinburg where hundreds are stranded. dani, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, one of the places where residents are seen after fleeing their homes. 600 are registered here.
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clothes on their backs. and most don't know what they'll find when the sun comes up in the morning. >> hit the gas! hit the gas! >> reporter: cell phone video shows flames ss surrounding a driver evacuating gatlinburg, tennessee, late monday night. fire seemed to block off the only road to safety. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: at one point sparks through over the windshield. to the ground. >> reporter: the driver said he was able to escape. it's unclear whether if everyone was. flames closed in on the vista
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>> reporter: at one point, at least 30 str at one point, 30 structures in gatlinburg were burning. high winds caused the fire which began in the smoky mountains last year to descend on surrounding towns. drivers captured the fires cass indicating down the mountain as they were forced to evacuate. earlier in the day smoke blanketed gatlinburg in an >> we are dealing with difficult situations here, and if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> reporter: so far officials tell me there are no reported deaths and schools around the country are closed today, and that fire did burn to the doorstep of dolly pardon's theme park, but they have evacuated all guests and there's no damage to the property.
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to figure out if the attack was an act of terrorism. the suspect abdullah zack ali artan. the attack the police chief says that's why they were able to mount their almost immediate response.
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artan. >> shots fired. one down. >> university officials say artan drove his vehicle into a group of teachers, and a fire alarm sounded and he got out of the car and slashed as many onlookers as he could with butcher knife. >> i heard, run, this guy's got a knife. >> a student witnessed the attack. >> when i saw the car strike one of the students and the student almost looked like a rag doll flying through the air, i knew this was something serious. >> initially the thought was two suspects were involved but now
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university set out alerts with the command, run, hide, fight. key instructions used when they want to indicate an active threat. >> at first, it wasn't c. >> reporter: jojo zamoiski said it was one of many students who ba following yesterday's cancellation. in addition, the university is offering counseling to evidence from the suspect's past may lead to the motive. sources say artan put an angry
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attack. he wrote, quote, america stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim ummah, we are not weak. especial. we are not weak." jeff pegues. >> good morning, this is increasingly turning into an investigator's case, what they're discovering is a dramatic escalation. hallmark signs, law enforcement officials say, of someone radicalized and turning to action. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say shortly before the attack, the suspect posted a message on facebook suggesting that he was disturbed by how muslims are being treated. reportedly posting, i am sick and tired of seeing my fellow muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured everywhere. officials say artan came to the
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2014 after fleeing smoomalia, a spending seven years in a refugee camp. he first attended community college in columbus where he was on the dean's list. last august, he became a student at ohio state where he was interviews by the campus paper, "the lantern." he complained about what he believed was the media' portrayal of muslims. i wanted to pray in the open, he said but i was with everything going on in the media. if people look at me a muslim praying i don't know what they're going to think what's going to happen. >> today, we can prove that the suspect was alone by himself in the vehicle and committed his act by himself. ongoing investigation to determine motive and if smibls was involved in this act. >> reporter: although investigators stilt have not settled on a motive for the attack, it fittings the profile of what investigators say terrorist organizations have
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terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis have been encouraging supporters to carry out lone-wolf attacks like the one in nice, france, in july. and a shopping mall stabbing in minnesota in september. cbs news has learned that artan's father was abducted in somalia in 2007. and that is why his family left the country to ultimately seek refugee status in 2012. the family came into the u.s. by flying into new , dallas and on to ohio where they settled. gayle. jeff, thank you very much. president-elect donald trump filleds another cabinets position this morning. donald trump announced that he did nominate georgia congressman tom price to lead the health and human services. he's known as say strong opponent of the affordable care act. and who will be the next secretary of state. major garrett is covering the transition for us and joining us with the latest.
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in this move answer for that matter all the president-elect trump's moves. pence is said to be agnostic on the choice for secretary of state, leaving that decision squarely in the lap of president-elect trump. word has drifted for days with more deliberations schedulinged for today. >> folks, this is lunacy. this is lunacy. this is what happens when you put the governmen >> reporter: that was congressman tom price in pennsylvania a week before election day. denouncing the affordable care act as he stumped for candidate donald trump. >> this is crazinecraziness. >> reporter: price favors repealing the health care law on premiums. >> the administration spent over 1 trillion dollars on a broken medicaid system on subsidies that they're forcing people to
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orthopedicic surgeon by trade. price also wants to privatize medicare and defund. and tends to merge with promises of actions to come. >> a number of very important announcements tomorrow. >> reporter: the president-elect held his first meeting sunday with former cia director david petraeus. >> he basically walked us around showed a great grasp of the varieties of challenges out there. >> reporter: after, the president-elect posted on social media that he was very impressed. he pled guilty in 2015 to knowing disclosing classified information while cia director to his mistress and biographer. eager to resurrect his career, petraeus said last week, he would serve again. >> very good conversation.
