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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 17, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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hotter than usual, that may not be your maimagination. globally this past june,
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scientists say this was the warmest ever on record and there's no relief in sight. on the heels of a heat wave earlier this month that set records in parts of the country, americans are bracing for round two of what's becoming an especially steamy summer. >> sweaty. >> sweaty out. >> there's not one person who is not sweating now. >> reporter: temperatures well over 90 will be the norm for the nation. factor in the humidity and in many spots it will feel like the 100s. in atlantic city all bets were off, as mechanical problems left some casinos without air conditioning. >> there's no ice in the building that we know of so we're going to go down and beg for ice. >> reporter: but along lake shore drive in chicago, fitness fanatics were undeterred by the sweltering heat with temperatures hitting above 90 degrees and humidity at nearly 90% this week. forecasters say the heat is so intense, even in the desert southwest, temperatures could approach record-setting levels there this weekend. all of that will make its way
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east in the coming days, enough heat to make the summer of 2010 a scorcher, compared to last year. >> this summer has been a lot hotter. the heat has covered a larger area, and we're not done yet. >> reporter: and for many, that means cool comfort trumps fashion. >> leave him half naked. >> if you got a nice long sleeved shirt, designer long sleeve shirt you want to rock today, don't do it. >> reporter: some good advice on a day like this particularly. it's not just been an especially hot summer. scientists say that so far this year, they've seen the warmest average global temperature on record, 58 degrees. chris? >> elaine quijano in central park in new york city this morning, thank you. here's betty. now to the gulf of mexico, where bp and federal officials are facing a couple of crucial decisions today. the cap installed thursday on the broken well is holding so far, and as of now, there are no signs of leaks. cbs news correspondent kelly coy
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but cobiella joins thus morning. >> reporter: the government officials later today will have to decide whether to continue keeping that well closed off or reopen the valve. a mile under sea, the gusher is still gone, but the government's man in charge says they may have to reopen the valve, sending oil into the gulf again. >> the course ever action that we have taken thus far is to continue to closely monitor, continue to do testing, look for any deviations in the prerneur readings that would cause us to believe there might be a further breach. >> reporter: the pressure is above 6,700 pounds per inch and slowly rising. engineers were hoping for a higher number. instead they have more questions. is the well leaking deep in the rock or has so much oil escaped already that the pressure
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dropped? >> 6,700 psi may be all this reservoir can put out and that's the most likely explanation. >> reporter: engineers are looking for leaks with rov cameras, sonar and seismic testing. so far they've found none. if there is a leak and they keep holding back the oil it could get worse, causing problems for the relief wells, the best hope for stopping the oil permanently. 5.2 million barrels of oil have flowed into the gulf already. admiral paul zucrunft is in charge of cleaning it up. >> reporter: we're talking months. we're prepared to be at this level through the end of the calendar year. >> reporter: that super skimmer called "a whale" will not be part of the cleanup. apparently the oil is too broken up for it to work effectively. officials say if they had used it much earlier in the cleanup before any dispersants were used
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it could have been very, very effective. betty, another lesson learned. >> all right, kelly cobbiella in grand isle, louisiana. apple ceo steve jobs apologized to customers who have had reception problems with their iphone 4. he offered a fix but at the same time jobs said it was much ado about nothing. bill whitaker has this report. >> reporter: sleek and glossy the iphone 4 was the most anticipated apple product in years. early adapters lined up for hours to get their hands on one and immediately started complaining. >> you hear me? >> reporter: john than called ap. toll tell them -- >> the phone doesn't work. >> reporter: it frequently drops calls, he complains. >> hello? >> we couldn't really recommend it. >> reporter: after testing the phone, "consumer reports" found a problem with the antenna, with this uniquely designed built-in antenna wrapping around the edge of the phone it's easy to block reception just by holding it.
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what mocking consumers call the death grip. >> this has been blown so out of proportion. >> reporter: with apple stock taking a hit since they rolled out the phone 22 days ago and the phone the butt of jokes. >> to make a call you have to insert a quarter. >> reporter: apple had to act. it's offering a fix, bumpers, rubber casings to keep fingers off the antenna, free to iphone 4 buyers. are you satisfied? >> the bumper is like a band-aid. >> reporter: a band-aid for apple's self-inflected wound. bill whitaker, cbss now, los angeles >> joining us to talk more about the iphone 4 is expert katie linendagh. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how do you feel? >> if this was boost mobile or samsung omniia, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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"consumer reports" came out it was really the catalyst behind apple coming out and giving out these free $29.99 bumpers. "consumer reports" said they could not recommend the iphone 4. this was huge. "consumer reports" is a trusted source. amle stepped it up and it was great they said humbly "we're not perfect, phones aren't perfect but we're going to make you happy." this is as much a tech issue and a customer service and pr issue. >> you have customers that have the phones, one-half of 1% issued complaints. >> yes. >> with "consumer reports" not giving this the old hands on go for it and buy this thing, that was what really did it, was it not? >> understand here, 1.7 million people in three days alone purchased the iphone 4, so when all these things started coming out there was reception issues, people wanted an answer and initially steve jobs said you're holding the phone wrong. you can't tell a consumer that. you have to protect the image of
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the brand and understand the customers want an answer. he humbly apologized and put a band-aid on the situation. >> is it a band-aid or long-term solution and what is the long-term solution? >> they hope to have something resolved by september. for now this is the best they can do. it was imperative they offered something. >> what are you hearing from the people who had complaints and they offer this up bumper, are people happy with that for now? >> the statistics were remarkable apple did release yesterday, .55% called in about antenna reception issues, not a lot. 1.7% have returned the phone, and according to the 3gs their gold standard 6% of people returned that phone so are we really concerned here about the phones not selling? go to any store in new york you cannot find an iphone 4. the phone is doing remarkable, jam packed with features. is a version 1.0 mistake. >> what did you think of steve getting on stage saying "hey we're not perfect."
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>> they were also putting the owe news on a lot of other smart phones. we're not the only smart phone who has reception problems. i don't think it was a smart move but he admitted there was something wrong and there were 22 superior scientists and engineers working on the problem. >> katie, thanks so much. >> thanks. let's get the rest of the day's headlines, rebecca jarvis is at the newsdesk. >> good morning to everyone at home. a sharp downturn in consumer sentiment and weak revenue from two major banks sent stock prices as the week ended on wall street. the dow closed at 10,097, a drop of 2.5%. the dow was off 1% for the week. investors will be watching a new round of earnings reports in the week ahead. meanwhile the president left the heat of washington politics for a little r&r in the cooler climate of maine. the first family is traveling with him and so is chief white house correspondent chip reed.
