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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  August 1, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] this is cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. in danville a run away pickup truck leaves a trail of injured trail of people and damaged
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vehicles before being stopped. don knapp is in danville where police have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: that's right, apparently this driver was totally out of control driving from one crash incident to another without stopping until he had racked up five crashes, injured three people and then his own truck came to a stop in a crash. at that time neighbors hell him for police. police put together a chain of events that begins on danville boulevard around 10 this morning. james royce lives where an out of control pickup truck ended up. >> you heard them yelling get out of the streets a driver ran down two bikers and he is crazy. knocked over a pole and whatnot. >> reporter: as police reconstruct it a driver was traveling south on danville boulevard, hit a bicyclist in the car lane, kept going, hit a pedestrian in the bike lane then struck a pickup truck, drove up on a sidewalk on railroad avenue and knocked down a light pole much the driver is still going and ran
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into the rear of a lexus sufficient. a couple of collisions. a group of residents gathered around and held man for police. >> he was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk and his air bag had deployed so obviously the impact on the front of the car was severe and the air bag had deployed. so he was still driving the car with the air bag. and they pulled him out. >> the driver is 23 years old and is being held on a variety of charges including dui with great bodily injury, hit and run and driving without a license. ann? >> don knapp in danville. thank you very much. in san jose 49 firefighters are out of a job tonight. the last of the laid off workers turned in their uniforms today. it is the third day of layoffs at the san jose fire department due to the budget crunch and
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stalled negotiations. >> beginning today we move forward as a leaner fire department. but our commitment to serve the community still remains. however, we also know that nothing can take the place of the men and women that we have lost today. >> of those losing their jobs 27 are paramedics, 22 are emts. as laidoff san jose firefighters turn in their uniforms and equipment today the union was making new concessions hoping to save some jobs but the latest proposal may be too little too late. >> we believe this will easily have the money in place to save all the jobs. >> reporter: and with that the san jose firefighters' union laid out its plan. a combo of pay and benefits cuts and a concession that would allow for future layoffs if needed which they say could reverse the layoffs of 49 firefighters this weekend. >> my crew has been broken up. my station has been closed.
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>> surreal. really surreal. we had just received it less than a year ago. all our names put on it. it was the achievement of a six- year goal for myself. >> reporter: the union's proposal has firefighters taking a 5.2% pay cut but the city wants 10%. the department says it will save extra money by cutting down on overtime with a new computer system that will deploy resources strategically but they say they can't put a figure on that. >> it really comes down to the numbers and for the amounts of savings. >> reporter: the city's chief negotiator says they will come back to the table but it doesn't appear that the new plan will be good enough. >> very preliminary review it saves a little bit more than $4 million. and again, $4 million is not insignificant but when you consider how much we would need to be able to have avoided the layoffs we need almost $10 million. >> reporter: that leaves a multimillion dollars gap in the two sides' math so for now firefighters say their response times will be longer for fires
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and medical calls already 2 minutes above the national average. >> we already were built to get you 2 minutes late so you were already 2 minutes dead. now it has gone to 10 minutes late so now you're 10 minutes dead. >> reporter: it lies in the hands of a brand-new chief starting work tomorrow morning. in san jose,cbs5. a judge could announce her decision by tomorrow whether a contract imposed on ac transit drivers can be overturned. ac transit says 15 to 20% of drivers have been no shows since it implemented an interim contract two weeks ago. the union denies its workers are coordinating a stick out. they are just trying to adapt to their new schedule. a cockfight raid in napa county. dozens arrested. deputies discovered people inside a caged arena yesterday with a cockfight in progress. they found two dead birds. about 5 live ones. and guns and drugs.
