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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 28, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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timers and facebook page all night. >> tweeting. >> thank you for watching. have a good day. breaking news. deadly crash. airliner with 152 passengers onboard slams into a mountainside near the capital of pakistan. the officials say there were no survivors. we will bring you the latest. state of emergency. thousands are forced to evacuate and dozens of homes are destroyed as two major wildfires burn out of control in southern california. 100 days later, a grim milestone for the disaster in the gulf. as the big question facing officials now is where tees oil? we will ask bp's chief operating officer in an exclusive live
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interview. and grizzly encounter. animal expert jack hanna survives a bear attack in glacier national park. he will tell us how he made it out alive "early" this wednesday morning, july 28, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. we are happy to get to wednesday. >> yes, we are. i'm erica hill. good to have you with us this morning. a lot to get to this busy day. a plane crash in pakistan, wildfires in california. we will get you caught up with that this morning. >> we begin with breaking news the the deadly crash of a jet in pakistan. it went down the hills of islamabad. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london with the latest. mark, good morning. >> harry, the number of confirmed casualties in this crash keeps rising as bodies are recovered from the wreckage. earlier hopes that there may have been some survivors have
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now been sadly dashed. there has been 152 people on the plane. would american passengers were among those onboard the plane as it approached islamabad in terrible weather. this is the monsoon season with high winds, heavy rains, dense low clouds move through the area. and the conditions at the time of the crash have been making rescue efforts more difficult as well. the initial reports, though, there may have been some survivors have since been retracted. crowds had gathered at a local hospital in the hope that relatives may have somehow lived through the crash but that hope soon gave way to grief. the flight was on the busy commuter run between karachi and islamabad, the capital. the plane was an airbus 321, less than ait years owed. operated by air blue. a pakistan commercial carrier that has been in business for six years. pakistan had the spotty
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reputation for airline safety but air blue has only had one minor previous incident. the plane had come down in the densely wooded hills just north of islamabad. not the normal approach route to the airport which is south of the city. aviation officials in pakistan are already wondering publicly why the plane was where it was and flying so low at the time. the threat of terror is always there. in this case, all of the thinking seems to be centered around factors like pilot error, equipment problems, and the weather. harry? >> mark phillips in london this morning. thanks so much. we want to get to more breaking news this morning. raging wildfires in southern california. dozens of buildings so far have been destroyed. hundreds more threatened at this hour. thousands of residents have been evacuated. hattie kaufmann is in tehachapi with more. patty, good morning. >> reporter: this fire moved so quickly one evacuee had to drive
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through flames just to get away. right now you see just the billow of smoke. it doesn't look too dangerous. wait until this afternoon when the winds pick up. then look out. this fast-moving fire fueled by rapidly changing winds has already destroyed more than 30 homes. and threatening another 150 structures near the small town of tehachapi. george has lived here for 25 years. >> lost everything. including animals. watched my barn burn to ground. may boat. cars, trucks. everything i own. >> reporter: 200 firefighters are battling the blaze along with four aerial tankers. 60 miles due north, 700 firefighters are trying to contain a second fire near the town of kernville. >> grab the dogs and go down the street. i thought i was going to lose my house. >> evacuate! i'm going -- i ain't going nowhere.
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>> reporter: governor schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency for kernville. this fire is 0% contained. however, there is good news. no injuries in either of the fires. patty kaufmann, cbs news, tehachapi, california. to the latest on the gulf on this 100-day anniversary of the disaster. it has been about two weeks since the temporary cap was put ottwell. since then not much oil hit the surface. the big question, where did the millions of gallons of crude go? mark strassmann is in new orleans with the latest on that. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. it is a good question. o this milestone day. day 100 of the spill and while the surface spill may be significantly smaller, bp's troubles may be deepening. new reports of a federal investigation including whether regulators were lied to. day 100. the well is capped. approximately 184 million
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gallons spilled into the gulf. about 34 million have been recovered and scientists worry the rest is trapped beneath the surface. broken apart by more than 700,000 gallons of disperse ants. bp will set aside $32 billion for the cleanup and pay for it, sell off $30 million in assets. >> planning to sell a lot of assets which will represent perhaps 8% of their exploration and production assets in the united states. >> reporter: it is reported now the environmental protection agency is expected to see penalties under the clean water act. "the washington post" said the investigation will examine whether bp official pass made false statements to regulators or falsified test results concerning the deepwater horizon rig. all this as bp prepares to downsize under new leadership. ceo tony hayward is out. replaced by american bob dudley. he promises a thorough safety review. >> i'm sure there will be
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changes. >> reporter: all along bp has said that this cleanup would not cost taxpayer as single dime. now the company says that it intends to take tax write-off for the cleanoff and save itself $10 billion. >> mark strassmann in new orleans morning. thank you very much. also in new orleans for an exclusive interview bp's chief operating officer doug suttles. good morning. >> good morning. >> the cap seems to be holding. it is almost two weeks now. we have not seen any significant am of oil rise to the surface. can you tell us about progress for the relief well and what kind of timetable you are talking about. once and for all, for getting this oil gusher that has spoiled the gulf once and for all. >> yes, harry. as you mentioned earlier, it is encouraging, it has been 13 day since we had any new oil flow into the gulf of mexico. and, of course, we are 100 days into this horrible event.
