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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 31, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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made against this southern threatened thousands of structures and it is still burning at this hour. the progress made against this southern california wildfire. a car rams into a bay area restaurant. the crash that sent diners to the hospital. >> i know most assuredly that this coming together will be felt and appreciated by three young people in iran prison. one year of captivity. the message to free the uc berkeley graduates. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the news starts now. this is cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." fire crews are battling high temperatures and dry winds as they fight to contain a wildfire that has burnt 22 square miles of brush near
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palmdale, california. the good news is there are no homes or buildings threatened at this time. here is the latest. >> we prepared to bring the horses home. clean the corrals this morning. >> reporter: eric and pat gordon had hoped to bring the horses home tonight but say it is not safe yet. 48 hours ago when fire barreled through this valley they fled with their horses and dogs not knowing if they would have a home to return to. >> we realized once we left with left with the shirts on our back and that's it. >> reporter: just down their winding road they now know a neighbor's home was demolished by flames. so far one of four residences completely destroyed by a fire that has charred 14,000 acres and isn't out yet. today across the ridge, water droppers and ground crews pounced on a hot spot. firefighters say threats like this are a big threat today that the roots of the trees are still hot like charcoal and when the wind hits them they can suddenly flare up. >> you can see there is burn
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and unburned together. >> we are real confident we can hold the line today. we have a lot of rear sources out here. >> reporter: so confident that power crews are hard at work relaying lines in this scorched communication alley. >> this is probably the worst possible place it could burn. all of our communication runs through here. it took everything. >> reporter: not everything. the gordons are thankful for the firefighters who staked out their property and made it possible for them to come home. >> the barn down there is all wood siding. the flames were 60 feet above it as it went through on all four sides and it is still there. >> reporter: when you saw your house and is survived, how did you feel? >> it was great. you can't describe that, how you feel. a man walking through delores park in san francisco this morning was stabbed and
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robbed. church and 19th streets is where it happened. the asian man in his 40s was walking alone when about a dozen people accosted him. he was hospitalized with life threatening injuries. police are looking for more suspects still. 11 people were hurt when a car crashed through a sonoma county restaurant. it happened at the hawaiian barbecue in the santa rosa marketplace just after 8:00 p.m. last night. the 65-year-old driver jumped the curb and smashed into the restaurant crashing into customers. the victims suffered cuts and possibly broken bones. the injuries are not life threatening and damaged is estimated at 30 to $40,000. the cause of the crash is being investigated. rallies around the country today mark the one-year anniversary of the detention of three american hikers in iran. in san francisco bay area friends of the three uc berkeley graduates called on
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iran to free sarah, shane and joshua and offered messages of support for them. one read a message from sarah's mother. >> i know most assuredly that this coming together will be felt and appreciated by three young people in prison and i know it will be noticed by the people who keep them there for no reason at all. >> tehran accused the hikers of spying. the san francisco event was one of several rallies today in london, paris, new york and other u.s. cities. after today vallejo will have even fewer crime fighter resources. starting just after midnight the police department's canine and s.w.a.t. programs will be suspended for at least 90 days. this is to help balance the budget. the department expects to save about $100,000. and in san jose more firefighters turned in their gear today. the layoffs started yesterday due to the firefighters union's
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contract dispute with the city. the newest bay area farmer's market is miles and worlds away from the pricey upscale version of the ferry building but offers the same fresh healthy food. what the farmer's market is doing to better serve the neighborhood. >> reporter: on the second week of the new farmer's market at the cal palace it is this woman's first visit. >> it is a really wonderful treat. >> reporter: she gets government help for food purchases. what used to be called food stamps. >> i'm serving the country as an american volunteer and able to get them to compensate for the low amount i receive. >> reporter: but over the past decade instead of paper food stamps california has been giving out electronic benefit transfer and there are still a lot of places it can't be used. >> do you want to try one, go
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ahead and try one. >> reporter: what is a farmer going to do with a plastic payment? enter the government provided atm-like machine that allows farmers markets to cash in on government benefits. >> it was an easy transition for us. we just swipe the card, give them their tokens and they spend them. it is pretty simple. >> reporter: he runs 11 farmer's markets around the bay area and three of them now offer the machines. in the future all of them might. there is a bill in the state assembly that would mandate it by 2012. good news for vendors. >> it helps a lot. people out and shop around. helps a lot. >> reporter: and for the people no longer limited in where they can shop especially in a neighborhood like this where the income and variety levels are low. >> there is no grocery stores at least in visitation valley in my neighborhood. >> a get dwrd great -- a great
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idea for everybody to get fresh food. >> everyone has the right to fresh, local produce. >> reporter: the farmer's market will be open every saturday through to october 17th. if they have great success they will consider keeping it around year around. heavy monsoon rains have killed more than 800 people in pakistan. three days of torrential rains caused rivers so burst their banks in several places. this is pakistan's worst flood in decades. the waters rushed into homes and rivers in the north west. more than 15,000 people have been evacuated and rescue crews are struggling to reach stranded villages. there is also the threat of disease. even more rain is expected in the coming days. in the gulf of mexico crews hope to begin pumping mud and cement into the plugged oil well this weekend. but they are dealing with a setback. debris stirred up by tropical
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storm bonny last week was found at the bottom of the well and it has to be cleaned out before the operation to permanently seal it can begin. it may push back the so-called kill procedure to tuesday. chelsea clinton is a married woman tonight. just about an hour ago the former first daughter married her boyfriend. there was a big buzz surrounding her wedding day. >> reporter: we got a statement just a little while ago that chelsea clinton is flow married. they really did manage to keep this event top secret. in fact, i think some of the people around town were a little disappointed that they didn't get to see more. a crowd of onlookers gathered hoping for a glimpse of the bride on her big day. but no such luck. >> i think it would be nice if she rides with her dad and mom and waves to everybody. >> reporter: the only star sighting in town saturday wedding guest ted danson.