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>> reporter: the president came to try to relax and escape the pressure of washington but of course as president wherever he goes the pressure goes with him. on the coast of maine this weekend, president obama and his family are taking in the natural splendor of acadia national park. it's a well-timed break for the president who is celebrating two victories, congressional passage of wall street reform and progress at least for now on stopping the flow of oil into the gulf. >> we won't be done until we actually know that we've killed the well and that we have a permanent solution in place. >> reporter: but concern that the oil could start flowing again is not the only thing weighing on the president's mind, as he briefly shifts into vacation mode, including a stop for ice cream in the quaint town of bar harbor. >> i went with coconut. >> reporter: one big presidential worry is despite his legislative accomplishments, his approval rating continues to sink and now stands at 44%, that
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makes it harder for him to help democrats keep control of the house. >> the president has accomplished a lot, but in order for those accomplishments to break through to people and to benefit democrats in november, it has to affect them in their daily lives. that's not happening. >> reporter: and it's not happening because of jobs, and an unemployment rate that seems stuck at 9.5%, no matter how much the president says the stimulus is working only 23% of americans think it's making the economy better. and while he's here, the president is getting briefed daily on the economy, national security, the oil spill and other pressing issues. for a president there never really is such a thing as a vacation. rebecca? >> cbs news's chip reid, thank you, chip. the so-called barefoot bandit will soon be heading home to washington state to face federal charges in a string of burglaries and other crimes. colton harris-moore is being
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held following his arrest. michael williams of wfor in miami rr miami reports. >> reporter: colleton harris-moore will arrive hand cuffed, wings clipped, barefoot no more. harris-moore appeared in federal court friday smiling and chuckling as he talked with fellow detainees but the teenager said nothing when his turn came before the federal magistrate, a federal public defender said harry moore has waived his right to a removal hearing clearing the way for him to be sent home under federal guard. once in seattle federal prosecutors will begin to try and build a case around what lawmen say was an escapade that covered nine states and detours to canada and the bahamas. authorities suspect harris-moore was behind more than 100 thefts including five stolen airplanes. he allegedly ditched the last of those planes in the waters off great abacoe island nearly two
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weeks ago. bahamian authorities caught up to him after a high-speed chase sunday, barefoot to the last. harris-moore ran away from a halfway house two years ago. he starts now down a long legal road, only this time it will be up to others to decide his destination. michael williams for cbs news, miami. it's about 15 minutes after the hour. here's our weather warrior, lonnie quinn with a first check of the heat. how hot will it get? >> we're fighting the heat across the country. here in the city feeling in the mid to upper 90s. the weather headlines it's simple. we have heat for the east, we have heat for the west, we have heat in between. as a matter of fact, just about 20% of the country under some kind of a heat alert and if we talk some actual numbers, i'm saying all over, las vegas will be 111 today, normally 105 for you. phoenix will be 111, normally 107. los angeles 92, normally 84,
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sacramento 100 today, normally 93. let's go back to the east coast and look at more numbers all around the area. what we're dealing with right now is a big flux of air coming in from the southwest. kansas city 95 today, normally it's 89. we've got the city coming in at 94, normally 85. baltimore 96, normally 88 degrees, but all the numbers that i just showed you, keep in mind they're all between 5 and 10 degrees above average, i haven't even factored in the humidity. humidity will be making a good chunk of the u.s. of a. feeling like 100 degrees or more. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. all right, everybody, you stay cool wherever you are and speaking of staying cool, somebody over here at the anchor
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des something going to the beach. let me guess which one. mr. wragge you're going to the jersey shore, the water temperature, not just the air, the jersey shore water will be between 77 and 81 degrees. >> that's a hot tub. >> and for northeast beaches that's well above average. >> and to our friends in vegas and phoenix this morning, good luck. >> sorry, guys. >> don't you love when they say oh but it's dry heat. >> an oven is an oven. >> you can still bake a turkey on the sidewalk. coming up the mel gibson tapes have raised many questions about domestic abuse. tanya johnson-williams the estranged wife of jason williams, former nba star is with us. looking for job security to boot, there are industries that are hiring and growing, where to look for the jobs. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning and welcome back. the economy has been showing some signs of improvement, but
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unemployment across the country remains stubbornly high. a new book has just been released with some very good news. some industries are growing rapidly. so where are all these jobs? joining thus morning is career expert lawrence schakin who researched and developed the book "100 fastesfastest-growing careers." >> good morning. >> let's get right to it, the top five jobs number five, what is it? >> up from the bottom? >> yes. >> number five we're talking about the accountants and auditors there, and every business needs these. you need bean counters, people have to keep track of where the money is going and inventory is. every business needs this or farms it out to an accounting firm and this is going to grow n small towns, it's in big towns, in big cities. they're needed everywhere. >> they're everywhere and the income range is what? >> about $60,000 on an average. that's a national average. there are going to be variations
5:20 am
from one place to another. you get a cpa, you'll get more income than someone who doesn't have one. >> number four, we want to save number one for last. number four, medical assistants. >> think of them as medical office assistant. there are offices everywhere, medical offices everywhere, doctor's offices. when you walk into one of those, my primary care physician, half of the space is taken up with paperwork and the new insurance law is not going to reduce the need for that so there's going to be a very big need for these workers, they are expanding. >> what kind of training? >> mostly trained on the job, you don't need a lot of training for this one. >> the income is? >> earning about $30,000 roughly. >> all right, very good. registered nurses, i've heard this a lot. >> that's the biggest health care job we have. there are about 2.5 million people working in this career and it's growing at a rapid rate, by about 20% and there are going to be about 100,000 openings every year for the next ten years for the workers and
5:21 am
partly because a lot of boomers can't take the physical work that's involved in this anymore so of course the population is also aging so there's a need for more health care and most of them work in hospitals in big towns and little towns. they're more in cities but still there are hospitals everywhere. >> it is throughout the country? >> it is throughout the country. >> the average income for? >> earning about $65,000. that's really good and there's lots of room for growth there. you get a masters in that and you could be earning six figures >> that's awesome, good information. something we also want to tell our viewers this is not just growth for this year and next year, we're working several years out. >> these are department of labor projections for the next ten years. >> number two, computer network system data base administrators. >> everything's on computer now and the networks are everytwr. the data base is everywhere. every time you buy something on the web you're interacting with the data base and with the network and we need managers for this. it's not growing as fast as some of the health care careers but because you need a lot of
5:22 am
qualifications, bachelor's degree and good background in tech subjects there's not as much competition as there is for some other careers. this one is growing by let's say 50,000 jobs per year or so. >> really? >> yes, and it's growing rapidly at about 20% growth also. >> any specific area in the country? >> this is again almost everywhere but more in the cities, that's where the computers are run mostly in businesses in the cities. >> and the average income? >> that one is about $65,000 to $70,000, and you need a batch lower's degree and some experience. >> do you need a little education with that one? >> you do. >> and the number one home health aides. >> a big, big kneeled for this. policy in hospital nowadays is 24 and out the door. someone goes home but need care, maybe not be needing to be in a nursing home but maybe someone to help them in and out of the shower, someone to make sure they take their meds on time. they don't need much education, they get trained on the job.
5:23 am
they're only earning $10 an hour but there's a fair amount of job turnover, people can go into this, maybe they lose interest, go into something else, get more training and go into nursing. it can result in about 100,000 job openings a year, new workers ands replacement workers and growing by 50% over the next ten years. >> that is tremendous. >> half as many will be at it. >> this is great information for people looking for a on. >> that's everywhere, this kind of care is needed all over the country. >> lawrence, thank you so much for this information today. we appreciate your time. >> good talking to you, betty. move over, rover, a different family pet and there is reason he's dressed for dinner, he's flying "under the radar" next. you're watching the "early" show on cbs. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey
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♪ we welcome you back. time for a true morning television classic. >> yes. >> our weekly trip "under the radar." first up a family in japan has a pet penguin named lala. he's comfortable, he has a refridge rated room to live in. every day he walks by himself into town to the local fish market. the store owner gives him a little fish to eat, he disposes of quickly and the fish owner puts another fish in the backpack and lala heads for home on his very own happy little feet. >> good thing he doesn't know how to get into the backpack or wouldn't be any fish until he
5:26 am
comes home. you see a lot of strange stuff on the city subways, one of the strangers might be storm troopers from "star wars" improve everywhere staged an act from the first "star wars" "luke, i am your father, the number 6 train in new york city and the normally unflappable new yorkers loved it, talking cell phone photos and the improv is known for having people freeze in place in grand central station. >> some of the best skond sculptors in europe are showing off their skills in latvia this weekend. 15 sculptors made incredibly artistic creations. the theme is travel in time, one sculpture shows michelangelo's adam holding a tv remote control in his hand. don't walk, run.