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here. >> the president-elect will have dinner tonight with 2012 gop nominee mitt romney. the second meeting between the two as romney vies with petraeus and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. sources also they petraeus is the runner for national intelligence. top trump aide kellyanne conway has criticized romney. tweeting out last night working hard late last night. showing wheth defying trump's wishes as he so report 20% taken by opposition fighters in 2012. thousands have been fleeing out of the battle zone. the enjoy doesn't know how long eastern aleppo will last.
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elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning, this very intensive offensive began after almost nonstop bombing and shelling in the past weeks carried out by both the russian and syrian warplanes and their allies on the ground. >> reporter: civilians carrying only the barest necessities began to move out of eastern aleppo as syrian troops moved in. this woman fled with her mother we haven't had very much for five months she said. the government backed by russia offered bus transport away from the battle zone. since the weekend the syrian army and its allies have taken 40% of the territory held by opposition fighters since 2012. the intense bombardment of this offensive has leveled buildings across eastern aleppo. including this woman's home
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tweeting about her flight which has now gone from dire to desperate. one of her last messages read, tonight we have no house. it's bombed. i got in the rubble. i saw deaths and i almost died. as far as we know bana and her family are still in the rebel-held city along with tens of thousands. the whole area is under attack by sources who now clearly have the upper hand. >> cuba this morning is planning to honor fidel castro with a massive rally. throughouts lined up to pay trick to the man who led the country for nearly 50 years. neither president obama nor vice president biden will attend the funeral on sunday. in the next hour, we're going to charlie rose. he is in havana with more on how cuba is saying good-bye.
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a woman who couldn't wait for her flight to get to the gate.
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back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the woman who left the united airlines jet by the side door. a little problem, though, the time. yikes. and the delta passenger who got in trouble for screaming at his captive audience about donald trump. and a north dakota sheriff warns pipeline protesters that winter is coming and they're putting themselves in danger. hear from a veteran who is leading an effort to protect the demonstrators. time to show you the morning's headlines.
7:31 am
in pennsylvania. and there's a plan to request a recount in michigan tomorrow. "the washington post" looks at how the united states took down the second in command the isis after hiding for months. in august, after surveillance by the cia and pentagon he was tracked to a sanctuary in northern syria. when heli bomb struck it killing him. at least high-profile officials have died in the past six months. jury selection. it's possible he'll question
7:32 am
roof faces the death penalty if convicted. three deaths that may have been linked to a thanksgiving dinner. officials say they all ate at a dinner at a church. five others were hospitalized. and the state reports on the first locally transmitted zika case. a woman in cameron county has the viruses. she reports to going to no areas affected by zika. zika has spread. a woman is under psychiatrist care this morning after she jumped out of a moving plane at george bush airport. tarmac camera appears to show her running away from the plane. kris van cleave is in washington national airport tracking this bizarre investigation. kris, good morning.
7:33 am
going pretty well for this flight from new orleans. it arrived in houston early, it was taxiing to the gate when one of the passengers bolted. >> the lady just opened up the door and jumped out of the plane. >> reporter: passengers on flight 1282 were left stunned as a woman took the expressway out through a window. surveillance video captured making a beeline for the terminal. he opened the overhead rescue door and made the 15-foot jump without an emergency slide. >> i looked over and it's sunlight. and i just see a figure step out of it. >> reporter: the woman was quickly caught by police who were surprised she didn't have a scratch on her. >> the ramp area, where the airplanes sit at the gate, they're a dangerous place if you're not trained and you don't
7:34 am
there were a lot of people that were put in danger because of her. >> reporter: according to the faa, incidents of unruly passengers have actually been on the decline since 2012. but one faa spokesman told "cbs this morning," we hardly go a day without at least one report. >> do you hear me? donald trump, baby! >> reporter: monday, delta banned this donald trump supporter for life for his rant on a flight from atlanta to allentown, pennsylvania, last week. the airline apologized to passengers in a statement saying the customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. >> what do you mean -- >> reporter: although disruptive passengers can face possible criminal charges and fines some faa experts say the punishment should be even harsher. >> if you punish somebody severely for disrupting a flight, there would be a lot less of it. >> now, in the most recent indicatcase,
7:35 am
evaluation. police say she's not going to face any criminal charges and have not elaborated why she used the exit the way she did. as for the another 98 passengers on board, they had to wait for officers with a k9 to clear the plane before they were allowed to get off at the gate. norah. >> kris, thank you. >> he raises a good point, the guy in the story, if there were more punishment, there would be le. that. >> i've never seen anything like that on a flight. very glad about that one. knock on that one. >> in case it's plexiglas. now to the story, thousands of people protesting an oil pipeline in north dakota say they will defy a mandatory evacuation order. the north dakota governor said wind conditions up there are life-threatening and have ordered protesters to leave.