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>> we are very excited. >> what did you get for a wedding gift? >> good heavens. we have a year to do that don't we. >> reporter: remarkably few details have leak out. security is tight. all day trucks and cars headed up the long driveway as caterers prepared for some 400 to 500 guests. a neighbor of the estate wanted to make the couple feel welcome. >> a little shout out from river road. >> reporter: residents and certainly merchants know that all this attention is the kind of publicity money just can't buy and they are taking advantage of their moment in the sun. >> iced coffee $1. >> reporter: salesmen took to the streets. >> i did this. >> reporter: t-shirts celebrate the famous couple. >> sold about 25. >> reporter: there is lemonade for charity. advertising the local pet store. and makeup inspiration for brides to be. >> this is very much a wedding
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destination. there was no sign ofmy's power couple but friday night hillary clinton won style points from onlookers for her turquoise gown and sincere smile. and mr. clinton says he lost 20 pounds after giving up deserts and junk food, a request from his daughter. anything for a daughter on her wedding day. >> reporter: one clue about who made chelsea clinton's dress. vera wang was spotted in town having lunch today's. no cameras, blackberries at the service. we expect to get a picture of the couple very soon. >> we will be looking for it. thank you so much. the invitation was open to both candidates but only one showed up. jerry brown attacks meg whitman for not showing up. headed to the hospital. what they brought on board that meant so much to some children. i'm meteorologist lawrence
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karnow in the cbs5 weather center. still fog out towards the coastline. will it back inlands overnight? we will talk about that coming up. ,, what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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beliefs at a faith forum in san francisco. jerry brown talked about his religious faith in san francisco. brown was raised catholic recalled his parents rejected when he planned to become a priest. he also spoke about his experiences working with the poor beside mother theresa. meg whitman skipped the forum and so far only agreed to one debate. >> i would like to know just what role it is. i was quizzed on that. it is not what she wants it is what the community groups in california would like and then how do we work out a mutually agreed schedule that would work for both of us. >> he also talked about his role as attorney general in defending proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage. he says he hopes the case will ultimately be decided by the supreme court. more than 100 bikers from
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the san mateo county harley owners group made an important delivery today for some needy kids. san mateo medical center there was a big surprise. >> reporter: these are big guys on big bikes. harleys of course. they have big hearts. 20 years they have made this run here to san mateo medical center with toys at christmas time. today it is different. they are bringing school supplies for needy kids throughout the county. binders, pens, pads, pencils. this sort of thing. >> this means so much to us to help out the hospital and all the children that don't have what everybody else. >> we would like to hand you this check also along with that to the hospital. >> this donation will go so far to help so many young people that don't have. greatly appreciated and thank you all very much. you all deserve the applause.
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[ applause ] >> that was jim ryan. a colorful day in the berkeley sky. if you missed today's sky festival where you can catch it tomorrow. a lot of wind blowing around. been cooling a cool breeze outside. will that continue tomorrow? we will talk about that then. ,,,,
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hundreds of people showed up hundreds of people showed up to and participate in t the skies over berkeley were much more colorful today. hundreds of people showed up to watch and participate in the 25th annual berkeley kite festival and west coast kite championship and it took place at the cesar chavez park at the
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marina. some kites as big as houses took flight today. it still goes tomorrow 10 to 5. >> we will have plenty of wind around the bay area. not a problem around here. we have had the wind, cooler than normal temperatures pretty much all summer long. still we have got some sunshine to be happy about as you've got clear skies in towards san jose looking good there. working on a fantastic evening. as you approach the coastline things change quite a bit. that wind is carrying with it some low clouds and fog and a sparsely populated beach. we will see the fog filling in along the coastline throughout the evening hours. most of the coast looking clear right now. inland 70s and 80s. inside the bay 50s and 60s. patchy fog out toward the coastline of course.
