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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  July 31, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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happened that i would say it is getting a little more dangerous. >> a brutal attack in a popular san francisco park. what police say happened that left a man fighting for his life. an operation raided in napa county. what sheriffs found that led to dozens of arrests. >> did he lock you in there. >> for a long time. immigrants remember their time on angel island decades ago. i'm ann notarangelo. and the news starts now. this is cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." he was cutting through a popular park when he was brutally attacked. a san francisco man is now fighting for his life after being beaten and robbed in delores park. don knapp on why neighbors say they are not surprised.
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>> so maybe there was blood here. >> reporter: andy wesley woke up to sirens today and saw investigators trace a blood trail of a stabbing victim. >> walking up the stairs there were cones at the top there too. >> reporter: the male victim made his way over the the foot bridge before collapsing. a san francisco police spokesman said the man is hospitalized with life threatening wounds. a dozen or more people confronted the man as he walked through the park. two adults age 18 and 20 and a 17 year old are being held for attempted murder. the violence is disappointing to the park. last weekend the park was filled with people. neighbors say the park has a reputation as a family friendly and mellow place. >> a mellow place. i have three kids and we used to come here all the time and now we are just -- sometimes we take our time to come and it is not the same any more. >> neighbors blame young crowds and alcohol for escalating violence in and around the park
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in recent years. >> i would say it is getting a little bit more dangerous. >> are you worried about bringing your family to the park? >> i am. definitely on big weekend somebody much labor day. 4th of july. late at night. gets rough. people are drinking. gets out of control. >> what do you think needs to be done? >> for of a police presence. i know that's not a popular thing around this neighborhood. >> reporter: andy wesley says he would like to do something to help out the neighborhood. >> i realize the police are stretched thin and can't be on every corner by i'm part of this community and i'd like to do something. i don't know what that something is. >> reporter: the foot bridge is reportedly a favorite hang out after the bars closed. the stabbing worries neighbors. >> i take that bridge every day. at night when i come back from the mission especially. i don't know, maybe i'm going to have to go around the park now. >> reporter: the victim described by police as a 40- year-old asian male remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries. don knapp in san francisco,
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cbs5. a raid on a cockfight in napa county led to some 40 arrests. police responded to calls this afternoon. deputies discovered people inside a caged arena with a cockfight in progress. guns and drugs were also found. many of the people fled on foot. but about 40 were arrested and cited. >> misdemeanor. firearms involved and possibility of felonies depending on animal cruelty depending on whether animals were killed during the fighting they will be charged as well. >> police recovered 50 live birds and at least two dead ones. the chp briefly shut down american canyon road because so many people were running away when police arrived. there has been another fatal dog mauling this time in southern california. a 2-year-old boy was killed this morning inside his san diego home. the attack happened in a bedroom and was witnessed by the boy's brother and sisters.
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his mother was in another room. the dog a german shepherd mix is 18 months old and been with the family for about six months. he has been turned over to animal control. the child's father is a serviceman and is deployed overseas. an emotional weekend at the san jose fire department. by tomorrow, 49 laid off firefighters will have turned in their badges and gear. the layoffs started yesterday when time ran out on a new contract agreement. it is not clear what impact the layoffs may have had on union negotiators but today they put their heads together to come up with what they are calling a substantial concession. a brand-new offer they say could bring those firefighters back to work. >> tomorrow on august 1st san jose firefighters are going to put a new offer across that will have substantial new concessions and we are going to be removing the provisions that the mayor himself has said was unacceptable and a barrier to an agreement so far. >> we understand that the no
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layoff decision was one of the barriers. could that be the one? >> it is possible. >> the offer would have to be substantial. according to the city the two sides were $6 million apart. the city says they not had a chance to see the offer and have no comment at this time. meanwhile this evening san jose fires still on the job made quick work of a grass fire near highway 280 and story road. about five acres were burned before it was contained. it was reported at 6:30 p.m. and out an hour later. it did come very close to a school bus yard. rallies around the world and here in the bay area today to mark one year in captivity for three american hikers in iran. in san francisco friends of sarah shourd, shane bauer and joshua fattal shared memories of the three uc berkeley graduates. why iran is defying diplomatic
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pressure. >> reporter: sarah shourd, shane shane shane bauer and joshua fattal. they say they crossed into iran illegally accused of being spies. it has been a year of incarceration for the three hikers and the frustration for their mothers who organized demonstrations on the anniversary including one at iran's mission to the u.n. in new york. >> we really know no more today than we did july 31,, 2009 about their case. president obama has issued a statement saying the three have never worked for the u.s. government and that their unjust attention has nothing to do with the issues that continue to divide the united states from the iranian government. but in an interview with cbc