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ultimately we have to make sure this well can never flow again. and the first step along that path is actually the static kill which we hope to actually pump at the beginning of next week. we are make good progress. the tropical storm bonnie set us back a bit. we are back on location and working. ultimately we will need a complete the relief well. still on target to be done before the middle of august. we are still making good progress. >> all right. you will then, in fact, try the static kill with the cap mechanism that's in place now? >> you know, harry, that's the plan. ultimately we have to get that approved by admiral allen. he has given us the go-ahead to do the planning. we are doing that working closely with the government scientists. we hope we get to the point everyone agrees it is the right thing to do, to -- and timeline will be the beginning of next week. >> tens of thousands of lives
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affected. to say nothing of the environmental damage that happened to the gulf of mexico. day 100, as you and your co-wokers at bp refleck on this for a moment, what's the most important lesson you have learned? >> well, harry, a lot of thoughts that go through your head on day 100. it is a milestone none of us wanted to ever see. the first thing i think about is the 11 people that lost their lives on the 20th of april, we got so many things to learn from this accident. and actually many, many things will change. what i do know is a few things, harry. our ability, industry's ability to fight a big spill. a well controlled blowout on the bottom of the sea bed, deepwater, significantly different today than it was on the 20th of april. we have invented things, created new techniques to skim and applied techniques that have never been done before. mounted the largest response the world has ever seen. those lessons will be available to the industry to the entire
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world. to help with this ever were to happen again. hopefully it will never will. that knowledge will be out there for everyone to use. >> what about the responsibility you and other people in the oil business and oil exploration have? not just to say to people in the gulf but anyplace you are exploring important oil. >> you know, harry, one of the things that's probably had a huge i am partly cloudy on me personally, i have been across the gulf coast for the last 100 days. i met lots of people, fishermen, people that owned restaurants. community leaders, mayors, governors. this has been extraordinarily painful. there's so many things we have to do to make this thing right. and when you feel and touch it has a huge impact on you. we have to make sure the chances of this happen ring extraordinarily remote. i would also tell you if you are in this region, oil and gas activity in the gulf of mexico is hugely important to the people here. it supports a lot of the economy
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and the jobs. we have to find a way to do both. we have to find a way to do it safely. jobs in getting oil and gas in the united states are also important. >> doug suttles, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you, harry. interesting. >> 100 days. almost two weeks no new oil has come up. >> definitely a good headline out of that. a look at the other headlines of the day. betty nguyen is standing by. good morning. the u.s. military today reports another american service member has been killed fighting the taliban in southern afghanistan. and here at home, the leak of afghan war documents spurred heated debate in the house before it passed extra funding for the war. cbs news chief white house correspondent chip reid has the latest. good morning, chip. >> good morning, betty. congress has now approved another $37 billion for the wars in afghanistan and iraq. there was some concern that this massive leak of documents might
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threaten that funding. those fears were unfounded. the measure easily passed the house, 308-114. not without passionate debate within the president's own party. fueled by monday's leak of classified documents related to the war in afghanistan. >> if this congress ignores the wikileaks documents that point out a connection between pakistani intelligence and the afghanistan taliban where they are helping the taliban against our troops. >> reporter: president obama made clear there was nothing in the documents that would prompt him to change his strategy. >> these documents don't reveal any issues that haven't already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> reporter: even if the president's right there isn't much new in the leaked documents they still threaten to turn the public against the war even more. by focusing a spotlight on all that's gone wrong. mounting u.s. casualties, civilian casualties, afghan corruption, claims the pakistan is helping the taliban.
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the leaks were allegedly made by former army intelligent specialist bradley manning who reportedly was attempting to prove the u.s. was guilty of war crimes. the military is now reviewing security procedures but experts warn that it shouldn't be an excuse to get overboard. >> they have to be careful because if they classify too much, if they label too much as secret, it actually might give incentive to leakers because they see that so-called secret information is not secret at all and therefore it is okay to give it away. >> reporter: today the president will try to change the topic as he goes to new jersey to talk about the economy. then he goes to new york city and believe it or not, he will take tape an episode of "the view." a first time a sitting president has ever appeared on a daytime talk show. >> looking forward to what he has to say today. chip reid joining us live. thank you, chip. as chip reported, mounting civilian wash calties are a major concern in the afghanistan war. 25 people were killed this morning when a bus hit a roadside bomb planted by
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insurgents in southern afghanistan. close to the helmund province. yesterday the utah supreme court reversed the conviction of being an accomplice to rape. it was ruled the jury was given incorrect instructions. jeffs presided over a wedding between a 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old cousin. fbi director robert mullier is expected face questions this morning about a possible cheating scandal. the justice department is investigating reports that hundreds of fbi agents cheated on a test. the test covered new rules on when agents can conduct surveillance or open new cases. the president of the fbi agent's association says there was pervasive confusion about how the test was supposed to be conducted. we have spectacular video of a truck crash in brazil. a formula truck series race on sunday, one driver went airborne
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and smashed into another truck. the high-speed crash ripped the top off of that truck. you about miraculously no one got hurt. here is a look at the weather. we will check in with dave price. less dangerous. >> moral of that story, don't drive your semi at 112 miles per hour. let's get right to it. we will work our story line, we are going to begin in the northeast where another day of hot and humid air being spun up by a high-pressure system will bring humidity and discomfort from places like boston down the i-95 corridor, hard forward, new york, philadelphia, into d.c. and again, not a pleasant day. but there's relief. it is a code front which will push through but that is going to bring the threat of severe weather to places like chicago, st. louis, indianapolis, cleveland. you could see big airport delays in st. louis and american airlines hub. united, chicago. cleveland, of course, which is a continental united hub.
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temperatures in the 70s and 80s. cool air behind it and relief. finally, we are just rocked with warm air in the southeast and thermometer is exploding here. it looks like we will get relief to the high pressure system moves down finally by the time we get to friday. that's a quick look at,,,, finally as we look out west, we have some showers in the northern rockies and stretching from the border of canada down to zrern. as we head to the southwest,
7:17 am
have pop-up thundershowers as well. west coast looks good. winds kicking up to 15 miles per hour. we will watch those wildfires in southern california. lot going on. >> thanks. coming up, another impassionate plea from the mother of missing 7-year-old kyron horman. we will tell you why police have now doubled their reward. >> do you get headaches after staring too long at your computer? you could have something called cvs. our dr. jennifer ashton has advice on how to cure. >> it which designer is behind the creation that chelsea clinton will wear on her wedding day? this photo of her, which we told is here, will give us a clue. [ female announcer ] we didn't see it coming but women have made olay #1. not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 anti-aging serum
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there was a press conference in portland with kyron horman's parents were there, as well as police officers. it was impossible not to see the
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emotion on his mother's face and everything that came out. really so much more clear this time than we've seen in the past. just the desperation and the desire for some information on her son. >> and there's some breaking news on that. we'll get to that in a moment. all eyes are on rhinebeck, where we think chelsea clinton's wedding will take place. wikileaks pages reveal where she may have gotten her wedding dress. as "the early show" continues. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by centrum ultrawomen's, the most complete multivitamin just for women. like what you get from centrum ultra women's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bone health. centrum ultra women's. and calcium for bone health. i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here.
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i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste.
