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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 24, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> glor: tonight, back in business-- on day 96 of the oil spill, the relief well-drilling rate returns after tropical storm bonnie fizzles out. i'm jeff glor. also tonight, breaking records-- will the non-stop heat make it the hottest july on record? deadly stampede-- at latest 15 with killed in germany after panic at a music festival. with just a week ago, we point to one spot as the place for chelsea clinton's wedding. >> i think it's going to look like a circus. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and good evening. it's all about the weather tonight. up and down the east coast another heat wave moves in, while in the gulf, tropical storm bonnie moves out letting
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cleanup crews get back to work. we'll have more on the heat in a moment but first on day 96 of the spill, here is the latest-- the drilling rig for the crucial relief well is back in place. b.p. could attempt a so-called static kill of the blown-out well within days, and protective booms are being removed from some beaches that haven't seen oil in weeks now. kelly cobiella is in grand isle, louisiana, tonight. kelly. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. this delay, this weather delay, has cost b.p. about five days but engineers are now preparing to pick up where they left off. one by one, the unmanned submarines were lowered back down to the ocean floor to monitor the containment cap. the storm never got bad enough to force all of the ships to leave. two stayed in place checking pressure readings throughout the night. the well is still in good shape, and for now, at least, they can get back to work. >> we're going to be playing a cat and mouse game for the remainder of the hurricane season.
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>> reporter: the forecast looks good enough now that b.p. could try its luck way static kill within days. one of the ships used to burn oil would instead pump heavy mud down through a series of pipes into the well followed by concrete to form a plug inside the well pipe. if it works, b.p. would still go ahead with the relief well, drilling into the casing at an angle and pumping mud and concrete to fill the space between the casing and the actual well pipe. the well would be permanently sealed. the process could begin tuesday, the day b.p. meets with investors and releases its latest earnings report. even before this storm threatened, grand isle was already starting to take down some of its defenses, like this boom which used to stretch the entire seven miles of this beach. they haven't seen large amounts of oil wash ashore here in more than three weeks. still, oil is just five miles
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from louisiana's coast with larger slicks father out. across the gulf region, cleanup crews are now out of the place and trust in b.p. is so low in some places, local politicians saw the storm evacuation as a ploy to leave for good. >> i've called law enforcement, i called the sheriff, and i said, "i'm ready to mobilize our flotilla and we'll go throughout and stop them." >> reporter: b.p. says the company will stay put until the gulf is restored. >> ♪ joy to the fishes and the deep blue sea ♪ . battles that faded into the backgrowntd on the beaches of grand isle today, where there was no oil, no boom, just dancing that concert was intended to raise money for a marketing campaign to bring tourism back to this area but there's still a rot of work to be done, of course, and cleanup crews throughout the region will start moving back into place as early as tomorrow. jeff. >> glor: kelly cobiella once again, in grand isle, louisiana tonight. kelly, thank you. another weekend, another blast of oppressive heat breaking records up and down the east
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coast. among them today, richmond, virginia, 105. baltimore, 100. newark, 99, and new york's j.f.k. airport at 97. tony guida is in new york's central park tonight. hey, tony. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. it's hot out here. new york has had 20 days this year so far of temperatures of at least 90 degrees. the number of days like that at this same point last year? two. it's supposed to be hot in july, but this is ridiculous. 11 straight with temperatures topping 90 in washington, today, a record 101. stir in the humidity, it felt at least 10 degrees hotter. >> just to stay cool, i actually slept in my car with the car running for about four hours now. >> reporter: extreme heat scorched a path from kansas city to southern illinois and tennessee to the carolinas, where raleigh registered its 49th day of readings above 90.
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today actually felt like 115. in downtown raleigh, emergency workers assisted concert-goers overcome by the heat. >> dumped water on my back, and i'm very much cooler. >> it's about as extreme as you can get, some all-time record highs could be broken and the humidity is up very, very high. >> reporter: it hit 97 in new york, tying a record and plenty uncomfortable for this road crew. >> the job has to get done. >> reporter: diego martinez said much the same about his run ago no matter the weather, he clocks a lap of nearly four miles every other day. >> depending how i feel when i get to the end, i'll probably go another second lap, another three and a half miles. >> reporter: you'll do a second lap? >> yes. >> reporter: you're nuts. you know that, diego? >> some onlookers felt the same way about these triathlete in new jersey. the waves at coney island offered relief to brooklyn beach-goers, and in philadelphia, those who couldn't get to the beach found cooling
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nonetheless. an impromptu shower was this prescription for relief, chasing a soccer ball was touch deutothis day. >> it's hot and it's hard to run around and, like, once you start running you want to walk again. >> reporter: i know just how she feels. temperatures this extreme, of course, can be very dangerous, and may have caused the death of one man in prince georges county, maryland, today. paramedics found the young man unconscious on a bike path. cause of death officially not established but they believe it was heat related. >> glor: tony guida in central park tonight, tony, thank you. the chicago area is dealing with extreme heat and severe flooding. more than seven inches of rain fell in some parts yesterday and overnight leaving residential neighborhoods underwater. heavy rain in eastern iowa has caused a dam to burst today. a swollen lake cut a hole 30 feet wide in the dam.