5:27 am
stay with us, for some of you your local news is next. for others you're coming right back. and welcome back, everyone. good morning, guys. good to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning lonnie and r.j. >> i think it might be difficult to get to the sand sculpture if the tide comes n the sculptures are gone. >> i like chris gave the sound effects for the storm troopers. >> perhaps. just excited to see all of us, chris. >> let's talk about a hot topic now, something sweeping the nation. you know the show "celebrity apprenti apprentice." >> you've heard about it? >> yes. my life. >> there are some mild success cases you covered. just kidding of course, everybody knows rebecca was on "the apprentice." rach rach rachel eucatel, donald has
5:28 am
reached out and asked rachel to be a part of the "celebrity apprentice" program. why she's a celebrity we have no idea. >> but it's getting to us talk about it. >> she has a business background? >> yes. >> she's a nightclub promoter. >> exactly. >> that girl's got good hair. >> lala the penguin and ashley dupree should go head to head. >> ashley is another one. when tmz phoned eucatel, to say if she'll take the offer, she said "absolute" a woman of few words. trump called her three weeks ago saying she would be awesome. did they tell you, you would be awesome? >> what do you think? what do you think? >> it would be great for ratings. >> no doubt. we'll see how long she'll last. ok, so jen, you go deep...
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and welcome back to the "early" show. i'm chris wragge. >> good morning, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. mel gibson's former girlfriend has lodged a stunning new acquisition against him, the latest in this case and we'll speak to the estranged wife of former nba star jason williams about life on the edge of violence. it's saturday so we'll go to the "second cup cafe" for straight no chaser and it's not a drink, but a ten-men acappella group. good morning, rebecca jarvis at the news desk. >> good morning to you at home. secretary of state hillary clinton leaves today for a
5:31 am
four-nation trip to south asia. she heads first to afghanistan where she'll lead the american delegation to an international conference in kabul. the trip comes amid growing concerns in congress about the war in afghanistan. june was the deadliest month yet with 103 coalition troops killed. clinton will also travel to pakistan, south korea and vietnam. some good news from rescuers in new jersey. there were concerns one person remained trapped in a collapsed parking garage there but they've now given the all clear. the partial collapse happened on friday and rescuers used a remote camera believing that at least one person was in danger. this morning, they determined that is not the case. new information now in a long running controversy over how much money sarah palin was paid to speak at a college. she received $75,000 for a speech at cash-strapped california state university in
5:32 am
stanislas last month. students found details of palin's contract in the garbage. the college said palin helped raise thousands of dollars for scholarships. those are the headlines. time for another check of the weather with lonnie. you want to raise money, bring lonnie to your event. he'll do it for free and raise you millions. >> let's fess up, i pay all these people to do this. a lot of hootin' and hollerin'. i got to be honest, i don't know what's going on but the sign has certainly sucked me in. it says "ice cream for breakfast" and you're having a little ice cream for breakfast, right? >> yes, and it's very good. >> what's your name? >> rebecca. >> how is the ice zpleem. >> veit's very good. >> ice cream, anybody got free ice cream? >> we do. >> we have free ice cream. i need a spoon. the weather picture out there, the weather headlines stack up like, this the east is baking, the west is sizzling, the midwest hot and stormy.
5:33 am
let's go to the big forecast map. i places like minneapolis could see three inches of rain and rain around atlanta but rain is not the big story today. the big story continues to be the heat. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the ice cream in your area. all right, everybody, that will do if t for us out here. wragges up to you. allegations of domestic abuse, mel gibson's former girlfriend has lodged a stunning new acquisition against him. he'll walked to the former wife of nba star jason williams. living in constant fear inside her own home. this is the "early" show here on cbs.
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5:37 am
girlfriend. now a stunning new photo if true could send gibson to jail. >> reporter: radar online posted a photo of gibson's ex-girlfriend claiming it was taken a day after this exchange. >> hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hands, breaking her fresh twice in the face. what kind of man is that. >> there's bruising that seems to exist on her cheek, damage to her teeth. >> looks like a fat lip. >> that's right we don't know when the photo was taken, don't know whether or not mel gibson caused the injuries. >> reporter: if the picture is authenticated with the rage-filled audio tapes. >> you need a [ bleep ] bat aside the head. >> reporter: jail is a possibility. >> on the verbal threats alone mel gibson is looking at up to three years behind bars. >> reporter: if so you could say a picture is worth 1,000 days. hattie kaufmann, cbs news, los
5:38 am
angeles. >> according to court documents, she filed in her divorce case, tanya said jackson threatened to kill her and their two daughters during their turbulent marriage. tanya young-williams, i can see you wince hearing some of the excerpts of the mel gibson tapes. when you hear these things what type of memories does it bring up, what type of feelings come to the surface? >> when i listen to the alleged tapes of mel gibson i feel a couple of things, first and foremost i'm enraged, because it wasn't a year ago that we celebrated as a country the fact that we put an african-american in office and we came together, and then you hear this, and you know that racism is still alive and thriving in the hearts and in the language of someone else that we celebrate, so on that level it enrages me but i'm also disgusted because yet again another man, powerful, a celebrity has the unmitigated gall to think he can threaten
5:39 am
and bully and berate a woman that has loved him and bore his child so for me it brings back a lot of memories of someone just taking advantage of your love and your generosity of spirit. it's very hurtful. >> we want to show the folks at home some claims you've made in court documents of how you were abused in your marriage and i just want to show some excerpts here, from the court documents, defendant acts of cruel and inhumane are too many in entirety. he referred to plaintiff as the "b" word, defendant punched his fist through car window while plaintiff was driving and children were in the car. defendant in drunken stupor and in the presence of the children threatened to burn down the home and break plaintiff's neck. was this a daily siege for you?