7:36 am
inches of snow yesterday. the pipeline with the sacred sight, michelle miller is there inned in ed ned in in north dak. >> reporter: norah, good morning. this road here leadings to the access road to the encampment. it's been closed to the public since july. only law enforcement accesses this road. they around even letting us in. dangerous. with temperatures below freezing. he have snowfall and wind gusts of over 30 miles an hour. they're ordering protesters to move out. >> we're not planning on going nowhere. >> reporter: hunkered down at camp, these men say they're not leaving. like them, there's an estimated 10,000 people on the north dakota prairie holed up in
7:37 am
warning of harsh winter conditions on the land, north dakota governor says the property is under the proprietary jurisdiction of the army corps of engineers. the norton county sheriff released his video. >> being outside for long periods of time does bring life-threatening conditions. >> inside here, it's warm. >> reporter: john bigelow represents the seven councils fire. >> we're going to stand up and say no. it's over 100 years of and it has to stop now. >> reporter: expected to carry crude oil from the oil field to illinois, it's nearly complete except for the section under the encampment. the fight has caused a bridge blockade on the main road. the chairman of the standing rock sioux tribe says because of closure, the services can't get through.
7:38 am
>> everyone is worried about safety. >> reporter: u.s. marine veteran michael wood jr. says help is on the way. >> we have created an entire military battalion in less than three weeks. >> reporter: he said more than 2500 unarmed vets are mobilizing to stand between police and protesters. >> this is your fight, but if you don't take up and promote a stand up for it now, you end up saying why am i being led through. i is my water poisoned. october now. >> reporter: even with the evacuation orders, the army corps of engineers and the local sheriff's department says that they will not forcibly remove any of the protesters. instead, we're going to work our way through this later today. >> michelle miller. thank you very much. >> i thought michelle was going to end by saying we're getting in the car right now and getting heat.
7:39 am
winter coats. we heard from reliable sources. you need one. >> fedex overnight. ahead here, john blackstone with some traffic cops along the superhighway. >> reporter: here at paypal headquarters in silicon valley, cybermonday is the biggest day of the year. monitoring millions of transactions to make sure it all goes smoothly. only on "cbs this mor," we'll take you inside paypal's command center coming up. and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the originals and news of the day. find them on itunes, podcasts
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$3.4 billion from yesterday. that's up 10% from last year. internet sales through the whole holiday season could soar to more than $90 million. paypal shows 40% growth in payment over last year. only on "cbs this morning," john blackstone got a look at paypal in san jose, california. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, while we're here at the demo area in the pay pal headquarters to give an idea how the company handles transactions around the world. paypal offers consumers to pay online without giving personal information to retailers. all of this information has to be kept safe and out of the hands of cyberthieves. >> this is the heart of our technology operation. >> reporter: this is paypal's command center where purchases are monitored around the world
7:45 am
mission control, it looks like. >> it is. actually, it is my favorite place. >> reporter: m.j. austin is a technology executive at paypal. >> we've gotten better and better over the years from all of the learning that we've done to where were are seeing fraudulent transactions. >> reporter: it's cyber monday. the team is monitoring a torrent of activity in over 100 curre cues >> there's a bunch of smarts behind the actual monitoring. and through that monitoring, we're able to highlight only those things that seem unusual. >> reporter: but the sheer volume of transaction makes combatting cybercrime a daunting task. on cyber monday 2015, paypal passed $25,000 per second.
7:46 am
>> we had a small intermittent outages during that time, the reality is most customers were not impacted. >> reporter: paypal was also one of the company dhas shut down last month after hackers struck a company whose servers ruined internet traffic. the hack also with webcam, smart clock and digital recorders. cnet editor-at-large tim stevens. >> it's basically like a bunch of bankers knocking on the doors. not necessarily data being exposed or customers being at risk or data being at risk, it's just that service is being shut down. >> reporter: paypal said no customer information was stolen but still wonders about the future. >> as more and more devices going forward, they're going to be compromised in new ways. >> cyber monday following thanksgiving is, of course, an american creation. which is why paypal shows all of
7:47 am
america. but look at this. here's all of the cyber monday transactions paypal tracked in europe and asia. cyber monday has become a world wide shopping holiday. norah. >> john, thank you. that's incorrect. >> it says to me, paypal ain't playing around. i think it's great that they took us in so they can show us this is what we're doing over here. what were you going to say? >> it looks like the inside to nasa. >> the most famous place in the world. are joining forces to help protect the earth.