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many of the people fled on foot but about 40 people were arrested. they face misdemeanor charges for participation in cockfighting. a dispute over a cockfight apparently led to a deadly shooting. sheriff deputies say there was a large gathering at a house in livingston for the cockfight and when the disagreement erupted over the bet one man pulled out a gun an fatally shot a 20-year-old man. then two others beat the shooter to death. the dispute was how much the bet was. >> the dispute started when one group said it was a $40 wager. the other guy said it was a $50 wager. >> an unidentified number of people were injured during the shooting. the man accused of beating the
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shooter to death. he and the man that helped him facing murder charges tonight. another wildfire in southern california tonight. the calabasas fire is burning near 101 in l.a. county. it has charred about 5 acres of heavy brush so far. traffic is slow moving along the freeway but no structures are threatened at this time. meanwhile, the palmdale fire is now 87% contained. the fire started thursday and it has burned four homes and torched nearly 22 square miles of brush in the antelope valley. crews hope to have the fire fully surrounded by tomorrow night. it is believed to have been started by someone working on a car wheel. there is no word of any arrest. but two men have been cited for accidentally starting the west fire. authorities say the flames ignited tuesday after the men cut a steel pipe which then sent sparks flying into the brush. they have been cited for a misdemeanor though some people
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don't think that is enough considering the fire destroyed 23 homes. the fire is 94% contained tonight. years after his death his legacy lives on. and a tribute to someone that lived here in the greater bay area. the birthday celebration for a famous rock and roller. a runner fell short of his goal of 100 miles. how his supporters stepped in to carry on his cause. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center. still looking for some serious summer heat around the bay area. we will tell you where we might be able to to find some. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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garcia's birthday. kcbs san francisco's mcclaren park was filled with tye dye today as dead heads celebrated jerry garcia's birthday. the celebration in garcia's old neighborhood had a celebration as well. >> reporter: we are here at mcclaren park at the ampytheater and this is the neighborhood in san francisco where jerry garcia grew up. he died 15 years ago next week. today would have been his 68th
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birthday. this is the party for jerry garcia, the grateful dead, in this type of atmosphere and music. >> the best of the best. a tribute to somebody clearly loved here in the greater bay area. >> it is just nice to see that a lot of people still really enjoy it. >> the community and music and being together. >> it is becoming an annual institution for the city. we have a lot of people traveling throughout the country and even overseas that come to this event. >> reporter: it is more than just the music, it is a lifestyle for the hundreds that are attending this. in the mcclaren park, tim ryan, cbs5. pets in pino were the stars today at a fund-raiser for the humane society in silicon valley. it took place at the animal
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community center with an opportunity for pet owners and their pets to enjoy a day in the sun. organizers also used the opportunity to let the public know about the services they offer. >> has got all kinds of programs and services that we want the public to know about such as doggy daycare, sporting, grooming. we have got a dog park. a medical center. education programs for kids and teens. >> there was also a chance today to rub paws with a famous animal actor. abbey. the surfing dog was there. abbey was rescued from a local shelter and a surfing dog starred in the recent movie momma duke. taking on a new challenge this weekend to run 100 miles in 24 hours for charity. richard burke has run 50 marathons but he is not ready to slow down and he decided to do the 100-mile run training for three months 12 hours a day. he would run for the daughter of a high school classmate who
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suffers from multiple sclerosis. >> she was reaching out. a mother's love for her daughter and concern for her daughter. >> my family can feel like they are doing something to actually help me. >> burke began his run yesterday morning at about mile 45. he tore his achilles tendon and he had to stop. but dozens of supporters who had come out to run the course with him carried on. they completed the 100 miles in about 21 hours raising $20,000. well, it was named one of the bay area's trashiest beaches. the effort today to clean the shoreline of that title. here is a live look outside. are we getting the warmup so many people up? let's ask lawrence. he has our pinpoint forecast next. one of the bay area's trashiest, "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman?
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one of the bay area's trashiest spots got spruced up today. about 100 volunteers set out to clean up a mile of coastline on strawberry beach in berkeley. small tires and debris called micro trash that are harmful to wildfire. save the bay and barefoot wine. identified one of the trashiest beaches in the area. no longer deserves that. when will summer kick into high gear? >> our summer we usually get it going in september, october. we have got to wait this year. this year it has been really cool outside and of course low clouds and fog and guess what? it is making a return this evening. outside we go.