5:40 am
>> no, for ten years it was not, but also consistent with what you see happening with mel gibson, that when external pressures, whether it will be financial or professional or marital, when they begin to mount, these individuals no longer have the ability to effectively disguise who they really are so they begin to crack. so as in my marriage, when things were good in light of the fact we were fighting at trial things were good, jason was not this person but as our lives began to dissipate financially and emotionally as a family, he became more of an alcoholic, he became more addicted to drugs, sleep medications, and then you see these effects. >> how much did you fear for your life after some of those threats were levied against you? >> initially, because you want to say it's due to the alcohol, you just listen to them and you dismiss them, but when someone continues to make threats over and over and over again, at some point you have to stop back and say, how about if he acts on
5:41 am
them? how about if there's a culmination of that evening of the drugs or the alcohol, and the psychosis and it comes together, so at times, yes, i did have real fear. >> was it necessary for oksana in the mel gibson case to make these tapes? >> absolutely. >> did she need that burp? burden of proof? >> you need that. at some point you go from supporter to strategic warrior. you need all this ammunition. he'll have an army of attorneys and lawyers and fans who are going to come out and say she is lying. she is not telling the truth so had she not had these tapes we wouldn't be having this conversation at all. >> you yourself still get hate mail because jason's in jail? >> i get hate mail. i have friends asking me why aren't i support him, he was so good for you. you know what? that's the persona they bought, and that's the persona that i was not going to allow to exist. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate you talking
5:42 am
about this. it's nottesy but thank you. >> it's what i do now. >> for more on dmaek buice prevention go to and search for "domestic violence." now here's betty. just ahead, is it worth shelling out the big bucks for an extended warranty when you buy a flat january tv, digital cam camera, a laptop? we have the answers, you're watching the "early" show on cbs. how does chili's make a burger that's a mouthwatering masterpiece? it's all in the pepperation. we hand-season fresh, never-frozen usda choice beef and cook to order. new handmade burgers with fries starting at just $5.99. like the rojo burger, drenched in rich, smoky hickory sauce. for a little more, enjoy the new avocado burger, or the ultimate stacked, with twice the meat and cheese. wrap your hands around the perfect burger with fries. starting at just $5.99, right now. only at chili's. [music, talking, laughing] what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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5:45 am
so are you confused about whether to buy an extended warranty on the big ticket items or wondering if that lifetime warranty is really a lifetime warranty? well you are not alone. sometimes the cost outweighs the benefit, in our "saturday bargainista" segment, susan joins with us all sorts of information, great stuff on whether we should invest in the warranties. good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you. >> every time i go to buy something electronic they pressure you, do you want an extended warranty. that's my moment of panic. i'm not sure if i should buy into it or leave it in the
5:46 am
store? >> in most cases no. stores bring in $15 billion a year selling extended warranties so it's great business for them. >> yes. >> it might not be so good for you. >> let's do the math on it, when we look at the particular items, a digital camera. >> digital camera rule of thumb no, do not buy the extended warranty. this camera was $100. the extended warranty was $60. you can buy a new camera for that and the rate of repair on a digital camera is about 10%. so the chances of yours breaking really not very high. >> i will tell you i did buy an extended warranty on a digital cam camera, $600 camera, it paid off. >> you got lucky on that one. >> it was one of a few that have paid off so far. when it comes to flat screens i've also purchased an extended warranty on this, too. >> the rate of repair on a tv, 3%. >> that's it? >> 3%. so the answer is no, extended warranty on a flat screen tv,
5:47 am
you probably do not need it. >> it was a two-year warranty, i never used it. >> okay. >> vacuum cleaner. >> rate of repair 13%, this vacuum cleaner was $150. the extended warranty they tried to sell us was $50. >> oh. >> you know, if i need a new one i'll buy a new one. >> exactly. plus if it goes out who wants to vacuum anyways, leave it broken. >> yes. >> laptops, this is something a lot of people get worried and confuelsed about when it comes to warranties. >> here we have a maybe, because the rate of repair on a laptop is 43%. so if you're somebody you know you're going to be carrying it around a lot, you might drop it, might be taking it on road trips. >> right. >> it might be worth your while to get a warranty. 43% need to be repaired within the first three to four years it might make sense for you >> okay, when it comes to, you know, those limited warranties, those extended warranties, those lifetime warranties. is there such a thing as a lifetime warranty? >> we hear about lifetime
5:48 am
warranties a lot. >> is that true? >> usually there are catches. you need to read the fine print. for example if you get a lifetime warranty on a roof on your house it may only be good for you, if you sell your house t may not transfer to the next owner, so you need to figure that out. sometimes the lifetime warranty doesn't cover the labor or the shipping and handling, those are other things to consider, it might not all be free in the long run. >> some credit cards provide you with some protection as well? >> that's the other thing you might have an extended warranty if you used your credit card to pay for the product. a lot of credit cards especially if you have a high-end credit card will offer you up to one year of an extended warranty. if your manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty your credit card company will match it. >> that's two years. >> two years. >> the warranty i bought on the television i paid double for something i already had. >> probably. >> you've had a pretty good experience with a lifetime warranty, right? >> with l.l. bean, one company
5:49 am
they don't have a lifetime warranty but something called a section guarantee. so they told us a story, someone had bought luggage back in the '50s, something broke on it, the person returned it years and years and years later, and they gave them new luggage. >> you hear the stories. >> they're true. l.l. bean says if you're not satisfied with your product, you can return it. >> there you go. heard it here. this is great information, susan. thank you so much. >> all right. up next, "second cup cafe," the acappella group, straight, no chaser. this is the "early" show on cbs. ♪ beneath the stairwell, you're smiling, i can tell ♪ ♪ gonna meet me at the lunchtime bell ♪ ♪ long division can't split us in two ♪ ♪ we'll share the day, i'll share it with you ♪ ♪ share it with me, i'll share it with you ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] only kleenex brand has sneeze shield in all of their tissues,
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♪ fresh at its best. go fresh body wash now comes in pomegranate & lemon verbena. ♪ i really love the things that you do ♪ ♪ oh, you're my best friend and welcome back in our "second cup cafe" this morning, would you look at this, ten guys
5:53 am
all dressed the same. we have never had this before. >> never. >> college buddies living the dream and started back in 1996 when ten friends at indiana university started a male acappella group called straight no chaser. 12 million views on youtube they got themselves a record deal. >> the guys recorded an album of classic pop songs with a twist which happens to be the title of the new album, debuted at number 29 on the billboard 200. here they are performing a medley of "i'm jyours" and "somewhere over the rainbow" straight no chaser. ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, well, you don't know me and you better felt it ♪ ♪ i tried to be chilled but you're so hot that i melted ♪ ♪ i fell right through the
5:54 am
cracks ♪ ♪ and now i've tried to get back ♪ ♪ before the cool done run out i'll be giving it my bestest ♪ ♪ and nothing's going to stop me ♪ ♪ i reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some ♪ ♪ but i won't hesitate no more no more it cannot wait ♪ ♪ i'm yours ♪ i am yours ♪ ooh, yeah, hey, you best believe i'm yours ♪ ♪ now open up your mind and see like me ♪ ♪ open up your place and damn you're free ♪ ♪ look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love, love ♪ ♪ listen to the music of the morning people dance and sing ♪ ♪ we're just one big family and
5:55 am
shake around to be love, love, love, love ♪ ♪ so i won't hesitate no more no more no more, it can wait ♪ ♪ i'm sure there's no need to complicate our time is short, this it s our fate ♪ ♪ i'm yours ♪ and someday i'll wish upon a star, i'll wake up where the clouds are far behind, behind me ♪ ♪ oh somewhere over the rainbow there the bluebirds fly ♪ ♪ birds fly over the rainbow,
5:56 am
why, oh, why can't i ♪ ♪ it's been way too long, checking my tongue in the mirror and bending over backwards just to try to see clearer ♪ ♪ but my breath fouled up the glass so i drew a new face and i laughed ♪ ♪ i guess what i'm saying is there ain't no better reason to rid yourself of things and go with the season ♪ ♪ it's what we aim to do, our name is our virtue ♪ ♪ but i won't hesitate no more no more ♪ ♪ it cannot wait, i'm yours ♪ so please don't, please don't, please don't, there's no need to complicate, because our time is short ♪ ♪ this oh this oh this is our fate ♪ ♪ i'm yours [ cheers and applause ]
5:57 am
>> that was great! >> fantastic, gentlemen. when you walked into the clothing store and said "we need ten of everything" what did they say? >> makes it easy choosing what to wear. >> real easy. >> you guys sound great. this is superb. congratulations with everything. >> we're having a blast. >> you all met in college? >> in the university in 1996 when we formed and ten guys in a show choir called the singing hoosiers, decided we wanted to sing for some girls. >> did it work, did you get the girls? >> we got the girls so now we are owe an a larger scale, joining us, taking us a ride. >> you guys are at atlantic city all summer? >> performing at harrod's casino in atlantic city, now until august 28th, five shows a week, tickets available at ticketmaster. >> look at the big plug. >> show is the '50s through the current days, start with duop
5:58 am
and through to beyonce. >> is there anything you can't do? you've got the wide range of different things, right there jason morazz and "under the rainbow." >> thing we can't do is play instruments well. >> it sounds like there's instruments behind you, it's what you do with your voices is amazing. how do you do that? >> it's a group collaboration. we've got guys who cover, passes who are doing bass, we sometimes have vocal percussionists imitating the drums so it's in the arrangement but also has to do with what the guys are bringing it to, to make it sound as full as it does. >> any beat boxes sneer. >> i see your eyes light up, on the next album. >> next album. >> congratulations, the album is awesome. straight no chaser, exactly how betty likes her bourbon. >> absolutely. >> you're watching the "early" show. ,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
6:00 am
testing ground, the crucial capping of the gushing oil well is still holding, but can the oil be contained by the other method scientists want to try next? homeless and alone, a judge rules that the stepmother of 7-year-old kyron horman must get out of her house today. will the eviction make it easier to implicate her in the boy's disappearance. chelsea's fake nuptials. chelsea clinton's grand wedding, what if it's all a fake so the real event can be held in privacy? residents are asking that question and so are we. "early" this saturday morning, july 17th, 2010.