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, voters in three more bay area cities will decide in november whether to pay higher taxes to avoid deeper budget cuts. city councils in antioch, concord and santa rosa decided yesterday to put temporary sales tax increases on the ballot. evacuation orders in effect this morning in a neighborhood near tehachapi in kern county. a wildfire that started yesterday afternoon is threatening about 150 homes this morning. it destroyed more than 30 yesterday. the governor declared a state of the emergency because of what they are calling the west fire. and the tower that will support part of the new eastern span of the bay bridge is starting to go up today. the first part of that tower
7:26 am
is expected to be raised into place early this afternoon. that tower will eventually be more than 500 feet high. the new bridge still is expected to open in 2013. traffic and weather right after this. ,, ,,,,
7:27 am
it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. good morning. no bic accidents but we have
7:28 am
congestion especially westbound 237 towards silicon valley. look at that traffic really not moving at all as traffic heads off of 880 towards zanker road. then speeds improve a little bit closer to mountain view. 880 through oakland in those northbound lanes kind of stop and go past the coliseum up into downtown oakland. but you know what, the bay bridge commute has been easy all morning long. the metering lights remain on but not much delay. a car fire is reported in westbound 580 near the castro valley boulevard exit. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> checking out low clouds around the bay area again, no surprise there. plenty of clouds at ocean beach. no true fog, just low clouds extending onshore into the interior valleys. going to break up in most spots except at the coast. so that will keep it cool at the beaches. 50s and 60s there. temperatures below average but comfortable inland. lots of 70s and 80s interior valleys, 60s and 70s inside the bay.
7:29 am
7:30 am
i love that song. thank you very much. dave price, we have a lot of fine people out on the plaza. welcome back to "the early show" everyone. it is good stuff. we looks over with a rye smile. just ahead, we'll talk to jack hanna. harry will chat with him later. the man has been around animals his whole life, but this probably -- not the ebb appearance he was expecting when hiking in glacier national park in montana with his family recently. a grizzly bear attacks, charges, obviously, he lived to tell the
7:31 am
tale. we are going to hear it. as we get closer and closer to chelsea clinton's wedding, we are unraveling big secrets, like this. we have a photo of chelsea entering a high-end dress shop here in new york. we think that's her. it could be a clue as to who designed her wedding gown. and we'll get to that story in a bit. >> ah, the details, the details. first, to the latest in the ongoing search for kyron horman. for the first time in weeks now, police are speaking about the investigation holding a press conference yesterday where they gave few new details, but they did increase the reward money. priya david clemens is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this wall of good wishes continues to grow. and while many hope the little boy will be found, his mother tells "people" magazine she's convinced he's stashed somewhere and they will find him. >> our goals is to expedite the search for kyron, to bring him home as quickly as possible. and to bring justice to any person responsible for his
7:32 am
disappearance. >> reporter: kyron's mother desiree young pleaded for help in finding her son missing two months since june 4th. >> we are still very hopeful. >> reporter: while the county authorities spoke for the first time in three weeks, they gave few new details. >> we believe the kyron's disappearance involves criminal behavior because his parents have been deprived of their son for 53 days. >> reporter: but the lack of new information may not mean the case is stalled. >> they want all the mash marbles, and when they have probable cause for the hods homicide, then they are going to move forward. >> reporter: in fact, police have issued three search warrants to friends of kyron's stepmother, teri horman. one to didi spicer who was brought before a grand jury, but officers have not publicly confirmed teri horman is their focus. >> she's the suspect, she'll be the suspect until she's arrested and she's the defendant.
7:33 am
>> reporter: is there a possibility teri horman was not involved? >> i cannot imagine a scenario where she was not involved. >> reporter: kyron's birth parents continue to doubt teri and are holding on to whatever optimism they have left. >> we love you, kyron. never give up hope. we are all coming to get you to bring you home. >> reporter: in published interviews, kyron's parents say teri acted out of character sending four short e-mails to desiree. and she still has a plan she's executing. also joining us from portland, attorney bruce mccain, a former captain with the sheriff's office. good so are to have you with us this morning. at the press conference yesterday, it was impossible not to notice kyron's mother, disease zee, and her emotional state. i know that struck you as well. what did it tell you? >> well, erica, besides the information that came out, but
7:34 am
what jumped out at me having to watch them is when desiree approached the platform, she was upset in a way i have never seen before. as i listened to the prepared statements from the sheriff's people and desiree's script, what struck me is whenever kyron's name was mentioned yesterday about bringing him home or finding him, never once was it ever mentioned in the context of being alive. and i think that's somewhat significant considering the past statements. given the sheriff's statement last week in writing, they cannot answer they have information to lead them to leave kyron is alive. we may have turned a corner in how the family is pursuing this notwithstanding their hopes. >> would this mean based on your experience the corner being turned is the fact it has been so long now there's less hope of finding him alive, or is there some information that the sheriff's office has that has given to the parents to let them know, in fact, this is likely,
7:35 am
unlikely, rather, their son is alive? >> the sheriff's office doesn't have information to lead them to believe he's alive. i think the public declaration, and they had a chance to clarify that yesterday and chose not to. but seven weeks, no answers, no information, and desiree seemed to react much harsher than we have seen her in her well-composed interviews she has given. >> you mentioned this was noninformation at the press conference. why hold this press conference then? what is it accomplishing? >> it established absolutely nothing. they could have done this on youtube to save the taxpayers money. i cannot emphasize how frustrated the media is with this non-event. especially as they build it to give an update on the investigation and address the unwritten questions and answers. >> there's so much focus on teri horman, who is not named a suspect, but there's information
7:36 am
that an arrest is eminent. >> i would not use the word eminent, i would say inevitable. this is in the hand of the grand jury. that's a slow, deliberate process going over affidavits and hearing testimony from witnesses, most of who are investigators, some witnesses. everyone is looking for an eminent arrest, but as we talked about before, arrests warrant a prosecution. the district attorney overseen in this case is not going to push forward until he's confident he has a package that he can take to trial and secure a conviction or a guilty plea. he's not going to stand on a mere probable cause. he wants more. >> bruce mccain, really appreciate the i sight. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you, erica. more developments in that story every day. all right. dave price is standing by here on a wednesday. it is a wednesday. >> we made it to wednesday. >> deep, deep in the summer. what's out there? >> well, nothing is changing. take a look at this, guys. we are going to focus on this
7:37 am
point in the midwest. this is where we are going to see rather strong storms develop throughout the day. temperatures bs that's what everyone wants to know. when is it going to cool down? well, you can see here is where the front line is. today's high is 86 in chicago. that's an early
7:38 am
7:38. that is our second look at the weather this hour, guys. >> thank yery it's a that's a look at the weather this hour. >> coming up next, effects on your health, especially your eyes. that's when we come back. [ woman ] i don't want to feel depressed.