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good morning- it's 7:56, i'm yetta gibson.let's get right to your traffic... 3 3 three people are in the hospital... after a crash
7:57 am
on i- 17 near anthem.police say.. the driver of a truck got on the interstate at new river going the wrong way last night.... and ended up crashing into a car.the couple in that car... and the driver of the truck.. all have serious injuries this morning. right now police are looking into whether that driver was drunk. a sad update this morning... in the search for a missing phoenix man.we've learned his body has been found at sequoia national park in california. 41-year-old vince scalise was last seen... last suppose to return for thanksgiving... but he never made it back.his cause of death is under investigation. that area has been cold... with overnight temperatures below freezing.
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? it is tuesday, november 29th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including president-elect trump's newest cabinet choice, congressman tom pr what the nomination mean for the future of health care. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> the plane was just five minutes from its final destination when it went down in a remote region of colombia. >> this red cross shelter is where residents are staying the night after fleeing their homes due to these fast-moving wildfires. >> campus police were already in this area. that's why they were able to mount their almost immediate response. >> this is increasingly turning
8:01 am
attacker's background. what they are discovering is a dramatic escalation in his statements online. >> pence is said to be agnostic on the decision of secretary of state. more deliberations scheduled for today. >> things were going well for this flight from new orleans when one of the passengers bolted. >> i've never seen anything like that. i'm very glad about that. >> keep it that way. >> knock on wood. very glad ahi >> in this case, plexiglass. >> "breakfast club" star anthony michael hall is facing seven years in prison for fighting his neighbor. however, his lawyer is trying to plarg that down to serving detention with molly ringwald, emilio estevez. we're going to see if they can work that out. ?
8:02 am
o'donnell and jeff glor. charr slee standing by in hav havana. there's break news to tell you about from colombia, where a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashinged overnight. up to six people are said to have survived. it went down in a remote air why outside the colombian city. >> the soccer team was heading there for a regional tournament final. investigators are focusing on a they're also not ruling out the chance that the plane ran out of fuel. out of control wildfires have forced people in tennessee to evacuate. officials say about a hundred homes in the gatlinburg area are damaged or destroyed. the national guard and more than a dozen local fire departments are fighting these flames. great smokey mountains national park was forced to close. dramatic cell phone video shows flames surrounding one driver trying to escape. at least four people in the area have suffered burned from the fire.
8:03 am
knife attack at ohio state university. the investigation is leading toward terrorism as a motive. police say that abdul razak artan plowed into a group of people with his car yesterday, then slashed five of them with a butcher knife. a campus police officer shot and killed the suspect about one minute later. police say artan was a student at ohio state. he came to the united states back in 2014, and before that he spent seven years in a pakistan refugee catch after somalia. artan gla graduated from a community college earlier this year. he recently posted on facebook that he was, quote, sick and tired of seeing my fellow muslim brothers and sisters being authorities began searching his apartment last night. they believe that he ancted alone. president-elect donald trump has announced another major cabinet nomination. he will tap georgia congressman tom price for the leader of health and human services.
8:04 am
before entering kong, he was an orthopedic surgeon. tennessee senator bob corker and 2012 gop presidential nominee mitt romney will also meet with trump today. mr. trump talked yesterday with retire foure four-star general petraeus. john heilman is managing editor at bloomberg politics. first, secretary of state. the president-elect's choice for who he wants is one thing. getting them confirmed by the united states >> that's true. >> and how does that affect his choice? >> it seems harder for me to imagine that any of the current people being considered are going to have a real problem getting through a republican senator. >> even petraeus? >> petraeus has some vetting issues. clearly there are many people who will point out that for a republican president-elect who spent a lot of his campaign attacking hillary clinton over her e-mail use and over the
8:05 am
classified material, david petraeus, that's what he got in trouble with the law for. there will be a fight over that. but again, hard for me to believe that any of these candidates would have a problem getting through. >> do you see a front runner here? kellyanne conway maybe very vocal in her disapproval of mitt romney. there are reports kellyanne has gone rogue. she made it clear that's not the case. she has the support of donald trump. is there a leading contender in your mind? >> the only mind that matters on this is the mind of donald thing seems to have been wildly overblown. donald trump likes chaos. it's pretty clear to me kellyanne conway may be a lot of things, she's not dumb. i don't think she came forward and said anything she did not feel comfortable saying in the context of maintaining her close relationship to mr. trump. so i think everyone i talk to about this is -- says the same thing, which is man, we just don't know what donald trump is thinking. there's things like what he thinks the cut of the jib, the