6:01 am
hot stuff. >> a lot of artists here on the plaza showing off some of their ha handiwork. >> great an army and armada of fantastic "early" show viewers joining us on the plaza. nice job, folks >> good job. >> really well done. >> especially in the heat and humidity. >> i like what i hear. welcome back to the "early" show. i'm chris wragge. >> good morning, i'm betty nguyen in for erica hill. we've all been in relationships that haven't worked out. >> we're taking it to the next level. >> i say that because we're both still single for the moment. >> a marriage summit. some of us have been down that road before. >> yes. >> we're going to unlock the keys to a wonderful marriage. can i see a show of hands people in a perfect marriage right now? >> perfect, perfect marriage. >> 30 years. >> 21 years. >> 40. >> 35. >> we need to talk to you. >> how many of you are in a so-so marriage. >> be honest.
6:02 am
>> i'm kidding. i am kidding. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. we have that coming up, couples inside that are going to discuss some things and panel is and some experts that are going to help everybody out. >> good information no doubt. rebecca jarvis joins with us a good look at the news >> great to see the perfect marriages out there. good morning. so far so good with the cap keeping any more oil leaking from the gulf of mexico, but the effort reaches a critical point today. the 89th day of the disaster and cbs news correspondent kelly cobbiella is in grand isle, louisiana with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reser rebecca. in eight hours the stress test will be over and they'll have two choices, keep this oil well closed off or reopen that valve and begin collecting and burning oil on the surface. no hooil has flowed into the gu
6:03 am
since thursday afternoon and the test results are generally good. the pressure is a little bit lower than scientists would have liked, but the underwater cameras, the sonar, seismic testing all of that have found no sign of leaks whatsoever. already more than 5 million barrels of oil have flowed into the gulf. the coast guard says they will be here until the end of the year, cleaning it all up but one other development that super skimmer "a whale" will not be part of that cleanup. apparently this oil is too dispersed already for that super skimmer to be at all effective. rebecca? >> what's the sense from the average folks on the ground there? is there a sense that this is the final and ultimate swing or is there a sense that this could also be a miss like so many other times? >> reporter: well, because of the history of this over the past nearly three months now people here are playing this very cautiously. yes, they were happy, excited to see that no more oil was flowing
6:04 am
into the gulf, at least temporarily, but they're realistic as well. people here know that the relief wells are really the key and once those relief wells are a success, then i think you'll see a much bigger sigh of relief around here. >> kelly cobiella thanks so much and thanks for doing a great job of covering the story for us. drug-related violence is escalating in mexico. 12 people were killed on friday in a series of gun battles between soldiers and drug cartel gunmen in nuevo laredo. on thursday a car bam in juarez killed three people, the first time a car bomb had been used in the ongoing battle between mexican police and drug traffickers. 90 miles north of new york city there's word former first daughter chelsea clinton will be tying the knot in just two weeks in the town of reinbeck. if she is, local residents have a few questions. cbs news correspondent whit johnson reports. >> reporter: chelsea clinton's upcoming secret up in rules sent
6:05 am
the small town of rhinebeck, new york n nao a frenzy. for mayor jim reardon the stress headache. july 21st they will reportedly tie the knot here, but two weeks out the city has yet to receive any confirmation. >> i know very little. >> reporter: and rumors among the 4,600 residents are beginning to surface. >> oprah winfrey is coming and the president. >> reporter: if not rhinebeck the clintons have produced a convincing decoy. >> if this is a ruse or a head fake it's worthy of oliver stone. >> reporter: jim langon executive editor of "the hudson valley news" says the plans are in motion but for a town with only 14 part-time police officers and three squad cars, the uncertainty is tough to bear. >> i just want to address the safety needs of this community and make sure we have plans in place for that. >> reporter: local authorities, state police and the secret
6:06 am
service will meet early next week to discuss the possible event, in the meantime a town accustomed to clinton sightings. >> i think they stop by once a summer. >> reporter: may soon have a few more to talk about. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >> and it's about seven minutes after the hour. time to head outside to lonnie for another check of the weather. out of curiosity, what did your invitation to the chelsea clinton wedding say? >> it was simple, very classy, sharon and i are thrilled to be -- rebecca! lots of art on the plaza. there was a contest all over the country and art teachers submitted art from students and this is caitlin's winner there, nice clownfish. where are you from? >> minnesota. >> a lot of tropical clown fish in minnesota. the national picture, minnesota a lot of rain in minnesota today. i look at the weather headlines i'm seeing rain as part of the forecast in minnesota, two to three inches but the big story nationwide heat, one end to the
6:07 am
other, going to be a cooker out there today, that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> all right, thank you. inside to betty. 7-year-old kyron horman vanished in oregon over a month ago. a judge ruled his stepmother, the last person to see him before he disappeared must leave the home she shared with the boy and his father. it's the latest twist in a case full of them. it was this photo taken june 4th at a school science fair that launched a nationwide effort to find kyron horman. the frantic search by authorities in oregon has come
6:08 am
up empty, but now, six weeks later, all the attention seems squarely focused on er terri horman, kyron's stepmother to w.h.o. took the photo. her husband filed for divorce, gained custody of the couple's daughter and forced her out of the family home. a landscaper told authorities she wanted to pay him to kill her husband. then came an alleged sexting relationship with one of his high school friends. she's now the victim of a media frenzy and that she's received threats of harm from people in the community. despite the family drama, authorities have few leads, no named suspects and no sign at all of the 7-year-old child missing for 43 days. >> i can't say it enough that kyron is still out there and needs to be home. >> and joining us now are
6:09 am
criminologist casie jordan and correspond end for "in session" on trutv beth karas. investigators are asking for anyone who may have video or pictures of the day that kyron disappeared to turn them in. it's been a month since he disappeared. why are they asking for that now? >> they are doing a thorough investigation and need every image of this little boy that exists to see the very last time anyone saw him and what condition was he in, with his glasses, was he with his mother, what school kids were around him. >> it's been a month. seems like this information would have come out by now. >> perhaps. there are so many people and they have to keep probing. this is not unusual. they're going to look at everything. we don't know most of the evidence. >> we have no idea where this
6:10 am
little boy is. casey, the latest development, let me get to you, his stepmother will be moving out. wouldn't police want to keep her in the home so keep an eye on her? >> they're going to keep an eye on her no matter where she goes. i'm sure they have 24-hour surveillance on her. she has to be out i think by 3:00 today. they have watching her. she's been sexting with a high school friend of her ex-husband. whether she lives in the house or goes home to her parents it does not matter. she may not be named as a suspect or if he lishl a person of interest but everyone understands she is. >> why isn't that? why hasn't she been named? is that part of the key to this investigation as well? >> i think it's part of the strategy of how they're trying to get the evidence that they need. it gives her enough line, enough flack. this is not normal for the stepmother forming relationships
6:11 am
to kill her husband. the more they let her go on her own the more likely they could get the clues. >> on her own there's a security issue at risk perhaps, beth i want to talk to but that. she's saying i'm getting death threats. so is this a problem for investigators, for police? are they putting her at risk? is the whole system putting her at risk saying you need to move out of her home? >> one could argue she put herself in risk. i agree with casey probably have her under 24/7 surveillance. it's not unusual to have these threats being made. we see this all the time. we saw it against drew peterson, for example, casey anthony, for example, illinois and florida, people hold up plaquards and taunt them. people are upset and want her to come forward with what she knows because people believe she's not telling everything. >> reportedly she failed two lie detector tests. is this going to be anything that will be admissible in court, is this a big deal?