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in this in this morning's healthwatch, something you may have never heard of before, computer vision syndrome, or cvs. this growing condition effects as many as 70% of people who work on computers for at least two hours daily. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with more on this. cvs. what is it and what are the symptoms. >> computer vision syndrome, as you said. this is thought to affect
7:42 am
millions and millions of people. basically you can think of it like an overuse injury of the eyes or central nervous system. it can cause anything from eyestrain, dry or irritated eyes, fatigue or headache. this is caused by hours of overuse in front of a computer, blackberry, pda. >> we have some things up on the screen. if you have some of the things on the screen, these may be symptoms of cvs. >> right. this is no different. we talked about blackberry thumb, carpal tunnel injury, it's representative use caused by habitual activity, in this case focusing on a computer screen or blackberry. >> lord knows there are people in this country that spend 10 or 12 hours a day. >> the average person can spend up to six hours a day, if this is your job. >> you have some advice to help
7:43 am
alleviate or make sure they don't get it in the first mass. >> first off we have to remember anyone can be prone to this. the thinking is if you have underlying visual problems and you wear glasses or contacts, even children might be more prone to this. but there are some common sense things can you do to try to reduce your risk. one of them -- this is going to sound odd -- actually remind yourself to blink more often. studies show you blink a third less when you're focusing on a screen. you need those blinks to lubricate your eyes and tears. there's 20-20-20. every 20 minutes you want to stop, focus about 20 seconds, give your eyes rest. proper lighting. you don't want a light to shine on the computer screen and producing glare. location of the computer screen, five inches below the horizontal of the screen and 20 inches away from you. >> as fast as those went by,
7:44 am
we'll make sure they are up on the website. >> rest your eyes. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you very much. up next, the designer of chelsea's wedding dress, no longer a secret thanks to this photo. we've got even more details coming up. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by new motrin pm. ou s. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. new positively nourishing. fragrant moisturizers from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. active naturals formula's shown to lock in 24-hour moisture. new positively nourishing. only from aveeno. active naturals formula's shown to lock in 24-hour moisture. discover customers are getting 5% cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them. it pays to get more. it pays to discover.
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there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods.
7:47 am
we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf. just three three days until chelsea clinton's big wedding. we've unveiled more info of her unraveling super secret day. in rhinebeck, new york, the site of all things chelsea, elaine. >> reporter: that's about it. good morning, erica. new details seem to be surfacing every hour when it comes to chelsea clinton's wedding. now we know when the big event will be scheduled to get under way. 6:00 p.m. at the posh estate,
7:48 am
just in time for guests to enjoy a breathtaking sunset view in the comfort of a massive air conditioned tent. workers were spotted sprucing up the grounds on tuesday in preparation for an event that could see as many as 500 invited guests. also gearing up for the big day, the mother of the bride, secretary of state hillary clinton, who was spotted in manhattan arriving at her daughter's apartment. she recently told cbs news, she couldn't be happier for chelsea and her future son-in-law marc mezvinsky. >> i think they will have just a great marriage going forward. as the mother of the bride, i could not be happier. >> reporter: back in rhinebeck, well wishers from town anxiously await more detail. >> flowers are planted, everyone sprucing up their site. >> reporter: an exclusive shot
7:49 am
of chelsea entering vera wang's studio. the money shot will be the bride. >> wow, if i get a shot of chelsea, her gown coming towards me right after the nuptials. >> reporter: yeah, fat chance. i can tell you more about the wedding attire. reportedly brides' maids and flower girl, vera wang. as for the mother of the bride, it's likely she will be wearing oscar de la renta. >> thanks. we hear this because they have been sighted in the past at these showrooms. >> if you want news about the wedding, it's all in "women's wear daily." >> lots of good news. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show." [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
7:50 am
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7:55 am
it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a wildfire that's destroyed more than 30 homes in kern county is threatening an entire town. about 150 homes in the community of old west ranch are in danger. the fire has burned more than 1200 acres now, 10 miles south of tehachapi. crews are concerned that the winds will pick up again this afternoon. major league baseball offering to help san jose pay for a special election if a baseball committee allows the as to pursue a ballpark in the city. mayor reed had wanted a ballpark measure on the november ballot with or without baseball's approval because a special election would be costly but he is now considering the offer. voters in three more bay
7:56 am
area cities will decide in november whether or not to temporarily raise their sales taxes. city councils in antioch, concord and santa rosa approved the ballot measures yesterday in an effort to prevent further budget cuts and layoffs. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. ,, it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
7:57 am
good morning. let's go out to the caldecott
7:58 am
tunnel. if you are commuting towards orinda this is eastbound 24, the oakland side of the tunnel there was a crash and they had three right lanes blocked. emergency crews were blocking at least one of those. as of about a minute ago they were able to open all lanes of traffic. but right there before the highway 13 interchange, expect a lot of slow traffic. it is going against the commute but tends to back up there anyway around this time of the morning. so watch out for slow traffic eastbound 24 as well as in marin. got a crash here southbound 101 at lincoln avenue. lawrence has the forecast. >> low cloud have made their way back onshore and looks like they will be slow to burn off today meaning temperatures running cooler than average, 5 to 15 degrees cooler. still comfortable most of the bay area, 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s at the bay. 50s and 60s coastside. low clouds and fog at the beaches again. next few days temperatures warming up especially inland.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh, we have people here from all over the country. we've got people here from all over the country, from texas, from michigan, from florida. >> indiana, california. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm harry smith with erica hill and dave price. coming up, you talk about a battle of wills, out on a hiking trail in montana, jack hanna and a bear. not just one bear but three bears. >> was it a bear or a bear? >> a bear. >> big angry bear. >> the bear didn't know who he was messing with, did he? >> hey, jack, how are you doing,
8:01 am
buddy? >> good. glad to be here. >> look at the fear in his eyes. >> there's a real story to tell here. not the least of which is important is that jack had pepper spray. >> the essential tool. >> we'll get to jack's story in a couple of seconds. >> speaking of tools, my tool of choice for a dream job is a steering wheel and a racing machine. for my dream job here in the studio, take you gentlemen, my dream job was to be an indy car driver, and i did it. >> you are going to be the coolest carpool mom on earth. >> there you go. i'll take you along for a ride in a mom. i just like watching it. i admit. i smite every time i see it and think, i want to do it again. >> there's a picture of you in the helmet, smiling. >> that was a great shot. >> right now we go 0 to 55 to
8:02 am
betty nguyen. >> the smile in her eyes or fear in her eyes? we'll get to that a little bit later. thanks, guys. good morning, everybody. a pakistani official now says everyone on board a passenger jet that crashed this morning near islamabad was killed. the u.s. embassy confirmed two americans were on that flight. airblue flight ed 202 was carrying 250 people from karachi to the capital. it went down near the city. in this country firefighters are battling two major wildfires in southern california. both fires are north of los angeles. the most damaging, a fast moving blaze near the mojave desert town of at the tehachapi. while oil is no longer spewing from the bp well, months and years of cleanup remain.