8:06 am
like a secretary of state. might seem crazy o some people. that matters to donald trump. i wouldn't be surprised if any of the following people, rudy giuliani, mitt romney, and david petraeus, end up being secretary of state. would not surprise me pchbl. >> tom price now nominated to be the head of health and human services. he's called obamacare crazy. what does this tell you about where the president-elect is going on the affordable car act? >> he spent a large portion of the campaign saying he was going to repeal and replace obamacare on day one, which was a little overdramatic. can't really do that in one day. this pick is really consistent with what president-elect trump campaigned on. whether -- doing the replacement of obamacare has been a complicated thing. but it's true congressman price, unlike many republicans who criticized the law, congressman price has a replacement. the more interesting quirks or
8:07 am
question, is the fact that congressman price also wants to overhaul medicare in a pretty dramatic way, along the lines of the way paul ryan has said. that's something that president-elect trump said he was adamantly against throughout the campaign. so there's some on the question of repealing or replacing obamacare, there's alignment between the new proposed hhs chairman and the president-elect on the question of what to do about medicare, which is obviously the biggest, most important federal entitlement. there's some disagreement at least right now. >> and mitt romney and donald trump having dinner tonight at a french restaurant. >> it's true. you guys have not been on donald trump's twitter feed this morning yet. >> no. >> the news of this morning is that out of nowhere apparently, the president-elect has said -- has come out with a tweet this morning about flag burning. not sure what provoked this tweet. he's suggesting now that if someone burns the american flag, they should be thrown in jail or
8:08 am
familiar with the constitutional law on this matter, which is flag burning is, at this moment at least, protected speech under the first amendment. i don't think even if you were to amend the constitution you would be able to strip someone's sltsship from them for pretty much any reason. >> there hasn't been a campaign like it. that still continues. >> we're talking about it now. john heilman, thank you. world leaders are arriving in havana ahead of tonight's rally to honor fidel notably absent, russian president vladimir putin, canadian prime minister justin trudeau, as well as president obama obama. charlie rose is in havana, where cubans are lining up to pay their respectings. charlie, good morning to you.
8:09 am
of fidel castro, massive crowds came to this plaza to hear his thunderous speeches. yesterday hundreds of thousands came to bid farewell. today even bigger crowds are expected. in fact, behind me they're already beginning to line up. hundreds of mourners remain well after the sun set on revolution square. fidel's brother and cuban president raul castro placed a l several other cuban officials also paid tribute to the man who led the country for nearly 50 years. the lines of mourners monday grew longer as the day wore on. many were overcome, either by the heat or by grief. he is livieieing e personally n this man said. many stood in line for a chns to
8:10 am
medals. the moment may have lasted only seconds, but the anguish was evident. i tell you this from my heart, this farmer said. i'd like it to have been me instead of him. castro's ashes were kept out of public view, even in death he is surrounded by secrecy. alcohol sales and celebratory music are banned during this period of mourning. schools and government offices have been many mourners who also signed an oath of loyalty o castro's revolution, are state employees or students. around the world, castro is seen by some as a murderous and repressive dictator. but to these cubans, he is a father figure and a national hero. tonight's rally will be a kind of sendoff of fidel castro.
8:11 am
this capital city for one last time. it will then embark on a cross country tour, stopping along the way before arriving at santiago de cuba, the birthplace of the revolution. gayle? >> charlie rose in havana. thank you very much. safe travels as you head back to us here in new york. first time home buyers are expected to dominate the housing market. jill is in our toyota green room ex financial sense to rent or buy in the coming year. that's always the question,
8:12 am
is an outgoing u.s. ambassador has made his job fun for an international audience. >> i'm mark phillips in copenhagen, denmark, where the u.s. ambassador has become a bit of an accidental, or is it a deliberate, tv star. in this crazy election yeerks
8:13 am
do. >> o this one, i'm not certain i can give you anything reassuring. >> rufus give ford does denmark, diplomacy as show biz, and it works. coming up on "cbs this morning." denmark. diplomacy as showman, and it works. comingp on "cbs this morning." when i have a headache, i don't want to put my life on hold. i've got a big night planned with my friends. and i want to enjoy every moment of it. that's why i use fast-acting excedrin for my headaches.
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what kind of mortgage did you get? >> ten-year. >> well, ten over 30. so 30 in total. >> what? you said ten. >> ten-year fixed. over 30. 30-year total. >> 30 years. >> wow. >> okay. >> wow, you'll be paying this off in your mid-70s. forget about retiring when you're 65. extra bedroom if the girlfriend never happens, that's where the nurse can live. >> really good. that's michael scott from "the office" he learned that becoming a new homeowner can become a little overwhelming. the process is about to get even more competitive. first-time home buyers made up to 35% of home sales in 2016.