6:12 am
>> it's an investigative tool, lie detector tests are very good for police to use but right now they're not admissible in court because they can get false readings. >> it will narrow down the information. maybe they can't explicitly say what they know but exclude information she's not being truthful about. >> beth and casey, thank you for your insight into this. we appreciate it. here's chris. we'll switch gears a little bit, when we come back, what drives married couples apart, our couples have problems, the experts have some answers, we'll offer some advice in our "early" show "marriage summit" next. you're watching the "early" show here on cbs.
6:13 am
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according to the national center for health statistics, 43% of first marriages end in divorce. now many of the marriages are torn apart by hot button issues such as finance, children, intimacy. this morning, tips on how you can prevent them from doing damage to a relationship and joining us robbie and couple therapist lori peun. married couples have been kind enough to join us and make up our panel. collective good morning to everyone. first let me see a show of hands, how many of you have financial issues from a couples' standpoint. how many of you are savers? spenders? okay, so it's pretty much right down the middle. i want to start, lisa and greg, you guys have a little bit of financial strain in your
6:17 am
marriage now, lisa is starting her own business. what advice can we give to you help things out in the marriage? >> well, i am getting ready to open a children's yoga studio in hoboken called mmi kids yoga, and it is taking up a lot of time and money and we're wondering with opening the business and our financial living expenses how can we still manage to live our lives, save money, and squeeze in a vacation or some extra fun with the kids. >> it starts with keeping your business and your personal life separate. so for your business you need your own account, your own atm card for that and as far as saving up for the big, fun things like going out to eat, vacation, stuff for the kids, you need to pre-commit to saving for these things. discretionary income, that's basically where those expenses are going to be coming from and discretionary income on a general budget is about 10% of your take-home pay. go home tonight, look at how much money is coming in and
6:18 am
reasonably how much you can set aside for the "fun stuff" and work within those parameters. >> mike and janice, you work together at home so you're spending an awful lot of time together. what is that doing to the relationship? >> that's part of the problem, that's why we're here. basically we have a home studio, we're working together every single second. when we leave and shoot weddings we're together and that kind of puts a little strain on our personal relationship. also, the fact that working from home, the business kind of spills over into our regular life. >> lori, how do they break that up? >> mike and janice, your question applies to people who also don't work together where they start sitting down to dinner and all they talk about is work or children, all you talk about is children, that's a problem, too. the first thing is to recognize the research shows that after
6:19 am
about two years of marriage, those "i love you" tingles, they go away, and that's really normal, and what we want to do is work on getting new tingles so that we don't find a new person to give us tingles. how do we do that? we start by making sure we still like our partner. so for instance when you wake up in the morning, do you say "good morning honey." when you walk out the door, do you say "good-bye, i'll see you later," "hello," things like that can keep a connection alive. you want to separate out time for fun that, might mean monday is a day with less work, mondays we'll take off together, we'll september aside this time because i recognize that if i don't, our marriage will suffer. >> yep, richard, patricia, do you still get the tingles like the relationship is new type of thing or what would be your biggest issue if you had to pose a question to one of our experts, financial or emotional? >> my question is as i get closer to retirement, our
6:20 am
priorities change, and at what point should i start becoming more conservative with what the money that i've put aside for investment. >> that's a great question a lot of us are wondering, right now, richard you're about five years away from retirement, so really you can't be too risky at this point. the rule of thumb is you take the 100 number and subtract your age and that's how much money you should have in stocks, and if you've got all your money in stocks, i would say you want to pull back and reserve money in cash and more safety areas because you can't afford to be too risky right now. if the market tumbles in the next five years you may not be able to ride out those fluctuations >> we'll leave it there for a quick second, a quick commercial break. when we come back we'll talk about how children affect your marriage and how to keep that relationship strong when so much of your time is dominated by the kids. this is our "early" show "marriage summit." this is the the "early" show on cbs. , and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
who gracious lay greed to join thus morning. let's get back it. greg and lisa, we're bricking kids into the equation. you have two little ones. is there not enough time in the day to i guess have your intimate time together, have your time with the kids and also work? >> well as soon as i get home the kids basically rush and meet me and after that, all that happens is that there's a constant fight for attention, for my attention from them. by the time dinner is done and bath and then story time and we put them to sleep it's 9:00 at night and we haven't are h a chance to exchange a single word to each other. how can we spend more time or find the time to talk to each other? >> so many couples have the issue. >> they do. i have it myself. i'll give you three things to do. the first is keep in touch during the day, use e-mail, text messaging, make a phone call, just say "hey, thinking of you." it's enough to keep the connection strong. the second thing is be a couple in front of the kids.
6:25 am
it's okay to hug. walk in the door, go straight for your wife. that's okay. your kids are getting a lot of attention. you don't have to worry about ignoring them for five minutes. you could even have a conversation about your day, and not just talk about what your child did no n school that day. it's okay, don't feel guilty. and then the third thing is just make sure that you do separate some time for yourselves and when the kids go to bed don't turn on the tv, please. sit on the couch, look at each other. you might have something to say. >> we recommend you getting up early on saturday mornings 7:00 to 9:00 and putting your television on. since you guys got your plug in, i am, too. you do not have any kids, right? >> from a previous marriage. >> so what do you do to, i guess to kind of along the lines of what lori was talking about text message here and there or a phone message, anything. what are the things you guys do during the day to make sure each other knows you're thinking about one another? >> i've left e-mail "i love you
6:26 am
honey" and we're literally in the next room, so he can find it. >> how about you guys? >> we have grandchildren and i'll e-mail a picture of the grandchild to him at work and he has pictures of them on his desk so we say hi or send a picture of them doing something cute. >> is it tough, do you guys find it, all three of you, tough to stay intimate and to make sure that each party gets the attention that you think each party deserves? >> i think it's a constant balance of trying to make sure we're happy as a couplend make sure our kids get enough attention and so it's always difficult, but we find time. >> before i let you guys go we have about 20 seconds left, just real quickly, what do you love about each other? what do you love about her most? >> i love her spirit. >> go ahead. >> i love her humor. >> real quick. >> i like having her in my life.