8:03 am
in an exclusive interview this morning, harry asked ceo doug suttles what lessons have been learned. >> the industry's ability to fight a big spill and well control blowout on the bottom of the seabed in deep water is significantly different today than it was in april. we've applied techniques that have never been done before. >> suttles said the whole world can use that knowledge to prevent future oil spill disasters. maryland police believe they have identified a possible serial killer responsible for a string of bizarre mother-daughter murders. cbs whit johnson reports. >> reporter: jason thomas scott they say is a serial killer with the blood of at least five women on his hands. tuesday the former ups worker was indicted in the murders of two of those women. >> we'll be seeking life without parole. >> scott allegedly murdered 42-year-old dolores de witt and her daughter ebony.
8:04 am
in march 2009 their bodies was found in a stolen car after it was set on fire. scott is also the prime suspect in three others prince george's county, maryland mothers, including carolyn and her daughter melissa found shot to death in their home. in 2008, they will make butler was alone when she was gunned down before her home was set on fire. criminal profiler pat brown said if connected the pattern of the killing would fit the definition of a serial killer. >> this man was a ups driver. he did know the routes, the neighborhood and was able to case where he was going to attack. in my opinion these weren't accidental crimes. >> reporter: scott has been behind bars for the last several years on gun charges. he would face two life terms if convicted on the two counts of first degree murder. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. in other news and on a much lighter note, aretha and condi
8:05 am
make music together. ♪ forever and ever ♪ each day in my heart >> the queen of soul, aretha franklin performed in philadelphia last night. at the piano, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. nice job. proceeds go to help inner city kids. katie couric now has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. good morning, he was a young soldier who lost his life in afghanistan. why is an insurance company now making money off of his death? a special investigation tonight only on the cbs evening news. now back to "the early show." >> this morning we want to take you back outside. dave price has another check of the weather. good morning, dave. >> hello, betty. how are you? you're on tv. let's walk over and meet great people. where are you from? >> florida. >> where in florida? >> parkland. >> is that your bodyguard with
8:06 am
you? >> no. >> no. hello, nice to see you. we've got friends here from waco, texas. hold on. hold on. i think we may have chelsea clinton. no, it's not chelsea clinton.
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by chase. create a plan to manage your >> this weather report sponsored by chase. create a plan to manage your finances on your terms with blueprint from chase. learn more at 866-blueprint. >> that's a look at your weather picture. we've got cardinal fans. we've got detroit fans and "the early show" fans. perfect combination. harry, inside to you. >> thanks, dave. up next, celebrity zookeeper jack hanna gets up close and personal, maybe a little too
8:08 am
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8:11 am
the only interior paint and primer in one that's rated number one. >> our buddy jack hanna, director emeritus of the columbus zoo has thrilled us for years with the way he handles animals. but he came face-to-face over the weekend with three grizzly bears who really didn't care that jack has been on tv. jack joins us from the flathead lake lodge at big fork, montana with the story. jack, good morning. >> good morning. right now there's a black bear not a half an hour behind us just cruising around. >> we'll get this interview over quickly so we don't get in trouble. so you spent years up there, been hiking up there many, many, many times. tell us what happened. >> what happened, harry, got started late in the day at 2:00, which you shouldn't do. you want
8:12 am
to be in and out of your trails before dark. we went on a magnificent hike up some sheer walls and some cliffs on the other side. i had seen the glacier. my wife and i were coming down. some people had taken our picture up there, the last ones. a lady about 18 years old and her parents, they were about a half hour before us, we came down the trail. all of a sudden i came around this corner where there was a cliff and wall, about 8 foot trail. she said oh, my gosh, there's bears coming up the trail, let's get against the wall. i said, no, you have to give the bear space. i said let's back up. we found an opening. went on a grassy hill. i said stand against a wall, clap and make noise like you're supposed to do in bear country. the mother came at her like this. the youngster went over. the other looked at me like this and his hair bristled up. in milliseconds, i thought -- >> how many feet away at this
8:13 am
point, jack? >> this bear is about 25, 30 feet away now, see. i found out later it was a male trying to show off. he started coming at me. you wear this on your chest, your backpack. so i pulled it off real quick. i had it off. throw this down. take the safety clip, go like that. i pointed it at the bear. i didn't want the bear to start squealing and making problems, the mother come back. i didn't want to do this. i went one blast. it goes about 15 feet. bear kept coming. 10 feet. bam, bam again. three blasts. there's only about four in here. went in his face like this and took off. was about 10 feet away. i've been hiking 20 years up there. gary moses, head ranger taught me a lot over the years. believe it or not, harry, i was asked were you nervous. the point was, i don't know what happens to your body, everything takes over. when it was over, then i said everybody was okay and now, you
8:14 am
know, didn't sleep much that night. now i'm getting ready to go back up the same trail saturday because it's a magnificent park to hike in. >> so beautiful up there. how important -- i know you're one of those guys, you're never going to go out on a trail without that bear spray, without that pepper spray. the fact is that you had it there's not a whole other story to tell about somebody getting hurt. >> right. you know, it's just one of those things you carry. police officers might carry, rangers carry for five years and never have to take it out of their holster, never. i've been hiking 25 years. it's unbelievable. i never thought i would have to use it. in the parks now you can have weapons, which that's another story. i'm not for that. you have to know how to use a weapon. that can do more serious damage than anything. so the pepper spray is the only answer. it's just something that does work. it saves the people. it saves the bears and everybody is happy in the end. >> there you go. we've got a happily ever after story from jack hanna out there. man, face-to-face with death.
8:15 am
maybe not quite. thanks very much, sir. good to see you. enjoy the rest of your vacation. >> we'll see you soon. >> all right. coming up next, erica always dreamed of life in the fast lane. well, her fantasy comes to reality. our dream job series continues when we return right after this. s to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. new aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers, with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on, to even skin tone in four weeks. new aveeno tinted moisturizers. then go on, to even skin tone in four weeks. fancy feast created a wayhat to celebrate any moment.