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news correspondent the iranian president remained defiant. >> they have crossed our borders and that is against the law. we are not happy to keep them here. we are not happy. we are very sad about it. these people are in prison but there is a law. >> reporter: the three mothers were allowed to visit their children last may. but have heard nothing since. but a year later they are not giving up. >> no, i have not given up hope. none of us have given up hope. we know that the whole world understands this is a political game so let's get on with the game. okay. get it over with. >> reporter: mark phillips, cbs5 news, london. jerry brown talked about his religious believes at a faith forum in san francisco today. brown who was raised catholic recalled that his parents objected when he planned to become a priest. he also spoke about his experiences working with the
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poor alongside mother theresa and got into some addition at republican candidate meg whitman who skipped the forum and so far has only agreed to one debate. >> i would like to know. i was quizzed on that. so it is not just what she wants, it is what the community groups in california would like and then how do we work to some mutual group schedule that would work for both of us. >> brown also talked about his role as attorney general in defending proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage. he says he opens the case will be decided ultimately by the supreme court. today was a day of remembrance and celebration on angel island. it marked the 100th anniversary. angel island immigration station. how many immigrants recall the painful start to their new lives in america. >> that was their dream to come to a new world. >> i think it is a very moving experience for people to be out
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here today. >> reporter: on angel island a celebration marking 100 years. >> if you are a relation of an immigrant raise your hand. >> reporter: this is where chinese immigrants were kept upon arrival in the united states. >> carved by the early chinese immigrants all expressing their sadness and really desperation of being detained in a prison when they thought they were coming to a land of opportunity. >> reporter: this room where the walls literally talk housed 200 people. >> that's my father. >> every chinese immigrant who came through here had to face interrogation. >> it is difficult to really know because my grandmother wouldn't talk about this place in her lifetime. >> reporter: today gives families a chance to reflect and remember. >> did they lock you in the
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barracks? >> for a long time. >> reporter: for this day it was an emotional one for this man. he hasn't been back here for 83 years. >> do you remember this? >> on the ferry over here as soon as we saw -- caught sight of the island it was very traumatic for him and he started to tear. >> it was emotional for me as well. little humbling. interesting. at the same time to see what he went through in order for us to be here today. >> and now looking at his life, it was a better life for him and now he has come back to where it started. >> reporter: reporting from angel island, cbs5. bikers with back to school necessities. government assistance.
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harley club called "hogs" delivered a lo it may make a big noise but an even bigger impact. bikers from the group called hog delivered a load of school supplies to kids at san mateo medical center. the hogs have been supporting the public hospitals in the county for more than 20 years through a toy drive. today was the first time they brought school supplies. they also brought a check for $1000. the newest bay area farmer's market is worlds away from the pricey upscale version. what the cal palace farmer's market is doing to better serve its neighborhood. >> reporter: on the second week of the new farmer's market at the cal palace it is this woman's first visit. >> it is a really wonderful treat. >> reporter: she gets government help with food
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purchases. what used to be called food stamps. >> i'm serving the country as a volunteer. i'm able to get them to compensate for the low amount of income i'm receiving. >> reporter: but over the past decade instead of paper food stamps california has been giving out a car called ebt or electronic benefit transfer and there are still a lot of places it can't be used. >> do you want to try one? go ahead and try one. >> reporter: what's a farmer going to do with a plastic payment? >> how much would you like on it. >> reporter: enter the government provided atm-like machine that allows farmers markets to cash in on government benefits. >> it was an easy transition for us. swipe the cards, give them the tokens and they spend them. >> reporter: ron runs 11 farmer's markets around the bay area and three offer the machines. there is a bill in the state assembly to mandate it by 2012.
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good news for vendors. >> helps a lot. helps people to use tokens to shop around. helps a lot. >> reporter: and for the people no longer limited in where they can shop especially in a neighborhood like this where the income and variety levels are low. >> there is no grocery stores at least in visitation valley in my neighborhood. >> great idea for people to be able to get fresh food. absolutely. >> everyone has the right to fresh, good local produce. we want to make it available and ease. >> reporter: the farmer's market here at the cal palace will be open every saturday 9 through 1 until october 18th unless it is a real success and it will stay open all year around. >> cloudy and windy today in the bay area. >> cool. little kids had ear muffs on. that's how cool. we did manage to increase in
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sunshine. pretty comfortable temperatures in spots. it gets cool in a hurry approaching the coastline. clouds sweeping in across the bay. marching back onshore again. it looks like we are almost in for a weather repeat as we head into tomorrow. low clouds and fog early on. giving way to some sunshine by the afternoon. the clouds squeezing inside the bay here. going to start to fill in some of the valleys here to. maybe even some drizzle out toward the immediate coastline but we will bring you sunshine. have to wait for it as it will take time to clear out. lots of sunshine inland. temperatures warm even on the hot side. 90 in antioch and brentwood. 80s in toward the tri-valley and concord area. 60s and 70s inside the bay. 60s in oakland an area. 50s and 60s with that patchy fog continuing out toward the coastline. numbers outside rights now. 55 and cloudy skies in san francisco. i think if you're traveling around the state you can still find some heat. going to warm things up in fresno. 93 degrees there in the