6:27 am
>> there you go. can't get any more good as that. for some your local news is next. for others more of the "early" show here on cbs. we're back once again to talk a little bit more with our "marriage summit." as far as bank accounts and different, each couple, you know, i guess the male having a bank can't, the female having a bank account. do you recommend that? >> absolutefully every marriage, chris, there's financial dependence, there's interdependence and there's independence and you should always strive for independence. what i mean by that is you might have one income, you might have two incomes, what you need to do absolutely is maintain separate accounts for savings, have your own credit cards, try to build your own credit as individuals as well as a couple, because at the end of the day, it's not just about yourselves as a unit but also your individual credit
6:28 am
histories, your financial independence. look, divorce is part of reality, and if you two end up one day going your separate ways at least you know that financially you have that independence to start a new chapter in your life. >> let me see a show of hands, anybody feel guilty about making a purchase you haven't told your spouse about? do you do it for frequently than you should? >> i'm guilty. >> i guess for the other spouse when you find out that your spouse has made a big purchase and hasn't mentioned it to you, tried to slide it in under the radar what are your thoughts? >> well, you feel like you've been deceived. >> hurts a little bit. >> it hurts. >> yeah, it does. not so much? you'll get it back and make your own purchase? i know what you're talking about, lisa. >> it's not about the money. it's about the behavior, why are you hiding things? what are ayou afraid of. >> experts thank you, panel thank you. sorry we have to cut you off. we have to go to break. you're watching the "early" show on cbs. ,,,,,,,,
6:29 am
6:30 am
oh, yeah, they are still loud, they're still rambunctious. it's a saturday morning, everybody's excited to be near new york city right now. >> i'm excited. but are you ready to dance? >> am i? why not. >> got your dancing shoes on? >> do i ever. >> these ladies are going to put us to the test. hello, everybody, welcome back. >> the guy in the middle wants to go to the ladies. >> except for him. >> it is the newest dance and workout routine, a funny name, part training, part bollywood. they're demonstrating on the plaza. >> i'm worn out watching them dance and these are moves i'm not sure, chris, you can do. >> i am injured right now, on the i.r. but you can do them
6:31 am
>> it's a way to get out of it. >> the people at home would rather see you do it than me. >> they're doing a pretty good job. the audience is getting into it. we'll have everybody dancing on the plaza. >> "chef on a shoestring" preparing a meal with the goo e goodies of the season, tomatoes, grilled corn on the cob and an encore performance from straight no chaser. >> rebecca jarvis has a look at our headlines. >> good morning to you everyone at home. extreme heat is hampering the search for three treasure hunters missing in the rugged arizona wilder patience. the men from utah have been missing for six days, looking for a gold mine in a remote area east of phoenix. rescuers are month
6:32 am
at the age of 92, after serving for more than a century. and in chicago, a massive pile-up closed part of north michigan avenue, also known as the magnificent mile, burnt out vehicles, police cars and taxis littered the street, but not to worry, it's part of a movie set for "transformers 3" and the filming on michigan avenue ends on monday. those are the headlines at this hour. let's go back outside to lonnie with our final check of the weather. hi, lonnie. >> hello, rebecca. i'm thinking boy that neighborhood is going to ruin. lots of nice people out here. we're going to be doing a segment coming up on bollywood. what is your name, sir? >> roger shaw. >> you're from? >> from michigan. >> india. that's awesome, my friend. let's get to the maps right away, because -- that went over
6:33 am
like a lead balloon. tornado threat today around the dakotas to wisconsin. the coolest air around puget sound, temperatures maxing out in the 70s. the hot spots where else, 20% of the country under a heat alert. stay cool and drink your water. here is a closer look at the weather for your area. all right, everybody, time now for lonni's shout out. where i'm going to take you, a big hello, chicago, hello to everybody heading to the pitchfork music festival in union park in chicago, it's a three-day event, showcasing over 40 independent music acts all over the country, plus they've got lots of artwork and vendors
6:34 am
of all sorts. for the first time ever added a comedy station because nothing goes with independent music like a couple of laughs. we want to thank everybody for watching the "early" show on saturday on cbs. coming up the indian dance craze going on. are you going to jump the fence and join us? >> yes. >> get to chris and rebecca. >> nothing says billiollywood t michigan, michigan the bollywood capital of the united states. happy to have him with us. next the workout routine with the funny name. >> you can burn a lot of calories doing this. you're watching the "early" show on cbs. is it a place for everything ?
6:35 am
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♪ welcome back, everybody. okay, so remember the last time we were given a dance challenge out here on the plaza? they weren't screaming so much because they were watching you, my friend. >> what's so exciting about that? >> you got into it finally, a little off but -- >> a little? i think i'm right on the money!
6:38 am
i think i am right on the money! >> i think erica was right on it. you got it. you got it. >> i think daddy can zumba. we're at it again this time, going a bill bollywood, dunya dance funner has created an easy-to-follow let's hope for the good of our team nonstop workout program called dunya fit. the music is incredible so let's talk about this, did you wake up one morning and discover this type of thing and say i've got to bring this to the people? >> our students, over 500 students in d.c. and new york and they wanted it. they were asking us, we're losing muscle. >> how much are we losing calorie i woulds? 12k3w4r 00 calories, you'll sweat a lot, 800 calories. >> that sounds like a difficult workout. >> it's all about adding your own flavor to it, here we just
6:39 am
teach you the basics and you move your hips, shoulders. >> you see the key to the answer, it's what you make of it. >> can our flavor do it? can betty handle something like that? >> definitely. >> we're going to bring lonnie and rebecca in as well. >> please bring in some steps. >> let's go through the basic steps. another disclaimer i have a torn calf muscle so i'm limited. >> oh, excuses. >> we want our students to see the full thing. the first thing is going to be the pickup jump. you're going to jump side to side, you add some arms, over the head, really reach your hands up. >> yes. >> you can add the arms. >> i can't do the jumping part. >> got it, okay. >> and we recommend not using five-inch heels. >> yes. >> one should have told you. >> first step down good. what is the second step? >> second step, arms out, twist up onto your toes and come back to center. so twist up, and down.
6:40 am
really squeeze everything. >> similar to when you used to have a hula hoop as a kid. >> you can use your hip. >> not bad. the third step would be? >> third step is going to be a slide and slift. you'll slide and lift towards your backside, and lift. one, two, three, arms up. >> rebecca, you got it. >> sway the arms. >> don't forget the arms, all in the arms. >> head, torso, everything, your whole body. >> full body workout. >> exactly. >> can we please have polite applause for lonnie he really looks pathetic. [ cheers and applause ] >> pay attention, lonnie. >> we're going to bring it in towards your heart dramatically, in, bring the knee towards the floor. >> okay. >> and that's it, that's your fourth step. >> okay. >> you're not really punching though. you're going with the punch there. >> are we ready to strike up the music?