8:16 am
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8:17 am
♪ life in the fast lane >> it's always easy to play race car on the highway, wind in your hair, extra lead on the foot, no cops in sight. it's long been my dream to be in the cockpit of a half million dollar race car where the scene is far different and the rush is much greater. ♪ >> reporter: it's the ultimate
8:18 am
speed machine. capable of reaching 230 miles per hour. and riding just six inches off the ground, indycars grip the car and float above it all at one. >> they pull out, you blink? >> reporter: i wanted to drive these cars since going to the indy 500 in 2001. where the world's best drivers, backed by screaming engines and roaring crowds, pack adrenaline into every lap. a true dream job. i'd get pie shot in toronto. at a tight, winding course through narrow city streets. upping the ante for even the most experienced drives. >> one of the toughest racetracks physically, mentally and with the equipment we've got. >> reporter: clearly a perfect spot for the novice to master this machine. >> you'll feel the g-forces and speed we're incurring. it gets exciting.
8:19 am
>> reporter: decked out in my new gear, i squeeze into a two-seater with davey hamilton at the wheel. good thing i'm not claustrophob claustrophobic. he hit the gas and we're off, bobbing, weaving i'd to side to get a feel for the g-forces pushing on my body and on the car. i'm also grinning ear to ear, even more convinced that driving this car myself will be the ultimate rush. >> how fast did we go? what was our top speed? >> down the back straightaway, we probably got up to 140. >> i can see why you lieu it. >> adrenaline kick. >> reporter: next stop pit road for inspiration, franchitti, castroneves. >> i was at the indy 500 when you won. i gave you credit for interest in indycar. >> where were you this year?
8:20 am
>> i'll be there next year. i'll see way can do. >> i love you already. >> reporter: in the number 11 car, tony kanaan. my coach for the day. >> what do you have in the way of pits for a first-timer here? >> i think first of all, like every rookie, you should respect the racetrack. respect is the wig thing. it's a hard course but i think you'll are a blast. >> reporter: before i know it, it's my turn to drive. >> for you i'm getting nervous. >> reporter: but did i go, determined to break 70 miles an hour, which i'm told is tough as a first-timer. i got a push and i was driving an indycar. i instantly felt excited and apprehensive. getting up to speed is a little scary. the turns on this course come so fast. when i hit the straightaway, though, i knew it was now or never. and that is when i felt the rush. i like this a little too much.
8:21 am
i was ready to really open it up when all of a sudden i saw my pace car slow and realized my run as an indycar driver, my dream job, was over. a little too quickly. >> yes! it was fantastic. >> now you know. >> i loved it. >> a few more laps you'd have fun. >> i wouldn't mind staying out there a few more laps. how fastdy go? >> 85. >> i went 85? and they said i wouldn't go over 70 and i went 85. >> there you go. >> i did it. >> and i'd really like to think all the people at theism zod indycar series for making this happen. and i got this fancy fire suit out of it. pie helmet. it was great. you know what's crazy, you walk around in th fire suit, and there aren't that many female drivers. what was hysterical, people kept coming up, good luck tomorrow. i can get a picture if an autograph? and i'm like, sure, but i'm not
8:22 am
driving a car. they'd say, oh, and walk away. >> first of all, does the clutch feel like it does on a normal car? >> yeah, from what i remember. it's sort of ayou a blur. i held the clutch in a lot because i didn't want to crash and i didn't want to stall. those corners are tight. i had gotten such a hard time for so many people. oh, you only went 85. >> you think it's not bad but on that track -- >> they tell you it's hard to get above 70. a, you're driving a car you're not used to. b, it's a windy course. i got out of the car economy taught, i'll be priced if i broke 55. >> do you have a lead foot? >> i live by the nine mile an hour so this was humg for me. >> what was the scariest part? >> having to get out of the car. i wanted to keep going. thanks, everybody.
8:23 am
as you're watching us do our dream jobs all this week we want to know your dream job. e-mail facebook,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, more than 30 homes destroyed by a wildfire so far near the town of tehachapi east of bakersfield. firefighters worked through the night trying to establish a fire break but the west fire is still completely uncontained. governor schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency for kern county. san francisco supervisors have approved a project to develop a new waterfront community at hunters point. the project will take up 702 acres on the abandoned naval base. it calls for more than 10,000 residential units and 300 acres of open space. and voters in antioch and concord will decide in november whether to temporarily raise sales taxes in their cities. each increase would be a half
8:26 am
cent. the hike in antioch would be eight years, concord's would last five. both cities are trying to avoid more service cuts and layoffs. traffic and weather right after this. ,,,,,, those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time,
8:27 am
and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] good morning. all right, well, traffic is actually improved a bit on eastbound 24 heading towards
8:28 am
the caldecott tunnel. they issued a traffic alert for a while because of a crash, three right lanes were blocked. everything is hope for a while. it's still slow and go. it's slow there anyway this time of the morning. all the other approaches to the bay bridge westbound in slow there heading out of the caldecott tunnel. but at the bay bridge, traffic has been moving fine approaching the pay gates all morning long but the metering lights do remain on. this is still a hotspot southbound 101 approaching lincoln avenue. the accident is now cleared but it's really slow heading out of novato. lawrence has the forecast. >> elizabeth, fog and low clouds stretching onshore. no true fog today just low clouds making their way inland. looks night as -- looks nea it. there. 70s and sites 80s inland.
8:29 am
50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures warming up through the weekend.
8:30 am
hey, our friend from florida there. friend from texas. >> yes, friends from waco, texas. i used to work for the cbs affiliate in waco. >> did you really? >> yes, many, many moons ago. >> waco and killeen? >> yes, i was in the killeen bureau for a while. boy, those were the good old days. >> now you're stuck with us on the mraz. >> >> you have to do what you have to do few a lot coming up in the next half hour. he's been described as effortlessly funny. we're not talking about -- there he is, paul rudd teaming up with steve carell. what a team they make. they together in "anchorman,"
8:31 am
back together for jt dinner with the schmucks". our favorite home improvement expert from diy network. amy matthews and kevin o'connor are with us with four easy projects you really want to pay attention to. >>. >> i like the word he'scy with it comes to projects. are you hungry this morning? our katie lee is here to show us how to bring hawaiian flavor to your backyard, coconut shrimp with orange marmalade and that's just for starters. >> there's no spam. if you're thinking there should be some spam new first, dave with a final check of the weather. mr. prois? >> we should mention pom is post popular dishes in hawaii. it is a huge market for spam. nice to see vb out on the plaza. guys, guys, just an
8:32 am
announcement, just an announcement, if you're thinking of coming to new york city this week, we are out of "i love new york" deshirts. there are no
8:33 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. smile, you're on tv. all right. we will send it back inside to you. >> we-w films like "knocked up", "role model" and "i love you, man," paul rudd is one of the funny men. teaming up with steve carell. >> i have a back brace in my closet. if you could help me off the couch. >> sure. >> i want to do this slowly and carefully. i'm going to count of -- three!