8:18 am
next year. jill schlesinger is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with mortgage rates. it was owe traumatic, it was double digits back then. now you said it's raised to 4%. >> it's weird, before the election if you were going to get a 30-year fixed rate mortgage you were paying 3.34%. now up over 4%. >> that's still good. >> 4% is amazing. it really is. but that jump is dramatic. and the reason the rates have jumped is that the market believes that president-elect trump's policies where you get more spending, more tax cuts, we'll see more growth. so the federal reserve will have to raise rates faster. all interest rates will likely rise as a result. that's why mortgage rates are up. again, it's very low historically, honestly, if you're shopping for a mortgage,
8:19 am
>> especially if they keep ticking up which they will presumably for a couple years now. >> and people are thinking, wait a minute, should i buy my house right now? wait a second, we're still looking at low mortgage rates and you've got to look at your financial situation. we talk financial planners all the time, what do they say, they say you should be spending up to 30% of your income on housing. housing can be your house or it can it's tough in a high-priced mortgage to keep that housing cost at 30%. but what's really important is, if you are about to buy a house, you got to factor that in. you also have to come up with a down payment. 20%. you can do less but it's safer to do 20%. then you deputy factor in maintenance costs. the boiler can break. >> what's the average for a
8:20 am
i just heard more millennials are now living at home. >> more millennials are living at home. the average age is still in the low 30s. about 33. if you want to buy a house, be clear. run your numbers. rent first and then buy. if you can stay with your parents, rock on. keep saving. >> but you don't want to date a guy who's still living at home. that's a real issue. the world chess championship in new york h stalema stalemate, ahead see who is ahead after a series of ties. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's money is sponsored by rocket mortgage by quicken loans. with the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. cockpit sounds and music crescendo. skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online. get the confidence that comes from a secure,
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8:24 am
i love this song. >> i love this song. >> the closer. >> the chainsmokers, it's called nobody has closed out this world chess championship, a draw between magnus carlsen tied his opponent sergey karjakin of russia. it was over after 30 minutes. it's the final regulation game where the two grand masters will now take part in a series of breakers which happens to be carlsen's birthday. while they're playing, they're actually going to put this song in the background to increase
8:25 am
said. i love this song. good morning- it's 8:25, i'm yetta gibson.let's get right to your traffic... 3 3 today... governor doug ducey will take part in a ceremony to dedicate a new state park in memory of the 19 fallen granite mountain hotshots.the
8:26 am
trail... lined with 19 stone plaques honoring each of the men....who died fighting the 'yarnell hill fire' in 20-13.. the park opens to the public tomorrow.we'll have the latest from the ceremony.. coming up at noon. three people are in the hospital... after a crash involving a wrong-way driver on i- 17 near anthem.police say.. the driver of a truck got on the interstate at new river going the wrong way last night.... and ended up crashing into a car.the couple in that car... and the driver of the truck.. all have right now police are looking into whether that driver was drunk. 3 thank you for choosing cbs 5,
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
? joy to the earth ? ? the savior reigns ? ? fields and f ? >> that's gary joe don and jay, also known as rascal flatts. that was on last night. good job. >> we love christmas music season, don't we? >> we love rascal flatts.
8:31 am
we love you guys. welcome back to cbs this morning. 94-year-old navy veteran donald straton was on the uss arizona when it was attacked. he's written the first memoir ahead. the stories he never told anyone including his wife. >> wow. plus, america's ambassador to denmark has turned his job as a diplomat into show. how the series is now finding an international audience. >> you guys love him too. >> great story. right now, time to show you the headlines. the guardian of britain says the great barrier reef is being ravaged by rising water temperatures. more than two-thirds of the shallow water coral died in a 430-mile stretch. it could take 15 years to grow
8:32 am
reports a former playboy model is pleading not guilty in her body shaming case. they say she secretly photographed a naked 70-year-old woman in the locker room and posted it with a mocking caption on snapchat. time magazine says xenophobia is the word of the year. also fear or dislike of the custom people who are culturally different than one's self. the search for the word spiked because of the presidential election and britain's brexit vote. "hamilton" hitting a new high. set a new record last week for the most money ever made in a single week by a broadway show. wow. thanksgiving is usually a lucrative time for theater.