6:41 am
>> are we going to put it together? >> hold on a second, lonnie, come up in the front row, r.j. in the front row. >> i want to get my man roger from the crowd! >> let's start the music. here we go. >> follow priya. follow priya. >> pick up your feet. ♪ and twist. >> oh, twist. >> squeeze those abs. ♪ to the other side and twist. getting that left side of your body. >> the music is contagious. lonnie, no improvising. >> i don't know what i'm doing out here. >> reach your arms. reach. >> yes! >> and then jump. >> i don't know about you, but i am feeling winded right now. >> one hour of this, you are guaranteed to burn between 800 and 1,000 calories, 1,200
6:42 am
calories if you're working out behind lonnie, the laughter burns more calories. >> side to side. >> are they good or what? everybody when we come back our "chef on a shoestring." thank you so much, doing our fit folks, thank you, lonnie thank you. our "chef on a shoestring" is up next. you're watching the "early" show here on cbs. ♪ [ beep ] ♪ [ beep ] [ beep ] ♪ [ beep ] [ male announcer ] find an italian masterpiece in your grocer's freezer. new from buitoni. shrimp and lobster ravioli with garlic butter sauce. simple ingredients, artfully prepared. buitoni. create an italian masterpiece. discover more buitoni masterpieces in the freezer section. it's doing season.
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6:45 am
now we're here in our outdoor kitchen our "chef on a shoestrin shoestring", he's executive chef and owner of a restaurant in alexandria, virginia, here to prepare a farm fresh meal with garlic chicken and grilled corn on the cob. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> let's talk about the menu. >> tomato season right now, tomato salad, chicken with garlic and bay leaf and corn on
6:46 am
the cob and berry tart. >> let's start with our heirloom tomatoes. >> i want to focus on ingredients. we shopped at the farmer's market for everything and when you taste the stuff you'll see how delicious it is. can you make a vin xwret? >> mustard in the bowl first. this is one of your signature things, farm fresh. >> absolutely. >> extract the flavor, don't take away. >> that's right, the flavors are so delicious, we're not reinventing the wheel, just buying the best tomatoes, the best the basil comes from my garden, we use the best irish butter, couldn't get any better than that. >> we have a little mustard. >> olive oil, balsamic vinegar. >> it's garlic season, the red romanian garlic is beautiful, a pinch of salt, a little whisk. >> you keep working on the tomatoes. >> we toss our tomatoes in. >> heirloom tomatoes, people say
6:47 am
they're not the best looking things in the world but the taste -- >> i'm not the best looking thing in the world. >> you're preaching to the choir. >> a little onion, heirloom tomatoes are unaltered, most tomatoes are selectively bred to be beautiful and red and thick and that's our salad and cheese on top, a little bit of basil, rip the leaves off. don't overwork it. good to go. the next dish is chicken. >> i'm going to take a bite of one of the heirloom tomatoes. >> try one of these guys from a farm out in maryland. >> my goodness the taste in that little thing. >> chicken from polly place farm in virginia. >> how long marinated? >> two hours. classic spanish dish, leave it out in the heat for two hours, i don't recommend that. chicken in the pan nice and hot. cast iron skillet is great, it will keep the heat longer, it won't cool down when we put the
6:48 am
cold chicken into it and cloves of garlic in there, plenty of bay leaves. get it nice and golden brown on all sides, push it to the edge, the big trick with the dish, here is some that we've prepared a little earlier and you see it's good and golden brown, which is really what you want that nice brown, brown color to get that nice caramelized flavor. >> how long are we looking at? >> seven or eight minutes on each side. >> how hot i do need to get the skillet so it's piping hot? >> hot heat, you can always turn it down. if you start slow you'll get trouble getting the chicken brown. you don't want to boil the chicken. >> if you burn the chicken, let it down a little, just a golden hue. >> once the chicken is cooked i take it out of the pan like this. >> i love the heirloom tomatoes, they're fantastic. >> so delicious and sweet. all that natural sugar in there. we'll dump out if you have a lot of oil in the pan, just dump that out into a little dish, keep the garlic and bay leaf, sherry vinegar.
6:49 am
this is bliss double polara aged in maple barrels, so delicious. a little chicken stock which we made from the bones of the chicken and we swirl in our beautiful vbutter. >> that's a lot of butter. >> never enough butter. butter makes it better. >> for a healthy guy like you? i didn't think so. the glaze? >> we spoon that over our chicken, nice pan juices, beautiful just like that. >> brings out the flavor, i bet, huh? grab my knife and get a bite of that. let's move on to dessert. >> for the dessert the bakewell tart, cake and pie at the same time. >> two of my favorites. >> pie dough underneath, any jam you like, gooseberry jam, and the pie on top and puree a little bit of berries with lemon juice and a little bit of sugar and mix that. >> i don't mean to be rude by eating when you're talking but this is fantastic, a wonderful
6:50 am
taste. fresh berries? >> oh, yeah, bring it on. especially after the workout that we've had. >> a little lemon juice and a little bit of sugar. and you see here. >> tastes as good as it looks? >> that is amazing. >> this smells just decadent. i'll lick the spoon. >> let's take a look at your totals quick while everybody is enjoying this. >> that workout is gone. >> you had $40, you dmam at $39.65. how low can you go, some of our past jobs came in at the $37 mark. you didn't make the top three but no one has brought a tart like that to our show. we may have to make a special provision for you. >> i'll just take the bowl. >> if you would like to make this menu at home find the recipe at i cannot, you know, before i go,
6:51 am
i'll just -- >> we can't stop eating. this is so good. >> this tart is unreal. >> even better with the tart? >> we thought lonnie was the biggest tart on the show. >> that was too easy, ba-da-bum. thank you! don't go away. an encore performance of straight no chaser when we come back. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste.
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♪ ♪ that's the sound of the sunshine coming down ♪ wow, going to be a hot day in manhattan, we hope wherever you are you have a wonderful weekend, be careful of the heat. it's going to be hot all over the country. back by popular demand the crowd asked for it so we'll leave you with more dunya fit. no, kidding. harry will be reporting from the gulf as the relief efforts for the oil well reach a crucial state. and next saturday julie andrews joins us for "early
6:55 am
coffee." >> julie andrews will be here. >> she will be here this time. >> the hills are life. should i do the spoonful of sugar bit? i won't do that again. we leave with you music from straight no chaser. thank you, crowd, you've been wonderful. ♪ do, do, do, do, do, do ♪ do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do ♪ ♪ woo, i bet you wonder how i knew about your plans to make me blue with some of the guys that you knew before ♪ ♪ two other guys who know i loved you more ♪ ♪ it took me by surprise i must say when i found out yesterday ♪ ♪ don't you know i heard it through the grapevine how much longer will you be mine ♪
6:56 am
♪ baby i heard it through the grapevine, and i'm just about to lose my mind ♪ ♪ honey, honey, yeah, i heard it through the grapevine not much longer would you be my baby ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ i know a man ain't supposed to cry, but these tears i can't hold inside ♪ ♪ cause losing you, you see, you mean that much to me ♪ ♪ you could have told me yourself that you found someone else ♪ ♪ don't you know that i heard it through the grapevine how much longer will you be mine ♪ ♪ oh, i heard it through the grapevine, and i'm just about to lose my mind ♪ ♪ honey honey, i heard it
6:57 am
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6:58 am
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