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hundreds of homes have been evacuated. overseas tonight, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan and may have been captured by the taliban. our terry mccarthy is embedded with u.s. troops in helmand province, he joins us tonight. terry, this story, highly unusual. what do we know right now? >> reporter: jeff, this is a very bizarre story. apparently the two u.s. service members were c.v.s returning from a training mission about five miles south of kabul and appeared to be kidnap bide the taliban somewhere on their trip back. the taliban themselves have told cbs news they kidnapped these two men with 10 taliban on the road and removed them to a secure location. the bizarre thing about the story, however, is these two men appear to be traveling on their own. this is not normal practice for u.s. forces in afghanistan. normally, they would be in a convoy of at least two if not more vehicles. jeff. >> glor: second question, the u.s. is reporting the death of
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five more than troops in afghanistan raising this month's death toll to 56. "newsweek" magazine with a provocative cover article this week saying we're not winning the war in afghanistan, it's not worth it, arguing for a drawdown. what's your sense from the ground? >> reporter: well, jeff, i don't think there is a black-and-white answer here. quite clearly, where we are with the marines, they are making progress. we were here two months ago. areas then controlled by the taliban are now under marine control. in other parts of the country, for example, in kandahar, they're not having such success. i think the bigger problem is whatever the u.s. military can achieve here they need to be able to hand it over to the afghan security forces and afghan government, and there we're seeing much slower progress and that calls into question the entire endeavor. >> glor: terry mccarthy embedded with troops in the helmand province, thank you. tragedy in germany today when at least 17 people were killed at a
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tragedy in germany today when at least 18 people were killed at a popular musicky festival. a panged crowd caused a stampede near ducele dolph. >> reporter: despite the tragedy, the music never stopped. in late afternoon, with a deadly crush in the crowd at the edge of the festival, authorities feared announcing an emergency might make it worse. the music fans were caught under a highway overpass in a bare concrete tunnel that was both entrance and exit when something set off a panic. one account said it was a loudspeaker warning there was no more space telling people to turn around and leave, but they couldn't. they were trapped in what quickly became a fatal, suffocating jam. some tried to climb their way out. "it was a blockade" says this man "a frenzy." "by luck," he says, "we were pushed out." many who fell were trampled and help couldn't get to them until the crowd thinned.
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with emergency workers tending the injured, police simply said it had been chaotic. called the love parade, the one- day festival has been held in germany for two decades. this was its first year at an old railroad yard in duisburg, a city of half a million people, struggling to cope with a crowd three times its size. >> glor: still ahead on tonight's cbs evening news, he is on death row. he is hoping to change that by getting on the internet.
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>> glor: the governor of okra homa last week grant aid second stay of execution for a convicted killer on death row. in what appears to be a first, the inmate appealed to the governor on the internet.
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dean reynolds has more. >> reporter: otis earl's was shot to death in rural ohka homa 16 years ago. his wife was attacked but survived. two petty criminals were arrested and were eventually convicted. one, tracy dyer, admitted guilt and got life in prison. the other never confessed but was sentenced sodie. >> my name is david matthews, and i'm set for execution. >> reporter: and it is his case that is getting belated attention because of the questions about it and the means employed to raise them. >> i did not kill my uncle, and i wasn't there. >> reporter: in the 21st century, why write a letter when you can go up on youtube and plead your case directly to the governor. >> please talk to mike mars. >> reporter: mike mars is a former deputy sheriff who arrested matthews. we speak to him last week. >> i know he did not receive a fair trial and right now, i know that he was innocent, that he's
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innocent of it. >> reporter: mars has complained with the case from the start but only lately turned to youtube as well to make his points to a wider audience. >> i firmly believe they made jeff matthews fit the crime instead of the evidence convicting him. >> reporter: matthews' defenders note that no d.n.a. evidence or finger prints have ever been connected to him at the murder scene. he has two witnesses who provided an alibi but who were somehow never called to testify. >> it's the perfect cocktail for a wrongful execution. >> reporter: paul ciolino is a cbs news consultant who said recently discovered finger prints from the scene could well point away from matthews and towards someone else. >> all you have to do is say, "time oit, fellas. let's review this a little more carefully before we kill somebody who may be innocent." >> reporter: diier originally accused him of pulling the trigger but now says someone else, who he will not name, is the shooter.