8:33 am
$998. that's when you know a play is good. they don't even have many of the original cast members. it's so strong and so well done, people still want to see it. >> grand ticket on average. >> that's right. cuba taking a subdued turn after fidel castro's death. many museums are closed, there's a ban on live music and some nightclubs are shuttered. there's also most alcohol sales. in the netflix series "the crown" queen elizabeth prevents her sister from marrying a divorced man. now a future king is supporting his brother and the woman that he loves. we have the latest on prince harry's romance. >> reporter: good morning. it appears prince william stepped up for his little brother. the palace forwarded us this statement.
8:34 am
understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for prince harry to support those closest to him. it goes back to a strongly worded statement prince harry made regarding the media's treatment of his new girlfriend which he described as a wave of abuse and harassment. some of this has been very public, this statement reads. the smear on a front page of a national newspaper, racial undertones, outright racism of social media trolls and web articles. that soon gave way to stories that william was deeply unhappy at his brother's hot-headed plea. after that, it looks like william just wanted to set the record straight and give something of a royal seal of approval for harry's girlfriend. >> charlie, thank you very much. next week, marks 75 years since the japanese attack on pearl harbor.
8:35 am
a survivor aboard the urksss arizona. donald writes about being on the battle ship when it sank. >> reporter: the battleship arizona graces the back of donald straton's classic truck. he points out the anti aircraft gun -- >> right there. >> reporter: -- where as a 19-year-old he fought the japanese sneak attack on december 7th, 1941. >> american naval power in the pacific has been paralyzed. >> some of the pilots waved at us and smiled. >> reporter: they were waving at you while shooting at you? >> that's right. >> reporter: the arizona was one unrelenting japanese air
8:36 am
responsible for the disaster that befell the arizona. >> it was a fire ball about six or 800 feet in the air. that just unguengulfed us. >> i was burnt over like 60% of my body. >> reporter: randy is don's son. >> some of his scars you can see, some you'll kancan't. any noise to this day, he through the ceiling because of that bomb going off. >> the massive control tower began to keel over. >> reporter: for 75 years, stratton said little about how he survived. but he has finally written a memoir, "all the gallant men." it reveals things his wife had never heard. >> when i read the book, i
8:37 am
he never told me his story about anything about what happened. >> reporter: of the explosion, he writes, the flames found us, burning off our clothes, our hair, our skin. men stumbled around on the deck like human torches, each collapsing into a flaming pile of flesh. how do you go on fighting or trying to survive with that amount of pain? >> it's just i just pulled the skin off my arms and threw it down because it was in the way. >> reporter: you pulled the skin off your arms? >> it was just hanging down there. >> reporter: using badly burned hands, he somehow pulled himself along a rope about 80 feet to safety to another ship. >> oh, yeah, they were still bombing and everything, yeah. >> reporter: recovery meant
8:38 am
surgeri surgeries. did you think you were going to make it? >> i don't think it ever entered my mind that i wouldn't. >> reporter: and he wouldn't be kept away from the fight. a year after pearl harbor, he reenlisted and fought in the pacific. did you think you had a score to settle? >> we had a job to do. >> reporter: over the years, he has returned again and again to the arizona >> it's very sad. it's a very sacred place. i lost so many shipmates that day. it's like losing them all over again. >> reporter: on the 60th anniversary japanese pilots who attacked pearl harbor came in peace. have you managed to forgive japan? >> let's put it this way, 1,167 men out there on that arizona wouldn't, so i'm not going to do it. >> reporter: next week on the
8:39 am
with his whole family including great grandchildren. >> knowing that probably it will be the last time, and that's hard. >> reporter: but the family vows never to forget, like grandfather nickie, each wears a lockette holding a fragment of the uss arizona. >> the arizona is in our blood. quite literally in our blood. >> reporter: for most who si of distant history, but it's not distant at all for donald, stratton. i had lost a part of myself in the ruins of that ship and a big part of my family in the men that died there. for cbs this morning. john blackstone, colorado springs. >> oh, my. this is the most incredible story. >> it is.
8:40 am
to describe mr. stratton and his people. >> he's one of only five survivors of the uss arizona still alive today. he also holds the distinction of having served in both the first and last battles of world war ii. >> i love that his wife and he are together and she's even learning something. what a blessing for us he's sharing the story of us. >> gallant man indeed. >> thank you f story. >> thank you donald stratton. >> yeah, for writing that. >> that's right. >> what began as a show for foreign policy geeks has become an international sensation. how the u.s. ambassador to
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
? you're going to love this story. the life of an american diplomat over seas might not seem glamorous, but rufus gifford is no ordinary envoy. we went to co-pen haguen to find out how he became a reality tv star seen around the world.