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tomorrow you'll see lots of sunshine inland. it will be mostly sunny and starting out with patchy fog. warm to hot in spots. maybe some low 90s in toward antioch and brentwood. looking at the 80s in toward the try value -- into the try valley. low cloud and fog early on trying to break up into the afternoon hours but this will start to fill in overnight tonight and make its way inside the bay. temperatures around 50s and 60s in the interior then 70s in around san jose then 80s into concord. warmer weather and sunshine but temperatures running cooler even in sacramento. trough of low pressure continues to sit along the west coast just haven't been able to get rid of it, folks. will continue to bring more low cloud and fog pumping into the bay area and we will see the scenario play itself out. not only for the first few days but probably the next seven to
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ten days. doesn't want to move. minor fluctuations. so with that in mind low cloud and fog really continuous in the morning hours. breaking away in the afternoon. you know the drill. we will play it again and again and again as we head into the next few days. with that in mind temperatures are going to be cool toward the coastline. plan on 50s and 60s there. got some 70s, 80s. warmest weather in toward livermore. 90 in brentwood and antioch. as you look towards the north bay 60s and 70s in much of the area. cool out toward the coastline. next couple days maybe a little warmer. high pressure trying to nudge its way back in here. temperatures coming up inland keeping you cool out toward the coastline. maybe, just maybe we will warm things up as we look toward next week. that's a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. brian sabbian making two trades to help the giants down the stretch. welcome to the rivalry pat
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burrell. going down to the wire. coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the team made two moves before the trade deadline, but both brian sabbian is hoping the giants offense can duplicate its performance in july. the team made two moves with the trade deadline but both were to strengthen the bull pen. heading to pittsburgh in exchange for left handed
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specialist javier lopez. brian sabbian didn't stop there. he also fired red sox reliever ramon ramirez. he has struggled this season. the giants weren't the only team in the west wheeling and dealing. dodgers picked up two players from the cubs. padres traded for ryan ludwig. barry zito. scoreless in the 7th when casey blake puts one in the left field bleachers. 1-0 dodgers. gets a no decision. buster posey with two outs in the 8th and joe torre has seen enough. pat burrell greets him with a two-run shot to left. only the second homer the all- star closer has allowed this season and reminding everyone he is the big bat sabbian
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picked up mid-sign and with brian wilson unavailable due to back spasms. they win 2-1. now two back in the west. all the moves seemed to benefit the yankees picking up lance birkman and outfielder austin kearns. the 49ers veterans reporting to santa clara today but there was one player missing, the nose tackle. >> i'm going to focus on what i control. if he is not here, he is not here. we have got to keep working and abreau has to work it out. >> franklin wasn't to happen that the franchise tag was slapped on him and failed to work out a long-term deal. he is expected to sign a one- year, 7-month-old contract before the preseason opener. no drama for the raiders. jamarcus russell is nowhere near napa and everyone is in
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camp including new starting quarterback jason campbell who should instantly improve an offense that scored the fewest points in the afc last season. >> i was sitting here with your mom. what is your son like. what would she say? >> i have a personality that people don't see. i like to have a lot of fun. most of the time on the football field i'm serious minded. still want to enjoy the game. you have been through so many changes so your mind set is always so serious because you're trying to mature from one left to the next. you've got to be free and let yourself go and can't listen to what everyone says because people that know football know what goes on. >> you can hear more of dennis' exclusive interview with jason campbell tomorrow night on "game day" and we will have all the post game reaction as the giants go for the sweep against the dodgers. the sharks resigned devin setoguchi to a one year deal.
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he scored five goals in the post season. bank of the west classic top seed samantha stozer. the drought would continue for her today down on the farm. slee is beat in straight sets for the fourth straight time. she advances to tomorrow's championship match where she will take on either maria sharapova or another player. paula kramer battling a thumb injury and is 14 shots back. things are going much better for sangh. takes a four shot lead into the final round. fred couples is your leader now at the u.s. senior open. >> all right. kim, thank you very much. scammed out of thousands of dollars. a bay area woman that is allegedly at the center of a scandal coming up at eyewitness news at 6:30 p.m. we will see you back here in half an hour then at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
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our news updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: reason: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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