8:34 am
>> ahhh. >> no, i -- if i could just -- >> no, no. >> you can do it. >> you got it. oh, yeah! >> good stuff. paul rudd, good morning. that was painful. >> good morning. it was -- it wasn't too bad but it was a little falling down, you know -- >> a little rough, but you handled it well. >> thank you. >> the movie "dinner with schmucks" and the premise, you're this up and coming guy, a financial analyst and you're doing pretty well. you get invited to this dinner which is supposed to be extraordinary people, which is a little misnomer. >> yeah, the dinner for winners. it's this secretive dinner that my boss throws. yeah, and finding the most
8:35 am
idiotic people we can. and we bring item to dinner to make fun of them. pie chashlty is morally opposed but not so polarly opposed because he bring someone. >> steve carell. >> yes. >> it's nicer and not as mean-spirited as it sounds zoom i know those were questions that were probably discussed in the marketing of the whole thing, this seems mean-spirited and it's not, really. it's actually kind of a sweet movie. >> weet and funny because you're in it, steve ra tell's in it. you two seem to work well together. this your third movie together after "anchorman" and "40-year-old virgin." what is it between you two that make you think it works? >> i love working with the guy. he cracks me up. and he's such a good guy. we're friend and we like working
8:36 am
with one another. steve will change it up have single time but he's such a good actor. all of his improve glisations at yokes, they're characterizations. he'll still come out with things i'm not expecting. i guess if like "anchorman," at afternoon delight" heed, that was never in the script. and steve was vague, we should learn "afternoon delight" because it's a four-part harmony ♪ skyrocket in flight ♪ afternoon delight >> you guys have it in. >> i can't hear the song, by the way, without thinking of that move have i. it really did have an effect. in the gq you say you don't think of you're as a comedian.
8:37 am
apparently you're a good actor because you're very good. >> thank you. i didn't study sketch comedy. i loved comedy and comedians. i actually studied classical theater. >> and look where it got you. >> hey, hey, i love it. it's great. my faith stuff was llz comedy. i think getting involved with "anchorman" was a game-changer for me. i got to pete a lot of these guy and have been lucky enough to work with them several times. >> you also have coming out later this year, is it, "everything you've got qutd qutd? >> this week. it's a james lncht brooks move have i. yeah, with reese witherspoon, jack fick lals. >> i'm sure it was amazing to work with them. >> yes. i can't believe i was cast in.
8:38 am
you're not in the cutting room floor, apparently. >> apparently i made it -- yeah, it's not quite finished but being edited. from all the report eye gotten, i'm still if it. >> we hope you'll come back and talk to us about it when it come out. paul rudd, mur. >> thank you. two of the iy fet works kem path yous is gearing up to coast a new show called "this new house" which will showcase the latest and greats in home improvement. they're here with some of their favorite diy projd. congress. >> congratulations. we've got some really cool thing to check on out this morning. what is this thing you're holding in our hands. >> we'll show you four different projdz th projects that are affordable. this is an electrical wire. can you believe that? >> i did not know.
8:39 am
>> paper thin. about 0.001 inch thick. so, normally, if you wanted to hang a sconce on the wall -- >> you have to drill, run through the broadcast of the wall. >> another top hole, hire ran electrician. >> here the solution. >> are amy has put the table up on the wall. you the turp flat. on, you actually con rert your outlet to low volt anl to plug in your transformer. >> the transformer is right here? >> it's actually right here. mrugdz into a typical outlet. you just have to change the face plate. >> i see how that works. this is actually low voluntarily taj loiting. one it's gone, it's on thin. you can paint over it, so you can't see it. it give you an even moother fini finish. >> this e-mail like the ware to go if item of ufbs of your wall.
8:40 am
not it that yu been init stalled. so the wire is going to the light. it's working. >> electricity came out thereof. >> two sconces, all the wire and the transformer. quick diy project. >> i would say, i sit hearing looking and i can see past there. was this with the paint or spackled over? >> that was just with paint. when you're doing it at home, you'll take this little cool, just like with wallpaper, you'll press this down before you paint. really smooth it out and give yourself a couple coats to give it a nice finished look. >> all right. that's very cool. >> you've got light in the room, now a little ornamentation. >> you get to work. >> we're going to do koun molding that is foam and caulk. >> i know it's easy to work with. normally you would use wide. you would piter the ends, cope
8:41 am
it. the trick for doing it right is to make sure you consult it upsize down and backwards. >> eye spent so much of my life trying to do up in side down and welcome back ward, but ear is is requires it. you can get them precut with miters there. and it's about installing a bead of caulk above the front and pal poot tom. you don't are to fill the nail holes -- i think if you got it precut with the angle, that would solve a lot of problems. >> here's a good example. look at that. >> wow. if you're afraid of the precut miters, it comes can-w these color blocks. >> these walls with 45 degrees -- 90 degrees. >> and there's no coping like with wood.
8:42 am
you put two seams together, i'll use more caulk in the corner and paint over it. >> so, if it isn't an exact match, do a little caulking, sand away. >> you're a kauking thing dog. >> you know, quite honestly, the molding really does make the room. >> doesn't it? >> completely makes the room. you're not just in this box anymore. really dresses it up a lot. >> when you're talking home value, adding something like this, buyers come in and go, that's really cool. i done know if i held it up there long enough. >> we'll move on to to one will-e know. i want to show you one of the coolest products i saw at the intent builder association in las vegas. you got your pea trip under your sink, bathroom countrier. you have to use harsh chemicals
8:43 am
to get that clog out. this is a windshield wiper for your techerout let. it turned and would it. wipe out any sent wantment from building up. >> it's clear? >> it's clear. >> this is not just like for tv? >> no, it's clear. it's made clear for two reasons. one, just so you can see the sediment comes in, you look tat and it's like, oh, about time. i do a wipy. down the grain before it get a chance to get congealed. >> you're not putting in the liquid plumber and drano and everything else. >> you can do it yourself. isn't that great? the other thing that's amazing, everybody drops something down the drain at some point. >> eventually, yes. >> kids, adults, whatever. you put that down in there and it drops down. what this thing does, it lifts up and catches whatever you've dropped down there. >> and you can see it. >> so, you can see what's going on. i never won those games at chucky cheese where you had to dig something out. >> in a minute or two you can do it.