8:45 am
ambassador, he had to handle some tough questions. >> it's a frightening thought for millions of people in the world that donald trump could be elected and thus have his fingers near the nuclear launch buttons were. >> reporter: if there's one thing he's been, it's candid. >> on this one, i'm not certain i can give you anything reassuring. >> reporter: a former obama fundraiser and political appointee as denmark will be leaving co-pen haguen soon. he's been a tv star. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is the catchly entitled, i am the ambassador from america. >> i have the best job in the world. and the only way you can really explain it to people is by living it. >> this is just your average wednesday. >> reporter: it was supposed to
8:46 am
audience of foreign policy geeks. >> we thought if we were lucky, we might have 50,000 danes tune in. >> reporter: but the audience of danes, hundreds of thousands of them, rolled in like copenhagen at rush hour. the numbers shocked the producer. >> he looks like a hollywood star. perfect smile, good-looking, smart, and so on. >> reporter: an american from central casting office. >> yeah. >> reporter: and with an appealing central character, all the show needed was a plot twist. enter rufus' partner steven. >> should be home by 7:00. >> getting nervous? >> i feel good. i really do. i think it's just a matter of getting -- >> reporter: what they wanted
8:47 am
how about a good old new fashionened wedding. >> i'm not sure i'm going to go through with this. >> that makes two of us. >> reporter: it did go ahead. a happy day, a show biz hit and a political statement. >> i therefore proclaim that you are legally married. congratulati congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> and there was an element of diplomacy there, or politics. >> reporter: what were you trying to prove? >> we were in the same place in copenhagen city hall where the first same-sex unions in the world took place. >> reporter: as a diplomatic and pr exercise, it all works.
8:48 am
europe, in russia. >> reporter: because of attitudes to gayness? >> mostly, yeah. >> reporter: but it's worked so well in denmark, the show has been picked up by netflix. you never know what sells on tv. >> that is true. yes, indeed. >> reporter: the ambassador turned accidental tv star is going global and looking for a new job. mark phillips in >> wow. something tells me he won't have any trouble getting a new job. i love the whole sentiment behind the story and how it started. >> i agree. >> good looking and very smart. >> how about mark phillips with that goatee. >> i was wondering if he was part of november. >> looking good, mark. >> always. when you're in love, anywhere in the right place to
8:49 am
ahead, more newlyweds started celebrating in the middle of a traffic jam. good story. you're watching cbs this morning. jam. good story. you're watching "cbs this
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
? here's to the happy couple. to the bride, to the bride, to the groom, to the groom. they had their first dance as husband and wife in the middle that's outside dayton. there was an accident that shut down the highway on saturday blocking the way to the wedding reception for more than an hour. so they decided to celebrate right there on the spot. they were dancing to "when you say nothing at all." very, very pretty song. they're off to a good start, those two. >> beautifully done. congratulations. that does it for us.
8:53 am
evening news. tonight.
8:54 am
good morning- it's 8:54, i'm yetta gibson.let's get right to your traffic... 3 today... governor doug ducey
8:55 am
in memory of the 19 fallen granite mountain hotshots.the park features... a seven-mile trail... lined with 19 stone plaques honoring each of the men....who died fighting the 'yarnell hill fire' in 20-13.. the park opens to the public tomorrow.we'll have the latest from the ceremony.. coming up at noon. and it's a snow day in the high country.more snow fell in flagstaff... creating some slick conditions.... so today... all flagstaff unified three people are in the hospital... after a crash involving a wrong-way driver on i- 17 near anthem.police say.. the driver of a truck got on the interstate at new river going the wrong way last night.... and ended up crashing into a car.the couple in that car... and the driver of the truck.. all have serious injuries this morning. right now police are looking into whether that driver was drunk. a sad update this morning... in the search for a missing phoenix man.we've learned his
8:56 am
41-year-old vince scalise was last seen... last week... while going for a hike.he was suppose to return for thanksgiving... but he never made it back.his cause of death is under investigation. that area has been cold... with overnight temperatures below freezing. firefighters in the west valley are preparing for the unexpected...they took part in a hazmat drill yesterday... at the glendale municipal airport. it was a simulated emergency response.. involving a pilot rescue... a pesticide leak... anto chemical. says, "we want to train for things that may never happen... not prepared.. not ready.. thrown at us." the glendale fire department says.. these types of drills ... help them develop relationships with other agencies ... throughout the valley. the 'tempe block party' is being scaled back officials say since the fiesta bowl pulled out of tempe... the
8:57 am
there will be no big name bands.. big crowds or countdowns.. 3 thank you for choosing cbs 5,
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( "the price is right" theme playing ) >> george: here it comes, from the bob barker studio at cbs in hollywood, it's "the price is right!" ( cheers and applause ) joseph caiola come on down. bridget roberts come on down. adam purnell come on down.


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