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afternoon. how about 98 in redding. 79 in lake tahoe. so, yes, the trough. almost a semipermanent feature since about april along the coastline with just a few minor variations bringing us the cool weather and now bringing us low cloud and fogs helping pump it further onshore. means a slow burn off around the bay area keeping temperatures around. tomorrow no exception. low clouds and fog early on by the afternoon here comes the sun again. and that fog confined to the coastline where it will keep you nice an cool mainly in the 50s and 60s right out toward the beaches. about 77 in santa clara. morgan hill about 85 degrees there. 72 in union city. 68 and pretty breezy in hayward by the afternoon. east bay maybe as high at 90 in brentwood, antioch. tri-valleys looking at mid-80s. probably best here about 84 max
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in concord. you get inside the bay and winds keep cool. cooler into the 60s. north bay you'll see fog early on. lots of sunshine by the afternoon in most spots. maybe as high as 78 degrees in napa. coastline 50s and 60s windchill cooler weather there. looking out over the next couple days high pressure going to try an ease its way in there ever so slightly but not going to be much. that means temperatures will warm up slightly especially inland. maybe just a bit inside the bay but staying very similar out toward the coastline and we will cool things down on thursday and friday before warming up next weekend. that's a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. >> thank you, lawrence. 49ers defense player a no show on the eve of training camp. giants make two moves on the field. one big move off it. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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offense can duplicate it's performance in july... the team made two moves b brian sabian is hoping the giants offense can duplicate its performance in july. joe martinez and john bowker. lefties hitting .204 against lopez this season. brian sabian also got ramon ramirez. he struggle this season with a
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4.6 e.r.a. the dodgers picked up ted lilly and another player from the cubs and a pirates closer. padres traded for cardinals outfielder ryan ludwig. barry zito looking for his first win since last may against the dodgeers. 1-0 dodgeers. barry zito would get a no decision. hitting buster posey with two outs in the 8th. joe torre has seen enough wants the closer jonathan brockston. two-run shot to left. second homer the all-star player has had this season. reminding everyone he is the big bat brian sabian picked up in the middle of the season. final five outs. giants beat the dodgers 2-1 now one and a half games back in the west. as for the as billy bean stayed quiet on deadline day
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for just the second time in 13 years. white sox have won 12 straight at home. 2nd inning. two runs already in for the as and barton knocks in two more with a single to right. 4-0 as. kevin kouzmanoff. solo shot. number 2 for kevin. 5-0 as. for the second time this week dallas braden got the best of the south side hitman mr. 209 pitching his third complete game of the season. as win 6-2 and end the white sox home winning streak. the finish of the night came in colorado. >> carlos gonzalez. he has done it. [ cheers and applause >> are you kidding me? come on. holy cow. unbelievable. >> not only does the former a win it with the walk-off he
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ends up hitting for the cycle. rockies beat the cubs 6-5. bank of the west classic. top seed never winning a set in three matches against victoria. the drought would continue today down on the farm as she gets beat in straight sets. she will take on maria sharapova in the finals. maria was pushed to the limits but beats her opponent in three sets. neither the two has ever won the annual tournament at stanford. veterans reporting to santa clara today but one player was missing. nose tackle franklin. >> i'm going to focus on the guys that are here and what i can control. franklin is not here. he is not here. we have got to keep working and abreau has to work it out. >> franklin wasn't too happy that they slapped a franchise tag on him and failed to work
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out a long-term deal. he is expected to sign a one- year $7 million contract before the preseason opener. meanwhile, there has been no drama for the raiders. jamarcus russell is nowhere near napa and everyone is in camp including new starting quarterback jason campbell who should instantly improve an offense that scored the fewest points in the afc last season. >> if i was sitting here with your mom and i said what is your son like, what would she say? >> she would proshly tell you that i don't have a personality that a lot of people don't see. i like to have a lot of fun. most of the time i'm on the football field i'm serious minded. you're supposed to enjoy the game. you have been through so many changes. you are trying to mature from one level to the next. you just have got to let yourself go and can't listen to what everyone says because people that know football know what goes on. >> you can hear more of dennis'
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points last season and scored sharks resigned devin setoguchi to another one-year
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deal. paula kramer not enjoying her week at the women's u.s. open. battling a thumb injury and is 14 shots back. going good for sangh. takes a four-shot lead into the final round. earthquakes hosting the sounders and seattle made themselves feel right at home. plenty of chances to practice that move. sounders win and take the heritage cub for the quakes. their first lost in five matches. and we will be right back. ,, ,,,,
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tonight. she marri oh, first pictures of chelsea clinton's big day. she married marc mezvinsky in a very private ceremony at a riverside estate in rhinebeck, new york. a strapless white address. her father walked her down the aisle. proud parents said it was a perfect way to celebrate the newlyweds. we don't know if she is still chelsea clinton or is taking her husband's name. >> we will see you in the morning at 5:30 a.m. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, ,,,,,,,,
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