8:44 am
>> you want to try? >> hold on. here it comes. >> you got it. voila. this guy's a dpeen yous. it's like 20 bucks. why wouldn't -- we're all going to get toes this weekend. >> this is spray foam ins laying. insulation. >> i know. >> help him out here. >> he's giving an example how to spray this thing. now, if you want to save up to 40% on your energy bills, we all know the cracks and crevices in our home is where we lose most of our heating and cooling, right? he's showing on a wall application here, but it used to be that if you had a small area to fill cracks and crevices, like you say your joists, you're in an attic or basement, you would have to get 40 cans of spray foam insulation or call in a contractor for a big job. if you have a small job, you can now diy it with these canisters over here. >> and you just buy the -- buy it like this. >> it has at least an "r" value
8:45 am
f you get a close cell per 7 "r" value. you save 40% on your energy bill. and if ken can do it -- >> let's turn around because amy paid you a compliment, sort of. thank you. great fuf today. for more on these diy projects go to our website, >> i snuck in behind you. >> now, here's harry. >> if you can't get to hawaii for a lua on a tropical peach, katie lee is here with a memory to remind us of maui. aloha. >> aloha. isn't that fun? >> the. >> there's something about putting on these leis -- >> i'm if island mode. there's no lack of inspiration in hawaiian food. they have include from so many different cultures, chinese,
8:46 am
filipino and their big party is the lua. lot of singing and deniesing. po pork. we're starting off with coconut shrimp. i just have shrimp i peeled and deveined. leave the tail on. we'll dip it in cornstarch. this going to help it thicken up. if you want to hold that for me, the egg whites. we dip it in lightly. >> this is a silly question, but i thought it was the other way around. >> you could also do flour but this will make it puffier. we put it in our coconut. get it nice and coated. and it goes into canola oil, the healthier frying oil. these only take two minutes. they'll puff up. i'm serving it with orange marmalade. you get it in the jar, microwave it so it thins down a little bit. then these spider tools are great for frying.
8:47 am
it will give it a little burn. see, look, it's already done. drain them on some paper towels. >> delicious. you like it? >> and so easy. ist something about fried shrimp for me in the summertime, it's delicious. >> my favorite. >> i love it. >> let's move on to our pork dish. it's great for entertaining because it's so cheap and really easy and very lean. so, it's actually a healthier -- >> one of my favorite cuts on an easy go-to weeknight dinner. >> toeltly quick. we'll use this for our marinade. ginger ale is good for it because it gives it flavor and helps carmelize it on the grill because of the sugars in it. i'll add some garlic powder. it's so humid out here. salt, onion powder. you want to pour in the soy sauce? >> soit humid we need a nice island breeze to cool us down. >> i wish. chilly powder and brown sugar
8:48 am
and we'll whisk it like that. then you want to pour it over our pork? >> yes. from three hour to up to 34 24 hour. you can put it in the fridge ahead of time and it's already ready. i've for the some i this will take just ten minutes. you continue to turn it so it doesn't dry out. i have one finished over here. when you take it off the grill, you want to let it rest for a couple minutes. so, since this is hawaiian food, we have to have pineapple. hawaii is the number one producer of pineapple. and it's also a symbol of hospitality. so, it's good for your guests. i have a chopped pineapple right here, red onions. those go in. cilantro. and jalapeño. if you like it spicy, leave them in. if not, throw those out.
8:49 am
those go if. a little lime juice and salt. stir that up. you stir that up and i'll slice the pork. >> tell us what we have for dessert? >> i know you're excited about that. the dessert is a sundae it's over here, banana bread and coconut ice cream and a little hot fudge sauce. >> bananas, coconut, hot sauce. >> toasted coconut to go along with that. >> it's the perfect is summer vacation. >> a mai tai. this has rum, grenadin. >> we'll have more on our website. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster.
8:50 am
california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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8:52 am
nothing like coconut ice cream and mai tais on a wednesday morning. >> what's that? >> pineapple salsa. >> it's delicious. >> you put it on -- >> it's good. >> by the way -- >> the pineapple and jal paepan >> by the way, this is awful. >> share it. >> don't i goatet a bite? >> isn't that good? that banana bread. >> breakfast of champions. >> i have to get a coconut shrimp. >> they're great. the mai tai is rum -- -- >> pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and lime
8:53 am
juice. >> my trip to hawaii. >> the pool. >> no, i remember it. katie lee, thanks so much. have a great day. your local news is next. ,,,,,,,, our real national pastime?
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headlines... 15 it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. 152 people were killed in a plane crash in pakistan today. two americans are among the dead. it was the worst plane crash ever in pakistan. crews had to deal with fires as they searched in vain for survivors in densely wooded hills outside islamabad. a wildfire in the mountains east of bakersfield has burned more than 30 homes. firefighters trying to protect about 150 other homes that are threatened now. the fire near the town of tehachapi has burned more than 1200 acres since it started yesterday and it is completely uncontained. and former bay area congresswoman ellen tauscher has been diagnosed with cancer. she says it's early stage
8:56 am
cancer of the esophagus and the prognosis is good. she represented walnut creek for 14 years and now works in the state department. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us [ female announcer ] hurry in to the jcpenney appreciation sale for extra savings, now through saturday! save an extra 15% on all regular, sale, and clearance items -- no exclusions! save an extra 15% on all brands for her,
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good morning. we still have several slow spots out there. check out all this red here on westbound 580. our sensors are showing a lot of speeds under 20 miles per hour approaching lakeshore avenue. the crash is in the center divide so no lanes are blocked. it's still slow out of oakland. in the macarthur maze, you're looking okay. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, really no wait approaching the pay gates. the metering lights are on though and it's sluggish up the incline. to the south bay now, couple of accidents reported right around tully northbound 101. but 280 still quiet out of downtown. that's your traffic. here's lawrence one last check of your forecast. >> elizabeth, we got the low cloud out there today and stretching onshore trying to take some time to break up. looks like out toward the beaches not a lot of clearing. it's going to be pleasant around the bay area. lots of sunshine away from the immediate coastline. temperatures cooler than normal. 70s and couple of low 80s.
8:59 am
50s and 60s at the coast.


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