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and the juror from the second of matthews' two trials said, "if i had things to do over again i would not have sentenced mr. matthews to death." and yet the prosecution is convinced the matthews' guilt. >> there was physical evidence collected at his house. >> clothing that minnie short said one of hear attackers wore was found at matthews' home along with prescription medicine. math use admits talking with others about robbing his relatives and one acquaintance testified he loaned him a .45-caliber pistol hours before the murder. ballistic testing showed it to be the murder weapon. >> if the state is going to execute a man or a woman, then, in my own mind, there should be no douse. >> reporter: matthews' execution date is set for august 17. governor brad henry pushed it to next month so authorities could continue to review evidence in his case. dean reynolds, cbs to eject.
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he was not seriously hurt. just ahead on tonight's cbs evening news, matrimonially mystery-- seeking the spot of chelsea clinton's wedding.
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>> glor: two famous hollywood >> glor: it is the marital mystery of the summer-- where exactly will chelsea clinton get hitched next saturday? for now, speculation is centering on a posh estate in a town of ryan beck, newark. elaine quijano is on the scene. >> reporter: in the one stop light village of rhinebeck, new york, nestled in the postcard perfect hudson valley all signs indicate chelsea clinton will marry fiance here next saturday, and the rumors are swirling. >> president obama is coming up in the hudson in a private boat, and, you know, the frogmen will escort him. >> reporter: the clintons have not confirmed ryan beck as the wedding location but the mother of the bride told cbs news she's thrilled.
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>> i'm very excited. i think she is a really responsible young woman. her fiance is a wonderful young man. >> reporter: mayor jim reardon believes the ryan beck rumor is true. what do you think this place is going to look like come july 31. >> i think it's going to look like a circus. >> reporter: the wedding will reportedly take place at the $12 million estate known as aster court, 50 acres and owned by clinton donors. just two days ago, the local paper, the "hudson valley news" spotted this newly erected tent on the grounds of the estate. >> go ahead, what's up. >> reporter: executive edsor jim langan. >> our sources indicate it will be crunstructed in such a way it will be all glass on the riverside so the guest will be in there, air conditioned with an unimpeded view of the hudson. qr langian has become the unofficial town crier. >> are you getting a lot of inquiries? >> questions. >> reporter: wedding guests, including a-list celebrities, will reportedly stay at the historic beakman arms where
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langan says the owners have signed a confidentiality agreement. the rehearsal dinner is expect to take place in a private estate nearby. gift bags will reportedly come from this boutique and include wine baring the clinton game from a local vineyard, no relation to the former first family. wedding planners estimate the consequent could cost roughly $2 million. that's $1,000 a head for the catering alone. langan says the wedding rules even dictate what electricians should wear. >> they've been instructed they have to be attired in tuxedo so they blend in. they don't want guys sitting in the farmers jeans while passing the cavier. >> reporter: we were driven to a purported top-secret location where the clintons are supposedly staying. glenn burn owned by george sorose. the mystery of rhinebeck's real
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connection to chelsea clinton wedding will come to an end in six days, still plenty of time for rumors in this small town to run rampant. >> glor: still ahead on tonight's cbs evening news, life in a day-- the grass roots film with a cast from around the world.
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>> glor: two famous hollywood directors are holding a casting call today and their audition is open to anyone. they're asking people to videotape and post what they're doing on youtube with the intention of creating a movie that sums up one day all over the world. that is tonight's "weekend journal: life in a day." an unknown italian ukulele player way video camera hoping to hit it big in a feature film produced by ridley scott, the man behind "gladarty" and "thelma x luis" and directed by kevin mcdonald who made "the last king of scotland." >> we have all seen films following one person through a day or a week but this is following everybody. >> there's our heroic driver.
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he's been taking us on this journey. >> glor: thousands of submissions like these are expected from around the world. this is sun rise in norway. the deadline to shoot, even the mundane, is midnight tonight and uploaded in a week. >> the film, which is a portrait of the globe, a portrait of the whole of humanity, on a single day. >> glor: introduction were intentionally vague-- show what you love or fear. >> get laid off. >> i officer my ted bear. >> reporter: what makes you laugh or what's in your pockets. >> to smell the flowers. >> glor: most of all, be yourself. >> because you can't be yourself to me without a single moment every once in a while of just serenity. >> newport, rhode island, july 20, 1969. >> glor: this kind of celluloid time capsule has been tried before right here at cbs news 41 years ago, the day a man first walk on the moon.
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today's "life in a day" is another grand sociological experiment. >> timber! >> people will, i think, recognition the the unique quality of this film that it is trying to be global, that it is trying to say something about mankind as a whole. >> glor: "life in a day, "the top 20 who make the cut will be invited to the film's premiere next january in utah. that is the cbs evening news tonight. later on cbs "48 hours mystery." russ mitchell will be here tomorrow night. i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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solano county fire. a firefighter sent to the hospital, a home damaged, and the fight right now to put out a solano county fire. it happened again. a pit bull bites a child. where it happened this time. we can't protect the citizens if the officers themselves are not safe. >> and that's why vallejo police are now working in teams. the risk that poses to public safety. cbs 5 eyewitness news is next. ,,,,


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