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still got a couple of sunny spots as you head inland. plenty of sunshine toward the interior valleys. mt. vacaville looking good. everywhere you go out there you can look in the distance and see the bay as well. keeping it clear. the fog kind of hugging the coastline out at ocean beach grey skies and not much in the way of sunshine there and looks like we will probably see that low cloud and fog deck stretch well onshore. my good friend off the coastline. you can see right here. that little rotation in the clouds. that eddy system is what is bringing the fog back into the coastline right now. it will help move it further onshore probably deepening somewhat and likely see drizzle out toward the coastline. with that in mind if you do plan on traveling around the bay area this evening we are looking pretty good except right at the beaches. you've got the grey skies, breezy conditions, clouds there. inside the bay starting to see fog make its way through the golden gate and breezy conditions there too. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. valleys looking at 70s, 80s. lots of clear skies heading through the evening. tomorrow we will see a lot of sunshine. warm to hot in spots inland
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inland. 90s in toward brentwood and antioch. 50s and low 60s out toward the coastline. 74 degrees in san jose. if you do plan on traveling around the state you'll see upper 90s into fresno and about 98 in redding as well. 93 sunny in yosemite. you've got to head well inland folks for the heat. looks like this will be semipermanent here next sev seven to ten days. clouds into the delta possibly tomorrow morning. slowly burning back and by the afternoon we will sneak in some sunshine. temperatures on the mild side in many spots inside the bay. those numbers mainly in the 60s and 70s. out toward the coastline cool
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though. 50s and 60s. probably some 80s in toward gilroy and morgan hill. plenty of 80s in towards the valley tomorrow. north bay seeing temperatures up into the 60s and 70s in most spots except right along the water's edge. next couple days temperatures may be creeping up just a few disagrees but as we head into looks like wednesday and thursday cooling off and maybe warming up again. that's a look at weather. here is dennis o'donnell with sports. >> the finals in the bank of the west classic. you had to hear it to believe it. a pga golfer needed a 59 to win the tournament. did he do it? we will show you next. ,,,,,,,,
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bank of the west classic featured two of the loudest screamers on t the finals at the bank of the west classic feature two of the loudest screamers on tour. maremaria sharapova and victoria azarenka. >> takes the first set 6-4. maria sharapova looked a little tired after playing a three-set match last night. victoria azarenka wins the second set 6-1. she picks up her first title of the year one day after turning 21. >> it is only my second time here and i'm enjoying my time.
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so it is so nice and i'm a little bit shaking right now so i don't know what to say. [ applause ] >> i'm surprised she still had a voice. fred couples won one major during his three decades on the pga tour. today he had a chance for a win on the champion tour. one shot lead starting today. approach on the second ends up in the water. couples would triple bogey the hole. for the second week in a row longer wins a major on the champions tour. history on the pga tour. stuart appleby. a chance at 59. yes. eleven under par to tie the lowest round in pga tour history. he takes the lead at the green briere classic. jeff overton with a chance to tie him at 22 under par on the
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18th hole. >> that will make it. >> appleby is just the fifth player to shoot a 59. women's british open. nervous as her four shot lead disappeared. birdie try at 17 to try to share the lead. sigh of relief. so it comes to 18. is this par the win? yes. the 21 year old has only four lpga events but three are majors majors. thinking victory on the south sighed, right? gonzalez winning three of his last four decisions. 2nd inning in chicago strikes out former stanford man carlos quentin. career high 11 ks for gonzalez. scoreless in the 5th inning. two out. lining it to right field. matt carrson. this is the game right here.
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doesn't come up with it. ball goes to the wall. one run scores. two runs score. three runs score. they score four in the inning to make it 4-0. as load the bases in the 6th. jack cust strikes out for the third time today. kevin kouzmanoff hard shot to 1st base. paul nascar. pocono. 35 laps to go. jimmie johnson bumps kyle bush. bush would not finish the race and wasn't too talkative afterwards. >> what happened? >> got wrecked on the straight away. >> how did it happen? >> jimmie johnson drove straight through it. >> johnson would later apologize. the finish. greg biffle takes the checkered flag for his first win in 65 starts. tony stewart took second. kevin harvick still the points
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leader. raiders named jason campbell their starting quarterback with a hope he brings an end to their seven straight losing season. >> how can you help change that culture? >> just be hungry. you know. there are a lot of guys on this team that are hungry. when you look at this football team it is pretty much almost like a new football team. you look at richard seymour. he wasn't here last year during training camp and now he is here this year. >> tonight on "game day" one on one with jason campbell at 11:30 p.m. i was at raider camp on thursday for day 1 and they are not going to put on the pads tomorrow, ann. but there is definitely a different feeling that i noticed from years previous. campbell is one reason. i think defensively they addressed some issues on defense as well. >> is he a really good quarterback? >> we don't really know that. basically a 500 quarterback but he has never had the same offensive coordinator. like al smith has never had the same offensive coordinator
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until this year. campbell will find out. it is an improvement over what they had. going out on a limb there. desperate bid to stay out of jail. how one couple used a little girl to help them fake results of a urine drug test. their plea from behind the bars now to avoid child abuse charges. that will do it for this edition of cbs5 eyewitness news. "60 minutes" is next. your latest news and weather on have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. to wo- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
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